Palais De La Graisse Chance

Sagittarius Clip

Ah yes, this is the Sagittarius clip from the Palais De La Chance collection of Van Cleef & Arpels Zodiac Set Sagittarius clip, white gold, diamonds, yellow gold, yellow sapphires, 5 Mandarin garnets for a total weight of 24.36 carats-Β the price is, of course, on application. But lol, it is very difficult to imagine an actual Sagittarius applying. Or what he/she would use it for. Thoughts?

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30 thoughts on “Palais De La Graisse Chance

  1. Saggi Sun and Uranus here… I’ve never been able to commit to wearing jewellery of any kind. Got my ears pierced at age 20… by age 21 they had closed over because I didn’t have the discipline to leave earrings in. Nose piercing lasted about four months… same reason, though I loved it while it lasted.

    Rings, necklaces, bracelets… just couldn’t be bothered!

    My Venus in Cap’s ears were piqued by the sheer luxury of this clip, but my Saggi side would override and the clip would inevitably be ignored, neglected and probably misplaced under my bed or something… only to be rediscovered in a pile of dust, sans a yellow sapphire or something, when I’m moving house.

  2. bloggy woggy never soggy
    Venus in Leo in the 8th house is anything but soggy
    Saggo moon and Saggo rising OBVIOUSLY could only wear jewellery if all proceeds went to charity.
    Double 12th house Lilith?
    no, I think you have me confused with some other kitty cat

  3. Id get some Leo dude to buy it for me then I’d ring up every trashy sleb mag and “news” paper i the multiverse and pose naked except for the jewellery in a freezing fountain or better yet sit side saddle on the Lion statue on Westminster Bridge for a few hours while Christies and Aspreys lord toffee tofs ego manically outbid each other in return for the privilege of my and the jewels (or just the jewels- not bovered πŸ™‚ then donate the proceeds to refugee children obviously. Without wishing to brag, one has already pulled a similar stunt (sans naked on Lion statue.
    After seeing your post on Angie’s Lilith protector for Aspreys one just HAD TO HAVE IT. Lovely Leo client was surprised since one is known to dislike diamonds for many reasons but after researching the qualities of black diamonds as crystals (great for integrating shadow aspects of self- i.e. just what I need right now) One got it., One then published it all over bloggy soggy, twitter and fake book which made Leo dude positively exuberant with glee…….. hehehehehe

  4. What a terrible setting for those exquisite gems! My Saggie stellium sis would only need a daisy to complete the ick design.

    Those mandarin garnets & yellow sapphires *drool* are lovely though.
    Been really attracted to the golden crystals of late.
    Bought some heat treated amethyst for the garden beds. Orange is meant to help deflect pests? πŸ™‚ We’ll see.

    Bought a small isis faced crystal -Zambian citrine – the real stuff – the other day. Not sure it is ‘mine’. Powerful stuff.

    Strangely, a friend gave me a large honey calcite ball with rainbow – it does feel mine?

  5. I’m a Saggie and I love that! It IS a tad too sparkly but I would definitely wear it — but casually, like wear it as an earring, or I’d use it to pin up a pretty swath of fabric (picked up from travels) to make an impromptu, fun & free-flowing party dress.

  6. I’m a Sag Sun/Moon/Venus and while the design somewhat appeals to me, the gaudiness does NOT. Can I have one made from turquoise stones, sterling silver and brass rivets, please and thank you. πŸ™‚

  7. Sagg would defo use it for a travel junket somewhere..or to finance the party of the century like in Morocco with elephants, and entire villages invited.

    Me? I’d buy an army with it muwahar har har

  8. Sometimes wearing something that is beyond beautiful and that was created to ” just be ” is a wonderful, exhilarating experience unto itself.

  9. Fat chance huh?

    It’s like something a smitten Leo would buy for a Sagg, only to have them disappear for a year on some kind of surfing trip, claiming to have “lost the brooch” (i.e. sold it to finance the trip).
    Which would only make Leo love them more…

    The colour is all wrong! There should be turquoise involved somewhere. The colours are totes Leo.

    • Maybe they could use it to keep the mosquito netting on the front of their tent closed during said surfing safari because the zipper has broken but they want to keep the tent flaps open so they can go to sleep watching the moon reflecting off the surf breaking on the sand, the stars travelling through the sky and to top it all off watch the sun climb over the horizon. Just a thought.

  10. Multi-Sagg here, first thought is “I’d lose it”, followed by things like what I could experience for the cost of a thing that’s just going to rattle around in a drawer until my grandkids sell it… (Venus in Capricorn, too, so I should be all over shiny heirlooms. Weird.)

    • Hey Panda Girl, another multi Sagg here – 4 planets in Sagg. I had a similar first thought to yours, followed by “why would I spend money on that when I could go to Ecuador for a long time instead?”, followed by another thought that it would surely get in my way to own such a thing. Sure, it’s pretty. I’d rather finance more travel and art making.

      • Exactly! How long could you wander through South East Asia on that cash??? Or hire some awesome studio space somewhere beautiful and just make art?

        And lol – I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had the “I’d lose that” response!

        • The multi-age clan! Echoing my thoughts about the glitter and may i add the thought that i could smuggle them out of the country for a large bounty enabling me to do more travelling.

          Not fond of expensive sparkles, more cabochon style of precious stones if any, but do love a well cut Topaz in a ring and Amber.

    • my thoughts too Pi or a Leo with a sugar daddy

      .A friend was on one of those sugar daddy dating sites. She got a pair of shoes and a trip to Sydney for her services
      .Basically it is an escort agency without any exchange of $ but she would never call herself that.
      Now she has found true love – a sugar daddy who is showering her and her kids in gifts and love wow. Internet dating does work for a very small minority.

          • Yikes.
            So anyway, I decided that given the passionate fervour with which I reacted, I decided that maybe I should take a closer look at this. I mean pluto is the planet of wealth(?), and I have that in Libra, the sign of relationship, and I am a lazy pisces. So, maybe I need to set aside my prejudices and declare my intentions to the internet (uranus in scorp 5th) that yes I, too, can be bought. lol

    • Got moon, venus and mars in Cap and this Saggi say nope.

      However yellow sapphires and mandarin garnets sound delish, almost edible but would need a wildly different setting. Good archer settings are so hard to find without being ott or garish.

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