Only You Can Know Your Past Lives

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Bogus Psychic
This story – from Gawker – is crazy. Literally. Basically this “psychic” in New York said she would tell people their past lives and diagnose how their present day (presumably shitty) karma could be worked through by giving her their life savings as a trust exercise.

Because in a past life they were a corrupt Empress who hoarded her gold and laughed merrily as the people perished outside her palace doors, whatever.

So these people – and some of them sound like Love Zombies, the poor things – gave her cheques for ALL their net worth, so that the psychic could not cash them, to cure the “karma” only she did cash them.

So it was like a a classic Ponzi scheme only with a whole load of claptrap piled on top. Come to think of it, the last investment banker I met DID say he had a thing about Atlantis and that the US Navy had a secret underwater base in the Bermuda Triangle where Atlantis was “sunk.”

Anyway; my point. I get emails every week from someone asking me to clarify that they are not “cursed” or whether or not i think they have “bad karma” because of some rot a “psychic” said.  Honestly w.t.f it’s ridiculous – no person divines  your past lives. People asking for ridiculous money to “remove curses” or tell you your past lives are, well, not all that.

In my opinion, the only person who can know your past lives is you. Do enough dreamwork or watch for when the South Node in your birth chart is triggered by a strong transit. I think the entries in the It’s Your Past Life competition showed that a lot of you are genius at reading your South Nodes. That is, in karmic astrology, supposedly the doorway through which you entered ‘this life.’

But don’t you think that (assuming we reincarnate and so on) that they are just like any other memory? You don’t necessarily need to trawl through them? What you need to know or ‘remember’ comes to you via meditation, trance or deep dreaming – the more you get clear, the more lucid your dreams become.

And this is an obvious + often raised point but how come every damn past life you ever hear of from psychics is that they were Queen Christina of Sweden or Hatshepsut or something?  I did have a really strong past life flash back once – it is a long story – but i was a serf, peeling potatoes in a dangerous kitchen run by psychopaths in a time of zero human rights. Have i ever gone through vulnerable phases in my life when i would have shelled out ludicrous $$$ to hear that once upon a time i was Queen Guenivere and that the object of my Zombie-haze was Lancelot? Possibly.

Fair Cop: Yes there is a question on this site’s  Oracle about past lives but the Oracle is for entertainment and it’s free to subscribers. The basic subscription (Bliss Mystic) = 75 cents a week. Mega Mystic is $1.13 a week. It’s not anyone’s life savings being demanded so that you can clear your karma from being a c word in the Dark Ages. Nobody has the power or the right to “curse” you and nobody has the inside running or secret info on your previous existences, if such things exist.


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80 thoughts on “Only You Can Know Your Past Lives

  1. OK, I’ve never been to a psychic, never intend to, but I have had several instances of recognition while walking through an area I have never been to before. As in knew exactly where I was and how to get to places not marked on a map. Turned out upon research that all of them were places once frequented by my ancestors. Maybe such a thing is not necessarily a past life experience, but an inherited family memory? It is both a cozy and somewhat spooky feeeling at the same time.

    • Yes, absolutely. Genetics…It’s in our DNA..We actually have two kinds of karma…Personal, Soul Karma and Ancestral, DNA Karma..

      We’re fuqed on two fronts…see?


      This is why the Shamans often call in the ancestors when doing a healing ceremony..They are healing the whole family…the generational line.

      • So if you have addictions, etc, it’s often DNA karmic energy. It’s in the body you inherited. But I can gurantee, you will beat yourself up over it because you will think it is yours.

        The only true way out is thru meditation and bringing in the energy of the Divine to rock that shit out…

  2. Years ago, I was walking though a store full of imports, random stranger approaches, starts unraveling specific threads of my life. Weird, yes. Typical of my astro, also yes.(9th Virg Sun/Uran/Plut)
    She had enough specifics that I popped a Jackson for a quick read. By the time she got to the ‘you are cursed, let me light a $50 candle’ bit I was standing, hairy eyeball waving, on my way out. Creep.

    Agree wholeheartedly MM, each person holds their own keys to healing, anyone claiming to have ALL of, or the ONLY answer is misguided. Millions of people, energetic facets, variables – answers to self healing are unique to each individual. Candles and accoutrements are tools/allies, not answers in and of themselves.

    I found it humorous/curious that in my past life reading, my students and their work was favored over mine. In another life, I was tired of making bread all the time. haa

  3. Other than when the world was in a more enlightened time aeons ago (it has since devolved…), past lives are not that important as we were less enlightened than we are becoming now…~Re~-evolving…

    Any real spiritual teacher would say to not get stuck on identifying yourself as “such and such” as at the core you are more than your “selves”.

  4. My twin and I would play a game from the time we could speak, she would be “judy” and I would be “Can” for YEARS later on I wondered why “Can” it’s not even a name

    I have also been drawn to Asia esp Vietnam for as long as I can remember….. Vivid dreams of being a boy running through paddy fields etc

    I went to Vietnam on my honeymoon and the first Vietnamese person I met was called “Can”!

  5. Not a regular poster but avid daily reader…I agree with all MM is not only affirming but also fun. I find everyones thoughts on past lives really interesting…have no idea what my south node is but will check out thanks DTs advice. Always had reoccurring dream [the I am experiencing this kind] as a young person, funny part is it was set in approx middleages Scottish landscape..really wild country….and I never knew I had really strong Scottish
    Heritage until more recently…past life or other memories who knows? Ps apologies for any typos…old bird trying to learn how to drive tablet 🙂

  6. I just love those past life stories. I met my love when pluto went conjunct my south node in cap in first house last year.

  7. Wow, why is it always Florida? Seriously.

    On that note, I was born in Florida. But anyways…

    I always had this weird feeling that I was murdered in a past life, shot in the back of the head. I’ve had many dreams of being pursued and shot.

    I have SN in Scorpio, first house. DUH.

    I had one bad experience with a storefront “psychic” and I am now very wary of them. They know if you are desperate and vulnerable and they do try to exploit that. It’s so wrong.

  8. Hint and tip !

    Astrodienst shows the North Node as The “True Node” and the South Node as the “Descending Node” – as tick boxes in the bottom right hand corner of the “Extended Chart Selection” under “Additional Objects”.

    I’ve just worked this out and am feeling fairly pleased with myself, so I thought I’d pass it on 😀

    So, my Natal South Node in 17 Cancer/11th House (overly sensitive, drama, relationships, taking things personally and generally being an attention seeking sook) is about to run over my transiting Jupiter at 19 Cancer (or vice versa, as it were)

    Godde only knows what this means….

    and its currently transiting Taurus in my 9th – again I have NFI what this means….

    I think its interesting that both my Moon nodes are square my Chiron…

  9. I saw a woman in Leichardt about 7 yrs ago. She didn’t mention past life or anything but she instructed me to buy some sort of healing program from her at 799 for 2wks. I politely declined the offer. Its sad when people are vulnerable and take advantage of this. most psychics are cheaper than psychologists anyway. id still choose the former lol

  10. I have had past life ‘flash-backs’ in dreams since I was a child.
    And all I really have to say about that is although these revelations may be interesting and insightful and all, ultimately I believe there is a pretty damn good reason why we don’t/can’t remember past lives – we are not supposed to remember.
    Leave the past in the past.
    Yeesh – I have enough questionable sh*t from THIS life to contemplate!

  11. This is not much different than the practice of the church pardoning sins with indulgences in the medieval times, is it?

    When I work I see client’s past lives on occasion – sometimes it takes the form of a hologram hovering above their chest, sometimes it’s an inner ‘knowing’ or a vision. Often they just want ‘healing’ so I don’t explain my insights if it is remote unless they ask.

    But these stories however unlikely or not are effective therapy as the human mind works best with story lines and parables. So it doesn’t matter what I see, it matters what the emotional release and ensuing behaviour of the client is in response to a session. Anyway, I figure we are all one being having individual experiences!

      • Yeah me too. I really consider all people aspects of myself, lol. In that sense you don’t need to believe in past lives as personal to you. But for the sake of working stuff through it is handy at times & certainly ‘feels’ right.

  12. Yeah what this woman did was terrible and all …. but seriously if you’re going to behave like such a gimp as to hand over a cheque of your net worth to a bloody past life reader then surely perhaps the onus is really on you for being such a complete twat. Not justifying what this woman did, but if people insist on giving away their personal power like that then that IS the karmic repurcussion. Doesn’t matter if it’s a psychic or a parent or a spouse or the government. People need to understand the nature of their personal power, that they do have it and that not taking responsibility for it makes one equally culpable.

    On the subject of past lives, well my south node is Leo and yeah you can kind of tell. I came into this world with an air of entitlement, a flair for the dramatic and a whopping great big massive ego that took loads of beating to deflate. Has taken a lot of work to work with the more magnanimous, humanistic energy of my Aquarian north node and mid heaven. 😉

    • Agree & my little Kataka 5 year old has Leo SN and it also shows.. 🙂 Likes to be waited on hand & foot, crosses his legs while watching tv like a little Lord, it’s pretty cute.
      Hope he manages to integrate that Aqua NN on the IC ok, it’s a funny blend an Uranian family life. What house is yr NN?

      • It’s in the 9th house about 7 degrees from mars so I guess conjunct. And yes the nn didn’t really kick in until after 30. I was SO NOT INTERESTED in anything remotely of the Aquarian vibe prior to that …. and loads of pain to connect to it. Hopefully your boy isn’t quite so stubborn. 😉

        • He’s my son (Miss Fixed)! Of course he is stubborn. 🙂 I think my job is to entice him to the Light Side with song and dance. He has been humming the imperial death march (‘Dark’ Vader’s Theme) all week. Eep!!

        • 9th House is a good placement for an Aqua NN, no? Very compatible energies – Mars bringing excellent follow through possibilities.
          Like! Intellectual.

          • Well technically mars falls into the 10th house so there’s a bit Aqua thing going on up there with 9th/10th house, mars, nn and mc. It’s interesting watching it come together now that I’m actually playing nice with the cosmic energies instead of fighting the whole thing! 😉

    • You were a Queen of Lemuria – you had pet tigers. Your mid-afternoon fatigue this life stems from this era, you were having an affair with one of your litter bearers. Everyone thought he was a eunuch but you knew better. You had your one loyal handmaiden who kept all your secrets but you SOLD her to a perverted Warlord, this is why you can not stand the smell of honeysuckle but sending ME (yes i was the handmaiden) a bottle of champagne or Guerlain scent on every Full Moon will clear this karma and you will once again be able to stand Aquarians.

  13. I’m not so knowledgable about the south node. But this eclipse on saturday is conjunct my south node (and venus, and chiron) in 24 aries…. will this trigger past life memories…?
    All feedback re: south node and past lives appreciated!!

    • Dudette, eclipses by their very nature are fairly impossible to make specific predictions about (even more so without seeing an entire chart). They do repeat every 19 years, so if you can remember what was going on in April 95, you might get a clue as to what you’ll be dealing with.

      P.S. I know who you are 😉

    • hey, i asked this exact question a post or 2 ago 🙂 calypso suggested meditating.. which sounds like a nice, simple thing … i decided along with that to just do my thing but maybe keep a notebook for a few days either side … for teh insights?

      • Thanks guys, and PI sorry i missed your exact same question…
        I’m curious as to how it will unfold… eclipses conjunct personal planets always make for interesting times!!

      • oh right just read in the context of the actual post.

        when i have had SN transits, which i sort of notice in retrospect, i seem to meet people / a person who seem familiar to me – not coup-de-foudre lovestruck stuff (well, once i suppose – lol typo ‘lovestuck’ oh the irony!!)

        anyway where was i, yes so the familiarity, it’s an easy vibe. Plus I guess the house makes a difference too – e.g. it’s my 10th house. Also, 4th house, by extension – let’s not forget that opposition to our Libra NN? so maybe i need to hit the career / opportunity / hustle hard over the next 7 days to take advantage of that? also partnerships… personally I might also listen for new opportunities for living arrangements. sun- conjunct etc, you know

        Maybe uranus on SN in a few years will be like when it’s raining past love-lives. urgh enuf i say!

        hope this makes sense.

        • Thanks PI! I also have SN in the 10th house. I just looked at the eclipse chart and this exact eclipse happened (well give or take 2 degrees ) in October 2005 so i’m going to revisit my diaries from then to get some clues…
          I know what you mean about familiar people though… hmm…

          • OMG Oct 05… bahaha

            hmm. that was the same time pluto was transiting into my 7th house too, i always assumed the giant personal life upheavals then were associated with that. does pluto changing houses trump an eclipse on Venus- SN?

            a diary review might be useful!

            I moved house then too, into WAY better circs. cue the beginning of an entirely new collection of friends <3

            april 95 also revealing, that whole year was hooge. but we just live it anyway don't we? such intense ups and downs but looking back they're the years that have the most exciting changes and feeling alive. well, that's me anyway..

            going to sort out as many remaining kinks as possible in home life so that any domestic changes come from a positive place for once.

            • Wow, just did diary review… October 2005 was INTENSE!!!
              And the dreams… wow… definitely write down your dreams! Lots of clues there…

      • Oh you’re an angel for saying that!! I will take that as a good omen for giving myself 2 more weeks to finish my second book draft… (unrealistic deadlines…me???!!)

        thank you 🙂

  14. But i did not get it. I went to a wine bar instead, presumably another karmic problem of mine from when i used to get shit faced instead of going to the crusades, blowing my husbsand.

  15. These people. I had a clairvoyant, before I discovered MM, tell me that my relationship ended because i was too self obsessed, always working, not able to cook, a past life pattern of being a selfish bitch basically.

    I said actually there was abuse involved, as in police contacted, hospital etc and she said “that is also your karma.” She said i would never be able to “keep a man” or not be abused unless i cleared it and that i needed to order her Angel Course. There were angels and crystals and the full clearing kit was 900.

    • I had one tell me something like that – I needed to buy her cleaning or something. I told her I feel fine. She looked stunned. lol

      • This shits me to tears too… God fuqing help us as a species if we all get so enlightened as to make people who need compassion, feel worse about themselves because they’ve created their situation out of karma or projection or whatever other shit these idiots spin because they get to sound enlightened and not actually have to deal with the reality of someone else’s pain.

        Not once do you hear them mention anything about the perpetrators’ needing to take responsibility for their vile treatment towards another human being… no compassion, just blame, judgement, and denial of the victims pain.

  16. I had a reading years ago from a woman who ran through my past lives from first to present, none of them were glam and all of them resonated with issues/gifts I have in life and places/cultures I’m into. (Which doesn’t make me believe in reincarnation any more or less, but it was interesting and quite healing on some level). She was just a regular boganesque chick, covered in tats, no crystals, incense, gerberas or new age clap trap – so not the typical fortune teller type… didn’t charge a fortune and gave me a few sessions of psychic healing for free because I was a povo student at the time. I believe some people do have the gift to genuinely read past lives, it’s a shame the few gifted ones get tarnished by these scam artists.

    P.S. According to this chick, in one life I was a serf for a rich potato farmer (who favoured me above all the other serfs, lolz) – maybe I met Mystic in my lifetime as a potato slave… Fuq, my potato zombie tendencies may have deeper roots and implications than I have ever considered. I might have just had an epiphany. Mmmm potatoes…

    • Potato Serfette 😀 . The smurf girl missing from the story.
      I think others can know your past lives too. It’s better to try to experience for the self of course. I know got frustrated at a course when others read my lives. All of the emotional response none of the fun! They did a good job and were spot on, hit quite a nerve.

      • lolz@smurfette… 😀

        Oooh, I forgot to mention, Lady Oracle has been giving me some pretty trippy past life replies lately – like waaaaay fuqing trippy…

          • Too many to describe! But it always comes up with something that fully resonates with the present relationship with that person, like one friend I asked about, it said we were mediaeval herbalists together (something like that), and I was asking about a person who taught me how to grow, prepare, and consume San Pedro cactus for shamanic tripping, I could totally imagine us in mediaeval times doing similar weird shit together! (he was another Scorp Moon, hehe)

            I don’t particularly believe or disbelieve the replies, but they’ve always resonated in really spooky ways for me so it’s quite a fun question to ask!

  17. I once went to a shopping centre psychic on a whim because I needed cheering up. She proceeded to tell me that I “may have actually killed people” in a previous life 🙂 Not exactly the ‘will I be pretty/will I be rich’ I had hoped for in exchange for my 50 bucks.
    I dunno about past lives. I can never figure out the logic and I have never had any kind of past life vision/flash/experience, although obvs others feel quite differently. I’ve said before that the ending of my marriage has felt like something so final like we are finally done with each other after a few lifetimes but perhaps that’s just the magnitude of the loss.
    My SN is in Sagg in the 4th. I’ve just plugged it into my chart and astrodienst draws a dotted green line from it up to my 19 Jupe in Taurus, and a dotted line across to my Neptune at 20deg Scorp and another dotted green line from my Jup to my 19 Gemini NN. A dotted green oblong. Any thoughts? Serial killer or musician?? 🙂

    • Don’t mean to be insensitive, but your first sentence made me chuckle – oh dear! Bet she was reeling in the customers with that approach!

    • Many yrs ago I had an excellent reader who told me I had been a Russian Cossack warrior with no absolutely no respect for women, animals, excellent fighter but a complete brute (the kind of man who completely makes my hackles big time rise in this lifetime).

      Also had been a gypsy type woman, traveller saleswoman who had been raped and killed eventually, this happened in a number of female lifetimes according to her, also where I had been a maiden connected highly connected to nature who had absolutely no understanding of the motivation of the group of men who raped and killed me in that lifetime, and left me with a fear blockage around my heart…this was something I had to energetically heal! but no money was demanded other than the fee to see her.

      I knew she was good, because I brought photos of a couple of people I wanted to talk about eg my mother who I hadn’t,t sen in many years, and this woman tuned in, and sat up and assumed the posture and words of my mother in describing her, and my mum is petite, dark, haughty and the reader was 60ish, blonde ex nurse, warm, the opposite but she totally had mum’s energy while she was talking.

      I think we have many lifetimes to experience a spectrum of emotions and powers, that is all we take from the earth walk, I guess

  18. This is well timed

    What is the spiritual equivalent of a love zombie?

    I had a whole thing about this at work today with an argument about a very naff angel workshop my friend went to that was booked out by lost middle class wankers on a never ending workshop addiction for various expensive yet unqualified shadow avoiding growth avoiding life filler (hello, join a charity if you need to search for meaning!) and a ‘past life specialist’ who mysteriously seems to keep seeing past lives with really basic hits from either a piece of apparently significant jewellery or a hairstyle.

    I’ve had lots of regression flashbacks growing up but nothing to do with the way I look now. As, you know, you are a different person is the point.

    People are making a fuck ton of money out of this stuff. Real people don’t operate like this.

  19. Take the bad karma off you money? Oh jeez this is the oldest scam in the book, the Gypsy Switch. I even had one friend fall for it to the tune of $15k.
    I hate this scam so much that whenever I do a tarot reading, I always explain this scam and similar ripoffs, and tell them to bust me if they see me doing any flim flam.

      • It has nothing to do with gypsies unless you want it to. It’s just the name of the scam, it’s been called that for decades. Here’s the version of the scam that duped my friend (well, actually, a friend of my girlfriend, Crazy Miss Virgo).

        You see a psychic reader. Except this one is a fraud, she isn’t doing readings, she’s baiting you with things you want to hear. After a few more visits you confide in her, you start to trust her. Now the scam kicks in. She says you have a curse on you about money. I can lift the curse. You should withdraw all your money from the bank, and all your valuable jewelry. I will place your money and jewelry in this silk handkerchief, and conduct a cleansing ritual. Together, we will bury the money in your back yard where you can watch over it. At the new moon, we will bury this package a foot deep, and put a fertilized chicken egg above it when we fill in the dirt. I will conduct the ritual while you bury the package with your own hands. At the next full moon, you can dig up the money and the curse will be lifted, you can put your money back in the bank.

        Except there were two identical silk scarves. One was wrapped around a bundle of cut sheets of newspaper, the size of dollar bills. She switched the bundles when you weren’t looking. When you dig it up 28 days later, you discover your money isn’t inside the silk handkerchief, just some worthless paper. You go looking for the “psychic” and she left town 2 weeks ago.

  20. Honestly MM, stop beating yourself up over this bitch’s hijinks. You are ONE OF THE GOOD ONES. This is a great time to thank you buckets for your exquisite 2014 reading of my chart. I listen to it DAILY. It is so rich with affirmation, and value, and yes TRUTH, it’s worth EVERY PENNY. I am a financial analyst with a global consumer goods firm in NYC, I do not do BS. But I do do MM. Every DAMN DAY.

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