Mars In Virgo Does The Dirty Laundry

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Miles Aldridge

Does Mars in Virgo have a laundry fetish?


The dirtier the better. Stains – both material and psychic – not normally visible are suddenly SO THERE.

There will be no more piles of anything waiting to be processed.  The very idea of ‘dirty linen washed in public’ is of course absolutely medieval but hey, imagining one’s “sins” being cleansed whilst one processes laundry is healing, no?

Plus it’s like meditating. The sorting aspect is like one of the mythological labors of Psyche – Hercules even.  Each of these legendary heroes had to do a task which involved sifting through the minutiae. It’s not all wrestling gigantic monsters to the ground out there in victory land.

Having a laundry fetish is HOT at the moment. Screw staying in to wash your hair.  Stay in to do your laundry.

But of course there are two more things to think about: Mars is opposite Neptune till the weekend and that means, you know:

Louise Brooks Pandoras Box

And of course the Zap Zone; Uranus square Pluto has a while to run yet. Read or re-read my Zap Zone rant in the (free to subscribers) Mega Compilation E-Book on the Shop page.


Images: MIles Aldridge and Pandora’s Box

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147 thoughts on “Mars In Virgo Does The Dirty Laundry

  1. Does cleaning like a dervish count? – I don’t have so much laundryy but just dismantled the settee and gave it a good clean. And had the urge to wash the car and the curtains.

    • Washing shoes, Cleaning window sills …. and eyeing off the filing that reaches back three years I would guess … The BAS might even get lodged ahead of time.

    • Why Oh why do i just get hit with the insurmountableness , the sheer overwhelming magnitude of tiny little dirty ledges in my house ??? Just want to crawl into a corner and recover from a day of people whinging at me .

  2. Have spent today cleaning my car. Not just cleaning, you understand – a complete spiritual intervention. Wash and Brazilian (the car, not me. Yes it’s probably marketing but the wax was allegedly Brazilian).
    Doused the interior with lavender oil and fitted non-bogan seat covers, plus updated my bumper stickers. My new bumper stickers are in the Now. Getting rid of the old ones was a bit of a Johnny Depp/Winona Forever scenario but nothing that concentrated detergent and grim determination couldn’t fix. I have Mars in Virgo natally. It’s a blessing and a curse 🙂

    • eucalyptus oil is good for stubborn sticky residue [and incidentally oil stains on suede etc (test patch first of course) … this advice from Virgo BFF’s dad saved a fave pair of my shoes once]

  3. Where the fuq am I?? As I don’t seem to be experiencing any of these transits..

    Wishing everyone happiness

  4. You said to look for synchronicity… Got home to the MASSIVE pile of laundry on my bed. Clean. But I dumped it there this morning so that it was impossible for me to go to sleep without first dealing with it.

  5. Haha I’m a triple Scorp with Venus in Virgo and I spread sheeted my up-coming overseas holiday today. wtf I’ve never ever been compelled to do such a thing. Loving this Virgo vibe.

  6. Oh. That explains why I’ve been walking around with a vacuum cleaner, annoyed with the dust bunnies and cat hair. I even cleaned the floor behind the freezer.

    • just back from a weeks holiday…R@R bliss…realised though that i got out the vac before i left and there it is still sitting on the lounge room floor…(the thought was there though)…now have a pile of clean washing on the bed (MUST put away before sleep)…..but i did pick fresh flowers from the garden to put inside…..i really feel like putting it off and sleeping on my clean clothes….organised chaos…bliss….

  7. It’s not just laundry, but ADVANCED laundry- throwing out everything that doesn’t fit *perfectly* and replacing it with what does. (Just in from a mini shopping spree on athletic wear – v Mars in Virgo.)

    Buuuut could someone clue me in: WHY does Mars opp Neptune = Blue Devil Hoochie Juice?

    • Mars – action, urges (you know?) opp Neptune – escapism via drugs/BDHJ or haute inspirational artistry (but do you know how many artists in the now and through history are/were addicts for their art; dreamland; love zombism etc. Hello x

      • Thanks for the reminder – Neptune on my Asc/Saturn in Pisces. Just clearing out a huge mess from a true Neptunian romance (not love zombie – it was totes reciprocal) but was destroying my life. About to move, where he can never find me; he’s still pursuing me. I was in rescuer mode – so Neptunian (and Pisces rising. But Saturn door-bitch was rendered intoxicated with Neptune transit conjunction that I couldn’t see the fallout, the destruction, as I was so intoxicated with the attraction/soul matedness of our relationship. I’m feeling so Aries right now about it all – so totes moving on as I realised how close I came to total destruction by Plutonic Libran. And my progressed Asc is in *Aries* conj transiting Uranus trine my natal Leo Sun – thank fuq for the universe moving me in the right direction. Secured new property, PL will never know the address. So many lessons.. Thank the Gods and Goddess’s for Mystic’s guidance. Thank you MM!!! xxx

        • Holy only, I am Scorpio with Pisces rising. I have had Neptune square Venus and now conjunct my ascendant and you just described my life for the past threats years. Only my zombie is passed out downstairs as we speak. He has been doing the Neptune thing in a bottle all month.

          • The Plutonic Libran in my life has a major mental illness – ie Bipolar to the max degree – I’ve run myself into the ground getting him the best medical help possible but he also, as many BP’s do, has a comorbid alcohol issue. Mix that with his bipolar meds = madness. This is where the destruction to my life comes to light. I have a grand water trine – Chiron in Pisces, Moon in Kataka and Neptune in Scorp – healer or rescuer?? I have multiple planets in all those water signs (1st/5th/9th houses) together with a 6th house Leo Sun and a packed Virgo 7th house. I see his good points and he being a Libran with multiple Virgo and Scorp planets; Toro rising and a perfect match re Eros and Psyche was an irresistible intoxicating attraction (plus as noted somewhere else on this post – transiting Neptune has taken out my doorbitch Saturn conj my Asc via transit conjunction – ie rendering me helpless/confused re self protection !!). But I’m onto it – zapzone and amazing consistent advice from Mystic fo’sho. I’m moving into new abode during Merc retro (eeek wtf BUT finalised and signed all docs before Merc goes retro, so hoping that’s ok?). Loving Mars in Virgo – achieved so much and with Mars in Kataka natally, I’m (more than) a teeny jealous of peeps with natal Mars in Virgo – it;s such a “Just DO IT” vibe. No sooks, no ambivalence, just get the shit done already. Loving it.

            • Thanks, everybody, for the comments to help me understand! I *do* love the Neptune entries and reread the one you linked to, MM. Fluidfeline, thank you also for your explanation- Mars as action towards Neptune. That’s a great breakdown and helps me to work with it more.


    • YES! Time for an undie drawer overhaul. Goodbye faded knickers and over stretched smalls! Too bad Bonds stopped making my favourite bras – might get another year out of them.

      Been closet cleaning too… Off to the land of ebay.

  8. Normally I dump clean laundry on my bed then put it away. This is the third night I am pushing the pile of clean clothes around so I can go to sleep. This is so not me (as in I have NEVER done this before this week).

  9. Why this is exactly how I looked today as I strode out of my laundry!

    Love your mythological break-down of Laundry MM!!

    But Day 1 of toilet training the autie cap meant 10 changes of clothes. Two more enriched than the rest.

    Mars @ 0 deg Virgo does not cover this..

    If I have to go allegorical or mythological I am thinking of a Golum scenario – made of poo it stalks and attacks when I least expect..

  10. I like doing my dirty laundry so long as nobody has to witness airing it but me. Must be my stellium of outers in Virgo. Dang being born in the late sixties, but still forever young. Just so long as my inertia doesn’t get the better of me, which at times I almost feel is creeping in. Is that a Zap Zone thing too? Is there a patch for it? Might go sort out my wardrobe, just more slowly than my Geminian nature would normally allow. Like, gah! as the kids say 😉

  11. Arh, this is why I ventured into teenage son’s room stripped his bed today & washed the bejezuz out of everything including the doona! I’ve always gotten my boys to do their own washing & chores, as second rate as they do but hey I’m no maid.

  12. Still looking for help for the clean laundry. It’s still there. Only one actual meat-world friend I have is like a Dark Angel of Understanding, don’t know how she surfaced when she did but this year would have been at least, like, 26% worse without her.
    Need more support than i can help myself with at the moment. extreme issues with value of self. along the lines of what’s the point in even being alive? I am subsisting on crumbs of acknowledgement from acquaintances. This isn’t about ego it’s about wondering if it would even make a difference if I just wasn’t here. I go along with the “oh yes it’s so fun, doing this and that, la la la yes life is what it is so anyway how’s things with you?” because what I am trying to deal with is just not coffee conversation and it’s not something I can just say “oh, so I was meaning to talk about the absence of any joy in being alive and a seeming incapacity to actually make any worthwhile difference in my own life let alone anyone else’s right now. More cake for you? ” I mean who wants to listen to some friend dirging on about how little they like themselves? Bumping along the bottom of the ocean right now and my waterproof torch is out of batteries. blah. ugh. hate everything. don’t know, don’t care, doesn’t matter anyway.

    • {{Hugs}}

      So I was thinking yesterday that if this is really the ZZ & there really is no going back to the way things were & all the cycles we used to know are dead already, then, here we are. This is it.

      All of us Deserve the best of everything! Maybe The Best will come tomorrow, or maybe it will come a lifetime or two from now. I mean, what’s a couple of human lifetimes when you’re an infinite being, right? But as a human, gd the time can drag. P.o.v.

      So I died yesterday. Fuq the way it used to go, any ego notions that I know what I deserve & when I deserve it, this human tendency to look at this lifetime as the end all be all. Dead: all of it.

      This weekend is my New Orleans funeral. Lots of juice, music, smoke & spirits. Neptune squared, French Quarter. Goodbye old! No sadness.

      • that sounds fantastic Scorp Inc!

        hugs for you Pi. i don’t know what else is going on but tough financial times are very depleting i think.

        look, you are wonderful, and valued, and smart and funny and respected! but I wish you didn’t feel you need validation from outside. You are the wondrous whole being you know, just pacing through your way. guess you’re just feeling flat? So, yeah, more hugs for now xox

          • yeah, sometimes….but I didn’t mean just suck it up. I guess it would be good to be able to detach, or to work it. Hard times, they often pay off in the end….

            makes me think of that Gillian Welch song “Playing, hard times ain’t gonna rule my mind, honey
            Hard times ain’t gonna rule my mind, sugar
            Hard times ain’t gonna rule my mind no more”

        • that’s fabulous. thanks Scorp. what i needed to watch I think. gosh no room for tears there hey?
          The oracle told me to stop complaining so much, fuq you oracle lol, i think jazz funeral might be the better angle . xo

      • thanks scorp, i have been contemplating my state of mind since I wrote this (well, continuing to contemplate) and maybe it’s not me as in my physical body but an abstract Me i am that I need to kill off. Maybe this is the end of some part of me, or all of the me who I know myself to be, but the thing is I thought I had been doing this with the current grey mush that my life seems to be atm (pisces / gemini rising i already have 39 personalities in constant flux). so what I am wondering is how deep does this go? am I actually uprooting something bigger and if so what do I plant in its place if anything? Am I getting lost in metaphors? lol.
        I remembered the opening chapter to the Power of Now (i know yes sorry and i am not exactly sleeping on park benches etc as did the author) and he was having a giant existential crisis before … well up to that point. Point being that there might be some new perception of self that I am just fricken not seeing right now and maybe too stubborn or not quite emotionally healthy enough to figure out. ah fuq it i don’t know. this is a shitty place to be though i’ll say that.
        thanks again and enjoy that New Orleans funeral 🙂 xxx

        • point being, that first para you wrote, yes that’s where i’ve been treading a bit lately. ok, signing out for a while now. x

        • You know that grieving is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight, or even over a year or two. You know.

          She’s at death’s door: there’s nothing you need to do. It’s happening without you & you couldn’t slow it down or speed it up if you wanted to.

          Isn’t it the most maddening part, feeling out of control of your situation no matter how hard you study & work & strive & keep the faith? Has been for me. Then I died & I got it:

          You won’t get it, not now. Staying busy is good, sure, but all the stuff you thought you knew? Give up the ghost. It’s an illusion. Where are you now? You’re everywhere! Way more than your little slice of consciousness can comprehend. Anyone who thinks they have it all figured out & has some kind of formula for success is a Fool. A deluded fool. Each of us has our own infinite paths: there is no cookie cutter formula for reward or punishment.

          Sometimes we are closer to the Light than at other times, but right here, right now, we are all in the dark.The only faith to keep is that Light exists. Light is the only true currency.

          • — and Yes, I have been such a fool! I thought if I did a b c, then e f g would follow; the fool part was my agony over the absence of e f g. Too stuck on the results & what they might mean & i know what should happen & when & I I I blah blah blah. I’ve fallen into that trap more than once in my life! Foolish, short-sighted.

            You mentioned someone who was homeless, & I often default onto the experience of people in the holocaust camps. The ones who didn’t make it out. Does that make sense, their lives & deaths? What would be on my mind, walking into the shower? Would it make sense to me? To my son? No.

            A lot of shit doesn’t make sense. I’m probably not making sense right now lol. Good & bad things are sometimes disguised as each other, sometimes one in the same. What fuqing ever. I just wish a glimmer of Light for you today, Pi. x

            • xxx thank you scorpy sometimes we ( or I) just need to hear that this is still a process and arbitrary deadlines ain’t shit. basically lol. but i don’t know if this slippery grasp I have on my reality right now is something that I *could* get control of, or if this is really just much too big for me to handle and just do my little thing in my little niche and maybe look up again in a few weeks..

              • … and if you looked up again in a few weeks, everyone would still be here. You would stll be here. Everything in its right place.

                There is a spider thread of you that is ancient & woven through the heavens, Pi. It’s so strong & nothing would cause it to unfurl. It is in control, it is You. Forever. xxx

    • Dear Pi, I will post a great link for you tomorrow when I’m on the puter not mobile. Hugs to you.

    • Sounds like you are feeling very low. Well, the world would still continue without you, but you are here, so why not go all out to do just one thing that you enjoy, today? Sometimes there is no neon-lit sign pointing the way forward, but that doesn’t mean you have no value or purpose. If you need a purpose, find one, Try to find some people you can connect with, start a blog, take some physical exercise that you might like, get the endorphins moving around, have some pleasure in your life, drop the stuff that drains you. Plus, we are approaching powerful moon which brings a lot to the surface,. Use it, paint it,meditate, be thankful that you know where you don’t feel good, cos some people are permanently half-dead in a shade of perma-grey beige misery, and they don’t know why. Be in the now, and take the first steps towards something new and untried. That’s just a few thoughts from me. Hope it helps. Oh, yes, nurture your natal moon, above all else.

      • thank you Helen.
        nurture natal moon – Capricorn … invest in less climate-change affected regions of the country, climb a mountain, see dentist, re-allocate international share options… I’ll get right on it. 🙂 x

    • I want to hear you ‘dirge along’ Pi, I really do.
      You are brilliant and perceptive, it’s enjoyable to hear your thoughts, no matter your state of mind. That’s saying something! I am incomprehensible when down myself. 🙂
      I don’t know that things change so much when we express ourselves in meat-world (I LOVE that) or elsewhere. It can be heaven and hell this place, often both at once, as you know. It would make a difference if you weren’t here. You are part of us. xx.

    • Pi — it is OK to ask the value of self, and not see any. Anyone who delves into the question now and then stares right into an abandoned well.

      I too have a Cap Moon, and it is hard to nurture it. I would say that you are likely spinning around the same thought. Break it. Move out of your head. Move your body, go to a museum, go to a cafe. Call your Gem rising, write nonstop, without thinking. I don’t know where you live, but if you can, seek water. Call your Pisces Sun. Do not read self-dev books, the answer you are seeking is not there.

      Your Cap Moon “needs” you now. As soon as it looks as if healing is on the way, it will take care of your daily survival tasks, wash the dishes, etc.

      I too struggled with the same question recently, the scars are still within. What I advised to you how I could deal with it. Sometimes, it is best to talk to best friends after the fact, after you solve the Koan, so to speak.

      • Hey Pi
        ever thought that you are allowed to feel like shit for no reason at all what so ever? Today I just am shit. Then let it happen. It’s amazing what happens when we don’t try to find the answers to our every mood swing. These days I get up and think woah today I’m raging or today I’m utterly fuqed or low or outta here or or or and then just watch it pass. It’s like watching a movie of your life without the agro of trying to direct a thing that is simply going that way anyway. The less I do these days the more I seem to get done. No Fuss No mess. And I’ve had to acknowledge the deepest place of worthlessness in my soul. It’s my default setting. No matter what I know I can just end up in that place without warning. So what. Today I feel worthless. Tomorrow I’ll be laughing and skipping. And that has been the truth. OK OK now diagnose me with schizophrenia!! Nah just diagnosed as Human. Love love love to you now and tomorrow.

      • thanks quad. sort of forgetting the pisces sun thing a bit. not letting myself go to the beach / a swim for some reason wtf!?! it’s been almost a year – utterly unthinkable for me
        yes cap moon is a tricky one. great for some things. she feels better when I take care of important life admin but also the creativity.

    • I only get to see my friends about once a month(if that), and last year I lived with people I hated, along with that whole melodramatic existential crises I went through last year,so I know exactly what you mean, its kind of like learning to live with a lot less air, or maybe even none, I think its a matter of love as cheesy as that sounds, if you don’t see good friends enough and feel that, it starts to take its toll, they have done studies on loneliness and apparently it changes your dna even, you become just biologically worse off in every way you can imagine and your brain starts to rewire itself and you can’t handle social situations as well, I think loneliness is a real thing in the back of everyone’s mind, and the love of people is a real resource, maybe even the most important, and people are usually too embarrassed to think of it in terms of that, if it makes you feel better, its possible to go through it, to beat it, somehow I made it out on the other side and I feel fine now, it is possible, but its also the hardest scarcity to deal with, and you have to dig deeper then for most problems, its like the thing everyone tries to avoid, the thing you usually don’t have to deal with until your very old or something, so if you can get it out of the way now you’ll be golden, maybe it doesn’t mean anything from me because I am just some 20 years old, but this is a real actual thing don’t beat yourself up over it, and its possible to beat it, you can grow stronger then this, don’t give in or give up and keep goin

      • hey d, wow, i didn’t know about the research on this. crazy. also a bit scary.. i had better get back out there stat.
        I think you have a talent for expressing nuanced and very personal states of mind in a kind of accessible, chatty way and that’s what you’ve done here too. ad regardless of age, this does shine a light on certain things. I remember when you were struggling a lot as you described here and I am glad you’re on the up as well. thanks d xx

    • Pi, know you said you are signing out for awhile, but my Cap Moon understands your Cap Moon luv…k?…x (and your Gemini rising!) Thats a crazy mix, no? lol

      Funny story…some months back, smoked some of the THT’s home grown and he said, “you know, you are conservative until you smoke some..most people get paranoid”…Said “honey, you don’t ~even~ know me”…


      But think that we are often dissatisfied because we are growing and changing…Dissatisfaction is often the imptetus to be more.

      Then again when I drank I was just numb and was in an “I don’t care” place and unhappy with a lot of things. I felt terribly lost but the guidance did come…Keep asking for guidance. The gods lay silent for awhile it seems but things do come to light.

      Just know that this last dark night passed and sure yours will also.

      Sending you a trans Uranian **>>>SHAZAM!!!<<<** bolt


      • Hello Pi,
        We have a lot of similar Astro placements and I think we are fortunate to have a Water Sun and Earth Moon. At times we are more Sun, than Moon and vice versa. Which is also try of our emotions, they can be light and dark and we the human carrying the grey in the middle. If you want to check your chart for insights I’d say watch that kid Pluto, his been mixing up the coloured paint pots.
        I know loneliness, only too well. I’d love some flesh and bone friends and have real conversations with but that is not my life. I am someone that talks to themselves because I don’t get to talk to others. Be glad that you have your friends and sometimes our own emotional agenda can’t be shared with them.
        Your an amazing soul Pi and I love reading your witty and insightful posts. It’s ok to take a RDO from yourself, because in nothing we find everything. When we concentrate on the “don’t have” we don’t see “what I have”. I look forward to reading your next post Pi. xx

        • Its strange S, you have so many interesting things to say (and ways to express it) I think it would be really cool to talk to you. I hope those flesh and bone friends start materialising because they’re missing out on a good person in You.

          yes I do think Pluto could be messing around with the brushes in the middle of the night.. well put..

          thank you for your kind and understanding words – love the idea of RDO from self – will be using that… (and will probably be having a lot of fun on those days). and the choice not to share an emotional agenda.

          it’s like saturn (?) is / was / is grabbing the scruff of my neck and shoving my nose into my life, saying LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE DONE and under this force to turn away to look at the “what I have” (vs have not) was suddenly very difficult. The part of me that is compelled to get to the bottom of the problem, to pull the machine apart to find the sliver of paper that’s been jamming it up, then gets lost in the machinery of my life, trying to get to the bottom of “the problem” and hey. Maybe there is no “the problem”, no sliver of paper where it all started to go wrong. So, labyrinth. So to dwell too long assuming there is “a problem” in the first place… could be wrong/endless? I had a blissfully clean psychic slate a few years ago – sure times were different, but… it’s possible.

      • Hey Sweetpea, thanks lovely, loving the cap moon shout-outs – I feel like were in a club, but the clubhouse is a wooden shack at the top of a tall, rugged, austere mountain and we have to carry our own water and firewood in our rucksacks when we go there. once we’re all together though, someone has brought some excellent wine, and another remembered the fine cheese or chocolate, and someone else has dropped off some hand-knitted rugs for the cooler nights… so we’re in good company. So, thanks 🙂

        I will definitely keep asking for guidance – we’re not in this alone are we.

        trans Uranian shazam back atcha xxoo

    • Dearest Pi

      Really everything that you wrote sounds awfully familiar – so don’t believe that you are an isolated case, a singular bubble locked up alone in exisistential crisis hell – it’s the theme of the times! Many, many people are undergoing this process which I refer to as the destruction of the false ego self. And no it ain’t easy. The ego self doesn’t just roll over and die, it defends itself, it throws up a fuq tonne of resistance and even more difficult to contend with – it throws up panic response feelings as it sense its death knell looming. It tries to convince you that you are a. dying b. hopeless c. something is terribly terribly wrong and it needs to be fixed pronto. It will tell you there are monsters under every bed and bogeymen around every corner.

      Don’t listen to it! Destruction of the false self is the only path forward into the light of the one true self and most people find the process uncomfortable in varying degrees. Experiencing a grief process is to be expected. Not being able to see the way forward is also to be expected.

      Trust that you are being guided and that you have everything you need to get through at least today. Open your mind to assistance from both the spiritual and physical planes and you will find the right people rocking up just begging to help you out. Address all the issues and feelings that come up as part of the purging process – no need to fix or sort anything out – just acknowledge and release.

      And most important – let yourself off the hook of anxiety. As other’s have said, you are not in control of this process and you don’t have to be either. However writing and purging can be most cathartic. In the meantime breathe deep and relax. It’s all good!!! Trust me – it gets WAY BETTER. 😀

      • oh and since you have read The Power of Now, you will be familiar with the concept of the pain body which is an ethereal body of accumulated traumas. The ego self just loves to feed off that fuqing thing – so as the journey to true self rolls along dissolution of the pain body is common. As that happens small doses of past pain is released but they are only rememberances. It’s not really happening. Like all other feeling states, just acknowledge and release. 🙂

        • thanks prowln, that’s really interesting – your thoughts about the various selves that wanna be on top. the struggle you describe is what I was wondering was happening for me – wondering if this is a version of me that no longer suits me, nor fits very well, as it stands. loosening up the outer layer? not sure.

          true to form I have only read the first couple of chapters of power of now – before another book distracted me. maybe I should revisit (merc retro, no better time) – thank you for the timely reminder…. xxxx

    • I have nothing deep and meaningful to say I’ve been there more times than I could count and if you feel like you’re draining your friends with your woes, it’s not a sign of weakness or failure to get counselling or whatever help you need.

      My thoughts are with you, hang in there Asc twinnie, you don’t have to be a saint or hero to make a difference, just being kind to people around us is all that any of us need to do to make the world a better place, and being the lovely soul you are, you DO make a difference to this world. I’m sure many would miss your witty and insightful posts around here! be kind to yourself. xx

      • what i am finding so amazing is that so many people go through these incredibly dark periods often more than once where everything just crumbles away one night and bam we’re in there. But we just never read about it. well, not in a widespread way. unless I am reading the wrong stuff. so thanks astro twin. and yes if all else fails, just be a decent person to the world around us.. thx xx

    • The best advice I’ve ever received is this: as you fall through blackness, each day darker than the last, stay conscious through it all. Hugs, beautiful. I feel ya. xxx

    • Hi Pi,

      I can relate to your self-examination. When I’m in a phase like this, I think it’s important to go back to the basics: Am I eating properly? Am I getting enough physical exercise, enough water? Am I working too much?

      Sugar, for instance, can send me into an emotional tailspin and I immediately begin to lose perspective and proportion.

      Do you have any planets or points at 25 degrees cardinal signs? Because this eclipse (a full moon on steroids) could be influencing your view at the moment. It’s conjunct my North Node and I have been in major questioning mode about my assertiveness and ability to make an impact in the world all this week.

      You are so wonderful and your personality shines through so effortlessly in your posts. As a fellow Neptunian, I relate to so much of what you say. Please keep posting.

      • hi gbs, wise words… all so relevant… ALL of my personal planets and various angles nodes etc are around 25 degrees of something..maybe the eclipse just put a few tera-Volts thru every aspect of my existence?? 2 days early?? still feeling fried.. my lifestyle is not very well balanced and even tho i am completely aware of what i “should” be doing health wise, i am just *not*..i try to just do things half a day at a time rather than a very expectation-laden “NAOW everahthing will be different here is New Pi” i mean hmm… thank you xx

      • Hey Gemyogi, I read part of that…

        And just wanted to add that there is no such thing as “death”. So if you “kill” yourself, you simply step out of the physical shell but you still have all the feelings and issues as if embodied but ~with no physical body to resolve the issues~.

        The soul then still has to come back because of it’s habits and drives- “weight” – another words, to become enlightened. There is no off the hook of avoiding that healing process. Suicide just becomes another illusion.

        Like what Prowlin’ wrote too…

        • “A Master (of life), is truly courageous and compassionate” ….(because they went thru hell and made it)…And so they help others.

          That is what a true enlightened Master is. We are on our way, no?


          • The quote was by Bob Fickes in his ~12 States of Consciousness~ book thru the Fulfillment Foundation.

          • Yep. Have always felt suicide isn’t a real option, though Goddess knows I’ve thought about it. Mainly couldn’t do it to people I love.

      • Thanks gemyogi. that was worth reading. especially the intro – how the author (and the letter writer) was feeling at that time too. I don’t know if I would have gone that far, probably because i second guess myself a lot and sooner or later always have to argue with myself about most decisions .. but the state of mind is just so overwhelming.

        Also a link to a new yorker article in the text – that too. i think i gained some insight when they were describing some, well, more scientific (physical and psych) elements and it becomes quite clear that you can kill the physical body but the rest remains. like SP said. and it’s “the rest” which is the part we most wish we could resolve.

        thanks again gemmy yogi.. all pieces of the puzzle, you know xx

    • pi I’m going to take a stab in the dark and talk about some things I know about this time of year and how you were coping the last time some of this current astro (and time of year) came round. Am going to break it down as an ‘outside’ observer’ so you might be able to see yourself through this tricky phase. If I have where you’re at in terms of ‘physical space’ all wrong and you’ve already moved on from that phase, skip to the last para 😀

      You had many ideas about how you could make your way in the future but money was scarce and you couldn’t see how any of them would be possible. You had entrepeneurial aspirations, another astro fiend and I talked with you about venture capital, finding investors and keeping the global $ situation in perspective.

      Are financial issues one of the root causes of your current state of mind?

      Try to remember money is not a measure of your self worth. Check your 2nd / 8th house axis. See if you’re being zapped. Put it into context, the whole world is feeling it. You are not alone re the money issues.

      You had had an experience at a gallery and were making tentative steps towards engagement with peers, many of whom are of another generation. Whether you have common ground or not, there is an undeniable and necessary disconnect that occurs with the people who came directly before and after you – this is the case for all of us.

      Is this generational disconnect adding to your feelings of uncertainty now? What’s up on your 5th – 11th house axis? Do you have Saturn there? Is it triggering issues to do with ‘age’ and finding your tribe? Be gentle with yourself wherever saturn is Pi. As soon as it moves your feelings around the issues it’s triggering will evolve an be more manageable.

      You dwell in an institutional space that is not necessarily the most supportive a person could find themselves in. There is a lack discussion of pathways and possibilities on exit. Sometimes a sense of no future other than a broad and empty horizon and no going back to the familiar comfort zones can overtake a person there. You may not have noticed it due to your current fragile state but there is a ‘lost’ feeling among many of your peers. A feeling of teetering on the threshold of something yet not having been adequately prepared to take the first step. You once had all those hopes and dreams yet no one has told you what you could possibly do with them.

      Does this scenario sound familiar and are your self esteem issues in any way linked? If so, again, you are not alone – one thing I’ve discovered lately is that many are engaging in the silent scream.

      You could change this by talking to a career counsellor or similar. This is a manageable situation – that empty expanse is your future honey – all you have to do is work out how best to paint yourself onto that blank canvas. Blank is good – it means you are in control. Maybe get through the next few weeks and have a bit of a rest before you do this – you don’t have to do it all today. Eclipses can mess with the time-space continuum.

      No idea which area yours is but there are myriad questions around the way grading and feedback are approached. The uncertainty caused by these issues can have the effect of you thinking it’s all you / your fault or failing, there must be something wrong with you. Making you focus even more on issues about yourself that have always been there. There is a sense of powerlessness and sometimes an unwillingness to engage in the politics of the matter because it may have a negative effect on your standing in future. This can increase the sense of futility causing you to turn in on yourself even further.

      Do these issues sound familiar and are they triggering your ‘old friends’ – the little black clouds that have always been there? If so, contextualise them. Question whether the institution at large that needs to take responsibility for some of its failings. Try to separate yourself from these issues and see yourself as a valid, talented human being who is simply in a place that operates within its own unique set of rules and codes. If the little black clouds are familiar you can’t be expected to sort them all out now – make a deal with yourself that you will do it. Just make sure you time it so you are able to get through the next few weeks first.

      I suspect you are physically and emotionally exhausted, possibly lacking in adequate sunlight (it needs to hit the belly or thighs to metabolise vitamin D) and maybe even undernourished. Those are all things that you can change. You need to keep your head in check and hold on to the things that positively validate you. Take a panoptic approach to your boundaries 😉

      If none of that rings true think about this, Saturn is kicking at the door of wherever it was at in late 2012 and Uranus is possibly grinding around near your chiron and MC. Think back to what was happening then and see if you can use that to put some of this into perspective. Maybe it’s time to make friends with your Chiron? It’s going to be OK Pi. Truly.

      • is that you Wolf? I don’t know you but we seem to tread similar turf. You’ve made some v insightful points and your comprehension means so much to me. I don’t think I can respond at length but don’t take this to mean i haven’t read and absorbed your comment. I think the latest trigger is yes confusion re you know marking and feedback. but that is the feather on the camel’s back maybe. I put in best most kickass efforts in my work that I can manage in the general scheme of my life at the moment (literally blood sweat and tears) and I get a very confusing (to me) response. So over having to go back time after time for clarification that thoroughly explains and makes clear the thinking. It feels arbitrary and I can’t help but wonder if given the lack of clarity that maybe teacher just doesn’t like me. I think the only thing keeping my sanity there is that an old connection has become a bit of a mentor and the SUPPORT! is just amazing… there is no question too stupid that I can ask. *raises eyes heavenward, shouts “thank you!” *
        I feel sort of more in control now and the gen-gap feels less wierd – getting to know people I guess. that part is a lot better than it was. concerted efforts on my part to try not to worry about that (also probably thanks to some advice from you and others .. x)

        this time last year i was dealing with losing my father and in the midst of funeral arrangements which as we all know sucks in the most hellish, soul-grating way possible. And in the interim basically my life has turned to mush. Identity, confidence, money, needing to broaden my circle with like-minded friends but knowing i don’t have the time or headspace / heartspace to sort of trial’ new friendships just yet.
        I could go on but need to sleep, thank you so much again xx

        • I felt you reply 🙂 – yes we share space but I have no idea when or who you are – weird… i seldom come here so had no idea you’d lost your dad. I’m sorry to hear that – look after yourself love, it’s nearly over for a while xxx

        • the teacher might just be a dick – you know that – right? There’s quite a few dicks around. Just sayin… xxx

          • hmm they could be, i’m not sure. everything about our day to day connection seems pretty adult and reasonable, but then when it comes to the only thing that counts for, you know, scholarships and academic rankings, and etc etc etc .. turns to shit and either makes me wonder who / what I am dealing with, and whether i am that crap, when it comes down to the numbers. So it’s mistrust on one hand and shitty self judgement on the other.. !?

    • Dear Pi I am just catching up on this now and wow that is a LOT of stuff you are dealing with.
      Us Cap mooners do have a hard time of it, don’t we. I think we are hard on our own hearts/souls the way Saturn is tough on Cap suns, you know? We question and measure and sometimes there’s nothing we can do except just hold on until it passes.
      Given all that has happened to you in the past year or so that you’ve shared here, there is perhaps no wonder you are grieving all kinds of losses.
      How can you take care of your heart today my friend? Sleep? Epsom salts bath? Music? The beach? I like to visit the dog refuge when I am feeling down.
      I wish I had more to offer than these kinds of platitudes. Sending you all the love and support you need. Think of me as another Piscean Cap moon walking alongside you through the Zap Zone. Hang in, babe xxx

      • last kind-hearted comment to reply to, Chrysalis, thank you simpatico earthy fish. Every sentence is valuable – that everyone has written, actually. “How can you take care of your heart today?” a good question to ask…i think i’ll keep that one in mind.. often forget. Holding on and keeping your head down in a storm can’t be the only thing that gets us through. Much as Saturn would have us think otherwise.
        hope the road isn’t too bumpy where you are C

    • you are all wonderful people, thank you so much. I haven’t managed to respond to some of you yet but i will,as each person has been incredibly kind. right now – sleep calls xxx

  13. Well that explains why chopper left a laundry basket with dirty clothes and a note that was presented at today’s service in melbourne

  14. Imagine a world run by psychopaths??!?!?!?!!
    Errr it’s my opinion that we already live in one.
    She holds up a glass of blue hoochie juice and salutes Pluto Uranus! Here’s to your work…

    • Yes like Rupert and Gina. It’s sad. I’m hoping the ZZ will zap them sooner rather than later.

  15. This sounds great. I was planning a big spring clean on Saturday!

    The psychopath quote is funny, but sadly the world IS run by psychos. Anyone seen The Corporation? Truth not paranoia.

  16. yup
    Bought a big fat paper page a day diary.
    Have sore throat and feeling outrageously crapola as in sad sad sad and just broken in my heart. There, I said it.
    Have developed total stationary fetish, going through every singe stub of paper in my flat or email in my in box. Even postponed my session with my amazing zen like, uber cool and (yes totally and insanely hot but lets not diminish him with my amygdala) chiro today (obis gave him loads of notice and said I’d still come if he thought it best to come but sore and scratchy throat plus tickly cough and sore lungs might not be ideal for breath work ..
    He offered me a session tomorrow morning instead.
    Wonderful healer dude that he is.
    Fuq I’m sad.
    It’s like a physical pain in my lungs and chest.
    Had amazing dream and emo breakthrough during yoga class which I’ll extrapolate on later.
    Going over my budget right now too.
    My time, my attention and my money.
    Such precious resources
    laters astro homies

  17. An old friend of mine has died. Just learned.
    He had schizophrenia & he pushed his friends away over time.
    I am partly happy for him, he suffered so much.
    He was so brave in his fear. I don’t know why I am writing this here. I don’t feel like actually talking about it.
    I checked his chart. He was Aqua, Aries Rising, Moon in Aqua.
    Sensitive, brilliant, high-strung and the soul of diplomacy.
    Pluto is on his MC square his Asc/DC. Saturn/NN transit to his 8th.

    • You know Andi sometimes when life has just been a rough ride for who ever it is then a dose of pluto and off you go can be the biggest blessing ever. Amazing astro and maybe it’s just because we are left behind with the empty space that death becomes so sad?

      • The space feels full to me, I can’t help feeling sad for his suffering mainly. You are right re Pluto, Pluto is blessing him with change. Pluto is God too.

    • Cue the band! A celebration for his journey past & future. Love & blessings to him, and to you Andro. Godspeed xx

  18. imagine a world run by psychopaths? i don’t have imagine it. It is! CEOs are a profession full of them!

    • YES!^^^ This is what I was thinking but too drunk to write.

      I wasn’t doing Neptune, it was doing me ????

  19. I call myself the laundry Nazi….I very rarely have a load of dirty laundry sitting around. I do it instantly.

    Natally I have venus and ascendant conjunct in Virgo!

    • I confess to same – doing laundry is like breathing to me – not a chore – just comes naturally – I blame my Dutch Pisces Mother with multiple planets in Virgo including MARS – we were trained in housewitchery military style – something I kind of appreciate now 🙂

    • Does anyone have a dirty clothes fetish- good god I hope not! eeks!
      Laundry is a spiritual meditative chore.

  20. ~run by psychopaths~ lol

    Have Hercules conjunct Sun and Psyche conjunct Moon…Put a load of laundry in before I left the house………really

  21. Trans Virgo Mars is actually conjunct my 2 degree Pluto and IC. Feel better than in ages. Guess cuz I’ve done plenty of dirty laundry in my day..ha.

    The NDNA texted me Friday night and then left a voicemail an hour later and knocked on my door. My phone had been off and I was oblivious…Guess my car interior light had been on…He does like to be helpful but I don’t drink any more at all…so we will prob just have to remain friends..

  22. Cool! I crushed my laundry yesterday. I always have piles and piles but I washed it all bar two pair of knickers which seemed a bit water wasteful 🙂 I managed to do all the laundry, surf (well, body board actually -not as cool) and catch a plane to Vegas. Plus, the plane had wifi so I could work. I frickin’ love Mars in Virgo!!!!

  23. Yes! I have natal Mars in Virgo and I wash every single day. I also never use the dryer because I prefer the crispiness of sun dried clothes and linen. Yes, I’m quietly obsessed about laundry.

      • I have often thought “WWGD?” And I’m not kidding or being a smart arse..

        Your Pisces rising and compassionate, non partial outlook on life…Over the years, I’ve noticed. x

        • Now, back to my Tegan and Sara Closer and what they call “Zoo” tv with the Pandas since there no more shutdown….

          Zooropa…vorsprung durch technik (a step ahead through technology)

          I prefer the heart tho…And “be all that you can be”… As our Mars in Virgo so clearly illustrates..

          Can you believe this song states “squeakly clean?”…That’s our confirmation Gem…. 😉

          • “squeaky”…but do love the lyrics to this song…Used to be a fave on the elliptical machine.

  24. Love the original song ‘Dirty Laundry’ by……… i forget who but Elvis Presley’s daughter…..i forget her name…..did a version of.
    Is dry cleaning the past the same as forgetting it? Or is it just low oestrogen 🙂

    • btw, prowln, was thinking, could it be that VH is jealous of returned Cap? From cozy platonic-but-attracted domestic duo to him-in-the-down-position-triangle?
      Virgo pass-agg (as in upped-focus-on-you-don’t-do-things-right-a-la-St Virgo-in-his-view) often masks a-sorrow-that-dare-not-speak-its-name, perhaps? Sure, if he hasn’t made a move, he has no right to be jealous, but then, Virgo, like the rest of us, is NOT rational when it comes to what he is attracted to….even if he isn’t sure he wants it as a partner.

      • That’s very canny of you! …. and yes I sense there’s a bit of jealousy going on there. He’s quite bitchy about the Prodigal Cap (heh – much better name that) at times. He’s deffo awkward around the subject too. Plus there’s – a vibe-that-shall-not-be-named going down.

        Probably why I’m compassionate about the nit-picking, despite its capacity to irritate the fuq out of one.

        But hey I decided before Cappy man returneth that VH was not for me. He’s a typical Virgo bachelor. Lovely person, a good man and very cute – but introverted, a bit of a wanderer and not very commited to the idea of relationships. He needs a woman who is into travelling like him. I reckon he’ll meet her when he starts studying nursing next year. 🙂

          • Yeah, give baby…

            ~Prodigal Cap~ 😆

            Me thinks what I read by Pegs is true and reason why she never married is that a man can’t be faithful to just one woman. (Sans our davey and a few others of course that I know)…

            Nothing to do with you and the Cap Prowls, just thinkin’ out load. And her advise takes loads off my Cap Moon. Presently, I’m now (by two years or so) been more single than I been married and the men that I’ve known have been, well, shit quite frankly…

            Just kidding… 😆

            • I hear you Sweetpea! I’ve been with the Katakan /toro rising for 4 months now and can honestly say I prefer being single. But gee the sex is good. I just can’t give it up just yet. My birthday’s coming uo and I want some b’day lovin’.

              I was doing something creative today and got such a buzz from it and thought, there’s nothing quite like being in that zone ya know? Relationships never make me feel that way. Well, definitely not this one. No danger of love zombie-ing here. Saturn transit in 10th – I have work to do!!

              • Oohhh, Saturn in the 10th. Can imagine the need for focus and drive all your own.

                I had Uranus in there for yonks and now Neptune on the MC…Yes, love will save the world and if it don’t Aries me will kill the fuqer…haha

                Yipes Scorpbot, just the other day was remembering what i told the Aqua when I’d been upset

                “I’m not in love with you”…

                Had to make things clear you see “ahem”…But really his behavior drove me to say such things as to protect myself..

                I could of loved the idiot but his ego dashed it from the get go..

                But bottom line, no, I DO have my own dreams and aspiratiions and a man has just never really, well, fit into that…

                ‘Cept in a universal non personal way…

          • 😆 you’re funny Calypso!! Yeah…. what vibe?!!! These enquiring astro minds need to know! 🙂

  25. Not a joke…but last night I went out a bought a super dooper new vaccum cleaner for the first time in 10 years… My triple Virgo hubby was absolutely obsessed… We blitzed the house. The way to a Virgo’s heart is obviously through cleaning equipment… ha ha

  26. yes, I LOVE washing clothes – by hand or machine – and will often do it as first act in a upswing state – i.e. gets me going and gives me a feeling of being in control. My ex the gourmand, used to make fun of the fact that I only ever bought cleaning products, no actual food – sun,merc,venus and pluto in virgo.

  27. Imagine a world ran by psychopaths? Thank you, but no.

    *Off topic * the exes are coming out of the woodwork and falling from the beams. I don’t care. I only want to eat bacon and do housework.

    I know a few Virgos and they like to eat as much as they like to organize.

    • Ahem, from the POV from a Queensland based Aussie with the very right-wing State Govt passing the most draconian laws ever seen in my lifetime – this small part of the world IS run by psychopaths. And it seems watching the news there are heaps of other government leaders who are psychopaths running amok out there!

      • agreed…don’t have to imagine it is run by psychopaths. Putting my blinders back on and getting back to my business. There’s only so much bs (bad news) I can handle in a day. But, the shutdown is now over.

  28. I have a 6th house Mercury, Chiron, Ceres and Sun, and I LOVE to do laundry! And dishes. I’m messy every other way, unfortunately.

    • ooooo, a front loader! I would wash everything in site. We have a top loader stackable in the condo where I live and it’s well, okay… :/

      Course Kataka stuffed his whole bedspread in there and the thing went ape, shimmying around the floor and water started seepin’ out the back side. I likened to murder him.

  29. well I just bought anew washing machine, so that is appropriate. I also love laundry – I only have Pluto in Virgo. I always put it down to being a water sign.

    Anyway, off topic. I am having the most amazing luck! Jobs, favourable responses to legal requests, and people just keep giving me stuff, it’s fantastic! Like, sure, you would like me to put oil in your car for you? It only took about a litre, so that’s fine! Don’t worry about it!

    I was reading it as being favourably placed in the ZZ, but the Sun just ran over my Jupe/Merc conjunction so perhaps it’s just Jupiter basking in the Sun 😀

  30. you should see this place! even the corners of the floors are clean and of course the smell is awesome..rose vetiver and lemon..
    delicious and clean
    this is livin’
    I love Mars in Virgo!

  31. Erm, doing the dirty laundry, yup.

    But, its not laundry laundry. Its psycho laundry. Relationship laundry. Career laundry. My Mars in Virgo is busy. And strangely feeling content with all this upheaval.

  32. Transit hit hard last weekend! Repercussions continuing to be felt … I am loving clothes on the line in the hot Australian sun. It’s quite novel for me – no Virgo whatsoever, apart from the usual house bit (sixth).