Hubble, Bubble Mars in Virgo

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Hubble,  bubble, toil, trouble and MARS IN VIRGO.

Yes Ladies, Gentlemen and Astro-Fiends – Mars in Virgo is going to be our studly escort through this Via Combusta (the Fiery Road) of a hectic Halloween/Eclipse Season/Zap Zone/Mercury Retro. The times are weirding out (we ain’t seen nothing yet) but the weird are more pro than ever.

Mars in Virgo bestows massive strength via details, nutrition & manners mastery. Nobody need see the gleaming sword.

Naturally, i am ON it with all this astro-schizz – Horoscopes & the Daily Mystic email will be giving you all you need to zap right along with the Zap Zone...F.Y.I. Uranus does not square (catalyze) Pluto in Capricorn exact till Nov 1. Then it’s the Eclipse in Scorpio on Saturn lol.

Note to self; Don’t run your finances like America. There is no use trying to dress/cover an uncleaned wound. Know your means. Time to turn on the Full Awesome.

Oh and any old ghosts that turn up with this Mercury Retro? Tell them to fuq off back toward the light. We have enough going on in THIS dimension without having to deal with any of that rot.  

It’s at about this point that the Muggles get that the Zap Zone does not mean some cyclical crap and then everything reverts to normal. Be nice to inspire the ones you feel have potential but ignore haters & Qi Vamps. If you’ve been slaving away at being authentic, autonomous and original since 2008 or 2010,  you are set to score bigtime rewards.

Stay organized, stay in your Awesome, stay relevant. Thoughts?

And: From 2012 – You Know You Have Mars In Virgo When…

Lady Dracula

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140 thoughts on “Hubble, Bubble Mars in Virgo

  1. Apparently today was a good day to start toilet training an autistic zap zone cappy boy. Wish I had been informed by the Kataka mother-in-law..

    While I have been preparing a detailed plan for this event with his therapists, she just starts because she felt like it.
    Afraid I got a bit snippy.
    And of course, she can’t be bothered with visual aids, using simple language, letting me discuss it with him…

    • Then she roasted side of organic beef to perfection for us.. with the plastic still on 😀 . Even her Virgo Moon can’t help her today, lol.

    • Well the moon is heading to be conjunct uranus in aries and there is the venus in sagittarius candour…Maybe that will sort out some mars neptune ambiguities quickly…

      I married a triple aries and my daughter is one…zero patience for any unessential confusion…And I have saturn in aries + north node karma…Likely to be some dramatic displays with mercury in shadow soon to be retrograde…But, life is not dull with aries action.

  2. Dragging my ass out into the freezing cold to train lil Bex now. Sweet girl didn’t sleep well either.
    I got a tex an hour ago asking if we could leave it for today
    said no honey, put on those gym clothes, eat some potage and get on that train.
    I could puke or pass out I’m so knackered but I’m eating my oatmeal and getting out that door. It’s about habits (almost wrote hobbits)))

  3. wow
    Congratulations Damons!
    Hey that totally rocks….
    Well done
    Awesome use of astro zap.
    We got this 🙂
    so proud astro homie 🙂

  4. Blue Moon you’re so awesome!
    I got published today!
    In print, not on-line, and paid!
    Northern Exposure Magazine (Byron Nth NSW)
    I just discovered William Lilly.


  5. I can’t sleep.
    Have to be up in 3 hours.
    Choose to be actually.
    Can’t /wont let Rebecca, my little pro bono case down, or my yoga and meditation practice.
    Is the first word of the title of this post really called “Hubbel?”
    great day at work.
    Money and fun,
    Being tired and getting the self pitying mails from HF put me on a bit of a downer, o, a lot but jeez even I’m getting boredof hearling myself say that.
    Have just said, in my reply (which took hours to write) really nicely but firmly. You are part of my past, not my future.
    You are married and we need, I need to let go.
    No blame, I took full responsibility but enough already darling.
    Thank you, really, thank you but gently and compassionately now it’s time to let it go.
    I HAVE to get bed…Now
    FAB £££ day
    Also I LOVED my job today.
    It just felt totally tantric and authentic and healing.
    Almost like it’s actually what I’m meant to be doing.
    I had such resistance to it this morning but, I gave and I received
    Like Buddhist Tantra Lilith 2013

  6. It seems as if I’m just being reintroduced to my ‘real’ self for the first time since low self-esteem, no self-confidence and self doubt took over my consciousness as a kid.

    The reasons why I wanted to do certain things with my life and made certain decisions is becoming clear and I’m realising the things that really gave me satisfaction and the things I did to try to become a ‘valid, interesting’ human being. This has lead me to realise that my current pursuits – what I do for a living mostly – are not in line with *who I am*, and I am prepping like mad to change it up big time. I’m doing practical groundwork now – in 12 months I know things are going to be verrrrry different. I’m already a world away from who I was this time 12 months ago.

    We are on the precipice, people – good things are on their way!

    • I read your posts and immediately I get a flash of Muhammad Ali “Sting like a bee Saggibee.”
      Yes I’ve felt that something good is just around the corner.
      Still trying to heal the wound left by expectations. The battle now is between doubt and do. Shifting from survive to thrive.

      • Haha, that’s pretty great, S! Maybe I should change my screen name? Or, at the very least, my avatar!

        I hear you completely – that doubt is very deeply embedded and it’s still trying to make me question everything about myself. It’s very hard not to listen to it and just sit still to try and feel ‘safe’… Safe is often a disguise for stagnant.

        I look back on the time between 2008 and now and feel like I’ve just been ‘surviving’… and looking to thrive in all the wrong places!

        Keep looking forward, S!

    • “It seems as if I’m just being reintroduced to my ‘real’ self for the first time since low self-esteem, no self-confidence and self doubt took over my consciousness as a kid.”

      wow. that is exactly what i’m feeling. i had a zap of this kind of amaze back in june-july and now it’s BACK ON. wow. so many possibilities are opening up, i’m rediscovering old passions and making new ones at lightning speed. this is such a special time x

  7. MM: f you’ve been slaving away at being authentic, autonomous and original since 2008 or 2010, you are set to score bigtime rewards.

    Me: What’s changed since 2008?
    To be totally authentic I have changed work, life and home. Shed the long-time partner, fell in love with an impossible (so of course nothing was possible), moved house, have had five employers (including a high-grade bone-marrow sucking vampire and a couple of low-grades). I have since last year very carefully laid strong foundation stones for the next stage of my life. Two teenagers are growing up well. I’m ready for anything, as long as it it Awesome. It feels as if I am on the stage and the curtains (red, velvet, with gold trim) are about to part. Hell yeah.

  8. Mystic, the atmosphere is potent. Eyes hurt. cause I can see.I can read energies with 99% accuracy. Unfortunately (outside world not inside safe forum) the majority I encounter are full of bullshit. Lie after lie after lie. I feel a shift. Grifters. Pirates. Thieves. Not good. How to realign them with Goddess power?

  9. Having just read the scopes for Thursday I have written in bold letters in my desk diary
    Watch for Synchronicity
    Wait for Temper to cool down if needs be
    Wit for those light hearted moments

    As to gaining after all the authentic and autonomous since 2008, oh lordy bring it on. I have be doing to the work, being me, utterly honest. I’ve lost so much in all this pruning and I do hope now is the season when the buds appear and I am running into a bumper harvest.

    • Same here, except I’d clock my revolution evolution as beginning in 2006; definitely New Years Day 2007 was pivotal… If I tried to get any more authentic I’d have to start making shit up– & that’s not authentic! So here I am, for years, & no bumper crop yet. Lots of cosmic tv dinners instead.

      I do hope your big harvest haul is right around the corner, emg! Goddess bless us every one.

    • 12th house……
      same same but my moving day is Nov 2. And really, my roughness began 2007.

      This is not my beautiful life….

      • Perhaps its here now. It’s been rough. When I look back, I’m afraid of what I’ve already been through. Glad it’s done now.

  10. I’ve had a mixed fortune sort of a day but fuqing loving this Mars in Virgo bizz… back kick boxing after 2 week anaemia recovery break, got heaps of shit done, felt accomplished for first time in weeks.

    On the downside, got woken up at some ungodly hour of the morning, and later more bad luck when afternoon plans for sexy time deep and meaningful conversation with hot stud were rudely interrupted by neighbour banging on every door and window and yelling out my name to tell me something that really could have waited (I shouldn’t have answered the fuqing door, but she had already MURDERED the magic of the moment). The oracle tells me our next encounter will be HOT-AS… damn fuqing straight it will be.

      • Oh, it feels beyond fabulous but I don’t know if it is really fabulous or if the universe is just handing me enough rope to hang myself with (Zap Zone paranoia), time will tell…

        He is Gem/Aries/? We are quite the odd couple (especially the age difference) but his Venus in Taurus trine Neptune in Cappy, so I get his Venus trining my Venus and his Neptune conjunct on my Venus plus his Mars opposing, and his Pluto sextiling my Venus at the same time – this probably makes us Love Zombies to some degree, but this chemistry just wont fuqing die…

        • Wow!! I am so happy for you Sat Cat!
          The frisson of not knowing what this ZZ will bring can be exciting, appropriate to the times!

          He sounds lovely, I love Gem/Aries and Venus in Taurus sounds ..godly.
          Go girl!

          • I’m just going for broke and trying to enjoy it for what it is.

            For me it’s not really risky, we’ve been involved for over 5 years and I only (reluctantly) ended it because of other life shizz taking my attention I was planning to move anyway, it just didn’t seem worth it. We cut and then completely lost contact for over a year and he got in touch out of the blue the day Saturn moved off my Moon (and his Pluto) and now it’s all back on…

            My ZZ paranoia is more that life has been non-stop struggle for the past few years so when things actually go well, in the back of my mind I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

            It seems like I’m having too much fun while the rest of the world is falling apart so I’m a bit suss…

  11. I’ve got four natal planets in Virgo (Venus, Sun, Mars, Mercury) and am looking forward to the boost Mars gives each of them! Starting with Venus at 13. Planning on making the most of this Virgo Mars and being super productive and focusing a ton on work. I am so looking forward to it!!

      • ‘If you’ve been slaving away at being authentic, autonomous and original since 2008 or 2010, you are set to score bigtime rewards.’

        I have been through massive life changes, esp in the year leading up to my 2009 divorce, those harsh months, and the rebuilding since [28 year marriage]. Financially devastating, eventual really tough social and professional, betrayals. I felt as though I gazed upon evil and barely survived; have worked to resolve all of it. Strange fallout but mostly life is better. Everything is different, yet in a sense the same since I am able to live from integrity without constantly pushing back against deep manipulation and a sense of chaos or hidden strategizing [he is Scorpio].

        ‘The times are weirding out (we ain’t seen nothing yet) but the weird are more pro than ever.’

        Intense beauty happening, yet I’m dismayed that I said something different from what I intended last night. Two amazing sharing opportunities; but, hesitation and stumbled with my words.
        This feeling followed the best concert I may have ever attended, Idan Raichel Project [recommended!]. Inconceivable other-worldly Israeli/world talent, energy, virtuosity, no-holding-back band. If these people are expressing themselves during the ‘zap zone’ like this, then they have truly found their essence and their way. Such courage and depth, vibrant. Bittersweet also, since ‘their creative expression’ and sheer energy and passion brought up for me the important loves and heartbreak . . . also, unresolved grief. Yet, the sense that the pain was worth having had those times and connnections. I’ve heard that we must ‘break our hearts wide open over and over again, risking toward an open heart’.

        So, a wild and classy event in the arts, followed by this Gemini with frozen words. I felt it happening(!), hesitancy to speak and saying something completely different.

        My fear is that both of these statements of Mystic’s are true of me! Scary.

        • Your whole comment has just rung very true with this Cancer. Divorce 09 after some 27 years of marriage albeit two of them. And radical betrayals over the past couple of years. All culminating right now, so much going on that I just wait each day to see what happens. And knowing that I have been broken open and I have seen myself honestly. And knowing that I can no longer be put back in that box! Scary as…

          • totally resonates for me too, although less years of marriage to report. I even had a little moment where unresolved grief rose yesterday, and a release.

            Thanks both of you for sharing xx

  12. just spent my first official paycheck in > 2 years on a whopping parking fine where I didn’t even realise i was in the wrong. fuq yeah. love my life. #pisces

    • re reading the scopes but the pisces $$ advice sort of is not applicable? since nothing’s actually going on in my 2nd house [which is what i am assuming the scopes are looking at for pisces, ie Aries eclipse]. regardless, my response to $$ is work 3 jobs [and give the money to the government, immediately CUE BITTER, SELF-RECRIMINATING LAUGHTER] ah fuq it.

      • AHHHH no, the $$$ advice is not due to anything in the houses – i try not to use the houses so much, for various reasons. It is because of MARS opposite Neptune…Also Venus Uranus

        • Also re money to the government – my accountant is Gemini – he advised me to THINK OF THE FIREMEN.

          Works a treat. See it as your contribution to the firemen (or women) and not as some slimy politicans Verdelho fund or you will so quickly mental.

        • ah, thank you mystic. I will pay more attn to pisces scopes if that’s the case.

          thinking of the firemen, now that’s an option. xx

    • Ffs, right?! Cheezus that sucks so hard, Pi. Sorry :/

      This has been the story of my life for years: just enough to get by. I slog & slog, fight to stay positive & patient, keep my eye on the prize blah blah all that– & when a step ahead appears, so does two steps back! It’s like the universe has me on strict rations. For many years.

      This full moon eclipse is happening 2 degrees into my 2nd house. Of course I have big hopes, but it’s sobering to know the way this typically goes.

      I’m Pisces AC-Jup @ 6 degrees, & 1st house runs all the way to 23 d Aries; my 7th house is the same, early Virgo to late Libra, with DC-Persephone. That Mars is marching into my 7th house, well, let’s just say I smell a battle brewing… and money will be involved, as per the full moon eclipse. More cosmic rations coming? Probably.

      So if that’s all there is Pi, then let’s keep dancing! Let’s break out the booze & have a ball. Whatever booze we can scrape together. We can pour it all together, add an orange, & call it sangria. 😛

      • well if there’s anyone who sounds like a good sangria buddy under these circumstances (or any others!), it’s you Scorp inc! thank you for sharing the way that you’ve had to deal with these kinds of setbacks – it must be incredibly frustrating for you.. Hopefully your personal cosmos realises that lean times are over and it can now work on those wonky parts of your own personal $ infrastructure. hope that big mars 7th house transit means good things. XOX

  13. Life is pretty amazing right now. Not sure whether it has all that much to do with me being particularly awesome (probably just damn lucky), although yes – I have worked hard over the past couple of years to deal with my shite on all levels mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

    Triple Cap, as he shall now be known, is totally spinning me out. It’s like he buggered off, underwent a complete personality change and came back having made the decision that I’m the girl for him. He’s completely matter of fact about it – just says stuff point blank like “you’re the woman I want to go on the journey of having a relationship with, no matter how hard it may be at times or the ups and downs. You’re worth the effort. And I’ll wait as long as you need to make up your mind.” Who says that?????? I’ve never had any guy say stuff like that. More like they’d rather chew off their own testicles than commit … bizarre, fantastic, but bizarre. His kissing technique has also improved by about 1000%.

    The Mars/Venus retro shennanigans happens in my 5th, 7th and 8th houses and his 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th houses. Wonder what THAT’s all about? :mrgreen:

      • Sun and venus – both conjunct in cap. Plus scorpio moon. He’s pretty intense – but in a good “I know what I want and I’m prepared to do what it takes to get it” kinda way. I’m fuqing loving it! 😯

        and yes I do find him pretty damn hot. 😉

        • Is he definitely a dog in Chinese astro? (January babies use the sign of the year before due to Chinese New Year being in February)

          I’ve got a weird feeling he’s my astro twin, or almost my astro twin (I’ve said before that I hope he isn’t but the prospect of being his astro twin doesn’t seem so bad now he’s been promoted from drop Cap to triple Cap.)

          • Well that would make him a Rooster – though I am not that big on Chinese astro. Have not found it to resonate much? …

            … maybe coz it would make me a crabby pig!! Not very flattering.

            So he’s a Cap sun, venus, merc with scorp moon and pisces mars. I’m pretty sure his asc is Taurus.

            And yeah he has improved somewhat dramatically – much gentler, kinder but direct and to the point. LOVE it.

            • You’ve got a male version of moi after you 😯


              Just kidding, he’s probably fuqing awesome 😀

              • To date he IS pretty fuqing awesome! 😀

                So, since you’re each other’s dopplegangers, maybe you can give me some intel. When you’ve made a decision and decided on something – is that IT. Or are you prone to wafty wafty decisions?

                • Oh, I’m terrible and wafty wafty about making decisions in the first place, but once I’ve made up my mind for sure, that’s pretty much it. (Unless something arises to show me I’ve made a fuqed up decision.)

              • P.S. I am not big on Chinese astro, all I know is that it’s far more accurate if you do the whole chart. I started trying to teach myself but my brain wants to curl up and die when I read about such foreign astrological concepts as stems and branches so I’m leaving well alone…

      • If either of my cap ex’s come near me, I morph into dragon lady. Then I smudge my space with a Qi Vamp B Gone sage bundle. It’s been awhile, so I guess it works.

    • So glad Triple Cap earned a new name 🙂

      The Pisces is Cap-rising and I’m having a similar experience in that no one has ever talked to me the way he does or shown such dedication and commitment. Go Capricorns!

    • Here’s some further intel for you to ponder… doppleganger boy aka TCap may also experience being pulled two ways when it comes to relationships… Venus square Uranus makes me want to run for the hills at even the slightest hint of suffocation/threat to freedom, but Venus trine Saturn wants a solid and practical bond (but not with just anyone). Maybe that’s what he was processing when he freaked out and went drop cap on you…

      Also, around the same time he decided he wanted you, I was regretting ending my long term fling and started trying to track him down (just to be friends because I’ve moved and long distance seemed too unreal for me) only to find he had apparently vanished. But just over a week ago when I asked the oracle if he ever thinks of me, it said we would reunite and he emailed me his new contact deets the next day. The day after that I got in touch and it’s been back ON ever since.

      If he’s anything like me, he wouldn’t take any of what he said to you lightly (unless he’s got some sort of cassanova type ascendant or is a very clever psychopath and has figured that’s exactly what you want to hear)…

      Hope some of that helps! x

  14. What a rally call Myst 🙂
    Feel like stirring a large pot!
    Getting my Bitch on and wanting to strangle the Demented Virgo Neighbour. Murder. It has a sighing sound when murmured and drawn out slowly.
    He threw a hissy fit and it echoed through my apartment, spat the dummy over a trifle (his bin being a different place than usual), called me a bitch
    as he walked pass my window (unknown to him, i heard it).
    Broke a 2 years silence and telephoned him, asked him stop the name calling, slamming doors and stomping down passage way and HE DENIED IT!
    Guess i named him the DVN because his words and actions ARE. Sadly, it was quite scary for me, the aggression, showed a bad temper and/or high stress oozing from him that affects me, having only a wall dividing us, when it should really be a suburb.

    No swords huh? Of course we all know the pen is mightier.

    Yoga Ranch Sur Le Plage, where the Wallaby’s piss, beckoned for a weekend in November. At last, my ‘get outta town pass’, said ‘yes’ faster than quick.
    ‘Where the wallaby’s piss’ is it’s aboriginal name, probably coz of the dunes 🙂

    • God Virgo’s are so fuqing annoying when they nark off on a bender about some pointless detail aren’t they? The VH has been shitting me to tears with all his rules and regulations surrounding correct rinsing of the dishes, correct usage of the laundry basket, correct cleaning of the wok blah blah blah. I soooo want to give him a good slap at the mo …. totally hear you re murdering your neighbour!

        • It’s not all bad – he let’s me take the piss out of him in good humour at least. The other day I said “hey X, I think I’m going to have to rename you The Elephant Man” … he responded with that guileless, innocent Virgo-face and a “why’s that?”. I said “because when you blow your nose in the morning, that’s exactly what you sound like – an elephant!” … accompanied by a fit of crab giggling. Kitty got the joke, he scares the shit out of her in the morning too with his trumpet like nose blowing routine. 😀

        • 12th, my first boyfriend at a tender age was a Virgo, together for years.
          We are still friends but different states.
          Such a relaxed person, nothing fazed him.
          DVN hates women as a misogynist gay man in his mid 60’s who jumped the fence after 12 years of marriage & 2 children, evaded child support by deliberatley not working so no money could be allocated.
          This is not about sun sign, Lovely, it’s about life experiences twisting the psyche.
          YOU and the Vees here are medal worthy.

          • That is very kind of you to note, but I still wouldn’t date a Virgo, lol! I’m too much of one myself, and, like all Virgos, I am not a typical Virgo 😉

            • ‘And, like all virgos, I am not a typical Virgo’

              Just wanted to say that was so clever and witty of you. It appeals to my Libran sensitivities.

              Reminds me of what Johnny depp said: Me, I’m dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. Honestly, it’s the honest ones you have to watch out for.

            • Well you know nothing is worse than a Piscean in a snit or temper, either. I remind myself of that when i think i’m having any kind of anti-sign moment. I will admit to being M—-oooo—-d—-y, and un..ahem…reliable only of course i like to call it Mutable.

              Good channelling of any sign is GOOD. And Haute Vierge is brilliant!

      • Oh sorry for the tongue-in-cheek laundry basket response, then, since you’re getting it for reals. Yes, there is a sourfaced cranky haughty biotch at my current workplace as well, stomps about the office throwing her weight about to express her..whatever the problem is. Turned out it was her birthday early last month.

        • Don’t be sorry!!! It was fuqing hilarious … especially the bit about “blessing the washing” …. heh. I’m using that next time he craps on about my unorthodox clothes washing technique – accompanied by a big smirk! 😉

      • Don’t put up with that crap or it will only get worse and worse. Just sweetly say “I am happy for you to redo it to your own satisfaction”. After a few dozen times he will eventually get the message.

      • Hey Prowin That’s how it feels to live in my head.
        Sun, mars & merc in Virgo
        Moon, Neptune and Jupiter rising in sag.
        My “head fuqs” sound like your domestic situ.
        At least you can move 🙂

        Maybe I can get an astro lobe lobotomy?
        Sort of

    • hey maybe mirrors facing the walls and a bit o’ black candle burning / banishing action? something to contain that shite away from you… sounds terrible to be a neighbour to. :\

    • Sweetie if Chez Pegasus is haunted to the point of requiring Beethoven on steroids & there are low frequency neighborinos to boot, could it be a hint by Cedric to keep one’s eyeballs peeled to the possibility of 4th House action? Like, how are yr transits to such areas of yr chart at the mo? 🙂

    • Sweetie if Chez Pegasus is haunted to the point of requiring Beethoven on steroids & there are low frequency neighborinos to boot, could it be a hint by Cedric to keep one’s eyeballs peeled to the possibility of 4th House action? Like, how are transits to such areas of yr chart looking at the mo? 🙂

      • Andromeda, just checked 4th house and yes, Uranus in Aries.
        Whatever pointed this out to me when DVN’s faghag friend hit me in the face 2 years ago!
        Yes it’s all been seething away since then and da sum, it was about the bins, again.
        What garbage 🙂
        And another yes to playing classical music when i hear him to soothe the atmosphere and ‘music of the spheres’.
        The unpredictability of Uranus.
        (from another natal Mars in Virgo dealing with the Scorpionic Mars of DVN).

        • You wouldn’t consider taking a ride on Uranus’s coat tails and finding a place more conducive to flying horses? Moving can be so relaxing!

  15. I seriously woke up excited about creating a list in my first day off in 15 days and wanting to do some boxing training. Happy Birthday Mars 0 Virgo

  16. well, I’m sitting on a committee atm and our previous meetings have definitely featured ego….today, despite tech hiccups we all rolled up our sleeves and got fuqloads done. felt great!

  17. Yessssssssss!! I have natal Mars in Virgo, so this is my time to shine (and organise). Last time Mars was in Virgo I achieved more admin-wise than I have in my entire life. I see taxes, de-cluttering, and a rampant addiction to work ahead.

  18. “If you’ve been slaving away at being authentic, autonomous and original since 2008 or 2010…”

    oh yeah. of fuq yeah. The last few months I’ve fiercely thrown out clothes, makeup, gadgets. Compulsive items meant to make me feel better, change my life. I gave the voice in my head a pair of balls I could kick in when it would whine, “but you paid all that money…” THWUMP. Yes, shame about that but lesson learned. Streamlining to the essentials.

  19. Love the image!!!! And, Ok then, here are the notes from my ongoing daily astro-life journal about all this..

    Meanwhile it’s now 5.49pm.. & here I am also having just finished reading this latest blog on the transit of Mars in Virgo, that’s my natal Mars, who sits’ alongside my natal Uranus-Mars in virgo.. And, all this as Mystic says, yes, leading up to Halloween, along with the upcoming Lunar Eclipse, in Aries.. along with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. And, all this too with an video image for this blog of three witches stirring a cauldron.. Awesome.. And, all this too with my just getting off the phone to my sister Ange talking about all this stuff about Spirit & Soul etc et al.. And, she’s a fellow 9th house Moon like me.. And, used to work as a Tarot card reader/psychic etc.. And, of course, the meaning of life being, personal authenticity, beyond all the familial & Societal gilt tripping etc et al….. And, all this while also just talking about my reading & learning a lot about the life’s work of revolutionary psychologist & philosopher James Hillman, author of Re-Visioning Psychology, & The Souls Code & many other seminal books on the absolute Divinity & mystery of the Soul that lives within us all.. While I also once again turn to note the symbols for the Ascendant at this time, beginning at *3degAri.. THE CAMEO PROFILE OF A MAN, SUGGESTING THE SHAPE OF HIS COUNTRY.. The sustaining power of the Whole, as the individual identifies themselves with Its life.. While also moving towards the next degree, at *4degAri.. TWO LOVERS STROLLING ON A SECLUDED WALK.. The progressive polarisation of energies needed for fulfilling one’s life function….

    And, here the link to Hillman’s book ‘The Soul’s Code’.. at

    Some call it” genius”. Others have named it “spirit”, “daimon”, and even “guardian angel”. But while philosophers and psychologists from Plato to Jung emphasized the fundamental essence of our individuality, our modern culture refuses to accept that a unique, formed soul is within us from birth, shaping as much as it is shaped.

    The Soul’s Code
    Now in this extraordinary bestseller, James Hillman presents a brilliant new vision of our selves not defined by family relationships or the mentality of victimization. Drawing on the biographies of such disparate people as Ella Fitzgerald and Mohandas K. Gandhi, James Hillman argues that character is fate and shows how the soul, if given the opportunity, can assert itself even at an early age. The result is a reasoned and powerful road map to understanding our true nature and discovering an eye-opening array of choices — from the way we raise our children to our career paths to our social and personal commitments to achieving excellence in our time.

    **All this with *the Aries Ascendant.. in my 11th house.. closely square *the Capricorn MC along with my *Sol-Arc Neptune in Capricorn.. in my 9th house.. while all also closely semi-sextile & trine the midpoint of my *Sol-Arc Saturn in Taurus & *the Taurus Sth Node along with my *Sol-Arc Ceres-Chiron in Taurus.. in my 1st house.. while all also closely semi-sextile & sextile *Neptune® in Pisces.. in my 10th house.. while all also closely opposing.. square & forming a ‘Yod’ with my *prog Mars in Libra.. conjunct my 6th house cusp.. while all also closely sextile.. semi-sextile.. square & trine my natal Aquarian MC.. while…. meanwhile *the Pisces Moon along with the midpoint of my *prog Saturn(r) in Pisces & my *prog Pisces MC.. in my 11th house.. both also clsoely trine *Jupiter in Cancer along with the midpoint of my *Sol-Arc Sun in Cancer, & Lilith in Cancer along with my *Sol-Arc Jupiter in Cancer.. in my 3rd house.. while all also forming a ‘grand water trine’ with my natal Neptune(r) in Scorpio.. in my 7th house!!!!

  20. Mars is conjunct my 0º natal Mars in Virgo.

    Was just thinking this morning how my Mars in Virgo (trine Cap Asc) always notices the flaws and tries to fix, improve and makes things better. Which conflicts with Katakan’s toro rising and weak Mars in Crab “why can’t we just enjoy what we have?” or “this will do” mentality. *sigh* Always dissatisfied. Especially with a Prog moon in Virgo. 🙁

    Left my full time job back in 2008. It’s been non-stop growth ever since.
    Not surprised the various attempts at work / vocation failed. They weren’t authentic. The failures were a blessing in disguise because they put me on a new path. A path that was just a dream but with Saturn transiting my 10th I finally feel it can work and that all the planets are aligned. 🙂 It feels right and that I have no choice but to do it.

    “Respond to every call that excites your spirit” – Rumi Love that quote from the Daily’s Mystic. 😀

  21. Could the US meltdown also be mercury retro at its best. The divisions of the civil war 150 years ago never resolved and the currnet standoff feels a little north v south. Maybe it’s time to clean and heal that wound once and for all!

    Just a thought

  22. I consulted the Oracle last night re biz career stuff, it said, fuq em, the shortest prayer in the world, I’ve been praying all day : )

  23. Mars is sitting on my natal venus 0* Virgo. Hmmmm…..Not sure what that means for me. Relationship is stable, especially for me. He’s the one. Have gotten into the long term feeling of it all, which is great and in some ways a come down from the passionate excitement of the beginning.

    Money is coming in for us both!!! Working on home improvements, a tiny bit at a time, but I love it.

    Mars in virgo….I have been feeling the need to clean up my diet again, which is pretty darn amazing. But I am a celiac, undiagnosed for 22 years, gluten free for almost 6. I need to go allergen free again, like 2 years ago, quit drinking so much, exercise again. I do walk, rarely eat candy or junk food, but I am feeling drained and getting sick too much. I am just sensitive….

  24. I’m 99% sure my new client today was Virgo. She was so pleased with what i was achieved int he time frame i gave her, that she kissed and hugged me…And made me give her all the dates i could make till the end of the year.

    99% of the job was pruning…circles circles and more circlular trees.. The only way to get through was to pretend all the plants were Libran (they like to be groomed right).

    Oh and Mystic and Mystic-ifiers .. That book you asked about The Lumuniaries .. Most excellent, Gem/Aqua Rising/Sag sister got on her kindle in Greece, i picked up at airport on the way to 100kms east of Alice Springs…Love love love it, and she’s just been award the Booker prize, youngest (28) to win it ever.


    12 men in a room, we know the solar sign for each of them, great fun to read, chapters tell current astro – ie Merc in Sagg…Good clean mysterious fun. xx Blessings Saucy Minx’s

    • WOW! So cool! I really feel like there is a new strength emerging in women and girls world wide….the worms are turning

      Yep defo want to get a copy – one of of my sisters used to work for Mary Ryan’s and I had proof copies on tap …. Ready to fork out for this one though

    • Sounds like a great read, I read an short extract and my first thoughts were that it seems like a mix between a Libras thoughts (over explanatory but insightful) and a virgos thoughts (a tedious attention to practical details).

      The libra in me is fascinated by the libra parts (uniquely expressed and structured, analysis and discovery of people, and layered facts of mysteries that are tied up in the end). Her writing style is similar to my thoughts which is refined. however, I dread the Virgo parts, the tedious descriptions, the practical concerns and worries, hurry up and get to the ideological aspects of life!

      So my instinct was spot on, the author is a libra with venus and mars in Virgo so it really is relevant to this post. The poor girl must be on an OCD loop in her head all the time hanging on to the details of her characters and plot lines with that much Virgo in her.

      Go Libra women!

      • Hi Pure Libra,
        I’m half way through, and as Aries in Merc, i can’t stand ”dribble”(over descriptions) I glaze over and fast forward if that happens. It hasn’t happened once during this read. I am greatful for the Virgoness of the Chart and Lists at the front of book to help remind me who is who.
        Apparently for the year prior to even starting the book, Ms Cotton read only stories from that time in New Zealand, to get the correct ”feel”.

        The Greenstone Hunter is my fav so far … (Aires too so bias possibly!), yesterday a ”Specialist” popped over to discuss my Aquanaut. She is of Maori descent erself and was wearing a whopping great greenstone ”hook”, she is Virgo, and from a long line of ‘”Administrators” ! She is form the Greenstone area of the South Island and shared some Mythology and also a discussion on the difference between L-O-R-E and L-A-W. Goddess Bless those Virogs- I am currently surrounded by them (and a couple of haute scorps) and having the time of my life with ”Insider Knowledge!” …

  25. You have been so on the “money” I am doing the quick changes re defunct workplaces since 2012 and am working on my own cool thing with my trusted sister….I am staying true to myself and feel quite ready to face the soon to be ex calmly on Saturday (I know!) to take away the last of my things and pick up the divorce papers this is the end of that era – am zap zone compliant!

    • Good work, DH! I am on a similar road w my soon to be ex. The first of the financial negotiations happens this arvo. Hoping to channel Mars in Virgo (which I have natally in 2nd). Not looking forward to it but it means I am very close to being able to kiss goodbye to him/that phase of life forever.

      • Been there.
        Stand strong.
        Question every bit of bullshit thrown at you.
        Make “You have no power over me” your mantra. [Labyrinth}
        Good luck.

        • Thankyou, I am determined to do this differently to the way I behaved in the relationship. IE I’m standing up for my own interests and not being intimidated. I have an excellent lawyer looking out for me, which helps. x

          • That’s great advice from Aquarianne.

            I hope it went well Chrys.

            Remember, giving things away to smooth the waters never works.

            Best to you x

            • Thanks C. I wish I’d heeded this advice 15 years ago because I never would have married him.
              Turns out he’s being quite cooperative – because he’s already seeing someone else. If that works in my favour, then great.

        • I loved Labyrinth and saw it seven times when little!!
          I often repeat that mantra when i’m scared of people / things….

          Nice one!

      • Thanks love! Yes good luck to you and your mars in virgo, realised the other day mars was in virgo when I needed the guts to leave him so am also glad to have it around again when I need some guts again…you have no power over me alright!

  26. Definitely cranking the life changes since 2010. Never know if I am doing enough, so … Let’s see if any of those seeds I’ve scattered have fallen on fertile soil (No biblical references intended haha).

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