Sixties Style Icon Turned Astrology Author

Francoise Hardy

The Sixties Super-Style Icon and musician Francoise Hardy is a fantastic example of Capricorn fashion. It’s not just the cheekbones. She’s endured through time, has enviable composure and the archetypal Sea Goat mordant humor.

Often confused with her Sagittarius peer Jane Birkin, she was the iconic Sixties It-Girl, Musician and Style Queen. These days, she is an astrologer!  I love this segue.

She discovered it at around the time of her first Saturn Return, became immediately besotted (as you do) and wound up writing a whole series of books on it.


Her astro: Sun in Capricorn – note how BRILLIANTLY those Cap cheekbones stand up to time. Capricorn Fashion sense is also automatically timeless. They instinctively know when to evolve and when to resist a trend. And, they look better with age. She has Pluto conjunct the North Node in Leo, the indicator of people who are emblematic of their generation’s culture and ideals. Her Saturn is in the 10th house, always an asset for longevity in the public eye. She also is Virgo Rising, the ultimate in chic.  Her site is here.  

Francoise Hardy Astrology Book 1



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My goodness, those cheekbones! She is my favorite kind of beauty — such soulful eyes, too! I’m trying to figure out my own connection or draw to Caps. My two best friends in college were both Caps (one I still consider my best friend — she was my maid of honor three years ago — and the other, sadly, passed while we were roommates in college, most traumatic experience of my life finding her in our apartment, adding to the loss.) My connection with both women has been/is/was pretty intense and profound. The only Cap I have in my chart… Read more »


She has always been an inspiration to me, but did not know of the astro connection. Funny, I was looking at photos of her the other day and I made a note in my journal of how she became so wizened by the time she reached 30, but she never gave a fuq and kept doing her thing better than ever. And she is one of the most beautiful and graceful aging women in the public eye anywhere. I have mad respect for her and very happy to know she’s into astro. Her voice is a dream.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Love this! I’d love to read her books, wonder if there are English translations?


Capricorns: Perfecting the art of aging backwards, forever.


LOVE her eyebrows in the recent picture! Excited to find a Cap sun astrologer – the Cap seems to be written by, like, magazine-astrologers as some kind of weird, conservative manager type with alien desires/concerns that made me think I couldn’t possibly be one. When I was a kid my mom bought me an illustrated book on each sign that had a story of Capricorn as the sea/mer-goat, which satisfied my Pisces moon-feelings, years before I even found out about moon signs. (Hopes for some ‘Capricorn cheekbones’ eventually? I talked to an aesthetician the other day who said hers came… Read more »


Yes! they come in. once you balance your diet permanently, get ready for seriously defined structure.
Mine hit at 18. Get ready for stares.

Also- Caps are the Capricious ones of the zodiac. Just because we know what needs to get done to get ahead (by sitting back and watching examples around us) does not mean we don’t know what fun is.


Channeling Warhol? Beeeutiful!! I love all the pro-aging inspiration on this site!!


Damn! She kicks ass! Love her hair and her leather jacket.


I remember Liz Greene banging on about how Earth signs were the least likely to accept astrology, being so “practical” (read: boring). Thought it was totally bollocks. If my memory serves, the most successful traditional astrologers of yore turned out to be Cappies or Taureans.

Put me off Liz Greene, totally.


liz greene is a virgo!

but after a run-through of famous astrologers I wasn’t able to find any earthy ones… examples??


Charles E.O.Carter, Noel Tyl, Stephen Forest… a few Cappy astrologers for starters. (I’m not famous but earned a full time living as an astrologer at one stage, and my first mentor was a Taurean)

Liz Greene can go suck it. I lost any respect I might have had for her as an astrologer when I read her dark ages theory on autism (which goes something along the lines that the autistic child withdraws because the parents are too horrific to deal with…).


Help me, Obi-Wan KenOracle. You’re my only hope.


Funny. I’m cap rising. I also – and quite suddenly – became totally and completely immersed in astrology around my Saturn return. I bought, read, outlined, and diligently studied so many books, they actually take up and entire closet in my house. Ha.


Love her. One of my favs.


I think I’ve just discovered a hairstyle option for when I am no longer suited to “unruly mop” …


A slightly unruly mop? 🙂


yes. There are limits to my tolerance of hair-styling products and apparatus.


also, the french are masters of studied disarray. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Either way, I can definitely work with that. I just have to go more ‘studied’ … less ‘disarray’ 😀 maybe.


Am a fan of the ‘hairspray & crunch’ method. I really have no interest if it falls flat 5 mins later. I made my effort for the day. 😀




What d’you have in Leo, babe? Speaking as Leo rising I can confidently say there is no such thing as too much product lol


ahahaha SATURN my friend xx Also Venus in “this is WAY too complicated” Aries


also I have very fine hair and a proclivity for sleeping in, so product (a) makes my hair look like i’ve just rolled in glue and/or oil, and (b) takes way too long to apply and style etc. possibly with the singular exception of a mousse I used to use which gave me faaaaaabulous silken-but-volume hair when I blow-dried it (which was about 5 times a year, so the mousse lasted like, 12 years i kid you not)


My hairspray is older than my 3.5 year old. 😀


lol your mousse outlasted my marriage 🙂


That mousse outlasted both of my marriages combined, lol.


Bones don’t drop.


Actually facial bone structure can and does change as we age, long term it’s particularly aging to the face if you don’t look after your teeth. x

#channelingsaturn #lookafteryourteetheveryone

Domestic Triffid

When I grow up I want to be Frenchwoman of a certain age. I’m deffo going to Paris to die.


I think the parisians might prefer it if you go to Paris to LIVE 🙂 xxx

Domestic Triffid

Nah. Too cold ! I’m going to be doing my living in Italy and greece. Possibly Spain… And I’d like to visit Turkey and Morocco.

I shall move to Paris when I am old and clapped out and spend the lastfew years of my life being prescribed spa retreats and tranquilizers on the public purse 😀


Being that Paris is essentially a museum/mausoleum this sounds sensible to me.


Remember the 2 Francois from that era, the other was Dorleac (Deneuve’s sister who died in an accident).
**sigh***those Frenchwomen with combined beauty plus intelligence so do have cache.


Holy shit she not only “aged beautifully” but is actually possibly more beautiful older and with white hair. This moon in Libra is in awe & has a new beauty aspiration, haha.

catfish moon



…those eyes, those eyebrows, that hair!




… and that jacket!




but…that pigeon!



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