Cancerian Bedwomb Exhibit A

Tracey Emin My Bed

Saatchi Contemporary Art Collection – My Bed – Tracey Emin

Love, passion and loss. To live broken-hearted for many feels like a living death. I really do think that some people feel things more than other people. I also believe that there is a hierarchy of emotions.


I fell in love with the paintings of Edvard Munch, because he made a painting called Jealousy that was about himself. I thought it was an incredibly open, self-effacing and defiant thing for a man in the early 20th century to do. By openly displaying his weakness it empowered him and gave him strength.


Drunkenly I walked along the sea front, past the neon, round to the harbour wall. I remember thinking of my childhood at the time, some of my happier times: catching crabs on a hook and line, and a piece of bread for bait; being chased by Tubby, the fat harbour master and hurling ourselves off the end of the jetty wall – we could then swim to the other side of the harbour in fits of giggles as we saw his perspiring, round shape breathlessly wobbling with his attempt to catch us. Now I walked along the jetty; with my clothes on I threw myself into the blackened night sea. As I felt myself go beneath the water I could then feel my feet touch the sand. I bounced back up like a piece of cork. If I wanted to die, I realised I would have to swim out to sea. It was then that I felt stupid and lonely.


I love my passion for life, the ups and the downs. Sometimes they come from outside, and other times they just manifest themselves within me. But today’s sadness is from the outside. And there’s nothing I can do about it apart from try and understand life and its complexities. I know that it always rains on the other side of the mountain.


Today I am like a beauty queen. I want to make the world a better place but I don’t want to travel and speak other languages. I just want to lay in bed and delegate. I want to be in control, or at least take control.

Tracey Emin Studio

Tracey Emin contemporary sculpture

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31 thoughts on “Cancerian Bedwomb Exhibit A

  1. “To live broken-hearted for many feels like a living death.” Yes it does. And you just never know how long the dying will take to stop.

  2. im only a pisces with a cancer mars, but man, I have to sleep in way too much, other people party like every day, I think I can only manage, like, every other weekend, weekends are for laying in bed all day, not doing things, yuck

  3. This Kataka sun and saturn thinks the top photo is gross. NO TRASH EVER.
    Thank you virgo rising.

    But the bottom. I have sent love,prayers, hugs, energy healing to my past self. There are times I barely made it. On rare occasions I felt the energy coming from the future, so I knew I would survive. Thank you future selves for not giving up on me either.

  4. This bed is ugly as all fuq. Both in terms of a practical sleeping object and a piece of art. Can’t stand Tracey Emin. Wot a load of wank!

    • You never need a follow up prowlers,


      I apologise for following up.

      Saw it in Adelaide Art Gallery,

      Same Same, but i endured and was edumacated

      As art, don’t care for it myself

  5. Ha ha! My dad is a cancer and so is my hubby. My dad has always laid in his “nest” (aka bed) in his time off work, with a TV nearby and surrounded by notepads, books, laptop, and various food and drink. The few times he has camped out on a couch, it ends up looking the same way. Lucky for him, he also has a lot of Gemini so he is very friendly and fun or no one would go near him, lol. My cancer hubby has virgo rising and is the cleanest, best smelling man I have ever met without being a tightass, lol. Love that virgo rising.

    • My son is a cancer and his room was the same as your dad’s, only add a computer, dvd player, stero and a bookshelf full of games. He had a remote that he could turn on any divice at any time with out getting out of bed, bought a wireless keyboard and would lie there chatting to his friends or doing assignments for schools.
      Don’t think he was lazy, as he could be out the door and off to an adventure in a few mins.
      Just very frustrating for a cap sun/virgo rising mum lol lol

  6. I think she’s pretentious and find her difficult to watch or listen too

    But this bed thing as repulsive as it was, exposes vulnerability, the dregs and depths of a torn soul, the sheer despair and out of control of a downward spiral, perhaps that’s why it bothers so many people…I’m a Cancer sun/Merc Virgo Venus, I dismissed it as a load of hype and attention seeking twaddle when it came out, but if you really bother to Look and SEE it’s kind of true pathos. It represents where you could go and be, no one ever knows, to dismiss you could ever be there is truly not acknowledging that all people can break.

    • I agree with you K o F, you’ve expressed it really well…What she expresses is unnerving and repulsive at times, but it has power. Cancerians artists can channel intense, shocking emotion- see Frida Kahlo, Chagall

      I read her biography, and she really LIVES her emotion and it becomes art to a degree that shocks me, I make art and I would/could never go where she does. And that is her skill.

      • I’m with you two. I can’t stand Damien Hirst, but Emin always catches my attention and curiosity. She gives you something to look into.

        • Well it seems to me to be a dimension of emotion made concrete?

          With my Cancerians friends, emotional sensitivity is so real and a ruling force in their lives, and it often makes them beautiful to be around. Also see why they have to shell up, for protection.

          As an Aries I am accustomed to overriding my
          emotions out of pure will and necessity at times, but I have a lot of water placements (moon, Saturn, Chiron, mc) and I really appreciate that hyper-emotional sensitivity and accuracy, and sometimes shocking -ness that Cancerians have

          • yes, when I think of Emin I do think grunge, and as a Scorp I appreciate people who are willing to muck in and explore and expose that stuff.

            • maybe it’s my Cap asc that finds all that emotion and over sharing
              repulsive and unbecoming

              I KNOW people can break and life isn’t always pretty but that bed and her work is just a tacky representation of that idea.

              Oh well, we’re not all going to agree.

              • I’m with you Scorpbot. Anyone can do random overemoting, it doesn’t take much skill does it? Just buy into every feeling and train of thought your brain spits out and voila! Grace under fire and conducting oneself with dignity when under pressure takes far more skill and effort. A more worthy quality to move toward if you ask me.

                But yes. We can’t all agree! … and nor should we πŸ˜‰

              • quite apart from the art question – and back onto the “who has a messy bedroom” question – a defining moment of my life came when I grew up, left home and met people in a boho/arts crowd ALL OF WHOSE BEDROOMS WERE MESSY – Rams, Leos, Scorps.

                They taught me the value of letting go – of control, of the mainstream suburban domestic expectations that I had grown up with, of fear – and I had numerous wonderful experiences in their messy domestics and really would not be the person I am today if I had not learned this. I would be a much more closed, fixed, boring person.

                I’m not saying you lot with your dignified bedrooms are boring by any means, but entering this subculture of freedom from social and cultural norms and expectations seems in retrospect (and I think at the time) to be symbolically tied to their disregard for order in their most personal realms.

                Yeah, they taught me to be comfortable with disorder and I believe that has been fundamental to the development of my intellectual, cultural and political values.

                • So true CS. You know I thought of you as I swept my floor today, because it’s paint is peeling and looks so interesting and disheveled. Like those Detroit buildings that you like. Peeling paint always reminds me of paperbark trees.

  7. Two of four of my kids: one is Sun in Cancer, Pisces Rising, Virgo Moon; the other is Pisces Sun, Cancer rising, Virgo Moon. I just hope I’m doing okay by them :/ (the other two: Pisces Sun, Capricorn Rising, Aquarius Moon; Virgo Sun, Gemini Rising, Gemini Moon)

  8. Male Kataka condo mate’s bedroom looks very similar…Have never done his chart so don’t know his Moon. But, ex husband Kataka ~never~ would have kept house like that and believe me, he did try to keep house on many occassions…sometimes appreciated, sometimes not. He has Virgo Moon..

    Kataka co-worker said the other day regarding chatty patients in general “sometimes you just want to go inside yourself”..(and wish they would be quiet!)

    Couldn’t agree with her more as she would certainly know about going inside “the shell”…

  9. That bed and the mess horrifies me! I would be swooping in on it with a vengeance to clear the mess and bring it to at least a minimalist style, clean & tidy. The only time my bedroom would like that, is if I’m sick or hungover.

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