Aelita Andre – Capricorn Child Genius

Aelita Andre Capricorn Child Genius painting

Aelita Andre is successful even by Capricorn child standards. People born with the Sun in Capricorn often show talent, focus and drive from an early age. But child surrealist artist Aelita Andre is raising the Capricorn bar. Her first painting was when she was nine months old, the first exhibition by the age of two and now that she’s six, her work is starting to earn proper $$$.

She is Sun-Mercury in Capricorn, Venus-Chiron in Aquarius, North Node in Pisces conjunct Uranus & Mars, Jupiter, Pluto in Sagittarius.

But still, the Capricorn child is quite something. Another example? The mathematician John Von Neumann was making jokes in Classical Greek and fluent in several languages before he began school aged five.

Aelita Andre Artist

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Where is this child’s NEPTUNE? Because I can guarantee her parents are plumping that thing for all it’s worth. It’s in AQUA, people. Venus/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius. Dear god.

Seriously, WHAT TWO YEAR OLD CHILD names a painting “Pangea”?

This is pretentious beyond belief. Utter bullpuckey.

And I’m a Cap.


Comment! 🙂

Blue Moon

I guess it just goes to show we can all choose to be the Haute or low versions of ourselves. Parenting, substances, co dependence. Whatevs
We either take responsibility for being the best versions of ourselves we can be or we choose not to. And as Scarlett o Hara said, “tomorrow is another day!”


I don’t know any male Cappy’s but I am in love with the idea of the Capricorn Animus as an astrological concept above all other signs. IYKWIM.

Double Happiness

I have had alot of Caps around me and I have to say… thanks…my ex hub had enormous appitite same as my bro – my ex with alcohol and my bro with mdma/cocoa leaves/pot/e’s you name it…both must be zapping pretty hard atm. I dont need the unending bullying and putdowns. My other sister is a Cap also (born same day as bro – 4 years apart) she is kind of close rellie who when told you have broken up with someone she says “well you used to have a life, now you dont, so you can do more babysitting… Read more »

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

That Cap work ethic success thing is amazing.
I knew one girl who (like any teenager in a high school art class) wanted to “be a photographer”. She did it. From poverty in Mount Druitt to New York, and working for Magnum. MAGNUM. Drives a ferrari.

Blue Moon

I can believe that.
Caps have this awesome work ethic, drive and a Machiavellian street wise political sensibility I envy.
They embody the earthy vibe but without the sloth-y ness of Torros or the (self confessed even) neurotically methodical fastidiousness of la Vierge. They are sexy, driven and Haute IMO but hey what do I know?


My Cap is the best, romantic, reliable, driven, kind, total dreamboat. He also seems to be looking younger the longer I know him, that whole Capricorn Benjamin Button situation, maybe this kid is on that trip too starting out an old soul with a career and she’ll devolve with age ha. I have to say regardless of all the obvious slightly strange hype and potentially worrying pushy parenting her paintings are pretty good.


I am still in love with a cap ex, and I think he is with me although he is taken. I have cap in the fifth house, so they tend to pique my romantic interest. And they are like old people in young bodies.


Blah blah blah boring caps, blah blah blah entitlement, parents, blah!! I think she has made some astonishingly good paintings. Period. I’d be proud if that was my portfolio, now.


Me too!


oh yes the other capi in my life was her father. He left when she was born, stating you are no responsibility of mine?? Nice guy. Don’t think I want to write anything further about him at the moment. Maybe soon I can vent this lot of spleen.


My daughter is capi and obviously at the other end of the scale to me cancer. Although she rises at 29 cancer. She honestly is like living with mother superior in the house. I have never known such an old woman with victorian views! As she is now nearly 17 her mindset is changing but at a glacial pace. She’s a brilliant mine and very individual. Currently as bedtime reading she is flicking through “The Art Of War” Capi or what!!


Sorry, no, there just isn’t any such thing as a child prodigy painter. Even precocious little Picasso had to go to art school.

I particularly enjoyed this essay by a critic who was far too generous with his time, having given this little girl more critical analysis than she deserved:

I laughed when I read his quote from Oscar Wilde, “one can never be young enough to know everything.”


thanks for the link charles, my thoughts exactly


My husband is a Capricorn (Aqua rising/Moon, multi-Scorp). He is one of the most well-read and intelligent people I know. He’s a quiet extremist and taught himself piano a few years ago.


Lovely astro combo. I dated a Virgo with Aqua moon / rising. He was a beautiful spirit.

Blue Moon

He sounds absolutely delicious to me

Blue Moon

Yeah, see this why I just KNEW I was not a cap rising -:) Blame the cheekbones on all the Virgo and legs on the Saggo half of me but even Neptune rising made more sense to be. Oh to have a single cap bone in my body!! My progressed ascendant was in cap and its shift into Aquarius was such a massive relief. I literally felt as if a weight was taken off my etheric shoulders. My saintly younger brother is Cap and the difference was obvious from childhood. He literally saved every cent he got as pocket money… Read more »


Great story, Blue Moon!


testing. testing.


ok NOW my comments work, tf.

Domestic Triffid

Something I am learning from my painting classes is that the tools DO matter.( Retarder is currently my thing du jour as it allows beautiful wet in wet glazes of colour…..) …. But what struck me most about this little girl is that her parents have turned over an entire floor of their apartment for her, and she has The. Most. Amazing. Art. Supplies. If I had unlimited art supplies and a stack of 6″ canvases primed with Chinese Red, I could do pretty damn amazing art as well. Meanwhile, back here in snivel-land, do you have ANY idea how… Read more »


been seeing a lot of show biz/pageant type parents branching into the arts with their young progeny’s doodles n finger paintings n profiting from it hmmm the drive psychologically concerns me


Yes I agree. The refrigerator door is no longer good enough.
Each time one of these youngsters is mentioned in the media, I remember the tragedy of JonBenet Ramsey.


I had a close childhood friend who was a Capricorn. He was interested in science, astronomy, hurricanes, video games, Pokemon, dominoes. He could play the keyboard, we would sing the theme song to Titanic, we would play barbies… And fight of who got the postitute boots.

He was talented and intelligent and fun as a child… I met him again when we were older… And he is boring. Cappi kids are like air signs when they are young then they become boring uptight cappi losers when older.

Same goes for Virgo and piscean boys. Great when kids.

molly bloom

I know at least one Cap who’s not become boring with age, he’s fifty and has a great fantasy: he’s both deep and light, funny and wise. then my grandfather was a Cap, he passed away at age 98. he was an AMAZING person: lived near the mountains, he cured himself with herbs which he personally took from the wood and made fab recipes with them, he taught me a lot, and I remeber exaclty the latest time I saw him, we were sat at him and he passed me his recipe for doing a magical liquor that he called… Read more »

Equilibrium Girl

He sounds like he was a great grandad 🙂

molly bloom

absolutely!!! 😀


As a Sag with Cap midheaven in 10th and moon/merc Cap conj in 9th, I really appreciate your description of your grandfather, as I see many of these qualities within myself emerging as I glide towards 50. Another thing I’m seeing is the ‘reverse aging’ thing thar sometimes seems to happen with certain Cap placements. I certainly FEEL and look like I’m getting more youthful. And yes, simplicity is more important than ever (and key).

molly bloom

thank you PAC 🙂


Great story Molly. He sounds lovely. Love that he said he wasn’t ready yet. 🙂

molly bloom

thanks Scorpbot! 🙂 I did really! 🙂

molly bloom

ops, *HE*

Equilibrium Girl

Um, no.

Caps are awesome. You met a boring, low-vibing example but he doesn’t represent the majority of us Caps who just get better with age. I’ve actually become more fun and less uptight as I’ve gotten older.


Yeah bollocks to that – Caps are awesome!! Well at least my one is. Solid, practical and down to earth yes. But also really funny with varied interests and a very cool self confident without being arrogant vibe. The past two weeks me and Mr Cap have built a vege garden. Coming up? A meditation class, mountain bike riding along an adventure bush trail, day trip to a jesuit monastery, a longer week trip to Esperence, creating a lush retreat out of my crappy backyard and tango classes. It’s good to be with a fellow cardinal who has lots of… Read more »

Domestic Triffid

Totally recommend Cape le Grand if you haven’t been there before. Its quite magical….


This sounds like a lovely schedule, good for you. Wish my boyfriend & I could do the same, instead of having pointless arguments about the kitchen!


Yes! I love Caps, too. Haven’t met many male Caps, but I *adore* lady Caps! My two best friends were/are both Caps, both quite different, but both absolutely brilliant and driven women who, despite having certain insecurity demons (but what women don’t at college age?) were, at the core, remarkably sure of themselves and what they wanted. One of them I sadly lost in college and will miss forever, but the other, happily, is still very much in my life (though we live across the country from one another) and was my maid of honor. There brilliance and drive I… Read more »


their* (being my own grammar police!)


‘Capricorn’ and ‘loser’ are words that shouldn’t be used in the same sentence, context, or tone.


Pure Lib – Do you know much about astrology charts?
To generalise anyone based on sun sign is a bit sillly.. you know there is a million other factors e.g house placements, signs of various important planets and aspects that influence a persons personality, character etc. And also what major transits they may be going through. For example the same person experiencing a Saturn Return would be a completely different person if say, experiencing a Jupiter return. Don’t generalise it makes you look silly. These sort of statements incredibly annoy my aqua venus/mars/asc hahaha


And composite charts for the both of you! You may meet someone with a chart that really compliments yours e.g ‘composite chart’ where there are lovely fairy conjunctions and fluffy sextiles. Then you could meet someone who completely clashes with your birth chart e.g hard squares and oppositions. These are people to learn off. Either they exuberate a behaviour trait that you despises, which ofcourse you can recognise and learn from.. or the actually have a trait that you yourself have and don’t like.. if you care to look a little deeper..


Rawr, Do you realise that you come across as patronising? Yes, I make generalisations. Yes, I realise there are other factors that influence a person and their interactions outside of their sun sign. I am able to make generalisations because I assume that within any statement there belies inherent ambiguity. I take for granted that I am not narrow minded enough to believe in the absoluteness of anything and assume others do so too. Instead I find the reaction to my comment is met with fear. Fear that an opinion is expressed to the exclusion of others. I share my… Read more »


I may add it is also a generalisation to affirm anything positive about a sun sign but I don’t see you seeking a justification from other commenters who love Capricorns. Please be consistent in your directed judgement if you choose to at all.

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