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Remedios Varo Still

The Weird Turn Pro – Pluto Direct With The Full Moon @28 Pisces – is now up on the Weekly Horoscopes page, just above the Weekly Horoscopes from September 21. As always, with my Horoscopes, they range far ahead and sometimes back – they’re never JUST about that day, week or whatever. Astro is all about huge cosmic patterns and the various synchs they make. This is an intense, ultra-Pluto week & my rave may be just what you need to oomph you into your version of Awesome and make brilliant use of these weird energies…


Image: Remedios Varo


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102 thoughts on “The Weird Turn Pro

  1. Pegs had mentioned above…

    ~Yogi’s say we are born with x amount of heart beats~

    Yes, we are born with a certain about of chi…this is why it is essential for people to meditate and cultivate the energy coming from Source into their physical bodies.

    The only reason a body gets old and decays is because the karma (multitudes and generations of thought forms) over power the Soul. This is why we need sleep and need to dream…to relieve the stress of physical reality. To become enlightened is to release the karma that we wear like a suit of clothes.

    “Ka” means time…Time was created when karma was created and realilty and perception were slowed down as we tried to control nature and Source thru ego.

  2. The oracle is behaving extra creepy today. When I asked about what i should know right now expecting some useful lil budget or household tip like usual….i get a Gemini or gm rising wants to seduce me. Ewwww. Imma go wipe down with lavender baby wipes now. Eeewwww.

    • You never know…that Gemini could be hot and have other stuff balancing it. Then again, I’ve gotten that one before. Lol – geminis must like to imagine seduction.

  3. Everything with the Pisces is evolving at warp speed. Its so different. Because he’s emotionally available. We both acknowledged its fast and a little scary. I bought a ton of trail mix to ship him and he’s sending me a painting. So, so very unexpected.

      • I’m completely excited for you 12th house V… I don’t comment all that often but I do follow along regularly and I find myself always rooting for you and your daughter and hoping great things come your way! Maybe the Pisces is one of those good things?

        • Thanks! (Wipes tear from eye). He is so kind. It’s shocking. And your words are so kind. Kindness all around. It’s stunning.

          He cooks. He’s hot. He had a spiritual break through in prison. He works hard. He’s creative and brave. He’s definitely a good thing. Whatever happens next is ok. Deep breaths. It’s a little scary.

            • Thanks, Ando. I’m better at brave. I’m kind of glad he’s far away right now. Gives me time to adjust. He says I’m a rare jewel. Ha ha. You really don’t have to chase or have a strategy for a guy who’s into you. Who knew? Lol!

            • I was working at a school one day where a current prisoner (who just about to be released) was giving talks to high school kids in a very tough area. He described the process of being hospitalised at 16 by a random hit and run, to physical recovery, but late teens to early twenties out of control with drink and drugs, to at 25 waking up to find he had killed a young friend while he was blacked -out driving…
              Those kids were listening to evry word, and they a tough crowd. He was impressive and hearfelt, only young, about 29-30. He was quite hot looking, which probably helped with the kids. I was wondering what his astro was.

              Who was the Buddhist who was a warrior and killed hundreds before his enlightenment? Not Buddha, another fellow

  4. Yeah tell me about it! So the minute the moon hits the “full” button, I had this epiphany:

    The VH is not right for me.

    Huzzahhhhh!!! … just like that. And it was ok. And it made sense.

    Cedric’s up to something no doubt. In cahoots with Pluto ….

    Anyhoo I just realised I really love being single. I actually prefer it. Not lonely, never bored, plenty of friends. A person would have to be pretty damn special and near-on perfect for me to bother going through all the effort of making room for them in my life.

    • feel free to pass on his details..

      hee hee

      no really.

      this is the thing tho right. ‘not lonely, never bored, plenty of friends’ – so does that mean you might feel lonely, bored and friendless if you were to be In A Relationship?

      I ask this as it’s the same thought process I am wrestling with, and my latest conclusion is that that r’ship would totally not be for me and i’d ditch it fast if that was the dynamic that emerged. ie it’s not ‘a relationship’ that would do that, it would simply be the relationship with that particular person. An then it’s just a matter of saying hey baby, this ain’t working for me. let’s free ourselves for other brighter things.

      anyway just a thought.

      • Good point!

        I guess what I meant by my late night ramble was that I have no need for a relationship for the sake of having a relationship.

        No idea what my criteria is for actually having a relationship – yet. Don’t need someone to share a mortgage, don’t need companionship, sex … meh can get that anytime … and definitely don’t want any more children.

        I think Cedric is just gonna have to bang me over the head and say “oi – you need to hook up with this one”. Otherwise happy to be an eccentric, single cat lady! πŸ˜€

      • No, really: could I have any more water in my chart?!

        Pisces asc is conjunct Jupiter, blowing that shiz *up*!

        Progressed moon: Pisces.

        Natal Saturn: Kataka.

        Natal moon conjunct Pluto.

        Natal Uranus-Mercury, Mars, Sun-Venus: Scorpio. Transiting pile-up: Scorpio.

        True Node? Conjunct Neptune!

        I’m really very tired of it, the constant struggle. I can take a day “off” to regroup, but the moment I stop swimming I begin to sink further from the surface. There’s no air down here, no ground to stand on, no fire to warm my feet.

        So I fuqing hate my chart right now. I’m sequestering me & my shit perspective until further notice!

        • define ‘sinking’ for you, as opposed to say, ‘floating’. you can just relax and let the current carry you for a while. maybe grab a nice looking piece of driftwood or a passing surf lifesaver if need be xxxxx

        • The late Pisces push has helped explain how the degrees work in my chart. I am such a Moon driven person and I really notice these variations more so that Sun shifts.
          Scorp Inc water wings and a snorkel for chart surfing. Never underestimate the elemental power of water. The depth of your emotions is what gives you your resolve. Which for me that is where resolution originates.

  5. Love Remedios Varo’s work. Interesting that this particular painting heads up an article on Pluto activity because, this is the last painting she did before she died.

  6. I’m so fucking uncharacteristically hyper and energetic at the moment, I feel like my body, mind, & spirit all have Restless Legs Syndrome have to stop myself from getting out of bed to go for a run at midnight. While I am a fitness freak (when Jupiter isn’t transiting my Asc), I’m not a runner, and I’m generally so calm and relaxed that some people actually hang out with me specifically because just being with me makes them feel calm and relaxed but right now I think I’m vibing more like Cheerleader Barbie on off my trolley on giant lines of speed – just waiting for the speed psychosis to set in… good times!

    I’m not complaining though, this is just what I need to undo Jupiter transit flab. I’ve just got to work out how to channel the mental restlessness into something productive before I end up with an ADHD diagnosis…

  7. Ha! The wierd turn pro alright!
    That Moon is exactly conjunct my MC.

    I had some very encouraging events in the last 24 hours – a business idea I had is being financed by a friend (vertex in the 8th!) who is project managing me into a new career because.. she cares..

    It’s life changing stuff.

    AND MY AUTISTIC SON IS TALKING! Small sentences, phrases – not echolalia either.

    What changed? Candida medication. Un-fuqin-believable.

    Do I believe that me finding a new career & my son’s progress are related in some cosmic way? Yes!

    He called my husband a bossyboots for making him use a spoon.
    No insult was ever so sweet.

      • also, your friend supporting you with your career shift…god(dess) bless friends. i’d be stuffed without mine. glad people have got your back xx

      • Thank you! I was always on the ‘curebie’/epigenetic side, it’s flipping hard work, but so amazing to see the light on the horizon at last. Yay!

        • It’s the breakthrough of breakthroughs, the brightest light at the end of the longest tunnel! I am soooo happy for you & your boy & your family, Andro!! And this is only the beginning, you know: so much more lies ahead! Too, how wonderful to find you have a FRIEND like you do: how much more awesome would the world be if everyone had such a person in their corner?! So happy for such gorgeousness in your life, Andromeda: bask in it, you deserve it! xx

    • So happy for you Andromeda!

      Do you mind my asking what the name is of the candida medication your son is on? My 3-yr old nephew is currently being tested for a range of symptoms due to speech delay. Would love to tell my sister about this as a possible solution. Thanks!

      Happy full moon & best of success with the fabulous new career direction. Best of all, enjoy celebrating your son! πŸ™‚

      • Hello Pisces FM, please check out:
        My son is on a supervised diet with a Naturopath and GP team. If you are in Australia you can check for practitioners.
        While you can get Nystatin over the counter, it won’t work if not combined with a comprehensive diet plan! Gluten is a brain irritant so there are lots of side effects, one may be speech.
        Lots of luck to your sweet Nephew & his fam.

      • Hi there Pisces FM, I wrote you a message but it had two links in it & I am not sure why, but it was deleted.

        My son is doing the Gut & Psychology Syndrome Diet and his progress is being monitored by both a Naturopath and a GP.
        You can google & find practitioners in your country.
        The treatment isn’t as simple as taking anti candida med because if the child is eating gluten/sugar (feeing candida fungus) it won’t work of course, so diet is key in the process.
        Best wishes to you & your sweet nephew!

          • Thank you THANK YOU, Andromeda. So appreciate the info & well wishes – as well as your double effort in getting this info to me!! Indeed am in Aus & am sending this incredibly valuable info to my sister as we speak. She needs all the info she can get at this stage. THANKS again!! You have made my Friday!????

  8. This is all effecting my love’s nodes….His north node at 8* Capicorn. Wondering what will happen. HE is back working every day again. Really hope it lasts. Our one attempt at baby making didn’t work, but that was for the best for that month. Later….

    • Yah, my love’s too (his NN 7 cap). He not doing so well. Hope yours is better. Working is always good. Babies incarnate when they damn well feel like it, but clearly yours is out there biding her/his time. xxxx

  9. Just checked the Sabian symbols for 28 & 29 degrees Pisces. Respectively – a fertile garden under the full moon & light breaking into many colour as it passes thru a prism. Sounds cool.

  10. Going for a heart scan, the full high tech one today. My Dr. Sarah insists on every test there is possible for my age group, must cost Medicare a mint!
    It will be interesting, although dislike hospital vibes, all those in wheelchairs and i just want to get them dancing or take them out for cocktails. My cure πŸ™‚
    Truly amazed at the free health care system in Oz and the professionalism.
    Yogi’s say we are born with x amount of heart beats, if so joggers & runners are a worry then.
    The reason peeps live longer in the high mountains is their heart rate is slower, that,and the Hunzas having a minute amount of cyanide in the apricot kernels, that would be very low doses i presume.

  11. O wow. this full moon is right smack exact on my natal moon in Pisces at 28 degrees. how often does that happen?! and what does it mean?

    am currently feeling a bit edgy, as if my antenna were up and vibrating, but yet strongly centered within myself, more centered than I have felt in months. have an anticipatory feeling of something surreal and magic incoming.

    P.S. Love the Tatiana Plakhova images you’ve posted, Mystic. To me, they represent higher mind/vibrations… very much what I picture whenever I can still myself enough to actually meditate (Gem rising makes meditation more than a tad challenging. the brain just does not stop chattering.)

      • Yes, absolutely. I do try, I’m just not very consistent with it. But maybe today I should resolve to try harder. Am also going to look into a new yoga studio tomorrow and resume yoga practice. I think that would definitely help me get more focused on meditation practice. I did Ashtanga for years, but fell outta practice. MM’s dailies are inferring that it’s time to resume some sort of yoga practice and I feel that on an intuitive level.

    • Hey flashfire – we share some astro! The full moon is on my Saturn/moon/chiron conjunction and squaring my Gem asc. Def feeling you on the edgy lead up to the full moon. I’m thinking it may be a good night to celebrate the divine feminine (and being a lunatic).

      • Well hello moon shadow! My moon is also tightly conjunct Saturn (plus Lilith!) and square my ascendant. My moon is the most heavily aspected area of my chart (the ones mentioned above plus square my sun, opp. Pluto, Uranus, Mars and trine Neptune and Jupiter) so I spend a lot of time trying to understand (with middling success) what’s going on with that lunar ball of confusion.

        What’s your sun sign, WaterGem? Oh, and I love the sabian symbols you mentioned below. Definitely relate to those! And I like the idea of celebrating the divine feminine. Shall concoct some kind of ritual around that. Thanks for the suggestion.

          • O double Gem! Fabulous. I don’t care what anyone says, I adore Gemini energy. Bright, buoyant, breezy and always always always busting with fascinating ideas.

            And wow… Gem sun, Gem rising, Pisces moon… mega mutable just like me … I’m Saggo (sun + merc) .

        • I was going to guess Sagg flashfire (given your name, and sun square Pisces)! I feel the same way re Saggy energy – your passionate connection to the wild and so freaking funny!

    • I alos love cats iris Istaed of kids toys lying aroud the house i now have cat toys lyong around. i have evolved. Electricity comes with lightning storms. heer in SEQld the storm season is nigh. Bring it on in a nice way nol like cyclone oscar of Jan when I nealy lost the front of my humble abode.

      • Well I’m not sure if it’s just a break in the clouds, or the sudden liberation from a key deadline or two, or the prospect of a bit more money on the way, or some good art/travel things on my event horizon, or my new regime of green smoothies made by handsome barista guy at peaced-out cafe… but it’s giving me a bit more momentum to do my New Thing.

        • I sense you are cautious to really allow yourself to sink into this moment. A hesitancy, in case it’s not real or too fleeting to get comfy in?

          Liberating & momentum-building! Don’t prepare for a crash that might never come, Pi πŸ™‚ Stay in the *now* & enjoy, beautiful x

          • thanks, angel! I think it’s my mercurial hedging and cap moon ‘conservation of emo’ principles in play. Also, have had a few false starts this year. So, allowing for anything. xx

      • “High pro glo” is a phrase from a dog food commercial I remember seeing as a kid haha! The visual was a shiny flowy haired golden retriever, gracefully bounding through a meadow of long grass & daisies, not unlike any commercial of the era for douche or tampons. So weird, some of the stuff I recall & when it comes to mind πŸ˜›

    • Although I *have* just ordered two books on the Gypset and a deck of Wisdom of the Night Cards by Colette Baron-Reid. Frankly I can’t see my life getting any stranger…. but its possible…..

      • “. . . can’t imagine my life getting any stranger”

        I couldn’t agree with you more! Magic, blessings OR rather aggressive [rarely] messages incoming . . . at the least, intriguing wake up moments over and over again, for several years now [beginning 2nd Saturn return, in the middle of this ZapZone for everyone!].

        I suspect that this strangeness is merely the tip of the iceberg. Hanging on for the ride, directing my own little starship with as much courage and authenticity as I can muster without risking being burned at the stake. Whew πŸ™‚

        Wishing a nice mix of peace and brazenness to all!

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