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The Weekly Horoscopes are up for the week (aeon really) from Saturday, with some stunning art AND the Wednesday dailies. There is a LOT of Lilith & Saturn action. Basically, if you’re bitched up, it’s kind of normal but keep it productive. Why waste venom on a non-worthy target?Β  Mars in Leo means a LOT of existential schizz is currently transmitting through hair. Pandora in Saggo? They’re even more antsy than usual. See your Scopes for The Biz.


Image: Angelique Houtkamp – β€œThe Chinese girl” (ode to Tretchikoff)

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79 thoughts on “Synching With The Astro

  1. My solar return coming up on saturday 14th. So recently been interested in solar return charts. Whats the best way to read them? Im a libra rising but it says my asc is in capricorn. Do i then read scopes for capricorn for the coming year? Any help tips advice will be most appreciated! :))

    • Hi VSLR, my solar return is on the 21st the w/e of the Full Moon~ eek! I am Libra rising as well! Where is your natal moon?

      How are you doing with all of this schizz-oo!! πŸ™‚

    • i have cap rising in this year’s SR chart too, so as an experiment i read a bunch of dailies and weeklies. didn’t really resonate. i see it as another layer, kinda like a prog moon. i do know that the INSTANT it took effect i was all, “stress over relationship, whaaa? why bother. i’ve got bizniss to figure out.” and then i did! three months later, i’ve got a purpose!! SR cap rising is vey vey good, imo. will no doubt be helpful for your heartbreak. a million blessings!

      • Thanks yes I have been reading capricorn horoscopes too lately nothing is really junping out right now but perhaps it will after birthday weekend! πŸ™‚ I do need a plan. My final year of degree is coming up and I’m surprisingly finding myself wanting to let go of things holding me back. Just that mindset is a mini victory right now. My health has not supported me for the last 5 years so I have come to the conclusion that I have to just go ahead and blind myself to it.

        Cap rising sounds good then πŸ™‚ xx

    • Happy Birthday to all Virgos!
      Anyone else fighting for birthday time with Leos who are still having belated birthday parties overlapping into Virgo season?
      I have a few party hard Leo friends who are still celebrating every weekend. It seems Virgos often get overshadowed during this season.

  2. Check to the Mars In Leo existential shizz hair. Got diagnosed with alopecia areata last week i.e. random bald spots. Have gone total hardcore on my diet as my body has been telling me to do for years. Hoping that helps. I have Sun, Jupiter, North Node and Venus in the 5th House. I couldn’t change my diet for weight reasons but I’ll do anything for my hair.

    • Oh man, I feel you. I lost so much hair when I was abusing my body (not saying you are!). My naturopath told me that if you can’t synthesize B12 your hair will thin or fall out. Maybe check into that?

      Also research/look into silica/diatomaceous earth (raw materials to build hair and nails) and humic acid (all the amino acids). My hair has improved but I’m still waiting to see mindblowing results….however my nails are really strong and growing like weeds for the first time ever!

  3. Natal moon in sag. Solar return moon in cap. Not coping very well at all. Ran out of class today to sob in the bathroom. Been really weepy for a few days. Enjoying this scholarship programme and trips organised for us. Seen some truly breathtaking places and building more good memories. On birthday i will be in the desert camping and near the beach. Excited!! Still when i get the chance to sit down and think i feel like an incredible failure. Failed in my relationship….found my degree difficult….realised im a selfish unloving person. Its difficult to write this but awareness is the first step to change. I’m currently journalling, writing poetry, staying away from social networks and trying to engage with people, crying purging. thinking thinking thinking thinking.

    And you?

    • Been there sweet! Yes, it is painful but trust me it is worth it for you to feel this! You have 3 areas that you are feeling (1) relationships (2) career (3) self. Take one and spend time working through it! SO glad to see you are journaling. Perfect!!!! I went through what you are going through now starting in May 2009.. I woke up in October 2009 but painfully walked the walk through major seeking of self, relationships and career. I moved my arse out of state. The best move for me. Not saying that you should do the same but looking at what you are working through you are overwhelmed with trying to be perfect. I understand that! We Virgos want to be perfect and if we don’t see if we lose it! It drives me crazy.

      So, as painful as you may feel you are doing awesome! Trust me!

      I am doing ok. Since I went through what you are going through now already I am much stronger, happier and confident today. IT was SO painful from 2009 to July 2010.. I moved and then 2011 to October 2012 was another painful stretch. Right now I am frustrated with myself and my bad choices in people and why I keep trying to get them to like me (relationships, work and family).

      My family is burning my butt! But I am taking ownership and making my own rules. It shocks me.. but my family has never been close. I have always been a wall flower just watching things go by and now I stand up for myself. Some of my family don’t like it! Too bad! I want to stay close to my Dad and my older brother. I have nephews and nieces and I will do my best to stay close but there is a wall. Nothing I can do.

      My LZ relationship has brought me to warrior mode after being so nice for years! He has something of mine that he wants to hurt me with so I am pushing the envelope. I am disappointed with myself. But I am gonna keep on stepping. No matter what he does.

      Job is going well right now because my boss is gone so when she gets back it will be a test of time to see if we can survive. November is going to be an interesting month since we are anticipating intensity. But if August is any indication of what’s to happen in November.. I think it will be great.

      Hang in there. Jealous you are going to school. Keep stepping. You are almost there!


    • That’s a really nice response, ve.

      Hey vslr you haven’t ‘failed at your relationship’ babe! It takes two working just as much as each other to make something work. And sometimes people just don’t work well together *no matter what they do*. You have some lessons, some personal (and interpersonal) development to let sink in.

      There’s nothing bad about finding study to be hard going!!! If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

      If you really do think you’re a selfish unloving person – and I don’t think you are since you’re here, thereby exhibiting self-awareness – maybe make an effort to pin down what you think was going on for you, and do some reading to gain more insight into how you relate to others.

    • That’s a really nice response, ve.

      Hey vslr you haven’t ‘failed at your relationship’ babe! It takes two working just as much as each other to make something work. And sometimes people just don’t work well together *no matter what they do*. You have some lessons, some personal (and interpersonal) development to let sink in.

      There’s nothing bad about finding study to be hard going!!! If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

      If you really do think you’re a selfish unloving person – and I don’t think you are since you’re here, thereby exhibiting self-awareness – maybe make an effort to pin down what you think was going on for you, and do some reading to gain more insight into how you relate to others. I wonder if you’re taking on your ex’s comments when maybe sometimes it was true *to his perception* (maybe?), but it’s not a blanket definition you therefore have to apply to your entire persona.

      • Thanks Pi! I SO know what she is going through. I wish I could take it away, help somehow or Men in Black it (bleep).. to help her forget it’s happening. But for us soul seekers we have to go through the process. It’s amazing when you get to steady ground! Amazing!!

        Hugs to you Pi!

        ~VE (I am too tired to log in if I didn’t)

        • VE – grateful for your response! It is painful but it usually pushes us to become better versions of ourselves. I realise that my ex was there in my life to teach me how to work on mistakes. So far in my life I’ve tried to avoid correcting my mistakes – really dealing with them and he was there to show me exactly how to work on them. Its a recurring theme in diff aspects of my life.

          I learn two languages and I wasn’t able to work on my mistakes so I could improve and now I don’t feel so threatened by them. I want to look at my mistakes because now I know the pain that is waiting for me if I don’t do it.

          First half of august was merry with family around to support me and cheer me up. Second half was interesting and full of intense emotions, so I wonder what November will be like.

          Pi – yes my family told me that just because he called you and labelled you something it doesn’t mean it’s true. But somehow I feel he saw me right through – aspects I tried hide of myself. He could read me very well.

          To soul seeking!

          • Yes, now that you included your statement about the First half of August was merry….. that resonates with me. August wasn’t that bad until August 30. Warrior mode came out and I have been dealing with a loss. Almost grieving a little. Could be the toro/gem and I have been thinking of my Dad and what I would do if he left us as in passing away… so not sure what I am going to face in November. Some strong disconnect will occur.. like hitting the next level of reality. I am VERY attached to my Dad.. like I can’t function if I don’t hear his voice! WOW.. big realization for me right now.. HUGE!!

            Thanks for that! An “a-ha” moment for me!


            • Correction: My warrior mode showed up last Thursday so it was in September.. maybe considered end of August since I could have been unconsciously gearing up to be a warrior.. it will be interesting to see what happens.


  4. Pit stop. Climatizing today, resting up & stabilizing for the next ascent. I’ve decided to literally scale Everest in my next lifetime, maybe come back as a sherpa. This lifetime, am considering taking up rock climbing once my vertebrae are in order. I’m an excellent climber, yeah, definitely an excellent climber.

        • rock climbing.

          sherpaing is a lifestyle. you pretty much have to live there to acclimatize. Everest is not really climbing. It’s a difficult feat for sure but it’s really just a ramp you are climbing in cold weather with not enough oxygen. K2 is where da shit iz at!!

  5. Am currently reading “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach.

    VSLR – I think you may find it helpful πŸ˜€

    If we’re gonna Scorp and dive deep, how refreshing and loving to do it with calm acceptance and gentleness towards ourselves and our wounded places.

    I’ve been studying Buddhism for a while now, and I have to say I am finding this book AWESOME. Sooo gentle and calming – like having a loving teacher take your hand and help you through the rough patches.

    The combination of both acceptance and compassion that she discusses is so powerful and I can see the ways in which it can be transformative; while the way in which she discusses it is incredibly lucid and accessible.

    I’ve been carrying out the meditations and exercises that she has put at the end of each chapter and I can already feel shifts starting to take place in my attitudes.

    I am going to round out this transformative process by doing my Reiki II this weekend. In fact, I started tonight and thought “Bugger, this is going to be a hell of a ride” – I was actually feeling quite apprehensive about my ability to cope with the surges in power I was feeling. I needed a warm hand on my shoulder and I thought “I know, I’ll dip back into Radical Acceptance”, and I’m SO glad that I did.

    Over the next few days I can spend some time naming my feelings and bodily sensations and allowing them to flow through me; and this will allow me to do the same as I start to receive the Attunements – to accept and feel them flow through me, rather than worry that something is wrong, or that I am feeling overwhelmed… I had to physically ground myself tonight, but once my feet hit the ground I could feel the energy pass through me and out. It was good to come home and be reminded of the formal practices for allowing this to happen.

    Anyway, enough Mysticism on Mystic tonight πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ If its all a bit too much over the next few days or weeks, put your head into Tara’s lap and ask for help.

    (That might make more sense if you remember that “Tara” is also the name of a Buddhist Bodhisattva of Compassion)


    • i love the Taras! i had a lovely book on archangels and ascended masters but i think i mistakenly took it to the second hand bookshop along with some others… oh well, maybe it was time i stopped badgering them all.. :\

    • Tara Brach is AWESOME! I found her book earlier this year too, super helpful… this week in particular has been self-dev central for me thanks to inner nudges + finding her podcast. Have you checked those out? It’s like all the stories and kindness in her book PLUS soothing gentle voice of non-condemning wise person. Feels synchronistic to see ref to her in the comments here πŸ™‚

  6. Definitely bitched up!! Natal Lilith in Cap conjunct my Asc and progressed Sun in Cap.

    Don’t have time to elaborate. So freakin’ busy in so many areas of my life. The second half of this year is so different to the beginning. Thought I was going to die from inertia early this year but now it’s just all TOO much!!

    Feel sad most of the time (guess it’s an improvement on depressed). Is it my Chiron Return I wonder?

    • chiron to me is definitely in the realm of ‘sad’, but not always tears. sort of a melancholy / ultra sensitivity. the wounding!!

      have fun w your busy 2nd half year πŸ™‚ xx

      • Yeah… No tears, just sad πŸ™ I rarely cry. Often get close to tears but then I just oh fuq it and carry on. LOL.

        I think i miss being on my own. I had my life planned out (as a Cap Asc is wont to do) & Crab man came along… Only ever wanted to beak the drought and now I’m in a relationship & not happy. Can’t deal with a break-up on top of everything else.

        I don’t see point of being in a relationship if you’re not in love. I don’t know how people do it. The sex maybe? He’s definitely delivering in that dept.
        Never got around to responding to one of your comments about “louche”
        That describes him to a T!! – Toro rising, Jupiter in Libra & Pisces NN & weak mars in Cancer.
        I don’t know…., better get back to the grind.

        • Scorpbot, you would not be having your Chiron Return unless you were 50ish or so…Hadn’t gotten the impression you were that age luv…

          No matter and in any case…

          Oh doll I know….I’m actually much happier by myself as relationships are just a pain in the ass lol and I’ve alway had ~my~ (my Soul’s or Entity’s dream regards It’s relationship to this reality) and nothing but nothing gets in the way of that…I divorced my ex Kataka to follow that path. Sex alone is never worth the aggrevation I’ve found but can be fun meanwhile… πŸ™‚

          • So comforting to hear I’m not the only one!!!

            I’ll be 49 in November Sweetpea. I know I sound a lot younger online and in person. My natal Chiron is 14ΒΊ. Currently Chiron is 11ΒΊ.

            • So your Return ~is~ coming up. I’ve yet to fulfill my “wisdom” teaching (passing stuff along) from all the bull in this life… lol

              Just kidding..Have been blessed more than I can say which just adds to the “burden” so to speak.

              But sounds like he’s totally smitten with you. Who wouldn’t be. x

        • Hi babe! You sound like you know exactly what you want. πŸ™‚ You want to be free! Are you into telling the lovely louche how you feel?
          Isn’t your nn in cappy?

          • My NN is in Gemini. Maybe I mentioned he had Psyche or Eros in Cap & that’s what you remembered?
            Oh he’s going to be devastated πŸ™

            Sometimes it’s easier to be the dumpee.

            He’s trying so hard. Surely he senses something. Last week he said I don’t look at him the way he looks at me. And yesterday he joked about moving in together. He’s a hoarder!!! i couldnt cope!

            • Poor Scorpy! You sound so relieved at the thought of ending it! Of course he feels it, he has already told you. Plus, he is yr friend & you are sensitive & smart. It’s worse to keep him hanging when he wants more. Surely he deserves a lovely hoarder to share his life with. Now I understand why I like you so – that Gem NN! What deg? I want to know if you are in my 12th or 1st? πŸ™‚
              Even when it hurts, there’s usually a piercing relief to telling yr truth. Just stay in yr truth & try NOT to absorb his & it won’t be so devastating? It’s really the more loving and self loving path. It’s your Venus in Cap or something then.. Sorry, I should have post it notes with everyone’s deets up, but then I would feel stalkery, so I just forget instead, lol.

              • 23ΒΊ Gem NN in 6th house. πŸ˜€

                Post it notes! LOL.

                I only have Cap Lilith and Asc. Venus is in Libra 9th house. Sagg moon in 11th. I need mental stimulation!

                • Oh gee gurl…

                  Good you asked Andy

                  Your NN on my 25/26 deg Mars and Asc..

                  sEE, we’z all destined to hang out at Mystics πŸ™‚

  7. speaking of tarot, how’s that app going mystic? am only asking as it feels like it’s going to be years before i get my own cards out of their current home / am in the headspace to read them / pay for a reading. ..xx

  8. “a LOT of existential schizz is currently transmitting through hair”

    ^HA! WORD.

    For awesome Lilith reading: Renegade Mothering. Personally, I am not even remotely interested in reproducing but this blogger is EXCELLENT at channeling Haute Lilith methinks.

    Start here:

    Mystic, PLEASE astro-profile this woman.

    For awesome Saturn reading: Meg Worden – no bullshit sound guidance and Zen discipline.

    Start here:

  9. Very bitched up and it’s working for me! Getting so much done and making guys do the work to get to me. The Rules may seem lame or oldschool or whatever but thinking you’re the Queen and being unavailable really does work. Especially if you are just really fucking busy and preoccupied.

    Hair appt. Thursday. New guy. “The Blonde Whisperer”. I’m going from a yucky questionable ombrΓ© I got talked into to Amanda Seyfried power blonde. Rich Bitch hair.

  10. I fired my real estate agent. How’s that synch with the astro? Are firings best done on a void moon, lol.

  11. Great artwork! I have the Tretchikov “Blue Lady” …back to astro does a Saturn opp Saturn transit take 7 years?!!?

  12. yeah, bitched up doesn’t even begin to cover it. you know the meme: “some people just wanna see it all burn?” that would be me. i was behind a car with “go #72 wildcats blah blah” painted onto the back window and i honestly wanted to ram into it as hard as i could, thinking I HATE NORMAL PEOPLE!!!! fighting the urge to do black magick on unsuspecting ex, write tirade about benzos and anxiety, send 5 yr old to time out for the rest of the day, hope that strong winds today push forest fire outside of the containment line – little things. aaaaaaah!! void scorp madness!

      • Ftr I like normal people. When I am losing the plot I use them as a nice, orderly reference point. Commercial radio, a quiet beer and maybeshoot the breeze about some grand final or other or read the sports pages, some kind of popular media thing – I don’t mind checking back into the mainstream once in a while. Also it helps me relate to more people who are perfectly nice, even if I have next to nothing in common with ’em πŸ™‚ could be the gemini in me…

          • EEL!! Lol my last 2 (long) r’ships were with normls. much judgement, absence of acceptance. But I think that’s where I developed, or started to develop, my tolerance/ acceptance of other world views different from my own/ self awareness.

            • It was not meant to be a judgment upon you. I was just curious how that worked. I think it’s nifty you can communicate with so many people. I have to be able to communicate with some normals in my job, but in my personal life, never the twain shall meet. It’s been attempted before but has always been met with absolute and most spectacular failure. The way I see it, they’ve waged war on me first, and instead of me whining…why don’t they like me…let me try harder to be liked/accepted….i’m like in permanent fuq u mode in regards to them.

              • no no it’s cool, i wasn’t picking up on any judgy stuff (even if i was, so what) – i get what you’re saying. it sux but yeah fuq em if they can’t take you as you are. XX

        • your gemini is a very kind, piscean gem, cap moon and all. kind and beautiful.
          i like to drink with normals, and usually i find them amusing, or kind, or just another person, or really just damn weird. the murderous thoughts are fairly rare. for the most part though i find they want to interact with me as little as i want to talk to them. we eye each other warily from opposite sides of the savannah. πŸ˜‰

        • it’s so true. everybody has their unique, interesting story. no way to quantify “normal.” i think what i was feeling was actually more of an outsider anxiety- the sport spirit displays like a badge of territoriality, claiming their accepted place in the social order, the inhabitants’ entitled ownership of, god, i don’t even know what. a home? their number in the tribe? it just hit this chord of rootlessness in me that’s been building ever since i got home 3 weeks ago. i wear my outsider status like a badge of pride, but clearly there’s some complexity there, ha. can we say first official day of saturn on uranus?

          • I remember your mentioning your trip home, & it sounded like it was… upsetting? Disruptive (to your peace)? I see what you mean about the stuff today: that fuqed, status quo shiz! Yeah.

            • no, it was good. it’s just been… strange? to put it mildly? everything completely surreal even as pieces fall into place. disequilibrium central. feeling the buzz growing like you and davidl and others. my bet is for next thursday, when venus, saturn, and the NN cojoin… 😯

  13. I had a moment tonight I’d like to share. You probably have to be American to know the mystery of how the extra care bucks at CVS work. I was at self check out trying to divide into two piles so I could use the coupons on stuff I needed before they expire and the machine started asking for verification that I’d dropped the cash coupon in the slot (I’d love to redesign that experience) and a guy walks up and starts unfolding the coupons for crap like Hallmark cards and stuff I’ll never buy that I’d just crumpled up and I’m all defensive “I put my $4 coupon in the slot!” and he starts scanning these coupons of mine he’d patiently uncrumpled and they work! He looks at me all calm and says “I’m not checking up on you” and proceeds to scan them all until he got my bill to near zero. I told him that was the best thing to happen to me today. And he told me “God must be looking out for you.” And its funny, because my daughter had a dream when she was 4-ish about god and she described him as a bald black man wearing a blue shirt – and there he was tonight in all his glory. LOL!

    Its been such a shitty week. I’ll take it. When he said “I’m not checking up on you” and he just helped me for no reason. It was such a relief. I’m drained.

    • if you figure out how to use CVS care bux let me know. I’m pretty sure you have to invoke a spirit guide to know how to use them. confusing!

      You know that could be her animus!

      • “if you figure out how to use CVS care bux let me know. I’m pretty sure you have to invoke a spirit guide to know how to use them. confusing!”

        LOL – couldn’t agree more!

        In my daughter’s dream, she said she was flying through the sky and up away from the earth and a man in the clouds told her she was getting too far away and her Mom and that I would miss her and he carried her down and put her back into my arms. Maybe he’s my protector, because I’m sure glad she’s on earth with me!

    • that’s so cinematic!
      a man who claimed to be jesus saved me at my absolute lowest point. who knows?!
      well, besides your daughter. she knows. πŸ™‚

      • Ha ha, there was something dramatic about the way he uncrumpled all those discarded coupons. My daughter no longer believes in god. She said “no one person is in control of everything around here!” Ah…so happy to have her in my life. πŸ™‚

  14. The last few weeks have been weird. Not bad or good just strange. Like an eiry stillness in the background while the foreground is full on.

    • I’m glad you said this. I’ve been feeling it too, like a bunch of static in the air in the here & now, with this *thing* hovering in the background…

  15. The woman in South Africa that posed for the ‘Blue Lady’ print was paid nought even though it made the artist millions. She is now around 80 and still attractive.
    No wonder in this version she is sad!
    My Nanna had the print circa ’59, didn’t everyone? And the Dying Swan on black velvet AND the Flying Ducks on the wall, so kitsch now. AND the silver aeroplane on a stand and the ubiquitous deco Lady Lamp. L’esprit boggelles. No wonder i’m allergic to clutter.

  16. My synching involved seeing an OT & not paying her for her time.
    She had know idea about how to implement a program, or if she did, didn’t know how to discuss it.

    She was going to charge me 270 for seeing her – just to meet my child & talk about what she does. But that it’s ok, as ‘it’s not your money’, she can extract it out of the (extremely limited) government fund I have.
    Ultimately the child got no therapy & I got no information.

    I was so ANGRY. I left and she called. I told her I didn’t want to pay her.
    That it was REAL money for my child’s therapy, not monopoly money.
    I have never not paid for anything in my life, but I was so furious. And frustrated at how little affordable help there is for ASD kids in general with all these self involved leeches out there.

    So tra la, la la laa! I am focusing my efforts (venom) elsewhere. πŸ™‚

    • yep. that’s a fuqing lot of money just for an introductory chat. regardless of who’s paying.

      I wanted to see a therapist about some things recently …$200 for an hour, sigh. don’t care to have this on record via our health system – immensely appreciative as I am of that system existing – so no go for now.

      anyway, good luck Andromeda – hope you find someone better. xx

      • Aww you guys probs won’t see this, but hey Pi, so good on you for seeing someone and giving therapy a go. I have a mental health care plan & atm instead of using it towards my kid’s therapy (which you can) I am considering using it to just talk out my crap.. Autism, vaccinations, the fuquing rabbit hole, it changes your reality, I am so pissed! People are unethical, brain dead, lazy, uncurious sods is a reality you learn when yr kid is unwell.

        So yes Sweetpea! Pissed is the key. But I will use it to a good end.
        I have a feeling Spirit can use me pissed off.
        The Lord/Lady works in mysterious ways..

    • Hey Andy, I like what Lynn V. Andrews teacher told her in Medicine Woman…

      “I’m teaching you how to steal”…

      Sometimes ya gotta steal stuff, specailly if the deal wasn’t fair to begin with.. πŸ˜‰

      But you do sound like you were pissed (angry)
      and I hope things work out for you love….