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Zero Hedge

Hey we’re haring off into the Zap Zone people. If you have not read my Pluto Direct on the Full Moon @28 Pisces rant (on the Weekly Horoscopes page) please do soon, as it’s coming down in a day or so. 

I got the chance to say “don’t be scared homie” to my Aries Pilates Teacher today, but it came with the disclaimer that the Zap Zone* could sting or zap (obviously) if you were faking a whole lot of schizz.

Such as…Quantitative Easing sort of stuff. A Fauxmance. That an attitude which clapped in the early 2000s is still sort of funky. Or a bubble that you denied existed because it’s not like you can burst a non-existent bubble.*

That sort of thing.

* For the D.i.y. astro-fiends, Jupiter & Neptune = Bubble. Saturn-Pluto-Uranus = Drawing Pin.
* The most succinct rant re the Zap Zone is in the Mega Compilation E-book.


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40 thoughts on “Re-Zoning

  1. Fauxmance! I love this!

    Zap zone Japan
    I was just reading Satyajit Das on Japan where he discusses the several rounds of QE have had little impact because of the lack of structural reform that is require to overhaul the economy.

    Gemmy moon – I had an amazing dream last night about seeing a big beautiful peacock in my backyard. He was on full display as he circled the lawn. He wasn’t going anywhere either!

    • I like the fauxmance too Gemmy! 🙂

      All them eyes on the peacock. You seein’ more than double I suspect 😉

      Have you looked that up as a totem for you doll?

      • p.s., my dream last night (and in light of dissing the NDNA)…

        Was of me standing in a bathroom and him hanging out at the open door chatting with me, very domestic like.

        He was saying something to the effect that “I know you like”…such and became unclear.

        At least in the dream world the idiot IS getting something :/

        • Think he came over and hung out…

          As had mentioned, he is not only my next door neighbor but my Sun and Aries stuff in his 3rd (of neighborhoods).

          Just too bizarre really…But it has given me the impetus to make changes in my life.

        • Just had a squiz at dreammoods and it said bathrooms signify self-renewal. Seems you’re already onto that Sweetpea! 😯

          I’d personally never mess with an Aries, i mean you and daveyl? No way, I ‘d rather hug you guys, any day!

          Haven’t looked at peacock as a totem before. Know of any good links to websites to check it out?

  2. ~Or a bubble that you denied existed because it’s not like you can burst a non-existent bubble.* ~


    Just after i got done posting here Sunday about the NDNA (and whom I had not seen for weeks), who should pop up and wave at me when I got home.

    Told my Toro co-worker that I ignored him. She said “why?” Said cuz I wanted to.



    Funny how different things look when you are not drinking and now I am working thru some anger issues, mostly at myself because he had not deserved any apologies from me (which he never did reciprocate).

    With my Aries stuff in the zz, I am tired of ultimately being the nice and forgiving one.

    I’m doing things my way now on in every area of my life.

    Going thru a *fuq the world* phase again.

    Trans Uranus now conjunct Medusa dead on….

    On bitch patrol….


  3. I am totally getting that t-shirt.

    But first I gotta make a lot of funds so that the tee’s message comes across as more poignant indeed.

    Then I have to buy a sports car and some nice heels and some skinny jeans to wear (need to lose just a few first) and learn how to walk in heels.

    Get my hair done, ya I’m a Leo with nice hair so…

    Ya got to get that t-shirt.

  4. Did someone say Bubble……

    Neptune smack dab on my descendant, so opposite my ascendant. Excuse me while I get a shot of my preferred poison. Can’t sleep, so watch the smoke drift up.
    Jupiter smack dab on my sun. Please don’t let me gain more wait. But boyfriend loves to feed me.

    Speaking of him….we got in a fight this morning. Something we NEVER do, not since February. I was so mad and let down. Then he blew up. He made a sincere apology later so all is well… Mercury is approaching my natal Uranus. HMMM.

    And him, he has Saturn approaching his Moon! I remember Mystic discussing this transit as she was having it.

  5. Saturn is hanging out right on my IC in 4th house Scorp.

    Transiting Pluto is squaring my 9th house Venus-Mars conjunction in Aries (and Uranus, of course, is right ON said conjunction.)

    Transiting Neptune on my natal Sun in Pisces (7th house), sextiling my natal Neptune in 5th House Cap, squaring natal Chiron in 10th House Gem, and trining natal Pluto in 3rd house Scorp. Have been having lots of really lucid dreams, as I’ve mentioned before, involving my first boyfriend or my parents. Recently got an email from my mother about how she wishes we were/had been closer and we have been talking about how we communicate with one another.

    Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Jupiter in 6th House Aqua. Uranus will be trining my ASC in Leo soon. I graduated from graduate school in June and moved to a new city in August and have been looking for work, adjusting to, basically, my first time being unemployed for longer than a couple of weeks since I graduated from undergrad seven years ago. Have been trying my best to get prepared for the next chapter, and though I can see things looking up for me, it’s a period of building and patience and seed-sewing and habit-reforming — and quite frankly these things are not my strong suits. I have been trying my best — with some success, to be sure — but also with a fair amount of bouts of rebellion and self-undermining.

    Transiting Uranus opposite natal Juno in 3rd house Libra, trining Part of Fortune in 12th House Leo, trining natal Uranus in 5th House Sag.
    Let’s just say that my marriage has been a place of a lot of personal reflection and naggy little voices urging me to act out. With all of the other stuff going on, it’s hard to separate the actual problems in our relationship from the restlessness and directionless I feel generally.

    • that’s a lot of change related astro isn’t it? it’s nice the way you and your mum are chatting about how you communicate. i related to this part of your comment most of all as i am having the same conversations, except i am the one who was expressing a wish that we were/had been closer (she is strongly introvert and it feels like i don’t exist to her, half the time.)

      so point being, if we have the chance to repair or improve our family relationships during a saturn/4th house transit, i think that’s the ideal time to really nail it.

      also the uranus/asc transit, “period of building and patience and seed-sewing and habit-reforming ” again totally relate and you express that state of being so clearly! Requires constant return to first principles and acceptance that change while maybe initiated overnight certainly doesn’t happen overnight. for me it’s been a constant – years-long – exercise in humility, zen mind / beginners mind.

      • Yeah, I’ve been really feeling Uranus and Pluto all up in my business the last two and a half months or so, and this past week or so I’ve really been feeling the affects of Neptune joining the party, especially in my dreams. I’m glad that Saturn is kind of in a totally different area of my chart from the rest of the action — it’s giving me something else to focus my energy on so I can kind of ride out or go with the flow with the change, rather than having to deal directly with competing influences in the same sector. Not that I couldn’t use a little more Saturn in some other places, I’m just saying I’d probably go truly insane having to try and do Saturn in one of the sectors with all of the other bats action going on. And there’s plenty of time for Saturn to rain on the party in another area, besides — no sense in rushing it, ha!

  6. I am just hoping these stars are ok for first botox appointment! I have put this off for years, but clinic is running deep discount special, so….here I go.

    Surely botox has to do with Pluto? And injections….Mars, maybe Uranus for sudden change.

  7. All hell is breaking loose here.

    Stupid ex is trying to get back with me, back with a person who hasn’t existed in the past 2+ years. He tried to use a dying animal as an excuse to bring us together. How low can you go? I fell for it initially but managed to ruin things casually. lol.

    Crazy out of control clients. Super-emo biz partner.
    This is only going to get worse isn’t it?

    Oh and the Oracle needs to put down the crack pipe. It’s right as usual.
    Guys remember that “A Gemini wants to seduce you” line that I didn’t even freaking ask for, because i was looking for mundane house hold advice? Yeah I figured out who he was. He’s this crazy old guy like in his 70’s or 80′. that keeps trying to masturbate to me on the street. I found out he’s a Gemini the other day. I said…wow splains so much. Anyways, no one can say the Oracle doesn’t have a sick sense of humor.

  8. ridiculous the kinds of debate we see about this in the states. a v well informed friend was telling me that the no. 1 cause of personal bankruptcies in the US is due to health and medical bills. astounding. in a first world country.

    • Yeah, the most ass-backwards system in the world. Liberty or death? How about we just take your house? Off you go then, don’t forget your patriotic duty to go buy a car & new clothes!

      • I used to be optimistic tht things would change because we wanted them to (none of the people I know my age agree with any of this shite and feel overwhelmed and upset by it all) but as I’ve hit my mid-20s I see that’s its designed for us to panic and chase the money and it works! Now half my friends are at startups conviced tech is gonna save the world when really it’s about the paycheck with a side of faux feelgood. I don’t think being broke or limiting oneself is any kind of political statement in and of itself but the California ideology thinking is very problematic and the government supports this delusion 110%.

        Valleywag is an excellent blog covering this stuff…maybe not as interesting if you don’t live here though.

        • Being broke only leaves one more vulnerable to the whims of power, but having money creates an illusion of control. Which is more precarious? I don’t know.

          Obamacare is kind of fuqd up for me. On one hand I’m all for universal healthcare as I strongly believe that all people have a right to such; on the other hand, I know the corruption that exists & am confident that Big Insurance will not surrender its profits. I do like that people can no longer be refused on the basis of a preexisting condition; I don’t like that people can be fined for choosing to not “buy in,” for example.

          I don’t even have a guess as to how all this will shake out. I suppose that generally speaking, I’m happy to see a change coming: the old way was not working, to make a huge understatement. I am hopeful that med bills will not be the #1 cause of bankruptcy here in the near future. I mean, how fuqd up is that?!

          I think what you’re getting at Rache is how can it be a game-changer when you’re still playing the same game? Yes? Good question.

        • You’re soo right! The government loves the delusion. I highly recommend Mr. Money Mustache for advice on how to plan/work your way out of the hamster wheel.

            • Wow! Thanks for sharing this link – I am going to devour this blog over the weekend! Very interesting concepts – I’m currently getting myself out of my early-20s incurred stupid debt and have been reading an Aussie financial writer called the Barefoot Investor (no doubt a lot of the Aussies here would know of him). His no nonsense advice has got me prepping to start investing and building wealth outside of a pay cheque. This website looks like another good and motivating kick in the rear!

            • The Barefoot Investor Scott Pape rocks! I follow him too (I think I mentioned him as one of my Zap Zone essentials way back on this blog).

  9. Okay, so I’m DIY astro-ing and I have

    transitting Venus conjunct natal Neptune and MC in Scorp trined by transitting Jupiter in Cancer and both trining natal Chiron in Pisces. Transitting Saturn will reach this point shortly.

    transitting Pluto within 3 degrees of trining natal Pluto and a sextile forming to MC and Neptune in Scorpio.

    transitting Saturn coming off trine to natal Venus in Cancer, sextiling natal Pluto and being sextiled by transitting Pluto

    Transitting Neptune conjunct natal Saturn in Pisces.

    Transitting Uranus sextiling

    Last full moon conjunct natal full moon

    So the Jupiter-Neptune Bubble – only one? Ditto the Drawing Pin? Feels implosive…feel real and fake at the same time (gemini – what’s new?)

  10. Fqu you get through the protocols and your badass/bitch instinct laughs fortunately way more confidently than–the Turkish holiday your boss suggested as a creative hiatus. Your now glad the scroll back function at least an opportunity to consider what prompted the reply. Not unlike smiling benignly at someone who now could be terra incognito– have not read 28@fullmoon rave slash tag loser cant even do that but but fqu stutter stutter as if if k k care–scroll back to the post mystic medagic. Yeah right lifr sprawling into a death of many sorts–the planets would be hotwiring some sort of future. Yet these machinations are not writ large but more the flex of the buttcocks and the gleam of the eye trained to such celestial winks–blame the tequila or the worm don’t consider the harvest. “I think we got mixed up with the other people out there–it was really yummy” disgruntled patrons no doubt–lovers friends zap zone noir

  11. “Fauxmance”: love that!

    Last I heard, Obamacare is set to launch here on Oct 1. The GOP is threatening to shut down the gov’t should it happen, & mostly every physician I know is crapping on about Armageddon. Even my gyno a few weeks ago did a full-on rant re The End Is Near just as he went adigging around in my uterus– a total turn-off for me on so many levels.

    I remember when Bill & Hillary made the push for universal healthcare back in the early 90s. Esp Hillary. They were laughed out of the room. 20 years later & it’s back, Thank Goddess.

    Money & healthcare should not be part of the same discussion. There is one,& there is the other. Hey ho, let’s go!

    • After a recent examination my GP processed to draw a donut shape on a post-it note. “A pap smear only looks at this part of the donut and we need to see this other part” she says. Never liked donuts before now I look away when I see them.

    • It’s all so absurd. I don’t understand it. I’m not one of those “sheeple pay attention conspiracy coverup blah blah blah” types but the healthcare reform is so scary because it shows just how easily led most of the population of the US is by figureheads and media.

      • Wouldn’t want to be unwell in USA, the costs are mind boggling.
        In Oz we must have the best health care system in the world, Medicare. Granted it costs a fortune to the government and population only a small percentage
        to America.
        Is it truly close to 200 to visit a Doctor as i have heard?

        • That’s what I hear. The only time I’ve been to a doc as an adult was when I let bronchitis get so bad that I could barely breathe and ended up in the ER. 5 mins with a doctor who didn’t even make eye contact and I walked out of there with an antibiotic script and an $1100 bill. Oh yeah, the current system is fantastic…

  12. loving the diy for astro fiends approach mystic – thanks! my hounds take flight tomorrow – I’ve been pulling electional charts out of my ass for days trying to work out when to unleash them x

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