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So this Moon in Scorpio is like training camp for the Scorping about to dominate Oct & Nov. That would be Mercury in Scorpio from late Sept till December, Saturn in Scorpio on the North Node stimulated by the Scorpio Ruler Pluto, the Zap ZoneΒ  and an Eclipse. Ah yes, the fun does not stop. Prepare for your own personal underworldly psyche-tripping from now. There are to be no dark, no-go vicinities of your psyche. You’re not afraid to dive deep. This thing ain’t on auto-pilot. Reset focus to intensity. All that Invictus Captain of your soul, Mistress of your Destiny schizz but ramped right up to warp speed. Honk if you’re feeling it already.


Sara Eshak

Image: Sara Eshak

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93 thoughts on “Pre Scorping

  1. I SNARLED at my partner this morning (aka the Stealth Leo). Realised I am desperate for ‘space’ in the house. In fact I HAVE my own space, but have cluttered it up so much that I am hanging out in the living room instead. I think there is a message here about getting myself out of messes I have gotten myself into (literally), rather than blaming others.

    • Interesting! I’m a Leo rising (but PIsces Sun) and I snapped at my partner tonight for not giving ME space. Granted, I’m on my period, but my normal ability to take jokes/handle questions with aplomb/deal with and enjoy discussion of other people who are hot was just NOT working this evening and when my (Aries Sun/Taurus ASC/Lib Moon) husband first questioned the amount of cream in the pasta recipe I was making and then commented on how banging Kate Upton looked in the latest issue if USA ELLE, I seriously lost it and had to send him not only out of the kitchen, but onto a different floor. I wonder how much of all of this has to do just with hormones and how much with astro-vibe….?

    • MAJOR tail stinging last night with my Mom (Scorp rising) and me (Scorp sun), It was about housing. I moved my Mom in with me over the summer due to a number of reasons and because I’m loyal to family. (Leo rising) Now I’m crawling the walls trying to not go insane! NO PRIVACY!!! Her Cancer sun/moon is always UP IN MY BUSINESS and let’s top it off with her being a behavior science major! This is becoming worse and I’m concerned that it may tear our relationship apart.

  2. there’s something about this that’s almost a reliefβ€” maybe a way to use the saturn energy we’ve all been experiencing through the modalities of the other planets passing through? or maybe that’s just mars-triggering-saturn talking and I’ve got my crazy pants on again today.

  3. Feeling it already. I control my own destiny and not my past, my ancestral cellular memory and attendant narrative, not a slightly bitter psychic that told me the money I want most dearly is not my future. Only me. Sun in Scorpio on Midheaven conjunct Mercury and Uranus in the tenth house. Here.I.Come.

  4. Omg, ha,ha. Looking forward. I have scorpio in ascendant, in neptune and in mars. I feel there will be some deep exhibitionist shit uncovered πŸ˜‰ and my lovelife is hot.
    Also I guess my son with his scorpio moon, sun, mars and pluto will become a king of his soul πŸ˜‰ He will be 22 soon 7.11.1991. Wooah.

  5. Spooooooky…..

    The other day Oracle said something about getting 3 offers romantically and the 4th would be a keeper. Obviously I was somewhat skeptical.

    ……….. but today I got the first offer and it was freakin weird! Friend of a friend off Facebook who I don’t know emailed me and said he’d stumbled across my profile and thought I was quite frankly gorgeous. Could we friend up chat, yadda yadda. He’s actually rather sexy. Anyhoo have asked my FB friend if he’s a psycho/lunatic/drug addict or whatever before adding him and it will probably lead to nothing ….

    Still pretty freakish hey???

    And the VH brought up how a. a woman touched his butt at work (I don’t blame her one bit) and b. how another woman tried to set him up on a date with one of his colleagues but he pretended to have a girlfriend. Then he went on to talk about the things that annoy him about relationships … this is the dude that requires nail extraction to get anything personal out of him. I don’t bring up that stuff about dating others unless I’m trying to gauge (ie. manipulate) a guy’s reaction. And it was one of those convos where there were undertones to whatever was being said on the surface ….

    anyway that was my Scorpio moon day so far. If that’s any indication of the next few months than freakin yay!!!


  6. fark if today was an indicator of then I’m staying away from public servants for the duration.

  7. I am a Cancer with Moon in Scorpio in the Eighth House … This past week the man of my dreams wrote a song for me and I was diagnosed with cancer … I’m handling both well … Been a real Yin Yang period in my life … I haven’t told him about the diagnosis yet, waiting to see how the surgery goes …

    • The current astro weather is A+ for surgery, so excellent timing! Wishing you swift & smooth healing. So long bullshit, hello improved health & wellness! The New Moon reveals all, & thank goddess for that. x

      • I have a good feeling about the surgery, so does a friend … It will be my 1st ever, feeling more curious than anything at the moment … Think my Aqua Asc is kicking in over my 4 planets in Cancer … My guy is a Leo with Sag rising, Aries Moon, Mercury and Venus in Leo and Mars in Scorpio … The night that he told me that he had fallen in love with me I was awakened to a huge fire at an apt building a block away … 5 alarms with 125 firefighters … I had to be evacuated from my home … No one was injured TG … All that fire energy within hours, driving this Cancer from her home wasn’t lost on me …Think I need some of that element at this time … And thanks for the kind thoughts … I appreciate that …

        • What a sign. Fire is so transformative: indeed, it is time for your love to rise up, & your qi! Time for things to *move*! Your Aqua asc will be a great source of strength for you now, feeding those flames.

          I’m having my fourth surgery this week. My 6th house Leo enjoys being catered to while in hospital– such a diva haha! It’s a magical feeling to go to sleep gently, & then awake to find the work is done… Recovery is a different animal, requiring patience & a tolerance for ambiguity for some time. Keep your end goal & your loves close during recovery: they will help get you over the hump πŸ˜‰

          Nothing to fear, everything to gain! Happy they found your cancer & put it on notice, Missy. HONK HONK! x

          • Lol … Love the honks … Yes, these little buggers have been put on notice … One parasite in my life that I don’t have a co-dependent relationship with! Glad you came through 6 surgeries successfully, I will try to get as much pampering as possible while at the hospital … Shouldn’t be there too long … And was ordered not to overdo it, no housework … Works for me!

  8. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO SAY THAT this mars-saturn square is MEANT to make you feel suddenly freaked out and insecure, rethinking your whole stance and basic biz model, that is its job. Where it manifests is obviously diff for dif peeps but you will notice the scopes veering into this a bit, okay, a lot.

    Missy you sound like you are confronting this schizz with true Crab-Plutonic aplomb! xx

    • ah. thanks for reminding. Definitely some shaky moments today. you know, where you wake up and ask yourself ‘what the HELL AM I DOING’ even though it’s part of a not-unreasonably-thought-out long term life strategy for lasting change. I can’t do any more about-faces. I’ve analysed the utter s*** out of my life by now, surely. Anything else is just going to have to show up and be dealt with on the way.

      • yeah, i felt that – a freaked out insecure thing but continued on through it and had a great day, dropped some unhelpful ego shit and bitterness. no point, no time. chose compromise, front, ideas, acceptance, laughter and kindness….the future. yay :)

      • *hugs* Pi … put the analysis away hun. Jump into the flow and trust where life takes you … the temperature ain’t too bad in here πŸ˜€

      • Ha…same! Like, haven’t I thought about this enough? NOW you start to bug? Guess we just have to plow through!

  9. I feel like it’s been one continuous intensity-fest since the Scorping last November. How can it ramp up anymore??

    What I’ve begun to notice is a willingness to say goodbye to certain elements of my past which were no longer working, which for me as a Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon/Taurus Rising is a huge deal.

    My Aries friends are really getting zonked by this Mars-Saturn square.

    Yesterday evening I drew the Temperance card in response to “What do I need to know right now?” Will try to practice patience and moderation over the next few days until the square passes.

    • hey, I have the same signature gbs and see what I just posted above you….dropped old stuff, looked forward with a smile, it’s light, it’s great πŸ˜€

  10. Well I’m loving it. In my morning meditation I suddenly realised what I need to do to resolve an ongoing conflict at work. And I am going to do it.
    Serenity reigns again :)
    It helps, I guess, that my chart is nearly all Scorp & Virgo.
    The past couple of weeks have been I’ve been so on edge to the point where I had a v.rare outburst about an individuals behaviour at work. Those that know me, know this happens from time to time. But in my male dominated work place I haven’t been there long enough for them to know that yet….. but it seems to be working in my favour, despite occasional whispers of ‘ could it have been PMS’ and the like. Most of them know I’m right and are rather nervous about my equally quick return to stoicism, and they know I’m good and efficient at my job too :)

  11. For many, this pre-Equinox period is reckoning time- and it’s like the uni cram period.My 3 hole punch is my new essential and I would grab it in a fire right after kitties, kids and phone.

    16 yo son Virgo Sun and Gem Moon w/ Venus/Mars mid Scorp has new gravitas- he got a job-one AP class- focused! He’s the mediator! Not always the flame thrower. This is new! Dialed back social life on his own. Expresses gratitude! Admonishes older bro to be considerate. World is on its head! LOL!!

    Me: Saturn on Scorp Jupiter/Neptune. Prog Moon at 00 Scorp. Purging old crap- emotions, stuff/ qi vamps/zombies. Beep beep!!!

  12. The Karma has no deadline made me smile as soon as i saw it. Thanx Myst, love a smile :-) ok with grins & smirks as all and laugh out louds’ thrill me!

    Ready for the Scorping? if the road is not open by next Wednesday shall have to open my big Sagg mouth and do diva, reminding them they are past their deadline.of mid-August.
    Excited about doing hot volcanic rock treatments with lichee body butter and test pilot the binaural beats whilst i wait for my new music from Sequoia.
    Sheesh, i’m chomping at the bit for it all to start moving forward again and facing challenges it brings, creating a new directions for those under my hands, take them on a journey to exotic and heavenly places. I get to love again.
    The Giver gets Given to.
    My world will be joyful again. Reads like The Circle Game……….’and the painted pony goes up & down’ :-)

    • Disturbing the peace in the neighborhood, honk at em as you ride through! Honk honk honk, Pegs!

  13. Holy Mole-ee… Challenging the toto/gem since he has something of mine, will be challenging a doctor sometime this week because they think they know all, thinking of moving in 2 months, started acting classes that I am dressing right into full force and so far I still have my fulltime job. Ummm… am I crazy or just utilizing the current energies properly?

    I have mercury in Virgo so it seems appropriate! No? xo!

    • Oh and “honk, honk”.. but with the paranoid stuff.. that is more relating to past relationships! I am paranoid about that! gag, cough, cough!!

      I am in warrior mode about that one! Getting prepped for some hits! Oh well!

      • That’s right: put on your seatbelt & drop the clutch, Virgo Ellie! You have been stretching your boundaries & working hard, & to that I say HONK!

  14. “Gripping the wheel,
    his knuckles went white with desire. The wheels of his Mustang exploding on the highway like a slug from a .45.
    True death: 400 horsepower of maximum performance piercing the
    night… This is black sunshine.
    Move me in the silence
    Baltic motorway – Hang me on the edge
    before I fall away – Apocalypse is dawnin’
    Action on the mile. A “can-do” revolution – Earth to the river Nile.
    Sweeten the ride – Black Sunshine – Sweeten the ride – Yeah –
    Sweeten the ride – Black Sunshine – Sweeten the ride – Yeah!
    Cry a river cosmic – Moon in Scorpio,
    Feel her body “breathe” – Acid radio –
    Tell me that you like it – when I’m going down,
    Tell me that you like it – Move to the speed of sound.
    Sweeten the ride – Black Sunshine – Sweeten the ride…
    (from “Black Sunshine,” White Zombie ft Iggy Pop)

    — and Venus is rolling down the Via Combusta, people, and into my 8th house! Nothing but checkered flags and smoking tires πŸ˜€


    • Hhhooonnkkk! Scorp- I was born near the Baltic motorway and Baltic sea. Left it 23 years ago to Norwegian fjords. I had to. Before the iron curtain had risen I had no idea if I can escape my karma except by escaping the Sovjet. To become myself. To feel free, to have my life separate from some parts of my family. Soon enough I created my own family and my country escaped communism too. Have You ever been in Baltics?
      So cool – speed is up. Godspeed!

      • Hoooooonnnnkkkk Pi! Love the push & the drive. Vid for Thunderkiss 65 has some great muscle car action. White Zombie is always a kick under Scorp influences!

    • Yes an Scorpio is in the Via Combusta. It’s been moving through since Dec. 2010 thru to Nov. 2013, a grand opportunity to purify and transform our relationships as Kim Falconer says: “The aim is for neediness to become mindfulness and fear to become reverence and appreciation.” Venus followed by Mercury are signaling the completion of this cycle. Personally I’ve been stripped to the bone, pared to the root of new growth. Looking forward to the new growth. Grateful for all the hard lessons.

  15. I’ve been away sorting a lot of the fall out from my huge life shift that started back on 30th April. Split from very special aqua man, Daughter changing school, me then moving, learning of first ex husband becoming more and more psyched out and black hearted, and becoming a landlord myself with a whole host of other bits and bobs to contend with.
    Since all this started my heart has been tempered to the nature now of diamond. It’s been under immense pressure and deep genuine synthesis.
    I have always had a feeling my aqua was something karmic for me and the odd thing with this last split has been the complete lack of any chance meetings. Normally the universe sees fit to throw us together, very random and very bizarre. This time nothing. But for the life of me I could not get him out of my heart. It wasn’t over. Our parting was bang on that north node eclipse all the mars saturn opposition stuff. Seems that stuff is back and so is he!
    Last week I was 300 miles away dealing with family and daughter, having a great time with friends and miles from my home. I had the oddest sensation of a shift. Out of the blue. I knew what it was, I have felt it before. Two nights later I dream about my aqua and he is close and real with me. I have not had him enter my dreams for at least five weeks. The following night I dream of him again. This time deeply physical and passionate and I awake shocked and shaken. That morning I drive the 300 miles home, manage to take a detour that costs me 15 minutes but right myself before I head back on the road. As I cross the mountain road down into our valley I look to the sky and ask for a sign. I drop into the Village and find my aqua’s brother and his mother in their car. We pull up in a layby. Now bearing in mind I have not seen this man since March… We talk and he goes home to tell his brother he has seen me. Thursday passes, Friday I come home from work and there is my aqua on his bike in my village. Out of the blue, synchronistic stuff. We stop and hug, talk for a while and then I tilt my head to him. He kisses me.
    I await the next episode.
    By the way, his brother is rather stunning too!!
    Oh and freakier still. My friend with whom I am staying currently as I await my move to my new place, has met Aqua 3 or 4 times. She was away in Boston USA, I had not spoken to her in a week. On the tuesday night out of the blue she had the most vivid dream of my aqua too. She said it was lovely, in my house having great fun like a brother or good friend. She said she woke stunned as to where he had appeared from. Seems she has these prophetic dreams too.

  16. oh my F*** I feel so agressive and edgy. Although I am a peace loving libra, I have Mars, Uranus, and my ascendant in Scorpio. And right now I am going from one extreme to the other. I am having a hard time with this one. Keeping centered with yoga everyday.

  17. Honk !

    I set a goal for myself yesterday regarding a business thing that was more of an initiation really and I passed.


  18. argh! stupid mars-square saturn!

    idiot Cancer ex friend and now stalker is back dialing my number at 4 in the morning. You know no good conversations ever take place at 4 in the morning.

    libra sun scorp asc biz partner is flipping about again about her life.

    and here i thought…well im all ready for this….

  19. Honk honk, honkety honk honk.

    All sorts of schizz at work with the Director of my organisation finally feeling the Karmic effects of 5 years of staff bullying.

    My colleagues and I writing letters to the board, staff leaving, or threatening to leave until its resolved.

    Horrible horribleness and intensity. Key player in the whole denouement is a very Scorpionic male colleague.

  20. Odd.. Couple of days ago I realized that the next several months will require my full presence — something like a bootcamp. Since then, slowly but surely I have been walking/swimming away from whatever/whoever weakens me.

    Now it all makes sense :-) Scorp transformation…

  21. Wow. I am a lesbian but don’t conform to stereotypes so am mostly mistaken as straight. And lately have been very single and not paying attention to this huge part of myself. But suddenly I have been thinking of coming out of the closet fully (am out to immediate family friends and selected other people) but waiting for national coming out day which is of course in October. Reading this made me realize how extremely Scorpio this all is.

    So yep, definitely feeling it.

  22. Things on the upswing here.
    My scorpio moon lover(Taurus dear) and I have been working together for 2 days on joint business. Things have been going awesome.
    We haven’t had rum in days, just weak beer(him) and wine at night for me.

    Have appeased the ex with money. HA. She’s back to polite with me.

  23. The shizz that was stirred at the Dark Moon last week was seriously batshit crazy but it ended up being a good thing. Love how the Universe is so good at flipping things… But yes, I realized a lot of things I did not want to see, and that a lot of my angst with parents(and life!) came from feeling responsible for their unhappiness. I have spent a lot of my life trying to smooth things over and therefore lagging on my own life, and here I am (with Saturn teaching me), that its not my responsibility… no matter how karmic things have been. In 2008 I took on a large chunk of responsibility “for the family” which has been the proverbial thorn in my side since, and suddenly I am free to not feel so responsible. The contrast is mindbloggling for me as I had been fighting this uphill battle for way too long, it was a binding I could not free myself from on any mental/emotional level – very karmic I feel. Im not a Scorpio but Saturn nonetheless seems to have helped me significantly, as my duty towards family has been the neverending thorn in my side/brain/heart/etc. since, like, EVER. So for that I am truly thankful, and a lot of my road into the future has been cleared because now I feel I know better what to do…
    Its kind of weird in a way… to have Saturn in Scorpio tell you “Thats enough duty for you here.” I have to be honest I was very afraid of what Saturn in Scorpio would do when he got there, but I never could have imagined him playing the role of liberator like this. I know he is doing this because he wants to free me for other things(he’s going to hit my Sun next, yep, he’s freeing me so he can have his way with me later, lol), but still, didnt think he would be the one to loosen the shackles… if anything I thought he would tighten the bounds… Dont want to speak too soon as he will be around for some time, but so far, he has played this role. Im a little in disbelief. But also in RELIEF.

    Also MM was totally ON THE SPOT with a horoscope for me last week( i think it was Wednesday). I checked my rising sign and I totally grokked something in regards to my own fertility THE DAY OF. MM is never too far off, but that was just crazy how accurately it happened! And my fertility has been a fairly recent issue since my last ex. So wow, that was also another issue I felt liberated from.

    The astro temp lately has been really interesting as it has been hot and cold (in true Scorpionic fashion). Really crazy intensity with some really amazing good times too. My respect for Scorpios increases as I imagine(even if incorrectly) that they live this way most the time.

    Went for a nice massage the other day(Oracle recommended), and never felt so friggin good and full of life! Had a fit of giggles with my friend while having mouth orgasms to amazing macarons. Life isnt perfect, but life is good.

    Now I await Saturn in Scorp’s approach in regards to my love life(I have Scorp ruling my 5th) – another area I have been very duty-bound. I wonder what he will prescribe to me here. Who knows. Oh well. Im happy for what I have so far, and very much in the moment. Awaiting orders, Captain S.S.

  24. My Venus (ruler of the 5th in the 5th)… is right there, getting triggered by Saturn and NN PLUS the Solar Return in Nov is conj my Venus… (and square my Jupiter in Leo… ruler of the 7th, in the 2nd… BRING IT ON!

  25. Feeling so liberated to be my intense (natal Moon in Scorpio) self at the moment. Maybe I just needed a cause to fight for!

    I have been intensely scrutinising myself for a while and I have a new focus after trawling through my past lives, my habits and realising, that I don’t have too many blocks left that are appropriate left to clear right now.

    Time to move that energy elsewhere and luckily I know just the place.

    Also I now know from my awesome Phoenix consult with MM that Saturn in Scorpio will be all over my 6th House, so I better be on the health jag by October.

    • Natal Scorp moon activating too. I’ve done the hard yards with Saturn where the overriding message was to stop doing what doesn’t work and work hard for what does. Started my own creative writing business the other day, feels amazing. It’s like fear disbursed and I just knowingly went for it, with the amazing support of my accountant. Who knew? Now the writing has gone into warp drive. Fifth house a go-go.

      • That is so awesome!!! I totally relate to anxiety reduction through living a purpose. Good for you!!!
        It’s a relief isn’t it?!

  26. Dreamed this morning that I was on this amazing tall set of holiday islands in the Mediterranean.

    I dived under some rocks and found an underwater cave.
    There were bronze helmets from antiquity there – one belonged to Pericles I thought. They were bronze with an open face style. Very simple differences between them.

    In the dream they were all too big for me (who wore such huge helmets? I thought) and I felt like I didn’t want to take them as I had no use for them.

    I looked up ancient greek helmets later and they were apparently of the Attic style. They looked exactly as in my dream!

  27. honk if you’er honky- thats me,
    Clear vision, no schizz from nobody, saying my truth and facing it farlessly. don’t give rats attitude- yep my natal moon in scorp during this astro is on fire.

  28. Tell me about feeling it , Have Uranus conj. North node now, squared to My Sun/Saturn conj. Leo….I am already getting rid of a lot of excess crap , peeps, social norms, that no longer function !!!!
    Bring it on! !!!! I love this new me ,
    I shall not go gently into that good night.
    Translation- I take shit from nobody!

  29. This void moon is so annoying…luckily I CAN’T stalk my ex as he is not into social media but the Oracle has started telling me to fu** off…and I did, off course.

    Checking myself, I decided today I will get my car [re]-fixed by the people who didn’t fix it, and during the waiting period I shall walk to the nearby book store and read….self help books! How’s that for Scorpio moon?!

    Personally I am not feeling honky today, but being a multi-Scorp with Mercury and Saturn there nattily (plus some more stuff) I’m not terribly worried that I’ll feel out of place during the Scorping.

    It’s either going to be like this: NOW YOU ALL KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BE ME!

    or like this:


    Because you see, I am already a deep dark psychological thinker who leaves no stone unturned and never fails to point out elephants in the room (pesky things, those elephants). I am hoping the Scorping doesn’t push my pulsing brain over the edge…

    • P.S. I didn’t spell “nat-ally” wrong, my stupid autocorrect won’t let me write that word. Apparently it’s not a real word. Ugh. I also know about writing “off” instead of “of”. Whoops.

  30. l always feel good when the moon/planets are in scorpio, looking forward to it all. the autumn is getting closer (europe) under the sting of the scorpio, it all fits, going in digging deep :) Saturn is conjunct natal Uranus now moving towards my moon. l hope for the best! :)