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Kathleen Lolley Lilith

Hello Mystic,

I recently bought your e-book Bitchcraft and it blew my socks off.
I read my Lilith aloud to my best friend and she said it described me better than my sun sign.

After reading my section I realized that I do all of the things you describe in the book.

I have several altars to creativity. Actually I think I have a secret altar in every room of my house.
I silently bless a home before I enter it. And I talk to forest spirits daily. Mostly wind and bird spirits.

I feel like a dark part of my soul has been illuminated. I never understood why I did all of those things. I just did them. I don’t know, maybe in reading about Lilith I finally accepted a hidden part of myself. It was like finding a puzzle piece.

Thank you Mystic!

I have made a little painting to welcome Lilith out of the dark into the light. Can you guess what my Lilith is?

Kathleen Lolley.


WOW, too thrilled. Guys, Kathleen and I are collaborating on the amazing Tarot app still in the works. I was going to use the Waite deck but decided to go totally ape on this. Hence…it is taking longer.

Love this pic. The Owl is a strong Lilith symbol, of course.ย  Who is grokking the circuit-zapping Lilith-Uranus square this weekend?



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74 thoughts on “Lilithville

  1. Interesting. I spent the weekend doing my Reiki II and had a stack of insights about coming into my power…..

    Must re-read my Bitchcraft now ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lilith in Aqua/12th reads Bitch & Mother Jones, lines the hen house with Cosmo & Vogue. She is educated & across it, unapologetic & over the status quo; booms the base & doesn’t bother with putting gloves on. Makes love & voodoo at once, whenever she wants, & it’s none of your biz if you ever think otherwise. Feathers for flying not show.

  3. Lilith in Capricorn 4th house, which now means i now have planets in that area! Also solar return rising sign is capricorn…a bit of a different energy would have been nice lol

  4. I love this post – I have Lilith in Cancer too. I loved Bitchcraft and also found it resonant and insightful. I love owls. My first Plutonic experience with with an owl that had died in the yard next to my grandparents which was like a secret and mysterious forest to a young 6 year old girl. My last lover was owlish. He;s on my mind. Might b the Uranus/Lilith square. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I love Kathleen Lolley’s art too. You’re all so rad xxx

    I have lots of Venus action going on right now. Conjunct Mercury, opp Uranus, trining Mars. Transiting Venus is on my Sun this weekend. No wonder I feel so loved up! Looking forward to the Saturn/NN action too. That schizz links back to my owl….we found love when they both hit Scorpio last October. Watching, working, waiting but also open to newness.

    love and blessings peeps ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Ok this is interesting since I also found the same kind of confirmation of my own natal Lilith, also after reading the e-book.. Lilith conjunct my natal Cap Moon, in my 9th house.. especially the Moon-Lilith stuff, just reinforcing the independence & need of Solitude etc.. And, as I always to I also then turn to note the Sabian Symbol for the Ascendant at my location at the exact moment I finished reading this post on Lilith..

    Meanwhile itโ€™s now 12.06pm.. & here I am having just opened up my blog & also then gone on to read the latest blog post by Mystic on Lilith.. While I also once again turn to note the symbols for the Ascendant at this time, beginning at *9degCap.. AN ANGEL CARRYING A HARP.. The revelation of the Spiritual meaning & purpose at the core of any life situation.. This picture simply says that “Heaven is within us.” All we have to do is to be open & listen to the total harmony of life, a harmony in which we play a part that is necessary & vital to the completeness & meaning of the Whole. In order to do this we have to surrender our seperative Ego Consciousness & flow with the Universal current which, to the religiously minded person, is the will of “God”.. The technique this stage implies is that of ATTUNEMENT to Universal Life…

    While also moving towards the next degree, at *10degCap.. AN ALBATROS FEEDING FROM THE HAND OF A SAILOR.. The overcoming of fear & its rewards.. The individual who radiates perfect harmlessness can call the wiildest creatures to him or her & can establish with them a partnership based on mutual respect & understanding. Every living entity plays a role, which too often seperate one from another, the communion of love & compassion can bring together the most disparate of lives.. The power of such a Culture generates TRUST everywhere….

    **All this with *the Capricorn Ascendant along with *Plutoยฎ in Capricorn.. in my 9th house.. both closely aligned at the focal point of a โ€˜Yodโ€™ with my natal Venus in Gemini along with my *prog Vesta in Gemini.. in my 2nd house.. along with my *prog Venus-Mercury in Leo.. in my 4th house.. whileโ€ฆ.

    Sabian Symbols are from Dane Rudyar’s ‘An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation & Its 360 Symbolic Phases’….

  6. Hey, any thoughts on Lilith conjunct Jupiter? That’s what i have… 24 Taurus…
    Anyone else have this? In the 12th house, no less… I do have a crazy imagination when left in solitary confinement (the 12th house)…

  7. Aw. My Aries baby has Lilith and Saturn in cancer.

    I had a pisces man with mars in cap, moon in sag, Venus in aqua, and merc in Aries (he’s all over the place) declare his intentions to me. He live far off in the mountains but said if he were in the city he’d be an artist not a climber and try to be my boyfriend. Very “aw.” His Lilith is conjunct my sun and my Lilith is conjunct his Venus. Que sera, sera.

    • Funny that’s my astro. Can’t imagine a male me, so no special insight.

      Happy birthday for Friday, darling! May your wishes come true xxx

      • That’s funny! He’s a very interesting, intense, crazy character. Works as a Sherpa now.

        Thanks – bday weekend continues with room service for me and my girl in a very fancy hotel.

          • Oh yeah Sagittarius Moon conjunct Neptune conjunct Jupiter in 12th house but conjunct Rising, so yes! This conjunction trines my 5th house Sun and Mercury, so if i’m lucky it comes out dramatically and i communicate just like a clown, with face, gesture and words like pictures – i can work a crowd ๐Ÿ˜€ But i can also zing off the planet quicker than u can say jack robinson and jump straight into the eyes of a stranger, and feel their life and soul. When i’m doing that it’s when i am actually at my most disconnected, i’ve learned. Strong imagination/intuition is a dangerous and lonely gift.

            Check his Rising and angles. He’ll be different in many ways. In Australia, the degree from the equator gives us large house slices and intercepted slices. So, he may have a more even chart than i do and

            • and fewer hard angles, like squares that would actually be trines because of the signs they’re in. He will probably have enough earth and fire to stop drowning in stupid daydreams, at least.

        • What a great way to celebrate! In a hotel with service…yummy!

          If he is anything like me he will be someone who … ok i just deleted a whole bunch of stuff, because who’s to say what the man is like, just because of some astro in common? I do loathe astro-stereotyping, as there are so many versions of type, and so many ways to play one’s hand. One thing that may be important though is that Pisceans get a rep for being sneaky but his one won’t lie to you. However, as a mutable, his views can change often, and he will want the freedom to be honest about that. Note he doesn’t promise to be your boyfriend, or hint that it’s tantalisingly possible: many Piscean men would hook you in to an illusion. He’s just being open about how he feels, which is lovely.

          • I don’t know his birth time so I don’t know houses or angles. I know his life and that his imagination has caused him problems. What I feel off/from him is that if he starts thinking about something, it’s like it has a life of its own. He is prone to conspiracy theories. He told me recently that his guru (no idea on details) and climbing partner have insisted he does no more reading or news, which I think is great because he can hear a bit and create a world. His trying for the Buddhist way.

            Anyway. He’s far away, but very sweet. The Sag moon Aries merc is a nice combo for clarity. He does seem very honest. So funny I found your america. man bday twin.

  8. I love this painting! This totally resonates with me. I’m a #5 numerologically, the moon and saturn rule my chart, and the owl is my spirit totem (represents my very strong grandmother, too). Yes, you’re right. Lillith appears to answer those questions the rest of the chart really can’t answer, but Lillith is so strong and obvious in my character. Can’t wait for the tarot. YEs, I don’t think the Waite deck is very inspirational. Whatever you can “grok” (as you say MM) on a daily basis or in dreams or encounters is more inspirational for your tarot deck.

  9. Lilith — for me, resides at Libra (1 degree) and conjunct Pluto in Virgo with a 5 degree orb..

    Mystic’s descriptions for Lilith in Libra and Lilith conjunct Pluto, both apply — how to harness Lilith’s energy with this combination is something I need work on.

    The owl of Athena = wisdom.

  10. “The owls are not as they seem.”
    My British, Aquarian quiet Grandmother collected Owls.

    I love this painting.
    Must re-read my Lilith in Bitchcraft. I thought it eerily spot on too. The Madonna/Whore complex. Sexy naughty nurse/nun thing going on. Cleanliness as a fetish.
    Lilith in Virgo/10th Strict work ethics.

    • My double Leo Mother did too (collect Owls).

      Ex Iranian hub thought it scary as he said his culture consider them bad luck.

      I have Pallas Athena conjunct my Libran NN…She is often seen with an Owl and the Owl has often by my totem in times when I needed guidance and wisdom esp in regards relationships…

      The Pisces, the THT..

  11. I choose a medicine animal totem for each month in a reading at the beginning of each year & yep, owl is my totem for September…
    …I’ve been working my Lilith (Gemini 6th house) & with Uranus square, the positive charge has been like a super reboot of instinct, awareness & night vision.

  12. Lilith is in my sun sign of Libra. It was enlightening to read Bitchcraft, even though I realised decades ago that I needed inoculation against Love Zombie schizz from birth…at least I have a strong grip on creativity and art. Cannot breathe without it.

    • Mine is in Libra as well, but when I read it, it didn’t quite resonate with me. I have had friends describe me in terms similar to this…but… the really weird thing was, I thought, as a bit of fun, I’d see what sign my dog’s Lilith is in. Well hers in in Aquarius, and when I read this, it was like I was reading about my secret self…it really, really, really resonated with me…WTF/LOL… My dog is more me than I am!

  13. Thanks guys – the Tarot is going to be unreal.

    Julia Gillard (the recently deposed Australian prime minister) is Lilith in Leo conjunct Uranus and North Node. She will go OFF in 2015 when Jupiter crosses that lot…Saturn on her Asc next year too. Power. But how?

  14. …………….;””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
    ^^ so sayeth a black kitten named lilith. it seemed appropriate to publish her works today.

    kathleen lolley’s owls are INCREDIBLE! of the thousands of artists you’ve featured, her work is far and away my favorite. congrats, mystic, and wow!!

    • I love the kitten statement!

      And mystic, you’re fuqing awesome! An artistic collaboration for your own TAROT! Bam.

      Also, can one overdose on green smoothies? I may have, and feel a bit green.

      Lastly, other than feeling slightly ill, I’m not sure how the L-U square wld manifest across my MC and 1st house. I was going to be on lockdown to meet deadlines this weekend. Having some nice art moments tho, making more connections with genuinely excellent people.

  15. What a gorgeously rich compliment to your work Mystic.
    I loove your work Kathleen! Looking keenly forward to the Tarot App it will be brilliant.

    My Lilith is in Aqua in the 8th. The sexy loner? Opposite my Sun. I shine.. I fade.. I shine.. I run. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do think I am feeling the square this weekend. I am feeling (while surrounded) very alone, but not minding it so much.

    • Sexy loner… ๐Ÿ™‚ I like it. I shine, I fade… like someone flashing a mirror towards the sun from Pluto’s place?

      I always feel more alone when I’m with someone or in groups than I do on my own.
      During the 3 year drought, I only ever felt lonely ONCE!!

      With a Asc and Lilith in Cap, I feel stronger and more capable on my own.

      Must get Bitchcraft to read up on Cap Lilith.

      • Lilith is conjunct my Toro Venus in 11th square Leo Uranus in 3rd…

        Yeah, no wonder I piss men off when I tell them off…lol

        You don’t own me and never will..

        I really don’t NEED you…got it luv?

        Yes, the drought Scorpy. I cried one time some years ago about being alone and have carried on since…To be a loner is not “a badge of honor” but some who see thru this reality are quite solitary because the world is full of shit…Creative shit…but shit…lol

        I mean just today I wondered how many times you can revamp some fashion crap and food crap…Okay, I can put a zipper up my ass diagonally or sideways and remix the spices…

        Soz, I sound like a bitch today lol

        • And NDNA has Venus in Pisces trine Neptune in Scorp…

          I mean when I read his chart and that Venus in Pisces like to be needed (sans Mystic perhaps and her Aqua Rising and even the Aqua’s Sun opposite Uranus..but of course we humans have needs)…

          But still I was like “oh hell, this could be difficult”… lol

          • hey Sweetpea, my last great love was with an Aqua with Venus in Pisces. He was quite loving and demonstrative for an Aqua….

            hey I just realised the line you’ve been quoting from the Virgo twins might resonate for Scorpbot atm re: her Katakan.

            “I won’t treat you like you’re typical”

            I’ve been singing it too ๐Ÿ™‚

          • oh dear Sweetpea – “Pisces like to be needed” … Katakan has Pisces NN. Double the neediness. Throw in Toro rising sensualist, cuddles etc etc and it’s just… well, not my cup of tea ๐Ÿ˜

            • Well, he does sound a bit heavenly tho…But yes, some of us gals have THINGS TO DO and we have not time to tarry ๐Ÿ˜‰

              Both the THT and NDNA are karmic and thats okay.

              • The NDNA did show sensitivity but when I called out the truth things got ugly.

                I am too strong for him quite frankly and I am NOT going to feel guilty because I am not some mousey little thing.

                I did not walk this path since my twenties to give in to others illusions.

        • Ah no worries Sweetpea. Pluto on my progressed sun in Cap & natal Cap Lilith and I’m permanently bitched up! Don’t get me started on my shit list. Mars in Virgo loves a list ๐Ÿ™‚ My moon in Saggo in 11th squares Uranus. I hear you!! Always saying that too! – “I don’t NEED you!… and don’t fence me in”

      • Was angsting for weeks over going to a wedding on my own. Last wedding i went to I got very worked up about it so decided to get some help and take a friend. to this one despite having to ask.
        My couple friends don’t understand what its like to be single in a couples world. Anyhoo it was lovely and being a third wedding it wasn’t too schmaltzy. But glad its over. i used to love going to weddings in my 20’s now so jaded and jealous too in a way. Feeling little sensitive today.. will just sit with it today and hug myself.

        • aww LG .. hugs..

          times like that I sometimes (if i am up to it) go there and just bask in all the couple-y love – i sort of attend in ‘appreciation mode’ – ” look at all these loved up peeps, that’s for me, one day”

      • I don’t get lonely either Scorpbot – only once I remember being lonely in the 5 years since I separated and that was about being in an intense friendship with someone needy. It rubbed off I think. So my theory is you’re only lonely if you’re thinking that your needs are to be met by others. Much better to understand that you can meet your own needs.

        love your gravatar, it suits you ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Why thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I like it too.

          I like your theory! OMG! Katakan was telling me about a 4-year relationship he had post divorce and said they both got their needs met (I bet his was a mother figure ๐Ÿ™„ ) for the reason why it lasted so long. FOUR years is a LONG time for that, surely!
          I don’t look to get my needs met from a partner – not counting sex of course ๐Ÿ™‚
          Wouldn’t mind sharing my life with someone though. Two loners together is my ideal. I need some time alone first though. Damn it! Saturn’s transiting my 10th and I’m super ambitious at the moment. The relationship is consuming all my time. Grrrrr. I need time to think!!!

      • Oh Scorpy, I love your Cap Asc/Lilith!!
        I am grandwater trine plus nn in 7th.
        Aries rules my 11th, plus the sexy loner lilith, BUT I LOVE a partner to feel good.
        I admit it. I am not a Love Zombie though!
        Just.. inclined to being part of a one on one.
        Still would love to have your Cap Asc/Lilith for a day.

        • Hey Sexy Loner poncho-wearing ๐Ÿ™‚

          My 7th is empty ๐Ÿ™‚

          I wouldn’t mind having a partner. Just don’t think I’ve met the right one yet.

          You can’t have a Cap Asc/Lilith for a day. Saturn’s rules. Only available for a life time ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

          • My Lilith is Uranian… you know what she thinks of Saturn’s rules ๐Ÿ™‚ . Nah, Saturn is always right re the rules.
            My 12 is empty and ruled by Taurus.

            I find it so odd as I am Neptune’s bitch if anything.

  16. Just bought this after reading the post! My question is – which is more important, to read the sign or the house? My lilith is in taurus but in the 12th house… so i read the pisces / 12th house… it seemed more real… but then the taurus one seemed pretty relevant too…
    Great book!

  17. A great read as always MM.
    My little niece is having her birthday next Saturday and she embodies the spirited ways of Lilith. She is nuts for owls at the moment too.
    Learning to nurture your Lilith and that she’ll always have your back. Thank you Mystic for yet another valuable insight.

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