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Malika Favre

That’s Leo In as in like Lean In, geddit?  So, okay we need to step back and acknowledge the effort Leo/Leo Rising peeps are having to put in to maintain Full Fab at the moment. Yes Mars in Leo, a massive augmentation of Awesome. Nothing says strength, guts and discipline like a Mars tour-of-duty through your sign…or Rising Sign.

But for our Leo (and Aqua, for that matter) this schizz is evoking not-so-fond nostalgia for their Love Zombie era, a phase including some of (or encompassing all of) 1998 to 2011.  And…

Cesare Saccaggi Semiramis

Every time a Leo puts him/herself out in Full Fab mode at the mo, there is Saturn bitching about grounding, foundations, funding and flossing. Psychologically, Leo wants to be a King/Queen of Babylon, all Pagan Splendor and companion spirits of some power. But they fear it’s more like…

You Owe Me A Feeling

Solution: Get out and get some fresh air in your mane. A.k.a. perspective. Aerate your consciousness. A Leo is nothing without a song in the heart – what’s your theme tune this weekend?  Hey you can answer that even if you’re not a Leo, Leo Rising, whatever.   With Mars in Leo near asteroid Eros we will ALL be needing a soundtrack, something that says NEW MOVIE.   Fuq analyzing the credits of the last one.

Nomad Tanzania


Top – Malika Favre
2nd: Queen Semiramis of Babylon by Cesare Saccaggi
3rd: Friedrich Kunath – You Owe Me A Feeling
Bottom: Nomad Tanzania


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136 thoughts on “Leo-In

  1. I definitely needed to read this! This leo has not been feeling very ferocious and fabulous as of late. Time to take the new soundtrack concept quite literally and overhaul my current music playlists to something that will help me charge forward instead of dwelling on the past.

  2. Nailed

    Leo Sun.
    Saturn Leo
    Mars in the 8th
    Pluto in the 12th

    Seems getting out of bed could improve upon a lot.

  3. love those images.

    “How to…” i wish someone had given me that book a long time ago. Still figuring it out. Daily scopes helping via constant exhortations to PLEASE START ON THOSE CHANGES NOW – NOW IS THE TIME – YOU CAN DO IT (thanks MM).

    mountain of clean laundry ever-growing. I stare blankly at it and continue to do nothing. Urge to erase every post I have ever put on facebook is strong right now. It’s some kind of effacement of identity thing happening. Is this pluto gathering speed, opposite my 1st house? The feeling [“I just want to get rid of all this shit, I don’t care if it exists any more, it’s not relevant”] is simmering away underneath than bursting through in an orgy of deletings and throwings-out. Will I just know when to do that? Perhaps I can manifested this with impetus from merc rets in my 5th passing over uranus 3x. will I … regret this? I have visions of me wearing all-black, super-lean, freeclimbing some gnarly overhang in the south of france, being all hardcore n stuff. hmm.

      • i know!! you are right..
        but it looks like my clothes are staging a sit-in on my bed. Protest movement. Occupy Bed.

        • Mazzy Star huh. Fade Into You, A love zombie anthem. heh. but a gorgeous song.

          My Aqua ruled, lower legs, ache, .I think I’ve had just about enough of Mars blasting me in poignant places. Mars at 17º Leo the other day, squared my Neptune and trined my Jupiter. Wow. Complete physical exhaustion. Moon dark starts anytime now as far as I’m concerned. No need to rush . . . just need to sleep (off the last 7 months and start again). Venus, Saturn and the Northnode all ganged up together on top of my Pars Fortunae other day, the significance of which kinda passed me by, but as it turns out destiny’s wheels got some grease. I think Pluto going direct, and the last lunation of the year all conspired . . . . Mars trine Jupiter, square Neptune? I think that’s a bit cruel really. Gonna have to watch that space.

          • yes, that’s a good ole LZ song isn’t it… 🙂
            love to sleep off the last pile of months and start again too.. that’s a great idea. Wake up and none of this happened. I suppose that’s pluto for you. You get to reincarnate yourself, but in this life.

            that mars square sounds a bit crunchy. hope you’ve made it through ok. x

    • Weirdness Pi, I’m just going to mention this because I know you like Marie Forleo too. I had the laundry sitch going on too, and it was a fairly recent Marie TV video on the topic of follow-through/people that start millions of things and never finish them that got me inspired to stop leaving all the small apparently insignificant things (like putting laundry away) unfinished, as a practise to stop leaving all the large and significant things in my life unfinished. NFI if that is any help to you or not!

      Also, totally get the deletion orgy thing. I get that urge regularly all over the place (blogs, forums, facebook, even my not online stuff – artworks, writing, is not safe when I’m in destruct-o-mode). My only regret with deleting anything is that I can’t go back and find out what was happening in my life on a certain date (a practise which can be very handy for analysing potential triggering transit effects!)

      I’ll shut up now 😀

      • no thats a good point and funny enough, it was in my mind today – just finishing one thing help to clear the blockade on my to do list. that’s one less thing to think about. and i think that momentum of ‘finishing things’ is scalable no matter how small it is still important. being a starter of multiple things, the finishing and letting go becomes vital.. xxx ps never shut up 🙂

      • and yes although i am (also) prone to journalling on any scrap of paper /notebook i can find, and i LOVE writing and re-reading my brain from back-when … but even if I wanted to go to September 2010 for more detail [lol. sept 2010 was reconnect with Teen-Years Lover Adonis Toro triggered giant LZ pattern research and clearance over about 6 months…i digress ] then I wouldn’t know where to start looking, eek…the shredder is calling… hmm. anyway now I’LL shut up. x

        • OMG that was also saturn over pluto and IC into 4th house and …so much other stuff…. *lost in thought*

  4. If I had a night of just reading through this blog and had a shot for every flippin Leo post… I’d have like 2 on the first page already!

    • Seriously? We counted them a while back (there is a category for each sign in the drop down menu on the right, so easy to keep tab if you want the gig?) and redressed the balance already AND if you read the post it is about more than just Leo…it segues into Leo Rising, also Aqua, Aqua Rising and then ALL the signs getting a new soundtrack, a la Mars in Leo.

      • Considering that I’ve been a long-time follower of this blog, it was indeed a joke. Tho, I didn’t mean it to come off so negatively? Nothing wrong with favoritism.

        • Ahhhm… No.
          There was the whole shebang on posts about Leo’s and your last sentence please shut up, there is no favouritism just interesting posts. Don’t hate. Not needed.

      • What was that in Feng Shui Your Wallet? Buy only what you love and believe in? I don’t want to keep believing in someone who’ll snap at people who’ve been with and admired her for years over something that is true. (And just after I finally get a job AND have money to spend on leisure.)

        I was calling that out to keep you honest, trying for a bit of humor, but I now realize that I may have been out of line. But I don’t think your attitude, nor that of Miss Rawr, were called for. Again, I’m sorry if I offended, but I don’t feel welcome here anymore and I’ll act accordingly.

        • Steph, I don’t think you should take it so hard. Sometimes it’s hard to read context in posts. I didn’t think Mystic was out of line considering she didn’t realise you were making a joke.

          I read Rawrs comment was completely thinking ‘eh, wtf? She said she was joking so that wasn’t called for.’

          Storm in a teacup, try not to let it get to you. x

        • hey i wasn’t snapping!

          But i don’t keep track of “sign mentions” – i do a lot of writing & don’t have the time. Plus it is not like journalism where you strive for “equal reporting” or something.

          Blog wise, i just obey my intuitive flow & right now i’m feeling the Mars in Leo butting up against the Scorpio energy…

          now if you notice the horoscopes getting uneven – like every scope is for Leo, def let me know – but the blog is kind of fun & as-is.

          but sorry u r offended – i didn’t think i said anything offensive!

        • Hey sorry if I made you felt that way I was just annoyed about this topic of some signs getting more recognition then others when I feel that isn’t entirely true. Sorry about the attitude it just annoys me and to see yet another comment about Leo’s being favouritised made my response a bit narkey. Apologies on my behalf x

          • it annoys me too, Mysts just posted something heaven and people get annoyed that it isn’t about them or something? That’s what it comes across as anyway. People probably don’t mean it to sound like that I guess. Peevish and weirdly negative, and hilarious because there are fifty bajillion zinillion people of every sign in the world, a million awesome posts on every sign here, and ninety eight katrillion leos to be weirdly annoyed with for getting two more jellybeans than them. It makes me feel sad that’s a comment mystic gets when she writes her astrological flow magic, like she sang her mystical song and just got this irritable heckle lol/ Theres toad-loads of love for everyone here! Everyone got a bit of Leo somewhere even if its only imaginary like mine! Don’t feel unwanted and shit! xoxox

            • See that’s my point ^ MM posts are just so cleverly put together and offers such amazing insights especially when the astro is rough.

              She provides really valuable insights which is the main reasons why people keep coming back to this site.

              So instead of some intellectual and casual convos about the topics there are posts about favouritism or something petty like that.

              And that’s why I also found it annoying its like you’re having a whinge because it’s not about you?


    • it is my personal theory that the leo posts stick out because LEOS stick out. While other signs can fade in memory Leos just don’t… people I’ve known with lots of planets in Leo shine on in my memory.

      anyway, you made a comment, mystic responded, is that any reason to leave this community? I did not sense bad attitude from the comment, you are blowing this out of proportion.

  5. Funny! My ex’s bro, also my biz partner once upon a time (well technically still) just asked me to meet him & the gang in Thailand next month.
    I had just woken up & he wanted Skype video. His mistake, lol.

    SaggEx & I lasted ’99 – 2004. Sadly I was a zombie for all of that time & then some.

    So I asked, is yr bro gonna be there? Cos asking my in-laws to mind kids so I can holiday with my ex is gonna be unreal.

    Anyways, he probs won’t be there.
    Regardless, as my Gem guy can’t come, or my kids, hm no. Plus, it feels so.. School reunion naff. Or like analysing old movie credits – clever MM. 🙂
    Que sera todo fresca y nueva!
    Tio Saturno has other stuff for me to work on juicier than this shizz.

  6. “It Feels Better Biting Down” by Lorde is nailing the hard work, guts, and intense Scorp vibe.

    What is it- Dec 21, 2014, we get start in with “Zippidee Doo Dah”? There must be an app with a transit countdown feature. . . .

  7. As a Leo with Scorpio rising, who recently left a relationship of 12 years and is now living back with her parents with 2 kids, this is what I needed to read today. I’ve found myself not only dissecting my marriage, but the relationships preceding it – why the hell did I break up with him? He was perfect! So much better than who I married! Aaaarrrrhhhh!!!!!

    My soundtrack – JT’s 20/20.

  8. Leo (3rd) is an empty house so on occasion I find it a bit mystifying that I can relate quite strongly to some of the Leo stuff and I also have the same thing with Libra (5th) often, another empty house. Still Aqua MC and Asteroid central with Lilith, Pallas and Juno and have been questing for something different musically for a while and bored with a whole lot of stuff quickly even after beginning by being interested. Nothing is hitting that sweet spot. Strangely enough both times I’ve typed whole tonight it’s been hole?!? A message non?

  9. what transit caused the Leo/Aqua LZ orgy of 1998-2011?

    ah, I’m listening to Bon Iver, I almost didn’t put music on today – felt aurally imposing, and like I needed a rest. Something soothing was in order 🙂

  10. Anyone else feeling restless and procrastinating majorly? Getting dressed and motivated today difficult. Sagittarius Pisces rising ,Moon progression into Gemini. Today.Life’s been pretty sweet of late despite a horrendous August. New member of family welcomed on Wed all good. Have been really productive- no LZ s episodes nothing then suddenly Bam feel like I am stuck in wet cement moving in slow motion.

  11. My prog Asc is in Leo at the moment, but I’m rather enjoying the Mars transit. Abs of steel are back and butt doesn’t look like a pancake hanging half way down my legs. It’s all good as far as I’m concerned!

    Weird you mention theme tune for the weekend. Was having a discussion with a muso friend this arvo about songs that make you happy, and I declared “Groove Is In The Heart” by Deee Lite to be my happy song this weekend. (No fuqing idea why, but that’s what came into my head and what I wanted to listen to – fits with your Leo theme though!)

    • It was a week or so ago and bang I was struck by my inner DJ. The song was Stone Me Into The Groove by Atomic Swing. I always thought the lyric was stone me into the blue. Because I prefer how it sounds and I love me a 90’s woo.

      • Your lyric comment gave me a flashback to my salad days (before the internet, when no one knew the lyrics unless the band included them with the record/tape…), my drunken flatmates always singing along to Cold Chisel with “I left it all behind for my cheap wine and three bread rolls…”

        • Yes the memories. Would shit me when artists would use the wrong colours to print on a black background, making it impossible to decipher.
          I think you’ll find that lyric ends with a chiko roll.

    • Hey, you guys reminded me that trans Mars is now in my Progressed Leo 1st house. It’s in my natal third still loosely conjunct Uranus. And yes, conjunct Progressed Uranus/Leo Asc.

      Another words, a bitch on all fronts 🙂 …..(not really).

      Kataka condo mate feeling the heat of the ZZ I’m afraid (at work and financially), so I bought him some emergency back up laundry soap and bleach and gave him a little box of instant lemonade that I had.

      OMG, bought a pc on sale yesterday $50 off. Salesman said you get what you pay for and omg, what a piece of crap! lol

      The space bar has to be pressed really firm then it goes ape and scrolls on a whim or kicks you off yourpagealtogether.I am laughing so hard I have tears.This thing is nuts.15 day return policy..uh yeah.

  12. Listening to Lorde’s ‘Team’

    I’m kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air, so there
    So all the cups got broke shards beneath our feet but it wasn’t my fault
    And everyone’s competing for a love they won’t recieve
    Cause what this palace wants is release

    – and yes 1998 when the zombie was unleashed in various degrees . Ugh.

    Have discovered this week that people have been very wary of me. Even when I offer a genuine thank you for their help I get back dismissive “whatever” reaction like they think if they dont walk away I’m going to try and sell them religion/ gym membership or a stake knife set.

    Now, normally I’m ascerbic and it comes with the territory. But lately I’ve been trying this polite thing and its just not working out.

    • I feel you babe! I have been going for ‘equanimity’ or at least consciously slowing down my speech. Gem guy says I fritz people’s frequencies with the intensity. Moon in Scorp of course.
      Where’s yr moon doll?

        • that is such a Leo statement.xx. people either love or hate us. Either way we want everybody to love us and really don’t care deep down as we know how loveable we are. Cue Pink song

      • I know that frothy mouth syndrome and emails – I have to work on them over and over aaagh. Thats why I love talking to other interupters coz i get them. Most peeps find it rude With 2 Moon in gem sons’ life is non stop chatter here.

        • Amazing boys! My frothy sis has Moon in Gem, I find it adorable, but yeah, it can be a moon that builds walls out of words too. But hooray for the interrupters!

  13. One of my soul sisters gets this all the fuqing time. She’s tall, strong, fit, fabulous and drop dead gorgeous – and so are you.

    These sort of comments say more about the fuqers who speak them than the person they are attempting to insult.

    Feel the love and fuq the haters. xxx

    (If it were me, I’d steal Lady Gaga’s line and tell them my clitoris is insulted, but I have no filter…)

    • Hey cat, I followed a couple of your posts about the guy who got married but was still contacting you. Is that the one you had to let go of brutal style?

      Had started a post to you that he sounded like an idiot lol but decided to keep my mouth shut.

      When I broke it off with someone years ago I told him off and hung up on him.

      “You are a parasite” etc,etc…

      • Wow, yes mega idiot. Suppose I would feel sorry for HER…Sounds like he is a real winner.

        One time a guy was honest with me up front about his other and I truly did appreciate it as it gave me an opportunity to make the choice to say no thank you.

        “Emo volatility”…I know. Just love how that gets turned around as when I got upset because the Next Door Neighbor Aqua denied every single thing I pointed out and argued to defend himself. And denied and denied and argued and argued. No wonder his wife dumped his ass. But I wasn’t supposed to get upset see..but do think had I not had any wine I would have not cussed him out and slammed his front door…lol

        His ex is now free as you are, yay!
        So sorry he hurt you.

        Onward and upwards for the lot of us ladies!

        • Catt mentioned karma…

          My way of learning has been that people come along to help us heal what we need to heal on an emotional level.

          Karma is just suppressed energy stored in the Soul body as textures and feelings. It originally was not able to find fulfillment of it’s motion and so peeps come along to help us work thru/trigger that stuff. My teacher said we set it up with others before we embody.

          In that way I can let go of the anger once I harp on it a bit 😉

          • And so this also means that when I saw the Aqua and ignored him, in my mind I said “fuq you”…

            Cuz I did… 😆

            Have no doubt with his Cap Moon square my Sun and on our nodes and in the ZZ, we were probably married or something.
            Looks like we are not officially divorced yet in the emo realm.

            • BUT! There is one thing we can do towards the short cut to enlightenment.

              KNow I bleat on about this but meditate.

              In this we do what the Yogi’s and Masters say:

              “Roast the seeds of Karma” before they sprout.

              Which means you will then not have to play out the dramas.

              Obviously I have learned this first hand and the hard way. So much understanding clicked this past summer.

              Told my inner teachers I am the biggest idiot yet.

              However, we don’t always know what we will have to play out…Due to the seeds sprouting.

              Some things we will need to play out in order that we understand and gain wisdom.

              Not everything can be side stepped. It is only when we get lost in the illusion that we often turn within.

              Teacher said that religions are a convenient place for people to not want to take responsibility for their karma. I was told “you are not off the hook yet”.


              • Strangely, after posting earlier and I left, the Aqua drove by and waved.

                I didn’t give him a smile but I waved back. Time to surrender the crazy

                I’m still parking away this Saturday night as he doesn’t need to know my business..My ego says he doesn’t need to know if I’m home or not of if I went anywhere which is actually nowhere lol

  14. If it interests anyone, Dylan Penn & Robert Pattinson makes sense astro logically. His nn in Aries loves Aries chicks & he is Lunar Rising.
    She has Sun/Moon/Merc in Aries.

    Then she has NN in Cap which falls in his 7th conj his Mars. Plus her Venus is (just) conj his Sun. Cute!

  15. OH Gawd what awfulness is this!!!!

    I got so wounded today!!! emotionally!

    So confused by life, (maybe is saturn)(damn I havent stuck by my deal with saturn and bought a watch yet!!!)(maybe saturn is angry with me)

    I sent a message of openness and kindness and got an arrow in my heart…. a rejection…. and a projection all at once, rejected because of this persons projection… thats usually how they happen isnt it…

    So in between tears and wailing, I wonder why this is happening to me, what is my lesson in this… am i taking on this persons stuff, why is their weirdness effecting me so much it it is their stuff…

    Fear! thats it, fear of the future, fear of not being loved… pretty simple really…. lucky i have some awesome friends who have totally held my heart with tenderness today… for them I am eternally grateful….

    practicing ho’oponopono…..

    i love you, i forgive you, i love you, i forgive you i love you i forgive you…..

      • Thanks for the support andro…. I find wishing love the best thing to do with someone who dosnt want to resolve an issue, that leaves a big wound…. I wish lloving kindness and compassion on myself also….

        This person is saying they think I judge them and cause them anxiety… But there is no instance that has been recalled where I’ve judged them, I mean I get were all making judgements/observations all the time… I don’t feel I judge this person negatively… For example I’ve never judged this person and thought ” they are bad because of this this and this” but they’ve now said I’m not welcome in a shared space which dosnt belong to them anyway but to a mutual relation… Not their place to say that, but of course the wound of saying that to me is greater than my need to be there, I’d prefer to sleep on the street than be where I am resented or viewed as a horrible person. I suspect this person is unwell in someway, projecting their pain on to me… But goddamn its just had a massive effect on my reality!!

      • haha Andy


        I know that feeling is not fun (rejection). At the end of the day I wish the person who had rejected me well. It has taken quite some processing tho as you just sort of have to “eat it” and it hurts and pisses you off.

  16. Thanx mystic. I’m so thankful that mazzy star released their first album in 17 years.. That means I was 7! This has been rough but I’ve found that I am getting into a better routine. Love zombie mode and all. Hygiene has recently been the main focal point of my life. I am constantly squeaky clean. Leo with Aqua rising, I am feeling this! I know a lot of things feel like a battle right now but I sort of can sense a silver lining. Hang in there Leos and aquas!

  17. You know Freud was a Toro too? 😯 I pray it isn’t the same day as yr trifecta of turbulence there, xx. What house does Toro cover in yr chart?

    • Mercury ruling the 6th and having the Gem/Saturn square is interesting too.
      That learning is being really deeply brought to yr attention in this life.

      Taurus ruling your 6th must be fabulous for work ethic and gleaning tangible results with Saturn there though.
      Nice combo of all the earth signs in that sense – Virgo House, Taurus Ruled with Capricorn’s planet sitting there. Again reinforcing Mercury in such a powerful way. Circe gives extra wings surely.

  18. We’re two of a kind, Leo and I, but goddam it it’s hard to talk it over. Maybe I’m too austere for them to appreciate my awesome, and for me, being out and proud is not where I’m at. I’m looking for you Leo but your giving me the speil and it just pisses me off. The Leo’s in my life have been stewing on some hard lessons but learning heaps about the things they never noticed before. Uranus in Aries sq your suns must be tricky but there is a way forward there too.

    • “Leo’s in my life have been stewing on some hard lessons but learning heaps about the things they never noticed before.”

      So true

  19. Leo 6th house, Aqua 12th. Born with both empty, save my Lilith in Aqua.

    So much of my astro recently has been saying, “Get out there & mingle! Socialise!” but that contradicts what is realistically possible. I mean, I’m in a hard neck brace & can’t drive for another four weeks (it’s ten miles into town from here: im not walking it). Only just now am I allowed to bathe with water again (after 2 weeks post op). As you know my chart is 90% water so I have surface tension for days; a bit of soap & a rinse will be good on me.

    I’ve made productive use of Mars transiting my 6th, & will keep plowing through of course. I have little grasp of what’s happening in my 12th/how my 12th figures in here.

    My dreams have been full of new situs: new house, new job, new cities. Definitely the physiological fix on my spinal cord is resulting in improved energy flow & the astro is complimentary. So psychically I’m feeling the good flux, but ustill my physical state keeps me in a holding pattern. Waiting is my least favorite thing in the world, but the bulk of my days over the last seven years has been just that: waiting. Planning, dreaming, scheming, plotting– waiting. Seven years of hard slog for a few crumbs & still no closer to a finish line. Thats what it feels like, looks like, anyway.

    I wrote all this shiz here last year at this time, when i was recuping from surgery & couldnt walk! See: that’s what I’m talking about, this holding pattern. I sound like a broken record, that’s been the last seven years.

    The last seven years can go fuq itself! I am ready for *new* five years ago. So ridiculous.

  20. Your beautiful back will adore bathing again. Kundalini up yr spine, ripples of sweet life. I am a bath addict, filling it up with oils and crystals till I float away. 🙂

    Are you not in a holding pattern but possibly in transition to something?

    • Xx Andro

      We’re on a road to nowhere
      Come on inside…

      Yep the kundalini’s been freed up a bit. Just a bit tho: I have an even worse spot of cord compression in my thoracic spine. It’s the thoracic interference that accounts for the loss of feeling in my legs & my history of falls, why I fell last Sept & broke my leg. WAITING for my neck to heal so my thoracic can be operated on!! Then I’ll WAIT for my thoracic to heal before I can do anything fuqing useful or productive again!!

      It’s making me sick today, all this non-movement! It’s not for trying: I’ve made lots of accomplishments over these last seven years, have been working my ass off despite so many obstacles. But for all the slog, same as it ever fuqing was!

      Thanks, Andro. I’ve been listening to a lot of Talking Heads lately, does it show? Even my disc skips :/ Jupiter trine Sun? Whatever. Dont think I can be budged today.

      • Thanks, Cattiva. Yes: total shite. If I could spin shite to gold I’d be sitting on a fortune– now *that* would cheer me up! x

        • Me too. It’s like, I want to be supportive because I am interested, but I also feel keenly I don’t want to say something that isn’t useful to Scorp Inc as it would be really annoying.
          Don’t want to be pollyanna or diminish the intensity of the experience of ‘stuckness’ that Scorpy is feeling, but want to see what will happen as I don’t know, it all seems very powerful given Scorpy is so powerful. Like SOMETHING is going to result from this, something amazing, even if it is something that can’t be put into words on this plane of reality.

          Anyway, Scorpy, please keep sharing yr observations, your perspective is so inspiring!! xx.

  21. I’m writing my own music at the moment. Had a jam with a couple of friends recently and heard a couple of my songs come to life. That was beautiful.

    Yeah it’s been tough for the past aeon or so. Neptune in Aqua coincided with my marriage almost to the day. Unpicking all of that has been very very hard but I’m in a good place now. Interestingly of all the changes I’ve made lately, the one that has brought me the biggest mojo boost was finding a new conditioner. The first time I used it I knew life was looking up. I felt real joy 🙂 That’s the beauty of Leo rising. Plus I got the best eyebrow wax of my life today. New therapist in new neighbourhood is a genius. I’m Leo rising and Mars is fueling my vanity. I’ts been so long since I felt anything near attractive.

    • what ever happened to the lost love?

      Congrats on the transition away from faux marriage, you’ve really freed yourself from a hard place. Been a journey just to read about it here…

      • Hey Veronica thanks for asking about it. I found out that my ex husband had been reading my diaries for years. He knew all about my relationship with the other guy and never told me. He must have been reading along as it happened. He wouldn’t say why he did this nor why he didn’t confront me at the time. The ex also sent an anonymous letter to my lover’s house- the ex wouldn’t tell me when or if that was the only thing he had done. I can only hope my lover’s wife didn’t read the letter because he and I had done the right thing by ending our relationship.
        I’m certain I will never hear from my lover again. His family was always his first priority, and he probably blames me for my ex finding out.
        I can only hope his wife and family weren’t hurt because I tried so hard to do the right thing at huge emotional cost to myself.
        For me the important thing was to get away from my ex as quickly and as completely as possible. God only knows how many violations of my privacy there were over 15 years. He is Scorp rising, lo Scorp. Vengeance is his special skill.
        So I take the lessons (and there were many), try to forgive myself for my part in the sorry mess, and move on.

        • neptune is a strange animal and I still have trouble figuring it out [that’s neptune for you].

          Music is a great healer / saviour and I can’t live without it. So happy that you have put some songs together 🙂

          I’m glad that you feel freer now. xxxooo

          • Totally agree re music, dear Pi – it has been my saviour. My lover awoke my long dormant love for music/performing so I have a lot to thank him for.
            The whole thing was outer planet power at its “best”. My lover was Neptune on my Venus while Saturn squared my moon. I was Pluto on my lover’s Sun/Venus 7th house conjunction and Saturn on his moon. Now Saturn is pummeling my ex with loss after loss and consequence after consequence, and Pluto’s on his sun too. Pluto through my 5th heading to my moon-Lilith next year has stripped me of everything but I am now starting to see what is left after the fire. xxx

  22. Wow! I literally made a conscious decision (maybe last weekend or Monday?…) to switch up my music and have been listening all week to music that just makes me happy (and feel very different…)

    And, that lion photo is just amazing. Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe it.

    • Agree with the Lion photo! That’s why I love the Leo posts – just to see the photos of Lions OR the lovely text image of Shelley;s ‘rise like lions after slumber…’

      Having my progressed sun newly in Leo, I’m looking forward to embracing the proud fire. And fab hair.

  23. the sad truth is people are fucking morons living binary gender stereotypes so old you could carbon date it. I’m also tall and when I was a very fit lady I would get the tranny thing when I went out with my even taller German lesbian friend because we wore heels. When I was living in Melbourne I had a car of boys scream faggots at me and my then boyfriend. Body builder and circus girls get this because you break their dumb ass pink and blue door code. The problem with being strong is when you don’t fucking feel like it there seems to be a wall of morons in your space. Flip the bird and keep dancing x

    • “Flip the bird and keep dancing.” Love your work, Ms. This is so brilliant I think Mystic should co-opt it as an Oracle answer. x

    • you’re all good homegirl x

      but seriously, fuck them. You don’t have time to deal with this shit. its not even yours

      mold breakers always have the uncool task of idiot response

  24. omg thats awful! Well done for keeping your cool! I just have to butt in and say I’m %5000000000000 SURE this happens when you femme it up, some of these muggles aren’t used to the glamour women these au naturel tracky dack days, and they really have only ever seen the full lippy, swishy hair, glam dress vava voom on a drag queen. Like if they saw Marylin or Rita Hayworth they’d say the same thing. Its quite straaaaaange. the bean heads xoxox

  25. My current soundtrack includes:
    Led Zepplin’s Cashmere- played by a local cello group is dark and intense.

    Chumba Wumba: that “I get knocked down but I get up again” song has lateley been my daily mantra.

    The first 30 seconds of Motley Cure’s “Dr. Feelgood” about 4 times in a row on the way in to work to get ready for what has been an intense, multiple fear and demon battling time.

    Feeling it – Leo sun-venus-merc- mars; Scorp Rising.

  26. Shields up and deflecting, Captain! Big encounter last night w/ a Zap Zone Maenad crazed mom- raging, estranged from her teen son- threats, rants, accusations re: curfew broken- wow. She’s about a 12 degree Libra Sun- I think Leo Moon- all that transit Leo stuff is on my Uranus- 9th house. Qi Vamp threats to call police- it was like Peeves on crack. Cleared kids of accusations- she started a new rant about curfew-I hung up. Wish cell phones had a button to “slam” like those 1950s heavy desk phones! Hah!!! Moon was about 29 Cancer – warped mothering- potent degree- square my Libra Moon during this- plus Merc clearing same degree of Libra-

    Transit Asteroid Toro on my Libran Venus-I was in Bring it Bitch mom mode. This Detroit girl has plenty of street left in her. LOL! Then I realized I was wasting breath with a vampire- and cut the link!

    Her son has about 7 degree Libra Sun- and lots of Saggo – never lets on about his mom- lives with dad. Gave up his cell to carve her out of his life. So sad but can’t blame him.

    Irony- did clearing toxic emotions class for 6 hours Saturday- still took the bait but didn’t get reeled in! LOL!!

    xx to Mystic and this awesome community!!


  27. Leo moon at 7* in the 12th house.
    I have been sicky. so sick the other night that I vomited for the first time in years.

    Insomnia big time last night, l didn’t fight it and read my fantasy book for a couple of hours.

    Dreamed of a bat this morning, then woke up in the dream into another dream with a bat. I freaked out because it was put into the bed with me. I am not afraid of them in real life.
    What does that mean?

    Then got a sex migraine, burst out crying and had to stop everything in deep pain. Taurus love was super understanding and comforting.

  28. Aqua Sun, here. No Leo in chart save for ‘part of fortune’.

    I love the metaphor of a ‘new soundtrack’. Music is my best therapy!

    Was just listening to this last night and it is GOOD! New Moby album called ‘Innocents’..


    I love the new soundtrack idea because it dovetails with a LZ situation I had for many years regarding a former favorite band. Moving on!!!!

    There has been some epic new music out there lately, time to dive into it!

    Another good one……anyone like Pink Martini..? Here they are singing with Rufus Wainwright, the classic song ‘Get Happy (Happy Days)’..


    My MM subscription expired, and unfortunately I won’t be able to afford to renew until next month, but I will keep reading the blog until then…..miss you!

  29. OH my. Sorry you had a jealous moment. I can understand that. I went through hell with the last serious one and stupid crap with the last casual one, so really appreciate my dearest.

    I am feeling better now just run down, thank you.

    The bat thing was weird. I pulled it out of a box with other dead bats. I realized I had almost killed it, but it was still alive. It was happy to see me and had given up just before that. It slid out of my hands onto a pillow then down, but was ok. I turned to get water wondering how to care for it.
    Then I awoke(or thought I did) in my position, in my spot, in my bed. Someone was entering my room. I turned to see my dad. He was smiling and holding his hands together. He laid this bat next to me and I was telling him not to. I got scared, pushing back from it. He kept smiling as he stood up and backed away and said congradulations. I freaked out, started crying, saying why and how could you(about putting the bat in bed with me). I knew I wasn’t afraid of them, but couldn’t stop my reaction. I REALLY awoke then jerking back.

    Think the headache is tired, been sick with 3 different things for a week and a half, the first being dehydration.

    • Just realized……Transiting sun is exactly on my natal pluto and sextiling my natal moon…..Bat dream seems apt.

  30. This was sooooooo GOOD! I now have a new song and I am on my way out for a 6 mile walk! ROAR!!!!

  31. Not sure how I missed this. Anyway, yes. Leo sun, Scorp asc, with Saturn still in my 12th and about to hit my asc. I was sick all last week. Coughing-up-a-lung sick. So, makes sense.