Geminis: A Parallel Universe Unto Themselves

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Ian McKellan

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)


Walt Whitman – Gemini (of course).


Why oh WHY do Geminis seem so perma-distracted?  As if you can never quite win their full attention? It is because they are always in conversation with themselves.  They feel their twin keenly. They really are a parallel universe unto themselves. Exhibit A, Ian McKellen – this is not a Leo moment in the mirror, there is no comfort from that flash bulbed mirror, it is a dialogue, a data exchange.  Exhibit B, Naomi Campbell. Geminis won’t hesitate to take themselves off the hook to get some quality time with their twin self.


Naomi Campbell telephone off hook

Images: Ian McKellan – no source – Naomi Campbell Gustavo Papaleo

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102 thoughts on “Geminis: A Parallel Universe Unto Themselves

  1. Yeah, we are a more classic definition of the narcissist than the Leo – except we always see ourselves with apprehension – inspecting. Not vanity. Checking we are who we are five minutes ago 😉

      • I agree – lots of acute self awareness with Geminis. What do you expect? We’re both very curious and insanely interesting – of course we get sucked in! Life and persona become one big experiment under constant observation and manipulation. Maybe that’s why we come off as sociopaths…

  2. I have a stellium in Scorpio in my third house, ruled by Gemini; so everyone talks at once, intensely, and continuously.

    I also have an entire other alternate existence which I don’t talk about because I don’t want to be sectioned. I, too, contain multitudes….

    People think *this* plane of my reality is exhausting. Ha !

    • “. . . this is not a Leo moment in the mirror, there is no comfort from that flash bulbed mirror, it is a dialogue, a data exchange”

      I’ve been a little haunted by the reaction to MM’s Gemini post, which ‘felt’ initially like a cautious intake of breath. Whew.

      I responded with excitement and warmth to this photo and love your reaction, Lux. I haven’t acted; but, have a close young friend who has extensive training. . . I felt this photo captured a powerful moment of trying to find the essence of the character, to go there as truthfully as possible with the tools available to the actor, within one’s own person. Also, it seems a very private shared moment, and an example of deep work in which training and talent is at play. I was surprised by the reaction of others who saw this as narcissistic. I don’t get that read at all.

      But then, I’m 1st house Sun, Ascendent, Mercury [retrograde] in Gemini . . . you try doubling the twins and then keep all that dialogue to yourself 🙂 And about 6 huge things in 9th house Aquarius [I. e. Moon, Mars]. Venus in Cancer helps to warm it up and makes me love creating a nourishing home. Oh yeah, Saturn in Scorpio Nice. no breaks 🙂 But, I’m just learning and not knowledgeable about astro as so many on this blog. Pls forgive my misperceptions due to that lack.

      The mental flight disparaged here and there in the posts – there is such a richness in it to be tapped. I would hope that the Gems in the crowd appreciate this for the gift that it can be. Our instant-news, sound-byte, skim-the-surface world can diminish or disparage the thinking life. We all lose so much in this devaluation, or even critical discouragement. It takes diving in deep to that intellectual world, taking in the data and letting it incubate, not knowing the treasures which will be brought to the surface. But, they certainly will be treasures. I believe.

      I was saddened by reactions to the artistry presented here – such revealing, vulnerable moments with depth – considered “narcissism, lack of empathy, etc.” And was touched by the “pure souls, lovely people” remarks . . . I can see how people might react to perceived coolness of the air signs; but, this airiness is often in service to those we love and cherish.


      • I think this is a typical reaction to people who don’t get Geminis (which seems like most people due to all the Gem-bashing I see here and elsewhere).

        But I am not, nor have ever been, unempathetic, narcissistic, sociopathic or shallow. And I’ve known very few Geminis who could be called any of those things.

        It takes a light touch with us but the rewards are huge.

  3. WHY are they perma-distracted?

    Because they are constantly surveying everything for possible stimulation. Daily existence can be torture for a gemini because they really are constantly bored and everyone pales in comparison to their superior brain. My sister is a very intelligent gemini, she is THE MOST HILARIOUS person in the world. The best flirt, the quickest tongue, edgy, sexy! Quick funny. It’s like living with Joan Rivers. As a libra I have a need to immediately express my thoughts and my sister ‘gets’ what Im saying 4 sentences in advance. if i talk for longer than a catchphase her eyes glaze and she gets aggitated. then i quiz her on if she was even listening at all..and miraculously she has articulated all of my musings within one acute insight. PURE genius.

    Of course by default of being the most stimulating person in the world, she naturally finds others boring. (She uses her friends life events as pedestrian gossip she can report back to me so we can laugh). Addicted to celebrity gossip – I find that after she reads celeb magazines her mind gets so overstimulated with the immediacy of its exposure that her mind get ‘short-circuited’ like temporary ADHD. (She is simultaneously the wisest, deepest person I know.) and then she gets her evil twin out – and she becomes bitchy dramatic emotional conflict- seeking sick of my outdated peaceful company. She manytimes just walks out the door certain that despite meeting a soulmate in me she has a secret twin out there, her ideal companion, and doesn’t need anybody. I have to directly ask for her good twin to come back out. And immediately withing her fitful tantrum she can just snap out of It in an instant and with a girlish giggle she is back to her loving self.

    Geminis – constantly asking questions, I don’t know if they are playing dumb or some postmodern construct – always questioning the authenticity of their knowledge – keeping their thoughts in a humble state of fluidity – as to not assume the omnipotence of the ‘genius’. Libras initially enjoy the opportunity to offer structured advice – but we tire of this over time. (Geminis never tire of asking commonsense questions however – and Libras take longer to learn the use of the word NO and continue to feed the gemini addiction)

    My sister feels sorry for Angelina Jolie’s character in girl interrupted (who angelina said in an interview she understood and related to completely) because she thinks the poor girl is just an under stimulated gemini. The character just wants soneone to ‘push her buttons’. Ie care enough about her to challenge and stimulate her through games of bullshit.

    My sis often worships me because Im the only one who calls her out on her bullshit and i talk her out of the ‘castles of sand’ and false ideologies she builds arounds herself and chooses to reside in. And Alternatively i am the only one who indulges her in her bullshit that she stirs even though I know it’s not real.

    Most signs wont understand what I’m talking about or understand the pure magic that is gemini. But Libras love their contradictions. If your a gemini my advice would be find a libra friend – you’ll have a lifelong companion with an ideal mental connection – who also gives you the stability you crave, and the admiration. If you’re a Libra – find yourself a funny gemini – and you’ll learn that laughter is the cure to all things – much more viable than worrying about potential outcomes- the stimulating conversations with a gemini is like moving poetry and are the most invigorating moments of life. Geminis give Libras a feeling of the carefree – which is an exquisitely freeing high. Souls searching with a gemini is meaningful too. But beware you will eventually become their codependant enabler at some stage (for addictions of some kind). After experiencing the best and the worst of a gem I am exhausted and would never marry one – these Peter Pans peak at 17 and you become their Mommy.

    • aww what a beautiful post….i’m a gemini, my mom and my younger sister are geminis too and you get us.

      aww what a nice sister story. <3

      i usually don't get along with libras but the one lady libra and the one guy libra friends i have i love cuz they get it.

    • Oh My Mystic and PureLibra I so identify with this all except the celebrity gossip bit-which I cannot stand. The odd thing is that I am a Sagg Sun, Scorp Rising and a Gemini Moon, but I had no idea I had so much Gemini in me as I actually get agitated if anyone tries to pin me down to a regular catch up or if they go on and on about the same old problem they have. The Scorp in me which is very strong as well-Scorp Venus, Neptune and Mercury-all in the 12th House-so I would prefer to cauterise the problem and get on with it. I do glaze over if people dont get to the point and can totally entertain myself with a conversation with myself!

      Hmm so I need to find a Libra? So far I have been attracted to Capricorns but they end up trying to control me and I run off, the Scorp was fascinating and so perfect if not for his Neptunian substance addiction. I did get up close and personal with a Gemini but very interesting though he was-I got impatient as he would go off the radar too often. Leo guys drive me batty as they are too sombre and negative(the ones I have met and considered). A Libra…..? Well, welll…where do I find them I wonder…don’t seem to come across too many of them in my circles-except for female academics. Hmm….

    • Oh, no, no, no! NOBODY is boring to Gemini. EVERYTHING is interesting. It’s stimulation saturation.

  4. Gem Asc here with a prominent Mercury …. ummmm. I’m not so much distracted as whizzing about like a fuqing maniac from one thing to the next – I tend to dart about. Am a huge multi-tasker. Just one thing going on makes me feel agitated. If I’m working I need music, or a text convo on the go or to be sitting in front of the computer at the same time. I can’t sit for more than an hour … so movies are constantly put on pause as I remember I have to send a quick email, make another coffee, update Facebook, clean the toilet.

    But I don’t tune into my logic brain anymore … I tune into my intuition. Works way better. Mercury brain is like snuffing up a fuq tonne of speed after 10 espressos and 24 hours with no sleep – hideous.

    • and yes I am a shocking flirt … I flirt with everyone. It’s not a sexual thing – most of the time. 😉

      • I have to say that in the realm of flirtation, Ive always wondered what it would be like to be a Gemini flirt. Your Mercury must come in SO handy juggling scenarios, innuendos, people, situations, etc. Basically talking circles around and over people’s heads, lol!

        • hahaha … well as Myst so often says, Gemini is the sign most often endowed with the Power Of Glib! …. a lot of it is being comfortable in your own skin enough to let the sparkly little Gem quips come skittering out of their own accord. It’s not something you think too much about …

      • Hmm, As a Gemini Sun with Mercury in Gemini as well, I do love to have a chat with someone interesting and funny. Someone who knows stuff. It doesn’t matter if its someone’s Nan or someone else’s partner. I am certainly not chatting them up with intent. Eewh! Trust me. Have been called “heartless” and asked “what did you do to that (besotted) guy?” -probably talked about drainage options or ancestors or herbal cures. Hardly gossipy.”flirty’ topics and innuendos make my skin crawl.

        • Really? I love flirty topics and innuendo. Nothing like a good undercurrent of lust to liven up the day. 😀

    • oh dear god. i have to drug myself the equivalent of full-on body restraints to sit through a movie (unless it involves sherlock holmes of course!).

      • LOL … same same. About the only way I can really properly sit still is via meditation …. but getting myself into a meditative state usually means I’ll start to nod off eventually!

  5. Im a Gemini underneath it all. 12th house.

    I guess it betrays my Cancer asc – very maternal, caring, involved…. lol.
    Inside my head I have on average about 3 different pathways of direction going on at once. People get annoyed when they dont see Im actually Cancer Asc through and through. At least thats what I think it is after years of observing myself and others… Its like Cancers arent allowed to have other ideas in their head except for being that maternal figure. Does this give me a desparate housewife vibe then? I must admit I am a bit more naughty than I am nice…

  6. So, my ex was a gemini. We used to go to the dinner for some eats. He would insist on sitting on the side across from the mirror and then he would proceed to admire himself in the mirror while I talked to him…”mm-hm, yup, yeah…what was that? I was distracted by own beauty”.

    It’s pretty fuqing hilarious when I think about it now, as I could care less what I look like and often don’t even see myself in the mirror all day (except for checking if there is food in my teeth – Virgo, obviously).

    He would also go on these “make-believe rants” where he’d just start talking about something that wasn’t real, a situation or whathaveyou and how he’d handle said situation – all entirely in his own mind. Like when I was in 9th grade and used to daydream during freshman lit about ninjas attacking the school and my heroic escape. But I’m not in 9th grade anymore 😉 Anyway, the point is, it didn’t even matter that I was there in either of the above situations. He was too busy being impressed with himself! Haha!

    • Such a cool description. CW. I am pisces. But I have gemini friends. But somehow I do find them always stepping over my borders. Even so we are abit alike.

      My mother had two gem grilfriends- they talked so much and smoked non stop and drank a lot….always talking about sex too. And lovers. Oh,oh. I remember being embarassed that one of them used to sit in toilet with open door to continue chatting. I was volnurable teeenager and found it …uggghhh… Disturbing.

      For some reason i tend to fall for capricorns with gemini moon, twice – my best friends and lovers. They are beautiful souls.

  7. My bff since childhood is a Gemini. The two greatest love affairs I ever had were with Geminis. My grandma was a Gemini. My 3rd & 4th houses are Gemini.

    • Haute Gems. Nothing trifling, superficial, completely self-absorbed, or pathological about them. Lightning fast & always with the big picture Geminis.

      • I dont mean to be offensive, but many of the Gems I have come across are petty, superficial and manipulative as f*ck. Even their good sides are fronts. It doesnt mean Im not able to appreciate their quiksilver minds or what they are capable of on a mercurial level, but its sad to see so many of them choose the low path. Especially with Gem in my 12th, I see many of them trying to manipulate sh*t out of me later on in the equation(perhaps bc *they think* they can see me very well?), but my intuition and guides always clue me into their games. Gave many a chance for many a Gem, but I know better with this sign now… Most if not all of them I have had to shoo out of my life as a qi vamp. The only Gem I keep up good relations with is a spiritual counselor type well into her 60’s. I think age and experience helps them be haute rather than low… I could be wrong though.

        Would have loved to have been able to have the positive experiences with Gems as you have. Maybe later in time 🙂

        • So sorry for your low Gem experiences, Nightrose! I hear you: they are a hideous lot, the Lows. I’m certain a haute Gem will grace your circle before too long: there are many of them, after all, & you totally deserve it. x

          • Thx Scorporation. On the plus side, my one Gem mentor I speak of makes up for all the low ones I’ve encountered. She truly is a Gem! One Gem is worth more than a handful of coal, lol.

          • And sorry to all the Gems out there about my little rant. I guess I have some leftover HeeBeeGeeBees from a Gem ex I had. Yuck. He was Triple Gem, Sun, Moon and Merc. Manipulative as f*ck. Had his whole family manipulated like puppets. Paranoid too and always messing with me mentally to keep me and stay in control. Treated me like an emotional slot machine- he would set up fake scenarios just so he could – as he claimed – like seeing “how I would react”. Seriously??? My Aqua Moon was no bueno with that. Then he would use his power of glib to talk himself out of the mess he just created and have me think otherwise, but not for long. You see it was all a game for him. He ended up being psychotic and seriously abusive in terms of many a personal boundary. I could go on and on but I won’t bother. This is very Low Gem. Funnily enough he believed he was so enlightened/accelerated. There is a nice call to the authorities I will make should he choose to continue to disrespect my boundaries once more. I actually called about suspected electronic thievery – apparently the police don’t help you, you have to call the FBI…! I don’t know if that actually helps but it sounds threatening enough to have the FBI involved… Good to know I suppose.

            • I think what you’re describing is the stock standard MO of a psychopath and has little to do with being a Gemini. An ex from long ago, who was Saggo, behaved similarly to this.

      • what gifts! i had a beautiful gem grandma too. <3 <3 <3

        is your surgery tomorrow? sending love and phoenix vibes!

        • Awww you had a Gem grandma too 🙂 Such a gift, yes!

          Had surgery yesterday & everything went great! Still in hospital but I’m recooping quickly, should be home soon. This was def a big step toward restoring my body & even though this op only addresses one third of what’s wrong, it is the best my body’s been in years! Thank you for the love & phoenix vibes, hdq: I’m totally feeling them & they’re helping! xx

  8. ugggh. You don’t know how many times I work out how something probably works and have it really good and all figured out, then think, on the other hand, maybe thats all total complete bullshit. Then you work out two possible interpretations, both pretty elaborate, and contradictory. And every little thing makes it seem like it could go either way, which is it? And then you simultaneously juggle both at the same time, switching between them, driving yourself crazy trying to decide, tentatively taking on either one of them depending on the situation, never sure you have it right. I am so jealous of how nonchalantly sure other people seem to be about things, it can be the most obvious thing in the world and I still have moments where I think of ways it could be not true at all. God forbid I actually think an actual thing for 5 godam seconds and blab about it to someone else then immediately after decide on the other hand maybe that’s not what I think at all. Hell, sometimes I say I have opinions just because its an opinion I have never tried before and don’t even realize it till later, its all so exhausting. It’s good in situations, but its like that saying that if your mind doesn’t have anything to feed on, it devours itself.

      • No I’ve have close gem and gem asc friends they say the same thing lol it’s intense for some gem folk

        • no its definitely intense sometimes, its just not always a bad thing I guess, I didn’t want to give the impression every waking moment I am suffering like this, but at the same time, it is kinda always there

      • no, yes, it totally does devour you sometimes. but it’s an exciting process! haha. also, the trick to subverting the madness is to never look for an answer. claim and love the paradox. subvert the conditioning that says there is this truth thing out there. yeah yeah, “if you swear that there’s no truth, then why do you say it like you’re right…” more paradox! 😉

        good to see you back! you’re gemini moon, oui?

        • hmm, thats actually pretty good advice, probably I shouldn’t get caught up in it and fool myself to the degree it causes me to take it seriously, I have merc saturn exact, so I kind of feel there is a right way, and I have to sort it out, but now that I think of it, if I just let myself off the hook and became okay with it that would probably be the best thing I could do
          and thanks, I had to go away for awhile because I felt bad for posting here too much, also I don’t have as much to talk about, in a good way though, this year is pretty good so far

    • Oh David, been there – and it can be pretty intense. I’m a Gemini with Libra rising and the back-and-forth NEVER STOPS. It’s like perpetually playing devil’s advocate. The Libra part of me doesn’t help either, it just fuels the whole “but consider this..” aspect.

      Great advice from hdq though – embracing the paradox is a respite. Being able to detach and follow the rabbit hole of possibilities can lead to some great breakthroughs too.

  9. GEMS are the shiniest sparkliest of the lot! Best friend and brother are both Gemmies. I have Gem Asc and Venus so yes the conversations are always cheeky and stimulating. No one wields words, quips and insight better than they do. Truly they are the Silvertongued acolytes of Mercury.

  10. l often find myself talking to myself in the mirror lol…so l guess it’s not that strange after all, l’m just talking to the other me! 🙂 fun fun fun!!!
    Gemini Sun&Jupiter

  11. my acting prof (thanks for the inspiration, VE!! two weeks in and it’s terrifying and already transformational) was going off today about how we’re never actually speaking to ourselves, always to some other. i so disagree with that – the other is us and vice versa and if i’m crying to the sky, who is it that i’m shaking my fist at? me. whom am i desiring a response from? me. there is no “other!”

    • Hdq, so fantastic that you’re taking acting classes too! Hope VE sees this, to know all of the awesome that she started.

      The student is more enlightened than the teacher 😉 I’m so excited for you: def keep us posted on acting class aha moments!

    • Fu n with acting.? I used to act as kid, but being akid of artist myself I just got enough of it one shiny day. I mean I was on stage at evenings after school playing on big scene. All the actors where somehow looking for their identity and mostly they were veri qi- hungry.

      I have butterflies in my stomach, I have started post-grad writer education in weekends in my local college, and on Sunday the will talk about my esssay. My first. All have to read it. Wow. Maybe i should wriite about artists children in the next one. He,he…..

  12. Mystic is right. The mirror; it’s def not ” damn, I look good.. I mean REALLY GOOD”
    Interrogating the world on a relentless quest for data acquisition

    I constantly argue w myself. As soon as I utter an opinion, it’s like the world has become unbalanced and I feel like I’ve made a liar out of myself because there’s always another perspective!

    • I think the distraction also comes in part from as you are talking or whatever, gem is always formulating new connections, shuffling the ideas into place etc.

      • Exactly! It’s not that the other person is boring (sometimes it is..) but that the Gemini is already linking abstract concepts because of a random word or topic that came up. Sometimes you end up mentally bookmarking several trains of thought mid-conversation – building an arsenal of wit to unleash on the other party who is now looking at you with that “are you listening?” face.

          • ~the Gemini is already linking abstract concepts~

            “I want you to take those abstract experiences and put them into words for the purpose and power of this Earth”

            This advise was actually given to me many, many years ago…It’s an ongoing thing and very difficult…but who is going to translate cept a Gem or the Gem influenced?

            My life of late is all about noticing distractions and how to master them…It’s a pain in the arse and when you get too distracted on one particular thing you feel you have failed. These are called habits and habits are just what has been done over and over again and so an energy pattern is created. To break it is hard and this is where Uranus in Aries comes in….(she says 😉 ) to be free…It’s my struggle every day..

            BUT, teacher said years ago “so don’t struggle” and so I catch myself and decide where to put my energies.

            It’s actually horribly painful sometimes and challenging and so where I go to “gather myself” is in meditation and even that can be a pain in the ass sometimes cuz I listen to the tv while I meditate (occassionaly lol) ..I’m in deep but I hear and witness the world but that is actually an exercise in observation..

            Never mind…I don’t think anyone will ever really understand the Gem..THE still seeking to figure it out lol

    • Knew a Gem that could only make love if there was a mirror close by, he a hot Sicilian coke dealer…lol.

    • that’s how I feel too, then i kind of have to adopt a vague sarcastic possibly mocking veneer ever so slightly just in case, then people give off that vibe like, is he making fun of us/everything, and sometimes, the truth is I dont even know either

  13. Truly appreciate Gems as they are my polar opposite just not any that i know of in my life and quite miss the ones that were. So like their busy-ness, their airy-ness, their ADD-ness and their lack of philosophical-ness. Truly, they suit me.

  14. i work with gemini boy..
    he is constantly distracted and because he is so cute, like they all are, he gets away with murder..
    yesterday he spent hours on etsy trying to have a ring made for himself..haha on the clock on the sales floor!
    he just took out his credit card and went shopping on etsy!
    I didn’t say anything to him but it did get noted in my how does get to do that?
    it must be his cuteness..I enjoy him, he is funny!

  15. Love my Uber Gem (Sun, Merc, Venus, Saturn), but he has Sun/4th, Aqua Asc & Cancer Moon. So cooks, has ADD, is a tech head, plays flamenco guitar & is the most stable yet worldly person.
    I love how he brings cool logic to the world of emotion. Sound judgement. Compassionate King of Swords material.
    He is the most soothing person I have ever met!

  16. Gem sun and gem merc here. I totally get what peeps are saying about gems being perma- distracted and superficial. I feel like I used to be like that when I was younger. But looking back I get how it’s not a good way to have relationships. Sometimes it is so hard to hold onto something when you no longer care about it but someone else does. Gems are super sensitive and, I believe, want closeness but our constantly revved up brains sometimes stands in the way of that.
    I’ve tried dating gems and it is too hard! You would think it would be good to have a fellow hummingbird around but really their buzz just throws off my own. Too many parrell universes I guess.
    C’est Le vie

  17. Another Gem Sun/Merc inhabiting 3rd house. I used to believe my perma-distraction a sign of my intelligence, and my breezy attitude to life.

    Over time, life and mentors and muses taught me multitasking is overrated, and a light approach goes only so far when someone needs serious support.

    As I get older, the Gemini in me lingers only on how my mind works — collect information, distill information. Pisces rising colors the way I see the world, and how I handle emotions is for my Cap Moon, which is quite challenging for self-support.

  18. I’ve never really thought it but it’s so true, I’m constantly distracted! I also love being alone so I can think.

    Triple conjunct Gem – Moon, Sun & Venus

  19. After reading this I looked how it impacts me. My Dad and Grandmother are Gemini’s. My Dad is my hero. Love him forever. The smartest man I will ever know and if and when he goes I will be a mess. But I don’t see the playing 2 parts in his personality. He is very successful, high education and well respected. Tuff being his daughter but I can’t live without him. Yes, he loves my Mother more than me and it bothers me because I see my Mother just dragging him down. But they are still together. She off course needs him and there he is. His comment to her lately is “I won’t leave you”.. because of their age. My Mom is worried he will pass away on her leaving her alone. Very sad but he is determined to keep her happy. SO.. being a Gemini.. I am a little confused because I thought they couldn’t be tied down. I am going to run his chart to see what else is stationed in him.

    My Grandmother.. God Bless and RIP!! She passed way at 103. She was also very smart, determined to be financially successful and when my Grandtather passed away she was alone for over 30+ years. God Bless her. She left me her engagement ring. (Sign).. She also left me money when she passed away. All I can say is “Thank You God” for making get in my car and drive over 1000 miles alone to go see her because the nursery home thought she wasn’t going to make it and my parents didn’t want to go. So off I went to check on her. I spent a couple of days, took her church.. tried to read the Bible to her, bought her a Christmas outfit and was SO happy to be with her. Very lucky I am that I saw her and then she left me money. I would have felt like shitzzooo if I hadn’t seen her sooner. We didn’t visit her often. Hence my family just not connected as I would like.

    So, I love Gemini’s! My Dad and Grandmother are my saving graces!!


  20. My solar return today! Went turtle watching last night on the beach. The moon looked beautiful. We got our car wheels stuck in the desert and i watched the drivers try to pull them out. Memories memories. Came back to the hotel to find my friends and teachers hiding in my room with my birthday cake. Beautiful :))

  21. As my mother said to me yesterday ‘you are your own case study. You are the therapist and the patient.’ I spend most of my time trying to figure myself out. Hard to detach and ride the flow when I’m so curious. I spend time with myself. In dialogue. In meditation. We have free association disorder. And we are what we are. As you are.
    We’re also a colourful rolling barrel of laughs.

    Gem sun. Sagg asc. Aries moon. Cancer in Venus. Taurus mercury.

  22. I think it’s amusing/appropriate that there are almost 100 comments on a Gemini thread 😉 I’m also a Gemini…and had fun reading and analyzing…about 1/4 of them (scrolled over/read little parts of most of them)….

  23. Gem sun Libra Asc-I think it is an age thing as well. In my younger years, I loved gossip (but, never to hurt anyone) cancer moon so, very sensitive. I was late to just about everything (never intentionally) Double booked myself with friends (never intentionally) Young Gems are scattered and spastic but, if I hurt someones feelings or even thought I did I would feel AWFUL, I would beat myself up over it forever although I would always try and keep it light and airy and make you laugh. My mind races and I occassionally cut people off mid-sentence because I might forget what was so “uber” important 😉 (But, I always apologize because I am aware of this terrible trait) One day, I started saying everything I was thinking because my Cappy sweetheart is completely bewildered on occassion. We were driving down the street and I just started saying it all out loud. He looked at me when I finished and said “Honey, seriously, is it like that all the time?” He didn’t laugh, he said it with compassion and I was just being silly really. Bless his sweet, serious heart…Gems need someone to “ground” them. Don’t be mistaken, I do NOT mean “tie” them down. For myself, that is the kiss of death. Tie me down? Oh honey, why did you have to ruin a good thing?? Why? That I can’t answer… abandonment issues? I have searched the depths of my soul and don’t know why it makes my skin crawl… My best girl is a Leo and one is a Gem. I believe in quality over quantity. Casual friends are always inviting me out and it is nice to be liked but, I LOVE my alone time. ..must be the Cancer moon… Anywho, those of you that dislike the Gems, you just haven’t met the right one yet and yes, age plays a big part (as well as the overall chart). I could never say something mean about someone, I am not late anymore, don’t double book, the list goes on… 🙂 Oh, and I used to be hilarious… I am still funny but, just saying the other day… gee, I am not as funny as I used to be, when did I get so serious? Meet a Gem that has gone through some karmic life lessons and you will LOVE them.. Oh, I sure hope you do!! XO

    • I agree Gem are NOT manipulative, just clueless. They can hate the burdens of responsibility and calculating manipulative maneuvers as way too much effort and focus and responsibility – YUCK! They don’t have a calculating bone in their bodies. The root of reason behind any of their decisions is because it was FUN or because they were BORED. Really, they hate anticipating the consequences of their action. They prefer to be carefree – that’s why they outsource the ‘grounded’ aspects to their partners.

      My sis has a strong cancer influence in her chart also. She is still young but has a beautiful caring heart underneath all the drama. I know that Aries men adore her constant ‘scattered’ disposition, it is seen by them as indicators of the ‘damsel in distress’ allowing them to play out the hero role – cue ego inflation.

      My guess as to why it kills you Miss M to think about being tied down is because Gems feel like there are soooo many fun experiences they they have yet to experience. You lament the potential EXPERIENCES (as opposed to a libra who would lament the inability to find a potentially more compatible mate).