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bee flower artBeautiful Subscriber Peeps – (a) thank you for supporting my work and helping to keep this site an advertisement/promoted post free space on the internet – not a day goes by that i do not appreciate you.  And (b) the Weekly Horoscopes from August 17 are up now. If you don’t see them, please hit refresh. I am so sorry – i thought they were posted but my host did an upgrade at the same time and they didn’t go up. But they’re there now and here is a teaser of Pisces.


Your symbol is the Fish and the Piscean speciality is to be all goo eyed guppy or (okay) dolphin on the surface but total primordial shark on the inside. Not everyone gets to see the Jaws version but it’s there. People don’t generally transgress a Piscean boundary twice. This week’s Jupiter-North Node trine = a beyond-the-norm opportunity in love, art or $$$. A bigger fish or a bigger ocean, lol.


Image: Noel Badges Pugh

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  1. Thanks Myst x
    Just a quick qvestion. I know the standard grist for astrologers is the sun sign horoscopes, hence remarks such as Venus into libra for an Aries sun is described as 7th house ..now as I know a little bit more of my chart, venus into libra is a 4th house transit for me…what weight do transits based on sun sign houses have really ? I tend to not take notice of them.

    • obvs i am not mystic – but fwiw I always always read the scopes for my asc sign. the houses make a huge difference, imo. As you know my asc is also gemini, but it is late gemini, so usually Gem transits are in my 12th house. So it makes sense – in terms of where the astro action is for me personally – to read off Kataka too. this way, it all makes sense – pluto is in Capricorn, my 7th house, saturn is in Scorpio but that’s still my 4th house.. etc. the astro.com “natal chart and transits” option is always enlightening in this regard…

      • I do that too – i read the signs that are on the IC/MC and ASC/DSC axis if there’s weirdness there and then ‘translate’ it into the context of that house. I read my own chart using the houses system that doesn’t work so well in the macro because everyone has different charts though – works fine if it’s only for the chart in front of you. I started doing it because my chart has intricacies that I noticed were always seeming to override the basic transits. It helped me work out which planet was the one to watch more closely – it was not one of the usual suspects.

    • Good question! I read (and write for) both Sun and Rising BECAUSE it is more than just the Houses looked at. Obviously Horoscopes based on the houses don’t work so well because everyone houses are different…SO i do a whole lot of other stuff. Eg; If you are Saggo, you are going to experience Jupiter square Uranus quite differently to, say a Capricorn whose key experience right now is Pluto in their sign. Solar charts (Sun signs) do seem to eerily work quite well.

      • I hate that my sun and rising sign are the same.

        Doesn’t help that my ruler (mercury/libra 11) is under attack.

  2. Time to change grav accordingly! If fish could roar…

    Did something daring…awaiting results…arrrrrggghhhh…why not NOW?

    • Yes, my 2 best friends growing up were fish. One became a world champion Shotocan fighter. A scarred world traveller who married the daughter of a billionaire. The other, the funniest , smartest , warmest soul who got married at 21 and still lives happily with a large family in the same house for 30 years.
      I travelled the world with them and always felt safe. They knew how to look after this Aries baby.
      And knew how to use my Aries shizz to get what they wanted too, sneaky bastards.

      • But of course! 😀 Friends without cheek are boring. But travelling buddies without loyalty are wreckers. Actually i had a travelling experience with an Aries when i was 19. He stopped talking to me, at my tempestuous request. Not a word. We all still went to 5 star restaurants, incredible arts experiences, hot bars, scary near-miss adventures and further travel etc for WEEKS. All without a word. The other person with us must have been insane. We all were. But we never separated.

        • haha, that sounds crazy Mill!

          And where is the daughter of the billionaire that I need to marry davidl , hmm? hmm?


  3. Thanks MM!
    Speaking of oceans – I had an amazing dream last night about flying to Saudi Arabia. I was struck by the very deep blue ocean I saw when I arrived. On the other side of where I was standing there was a lighter blue and much shallower ocean. Yet it was deep blue ocean that captured my attention.

    Pisces Rising

    • My dream ended in a series of snapshots in different family gardens. They all had three things in common: ferns, egg hammocks with family cuddling up in them, and there were half eaten pears somewhere in every garden. We haven’t been on the ocean in dreaming much but there has been a lot of river. (This Mutable’s been Progressively Earthed and Venus probs just said a big goodbye to my Prog Moon in Kataka.)

  4. Jeez i am feeling low-down, for a Sagg that is a bighuge confess as usually feel obligated to be up & breezy, never complain, count your blessing et al BUT the kitty i obtained by the deception of owner has turned out to be god-awful, refuses to be toilet trained, over eats till it almost bursts it’s stitches from the navel op. Has cost me 800 so far in 6 weeks and gives me no joy at all. Have had to section off lounge & bedroom. Peed on lounge & cushions minutes after being outside, won’t use litter tray, wake up to the smell of crap permeating the house every second morning. The other night had no bed cover as 3 feather duvets in wash. So over cleaning shit up.
    Came from feral home, a result of mother & father, probably a stray tom, not being neutered. It all begins in the womb & first 6 weeks of life experience.
    Choices are to advertise for a new owner,return him to where i got him, or take him to RSPCA. Have read every site re kittens available on net.
    Cats are usually clean as. This one has garden back & side area outside & 2 indoor litter trays. This is not a companion, this is a cat from hell. There was a book at the vet called Angel Cats which turned the screw even more. Yup i have been screwed. Now excruciating guilt about giving him up because cannot handle this aberrant behaviour.
    Is this a relationship problem? Is it me? Is it the breeding/original owner?
    Is it an Aries Male?

    • Well as an aries male i must jump in here…I haven’t crapped on the floor for ages, and rarely miss the litter tray ?

    • Can it live outside? I don’t know what the shelter situation is there but maybe – if he’s neutered – he can live outside. You can still provide shelter/food/etc without cleaning up shit.

      • Twelver, that crossed my mind but our area has wild birds, frogs,geckos and responsibly cats are supposed to have outside supervision plus neighbours cats will fight with him.

    • I’ve only ever owned female cats. Sadly each male cat we had was trouble, would dig up the garden or mess about the place.
      Realising that this is not a good fit I am sure has been a difficult decision. In the end it’s what is the best solution for you and Sugarboy.
      My previous cat was from RSPCA and I am so glad I had the chance to care for her.

      • S it is breakin’ me up but relocating him is necessary
        and will just have to wear the guilt. He was supposed to be a she. My previous female from 9 years ago was never problematic from day 1. She was not accidental and bred by Naturopath. Cross coz could have gone to RSPCA where health is attended to before hand.
        Sheesh i feel a bitch, no wonder i used to have fancy ratties, no trouble and beaucoup fun.

        • Your being very responsible and this is the right thing to do. You have already tried various techniques to curb his behaviour. My next door neighbour no longer feeds her cat, I’ve been buy her food and got her a new brush today. I hope you can see by this example that you have been a great carer to Sugarboy. Take care Pegs.

  5. My twins are Pisces suns…..
    my boy is a force to be reckoned with if crossed. Thank heavens it doesn’t come out often.