Venus Intox

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Vampira vintage hair dryer spider

So Venus – Goddess of Love, Attraction, Art and the variety of money that you attract as opposed to earn – is enmeshed with asteroids Lust + Bast, Uranus & Pluto (a.k.a. the Zap Zone), Jupiter and Eros.

How’s that for a good time? What if every undercurrent was about a past-life hook up and every conversation about money was really about sex or vice versa?

Now you can take this Venusian Voodoo low-down and toxic, send yourself stark slobbering bats obsessing & scheming – the full Power Zombie experience.

Or you can do the Haute Version: high on your own strength and wisdom, gliding beyond tedious seedy old patterns and getting off on the transformative potential. Your call, more in the Scopes, obviously.


Image: Maila Nurmi

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44 thoughts on “Venus Intox

  1. is this the wrong application of asto ? I liked a guy found out his birthday – legitimately – and looked up his stars. we wouldn’t get on. so spared myself the bother of going there anyway. its sortov subverting an old pattern. he does seem puzzled in a way because I can see how I would be part of a pattern for him and I am refusing – politely – to be drawn into it.

    • I would say go for it anyway, but keep your eyes open and peeled for the patterns of which you speak. Astro can be read and implemented many different ways- don’t deprive yourself of experience in this short life.

  2. Ya, like a good friend told me once. Star in your own movie not somebody else’s.

  3. All of this appeals to me…been all Saturn girl lately (sober, gluten free vegan, lots of studying for future jobs, yoga daily) but I really want to be more of a cat and just have beautiful things and be worshipped for my awesomeness and stuff. I’m tired. But I will keep working hard anyway and hopefully that will result in attracting as well as earning what I want.

    Had a very Venus/Taurus moon dream: I was hanging out with Audrey Hepburn and her pet deer. πŸ˜€ as I let go of my wilder past im slowly trying to become more Audrey-like. She’s a toro-aqua moon and I’m aqua-toro moon…

  4. Yesterday, almost out of nowhere, I bought a ring and a necklace – both are mother-of-pearl.

    This was a small shop of little gifts, I was waiting for the shop owner to finish wrapping a gift I picked.

    My hand on its own extended to the ring first, then to the necklace – without knowing anything about mother-of-pearl. I checked the ring for size and then told the owner I would buy both.

    Although I am a believer in first instincts when it comes to buying rings etc. this time my impulse was off-the-chart.
    So here is my Venusian story

  5. love that you chose maila nurmi! i think she be saggo beauty. ……guess im taking the high road not that there are real choices.

  6. Funny, me and my hubby just decided to have a white month. There is some addiction going towards enjoying good drinks too much ever since we started planning wedding and even after our honeymoon. I know why I have it – I am not trusting that I do deserve all this love and happiness. He has something else also as a result- insomnia and mood changes. So we try to perpetuate the inadequacy we felt before in our lives instead of welcoming more happiness, that we can create in our togetherness. I think it is good time to start and take responsibility now. We don’t get punished for being happy and we deserve all of the best -always. No shooting in the own foot scenarios anymore. Jumping off the misery train.

  7. I am a priestess of Saturn these days. There seems to be no place for Venus in this temple, alas :/ unless the grey sludge that is the sum capacity of my heart equates to venus somehow. It’s all very slashed tyres around here. Blah, meh, woe is me, ‘I know what you’re thinking, punk’ etc.

    • And please, can I get my hair did without the papp all up in my biz?! Flash flash flash makes my sweet little spider jumpy.

  8. ‘gliding beyond tedious seedy old patterns and getting off on the transformative potential’ I am trying really hard to use this Venus on me. Shine some Leo light on my venus goddess which is me.

    yet another cold fish slap in the facetoday – facing more reality by my choice finding out how little he cares even after a divine night of moonlight, fire side by the river etc etc.
    Lovely night to end this 5 year journey.

  9. I have transformed my life these past two weeks. I’ve ditched conventional art to focus on digital art which feeds the passion of my heart and soul. I have decided to write my book as a blog (thanks, Pegs, I think it was your comment about my blog being my book which fired me up with excitement and inspiration), so I can fiddle around and play to my heart’s content with photos, art and videos. I now have a blog for my book, a blog for general ravings, a Facebook page for my digital art, a Facebook page for my book AND I decided to close down my web page, sucking up too much energy for nothing, AND I managed to transfer the domain name to WordPress from Weebly which I find truly impressive! I’ve also got myself so well organised I am selling my art on-line on Artflakes and Fine Art America. It is so much easier to sell my art on-line without having to worry about posting from North Cyprus, and they do the printing and packaging which I simply hate. Plus I’m swimming again – got from four wobbly widths of our communal pool to 12 lengths. And I’ve got tidy and actually did some dusting today although no-one was coming to visit, a real miracle! The interesting thing is that I am coping much better with the heat here than I did in Australia, maybe because I’m back in the Northern Hemisphere and somehow feel more at home. Temps here stick around 36C in late July/August but don’t go much above. Also been taking homeopathy and the fog head you get with fibromyalgia has cleared up so I feel so much more clear-headed and focused.

    • Wow!!! Impressed about all this You managed. I think I have just started.
      On top of getting married last month, I joined the writing classes, I work full time at a bit dull work in science, so i9 need balance. Oh, and then of cource the desicion of stopping the nibbling and excess wine (from last night πŸ˜‰ – instead of more closeness and extra energy. I also decided about cleaning. We will move soon and find feng zu furniture – this year. I will give a way a lot. And then…. I will have to get my archeo- stereotypes in order, so I will once again go to new psychology classes. And the n- it is important to enjoy! And love thyself. Amen.

    • YES! This is such awesome news, Crazy Crone! Way to work it!! Respect πŸ˜‰

  10. i kinda miss the old LZ days. the intensity was like nothing else! alas, they have been saturned away. spending the venusian voodoo with my lungs burning from all the smoke in the air. guess that’s appropriate, since it’s on my pluto. no more obsession, just death and destruction. though no death, really, and this air is something that a lot of the world lives with on a daily basis. solidarity i guess?

    • i totally hear you on this. Everything is so bland. it’s like endless buffet platters of unseasoned tofu and greige walls. boring. LZ stuff sucked but at least it wasn’t boring. I don’t think people get into LZ stuff because they know it will fail. It is as we realize things are failing we can’t let go so we go down with the ship. I suspect almost everybody can be taken for a LZ ride but the ones who seem immune are the quickest to hit the ejection button instead of sticking it out,

      im pretty disappointed in venus so far but im giving it my all until my solar return in Oct. and i’ve been “trying” too…”getting myself out there” and other ridiculous LOA monkey schizz that people keep repeating like broken records. Making another distant trip to a far away place this weekend….hopefully it will pan out.

      • I’ve given up on Venus. 12th house Venus in Virgo square Neptune isn’t much of a Venus anyway.

        • I have venus in virgo in 12th as well, conjunct my virgo ascendant!

          I get it, but it doesn’t aspect neptune.

          • My Venus in Virgo is in the 9th so i guess its not as bad as the 12th house but still square neptune which humps my asc. i not only get the stupid natal LZ curse, but i also exude an aura that gets others LZed onto me! I get it coming and going.

            i remember you went for a super long time before finding someone CM! so ill not give up so soon. Im concentrating on my 9th house …. long distance, faraway peeps….i already maxxed out on the college professors (9th house) and in my younger days…college students.

            • Well, Neptune is generational, so all the people my age have their Neptune squaring my Venus too. Having Neptune hump my AC sounds hot, lol

              • Plus Mars on my AC. I suppose that means people project their anger and aggression onto me. That resonates.

              • lol! are you kidding me? neptune is a dirty old man that smells like fish. he be driving that weird van with no windows that says “free candy”…..
                ain’t no candy in there just so you know.

    • I hear you. I miss the LZ illusion that someone out there “gets” me or values me, secretly or whatever. But…truth is I want love of a higher kind, the kind so high it doesn’t really come with a partner. Which is OK. But it would be nice to have a friend. I crave the intense connection, but have also grown to accept intensity is with me always. It doesn’t depend on anyone else. Still sad that people don’t really “get” that. But, I am what I am. xoxo

      • that’s my secret fantasy too. i want someone who gets me and doesn’t just see their shiny reflection mirrored back to them like a bunch of budgies. πŸ™

  11. Please tell me the november vibe will be different to the one now! Once is enough!

  12. Yes, interesting as Venus is currently conj Libra NN exact and opposite all Aries stuff.

    The Next Door Neighbor Aqua approached me the other day and asked how my family was. Said was just fixing to make some calls because it was Sunday evening and true…I call my Aries Dad every Sunday evening.

    He then said to tell “your man” (elder Kataka condo mate David), that such and such light was on in his car as he had parked next to his.

    David found no such lights on and didn’t even know what he was talking about…Hmmm, appears Aqua may have used that as an out as perhaps he was fishing around to how receptive or inviting I might be to him..

    Today, just as I had decided to walk a different way so as to avoid the Aqua, there he was turning a corner in his car and waved at me. Wasn’t sure it was him at first and so just mouthed “hi” with a slight smile.

    Yes I am still attracted to him and know it’s vice versa. Libran Landlord today said that it was good I have been difficult for him from the get go as it lets him know I have boundries. She said that is where she had made a mistake with her man as was too accommodating as now he is super spoiled and can be obstinate.

    • Oh, and want to add that whilst Venus is in Libra on my NN….The Toro texted me same day as I saw the Aqua, Tues (Toro’s Moon at 17 deg Libra)…We had missed each other last weekend and I went out of town. In any case, he said there is a problem with his phone and texting lately and so better to just call him.

      Will give it a go tomorrow.

      I’m including all this as to illustrate the astro when Venus is conjunct your NN, opposite Sun, square the ZZ and the two other peeps in your life, esp their Moons are involved in the mash up.

      The day the Aqua approached me Venus had been 11 LIbra, opposite 11 Sun and trans Uranus 11. Not sure about him tho..not sure if I even like him…We had what I call “shadow clash” and it was ugly but like I told him we were always under the influence….not good.

  13. oh and dream interpretation help please!

    in my dream i dream of actually going out with my crush. It’s a fairly chill mood, very casual and not very exciting. It gets to a sexual part where he disrobes because he wants me to perform oral sex on him. He has female genitalia instead of male and I’m more disappointed than shocked. I go down on him anyways. :(. i wake up with the same disappointed feel. Ive felt melancholy all day.

  14. That he’s not all you think he is and he doesn’t really have what it takes to satisfy you but you’re trying to fake your way through anyhow?

      • ah would not be a huge surprise tho. ive been in those shit-uations before. luckily its like someone i dont really have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever having.