Uranian Days And Nights

Celestial Sunrise

“In periods of rapid personal change, we pass through life as though we are spellcast. We speak in sentences that end before finishing. We sleep heavily because we need to ask so many questions as we dream alone. We bump into others and feel bashful at recognizing souls so similar to ourselves.”

Douglas Coupland*

Full Moon coming in Aqua – Jupiter square Uranus – the ruler of Aqua – Uranus square Pluto (the Zap Zone) as the backdrop to this year and next – I could go on but my point: We are all Uranians now. Quick morphs, fast decision-making and speed-dumping of the past are (in general) the most profitable moves du jour.

See scopes for more and if you’re insomniac at the mo, it’s a higher-order Uranian vibe trying to happen. Brilliant reset astro. And in love, is one person going to surrender their individualism so as to be in more stable relation to another? Fuq no. Not now and maybe not ever again.


* Douglas Coupland = author of the iconic Generation X & multiple conjunct Capricorn – Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury.

Image: Jim Harter

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64 thoughts on “Uranian Days And Nights

  1. it’s 5:27am here, I can’t sleep at all. Uranus has hi-jacked my life and I’m in the weirdest tug of war between incredible life culling freedom vs your own deepest fears. Demons come from head on and heart up, paralyzing, revealing and phobic. Never have I wanted to be more on my own yet deeply afraid I will never love again

    • Couldn’t have put it better myself Ms.
      My (pounding) heart goes out to you.
      We just have to keep reminding ourselves every thing will fall into place in (Saturn’s) time.

    • The two aspects are not mutually exclusive. They are both in harmony to my eyes a necessity for true love. We are all alone, on our own…..its really good to enjoy that, appreciate it. It happens to be the most powerful pheromone known to man. Good spelling Ms x

    • no expert on the deepest fears/life culling freedom yet, hopefully chipping away at that (all those hard angles to pluto IC will surely stir up the sediment)
      but my theory on the “praise be independence” vs. “truuueee looove” (princess bride reference OK) is hit up the independence and let come what may re love. takes a bit o practice to intertwine the two perhaps. that, or we have lessons to learn from Cousin Libra.

      • those words c/o a semi-recent uranus conj sun transit.

        also think of that scene in finding nemo where nemo and dory are in the whale’s mouth and dory is hanging on for dear life, but they simply have no choice but to let go as to hang on is impossible (they’re upside down and washed around and stuff) even though they have absolutely no idea what will happen to them and they have no choice but to find out.

    • “Demons come from head on and heart up”

      Love that!!!

      I know where you’re coming from Ms. I’m in a similar frame of mind.

    • I agree with David. Love your freedom/yourself in order to love another. It will come. In fact these days I find the second hard to imagine as being possible without the first. Some form of love is possible, certainly, but is it all that it could be? I doubt.

      Sounds like you got it goin’ on majorly Ms! It will all wash up well, I’m sure of it x

    • 4:35 here. I just bought a car for the first time and I’m up freaking out about it–JUST bought it and I’m already worrying about one of the tires having issues. And how I am going to afford a car when cars always have expensive problems. I had to move on the opportunity–it was one I couldn’t pass up– but flying by the seat of my pants is something that as a Taurus, I’m terrible at. Making quick snap decisions that commit you for life? AIEEE and ARGH. Okay, so this took about a month and a half, but that’s still super fast for the likes of me. Ugh. I may have Uranus in the first house, but I am not good at moving fast on huge things, and I feel unprepared when I have to Move NOWWWWWWWWWWW. Will I be able to financially afford this? Probably not unless I make big life changes I didn’t want to make…

      Ugh, 4:30 a.m..

  2. Been making impulsive decisions lately, so yeah, agree with this.

  3. Sleep is MIA at the mo. I knew it had to be more than me being a natural born worrier. Now to spin this on a dime and morph into a Uranian born warrior.

  4. That quote is so me right now. Not surprised, though; I’m also a multi-conjunct Cap and Coupland & I grew up in the same city. It might have something to do with the vibe of the city- there are a lot of people there doing a lot of amazing things. Of course, it depends on how well you can tap into that vibe. It’s not for everybody.

    I’ve been having quite the Uranus transit thanks to the ZZ. Pluto ‘s been all over my Uranus-Sun-Neptune. It’s been…interesting.

    Current focus: “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

  5. I have had insomnia on and off for weeks. Then I sleep super hard. Going to the chiropractor helped and pain is much lessened.
    Torro lover sleeping like mad though….

  6. Well we almost died today. Quite literally. Coming home up the freeway, I saw a car tire bouncing high over the railway tracks and across the road. I had time to think “That’s going to hit me” and brake, before it did, in fact, hit me.

    It thumped against the bumper and bounced off across two more lanes and into the bushes by the side of the freeway. Had I not seen it and braked, it would have come through the window and killed me, and by extension, my boys as well…..

    So, what the fuck does THAT mean on a spiritual level ? I’m a bit shaken to interpret Cledons right now…..

    For what its worth, I was thinking about how I have been ultra strict with my diet for a month and yet have put ON two kilos and was considering living off fried egg and bacon sandwiches for a week, just to see what happens……

    • Hey babe, wow, that’s amazing and scary. I am also glad you and your boys are safe – hope the adrenalin is settling. I would eat what I like and have a big bath in relaxing oils!!
      Big hugs. Xx.

      • Yep go with the b & e sammies and a glass of your favourite beer of whatever. The adrenalin will deal to the calories. Enjoy the rainbow washed world you see when acknowledging your luck – accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative of the experience. Adore those boys.

    • yikes! also glad you’re all safe. something delicious is definitely in order. xoxox

    • well done DT! Hope you manage the shock well…the bath sounds like a good idea to me and maybe kiss the ground, your boys, heck, the mirror! Laugh some of it out? and yes, appreciate your luck, and maybe that you’re being looked after?

    • well spotted and handled, DT. I agree – soothe yourself in any way that feels right for you.
      I know you have several severe food allergies (is that why the strict diet?) – sounds like you’re really frustrated about that with the wanting to try the bacon/egg roll diet. xx

    • Dom, you have the reflexes of a cat! Let the Universe lob tires at you at high speeds: you are ready. Ready for anything! Take a respite & rest easy with the knowledge: “I got this.” x

    • I think it means you have excellent instincts and the wisdom to follow them. Glad you’re ok.

    • it means celebrate! Thumb your nose at fate! It’s like the weird luck i had the other week with the fire burning down my neighbours’ houses but skipping over mine. f’yeah!

      Is your car ok?

    • Thanks for all the good wishes guys ! The car has a teensy bit of paint missing from the bumper…. And I didn’t blow my diet ๐Ÿ˜€ All my mountain of supplements I had ordered from iHerb arrived and I thought it was stupid to order $100 worth of supplements and then eat bread !!

      Also: The bread maker threw itself off the kitchen counter last night at 3.30 am…. Its completely dead !! ITS A SIGN I TELLS YA !!!

      Crazy, crazy stuff out there at the moment – I’ve warned everyone about this full moon. Mr Triffid is vibrating like a hazel twig over a ley line… And I’m signing up for my Reiki II. And my painting classes.


      Urge to use all-caps and exclamation marks rising, so I shall scuttle off to make porcelain tumblers, but I do love you all !! Thankyou for all your good wishes !!

  7. Dunno doing all the ‘right’ things slashing all the crud out of my life but life has a feeling of barrenness, this tends to come during the night. Like the fun bit has been sucked out of life from all the endless processing and assessment. Maybe im doing this all wrong. New music (I’ve discovered some great stuff this year) & sense of humour is what’s getting me through. Maybe I should sell everything (not doable when I still have a lad in high school) go to a hippy retreat & take up smoking my own pubic hair for enlightenment!

  8. No innovative spirit here but am tired of feeling anxious and/or worried of future — courtesy of my Cap Moon. I suppose a Cap Moon tired of its home-grown anxiety is as Uranian as it gets.

    • I spoke too early – it is here: sleep is gone, mind is swirling with rut busting ideas and an intense f-u attitude to stale thoughts trying to climb back in status.

      yah, it is here and it feels great.

  9. this actually feels like the most normal astro in ages. whatever that means… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Uranian Centaur 6yr daughter has the current full moon conjunct her natal chiron/moon…in the last 1/2 hr she has decided to 1) go to a hairdresser- her hair is down to her bottom & she wants it cut! 2) rearrange her bedroom 3) take guitar lessons &..we have had to discuss why her wish for a giant horse hasn’t come true yet, plus an outburst of tears just because we’re feeling emotional. Bless.

    • I am experiencing Uranus transiting my 1st house & have MC in Sagg. I have recently converted a room in the house into an all-purpose class room, complete with areas for art & science projects, and full of books, color and good lighting. It’s hugely satisfying.

      Yesterday I had a eureka flash: I want to take up accordian lessons. I never hear polka anymore, which is a shame. And I sucked at guitar.

      I’m still looking for my giant horse, you know. I dream of them, of running with them, & it makes my heart ache when I wake… We will find them again one day, tell your little one, earthmonkey!

  11. This is so true, I have the square Pluto in the 8th to Uranus in the 11th , so yeah fuq the restrictions, fake friends, stupid debt. A.S.A.P!!!!

  12. Jupiter is in my 1st house, Uranus my 10th, with my sun. Natal Uranus is in my 2nd house trining transitting Uranus. Natal Saturn in cap squaring both. While transitting Saturn trines it from scorp. I’m really looking forward to mars moving into Leo , might break the tension.

  13. If you are a rare & beautiful specie of bird– and you are– who wishes to find your own kind in a wood full of common varieties, you must come out in all your individuated, bizarre feathers so that you & your kind can recognize each other & reunite. Yes, common varieties will squawk as you fly around but it’s their job & you know that; squawking is irrelevent & doesn’t distract you. And you will realize how to see friend from faux, kindred spirit from passing fancy.

    Come out, come out, wherever you are.

  14. Ok, well is it just me…over the last few days I’ve noticed my care factor has been reduced to zero. I get up, go to work (& suprise even me on how focus and articulate, detailed & oh so bloody professional) but the peeps arounf me have lost the plot. Yet although I roll my ideas, I am totally aware I have it more together and a grip on reality more than some. I still have problems like everyone else but lately its just like water off a ducks back. Is this the reflection of this astro? I hope it doesn’t end.

  15. Too much going on and sleep is hard to come by. This week my fridge, AC, and microwave broke or bugged out. Like short circuits everywhere.

    Spent the weekend working on a deliverable for the office and keeping up on my half-ass real estate agent – thank you Cap moon! I love knowing the astro. Lately even my dreams are packed with people (strangers) and negotiations of all kinds.

    The AC repair man keeps trying to chat me up which reminds me how much I do not want to hear a man complain about his eye hurting or what traffic was like or whatever. Uranus transiting 7th seems to be individuated (single) or die! lol, I keep getting more and more with that program.

  16. Mega Morph here. Moved house today and life is in a container being held in some depot somewhere, whilst the rest of me has to spend time here there and everywhere. I won’t get into my new place until end of Sept. Being such a Crab pile up, this is not altogether comfy but I am determined to have the next four weeks to just be… Then life change really ramps up as I get back to town. I am so ready for that. This time in Limbo does feel as though I am wasting such a energy filled time but I know that all this has come about so I just have to live out the next weeks and see what happens during that time. Something important is bound to come to pass. As to the comment on love. Yes, absolutely. This has been on my mind for the past five or six years and I figure that it is now that I am getting the handle on it. I have been given my life back after 28/30 years. Ok girl, what are you going to do with it? Bring in who you want to be there but this is YOUR life this time. Ain’t to live out for the other. With maybe but not for. Oh and sleep…last night not a wink.

  17. Holy fuq – it’s starting raining through my dining room chandelier and light bulbs were popping. How much more Uranian full moon can it get?

  18. 10 mile bike rides help me sleep. coffee and any drug-like things are overpowering–lower and lower doses of all. …except cigs. dang things keep me grounded. need a replacement for this, overdue. I’m too hard charging for yoga/meditation right now, I do it too intensely. I’m losing shit all the time, flashback to my ultra-Uranian ignorance of mail and responsible doing of things.

    So am I Uranian? I’m just remembering I am after years–a decade approx–of Saturn (?) kicking my ass to get it together.

    Aqua sun, trying to remember how to have fun!

    And yes of course all relationships and biz/flow is shifting toward the independent/highly critical/no excuses, can’t fool myself about justifications and illusion-fueled delaying tactics. It’s all just out there staring at me daily. whew.

    And of course the whole thing makes me high.

  19. “speed dumping of the past” – blocked my ex last night. I’ve surprised my own self really that I managed to do it. Pros and cons of going ahead gave me a headache so I stopped thinking and did it. Its a big step for me – and signals to myself that I need to focus on ME.
    Self-love. If I want to unblock him I can deal with the emotions then. For now…choosing to enjoy every moment of this retreat! :))

    • Yes yes yes
      I’ve done the same with HF. No more cryptic LZ trigger emails allowed to usurpe my creative flow.
      This is MY TIME (spoken in voice of Cartman:-)

  20. What is up with the current astro?
    Right now I’m in “Conquer Mode” regarding my work/biz/$$ stuff and networking, pushing aside my stupid “boo-hoo I’ll never find love crap”.
    I’m about to publish something and have more exposure projects lined up back in NYC where I made new friends recently.

    But one of my Toro friends has just annoyed the crap out of me. I didn’t think he had it in him. The person who helped introduce me to this line of stuff, saw me run and take off with it, expanding my knowledge/skills/etc… on my own…pursuing my own passion….not leaning on the Toro at all except for the initial introductions. Now he is jealous and pissed off at my successes. I thought we were friends. ;( I just want to share the glory and express my gratitude to him, help him get to where he needs to be at. I am supportive of all his endeavours. But oh no…he’s all shut down. He’s holed up and won’t return emails. WTF? Why can’t he be happy for me the way I get happy for his successes?

    Any Toros with insights?

  21. Had AMAZING session with cranio sacral osteopath who uses acupuncture which apparently my body LOVES. I felt So much release today. I mean like shitz that’s been lurking for years came out. Totally sold on this chiro & acupuncture combo. Trigger points released so fast. ESP in my pelvis, spine and well just everywhere. But like I’d say to him, “when you touch me there I feel Eakins and scared, as if I don’t have any muscles.” And he’d say, ” yes you are holding emo trauma there. Disco & voila cue amazing release of blocked energy.
    Have been zapped awake by Sudden onset Uranian full moon in Auqa vibe – woke up covered in sweat with raging ear infection.
    Interestingly enough I haven’t picked up a weight in 3 weeks and have no desire to do so either. Starting yoga course on Thursday. Super psyched about it. Hmmmmmmm
    Going back to sleep would be nice tho….
    Ho hum
    Anyway my ascendant is now progressed into Aquarius so I’m feeling tres Uranian. Loving August.
    Thanks Mystic, you rockin Zeitgeist รผber cool thang you

  22. Ahhh well this uranian sagg is over it all. i am SO tired, so tired of feeling anxious. have been applying solidly for jobs for 4 months, but really looking for work for maybe 18 months now. seriously considering just taking my meagre earnings from a month’s temping and bailing to bali for 3 weeks. But the guilt is terrible… how can I take a holiday when I owe money, and need to keep looking for work…? Is this irresponsible? Or in keeping with the uranian vibe?
    Saggo sun/rising, aqua moon

  23. Well I texted the NDNA last night and when I did the chart today the full Moon in Aqua was right on his Sun in 11h so, he was receptive and texted me right back.

    I asked how long were we going to be mad at each other. “I’m not mad at you babe”..

    He said “did we fall out?”…This is why this man is impossible but that is pretty funny.

    Anyway, he is working many days in a row and starting at 5:30 am so I left it up to him to contact me if he still wants to be “friends”.

    Told him that most of the time we were both under the influence…Sort of like Dick and Liz in Taming of the Shrew…haha

    • ~And~ I don’t know why I wasn’t afraid of being told I was rejected again…Probably because two days in a row I got the Knight of Cups for him and believed in his Pisces Venus trine Neptune and then trusted my intuition and took a chance…We’ll see what happens.

  24. it’s nice to know why I’m suddenly waking up in the middle of the night, waking up minutes before alarm goes off and just not sleeping as I normally would period…. Brilliant reset astro it is then ๐Ÿ™‚