The People You Meet On The Full Moon In Aquarius

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Superman art abstract

Because this Full Moon in Aqua comes along with some pretty intense Uranian action (Uranus rules Aquarius), it’s weirder than usual. As are the people you meet during this lunation!  So at an arts thing, i met an Aries actor who was waiting for a callback about a role from his “loser” agent but not getting it. Not that the phone didn’t ring. It had a cranked up volume Ride Of The Valkyries ring tone and went off every 50 seconds. Only not the loser agent. Just people Aries actor did not wish to speak to. But he had to have the phone up high because he couldn’t miss the call from Loser Agent.

What sign was Loser Agent i asked. “One of the boring ones nobody cares about,” said Aries actor, who was (he said) “really into” astrology. He’d had his “horoscope read” by “some woman” in Fiji and she’d told him that Saturn was “in his way” till November. He said his neck  had been out the whole time since then so i said that was Saturn Neck and that everyone gets it during Saturn transits, that it’s Saturn’s way of communicating. A person or an issue that is a “pain in the neck” needs dealing with and the actual Saturn Neck keeps manifesting till you sort it. It was one of those statements that you make half in jest but it sounds more for real as you say it.

It was a promising line of conversation but then Ride of The Valkyries went off, it was Loser Agent and Aries Actor sprinted outside to take the call, smoking furiously on the sidewalk and giving intense “recognize me you fuqwit” stares at passers-by. When i left, he was still on the phone to Loser Agent, clutching his neck. What was YOUR Full Moon Uranian-Aqua encounter?


Image; Vee Ladwa – Society 6

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102 thoughts on “The People You Meet On The Full Moon In Aquarius

  1. Standing around the outside of an outer suburban gas stop at midnight, drinking soy chai and chatting with an Aqua guy who was in serious love zombie mode who who texting his Aqua fem crush who was obviously not over her married man scenario, all the while with full moon in Aqua beaming down her joy…Haha! It brightened my evening. Both the accidental conversation, his youthful charm and that it wasn’t me all amped up with the virus.

  2. I am currently seeing a definite soulmate – no love-zombie stuff here – I am checking myself every step of the way. These are pure, genuine good feelings, and mutual. But all of a sudden she disappears. And doesn’t call/write/message back to say A) she would be gone for a while, and B) has not messaged back at all yet.
    Everything going peachy, then *nothing*. The contrast is stifling, and the desire to reconnect is immense, but I’ve done the ZapZone lesson already, I’ve divulged myself of any Love Zombie crap. It’s her turn to message. Gotta take care of the little things, and not freak out / stoop to conquer, etc. That’s not me (anymore) or ever again.
    The contrast gives me the clear indication where I am on this. So therefore, I must be patient AND forgiving.

    This post by MM perfectly fits into what’s happening, and more: explains. I am clear to go with the flow now 🙂

    • You sound like you have a grip on this one, good for you!
      Went through something similar lately, it didn’t ultimately swing my way, but I somehow managed to avoid my former traps and emerged with dignity…I consider THAT ZZ management.

      Hope it goes well for you.

    • that sux dude, …. did you confess a secret love of crocs? or maybe that you never really understood Kierkegaard or something?

      sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I am officially leaving the internet for the next 72 hours before I do something stupid.

      It could actually be something serious – family emergency sort of thing. You sound incredibly balanced about the whole thing but understandably confused and hurt.
      Either way, hope you have some sort of (positive) progress soon.

    • That’s very Aquarian/Uranian behaviour and it is rather intense out there. I’m sure there’s an explanation, stay cool 🙂

  3. As I mentioned on the other thread I got a date today with a guy I’ve fancied since the beginning of last year. Was totally random – I am on this dating site thingy and I flirted with this fellow but he didn’t respond so I thought nothing of it. Then today got a message on FB from the one that I think is a bit of all right saying thanks for the flirt, I assumed you were toying with me. I was like – NO, I think you’re damn cute. Wanna go out on a date? And he was like … awesome let’s do it. He’s arty like me and lives in an orchard out in the hills. We’re going on a picnic. Yay!

    Other randoms that have come along were an Aries who was incapable of any kind of speech that did not involve porn phrases. Ughh I despise low Aries – crass, boorish and arrogant. Told him to grow a brain cell and fuck off.

    • I explain the Queens in tarot with porn phrases… 🙁

      Guy Rams are fun 🙂 If they’re competing, you can either snap them down (how water does it, obvs), or you can dance around them in wider circles, tap them on the nose, and flutter away. When they realize they’ve “lost,” they come hunting you down. Choose to engage or disengage at whim. 😉

      • ROFL so the Queen of Wands would like it cowgirl style etc?? …. that’s hilarious

        Oh nothing wrong with Aries per se. Just when they are dickheads they really are dickheads. Like I said low Aries.

        • Okay, truth. Aries only do extremes, and when we go high/low/crazy, we make sure it’s done with passion.

          So, here’s my rule of the Queens in Tarot ^_^

          Cups: Wraps her legs tight about his waist and rides with her king, but the King stays on top. However, very melding, fluid, and gorgeous. Everything with her flows to a crescendo. However, her energy is feminine, and she has no desire to take over the masculine. I picture mood music, candles, bubble baths drawn, and somehow it all ends up being pretty, even when it gets a bit more savage. She never turns savage, only yin. Possibly cries with orgasm.

          Wands: Knows who, and what, she wants, and will sit on their face to get it. It’s not that her passion doesn’t build – it does – but think more… scratch/bite marks on the King’s body in various places, various body fluids in various places on their bodies, screams that wake the dead. Her energy melds with her King as well, but she wants to know her lover can take the feminine role sometimes, with her taking the masculine. Probably going to make love to a man while wearing a strap-on one day, but it will sincerely be making love.

          Pentacles: Whereas fire and water are two opposing extremes, earth supports both these elements. So think of a woman who can, and will, mark her King up a bit, yet do this while melding into him like the Queen of Cups. Picture the Wands’ scream, but in the silence muffled by water in the Cups. Unlike the Cups, who harmonizes with the King’s rhythm, and the Wands, who creates her own rhythm she expects the King to challenge on occasion, Pentacles is riding cowgirl on top, taking care of her own needs while simultaneously taking care of his as well.

          Swords: The Queen of Air needs to keep it interesting, so she may be the one to fantasize about the Knight while the King touches her. However, this means she isn’t mentally involved, and the key to this woman is her intellectual g-spot. Think dirty talk, dirty ideas, dirty games. Think a little emotionally-removed, but with nipple clamps somewhere. The scene is more important to her, the visuals of it. It needs to be perfect for her to mind to shut off post-O. But she’s always thinking of new ways to make it perfect. She’ll blow your mind, because she’s thought through everything.

  4. Um… A really fun, cool conversation about art, travel and music with a few of my art school buddies? No angry wierdness in sight! So far 😉

  5. Realized how insanely shrewd + manipulative I can be. Wow.

    It’s sometimes a bad thing when you stun yourself.

    Basically, no more flirting when on the Hoochie Juice.

      • We were both hammered. Basically, he thought he was playing me, but I was playing *around* him, since for osme reason I drunkenly decided I *had* to babysit him since nobody could REALLY be that obnoxious. Meanwhile he’s since turned into something akin to a 5’8″ Captain America lookalike, and while I’ve lost about 20 pounds since then, it basically ended so awkwardly there’s no way in hell we’re ever speaking to each other again, even if we DO see each other.

        Probably the first man I’d ever met who I couldn’t stop undressing with my eyes, even when I wanted to stab him to death. (Scorpio + Leo moon + Mars in Aries + Juno in Leo + Eros in Aries = the most egotistical man in the history of egotistical men ever. Who assumed an Aries is just going to roll over and beg at the snap of his finger. Nope. I think his E in A helped make him easy to manipulate… We didn’t sleep together, because I’d also never felt so little for a man before in my life. Then pinned it on his game, which he tried to wipe away with, “I was really, really drunk.”)

        • Oh I’ve soooo been in that frame of mind in that state. It’s embarrassing but I get a laugh later – at myself and ‘our’ antics

  6. I am Aqua Sun, 11 degrees and Kataka ascendant, 10 degrees, and this full moon has me feeling pretty jittery and on overload of incoming communication/stimuli, things needing responding to, lots and lots of communication stuff, and not happy comfortable stuff.

    I went for a deep hypnotherapy session with a practitioner who is also Aqua because I was having a panic attack and feeling dizzy and ungrounded and unsafe.

    I feel a lot better after that session. We worked on my PTSD, too.

    Still a heavy week of ‘unknowns’ and change to come. Dealing with one housemate moving out and one moving in this week. Always disruptive….along with dealing with some more unsavory and difficult landlord stuff…..anytime things get shaken up in my home, my PTSD gets triggered. Yesterday it got triggered really bad to the point almost of a breakdown.

    I need to feel safe and stable in my home, and at the same time, I’ve almost always had unstable and sometimes more sometimes less unsafe homes. It’s the thing I want to achieve in this lifetime, a safe and stable home. I want to break the old pattern.

    I did notice a shift right after the moon was exact full tonight…..I feel a bit better now. I hope I can keep this feeling during the shifts in my housemates later this week.

    • Wow. I’ve never paid much attention to Lady Gaga but I was enraptured. She looks like she’s having fun rocking herself.

    • there isn’t a single look she is not going through in that clip…?!
      love to see the team at work who put her together for this.

    • I tried saying that with the meaning of the words behind Alejandro but noone would listen lol… Of course understand the song was mega over played.

      Thanks for sharing Gemmy. She was just on GMA yesterday but I didn’t have time to see her before leaving for work.

  7. Channeling Ludacris – get out the way….

    I haven’t met up or seen anybody but making plans soon. In contact with peeps far away.

    • With an Aries, there are really two options: Stand beside us, all brothers-in-arms style, or move. Because it’s going to happen either way, regardless of what “it” actually is. ^_^

  8. No physical encounter, but I had a very long vivid dream about a meeting I had to wake up and go to this morning. In the dream the other guy was trying to pitch his very serious concept to me through performance art and interpretive dance.

    That didn’t happen IRL but another aspect of the dream did.

  9. Nope, no interesting encounters to report at this stage, but I’m loving reading about others’ experiences on here!

    I’ve gone pretty hard into the Saturn stuff this week as my career really starts to heat up. As per Mystics’ rec in my Phoenix consult, diet and exercise are all getting shaken up and redefined. I can feel a bit of a transition beginning, but it’s gonna take a little bit of time.

  10. Aries actor needs a witness relocation to Saturn.
    Had a trifecta today, Chiro + Massage + Reiki. The Shazam Effects are kicking nicely.

      • Yes it was amazing, my first reiki session. The therapist wished she could spend all afternoon massaging me. Which was a lovely compliment. I called at the right time as a person had just cancelled their session.
        Enjoy yours when you get the chance Andro.

  11. My encounter came at 5am as I waszooming down the open highway to work with the moon following me. Could feel its weirdness

  12. I went to a full moon meditation. It was lovely, only this group I go to focuses on the Sun sign of the full moon period, so we looked at the archaic meaning of Leo and the goddess in respect to the lion. Was followed by great chats about Saturn in Scorpio, Nodal axis’ and Lilith. It was just the ticket being probably of a Uranian kind of bent myself with it natally trine my Sun/Mercury, really needed to fill up my cup and whence I did.

  13. Are we allowed this – I work silently all day on my own and keep having dialogues with my negative self “you did this wrong all your life” “if only you had moved to that city at that time then, now your life would be much better””why didn’t you learn about this ten years ago” etc etc blah blah blah but Im noticing her and telling asking her to well and truly GET.F’ed.

  14. He said his neck had been out the whole time since then so i said that was Saturn Neck and that everyone gets it during Saturn transits, that it’s Saturn’s way of communicating. A person or an issue that is a “pain in the neck” needs dealing with and the actual Saturn Neck keeps manifesting till you sort it. It was one of those statements that you make half in jest but it sounds more for real as you say it.


    this is crazy.
    Ps. it has since gone away and the issues that needing sorting during my saturn phase – HAS BEEN SORTED.

    spooky stuff – you continue to spook me. Thank s MM xx

  15. Ran into my Ex-crush who i loved intensely and dearly whom preceded to discuss his ‘broken penis’ with me for an hour after a hot sex session with his amazing hyper hippie, uber fit, european, sexy girlfriend 🙁

    • Sweetie. Use your brain. If he was really getting all that he would not bother to bore you with the details. He is clearly trying to impress you. Or make you jealous.

      He probably stayed in, at family sized packet of potato crisps, got high and jerked off to the home shopping network.

      And agreed…he is a jerk.

    • a broken penis is nothing to brag about! That just means he’s with someone inexperienced and reckless. It’s like letting someone borrow your car and they drive it into an accident,

  16. I have just been to a Karmic Cleansing chanted by a Tibetan Gyuto Monk.

    I didn’t realise that this would be the day I would have when I left the house this morning, but… wow! How lovely.

    I cried in the first bit and flew through the second. Thank you monk!

  17. I arrived in a new city and spent the evening drinking with a Math genius fro New York I just met by accident who specializes in number theory explaining his new theories to me and discussing how math at its highest level is finely tuned pattern recognition

    he gave me his number

    • cool!

      What’s his favourite number (go on say it’s an imaginary number or one only recently discovered by an obscure offshoot of a now-discredited theory that caused his predecessor to be thrown out of Academia, reputation destroyed, but Maths Genius worked at it for a decade by candlelight and noticed that Once-Esteemed Professor forgot to carry the imaginary phi in the third proof (he was going through a tricky divorce) and NOW! Threorem = back on fire. Genius revived.

      “now I will stun the pretty lady with my braininess, shock and awe her with my numberz theoreh..”

      no no it;s all good this is not teasing.. well it is … 😀 xoxox

  18. OK, impulse comment to the entire internet – This might sound ridiculous but is anyone in New York here? And might be interested in this?

    I know very little of Paul cocksedge’s work but the little i can see on his site looks amazing and If I was anywhere nearby I’d go and see this. (No interests to declare obvs.) None of my friends are there right now as far as i can tell and i want to know what it’s like. um, ok, thanks Mystic and interns for hosting my totally random question.

  19. Wow.. flirting abound is going on here! I got of the phone with an ex co-worker who I hadn’t spoken to in a long time. We talked for about an hour and half. I won’t date him but it was so much fun talking, laughing and reconnecting again. I have no interest in dating. None! If he comes around and makes an extreme effort with my boundaries then I will give it a shot but I am not desperate for anyone to be in my life. Nope! Still working on me.

    But, what is weird about this week is I txt’d a friend of mine who I haven’t spoke to in several months. His response “OMG.. I have my phone in my hand getting ready to txt you”. He responds again “OMG”. LOL!!


    • what, pray tell is an ‘extreme effort’ with your boundaries? they scale a fence as opposed to using the front gate to gain entry to the premises?

      • Great question: “Extreme Effort”: That the guy who shows up and I think might be worth my time can keep up with me! 🙂

      • Krissy, where can I find my midheaven point? I am still a novice astrologer learning so much from your “peeps”.

        I had a recent txt episode with a guy who had been throwing me “I want more” signs. Stop the press is my response.. poor guy! I just want to be friends with him. So, he wants to get together. I said to him.. no problem.. as long as you are ok with my hearing being with someone else since we met. He said he got the vibe with a “no problem”.. so, let’s see what happens. I have no interest in being intimate with him. SO, I use my lost heart connection to the toro/gem as my excuse. I have not interest in the toro/gem but just using it to keep those I don’t want romantically away.

        So, let me ask you all: isn’t it hard for straight men and & women to be friends? xo!!

  20. My son.

    He may be Scorpio (already under the hammer with planetary unkindness at the moment – thanks Saturn) but with Mars, Uranus AND Neptune in Aquarius, he’s a handful at just reaching puberty. He’s always been a handful!

    He’s all air and fire. The only thing that brings him down is his Taurean moon.

  21. Work’s been helter-skelter lately, and the Full Moon was conjunct to my Midheaven! I started out cleaning a disgusting office of an employee who was suddenly downsized (mouse droppings were included in this office) and left in a passive-aggressive huff. I finished the day with a big presentation to some grand pubahs in my organization where I was unusually nervous (too much caffeine?). I gave a very brief presentation laced with humor and my peculiar Venus conjunct Uranus in Libra charm, and left the room with many smiles.

    One of our departments completely turned over due to downsizing and resignations and we had **zero** people to do its work. I was able to step in and give coherent and reasonable answers to dilemmas by the seat of my pants!

    Oh, yeah… Then I felt some sparks with one of the newly-divorced grand pubahs. I’ve always admired the man from afar, almost like an innocent and secret schoolgirl crush, but I definitely felt something coming from his end. We do not forbid workplace romances, but I’ve had weird luck with dating a former colleague (who became a stalker and caused plenty of drama in my department), so I’m pretty hesitant to go that route again. But, it’s still fun to flirt a little!! Some full moon!!

  22. The weirding was more like a sea-change: my baby went off to her first day of kindergarten this morning. Sniffle sniffle! No more baby. Also, yesterday as the full moon was exact, we were off doing last minute shopping, three girls, all dressed in pink. Was super cute, but… I. Wore. Pink. And! When the clerk asked me if I’d like a store credit card I said yes. What?!?!? That goes against everything I believe in and have lived my entire adult life. Uranus double-weirding me and making me domestic??!? Sheer madness, I tell ya. Oh, and amping up the motherly energy is a family of raccoons that has set up residence at my house. Adorable fuzzy babies, mama not to be fuqed with. Has put a damper on my moonlight wanderings… I know enough not to mess with a mama bear and her cubs, even a very small bear…

  23. Nothing here to report. Just the limbo phase between house move out and in. I have a month to be a gypsy or a bag lady as a kind friend pointed out. No one appeared yet. But I have pretty much cut out the dead wood now. I await the new shoots to push through very soon. I am agitated and wired but I think that is due to the no fixed abode thing. I was hoping I could be uber cool and just sail through this but I am jittery, nervous and then my daughter just phones to say she is next to manic as her results for exams are in tomorrow of course. Damn… I have no idea as to the days of the week and now I too will get little sleep thinking of A grades and unclassified!
    However I do feel that I am now moving in new circles for work and things are going to progress where that is concerned. Hmmmmm random but this is my head currently. Here endeth my stream of consciousness.

  24. Oh dear! Aries Actor sounds quite the stereotype. Well well, I have major case of Saturn neck and hadn’t identified it until now. Saturn is opposing my Venus… am in a relationship with my boyfriend who I now live with (Saturn is now in my 4th house)… how do I ‘sort’ that? I want to be with him, obviously. The way I am slowly learning to sort it is by trying to be more detached, trying to give and take space.

  25. I watch the full moon rising over the Rockies in the back country with a woman Naturalist who is studying birds, her eyes were strangely black and “beady” in the dusk. I am guessing she is a Capricorn but never asked.

  26. I was on a plane that had ‘technical issues’ resulting in cancelled flight & being put up at hotels. The whole thing was not very well communicated (only one poor lady from the airline left to explain to 150 people) and this sent some right off the edge. So I distanced myself from the screaming angry people and ended up at the back of the line for hotel room allocation with a bunch of amazing people – in a cute hotel, with excellent company for dinner. And the stories these travellers from all around the world were mind boggling! Thanks full moon in Aquarius – got the crazy angry and the crazy-fun-adventurer people experience!!

    • I am getting a personal fashion flashback vibe, I can’t put down. It was that all in one kinda like a day onesie. Less electric and more blue on mute, shall we say. Looks like you have braces and buttons down the middle with pants attached. It’s the all in one number with a flip down collar. Something Mel and Kim would have worn if it was black and white.

  27. I’m libra with aqua rising, a bunch of scorpio, and aries moon/cap mars pretty much aligned with the z-z-z-z-zap zone.

    I have this perpetual case of Saturn Neck. I have been pretty unabashed about begging for massages. I want to hire a big lady to come over and beat me.

    An aries actor turned my life upside down when pluto transited my mars not that long ago. Or maybe I turned my life upside down and he just happened to be there. I dreamt of him 2 days ago for the first time in awhile. He was walking down my street and I followed him, peeping at him from behind buildings. I was sneaky about it but wondered if he wasn’t just pretending not to notice me. Then he disappeared.

    Typical of the pisces moon people I know.

    “I have this friend who just slips in and out of my life.”
    “That’s something drug users do.”
    “I think it’s a pisces moon thing.”

    Maybe it’s a drug thing. Who knows.

    When I dream about them they reach out instantly – uncanny. I know this guy won’t. He’s so over it. But it grosses me out that he’s in my consciousness and it’s a reminder that I have work to do (pluto has recently graced my 12th.. it’s the theme of late). He has a water trine – 4th 8th and 12th neptune on scorpio asc, and sometimes I wonder if psychic warfare is real lol. Maybe I’m waging psychic war against myself – but he just happened to be there? :end tangent:

    Anyway, I have been pretty reclusive lately and I don’t feel bad about it – I need this time. Things will be very busy again in fall. No uranian style weirdness, though some random asked if I was aquarius today. No one has ever asked me that.

    • my BFF has a Pisces Moon and is a bit like that – can take 3 days to respond to a text message. in fact I’m awaiting a reply as we speak 🙂

  28. Being an Aquarius, these moons are always fun and interesting for me. I met up with some old friends that I haven’t seen in years. One of the girls that was still just an acquaintance at the time I stopped hanging out with them asked why I had disappeared from the group, and for the first time I heard myself admit the truth: “I thought none of y’all liked me anymore because I knew [old roommate] talked crap about me to y’all when we had our falling out.” To my surprise and relief, many of them expressed how much they had missed me and wished I would start hanging out with them again. Then the (Taurus) acquaintance and I became friends and engaged in very Earth-based spiritual conversation for hours and parted ways with the promise that the next time we hung out she would give me a Tarot reading and I would give her a colored natal chart. 🙂

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