Sudden Onset Sagittarius Moon Syndrome

Surreal desert landscape

Symptoms of a Sudden Onset Sagittarius Moon Syndrome may include (but are not limited to) the folllowing:

* Craving for space, literal space.

* A fresh air fetish.

* Intolerance for having to explain yourself.

* Fury at social dates already scheduled when you want only to wander the world, like a freelance centaur or pull off an activist Occupy Couch movement.

* Wanting to be left the fuq alone.

* Extra sensitivity to out-of-touch politicians.

* Out of character Interest in reggae, hiking and/or surfing.

* Fantasizing about a secret residence that nobody knows about.

* Hippy Fashion Urges.

* Ranting re justice, separation of Church & State, draconian drug laws, dating expectations and hypocrisy.

* Wanting to smell only of coconut oil.

* Trying to find ways to use the term “superfly” in conversation, even formal ones.

Image: Neil Krug



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103 thoughts on “Sudden Onset Sagittarius Moon Syndrome

  1. This post makes me love my sagg moon conjunct Uranus even more!

    Only a few people can tolerate my constant political rants and I think Sen. Cruz totally despises me as he hasn’t returned a single one of my emails regarding his lunacy and theocratic agenda. Like, wtf?

  2. This week: outstanding mess of boring and annoying. Can’t be bothered to entertain or explain.
    My endeavours to secure secret sanctuary tiresomely thwarted by imbecilic minions.
    *turns head to refill Tap King

    • Huh? They are there – every week – either on this site or in The Australian newspaper – and have been since the late 90s. Are we on the same planet?

  3. Have sent this to my Mom, Dad & sister – this description is so spot-on, it’s psychic.

    My Saggo moon seems to dominate my Pisces sun and I only draw the line at hippy clothing (no doubt Virgo Ascendant is the reason why) although I do love COMFORTABLE clothes (and flat shoes).

    Yay to freedom. Love of solitude. S_p_a_c_e. Zero social commitments. Cave of my own. Radically diverse interests. Fort knox BS detector.

    Thank you Mystic & Sagittarius moon!

  4. My mars and pluto conjunct in SAGG son just told me yesterday when he grows up that he wants to travel the entire world one continent after another.

    I just want everyone to leave me the fuck alone. Blowing off party tomorrow we are expected to be at. whatever.
    not very saggy by nature.

  5. This is me, everyday. (Except the ‘superfly’ thing..)

    I have a 9th house moon, but the moon is in the sign of Pisces.

    Was just talking to a friend about wanting to get in a car and drive……..I’ve been stuck in this city for 3+ years and it is so antithetical to my soul……every once and awhile I freak out and rent a car and go back to Santa Cruz and sit in my redwood grove..

  6. I had a little realisation today, possibly related to three transiting planets on each of my natal fire trine planets. also the grand water trine still in effect imo and incorporating natal uranus.

    It was important because I am habitually attached to my possessions (as a part of my identity and a material reminder of nice memories / security), and have trouble letting go, and also quite thingy about people who have behaved in a shitty way towards me in the past.

    So It went a little something like, I won’t die if I decide to no longer have these things, nothing bad will happen! I’ll still be here, where’s the harm in letting go of my own feelings of hurt and mistrust at those who have wronged me in the past, beginning afresh, these people have also changed, maybe we all want a fresh start, this is what forgiveness looks like, washing out the misgivings. i’ll still be me and i can travel more lightly.

    and it sort of opened up quite a bit of space in my mind and heart.
    doesn’t mean I have to ditch everything that means anything, but more like allowing new things with meaning into my life instead of hanging onto the old.

    remembering I am a pisces and i think that progressed kataka asc has been in effect for a loooong time.

    checked and the moon is almost exact on my saggi neptune in 6th (mercury just passing Leo saturn, and Uranus on MC).

    • Yes, Pi i have been pondering the Mutability of Pisces versus our deep sensitivity. For people who can move on to something new quickly, i think our oversensitivities can keep us secretly holding on to some old old stuff. The fact that we can do secrecy so well is not our friend in this matter. I think we fear if we forget, we may be wounded so deeply again.

      Yet we survived…and thrived! Is it the innocence of never having known betrayal we crave? That cleanness of an ideal vision of humanity? Still pondering…

      And sending blessings for your amazing realisation (which i know is more groundbreaking in spirit than on paper) xx

      • thanks mille…
        yes maybe it’s that idealist thinking .. ‘the world can’t be that bad a place .. let’s try again’

  7. Saggo moon natally here and no to all the above except for the thing about wanting people to leave me the fuq alone (happens often!) and I do like the smell of coconut.

    But I did tell the Virgo housemate that I had a crush on him and that it was really annoying me. He said a definitive NO. And that we’re better of as housemates. Well duh! As if I didn’t know that. But it was a bit disturbing since I was sure he had been flirting his arse off with me. *pout*

    So that’s Saggo moon in the 7th house for ya. Always pointing out the white elephants in the room that everyone else seems intent on pretending is not there even if it is shitting all over them from a great height. Fucking humans … so weird the lot of you!

  8. A mantra that helps keep perspective during a Sag Moon: Everything is weird. Buddha said, “Life is suffering,” but another translation of his words says, “Life is weird.” That is very Sag Moon.

  9. As a double Sun/Moon Sag, I strongly concur with #s 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10. The Hermit card came up yesterday – it just felt right.

  10. Am feeling a bit tired this morning after an extended-version dream where I went back to Jamaica with a friend and we drove around the country roads, listening to reggae and visiting friends (we even phoned first to check before we drove to their parish to visit). Jamaica is one of the landscapes that I occasionally revisit.
    Y’know I had never thought that my Sag rising had anything to do with my love of reggae. Also, have a love of “jean jacket” style jackets but made in linen because their pockets, which reduce the need for a handbag when going out.

    • I LOVE reggae, have since Marley’s ‘Light a Fire’ circa ’73.
      Have an Earth Jacket, it’s massive, made from tops of jeans-10 pockets, chamois lapels with FISH skin, lined in satin weighs a ton through, so hard core. It IS a Sagg thing, fuq handbags, if it ain’t got pockets, forget it coz then money has to go into bra or knickers to be carefree & careless.

  11. SOSMS symptoms fo’sho. Sagg MC, Lillith and Ceres. Moon in Saggo is trining my natal Sun and transiting Uranus in Aries today. Day off yesterday, the Libran and I went for gorgeous drive down to northern NSW beaches. Talked about investing in camping gear and was seriously considering it. Reminiscing road trip taken earlier this year (this post’s pic is giving me cravings now). After driving across 5 States and over 5000 km, we realised how easy it is to do hour or more drives now. Would happily do it all again. Sigh.

  12. Breaking free of the educational institution that has held me captive for close to 7 years. I’ve given this a good go, its just not worth it anymore.

  13. My goodness, my extreme ennui/despair with out-of-touch politicians is turning me away from news outlets and driving me batty. Of course it doesn’t help that we are in the middle of world’s most dispiriting election campaign.

    • Embarrassing, they are cringeworthy and taking us for fools.
      Our amazing luscious country with no brilliant leaders to match. One seems on valium the other on speed.

    • Yah. I have decided this morning to go on a media fast. Possibly forever.

      I have also decided that “Pinterest” doesn’t count as media….

      • I have come to realise in Queensland our pollies are either potential comedians or wannabe reality show/YouTube starlets. Stephanie Banister and Peter Dowling both made it on The Daily Show.

  14. Thank God it’s just not just me then.
    This post fully cracked me up – especially the coconut reference – what is up with that because I can’t get enough of the stuff!
    Hope everyone has a superfly weekend.

  15. 9th house Neptune Sag and I am digging this except the reggae (unless I am eating Jamaican food).
    Thanks for starting my Friday with a smile Mystic.

  16. Did a massage for a patient recently who brought her own coconut oil. She’s heavy into the “Forks over Knives” thing/show/video and I did learn a lot from her..

    Sure I looked at her birthdate as I do with all my patients…

    “Am I massaging a Libran, Scorp, Sagg or what?”

    Just gives me a little heads up kind of thing…If I had no integrity at all, I would steal their identities with their Social Security number. Can’t believe peeps actually put it down…It’s no ones damn business and you can even refuse the bank if you choose when they request it…

    Have decided I simply am not interested in the NDNA….How could I possibly have intimate relations with someone who lives in such denial and is demeaning when confronted.

    Tell you a little secret…This is the 3rd person whom I’ve come up against with Mars square Pluto…Power trippin’ and ruthless..

    The first was the Sagg female condo mate…She had that signature and we ended up butting heads…It got ugly cuz she threatened me and she was a convicted felon and I asked if she would like me to call the police…She consequently backed down because she was on parole…(Jezuz 😯 )

    Then was the THT(Triple Horn Taurus)…he has Sagg Mars in 8th square Pluto in 5th…My Moon is conjunct his MC and opposite his Sun-Mn midpoint. We didn’t have any confrontations but he was playing games and I knew it.

    Now, the NDNA…His Toro Mars in 5th square Pluto in 8th…My Moon conjunct his Sun-Mn midpoint in his 1st…

    I’m seeing a pattern I need to get to the bottom of. Each person requiring me to stand up for myself in some way. Power is definitely involved, manipulation, etc. My Moon in 8th knows all about that from the relationship with the Pisces who’s Venus and SN was conjunct my Moon in 8th). His Sun was opposite Pluto…Oppositions have to do with relationships and he was huge on power and I fought him and I fought him hard. He was obsessed with me but only wanting to take and not give. I thought I was literally going to tear my hair out…

    I don’t know about the female condo mate, she is long gone, but I was pleasantly surprised by the THT and his transformation after telling me that when he drank he had been “in a bad place” and that he felt something bad was going to happen if he didn’t stop. He actually apologized for never having contacted me. How refreshing, you know? I’d say he’s the most conscious of the bunch so far.

    Today I asked the Tarot if I should let NDNA go…you know, on all levels, psychically, emolly…I got the Hermit card…Yep, that seems appropriate. I walk each day, introspect…I have seen four Hawks in one week…one was on the wall right outside my condo….Was stunned to say the least..”keep your vision, etc…people won’t like what you have to say…Hawk means you can tear the head off your prey with actions and words”..I did that with the Aqua because he would not face the truth and now, when I asked the Tarot if we are done, I got the 5 of Swords….

    Yes, he was selfish, incredibly so. Each time I came to him to try to resolve he simply was not willing and so I have no respect.

    Anyway, just putting some pieces together lately. Love you..x

        • Whoah Sweetpea i also have Mars square Pluto and Pluto opp Sun (which then squares Mars). So this pulled me up reading it. I know i can be ruthless but not in general, i hope. I can see that energy in me though. Perhaps it is lucky i grew up with someone power-hungry and cunning, to put me off and keep me watchful of myself. When people ask why i am so hard on myself, i can never explain. I wonder if i should just let go. Then i read this and thought, mmm perhaps not…I am happy to be known as persistent πŸ™‚

          But you know Aries peeps have been great buddies to me. Do you think there’s an astro signature bringing you up against the negative side of Mars square Pluto?

          • Mill,

            You are such a bright, loving and insightful person here on the blog that I don’t doubt for one second that you are conscious of the propensity of these energies and how to quell the tide when need be…so to speak.

            It takes two as well and well, I have Mars in Gemini on the Ascendant quincunx (inconjunct) Cap Moon in 8th (my Mars makes no other/ major aspect) and so it has been a work in progress (which I have not always understood and am obviously still learning about), to reconcile articulating my needs and having the confidence to feel I have the right to those needs.

            Each situation has given me the opportunity to grow a little more in this direction and for that I can honor the interaction even tho initially it causes me great distress/pain and a general feeling of being pissed off…lol

            Years ago, in the aftermath of the battle with the Pisces I called my teacher in Thailand and said that “it was hard”..He said “thats life”…

            Wow, talk about deflation…


            • Night before last I was sitting in my car for a moment listening to some music. Roxy Music ~More Than This~.

              The Aqua drove up a few spaces down and when he got out he just sort of waved his water bottle in my direction as acknowledgement. My windows were down and so I said “hey stranger”…meaning…~we need not be angry at each other anymore~

              And his front blinds are open again.

              • Oh thank you for the gorgeous support, sweetie sweetpea but don’t you trust a slippery piscean for a second! πŸ˜€ (this is an outrageous grin)

                I hear you on the inconjunct/quincunx. Strange word, weird feeling. It’s like a mound of fine beach sand in your shoe. It grates but it doesn’t seem enough to undo all the laces and tip it out, plus you’re probably suddenly in a fine dining area where one doesn’t do that (u can see i have Sagg planets). Then you realise it makes you walk funny. Your alignment is out. Your ribs are sore somewhere. It’s just uncomfortably off but builds.

                I breathed a sigh of relief myself at the open windows, though, Sweetpea. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than hiding in one’s own home. Aquas are stubborn, so this is good!

              • Sweets, I miss ya gal ! You are slogging along like the rest of us, tapping into the knowledge of the uni -versity πŸ™‚ with more tools than most !

                Funny how I spill out what I see, it seems soOo personal when I do, then others say ‘I swear you are talking to me’ we are in this together, the energy sea, maybe seeing each others boats & waving or seeing boats far away off in ? Aqua land ? but all energy meets eventually.
                My journey parallels yours in many ways, my friend … I am waving xoxo and love your posts – you just keep going and I will too ok ?!

                • Ok Rox…and Mill…beautifully put both…Thank you..It has been a bit rough lately emo wise but instills more fire to go on and fulfill my dreams.

                  Reading Caroline Myss lately “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can”

                  Yes, I held onto the “woundology” of the Pisces too long which created depression but I was ignorant and didn’t know any better…So it’s okay all in all cuz now I know. Don’t mean this current sitch don’t hurt because it
                  does and sometimes I’m still so angry I want to do something to that bastard. Then I’m like, okay, it’s his ego and my ego can play off his ego and so I choose not too of course.

                • What brings me joy is when “Fireflies” comes up on the shuffle when I do my walk…by Owl City..And I see the Hummingbirds each day and they
                  flit onto the fence down from me and harkin to join the joy…

                • Aries sis used to say that being a bitch is all a girl has to hold onto…with humor of course…Yes
                  I’d like to take it just a notch higher
                  please. lol

  17. Super excited about this astro but I’m another multi-Saggo (Sun-Mercury and Ascendant) for whom these symptoms are merely a way of life. Especially the coconut oil. Or coconut anything.

    • I second that: Coconut everything. And right now IΒ΄m checking flights to London… Got a sudden urge today! (Sun, Mars, Mercury, Neptune in Saggo. Luckily IΒ΄ve got Virgo Rising, so IΒ΄m actually planning and comparing prices…)

      • Right!? I’ve been daydreaming at work and frantically planning at home for my anniversary trip in October. My husband’s is getting aggravated at all the things I want to do, he mocked me a minute ago: “We did everything ever on our vacation because I did a ton of cocaine while I was planning it!!”

        • You go, girl! Things to see, people to do! (Or was it the other way Β΄round?!?) Saggo power is awesome, especially if itΒ΄s a tiny bit structured!

  18. I can definitely related. My progressed moon is currently in Sagg and I am getting a taste of what its like to embody this energy, as I don’t have any planets in Sagg or the house it rules in my chart. Since the progressed moon, i’ve been traveling the world, deemed myself a gypsy and never stay too long in one place. On a whim I traveled to Bali alone and only told a few people because I knew it was crazy but I went with it! Fresh air YES. Connecting to gaia more than ever. Space space space….moon in aqua craves it as well.

  19. .. I just poked today down from a shelf on a whim an untested ripe, saturated honey-like type of coconut shower gel .. One pretty heavy oily decadent coconut variation …. got olfactively pretty surprised later in the shower,
    and pleasantly so .. Lol !

  20. I’m surrounded by them. Must be my Aries. I can really see their moon in sag no matter what their chart says. There’s this I come and go as I please, no one can make me attitude, in a benevolent way. So endearing. I love them.

  21. I must must must cultivate my sagg MC but my Saturn conj ASC just gets the better of me time after time. And the Cancer pile up means I carry almost everything for any occasion in a super chic handbag. But somedays I do get out onto the hill alone, with just a mobile and a tissue if I remember one. Got to admit I love the hill and me, just the hill and me. And I use coconut oil for my hair so I can blow dry it into a formal sensible shape. Hmmm maybe my sagg is there working guerilla styly.

  22. Chart ruler Venus and Saturn in Sagg, moon in 9th house, so I definitely have a streak of this though it goes somewhat against the grain (or balances) the rest of my chart. But I know someone with Sagg rising and a slew of Leo planets in the 9th, and a strong Jupiter, and yep, you sure nailed it. I like Sagg – doesn’t everyone? I have Sagg envy!

  23. Um… you’ve actually just described my entire life. which I attribute entirely to a 9th house sun / mercury, and just for good luck let’s add my pisces ruling planet natally in Saggi. πŸ™‚

    Except when saturn and my capricorn moon are getting the better of me BOOOO


  24. haha. YES – many of these ring true. I’ve been feeling so hippie-ish lately (more so than usual!). Lately I’ve been so passionate about issues like environmentalism, animal rights, feminism.

    along with that is the urge to drop everything and go be a Buddhist monk in some remote mountains. Ha! I think I just want the simplicity, alone time, and space.

  25. Oh yeah Sag Moon person here and the first three are always true. I cringed to recall a period of time when i actually did use the word “fly” a lot, but i was hanging with people who talked like that. There are eras that can certainly be defined by some random idiom i have picked up and overused. *blush*

  26. Yes. I have sudden onset moon in Saggitarius. All of the above tend to apply on and off anyway, four things conjunct in Sagg as well as sun and north node. Often fantasize about surfing, treehouses and frequently wish to be left the fuq alone. Except when I don’t. Superfly SHOULD be used all the time. Except by that Abbott character. MM you are, as usual, spot on. xx

  27. Lol, I only have NN, DC & Neptune in Saggi so I don’t always act this way, but I always feel this way in my head!

    The the other day I actually dreamed (after reading that hiking book by Strayed) that I was hiking in northern India. On my way to Dharamasala to see the Dalai Lama I think. I was so happy! I was alone, blissfully alone. And I hadn’t packed a bag, I just wore some old sneakers & took whatever was handy. I didn’t care, I was certain that I would find what I needed on the way.

      • Is the no handbag thing a Cap moon thing? LOL
        I didn’t get a proper hangbag until late 30s! Ciggies in the back pocket, $$ and house keys in the front pockets, and I was good to go.
        Didn’t have a mobile phone in those days though..

        Was so excited when cargo pants were in fashion. I love pockets!!! πŸ˜€

        • ah brilliant! I knew I wasn’t the only one. Yes my best handbag-free era was when I wore my favourite skater jeans TO DEATH, they were baggy (love dressing like a boy) and enough pockets to leave me hands-free πŸ™‚
          also, yes S inside shoes or bra – and being plastic, Australian banknotes are extra-hardy πŸ™‚
          sometimes forgetting the other $20 and you get undressed at the end of the day/night and .. let’s just say my boobs had currency

      • Drea was so real, I felt dusty on awakening.

        Re the handbag thing, dear Aries galpal, with Merc/Venus also in Aries has that.
        I just checked her chart and it could be she has a Cappy Moon! Inneresting!


    Today I was musing about that ‘one time 3 years ago I had a coconut oil massage and it was so wonderful, and I might get me some of my own’

  29. HA. Reggae – tick. Irate email to impotent politicain – tick. Online looking for upmarket version of thai fisherman pants – tick. Nostalgia about long solo walks once taken at night and thoughts of getting massive scary dog so could do it now – tick. Funky ghetto lingo – tick.

    • borrowed a friends massive scary dog (lovely really) for a night walk recently, I’m a cat lady, it was BEAUTIFUL! I bounded along in a little sundress right past a whole gang of leering drunken poxers instead of crossing the road, fumbling for keys/phone, because lol seriously look at my DRAGON I mean dog. They don’t even open their mouths. Get one! πŸ˜€

    • you should still totally do the long walks late at night! imo our city is as safe as it ever was. I do, well that’s because I prefer to exercise after dark when nobody can see me looking incredibly out of breath.

      fashion nerd question, so…did you find upmarket fisherman pants?

    • Have you tried Etsy for the trousers ? Try searching on something like “pure linen” or “pure hemp”, or my favourite “hemp silk mix” πŸ˜€ A lot of it is made-to-measure and you’re supporting small craftspeople and artists….

      Also a good place to get one-off turquoise jewellery if you’re really feeling the vibe πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  30. Oh I have to use superfly at work tomorrow, I used funky at tennis … I hope I don’t lose my mojo by saying this but I’m so stoked I finally broke out in a jog today and felt the momentum, it felt so good and now I just wanna keep on going! Thanks sag moon for the ambience!

  31. Yes… Moon in Aries in 9… Similar urges… Biggest dream is to have a place by the sea… Lived 10 years by the sea… 3 in Japan…was born in Quebec
    But, I di have Venus in Sagittarius…and ok, Neptune in 4 th

  32. Natal Moon in Sagg, Mars in Sagg super tight conjunction. I love me some Moon in Sagg vining – extra super superfly man! dig it!!

  33. Check…check, check, check … check …it’s posts like these that convince me of MM’s psychic prowess.

    • Meet my eldest son! And father- both Virgo Suns with Saggo Moons. Big BS detectors! Blunt, Au naturel, athletic, wicked smart/wise, hilarious and crave solitude- did I say HANDSOME and graceful!!! Indignant with fuqwits! Also deep voices! Hate social convention charming just because- Beloved by young- and elders- don’t fence them in!!!!

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