September Scopes Are Up!

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Hello Beautiful Sky-Trippers – the Monthly Horoscopes for September are now posted.

As befits such an intense month, they are very…directional.

And hey, it’s the last month for a while with everything direct and more or less uncomplicated. We are about to go into a phase of Mercury in Scorpio for over two months, Eclipse Season, Mars in Libra for (don’t ask) and Venus Retro in Capricorn. Okay, Mars gets into Libra in December and stays there until July 2014. I have this in hand! I am devising a solution.

But first…read the Monthlies, get a grip on September and stay Awesome.




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37 thoughts on “September Scopes Are Up!

  1. Can I just say YES to the September scopes! Just what I needed to hear – Aqua Sun and Cap Asc in sync.

  2. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa….hold the phone…Mars is in Libra for HOW long?!

    I mean, heck, he’ll be travelling through my 11th house so I can’t complain too much…but wow!

  3. Oh this is the most emo uncomfortable cancer moon I’ve had in ages, what’s with that!

    • I know…tmi here but my dark moon bloating is like twice as bad ( and I’m eating healthy!) I feel like the staypuft marshmallow man…or maybe it’s all the soy sauce consumed since majorly cleaning up my diet . πŸ™ but my blood pressure is so low and I just crave it!

      • ah yes!!! me too… I had this moment yesterday of thinking my blood pressure must be very low, cause i felt so light headed but heavy in body, and so tired… in comparison to last three weeks of jumping out of bed and going for it!..

        I still feel pretty exhausted today, and i feel down about it too….
        Have just been reading about nurturing these uncomfortable emotions… Had a sad dream too, a bit scary, intense emotions.

        Then reality is so lonely, no friends or family where I am living, so far from where I want to be, have spent a lot of time building inner strength and acceptance of being on my own. Learning to enjoy the solitude, find the strength and creativity in it… but on days like today where I am tired, and emotionally exhausted, I long to lie by a waterfall or ocean or to cuddle a friend or go out for brekky with a loved one,what i would consider normal shit… but so far from my reality right now

        I know to be gentle and kind to myself when I am like this, and not to be austere and hard… I am trying to go back to full no sugar and carb after a lax week with birthdays allowing myself to have some sugar and wheat, feel that may have contributed to low mood.

        but unsure…
        oh this pained life… days like these the pain of the world only makes it worse and more oppressive.
        Gratefulness is my practice for today

      • Rach sounds like an electrolyte disturbance your playing with.
        Low blood pressure at your age is most likely caused by dehydration.

  4. WOW and WOW.. .with Virgo and Libra. Oh and let’s say Yes and Yes.. seems right on target. I guess I need to figure out what I left soaking in August though! ugh!!

    I feel good though! Thanks Mystic! You keep it real with how you present things! Thanks!


  5. In the past I’d see references to the zap zone and be intrigued by the concept of such rapid transformation but freaked out that I wasn’t really on board/walking the talk 100%. I really feel like I am now and I’m putting in the work every day. Growing some guts. September is gonna be amazing!!! I’ve overhauled my health habits and relationship policies and now I’m ready to make some seeeeeerious money and roll at the level of my genius innovator friends instead of secretly feeling quietly inferior or jealous. There are no rules anymore…go get yours and be ruthless.

    • Y’know.. I am feeling the same way. Standing up for myself, out spoken that maybe a little strong but since December I have been very strong with speaking out on certain things.

      Since April 25 was when the light went on that I had to get stronger with my job.

      Since June 24 my entire view on relationships changed. I am now making boundaries that I want.. not them.

      August 13 was the start of me running the show at work and I am patting myself on the back. I received praise from the President and that is all I need to know.

      Since July 24 r sooner my energy was taken from me. So with health it is weighing on my mind heavily. I need to get my arse in gear and get started. I don’t know if it’s the hurdle of getting started or am I really dealing with a health issue depleting my energy. Blood work done on Thursday so I should know my next Wednesday. I see signs of some improvement so I will say it is my diet! Had one “Hey” of a breakfast this morning.. so. That is an improvement.

      Is it possible that the 24 & 25 are pivotal days each month for energy changes? I also wish I could find some connection with the planets placement in the houses affecting me but nothing on those days listed above.

      any-who.. Thanks for posting and reading my response! I feel like I can finally get back involved with this site. Hopefully.


      • Pshhh. a) I am the Ultimate Derailer at the forums I frequent (mostly because my tangents are out of control), and b) I could care less about “owning”a thread. This site is already amazing because of the One And Only Mystic’s accuracy, insight, and hilarious way of putting thibgs but even greater because of the community! I’m excited that you’re life is acceleratig/upgrading! It really is just little things built on top of more little things…

  6. Cripes, my natal Mars is in Libra, tightly conjunct with Saturn and Pluto. So everyone will feel like me, spending the vast majority of your energy seesawing over the tiniest decisions, like which kind of garlic salt to get and whether you should park closer or further from the store. You’ll all want to blow your money on gorgeous clothes, perfumes, and textural home decor items, you’ll spend way too much time arguing with anybody and everybody, and you’ll flounce off at the tiniest whiff of crassness. Even fart jokes on cartoons make me wrinkle my nose. Aww yeah, Mars in Libra.

    • Solidarity, it’s a beautiful thing! Here’s to the equivocal, the equivalent, equality, equidistance, equity, and .. Equalisers of the audio variety

  7. Question.. September is here. I have sun in Virgo and the Sun will be in Virgo very soon. What does it mean when there is a double whammy of a planet at the same point?

    • if I understand your question, yes, there will be a conjunction of the transiting sun with your natal sun soon.It will happen when the sun hits the same degree as it was at when you were born. Also known as your birthday πŸ˜€ Happy birthday for whenever it happens πŸ™‚

    • not sure where that second less happy smile came from but the double whammy is an aspect called a conjunction. There is information in the link which explains the effects of the common aspects. Conjunctions are pretty common so if you get to grips with their effect it will help you understand your chart and transits better as they unfold.

      • Love the site you posted.. I have seen everyone comment about conjuct etc and I just couldn’t understand it. Now it makes sense and something I can pay attention to as they come up. TY!!

        I have to say I am a little disappointed with an astrologer who I ask this question to on her blog recently and she couldn’t answer it. She responded with “sometimes planets don’t have an effect on what we are going through”.. or something along those lines. She is now ignoring my question about the conjunct.. I don’t know maybe my original questions was a little crowded with details of what I was going through but I can’t get over how she is ignoring me. I was curious about Jupiter and it being conjunct recently in my chart. I used the double whammy description.. Baffling..

        I am staying here with Mystic and crew!!

        • jupiter (as discussed in mystic’s post about jupiter and saturn over the last few days) makes things expand or become more consuming when it conjuncts a planet or point on your chart. It rules travel, higher education, religion/spiritual and legal matters. All things associated with expanding your horizons or personal sphere of knowledge etc. So now whenever you see that jupiter is hitting on one of your planets, try to frame the natural status of that planet and the house it sits in, in the light of jupiter’s influence.

          Maybe the astrologer was really busy or would have preferred you purchased their time rather than having to read your chart for you for free? Astrologer’s have bills to pay just iike the rest of us.

          Now I have to go look at my chart and try and work out why it suddenly feels right to apply for a job as a waitress. I’m thinking something’s jamming up my 6th house.

          Good luck with your birthday plans VE – maybe treat yourself to a simple astrology book – or the mercury consult πŸ˜€

          • Thank you for that! And yes my the astrologer was busy. It’s funny after the ignoring bit I did check out the cost for a reading. Too expensive and now Mystic’s mini consult that is hopefully on the horizon if they are taken up before I go for it.


    • Yes, you understood it correctly.. and so.. ahhh.. this is a good thing? Thanks for the HB wishes.. 9/21 at 8:40 am.. I, for once in a long time, want to celebrate my birthday. Trying to get my friends to go on a casino boat cruise for a couple of hours.

      Thanks Anon!! Thanks for the link too!

      • yes VE, your birthday is a good thing! Although your birthday this year is around the time of pluto going direct, so maybe do some googling around that event and obviously refer to Mystic’s monthlies to see if there’s anything to take into account when planning your soiree.

        • AND a full moon on the 20th / 21st.. I was thinking the night of the 20th for the cruise.. Maybe I will do it a week early. But will check things out.

  8. Mars in Libra for how fuqing long?? That’s my 8th house – eek! Nothing natal in Libra but progressed Sun just entered and my beloved is a Plutonic Libran. O well pre-warned is forearmed I guess – thanks for that darling Mystic xx

  9. I think MM rocks and Iove this blog! However for a few months now I can’t relate to my scopes. I read sun and rising. Does this ever happen to anyone? I’m trying really hard to have it apply and it just ain’t working …

    • Sometimes when I get reeeeaally depressed and fall out of the flow of life that happens for me (last winter for a bit), but then when I get back into the flow of life now they get more and more accurate. (Not saying you are depressed, just my experience!)

  10. Ugh….this month has started out intense, crazy, twisted, violent, yuck. Oh and I may have made a baby.