Scorpios! Hi, Hello – How Are You?

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Seriously Scorpios, it has been nearly ELEVEN months of Saturn in your sign for the first time since the mid-80s.  We have to ask: how is it going?  Saturn is heading out of shadow in the next month (see your Scopes for proper schizz on this – it’s affecting ALL of us) but short version: the “rain” began in Oct/Nov/Dec 2012 and then that “rain” went away a little bit.

Soon it’s back storming. OR more simply: it is around about now that you’re totally grokking a lesson/message and if you think about it, it’s got resonance of seven year cycles. Count all the way back to the mid-1980s if you’re old enough.

SCORPIOS – how you doing?


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93 thoughts on “Scorpios! Hi, Hello – How Are You?

  1. My sun is progressed in scorpio – and I have pluto conjunct my sun natally; my scorpio friends are either going or gone into dark scorpio (and falling of the edge in an abyss of their own making) or challenging everything about the status quo and being wonder wonderful people. xo

  2. This Scorpio is loving Saturn right now. I’ve started a stargazing business to beat the corporate blues, and recently went from platinum blonde to lowlights. Also recovering from surgery on both feet… How’s THAT for a brand new foundation!

  3. Really, you have to ask? Haha It’s fuqing fantastic! So much better than my first go of it in the 80s. But I have so much more autonomy now than I did then, which makes a huge difference of course.

    I love rain, love the theatrics of a big storm. Not always easy to ride out & recover from, but I never cease being in complete awe of the pure power that is Ma Nature.

    Like this Saturn Return: complete awe.

    • I’d love to hear more on this!! Tells us about the details of fantastic!!! (if you would. And please.)

  4. Sun in Leo, but I have a moon-pluto conjunction in Scorpio that’s being srsly exhausted by Saturn right now and it’s a real challenge. Recent Leo energy has made things easier, though, as well as obsessively researching how to better handle Saturn transits (also currently waiting on bach walnut flower essence in the mail because Pluto/Saturn and the Pluto transit is messing with other parts of my chart). Curious how other Saturn moon folks (especially moon-Plutonians!) are holding up; I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been having some seriously weird (not necessarily bad, though) emotional times with this transit.

    • I have Pluto-Moon conjunct in Libra/7th house, so I was doing the Saturn transit there for the couple years leading up to Saturn’s move into Scorpio last quarter 2012. And let me tell you: the massive emo & relationship upheavals that occurred during that time were off the charts.

      Off the charts! Many tears, much grief & loss, lots of reminding myself, “In solitude we are least alone” (Lord Byron). It became my mantra, that quote. I got a poster of a deciduous-treed island alone in a quiet lake that has that quote written gently below the image, & I hung it where I could see it 1st thing upon waking & last thing upon retiring.

      Now it hangs in my office– along with my Meeks Cutoff poster of Michelle Williams brandishing a rifle in her prairie dress, & Olaf Hyjek’s Medusa. Love it. Saturn in the executive suite 😉

      — anyhow, the Pluto-Moon/Saturn thing is full on, you bet. But nothing lasts forever. Except for you. You last forever. Everything else will pass, just keep the faith. x

        • You bet! And you know what I forgot to say? All that grief & loss I experienced was ultimately good on me. Yeah it was a gut-wrenching journey at times, but what needed to go went & what needed to stay stayed. You will come out on the other end of this with strands of pearls in your hair. x

          • Totally agree with this. Saturn conjunct my natal Moon-Pluto in 12th H Libra was character building to say the least. But we survive. Slug down the Pluto Juice (walnut) and keep your sights high. I didn’t get pearls though – where’d I go wrong?

              • My Lilith’s in the sixth, opposite my Moon-Pluto conjunction and conjunct Jupiter. I’ll nip over and grab em while I can!

  5. Scorpio in sun, moon, rising, venus, mercury, and mars over here. The focus on stability is unreal. I have spent all of the moments of the last year studying and getting the right papers to do my new work. Or designing jewelry which is paying the bills. Work work work. All focus on men has been with respect to partnership and not carnal, identify-defining pleasure. I could write about book about the flings/romps/relationships that I have had long and short! Epic! I have kept my friends entertained for years with them! And me too. And now- don’t care. Fleeting glimpses, but mostly it all just seems tiring and like an excuse or distraction. I have gotten so boring! 😉 While I truly feel the nagging pressure that what I have progressed to is not enough, I do feel a furthered embodiment of what I know, and what I am. Which means that when I walk into a party, I don’t expect to be able to fake it with small talk and so don’t try, I am just silent until I am moved to ask the one true question that appears to be relevant. But man, if I hit the meditation cushion more! God, or if I laughed more! That could be so great. I feel new levels of rage and anger about things. I have been sugar/grain/dairy free for 5 weeks with no cheating, which I have never before managed for such a long period. I am inspired creatively (though my smaller loom is GONE, no idea how, so no ponchos for now, sad sally!!) I am in a quandary now, though, and that is this: where to live. I have been wandering for three years getting training in the work that I do (“healing” for lack of a better term!) and the logical place (the bay area, where I am from, and where most of my resources and further education are) holds not only NO appeal, but negative appeal. If you have any thoughts on how to know where home is, please pipe up! The results of not having a steady home for this one are pretty big. Oh, and saturn has made himself known further with my skin. I go to LA in a month for my FOURTH surgery for the removal of a quick growing and very real basal cell carcinoma. All surgeries have been since last September. I am collecting scars and so my vanity is finding a new identity as well. I’m 38 years old. So that is how I am- so great, and so weirded out and pretty confounded and confused. And angry about stuff and alive about other things and so filled with longing. These days, I am deeply, deeply fueled by nature. Much love to you all! I haven’t spoken up for awhile, but I read your comments and adore you! xox to you, mystic.

    • If you like colder weather, Portland, Oregon. If you like warmer weather, Taos, in New Mexico.

      If you’d like to live in Australia (hell yeah ! Why not !) Byron Bay if you like warm weather, and Margaret River, or Denmark in Western Australia if you like cooler weather.

      We’re also really good at skin cancer treatments here in OZ. We have the highest rates in the world….

      What’s unwanted that’s been growing in your life ? Apart from the cancer ? What is the one thing you would do if you could wave a magic wand and make it happen, no matter how batshit it may sound ?

      Sending you joy and clarity !


      • Thank you so much for the kind response! It’s such a great reminder, and it’s true so true- just ask the questions, drop the fear and make a wish! I’m waving hello to you with my big magic wand right now! From my new home in…. DETROIT! (just kidding but maybe not). I have Scorporation to thank for the detroit idea, as you’ll see below. A mighty fine idea, I’d say, and with all of the fixins. 🙂

    • oh my god, girl: I’m so with you, all the way down to the
      freaky out of nowhere emergency surgery (mine was sudden, noticed because it was causing blindness, on the brain). All patched up now, minus just a couple things (thyroid hormone? cortisol? hello?), but I get this sneaking suspicion, based on the transit length, that I’m not out of the woods yet (especially with this November 3 eclipse hitting my 6th hs Moon to the exact degree). –Or maybe thats just Saturn materializing my Scorp Moon paranoia again. I used to be the girl you talked about too: the stories, the flings everything– and suddenly I find myself with a seven-month-old (very much a surprise, born just as Saturn hit my Scorpio Moon/Pluto conj. in the 6th), a partner I live with, and his two children from a previous marriage who come to stay with us for every other weekend. I’m also unemployed (just done with grad school) so feeling the financial constraints, for sure. Ugh. Looking forward to that Saturn return next year… How much more growing up do I have to do right this second?! I wish I knew how to be more optimistic with these transits, but I think the sheer number of things Saturn is hitting right now (conj Moon/Pluto, squaring Venus and MC) is taking the wind out of my sails.

      • Radish King! Not only do you have the badass name but you are pure awesome. Yes on all fronts! It hits hard! My oh my. I wish I spoke astrology better bc I don’t know all of your references but I’m thinking you’l forgive me…. Keep up the good work, you’re really an inspiration!! Keep me posted, yeah? Cheers.

      • I have never been! Always wanted to do. Hm- Sedona, or Detroit? Detroit or Sedona?? hahaha 😉

    • I’m going to go out on a limb here & suggest you consider moving to Detroit. Yes, Detroit! I was just in Detroit over the weekend & I don’t know if it’s actually Scorpio (how does one find the astro of a city or nation, anyhow?), but it sure does feel Scorpio. Scorpio with a Saturn Return, no less. For instance, Detroit recently filed bankruptcy, the largest US city to do so– how Saturn return is that?

      I love Detroit! So much homegrown art & music (see Hamtramck)– music is the soul of Detroit– as well as pulling in international talent. No pretentions, a deep gritty history, a city that was built on optimism & hope of the future & whose inhabitants still keep these dreams alive. The underground scene is seriously Pluto & delicious, the medical scene is totally top-notch (eg, Uni of Michigan, Henry Ford). Oodles of diversity, from having the largest pop in the US of Middle Eastern immigrants (see Dearborn), to a thriving gay community (see Ferndale & Ann Arbor), to scores of blue collar folks & plenty of white collar ones. It was in Detroit that I met my first dominatrix… she had a torture room in the attic of her mansion where she whipped Michigan politicians into submission… but that was many years ago: she has a wife and two kids now.

      So yeah, I offer you Detroit for consideration if a metro area is your cup of tea. Of course there are plenty of negative words & associations attached to Detroit, but isn’t that rather Scorpio, too? Haha Check it out for yourself, a Scorp knows… 😉

      • I LOVE Detroit!! 🙂 I’m obsessed with that city. I went to visit in 1998. Everyone was like “what are you going THERE for??” But I had to see it for myself. It captured my heart in my teens.

        One of my fave photographs is one I took of an abandoned 1920’s building / dentist’s clinic.

        • Nice! Yeah, I spent the better part of my 20s living in Detroit, did so much growing & learning there, met heaps of awesome people… and I still visit whenever I can. If I wasn’t such a country girl at heart, I’d still be there I’m sure. Love that city!

          • I love everything you have written, S’tion! Way way. I have never been, but now I’m going to go- at least for a trip to check out the bits. Seems like a whole lot of greatness going on there. I’ll report back for sure.


        New American Ghetto, brilliant haunting time-lapse / urban history of Detroit and other cities, profound and enlightening. The concept of community could be turned inside out, with the social considerations visually represented.

        It appeared I think around the time when neptune last shifted, uranus was going into aquarius? but I must agree; it resonates with the current scorpio saturn (underground) capricorn pluto (corporate moral conservatism, moral vacuum) and neptune in pisces (crisis, service)…

    • hey Sextupe Scorpio. Interesting about the skin. My natal Sun is in the 10th house but I’ve just being diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma too!! Was not expecting that result 😯 It’s a tiny spot on the side of my nose and they want to operate. 🙁 It’s outrageously expensive. I’m going to try an alternative skin cream that’s supposed to work. It’s called Curaderm BEC5 Cream. Google it. There’s heaps of info on it, with before and after pics.

      • Hey S’bot! I tried that stuff for about three months and it gave me major scars, much more substantial ones than the surgery though it doesn’t scar everyone. And it didn’t work thoroughly so I have to have that spot excavated chez docteur. no fun. If you can find a good mohs surgeon, I’d go with the surgeon. It’s way expensive, totally. But it’s your face! I will have three removed in October. One will leave an 8 inch scar I’m told. SO extreme! But also so important to remember that it’s not life threatening. Crazy shizz: I got my first diagnosis for basal cell right after my dad was diagnosed with stage III melanoma. Time to cut the cords and (proverbially) cut out the sympathetic skin cancer getting! Ayiyi! Dad is fine, btw. Thank Gosh. The BEC 5 is “natural” but it’s also really allopathic, and incredibly MINDBOGGLINGLY painful. Surgery was easier and for me, felt more natural. I’m a total purist, too. Crazy stuff. There’s no doubt in my mind that every bod responds differently and that you’ll choose perfectly. Sorry to down talk the curaderm. 🙁 Many Blessings and Love to you!

        • hey SS! Thanks so much for responding. In my research nobody mentioned scarring from curaderm. They did talk of the pain though. Good to hear of your experiences and from a reliable source (this blog). 🙂

          I think I will book in for the Moh’s surgery. Best to be on the safe side. The doctor at the time discussed with the surgeon how they would cut it out to minimise scarring. So I think I’m in safe hands.

          Blessings and love to you too! 🙂

    • Hey SexSco, was wondering how your road trip went!

      NO PONCHO’S??? Oh dear. That loom going missing is bizarre, whatever will we do, so wanted a sacred woven blanky off your loom (*hastens off to cut hole in fave blanket*).

      • HEY! Yes, no loom. It’s a weird story. My mom gave it away- by accident. She didn’t know what it was. (she resides in another world fairly often). Incidentally, I just got asked to hand weave a line of blankets for this incredibly cool company. Should be interesting since I no longer have a textiles studio! OH WELL!! I”ll figure something out! Everything is moving around right now so I’m going to watch and wait. Perhaps a loom will materialize? Highly likely! The road trip has been amazing! So much so that I am staying here in Bozeman, MT for awhile because of the beauty. Lakes, rivers, streams! Mountain water! Did a long cleanse bc of the skin stuff mentioned above, UG UG, and that is good. Bought a bajillion beads on the way here and am winding grown denim thread into tassels and counting to 108 in beads and stringing away. Miniature weaving? In one dimension? LOVE that you remember cutting the hole. It’s the best. Time for me to do it again for certain. I hope you and your child(s) are doing great! Super much love! FYI: THERE WILL BE BLANKIES!!!

    • Oh mine, I wish You gret time. Have You been in Hawai? Most spiritual place for me in US. We were there twice. But its close to sea 🙂 actually I have lived also in Tulsa.
      I was interested to read about your experiences…. Not many sun/moon scorpios I know…. My son has sun/moon/mars/pluto and maybe more in Scorpio. He is 21 now. He has been truelly busy with his studies and done very well. But I know this guy – his emotions are not easy to interpret. He got some skin problems lately- maybe time to check dermatologist… He just called me yesterday… My hubby is MD. I myself have scorpio ascendant/mars – so I am good to have around for him. He is for now Eagle, so I am happy about it. Other thing is his love life. Mysterious, dark and hidden…..

  6. Omg Just got my mail, in it was a brochure & business card (of the organization’s director), for an equine center not too far away! My horse! The envelope is post-marked Aug 16– the day Venus entered Libra/my 7th house! *magic*

  7. sun and all personal planets progressed in scorpio. Cut off an inappropriate and imbalanced love affair in January, two days after saturn crossed the cusp of my 10th house and transit mars made an exact opposition to natal venus conjunct pluto. In July, about when saturn went direct, after a religious/spiritual personal coup de foudre, fed/rescued two kittens who were living in a neighboring basement. Found them a home. Literally from the dark to the light. I extended myself beyond what I thought I could do. So, the first action was an old tried and true defense. The second was a new attempt at healing and strength. Undoubtedly more to come. Yes I was around for the early 80s, but I didn’t have the insight or the perspective then that I have now.

  8. (SN and draconic Jupiter on my ascendant at 12′ Scorpio/ Chiron in Scorpio/ Sun Moon Pisces) Ministry of Health went for my licence (fabricated vendetta set up). The process of fighting this brought colleagues to my defence that made me realise that I have lots of professional support, respect and genuine warmth.

    Same Ministry was/ is paying me for a prestigious honorary position as a mentor for professionals doing the same kind of work I am doing with mental health and addictions, applying mindfulness practice to therapy and community development. (Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing?) Go figure.

    Not looking forward to the next go through, but am curious- dare I say it?

  9. Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio (and Moon and Rising in Taurus). It’s been a hugely transformative year: moved to a new city; took a step up in my job (albeit not as much as I would have liked); significantly reduced my debt; became less emotionally and financially co-dependent on family members; have been quite lonely at times; increased my earning power.

    I think a lot of this was triggered by last November’s solar eclipse falling almost exactly on my Sun. But much of it is Saturn, too. Saturn opposite my Moon, and Progressed Sun *and* Moon in Capricorn. And Saturn conjuncts my natal Sun, Neptune and Descendant next year.

    It’s been the end of many “tolerations” as MM says. Less tolerance for putting myself down, or putting others’ needs first. Or putting junky food in my body, or trying to please other people too much.

    I feel like I’m deep inside the Saturn forest right now, but that this path through it will have been so worth it when I come out the other side.

  10. neptune-sun-merc-NN in Scorpio in the 6th, and the work situation is pretty fallow. Saturn is just finishing up its scraping back and forth across my Sun and yeah, anxious and a bit hypochondriac. Staying fairly disciplined but nothing feels as if it’s progressing at all – it’s the world’s longest and most austere plateau.

    • Oh, and a nodal return coming right up too! all the gears in my chart are lined up, just nothin’ happening… maybe I used up all my life excitement quota.

  11. Weeeelllll. In the mid-eighties I tried to leave school to become an apprentice potter, and was stopped by the school and my parents. In the last year (in fact, its been almost exactly a year since I first did my first Art workshop), I have not only made a firm commitment to becoming an artist, I have found the ways and means to make it happen. I am DOING. Not planning or dreaming.

    I have made a teensy studio and am pumping out paintings, prints and ceramics. I have joined a Potters Collective and am about to start painting lessons with a local artist who is of international stature (eeeeek !!!! He teaches art in Italy every year 😀 )I am still in the wild experimentation stage and I am loving it. I am just about to flit over to finishing in my Ceramics. I have my medium (porcelain) and my form (textured mugs, platters and bowls) and now I need to work on making sets and making them *perfect*. I also need to make some plaster molds of my own…. SO EXCITING.

    And I am about to do my Reiki II, as I want to infuse my Art with Magic, so that every time someone uses one of my pieces, or looks at one of my paintings, they get an actual surge of uplifting energy 😀 😀

    I have also resolved to stop thinking of my body as broken, and to seek a deeper meaning as to why my endocrine system in on the blink…. What do I gain from this ? How is my body protecting and supporting me ?

    I suspect that some of it is to do with learning healing modalities and nutrition. I recommend a book or approach to someone and I get an ecstatic response a few weeks later “I feel fantastic !”…. “My skin has cleared up “…. “I’ve lost weight”… “I’m SO much calmer”…. Wish the stuff would work this way for me !! I seem to be a clearing house for this type of information – I do a bucketload of reading and then pass on the core information to family and friends (and you guys !)…. Anyway, and seeing my Doc next wednesday, and he’s going to tell me I have adrenal fatigue 😀 😀 Hopefully it will be the last piece in the puzzle and then I should see some improvements with my other medications !!

    • Hey snap on several things here dt! I am also a ceramicist, also just starting out properly for the first time. left art school in mid 80’s, too young to get serious about art practise etc…
      AND after just completing my vis arts degree at uni as mature age student w 4kids, I then collapsed with adrenal fatigue! 2 years of acupunture, yoga, no coffee alcohol etc I am the comeback queen! Feel better than I have in years.
      take care, rest up enjoy your recovery time.
      (mars in scorp, in the 8th)

    • Am also realising discarded 80s dream of pursing artistic career and fighting adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance and related health issues for some time !

      Definitely no coffee for me, have been on a roller coaster of clean diet and yoga, felt better then thought I could go back to indulgences like wheat, coffee and alcohol, but I just can’t! Back in acupuncture treatment and TCM herbs, the fast track to recovery, yoga and clean diet essential, like funikity said.

      Congrats and best wishes x

    • well double snap !! I can’t function without coffee 😀 Like, quite literally can’t get out of bed without it. Adrenals just SO not working at all.

      I have a back-up plan in case Doc says “No” to adrenal supplementation, but I don’t think he will. I’ve fired 9 doctors so far, and he and one other lady are the two I’ve kept. And I have two so I have a back-up plan in case of one of them gets hit by a truck….

      Have you guys met “Stop The Thyroid Madness” ? Just Google it – an absolute goldmine of thyroid and adrenal information…..Just the website is fab, you don’t have to but the book… Their list of Recommended Reading is rock solid too…

        • Yeah, the problem is that my body is so caput that I need actual medication – glandulars just don’t cut the mustard 🙁 So Naturopaths just can’t help me …. On the other hand, both of my doctors specialise in hormone disfunction, thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue etc

          In the 12 years that I searched for help with my hypothyroidism, I tried every alternative therapy going and every diet under the sun. Unfortunately, once it gets to a certain point, the only thing which will help is medication. I was using natural thyroid, but because I have adrenal fatigue I’m producing a lot of RT3 so I’m going over to T3 only and will be trying the circaidian T3 method…

          I’ve been tweaking this for the last 6 years. I’m really, really hoping that this is a complete solution for me !!

      • Also TOTALLY LOVE your idea of reiki infused pottery, what an amazing idea!

    • hey, DT. where is your Chiron? 6th house? or a healing/healer placement of some sort? Sometimes I get the sense – well with my chiron at least – that the thing we have trouble mastering ourselves, but seem to effortlessly share insight on for others, is a Chiron thing.

      also, HOW excellent do you feel to be on the path you attempted years ago but for various reasons did not get started on. It’s like – to me – years fall away and we recover some kind of mindset, or energy, that was present at that time. Not that we had sold our souls in the meantime, but you know.

      I LOVE the wild experimentation stage. Art has done this to me. Just start doing something. Asking, “I wonder what will happen if I do… *this*?! *cue mad scientist moment*
      aaahh so awesome.

      • I have Chiron in my 8th House in Aries, although my 8th House itself is in Pisces. Its interesting in that its my only Aries and Pisces placement and is in relationship to EVERYTHING else in my chart, except my Scorpio moon.

        Its just crossed my descendant, which is why I’m hoping that I may finally be in a new cycle here…. Interestingly, my progressed Chiron is within a number of minutes of my natal Chiron at 13 degrees of Aries….

        But what does it all mean ?!

    • adrenal fatigue should be mars-related. have you looked at your mars, natal, progressed, mars transit to the 6th house etc? Also check your diet.
      Isn’t it interesting how something we love grows? I have wanted a garden for some time and took care of one, in fact made it happen, for quite a while, but the sunlight was not consistent enough. Well blah blah blah the long and short of it is that now I have sunlight on a small balcony and have managed to grow a rose from a branch cutting as the pioneer women did went they moved West. This rose’s mama is a tree…I kid you not…in my hood. It is an “old rose”, scarlet or crimson and smells heavenly like Bulgarian rose oil. One sniff and you are intoxicated. So the baby put out a bloom this June or so and I though that was it. But lo it is doing it again. I live in a desert climate so who knows. So how does this relate to scorpio and saturn? well, you water regularly and you think nothing is happening and you go on yawn yawn yawn and then some red leaves pop up and you think so what and then one day you go out there and there is the bud coming up green. It comes up from out of the dark into the light. It needs fertilizer and other things you wouldn’t be too happy about. The mystery that is inside us and the plants. Dylan Thomas said it. “the force that through the green fuse drives the flower drives my green age.” The renewal of life. The cycle of life death life. With saturn it is just ex-cru-ti-a-ting-ly slooooooow. (for my tastes).
      I wish you mazal tov, which means that your guiding star should be good/have good aspects.

  12. l’m really loving the Saturn in Scorp vibe! It started out pretty heavy with the unexpected death of a friend and l have seen more death around me since but the overall vibe is way better then Libra Saturn!!
    it falls in my 2nd/3rd, mostly the 3rd house so all the 2nd house related things are lighting up at last!
    It will oppose natal Mercury at 15 degrees and conjunct my Moon at 19degrees. It’s also conjunct natal Uranus at the moment.
    l came to see that where Saturn touches it solidifies so l’m feeling really good!!

  13. Quietest year of my life. Quit smoking, drinking and bad relationships. But most of my time is spent loafing around. Maybe a little depressed even. I have never worked less and also I have never been less stressed. It feels like anti-saturn. I’m baffled. Baffled and bored.

    • yeah, what is it with going straight on life, and then feeling incredibly bored and flat as a result? I mean….what’s the point?

      sometimes I wonder if it’s this pointless virtue cycle, you know, where behaviourally we’re conditioned to expect to receive good things (access to heaven, god’s blessing, parental acknowledgement, school reward, local hottie, cash, not being ostracised from the Cave Clan etc etc ). So we clean up, sort out our hearts, not obsess over X, not drink before 11am (oh alright 5pm). So then we kind of wait for the Blessings to rain down upon us. But life is still exactly what it was before, except maybe we’re less puffed running for the bus, someone checks out our ass more, and we’ve deleted hottie from our FB friends.

      anyway, I’ve forgotten where I was going with that. So re-reading your comment maybe you’re having a jupiter transit? could that be a thing with the zhoozhing up your inner wellbeing and the “never been moar relaxed” feeling?

      whenever I hear “slightly depressed” I want to counsel ‘get outside! do new things! more music!” but then i’d hate myself because I too am not doing these things. so….I dunno. but I get what you’re saying even if it doesn’t sound like that.

      now I am just going to hit “post comment” without re-reading this post in case i discover how insane I sound.

      • Thanks this was illuminating. I need to stop cutting things out and start putting things in. Thank you. I’m supposedly going through saturn return at the moment. who knows

        • I cut out a lot of stuff during my Saturn return. But I had a hidden agenda – I was getting healthy because I wanted a family, life-long family. And I had my daughter by the end of it. But my life-long-family as I imagined it disappeared when Pluto went over my IC a few years later. Anyway – my point is – you’ve got to connect with your core values in a Saturn return and do it FOR you, not in spite of you. If that makes any sense. I mean, own your habits, but also own the life you want – the unique style of it and all. Its a lot, but Saturn returns are powerful like that.

          • 12th h–well said. But that said, how does one manifest it? With saturn transiting my third house but really happening in my fourth, I started thinking about these issues even back when s was in leo and virgo. In the literal sense–because I want a house and land–what is the best way to go about your goals? Build? Buy? Excavate? Raised bed gardening? The metaphors are endless.

      • Wow Pi, I love hearing the echo of my own thoughts. I too have wondered why life lost all its color when I cleaned up. I hear the same thing from so many, if not all, of my friends who are also riding the same roller coaster. You see, I just couldn’t live in the monochrome world anymore. I did it for 8 long and numbingly boring years. I raised my child to a bright, sparkling and compassionate adult and then I returned to the land of wonder. Its just so much more interesting here. I’ll admit I did get a lot of real, tangible work done while I was there. The days consisted of putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward no matter what tried to stop me. Looking back, I could see the slow but steady progression I was making and I guess that was supposed to be my reward for the effort. But why did I feel so bland? Had I forgotten how to have fun? So in desperation I sprinkled a little Magic Dust on myself and SURPRISE!!!!! It all came rushing back to me. The interest in learning, the curiosity of the unusual, the courage to face uncertainty. Life has once again become an adventure. I hate to say this because no one is ever willing to consider for a moment that there may be a way to live with it. Society interprets behaviors as either good or bad, decides that no one can indulge in what has been determined to be bad and then brings the hammer down. But Society made up its mind about these things a century ago. Is it possible to take the blindfold off, reexamine the facts with new and improved eyes and maybe reconsider its conclusions? I found a way to live with it and function. I’m a decent person. I don’t steal. I shower every day and brush my teeth. I clean my house. I work to earn money and I pay my bills. But now I LIKE doing those things. I’ll admit I spend a lot of my free time online. But so what? That is my choice.
        Anyway, sorry to ramble on with this. Just waving my thingamajig out there in the abyss trying to find a connection.

        • p.s. I should have introduced myself properly. Libra Sun, Scorpio Mercury and Venus, Virgo Moon, Cancer Mars. Sorry about that.

  14. It started with a kiss……Saturn brought me a wild relationship that couldn’t be denied with a man I couldn’t have. Brought him to me to show me what could be and then took him away because I wasn’t ready for it. Taught me to love myself which so clearly was the lesson I needed. Taught me to value myself and to reflect that in my choices. So….I find myself alone, lol. But I’m content. I will not disrupt this self-determined oasis for anything substandard.

    So life is about family, freedom, finances and my future. The occasional fling flung in (no time wasted and no love zombied).

    I feel clear as crystal. Conscious. Calm. I’m developing vision. I like it.

    • ps. thanks for asking 🙂 and is it up to me to point out what John Stamos is packing in his wet trouser competition? Or is that not what I think it is….

      • thanks Scorpbot! ah, I’m just reflecting on the October/November period of 2012 re: the wild relationship. The Adonis triathlete doesn’t have potential beyond fling level in my new paradigm. So objective – thanks Uranus!

        12hv said somewhere today the guy hitting on her is reminding her she doesn’t want to listen to a man talk about the traffic. Well, I know how she feels. The triathlete would be great if only he didn’t speak….he’d give John Stamos a run for it in a wet trouser comp! Remember that character in Bullets over Broadway who said dramatically “Don’t speak”. Do ya reckon I could try that on? 😉

        • If the dull small talk is required foreplay, I’m never getting laid again, lol! Venus square Neptune for life!

          • It makes me nostalgic for the Saturn-sent lover, who was an Aqua and very selective about being verbal. The triathlete has Sun/Merc conjunct and Jupiter in Gemini so I don’t think I’m going to be spared his perspective on the contours of his, and other people’s life anytime soon. In fact I could probably take it if he just stuck with his. And, it’s just as bad after!

            • Talking is a way to not lose yourself in the emotions that surround you. This dude has my Jupiter too CS. I really wanted to say about John Stamoa packing a Full House. Having trouble getting Kokomo and middle leg to fuse comedically.

    • Calypso…”it started…” exactly the same thing happened to me except no kiss, only saturn was retrograde in libra trine transit venus…it peaked before s turned direct and then he ended it in late degrees…but I revived it as s moved into scorpio but had to cut it off shortly after as I knew how negative it was for me. Funny how your words put it all into perspective…the lesson.

    • Calypso I am repeating myself but I looked again at your wording and it was so spot on. I am going tor refer to it again and again. Ah the mystery of love. Even self love.

  15. Thank you mystic, I wish you were my boss, this is exactly the question a boss should ask… not really boss, line manager, but in any case, the caring but objective, how are you going with saturn transiting your scorpio would clear a lot of unspoken tension out ot fhe way right>

    Anyway, it’s ok, cause you have asked, and I have self soothed with the knowledge that saturn has the potential to break my heart, render me boring company, but in conjunction with the transformational energy of scorpio, completely change my life for the better!

    So that was the angle I decided to go with, but my heart did break on the way and I have been potentially boring company but I wouldn’t know as I have been so isolated!

    So saturn transiting ascendant has been a little mean in making me be so on my own to sort my self/identity shit out….
    Im so grateful cause now Im on some get fit and fabulous bender, like I have never been before, I have been grain and sugar free for 2 months, only started small amount of fruit in the last week. Ive started jogging as ive mentioned before, last time i was jogging was my saturn return, but i was jogging and crying last time, this time, im jogging and smiling… Im so grateful!
    I feel like Im growing young and just wanna keep going with this vibe.

    The other saturn plan as mentioned before is to do tax and buy a watch, hopefully saturn will then reward me with a good behaviour bond!

    • definitely do your tax. that shit never goes away. and make sure it’s a good watch that won’t break in a year’s time 🙂 (cap moon, pisces sun, I have an interesting relationship with chronos)

  16. What a horrible and amazing experience a saturn transit can be! I experienced the harsh Saturn rays on my aries sun whilst it spent its time in libra. So damn intense I couldn’t even imagine what the scorpions and taurens are going through CHIN UP there is always light at the end of the tunnel sending love x

  17. From about ’84 my psyche and dreams became seriously dark and violent, with graphic live victims, corpses, rotting and wounded flesh. Being my 12th House, i can say it’s like the lids slid off all the graves. I can’t tell you how i blew back the detritus that crept through the channels at me from a young age. But i thank those tsquares to Mars, Pluto and Uranus.
    “Stetson! You who were with me in the ships at Mylae! That corpse you planted last year in your garden. Has it begun to sprout yet? Will it bloom this year? Oh keep the dog far hence that’s friend to man or with his nails he’ll dig it up again!”
    This just came back to me. It was my favourite line for a while. The lids slid off all the graves again, and this time, yes they did bloom. Like hyacinths. 🙂 Better than walking dead, right. Hyacinths only have a haunting fragrance!

  18. I had a very profound visionary dream last night which summed up the meaning of Saturn in Scorpio for me – unmistakably, loud and clear.

    “I was in an apartment of many rooms, stark sterile white, unfurnished – until I came to a room “that had never been gone in before.”
    Lush green vines and vines were tangling through the door ensnaring me – and I was pulling these prickly tendrils out, now dried out and withered – when I removed the last one.

    …to my terror, standing in the doorway beside me, towering over me was a great big green angry Incredible Hulk … with a SCORPION’S TAIL.”

    For me – this big angry Hulk personifies everything in Saturn in Scorpio!
    When I do finish untangling all this emotional crap and drama I like to keep myself preoccupied with and spend all of my life force into… I will have to face what is really underneath it all those layers – which has kept life sterile and barren.

    (Me: 30 years of suppressed and unexpressed anger – picked up the Dance of Anger very recently, huge insights there…)

    • Ooh “Dance of Anger” is wonderfully enlightening & empowering! Good choice.

  19. Soz, but it’s like a visual mystery, why Stamos? Mid 80’s yes, it’s his birthday – a Leo, but so curious – why this image MM?

  20. Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio. Made a new years resolution to stay off of social media so as to root down and cover my ears to others opinions. Had an amazing long distance friend help me through a rough time and we bonded strong…only to have him indicate deep emotions for me yet never actually showing up in reality so therefore ultimately no intention of loving me after awaking my desire to love. Missed my friends on FB so after about 5 months away I did come back yet realize quickly the absurdity of it’s superficial value. Still on though because my company website is on it for me to generate and update the advertising. The Grand Trine threw me for a loop with my Mom who is Cancer, with Scorp rising and Cancer moon and talks to people in her head from other galaxies and moved under my roof this summer. My leo rising of loyalty tolerates it yet my Sag moon keeps me out of touch mentally and out of the house most of the time. Want to know what Saturn in Scorpio has taught me… WILL POWER.

  21. My triple scorp faux-husband would never look at this site so it’s been fascinating reading what others multiple scorps are going through. Am I guessing a lot of you are 1973? Faux husband is Sun, Moon, rising in Scorp and about to turn 40 this year with an 80’s theme party.
    It’s been hard, hard work these last 11 months since child no.2 was born. We have both worked non-stop moving and selling houses to the point we are both catatonic by 9pm. But the reality rewards are in setting up a life and paying debt and having jobs with futures.

  22. you said it perfectly. just today i was articulating to myself that my main strategy has been to hold on and navigate the turns. but yeah…i’m worn out too. i can’t even think about 2 more years.

  23. dear mystic, thank you for asking!

    how am i? sun in scorpio, transiting pluto on my jupiter in cap, 1st house and uranus on my chiron fourth house…fuqing on fire professionally, completely cock blocked in trying to literally move forward, in anyway. i described it to a friend as, “it’s kind of like being in prison with a lot of interesting books and a strong meditation practice.

    definitely having to navigate the heavier, depressive aspects of saturn, in the way that you do great growth but at the sacrifice of dreams and actual real needs (especially in regards to motherhood and providing for my daughter.).

    so more power to the folks that are rocking this transit, i will take my inspiration from you. but i gotta say…2 more years feels so intolerable, nothing to do but be in the present moment only.

  24. Scorpio Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Neptune. The past 11 months have been like being swept down a raging river with very few still spots or branches to reach out and grab. So I’ve just tried to enjoy the ride. Gave up a bunch of bad habits, put my head down and nose to the grindstone at work, and got healthy. I haven’t seen much payoff yet Mystic. Please tell me reinforcements are coming soon.

  25. Oops I meant to say Scorpio Rising – the past 11 months have been like being swept down a raging river with very few still spots or branches to reach out and grab. So I have either tried to enjoy the ride or held on for dear life. I put my head down and nose to the grindstone at work, and got healthy. I haven’t seen much payoff yet Mystic. Please tell me reinforcements are coming soon.

  26. oh my god….my life is insane….from not drinking in 8 yrs to drinking every night. Partying every weekend. From having low funds to having high funds, to having ow sex and libido to having high libido and loads of sex…like almost every day sex.
    Lots of emotional battles, tears drama but lots of fun too.
    Lots of socializing. More fun than I have had in forever.
    One fun and trippy hospital stay.
    Good is good and even bad is good.
    Enjoying it all even the drama.
    Kids are exceptionally annoying, more attention focused on spouse as before it was on kids. Come to realization that I can’t give 100% to both. So it was either hire a mistress or a nanny. I chose nanny.
    Back in love is good but I wish I had the energy to handle more. At times I am ready to kill myself others I am estatic…hmmmm Bi Polar anyone….lol
    Scorpio/Cancer Rising

  27. Saturn in Scorp, bring me a trip to memory lane. I am a scorpio with naturally the sun in my sign, with venus and neptune. I can recall Saturn in Scorpio very clearly. That was the year I had big changes. I was 17 , moved from South Australia after Saturn went direct to Western Australia, and I had a better life. Leaving the people I know behind, was not easy, then it was the best thing that ever happened, as my life had moved forward, with the more then normal dramas that unfolded with the years, that most people who had dealt with in three life times.What can I say, my life has advanced better for me. Now, I am planning another big move. Lets hope the next year also opens up better for me, as the last two years have not been very nice to me. I will be getting more involved with the Astrology as I get further into my psychology studies. At the moment, I am in the novice stages as I had been for the last seven years, learning when I have the spare time. Thank you for the wonderful site!

  28. Wow! Haven’t been active on this site for awhile, but this post sparked my need to vent about how this transition is going for me.

    I’m Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Uranus, so with all that water in my house I’m accustomed to some emotional drowning, so to speak. But dead Saturn, the past year has put me through some major turmoil. Started a new full time job last March which I thought was going to be a positive turning point. In many ways it is, great mission working at a nonprofit, lovely co-workers who appreciate me, financial stability (at least at the moment). But the Executive Director (a Pisces who must have some bad Leo/Aries aspects in her chart) is a living nightmare. Not only is she incompetent at her job, but she plays psychic war games with us and makes the whole office environment toxic and oppressive. It’s getting to the point where just being around her makes me anxious and paranoid. So I don’t know what is going on with my 10th house of Career, but that is where my Sun in Scorpio resides, so all my work issues are reeking havoc on all the other areas of my life. Is this what a Saturn in Scorpio transition is all about? Just grinning and bearing it, putting up with lots of crap and soldiering through all the obstacles that Father Saturn sets in your path? It seems like all these conflicts and adversities must be leading to something, right? Feels like Uranus should step in and shake things up to bring about change in a big way. Mystic, please tell me that the weight of Saturn will lift and some Uranian energy (my Uranus is also in Scorpio!) will bring some swift insights into the next big transition!

  29. This Saturn energy has been GOOD for me! Brutal emotionally until July, but since then I have made major strides in understanding addictions and behaviors that I need to change and actually changing them. Addictions to spending, alcohol, internet, co-dependance (I am the care-taker). I’ve identified the problems, been honest with myself, and am really making strides in changing. The no drinking, no worrying about things/other people I can’t change has opened up all kinds of time for exercise, home improvement, organizing around the house, cleaning, and being creative with sewing, pottery, jewelry making, etc. I still catch myself falling back into some of the patterns, but I know what it is now and am excited to move forward! I don’t need the crap in my life anymore that has slowed me down, wasted time, and dulled pain/anger.

    • I should mention that Saturn is going through my eighth house which contains uranus and a mars/mercury conjunction. All of which squares my moon in Aquarius. I really felt over the past month like I either give up the bad crap in my life or I was going to be forced to do it and not pleasantly.