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i Don't Do Feelings

Hey the Moon is in Aries and I am omni-tasking, as we do on this Moon so i don’t have time to respond to the requests for a post on Bradley/Chelsea Manning but briefly:

Manning has Sun in Saggo conjunct URANUS – obviously a unique person to begin with. And her Mars-Moon-Pluto conjunction is currently being hit on by Saturn…reflecting both the stress of the potential incarceration AND a desire to live one’s own truth…right?

This topic freaks me a bit, not because it is not timely and fascinating but because it is the kind of topic where people usually start storming off the blog…does anyone remember the Joan Rivers and Beth Ditto posts that had to be taken down?

Also the Daily Horoscopes for the weekend are up – how to work an Aries Moon without losing your nut at practically everyone you know lol.


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56 thoughts on “Once Upon An Aries Moon

  1. Yes I remember them well. *whistles at the ceiling*

    So Rapid Change Of Subject: Hot arty date guy today is a Cancer with Moon in Aries. What a coincidence …. what are moon in aries peeps like? Don’t think I actually know any.

    And who or what is Bradley/Chelsea Manning? Someone/s with a bit of controversy surrounding them I assume. Should I care? Should I bother to Google?

    • Ok so I had to “gawk” …. just the usual straw man bashing session I see …

    • I have lots of Moon in Aries peeps about and I would say they all have a dry sense of humour, a bit of edge & while true to their Sun signs, will occasionally go wild like a blister in the sun.

      What Joan post? It has been deleted from my memory bank… Just the phrase ‘glass jaw’ remains. Moon in Aries people have those I think. 😯

    • I think I was out of town for whatever fiasco went down on the blog, dammit!

      Prowln, manning… i’d understand if you were ignoring the news for the past whatever – it’s rather … shitly reported and boring if you stick to oz newsmedia

      moon in aries, “just you try and stop me” etc. emotionally brave. as in, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, don’t be such a sook, just get on with it and deal with it later, I don’t need any of you anyway, etc you know.

      • Yep am surrounded by moon in aries people, friends, even mother in law…As natal saturn in aries 7th…Good bold partners in assertive ventures of the amazing kind…

        Though there is a wobble here or there with impetuousness not for the cautious…

      • Yeah, emotionally brave sounds about right. Funny, I have a ‘weak’ mars (in cancer, so its detriment’) and a moon in aries. I think usually one or the oher takes over… the real genius will happen when I get them to work together. Also have two close friends with moon in aries, yes we can be quite volatile but are secretly sensitive – we act tough.

        • Yes, but that means your Moon and Mars are in Mutual Reception, which would give a real punch of martial energy to the Moon, and a subjective quality to the Mars. Quite a steamy combo. Yes ?

          • Helen – that’s a great way to think of it. For quite a long time I’ve suffered from a chronic pain syndrome, the underlying cause of which was difficulty in allowing emotions. Perhaps this was partly because I was not encouraged to express them ‘martially’ – the emotion I have the most trouble with is anger. The solution I am now moving towards is feeling emotions on a daily basis AND I am thinking of learning self-defence, or finding a physical activity to channel strong emotions.

            • My Leoboy has moon in aries/mars in kataka – quick to anger and vent but high EQ, great man in the making πŸ™‚ x

      • You missed nadda except a whole pile of acrimony that took ages to recover from …. and that was just the Joan Rivers one! I can’t actually remember the one about Beth Ditto … no doubt I threw my oar into the fray as I am want to do (bloody Sagg moon). Something about a large girl singer flaunting her wobbly bits everywhere and being confrontational.

        As for moon in aries – I quite like the sound of that forthright “just do it and quit whining” vibe … hmmm

        ps. Pi I thought you might find this amusing: the VH seems to be a wee bit jealous/possessive?? that I’m going on all these dates with other men … hehehehe πŸ˜‰

          • this is the SECOND TIME my reply to you got eaten prowln!! I guess I am supposed to keep my sneaky manipulative piscean tactics to myself this time. Oh well. it could be this site protecting Secret Women’s Business πŸ˜‰

        • I had a great reply to your comment about VH but it was eaten! along the lines of, ha. Well of *course* you will respect his clearly articulated boundaries (housemates only etc). Virgos are big on propriety. And naturally you – in your seemliest most well mannered, subtle way – waft out the door on occasion, smelling luscious and draped in something outrageously simple but HOT. It’s not like you’re rubbing his nose in it but I mean, you guys do live together. And he’s a Virgo. Virgos are designed to help people, it’s why they exist, right Virgos? Amirite? Anyway, So of course you’re going to need his help for something that you’re just a basket case at, you know, fixing a table leg, omg I have a flat tyre, whatever etc. No staging, just legit stuff. “Wow VH, I’d be in a real mess if you weren’t here, thank you SO much” .. anyway. maybe the long game is in order πŸ˜‰

          • The thing is Pi …. I don’t actually “care” that much anymore. Go figure …

            I think Cedric gave me the Love Zombie cure *muses*

            • ok then, good. Maybe this was the real reason for VH’s existence, to be the catalyst for LZ curing.
              how did that work again…? write question, put in jar for Cedric to handle?

    • Me papa is cancer sun Aries moon. Definitely arty. Bit of an ego conflict- the Aries seems to wanna squish the nurturey crab side, though that’s likely social conditioning of an older generation. Lots of pass-agg, a very warm heart, but on his terms only. Many blessings!!

      • I can see how that would work. It’s similar to being a crab with moon in sagg … the crab wants to be at home surrounded by security and comfort – but the sagg wants to be FREEEEEEEEEEEEE. It’s a challenge as to who is ruling the roost at any given time!

          • Interesting…my boy is Libra sun, moon in Aries, Cancer ascendant. This makes for a beautifully sensitive soul, def. emotionallly brave, not afraid to confront things, and prone to occasionally “whylin’ out.” πŸ™‚

  2. Would a Ben Affleck as Batman post go done the same was as the Joan Rivers and Beth Ditto did?

  3. Azealia Banks went to LaGuardia (a high school for the performing arts), which is very near to Juilliard in proximity. Sorry to be such a stickler about this, but I’m almost certain she wasn’t a Juilliard student. They don’t have a musical theater program, and I don’t know what else she would have studied there.

  4. Yes I remember the Beth Ditto post, and I think, one about Cher’s daughter… to be honest I was offended by the tone of those posts, although I didn’t say anything at the time. As a long-term queer & body postive feminist activist it was saddening to see a lack of sensitivity from MM who we all know to be very kind. Glad to see Manning get a mention here, in positive terms – to me it shows that trans acceptance has come a long way in just a few years. I hope you don’t mind me bringing it up MM, & I am not going to storm off anywhere πŸ™‚

    • yeah interesting how polarised we all get on the subject of “the body” … and how threatened people are by bodies that just don’t fit into a mainstream model. I must admit – I’m still fattist. But I’ve always been pretty accepting of transgender having a family member who is one. Also read Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and thought wow wouldn’t it be awesome to have a lover who is a bit of both? How fascinating …

      • It’s so interesting the reactions it brings up, isn’t it? My little sister is tg and the process I went through shocked me. The gulf between ideology and reality – I found myself being all “all I ever wanted was a sister and I got brother after brother and have been waiting for her to grow up to have sister time or something and now I don’t get that?!?” A moment of self-reflective ugliness. Worked through and it’s lovely but a hard Saturn splash of cold water about the shittiness of the self.

  5. Hmmm, perhaps this Moon is apt as it is conjunct my Mercury and Sun basically and am going over to see the Triple Horn Toro whose Venus is conjunct all that and my South Node/Point of Fortune…In Aries…

    Aqua pain in the ass who? lol…(not really…he’s just another whole can of healing type worms that is going on in the Shit, er, Zap Zone..

    But hey, we’z happy! we’z happy!

    Last night decided that my book will be called “Moving Reality…The Motion of God/Source”…All about how much one can channel Shakti…I don’t expect the men I see and who give me grief to understand…They just give me the impetus to do so esp when they piss me off and I need to create my own reality and am more deteremined to do so…

    • Doubt my book will be called that… πŸ˜‰ But great idea, eh? AND based on a very fundemental truth about reality and the trickle of fuqing shit (Grace) that is getting thru peeps consciousness…

      Sorry I’m cussing…it’s Friday πŸ™‚

    • Poor Bradely Manning…this world will SHUT YOU DOWN luv…But I’m fighting for you every bit of the way x

    • Well there is nothing quite like the ABBA experience….Thanks!

      As a child I saw them live Sydney Showgrounds…Complete with white satin suits…

      • That is so cool…It reminds me of The Moody Blues and “Knights in White Satin”….~never reaching the end..Letters I’ve written, never meaning to send~…

        I feel like there is a white elephant in the room tho and it would be disresepectful, as an American, even tho I cannot and of course would not expect that you think me responsible but, I just WANT YOU TO KNOW, BEACUSE IT BREAKS MY HEART…k?

        That I am SO SO sorry for the ignorance of those young men who took the bright and loving presence of the Soul who was shot recently in Oklahoma…

        I don’t and can’t get into gun laws for it is beyond my control but just know I love and appreciate you all (and Mystic who makes it all happen here) so much and you have all been such good friends to me over the last several years.

        I love you…xo

  6. Mystic, I have Moon conjuct Uranus in Scoprio in 1st house. πŸ™‚ and my Sun is been hit by the Saturn now. πŸ™‚ I am thinking to stop dying my hair blond and go my old brown for good. Is that the moment or am I to wait Saturn hit the Moon?

    • Brown is beautiful and seems so Saturn (natural structures) and appropriate combined to with the Sun (hair).

    • Blackfrapp, I stopped dying my hair blonde and went au naturel (brown) about the time Saturn hit my Sun!

      • My sister stopped dying her hair when Saturn hit her Scorpio Moon in her 2nd house. I realised I want my old hair back and that I actually want my hair to be like Olivia Palermo hair. But I am thinking of not dying it but letting it grow. πŸ™‚ that is real Saturn lesson – patience πŸ˜€

  7. I had to look up Manning but of course instantly knew the case. I too have been shocked by the sentence and the behaviour of government and military. Super innocent me!!! But sometimes is it not our path to walk the crap to bring to the attention of the masses? This soul is another who is exposing some ugly truth and not just in leaking things to Wiki. His/her path or progression in life is now global and we get to witness not only government and social policy but also we get to view our own understanding and reality at this time. Uranus Aries and Pluto Capi I figure are all big players just now.

  8. Hey on a lighter note remembered this Moody Blues from 8th grade dance class in front of the school in the cafeteria..Was in black tights and leotard..Face was painted half black and half white..Who knew the theme of life would be to reconcile duality, eh?

    And there I sat on the stage, alone, spotlight on only seeing a see of blackness…”I think, I think I Am…therefore I am…I think…lol


  9. Uncomfortable/restless moon in 12th house today. Which I have, natally, and is a continuing challenge. Made a bunch of humbling/scary changes in the last week and looking forward to the aptly-named Phoenix consult coming my way soon!!!

    Just after I left my parents’ place they decided to split up after 30 years. Just completely dysfunctional and it took everyone growing up and moving out for them to see it/take out their misery on each other because there are no kids there.

    Theory: Saturn opposite Taurus (structure breaking down and making way for new things) and Venus square Pluto (transformation of relationships; Venus is ruler of Taurus so also transformation of self) made stubborn Tauri people (i.e. me and my dad) have a serious fuck-it moment.