Kate Moss As Lestat

Kate Moss 2013 Esquire Magazine

You know the apocryphal story about how Anne Rice did not want Tom Cruise to play her “brat prince” hot rock star vampire Lestat in screen adaptation of Vampire Chronicles?  I think that, if there is a sequel, Kate Moss should be Lestat.

She’s Capricorn with her Sun (the chart ruler) in Capricorn/the 6th House so there is an insane work ethic but she’s also kind of supernaturally powered by a great big fixed square of her Mars in Taurus, Leo Rising, Moon in Scorp and Venus in Aqua. Not to be fuqed with. Immense stamina. Ludicrous stamina.


Tom Cruise Interview with the Vampire

Image: Craig McDean – Esquire Magazine

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40 thoughts on “Kate Moss As Lestat

  1. Poor Anne Rice. She actually wrote the story with Rutger Hauer in her head as Lestat. Having said that, I think Tom Cruise did an amazing job, given that he was so cast against type. Also the first outing for Kirstin Dunst.

    I’d like to see Johnny Depp do it, but then I’d like to see Johnny Depp clip his toenails, so that’s not much of a recommendation.

    As for Kate Moss ? Meh. She’s never really done anything for me. And she looks really scraggy these days without the lighting and makeup. Naomi Campbell, on the other hand, can throw her mobile at me anyday 😀

    • My sister sent me (was a teen fan) a pic the other day of Johnny Depp. It said on it:

      “Research shows if you are afraid of spiders you are more likely to find one in your bedroom.

      I’m really afraid of Johnny Depp”.

    • Rutger Hauer? Never seen eyes so ice blue or hair so blond.
      He was a so unusual, naughty (have seen a soft porn movie of his, a c-grade) and very humorous, gone to fat now, sorry, solid, he’s quite solid now.
      A blonde vampire having a blonde moment?

      • Love Rutger Hauer!!!

        The only reason I watched the latest True Blood series was to see him in it. He’s so wrinkly now. 😯 Don’t think he’s looked after himself well.

        He’s an Aqua, moon in Saggo. Don’t he look it! 🙂

        Bladerunner was his best role.

        I think I know the soft porn movie you’re talking about. It was Dutch?

        • If you check out the best 25 unscripted moments in movies — you will see that scene with Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner. “I’ve… seen things you people wouldn’t believe… Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those… moments… will be lost in time, like [coughs] tears… in… rain. Time… to die…* Entirely improvised by him. Brilliant. I really like him. He would have been a great Lestat. Tom Cruise did a great job though. As far as Kate Moss, I agree, she does nothing for me. Another actor that’s went down a similar road as RH is Lance Henriksen — he would have been a good creepy old vampire. I have to check out the soft porn movie.

  2. Cruise was a horrible Lestat, but I can’t imagine Moss doing better.
    I like some of her pics, but not as much as those who hire her ad nauseum.

    Maybe Jude Law could have been a Lestat, at any rate I thought Brad would have suited the role much better.

    Do fixed squares have other good qualities then? It’s nice to look at the bright side of the oppositions and squares I think.

    • Oh oh please can we have Benedict Cum-a-batch. Honestly he simply twiddles my buttons for some bizarre and unfathomable reason. I usually don’t do crush or heavy lingering thoughts around actors or famous types. But somewhere he’s got IT. As for Kate, hmmmmmmm Capricorns, I have a problem with all the control issues. Therefore that probably makes her one hell of a candidate for the role.
      And I laughed a lot at your phobia and wondered what on earth I have been drinking or taking lately because I had a bat in my bedroom for two nights!!! Vampire moment or just a cute mouse with wings.

      • ok ok fess up I adore Jim Carey. fine I know most folk run a mile and pull faces, bit like him, but I can’t help it. Whacky funny bizarre brilliant and lanky Oh god why do I just fizz about Aqua’s? I’m a cancer for gods’ sake.

        • Jim Carrey capricorn. I agree, Brad Pitt would have been the best. He’s hot. Love him. Saggie, mars in cap. I’ve met him. He’s hot, seriously, and charming. Gorgeous man. I will shut up now.

          • I have had a serious crush on Brad Pitt for years. He gets hotter as he gets older. (Don’t we all?) My life will be complete the day I meet him.

      • Actually Benedict would at least be verrry interesting to watch. He has such impeccable timing and a wonderful voice. Good call!

        • And sexy as hell, in a very otherworldly way. Those eyes… he’d make a great vampire.

          A little aside for the Cumberfans: guesses as to his ascendant? He’s got Cancer Sun, possible Aries Moon (very late in the sign with a noon estimate- my guess is Taurus). I vote for Aquarius; there’s something so strange and cold about his persona.

  3. Queen of the Damned was the sequel to Interview… It was a hilariously awful movie though. Can’t remember who played Lestat in that one.

    Really, it should be like Hollywood law that only Scorps, Caps and a few Aquas and Taurus should play vampires. Didn’t care for Cruise’s Lestat.

    • it was terrible. I remember when they made it in Melbourne everyone we knew went to be cast as extras. 3 have decent onscreen moments in there so it was the only reason everyone went to see it.

  4. I thought all the casting was terrible,

    Kate is slowly turning into vampire if one\s partying hits one harder but Lestat is meant to be a svelte tall blonde from memory no? I mean, just on that dint Tom’s marked let alone how I feel about him at all on screen. Now they’d just get Christian Bale or Michael Fassbender (purr) who at least give good onscreen psychosis. Tom should channel his life into his art no? Not against Lestat being female but I’d put a few harpies of fashion before Kate 😉 xx

    • I guess the obvious choice would be Alexander Skarsgad but he has already burned up the screen as a vampire. ‘twould be typecasting.

        • Da Fass is hot. awful movie as a sex addict but in ‘the dangerous method’ he was a hot Jung with a hot jung lol. pity abt keira . seriously what is the hype with her?

  5. i don’t get what’s the benefit of having squares in the chart…
    i have two, and they just make me at least “nervous”…sun in aqua squares mars in taurus, venus in capricorn squares uranus….what’s the good news i don’t know yet about squaring planet!!?? 🙂

  6. What is it about Leo’s. I truly admire them they are the performers the superstar every Leo I’ve met I’ve fallen inlove with I get Kate is a Capricorn but rising is Leo. I think MM has mentioned before but a lot of famous people have Leo in their chart (saggo being popular too) I met a girl on the weekend it was her birthday and totally drunk age started lip syncing and dancing to beyonce crazy in love and I was in awe, what a superstar! My ex is also Leo and he played footy he was genuinely he was amazing too. Love Leo’s. the end.

  7. the woman must surely have something vampiric going on to still be looking that fabulous, one wonders if she is immortal – she must have some kind of elixir of youth, astrologically or else wise…

  8. Kate Moss = Queen of Photoshop

    Kate Moss = Queen of B-Js, aided by ludicrous stamina and Capricorn work ethic = her longevity

    Kate Moss = Queen of Low Scorp moon

    Kate Moss = Queen of Vamp/Slut vibe

  9. Have the VF with Kate on cover doing a Marilyn.
    Be not fooled about kate not ageing, she had a body double for a shoot recently as her little pot baby belly showed too much and her thighs have gone wobbly nevertheless she is totally amazingly photogenic. The care factor about her body would be zilch as she appears to be so content with Jamie and little Lila girl as a priority.

  10. Having my neck bitten is a total turn on for me…too many vampire movies & books seen and read i guess.

  11. I’m thinking Viggo for Lestat. He was rather good in similar schizzy role in Eastern Promises. Was against Cruise but thot he did ok, tho Brad I could live without. Anyone ever seen The Hunger with Deneuve, Bowie and Sarandon?

    • Yes! I saw the Hunger in the theater when I was maybe 16. All I remember is the blue moody palette, and that it was totally hot.

      Speaking of Sarandon, I also remember Chris Sarandon playing a totally hot vampire in Fright Night, sometime in the 80’s.

  12. Kate Moss may be pretty if you like that sort of thing, but she’s not an actor. I think if I was casting anything, I’d put that high up on my list, well above either Capricornitude or photogenic qualities. (Sadly, I’m finding myself rather alone in valuing old-school things like talent and intelligence above photogenic qualities in my actors, though.)