Is Jupiter Fat & Saturn Thin?

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I think it’s true, you know. Saturn Transits – especially to the Ascendant – seem to make one thinner or at least fitter and more strong.Β  All that discipline, obsession, quantified self schizz and being in too foul a mood to party = a chic physique. It is the reward of Saturn. But still you scowl.Β  Or if you smile it’s at your spreadsheets or when you wake up in the morning, solo, clean and already excited about the tasks that lie ahead of you.

Jupiter transits feel a whole lot more fun but you get a kind of reverse body dysmorphia – like you think you’re super-hot all the time & life can revolve around sensual pleasures, croissants, camaraderie, gourmet everything and non-stop expansion. Your world grows wider and so does your waistline. You can be too busy making money and love to give a fuq about the sort of kilojoule/ macronutrient consciousness that often fires truly rad results. Jupiter doesn’t measure, Jupiter does not judge.

Saturn, hydro-flossed and content in an organic hemp t-shirt early to bed at night readsWheat Belly and sips alkaline water, before eight hours quality sleep. If not out carousing, Jupiter stays up late reading A Dance Of Dragons, scoffing a litre of Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and a baguette for sustenance. OR is Saturn crazier than this: Is Saturn up all night power-slaving away, popping nurofen and hissing “sleep is for slackers” as their mental mantra?

When Jupiter was on my Ascendant, i was never more gourmet and less interested in exercise. Now that Saturn is squaring my Ascendant, i honestly feel non-grounded if i don’t exercise two hours a day & two thirds of the things i used to see as “treats” now seem garish.

We could research this and do an astrological version of French Women Don’t Get Fat lol. Your experiences with this?

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127 thoughts on “Is Jupiter Fat & Saturn Thin?

  1. my ascendant is in capricorn but conjunct jupiter in capricorn too…true my world goes wide and so does my waistline too…i hope capricorn will help in disciplining but to no avail…lol! πŸ™‚

  2. Sure does get up my Saturn shirt when there is no alkaline water left.
    Also saw a girl do the walk of shame this morning.
    Must be time to make nice with Saturn and check just where it’s at.
    It’s not even summer and your on fire Mystic!

  3. you’re pretty much describing the amplitude of my life.

    although this part: “Is Saturn up all night power-slaving away, popping nurofen and hissing β€œsleep is for slackers” as their mental mantra?”: I wonder if this is actually Mars gone a bit crazy. I say this as this is pretty much what I am doing right now and I have prog Mars exact on my sun (STILL).

    Just had a realisation, I need to go ‘omni’ on my mind set. With the grand crosses, t squares, oppositions and whatevers in my chart right now, To commit to just one mindset of the array that are in my life right now is folly. a jigsaw puzzle approach would be better. e.g. Today is pluto, tomorrow is my Saturn square. Thursday is uranus-saturn conjunct. Friday, that’s mars. eventually, they’ve all had a chance at expression and I don’t feel like I am going crazy (or at least I have realised where the unhinged feeling is coming from)

    • This is a great way of looking at Astro. How the bloody hell do you choose which particular combination is packing the most punch at any given moment ? This is the point at which the Science gives way to Art…

      I’ve had times where I’ve had all sort of major stuff happening in my chart, but a nasty head cold, which leaves me reluctant to leave the house. At other times my Astro is as flat as a calm sea but my life is raging away, upside down…

      ….I find myself looking at it going “What are all these little whiskery things and squiggles ?” I have to focus to work out what the transits are up to, let alone the esoteric stuff like the Moon’s Nodes, and I’ve been studying this stuff for YEARS now. I lack the touch to know what is important and what isn’t….

      My Saturn is currently on good terms with both my Inner and Outer Planets, in my Third House, in Scorpio, where I have a Natal stellium; meanwhile, back at the Ranch, Jupiter is currently fighting my Pluto and Chiron. I’m ALWAYS fat, no matter what I do, eat or exercise; and I live off spreadsheets and organic water, due to my Virgo rising. I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough with my medication approach, after a vast amount of research and careful experimentation; and I had Cafe Grande icecream with Cointreau for dessert tonight ‘cos its my husband’s birthday.

      Its all a bit random, really… I really do seem to swing wildly between the two extremes.. Tonight is Jupiter and tomorrow we’ll be back to Saturn’s bitch – gluten free and dairy free until the next birthday… *sigh*

  4. Agree with Jupiter (gem sun) but not so for Saturn (scorp asc). Or is it lately? Was getting fatter due to stress, now with even more stress, have no time to snack.

    Not doing the midnight power up or full speed at work. Well I either don’t realise it but it’s go home on time, no OT and full speed on crafts and things that I want to do.

    Possibly I don’t like my job so not harnessing the zap zone energy. I’m at the fridges where I should evolve but hesitating.

  5. Jupiter on my Asc never saw me so goddam healthy and I lost 15kg to boot!! … Now it’s in my 2nd house on my Sun and all I wanna do is stuff my face with Willy Wonka caramel crunch family block and Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Brittle icecream. Crap!!!!

    Saturn in Scorp in the 6th house is keeping a stern eye on things though. This sugar binge rubbish shall not last! And I feel totally shit when I don’t stick to at least 85% paleo with oodles of wholefoods, veges etc.

    I got yelled at on another blog yesterday that was dedicated to large girls fashion. They took umbrage that I maybe-kinda-sorta implied it glorified obesity without taking into consideration the health and environmental ramifications of being quite significantly overweight. Apparently I totally let down the sistahood by saying obesity was not “curvy” or “sexy” – just fat! And that prior to my weight loss I was beginning to resemble a pile of ever expanding donuts. Maybe I shoulda told them I have a mouthy Saggo moon, Aqua Mars, a glib Gem Asc and an outspoken Asc-Uranus aspect?

    I dunno … I could be totally wrong, but in my opinion (and it’s only my opinion – though have done a stack of research on the subject), obesity is a result of food addiction and I don’t see one damn thing empowering about being a slave to one’s food cravings. I also don’t see how feeling sluggish, bloated, tired and heavy could possibly be empowering either. Bunging on a nice frock over an over-stressed, over-weight bod hardly seems the answer to me! ….

    • ps. I have mars conjunct mercury exact today and have just accepted I’m bound to piss someone off with my tactless, blunt opinions!!!! … bring on the haters. C’mon let’s have some biff πŸ˜›


      • Agree totally, but I do think self love is important & most especially when we are feeling addiction prone. Acceptance seems to help addicts gather the impetus to change, so on that level approving happiness at any size can be really helpful, dontcha think? πŸ™‚

        • My experience with the addictive brain (and yes I do have one of those), is that it stems from a warped ego which prefers to make up a bunch of rationisations, justifications and delusions to avoid self honesty and lacks the courage to change. Self love grows immensly when I turn away from the ego voice and listen to my higher self which always encourages me to be honest and take right action even if it’s difficult or uncomfortable.

    • Nope. My obesity is a result of a complex autoimmune condition made worse by decades of neglect by doctors who told me that the problems was that I was fat and needed to eat less and exercise more. But don’t let that stop you from putting the boot in.

      • πŸ™ That totally sucks. It’s how I feel encountering so many doctors today, such arrogance they have about their often poor knowledge base. You are a goddess, Dom Triff, you are.

        • Actually, I’m several Goddesses πŸ˜€ Or maybe just one of the old-fashioned Paleolithic kind πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

          …and just on a side note, isn’t it interesting that the Paleo crowd worship the fitspo / Cross-fit / ultra body; but our actual Paleo ancestors worshipped a body like Beth Ditto’s….

      • Well that’s totally different. But I hear you re the frustration experienced when medical doctors blindly go along with the prevailing scientific lore even if it patently doesn’t work.

        I would say that it’s similar growing up with the “low fat high carb” mantra and being indoctrinated with this idea that somehow grain-based carbs are an essential nutritional requirement. Even more irritating to have spent a lifetime with yo-yo weight issues whilst dutifully following that mantra, only to discover that it’s actually a contributing factor to obesity in the first place!!!! ….. and then to realise that the mantra was developed due to bodgy science and manipulative marketing trying to sell more breakfast cereal cheeses me the hell off!!

        I think my point is that I found it more empowering to tune into my body and find out what it really thrives on – as an overall wellbeing thing, not just purely from a weight perspective.

        • I agree again prowlin…. I thought I was being healthy for years eating low fat low sugar high carb/whole grains and wholefoods… And continued to put more and more weight on despite lots of exercise… Anyway now doing protein fats and veges very low sugar and carbs and feel better than ever..

      • Oh and sorry if that sounded like I was putting the boot in – that was mean of me. πŸ™

        • Thankyou ! Its a cruel world for a fatty. Pretty dresses have only been available, literally, in the last couple of years – unless you wanted to spend a couple of hundred dollars at Igigi…..

          I also have a theory about being overweight.

          In my experience, a person can be up to a size 18 or 20 (16 US, 20-22 UK) just because they like food.

          Much above that and I believe that there is either a physiological or psychological issue at work.

          And when I say psychological, I don’t mean a food addiction, because wheat and dairy are like opiates…., I mean a sadness, grief or anger which is being dealt with by food.

          As has been pointed out by the Health At Every Size crowd, people who smoke, drink, do drugs, are wildy promsicuous, or work 60 hours a week can mostly hide their addictive coping behaviours in a way that people who mask their feelings with food can’t. Its sometimes called “The Good Girl’s Drug” for that reason.

          And these sorts of issues and behaviours cannot always simply be dealt with by “Pulling yourself together and getting help” – particularly when these coping food behaviours are masking deep grief or anguish.

          On the physiological side of things, of course, fat is not simply an inert substance. It has a complex hormonal life of its own (Gary Taubes “Why We Get Fat And What We Can Do About It” describes this hormonal system with elegance). It MAKES you hungry and unenergetic. Taubes describes this as “Fat makes you greedy and lazy – not the other way around” πŸ˜€

          Put any sort of hormonal issue on top of this mix, including chronic, low grade stress, let alone any sort of metabolic disorder, and you have a situation almost impossible to budge.

          I’m not even going to touch on the obesogenic environment that we live in, I’ll just leave it with a commenter from the Guardian who put it quite clearly – in a country of 60 million people, if 40 million of them are overweight or obese, what you have is a systems issue, not a failure of individual will.

          The other thing is that what works for you may simply not work for someone else. I’ve detailed elsewhere on this blog my struggles to lose weight despite a diet which would earn me a little gold star from Rob Wolff, Mark Sisson et al.

          Its h-a-r-d to keep up an extremely disciplined dietary approach for months and months when your weight doesn’t shift by a single ounce; but you still have to buy food, cook food, go past ads for food…. Even the Organic Shop sells bread wraps and cakes and quinoa salad; which I may look at with big eyes, but not consume; while every gram of fat in my body screams “ITS AN ICE AGE !!!! FOR GOD’S SAKE EAT CARBS !!!”

          I really do think that unless a person is a qualified professional, who works closely with people with weight issues, that the kindest and most compassionate thing to do is to leave fat people alone to deal, or not deal, with whatever weight issues they have, unless they specifically ask you for help. At which point, you should refer them to a qualified professional πŸ˜€

  6. Yes. I got health obsessed and like a crusader against junk food (note – nearly all food for sale is junk) with saturn on my libra rising. Jupiter on my moon last year was when i discovered single origin chocolate, potatoes fried in truffle oil and that if a bread is really high enough quality, it is great by itself eaten with gourmet butter. Cue screaming at daughters: who put my Seven jeans in the dryer they don’t FIT ME, once again you have destroyed my life you selfish bitches. They eat marshmallows on way to school and look amazing, give me a pill that tricks my metabolism into thinking i am 16 again and i also want these bath salts. I’m SOLD.

  7. Not for me, my SatRet was 20kgs overweight in an abusive rel from hell with zero social lofe. Then again my NatSat is Leo5th.

  8. When Jupiter went into my 1st, I got pregnant and HUGE. Now that Saturn’s on top of my Moon (and squaring 10th hs Venus) in the 6th, exercise is definitely the order of the day. I’m slimmer, sure– but not the svelte I think I might be if I didn’t have the Venus square.

  9. Jupiter in 1st house = a desire to expand and a 10 kg gain (this may be an exaggeration but it could also have influenced my perceptions and propensity to overdramatise, lol).

    Saturn has turned me off lots of indulgent foods & drinks but has also made me too busy to shop, cook, etc. = a 2 kg gain. Well at least the expansion has slowed….

  10. Agree with Saturn: Saturn trine ascendant being time of weight loss and fitness and looking hot but was achieved via discipline and sweat. It was also Saturn in my natal sun sign. At same time Jupiter was in natal sun sign (4th-5th house). Now Saturn is trining my natal Saturn and Jupiter is in my 5th but due to hit the 6th house later this year and will use that energy to spur on current so-so efforts in this area.

  11. It’s basically been a Saturn Triathlon for me
    Before Saturn Return I exercised about 3-4 times a week. Around Saturn Return I became a long distance swimmer then cyclist and trained 4-6 days a week. Since Nov 2011 I’ve exercised every single day and became a long distance runner. I had Jupiter in Gemini last year and this year and had no problem training every day plus I became a vegetarian. Probably Mars in Virgo conjunct Saturn in the 6th explains it?

  12. Some years ago now, Jupiter transiting ascendant, highest weight ever. Jupiter currently transiting DC and square natal moon in tenth. Blast it, emotional eating issues over separation and too much work recurring. Saturn is sorting out the eleventh house, but will soon sextile the Ascendant, so will take that as a signpost to return to portion control. If not now! Goddamnit!

  13. Transiting Jupiter is on my ascendant right now. I have gained some weight in my stomach area, noticeably, since this transit began. It’s like the only area I ever gain weight, but we are only talking a pound or two, here. It’s noticeable because I have a thin body type and tend to lose weight rather than gain, normally.
    Natally I have Saturn squaring my ascendant, which I guess gives me a thinner body type as I would think having Crab rising could stereotypically give a more curvy or heavier figure. I have a boyish figure, though, instead, even though I’m a 45 year old woman.
    We’ll see who wins out this year…….transiting Jupiter or natal Saturn. My waistline will be the indicator!

  14. Saturn squaring Sun – I thought two rice cakes at 10pm were a valid ‘dinner’. Yes I was healthier and more calorie conscious then. But as an ex-anorexic, that is not a healthy mode for me to be in.

    Now Jupiter is in my second house and I am very busy trying to make enough money to join a gym!! Have put on weight since quitting my exhausting full-time job. But happy and fulfilled. It’s not your body so much as your relationship to your body that counts.

  15. Saturn’s not thin, he’s ..perfect. Or he wouldn’t be the moral overlord that he is, no?

  16. I think itΒ΄s rather unchic and unsound to equal “thinness” with “health”. Fatphobia is so lowbrow and grudgy.

    • Dunno about chic but when I eat no sugar/grains I lose weight. I eat 6 eggs a day, fry my eggs ‘n’ meat in duck fat or tallow. Fat isn’t the problem? It’s sugar/carb addiction. I begrudge grains tasting so good.
      Thinness isn’t health I agree. Low -fat is lowbrow in my fatty world!

      • i agree… though im not losing as much as id like to sugar and grain free… on the road to freedom from sugar though…

        • i did not do well on Paleo and similar diets. Now many experts are backtracking on the weight loss thing for women. Yes they re fairly healthy diets if you are used to a standard american diet. Yes those diets will cause weight loss if you tightly restrict calories or have more than 50lbs to lose. Im in the 20ish pounds to lose category and it just made me gain weight. I have more muscle but no thigh gap and no smaller waist. πŸ™

          • That’s interesting, out of curiosity, did you do fermented stuff, extra digestion help like ox bile etc? I have a feeling my body is breaking this all down due to these extras. I don’t need extra muscle that’s for sure, I hope to avoid this experience.

            • yes. did all of those and it didn’t make any difference for me. my body hates beef and pork.

              • Fascinating! Yeah, I can’t do pork meat or much beef, I am not eating as much as I did. I was veggie for a long time too, so it is a shock on a few levels. So much to learn about the body, biochem, etc. it’s really amazing, what does your body like eating nowadays?

                • pretty much 80-90% veg..rice…quinoa…amanranth…millet, seafood, birds, smaller animals like rabbits…organic organ meats. for whatever cruel twist of nature organ meats is ok. fermented pickles…kimchi…i have to limit fruit. no corn. no bananas. limit non gmo wheat. no dairy.

                  it has been well over a decade since my last seizure let me tell you.

                  • That’s awesome! I feel bad eating too much meat, but I crave bone broths, organ meats and small birds, fish are great, like you. I can imagine a diet of your description suiting me also. The wheat thing is really not good, I puff up like a toad and get a bit asthmatic. I have never eaten loads of fruit, but I do love green juicing on occasion. Love my sauerkraut! Truly am relieved that my body is so much calmer – the jerkiness & lack of trust in my body re the epilepsy was such a downer, congrats on your decade of equanimity!

                  • Every day at dinner I thank all the animals and plants that have been sacrificed so that we may live and we thank Mother Earth – conscious hematite crystal that she is! I hope my kids learn to be gratefully and yet comfortably aware of this aspect of the life as we need these animals in our diet, however sad it makes me at times!

    • that is why i said “fat” and “thin” as in obviously neither extreme is good. Fit is good and fit can encompass many different body types, as any pictorial of athletes reveals.

      • My Jupiter conjunct AC is so craving endorphins, but I can’t work out, can’t even do yoga (recent discovery)! Best I can do is a ten minute walk at a leisurely pace: not very endorphin inciting. So wtf do you do if your body is not capable?? *frustration* Guess I’ll need to google it.

        • Slowly is holy– nice πŸ˜‰

          Thanks, Ms. Jones! I got all that down already, though :/ My trouble is that I have three areas in my back where my spinal cord is being pinched off by wayward discs & I can literally hardly move from the pain in my back &numbness in my legs; it’s why I keep losing my balance &/or falling down, & why I’m having surgery next month– I will have to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair if this isn’t corrected soon BOOOO! I have always been a very active person until the spinal cord issues began 4 years ago, & I miss it soooo much! I’ve been upping my health game as much as I can, but I’ve yet to find a replacement for the endorphin rush that is physical activity :/ There’s eating & drugs, but those won’t do, & there’s sex– another strike out, & my doc said I can’t ride rollercoasters anymore (not till I’m fixed & healed 100% anyway)… so what els is there?! Where does this endorphin junkie go?! πŸ™

          • No no no no. I know you mean well, Cattiva, but no. My situation is not one size fits all, my medical team is brilliant & I am *so lucky* to have them. The idea of treating a spinal cord injury with chiro & PT is absolutely frightening– esp when I’m trying to stay Out of a wheelchair!

            What about endorphin activity?! That’s all I wondered about gah! Dammit! LOL Nevermind. *Now* I’m giving up, & going back to google.

              • Onceagainthis I sooo not what Im talking about! Cheezus, does anyone read anymore?

              • I mean, there’s 2 mins I’ll neverget back.Either you dididn’t read my post, or you don’t understand it. Whatever.

              • Look,I have 0 patoence for this right now. You have no idea all the tx I’ve tried for *years* nor what the issueis (alltho I’ve tried to explain it). Surgery is always a last resort saved for the worst injuries. ChiroIis contraindicatedfor spinal cord injuries. I knowsomepeople are convinced that surgeons are the devil or are terrified by the thought of needing one, but I’m grounded & well researched on what is wrong with me, what my options are, & the risks either way. And it’s so lame that I’m even entertaining this discussion, so show’s over. LOL

            • Thank you, Ms. Jones! That’s very thoughtful & kind of you to say so. *hugs* I’m sorryI went all Marsin Leo/6th house here. Like I said, I knewyou meant well & that means a lot to me. x

      • Hey Cattiva

        A query about your workouts if you don’t mind imparting your knowledge. I’m a glutton for the same things mentioned by you, interesting that the gym is your antidote.

        I love weights for the endorphins as well. Recently I read the book “Clean and Lean” by Elle McPherson’s trainer and he suggested doing FEWER work out sessions per week because of the stress it puts on the body. I had a personal trainer a few years ago and I worked out so hard I started to get grey hair AT 27! I think 1-1.5 hours per day of his workouts was too much. So how do you get the endorphins/Human Growth Hormone spike right vs. too much stress on the body? Lighter weights? Fewer reps? Shorter work-out times? More breaks in between? I’m super interested what kind of weights regime you will maintain into your 40s.

        • thanks cj that makes good reading and inspiring too. never been a model obvs so have a longer way to bounce back physique wise, but your turnaround in late 30s is meaningful for me. hope my skin can catch up with the rest of me.

          • I don’t think controversial, it all makes sense to me. I guess it’s that ass vs face conundrum [LOL]
            I’ve been observing ‘older’ women lately (7th house cap moon long-range beauty strategising… lawd) to see what it is in their presentation that makes them attractive (in my eyes), there’s a few things – grooming, hairstyle, demeanour – like anyone else.
            I have always had hideous insecurity re appearance, decided that saturn in Leo 2nd house means maybe my self worth stems from $ security and looks, heading into my late 30s and it’s hitting hard, πŸ™ I know I know i know it’s all inmy head or whatever, but regardless, decided that if looking crap makes me feel about as attractive and worthwhile as a squashed blowfly, I may as well just work with that and become a beacon of health fitness and grooming oh and be very rich (urgh *feels around for last few chips in the packet* << JOKE)

          • HAHAHA I have a teacher (in the system of tuning forks on the acupuncture meridians that I study) whose whole deal is teaching “natural facelifts” with the tuning forks. She has a protocol that she calls “YOUR BUTT IS YOUR FACE” It’s hilarious and so true. There are points that you can work on the face that can effect the butt! Holy hell! I haven’t read your whole post but saw this and thought I’d throw in a laugh! I love your candid nature, thank you!

        • Tyler Durden! Tyler Durden! TYLER DURDEN! Lol. Thanks for your very informative response. I don’t judge you because you are a dominatrix and you used the word holistic! Lol. I just looked up the Icarus Deception too. I had heard of Squidoo before so it was an interesting corollation.

          I have the opposite problem to hubris and when my blood is really flowing (usually after a spike in heart rate due to resistance excercise of some kind) I usually feel more confident. My Saturn return is beating me into my genuinely confident self. I’m coming from the other side from you towards balance I guess. Grounded, confident and human.

          So you do 3 x 20-45 minutes per week, and try to leave the gym before while you walk out without looking like Johnny Depp on ether in “Fear and Loathing” . Adding other things for flexibility. Yoga is so awesome for this but I just don’t get the reward that others get. The “calm”. I get the endorphin reward from the weights but I know its harder on the body and joints. So hence my query.

          Good on you for putting your feelings first. I say as a multiple conjunct Scorp and someone who has fulfilled this role for others my whole life: there is truly nothing to be afraid of when cleaning out the graveyard. NOT cleaning it out is scarier because then it is life that will force you to look at it. Much easier to dig from your own volition. And think of all your peers who aren’t doing the work, and how much further ahead you will be. All the best πŸ™‚

          • “there is truly nothing to be afraid of when cleaning out the graveyard. ”

            this is why i love having multiscorps in my orbit. XOX

      • haha love it! Nothin’ like a good Saggo rave when you’ve got moon in Saggo eh? Speak thy truth! Almost better than hitting the gym. πŸ˜‰

  17. When Jupiter crossed my Ascendant last year, I didn’t really gain weight but I was constantly eating out with friends and family, organizing little dinners at my house, cooking complicated meals, etc.

    With Saturn in full force in my life right now, I’ve lost 10 pounds, drastically reduced my consumption of meat, and am walking more than ever. I do need to use this energy to get into a regular gym regimen. And my next goal is to reduce the amount of sugar I eat (having Taurus Rising ruled by Venus in Libra in the 5th doesn’t exactly help this).

    I don’t see Saturn as the all-nighter popping Adderall. I agree with Pi above that that’s more of a Mars energy gone amok. Saturn is gonna knock you back a few days if you’re so undisciplined as to deviate from a regular sleep schedule or put artificial stimulants in your body.

    • That’s interesting as when Jupiter crossed my Asc I also started learning more about food & engaging in complex food prep. Lost weight too. Abundance to be sure but very structured.

      Congrats on yr Saturn transit going so nicely!

  18. Jupiter on my Asc and dare I say I have gotten a bit rounder but in a more feminine way – never really have been curvy in the waist/hips/chest ratio way but I feel my body is changing… In my approaching mid-30s….. Resuscitated puberty? And no I haven’t been oversexed in the recent past, as that can affect your body form. Also my feminine maternal instinct seems to have upped in some way… For some reason the idea of being pregnant and captive is appealing for the first time in my life… Curious to experience being conquered and loved by a man in this way which totally sounds nutso as I am re-reading this sentence I just typed. Im Super Lilith so these are very strange thoughts for me. I’m also not even dating so…. Yeah.

    I have no idea what’s really triggering this. I know Jupiter is notorious for plumping things up, but affecting your femininity? Also have been getting lots of attention and intriguing subtle dialogue from men totally different from my usual catch in the last month or so. Funny.

  19. ah yeh exactly mm…. so ive had both at the same time, fortunately now jupiter off my sun is giving a bit of room for saturn on ascendant to do its work….

    Im training harder than ever before, and am totally saturns girl, sleep, scowl, turning my pain into glory etc

    Ive decided to lose weight, in a way ive never decided before, like seriously!

    Im so in cohoots with saturn, i have plans for satisfying saturn….

  20. i dont remember my jupiter transits but i have natal jupiter/mercury conjunct leo asc and although i have read that the jupiter rising “gives” you weight, unlike i am somewhat petit. sure i enjoy good and gourmet food (not fan of junk food) but i never cross the line. perhaps my virgo sun/scorpio moon combo keep the balance
    i will keep in mind the saturn transit (is about to square the asc)…

  21. Saturn has been squaring my ascendent in Leo too from a long time and still is….:(…much frustrating to the point i’m loosing every interest in what i look like…
    become so zen-basic in relation to anything i project that i wish i could turn invisible….
    strangely enough tonight i dreamt about skirts and under skirts…i was forced to wear something Γ  la Marie Antoinette….!?? …
    oh, and i haven’t been cutting my hair from a long time…just the thought of going to a hairdresser is SO scaring….really…they’ve become my nightmare…

  22. I dunno about Saturn. People can get all sorts of weird ideas, like an All Sorghum Diet, and be determined to make it work, despite evidence to the contrary.

    Now Jupiter though.. I recently watched Jupiter zoom through my sign Taurus for a year. I recall one astrologer that told me Jupiter is a big bag of hot air, lots of promises but not necessarily any action, however watch your waistline. Taurus loves food and Jupiter doesn’t help make that any healthier. I wish I had listened, I’m still trying to work off a few pounds.

  23. Perpetually underweight as permanent health issue, (overactive thryoid, previous incarnation as non stop workaholic) so irony is that Jupiter is conjunct my ascendant, almost exact…In Virgo

    However…Have natal mars in opposition to pluto conjunct uranus virgo 1st…You cannot put weight on with ongoing pluto mars drive…Especially when it quincunx the sun in the sixth…Health issues, diet are not a fad here, they are gospel…Non negotiable.

    When I was breathing and living to work (Neptune in sixth house, last cycle) I simply did not eat because I did not stay still or desk-bound for more than 15min…And I had to wear the clothes for whichever company I belonged too…I was to absorb the prevailing vision and espouse it to perfection…

    This culminated in me being so thin I could not conceive, for this neptune period. The mirage of chameleon like dress and mannequin display continued with consequences of body cooked with serious cortisol / adrenal issues…I was successful but desperately tired, fried with stress and tied to a culture of little joy, mostly painted projection.

    As parent housebound it can be equally challenging in that unpredictable aries child is always pulling unexpected antics, (currently under uranus influence aspecting her leo mars) which are mostly consuming of energy or very entertaining, sometimes very exhausting too. Natal saturn in aries is being stretched, but hopefully evolving).

    So the only time there was any weight issue was when I blew up literally with severe pre-eclampsia (edema, hands, feet, face and body) and I was also pregnant, (so LOL inevitable really) and the doctors gave me more medication than I’d had in my living years…But it saved me (Natal neptune scorpio sextile natal pluto and transiting pluto)…Saturn in virgo transiting through my first over natal pluto in opposition to mars) with jupiter and urauns in pisces over my natal mars chiron conjunction in opposition to my natal jupiter, then my natal pluto uranus conjunction…

    Survived…Nearly lost my child, but then after these hard aspects all returned as it has always been, relentless effort to put weight on my child, feeding my self incessantly to breastfeed (for two years, before pre-arthritic symptoms) then keep my weight up…Limiting restlessness…

    My child was born mirroring this with saturn in virgo 1st, in opposition to jupiter (almost conjunct) pisces…Restless, intense. After three years my child’s weight is within weight range of healthy children.

    Needless to say serious sleep issues…little sleep in this house…

    • Dear Godde ! I’ll swap ya ! You sound like a permanently on-fire Pitta. I gots loadsa extra Kapha πŸ˜€

      ….Hypothyroid, apparently no adrenal issues (but I disagree with the blood test), total inability to lose weight, watery and somniferous. I nanna nap every afternoon. I am happy that I’ve got it down from 3 hours to an hour.

      I reckon I can take on an Aries/Leo Mars. I have a hypersensitive Aquarius, a mischievous Scorpio and a Taurus so stubborn I have hoof marks on the ceiling.

      Wanna swap ? Or at least some excess energy… I’ll send you some watery dreams; hazy ripples of reflected light on the ceiling and the sleepy sound of rain on foliage. You can send me a desert wind charged with electricity and a ferocious focus….

      • Thanks and truly beautiful prose but I have retrograde pisces mercury on formalhault sextile moon and jupiter…Big dreams…Sometimes little logic, too much sentiment. I have been well remunerated and exploited for it, headhunted and sacked for it too. Neptune is currently visiting there…Jupiter in opposition to mercury is always too much, opportune, and optimistic…

        Sounds lovely though…Fantastic you have the inherent ability to be wonderfully immersed.
        So you have three lovely little people, lucky you.
        That’s ultimate creativity and dynanism. I have an idea that chaos is a creative test of endurance designed to force out the best or worse in us…

        Your children are all fixed signs. That must be interesting. I come from a family of four where three of us are all fixed, and the youngest bless them is cardinal. My husband is triple aries, leo rising capricorn moon and scorpio jupiter in opposition to saturn…The taurus in him and my child do not recline for too long…

        Yes I am a compulsive whipper snapper, non stop everything is almost clockwork precision. Housework, dress, food, the lot. Even sleep. Truly. The worst hard work is going to sleep. Even sex cannot procure sleep…No drugs, no medicines…I pulled the anaesthetist up at hospital for unorthodox use of pethidine…Maybe saturn is amplifying this.

        Bets are hedged and everyday is another conquest of some sort. My husband under duress doing his 2nd masters degree, the house is OK, my child is adored but has an intensely weird eccentric routine rolled out under her feet, and I am contemplating now what hoops to put myself through…

        Enjoy your serene bliss, I envy it. Unfortunately under the romance of it all I am probably a pragmatist. We can but hope. There is always too much too do, too little time…As an associate I knew said time waits for no one…(apparently Rolling Stones).

        • It hadn’t occurred to me that they’re all Fixed, but they are ! That explains many things….

          My life is not as serene as I would like; I am ACHING for more energy. Just not to have to sleep every afternoon would give me another 14 hours a week in which to get things done so that I don’t have to compress my days into less space….

          I envy your pragmatism….!

  24. I feel like Jupiter acts as a weird reversed Saturn for me, but maybe it’s because Pluto has been coming up to my AC for a while. (Since I have a cardinal t-square involving my Sun/Moon, it’s basically been hitting everything at once.)

    It seems to act as a major trigger for different things. When it crossed my Sun/Moon I had just moved to the city for University, and all the friends I had made over the first 4 months seemed to disappear into thin air for no reason. The day it conjuncted my Sun I had a deeply traumatic experience that left me feeling very vulnerable, and that I see the world differently… my dreams are sharper and more real, my instincts are like a razor, I cannot explain it.

    Jupiter is in my 6th house, coming up to a conjunction with my DC in a few days. When Jupiter was involved in the grand cross a few weeks ago, I was expecting it to signal a period of happiness in a relationship. (All the horoscopes were telling me so!) Instead, I was thrown a complete curveball as my long-term boyfriend turned around and said he was moving abroad and he didn’t think we would work, and broke up with me.
    I feel as you would imagine, but I’m taking advantage of this 6th house transit by channeling all of my excess energy into operation= bangin’ bod.
    When I saw this transit coming up I thought I was going to blow up like a balloon, but quite the opposite. Despite how I feel in regards to everything else (pretty much like part of me has died… that’s Pluto for you I guess) the one thing I do feel really happy about is taking care of myself through exercise and healthy eating.

    In my study of astrology so far, I have found that Jupiter isn’t always my friend, things don’t suddenly become very easy in that area of my chart, but it IS easier to feel motivated if you set your mind to it.

    My two cents. =]

  25. no serious weight loss during saturn transit but def felt haggard. no serious weight gain during jupiter transit either.

    the way i figure it, you get so interested in cutting budget you eat cheaper and crappier food & vitamins. Why use expensive Jarrow vitamins when you can use the Costco ones! You start trying exercise programs that are cheap or free like donation yoga and running at the park instead of what effectively works for you and is fun.

    no big weight gain after juppie transit for me. When i’m happy i do tend to eat more when i get the chance, but I also have the energy to do more too. so im traveling around…burning calories……actually having sex…burning more calories because there is no time to eat. Im a boredom eater so when im truly happy and excited i don’t eat as much.

  26. Saturn does favor counting calories.

    I am so stressed out right now. I have a sales contract on my house and purchase contract on a fixer-upper and am thinking “wtf am I doing this again?” Plus, my new car broke down while driving last night so I got to use free towing but am no-car. Can’t get out to do errands. Total scatter brain. This dark moon SUCKS.

    Anyway, that’s to say I am glad for the dailies because I know this is a patch where I am going to doubt. Still sucks, but at least I’m doing my astro, lol. I am looking forward to the September scopes.

    • Awww *pats you* that sucks to be without a car in an area that pretty much demands one. πŸ™

      and me too. I have a social weekend planned….you know…”getting out there” bullshit…. meeting new people…

      and what does the daily say? This weekend isn’t good for love endeavours and crap. >:( I can’t win. When I’m revved to go, the astro is like fuck u.

      • You’ve got to go with your own rev. I mean – how many times have we missed Venus Claws already?

            • While we are waiting for the monthlies here, penny thorton and tamplin put theirs up already. i don’t know if you read those or not.

              • The monthlies are up on The theme for September is “Responsibility.” Good times, lol.

              • Thanks for the tip on Tamlin. Never heard of him. Mikey Lutin is always brilliant. Great sense of humour!! πŸ™‚
                I know of Penny Thornton Have one of her books, and Susan Miller is great too

                • i love Lutin but his page aesthetic annoys me sometimes. i feel like im back in the middle to late 90’s looking at it.

                  Susan Miller used to be my go to person before i found Mystic, Milller used to be crazy accurate for me but things changed about 2 yrs ago…idk what happened…but not as accurate for either asc or sun sign, plus she is always late posting. though i hear she is having hardships lately, bless her heart!

                  Oddly Terry Nazon had been eerily accurate in unexpected ways lately when she never used to be accurate for me. Same for Patrick Arundell….

    • Hi 12th.. I honestly feel excited about your fixer-upper. What a way to release your frustrations you are dealing with now when you get it. A flower of creativity is blooming into a new home for you.. that is exciting. But until you get there… the weight is heavy. This too shall pass.

      I wish you well with the new plans developing..


      • Thanks VE! Right now I feel kind of depressed and like nothing is working out. This time of year puts the sun in my 12th house. I kicked off all these plans but I have the stress/nerves of a Virgo, lol! I just want great sex and fantastic hair.

        I’m sure it will be great…thanks for the reminder. πŸ™‚

  27. Not losing weight with Saturn on my Sun — exercising, hydro-flossing like crazy, but gaining weight. Last night realized I feel completely out of balance. Two years ago I lost about 15 lbs, felt amazing, and now it’s creeping back and all I want to eat is ice cream. I am thinking about letting the gray hair grow out – very Saturnian, yes? And I do feel a bit haggard and drawn, although a year ago I looked fantastic. By the time Saturn is done with my Scorpio stellium I’m afraid I’m going to look a decade older than when it began.

    • Perhaps I overstated or you misunderstood. I don’t think I mentioned binge eating, just having mild post-menopausal and unemployment-fueled and Saturn-transiting-6th-house-fueled slight weight gain. Still under 125 pounds so no, I’m not in the market for advice about protein powder and sugar substitutes full of GMOs and chemicals.

      I’ve been in the natural foods industry for 20 years and wrote a book on organic foods before it was trendy, and you can’t turn a corner where I live without running into some kind of natural healer or nutritional therapist, so I’m good with knowing what to eat. My diet is actually pretty great, something I’ve worked on for years and am damn proud of, except for a recent ice cream indulgence that I was sharing in the spirit of the post.

      So it did feel a bit presumptious, but thanks, and nice job promoting your book.

      • Far out: transiting Saturn is in your 6th house? Transiting Mars just entered mine! Transiting Saturn is upon my natal Mars, 8th house. 6th house Scorp has got to be real as.

        • hey Scorp, what do you mean when you say “6th house Scorp has got to be real as”? Just askin’ cause I have Saturn transiting my Scorp 6th house too….

          • You too?!

            I’ve never thought much about the 6th house until now, until my physical health became compromised & inevitably put the squeeze on my daily life/routines. It’s so interconnected, health & everything else. Considering the intense transformative power that is Scorp, I would so welcome such a placement as 6th house Scorp; transiting Saturn there must be this complete clearing of the useless & harmful, & restructuring toward total health/vitality/efficiency in all things daily! Or so I imagine. Haha

            Saturn in Scorp is full on! No stone is left unturned. What an awesome placement, Scorp in the 6th (says someone who will never take 6th house issues for granted again). Your phoenix house! Rise & be fab πŸ˜€

            • oh thank you Scorp Inc for your inspirational take πŸ˜€ I really am blessed with a strong constitution, always have been. I have been dropping bad habits for a while now….since before Saturn in Scorp interestingly. I will think more on this and will keep you informed if I start to feel reborn!

  28. I have saturn conjunct ASC in Libra , when my Saturn return hit, people worried about my weight loss

  29. I need to look at my chart to analyze this but I think this what I will find. Jupiter is Fat and Saturn is skinny. If Jupiter is running a muck since July then there is proof that it is fat. I have been sluggish, eating whatever and no energy. But when Saturn was flying around I was losing weight, some experience go into the routine. So Saturn is skinny.

    Will report back later. Such a fun way to learn about astrology!!


  30. I’ve lost 30lbs since Saturn into Scorp. No exercise, just went paleo. I literally cannot exercise. Would if I could! Hoping my surgery next month will be the beginning of regaining my mobility. Like a Saturn Return, though, it’s going to get a bit worse before it starts getting any better! Bottoms up…

    • Anybody heard of this notion of eating according to your blood type? I just did today & it sounds like it could be a thing. Eg, I’m a type O & supposedly Os are well-suited to paleo; other types, not so much. I haven’t been super strict about it & weight loss has been slow, but I didn’t go into it to lose weight: I just wanted my body to work more efficiently (thank you, Saturn) & feel better in general. Paleo’s been all that to me & more– i’m even cognitively faster for it! So yeah, the blood type thing?

      • I’m O type and that certainly works for me. No wheat or dairy, everything super low GI and lots of lean protein. I stay away from how much grains and legumes they recommend, in the book I have anyway. Just gives me fuzz brain. Make sure you add good fats to every meal you can. Fats are satiating and give stuff good taste. And make sure you eat some carbs, just ALWAYS combine with protein so it doesn’t mess up your insulin. That’s what has worked for me anyway. (Easier said than done though of course πŸ˜‰

      • that makes sense for paleo cos i did poorly and im an A bloodtype. however when i did the A blood type diet that also went poorly. πŸ™ i was vegetarian for 15 yrs.(5 of those yrs vegan) .worst decision of my life for me…glad its working out for others….

        what i am finding is i still need to eat smaller animal meat like birds and fish, organic organ meats, fermented foods….no dairy…limit sugar.

      • I’ve found a massive amount of overlap between Blood-type diets and Ayurveda. I think the simple answer is that we are all different, and that even a clean Paleo diet is not always best fro everyone. Some people do really well on raw vegan; some people it makes them horribly ill. Same for LCHF, high protein, low fat etc.

        Mark Sisson does a diary where he basically encourages you to experiment on yourself πŸ˜€ Most of us do better without refined, processed food in our diets on a daily basis; but beyond that, what works for you may make someone else really quite unwell and that’s why I really like the Body hacking approach. Hack your own body. Work out what works for you. Try a STACK of different things. I find that if I’m going to see results, I see them within a fortnight; but then we’ve eaten Failsafe for 6 years now, so the worst of the crap is already out of our diet.

        Iperpetually struggle against the whole grains/ dairy / sugar trifecta, because although I agree with the science, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to my weight to take them out. Poo !! My skin is more affected by my hormonal cycle than my diet. My weight is more affectedby my medication thananything else. Upped it by 16 mcg in the morning and have lost 4 kilos in 5 days, despite aforesaid husband’s birthday.

        Perhaps what we can take from this astrological seesaw act is the need to balance the discipline to systematically work out what is best for our wellness (Saturn) while being able to enjoy ourselves and not obsess about our weight (Jupiter).

        I also think its important to go with what works for us and once we’ve worked it out, stop obsessing about it. There are SO MANY other things that we could be turning our energies to than what our bodies look like, or what we’re eating. Once you have achieved a level of health that you are happy with, use that energyand focus to make a change in the outer world instead…

        β€œA culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, but an obsession about female obedience. Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women’s history; a quietly mad population is a tractable one.”
        ? Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women

        • 4kg in 5 days, that sounds more like fluids, DT? that’s about the extent of my “expertise” btw πŸ˜‰ x

          • Yeah – hypothyroidism used to be called Myxoedema back in the days when it was diagnosed by clinical symptoms.

            I am a watery thing !! The most I have every lost was close to 9 kilos in just under a fortnight. I go up and down like the tides…. and its all water for about the first 20 or so kilos !! You can sink a finger up to a knuckle in my feet at the end of the day… and this is ON medication !!

            So yeah, its all fluids. I’m all fluids πŸ˜€ I am a watery thing….

        • There are no scales in our house…Scales are bad news, I suspect. As before mentioned overactive thyroid issues here…Translates to bad burn out on occasions…At least its not like it used to be (winding up in hospital cup eve to be pumped with four bags of saline…)

          Moderation means I can no longer wear size 27 jeans…but I now can have breasts…Instead. It used to be a packet of cigarettes a day, a few double strength coffees, minimal food, because too busy being just busy…Quit that many years ago.

          The acupuncturist I saw at 42 told me I was running on emtpy…Its natural to be tired at the end of the day. I was pushing through exhaustion relentlessly and this horrible habit is hard to kill…Adrenalin makes people belligerent, fanatical in focus, but terrible to live with.

          As far as weight goes, I am (sorry) a fatalist, this is where my retrograde mercury gets lost in intangible space…We have the necessary misery we are given, so we play the cards we are dealt with in the best possible way…

          No lists, no time, no doctors (they are mostly frauds) though integrative medicine is a bit like pitting one philosophy into the one ring to fight it out with another contrasting…Which is why I think I’ll consider this with complimentary or wholistic practice…as just a way of life.

          Maybe consistent and constant work is the secret to my sanity…schemes, plots…concepts…Met an enigmatic chinese man at a buisness fair, whose name he told me translated to mean “direction”….

          What if our immaterial being was always looking to escape our physical being regardless? Are we still I wonder, or imprisoned in the body, the life we encumber?

          To be honest it was great change for me being blown up like a big balloon when I was pregnant and with the blood pressure issues but before the edema became life threatening…Initially the uncertainty, tiredness of it liberating of a long treadmill and was positive…Its all just journeying…Endless insights.

          • Hmmm…”We have the necessary misery we are given, so we play the cards we are dealt with in the best possible way…”

            Am reading “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach at the moment… She quotes Rumi “Don’t turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandaged place. That’s where the light enters you.”

            I know that my chronic illness has made me far more compassionate and sensitive to other people’s needs. It has also made me the go-to person among my family and friends when they have a medical or food issue they want to discuss.

            The strange thing is, my bloods are *perfect* – the Doctor ran my annual test a couple of weeks ago and all of it – cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, homeocystine, iron, calcium, B12, D is all perfect. My T3 is a little low, but that’s it.

            The only issue is that I have low energy, and I’m 50 kilos overweight πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ And I cannot BUDGE that weight, no matter how I eat, drink or exercise. Hence the need to read “Radical Acceptance” – there is actually NOTHING wrong with me, except in how I look and the need to nap….

            It will be interesting to approach my body as something not-broken. As a perfect vessel for my Spirit and not as an encumberance…

  31. Good luck EEL. I think the best way to do it is just to go with whatever makes you feel good long term. And I have this idea that we are mostly the blood type we are, but also a little of the other parent’s blood type. So maybe your other parent was an O or B, and you need some protein to keep the body chemistry balanced.

    • good theory except they are both Type As. πŸ™ i want to believe in blood type diet but it just doesnt fit me. It worked great for another Type A gal who claimed it put her cancer in remission.

      • Maybe go with the body-hacking suggestion? Sounds like you have it figured out anyway πŸ™‚ Good for you.

  32. You described it – Scorpio Rising. Saturn all the way. Busy – bedtime- to work early- more food intolerances make cheating and naf snacks off limits. Not officailly paleo but grains and me dont mix well. I now consume green drinks. Growing by leaps and bounds professionally and even in healthy realtionship (so I think at this moment- lol!) No crazy sex based sex. More relationshp based, sweet, energizing sex, if that makes sense.

  33. Saturn is my chart ruler with a jupiter-sun conjunction,obviously they keep each other in check as have never gained or lost more than 3 kilos each way in 45 years.
    Saturn certainly watched over my childhood with ballet 6 hours a week from aged 5-15!.
    Very few ‘overweight’ children in the 50’s, who’s parents or grandparents lived thro’ a true recession. Lots of organ meat in diet then as cheap & vegs were mostly root, and greens were cabbage & lettuce mostly.

    My diet was a mix of macro/vegan-no meat for many in the 70’s. Macro was ultra trendy, till many wasted away.
    Travelling put a fast stop to being non-carniverous where goodwill depended on eating as the country you were in did, and ENJOYING it, not one grimace allowed.
    Jupiter gives me my love of food varieties & saturn puts it on a small sized plate.
    My perfect diet would be fish & fruit for lightness of being and root veg for grounding, like tarot & sweet potato. And the COCONUTS.
    Never do i eat more than i could fit in my hand including fingers coz i have a small hand which are the same size as my stomach.
    Juptier in Taurus had me put on 6 kilos as i was 3 under weight, maybe that is the Libran moon balancing act.
    Obliged due to leaving middle age next B-day, to replace pilates & yoga with Tai Chi :-)that’s fuqing saturn limits for you!!

    • that is so wise…works like a charm… whatever fits in both of your hands cupped without overflowing crazily is one meal portion for you. if you have big hands you get to eat more.
      Sadly i have tiny hands. i still wear childrens gloves.

      • Finger food?
        Fingerless gloves are my solution πŸ™‚
        Give someone the finger and they don’t even notice?

  34. I haven’t really noticed what transits get me fit, but I’ve definitely blobbed out the last two times Jupiter transited my Asc.

    I am currently on a sleep hygiene jag (well, I’m trying) and I’m back to my regular fitness freak self, so hopefully having my arse hanging half way down the back of my legs is only temporary…

    • Alien then could i suggest Twerking for thine ass, one cheek at a time πŸ™‚
      Or sit in comfortable lotus and roll from side to side, tones butt w/o moving much. Can do in front of TV.

      • I’d probably just end up like a friend of mine who decided she was old, after twerking in the privacy of her own home resulted in her cleaning masses of cat fur out from under the sofa…

        Will try rock and rolling in the lotus position though!

  35. I only exercise for purposes other than exercise. Getting from A to G, for example, or moving something heavy across the yard. My Saturn conjunct my ascendant (Gemini) is opposite Jupiter conjunct my sun (Sag). Possible they’re just cancelling each other out?

  36. I could not disagree with this more. I am finally starting to exercise, having found fluid feminine movement and pole dancing classes and truly enjoying my body. That fuqing libra saturn on my moon saturn and pluto was so shit that i I spent 3 years so far from my body, failing at life, that I couldn’t poss be fit or happy or rich or disciplined.


  38. On inducing endorphins without exercise, sex, or rollercoaster riding:

    Sniff vanilla & lavender.
    Eat a bit of ginseng, dark chocolate, something spicy.
    Listen to (or play) music that you love.
    Spend quality time with an animal friend.

    That’s what I’ve gathered so far. I’m thinking of making a little stash of these things for myself to have on-hand during my recovery; would make a great gift for a laid up friend, too. Essential oils, tea & food; a new CD; a hilarious DVD… not a(nother) new pet, but maybe a sweet pic of one to hang… Maybe I’ll paint one– I bet that would release endorphins.

    Related, I saw a woman about a horse this week & it’s a go BUT not until after my surgery/recovery (there’s always a “but” when Saturn’s involved, isnt there?). Still, Yay Me!! And it’ll be so much more than a horse: it’ll also be an incredible job that will expand my horizons professionally & personally, as these clinicians are real visionaries & intuitive types. Ker-ching! Something wonderful to look forward to πŸ™‚ Oh Sun into Virgo/7th house, how great thou art!

    • I had to drop some lavender oil on my in-car vanilla stink-O-rama tree. It’s that vanilla smell you put in the fridge to kill odors, an olfactory offender to be sure.
      So beats a sandalwood incense stick burning on the dash of the Kingswood.
      Goddess speed your recovery Scorp Inc. Your recovery care package, needs some homemade lavender chocolates.

  39. Hmmm, well, I’ve lost fifteen lbs since Saturn went direct, which is atm eight degrees from my exact asc. I am working on recomp, but not necessarily trying to lose weight.

  40. Total opposite! When Jupiter was on my AC earlier this year I had a million things to do every day. Not in an overloaded busy way but more like GIVE ME ALL THE LIFE, MUST LIVE LIFE, ALL OF IT. And when Saturn squared my ascendant (which was the beginning of my saturn return actually) I got pregnant lol.

  41. Saturn may be in Scorpio but I am making a void dark moon in Carb, I mean Crab, supper and I am going to eat it in the bath.

    • That is so practical, steamy and with a touch of the Bugs Bunny about it (with him simmering in a pot thinking it’s a bath).
      Wishing you a whole lot of tub time CS.

  42. When Jupiter transited my 10th house last year I gained 20 pounds πŸ™ I weigh 15 pounds more than normal.

  43. That’s true. But I would also add nice transits to natal Venus (like Jupiter conjunct Venus) lead to weight gain.

    When my friend had Saturn Return in Libra, having Saturn in the first house…She lost so much weight without doing diet or exercise. She started looking emanciated and everybody got worried about her health. After two years, she got so thin and many people started gossiping about anorexia. It was a tough time for her. She went to many doctors and couldn’t figure out why she was losing weight. And another friend with Saturn Return on her 7th house started losing a lot of weight when Saturn hit her Descendant. She also looked emanciated.

    Saturn has a lot to do with limits, restriction and depression. I think when it hits the Ascendant/Descendant Axis, it tends to make the person depressed and that affects her appetite.

    Jupiter transiting the 12th house or aspecting the 12th or 6th – in my experience/looking at my friends’ transits – leads to more gain weight than transiting the 1st/7th house. I think because that axis has a lot to do with body, introspection and liquid retention.

    Jupiter transiting the 1st house makes the person optmistic, fun prone. Many people I know started a new diet/new hobby/new exercise with this transit, losing weight they gained when Jupiter was in their 12th house. They started going out more and wanted to look better, so that also made them take care more of their weight.