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Hi Guys – appropriately, for a week in which Pluto is opposite Lilith – Bitchcraft – The Book Of Lilith – is now available for instant download here.  It’s 10,000 words plus all about the Lady Mars/the Anti-Eve, the original Bitch Goddess herself…It’s super practical, an inspirational motivational blast and comes with an ephemeris to look up your Lilith, so you don’t need to generate a chart or anything. Bitchcraft is $8.88 and proceeds go to my anti-fuqwit fund + this site. Subscribers, please use your discount code! Enjoy.

Bitchcraft – The Book Of Lilith

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151 thoughts on “Bitchcraft – The Book Of Lilith – Is Here!

  1. Congratulations on this mega achievement Mystic!
    Can’t wait to have a look.
    I think I would use it to activate my 11th house vibe – Lilith lives there all cosy with Jupiter in house of Toro. Most of my general crew – or those types who I love and want more of in my life – are luscious-outsider-question and subvert authorita-immensely capable-intelligent -life is for living -types. I freaking love them. They’re sort of like siamese fighting fish (gorgeous, solitary agents, ready for action), but without the senseless rivalry/killing thing. anyway it’s late so this isn’t making sense but then again whatever. x

  2. downloaded and devoured.
    decadent and delicious. yum.
    am feeling absolutely empowered about my beautiful black moon Lilith (conjunct moon in pisces) now.
    thank you for the magic, Mystic! most inspiring.

  3. ah, my 12th house gemini lilith conjunct mercury is happy happy happy with this juicy goodness. magick, witchery, and yoko – perfection. also the timing is excellent. we got a kitten a few days ago, whom we have named lilith, and she chose this morning to come out of hiding and explore her new home. reading about lilith while lilith walks back and forth across the keyboard, back and forth, back and forth. she is a toro kitty with leo moon, gemini lilith, and i’m going with scorp rising, ’cause she’s black and the teeny runt who wasn’t supposed to make it and yet, like a true badass, she is thriving!

    • Gah ! R-E-S-I-S-T-I-N-G kittens at the moment. Mr Triffid will divorce me if I bring home any more animals, which I can live with, but Mr Pipkin will be most put out, which I can’t. *sigh* Tiny black kittens….

  4. Well, that explains why I am such a loner! 5th house Aqua Lilith. It opposes my moon in Leo, so I read the bit about Lilith conjunct the moon. It resonates. I have to have space from people. People like sharing their pain and getting reassurance, “bonding,” and I can’t do it because I literally feel their pain and all I want to do is make them stop, not tell them its OK to hurt. And I value creativity, which is what people are – creative – when they are not constipated with pain and judgement….are there people like that in the world? I have yet to meet them. Then again, Lilith in Aqua is from the future, lol.

    • hey, I always read your comments and have really warmed to you on an energetic level so please don’t take this in any way other than that intended – which is with no judgement at all – capiche?

      Re the feeling other people’s pain scenario, I have a similar involuntary thing – sometimes embarrassing it is – and there’s all manner of things you can do to minimise its effect on you so you’re able to function around people without wanting to ‘make them stop’ or ‘make them’ do anything really, other than just be there as they are. Kind of like witnessing them as opposed to merging with them. It’s almost anthropologic once you get the hang of it – I’m still learning but am much better at it than I used to be.

      Doing some exercises with your auric field and extending it and using natural forms and things to anchor yourself can be helpful – things like merging with the energy of mountains and trees. Vibrational remedies have been really helpful too. I’ve never used these ones but this plant is the one that immediately sprang to mind when I was reading your words and strangely enough it seems to be all about connecting with land, so maybe there’s something in what I feel with you, not sure anyway, just putting it out there. If it resonates then good and if not that’s fine too.

      • Cool, thanks! Sounds like a great remedy – 12th house sun/dad issues and all, but not sure how to use it as such. Just smell it? Must research more.

        I spent a weekend with the drive-by-hugger Scorp and her three kids. If it wasn’t me not “supporting her enough” it was someone on the beach closing an umbrella and that being a personal rejection of her somehow, or some guy last year who said such and such. Just – never out of the emotional drain zone. And I did have to tell her several times, just stop it. Beautiful day at the beach with the kids. I told her she couldn’t talk to me about anything that was not actually happening in the moment. And she couldn’t. But she was quiet for a bit.

        Anyway, that’s where the bit about making them want to stop comes from. It felt like pain – as much pain as if someone was stomping on my foot – to listen to her paint a world of darkness. And I know it stems from a dark place within her that she won’t acknowledge. Not fair. Because I could talk to it too – I’d rather talk to it directly than placate its projection. I want to spend time without all the baggage. Its like – impossible. I know there are other levels of relating, but intimacy is hard. Feeling someone else’s pain does nothing to make it go away, it only spreads it out. But I have a hard time ignoring it or pretending its not there, especially when its being actively projected – Mars in Libra. Frustrating. Because we could just be doing our freak show and laughing – humans in general.

        Gah. I’m off center now. I got all emotional over the abuse hurled at Miley Cyrus. Seriously. Lilith.

        • Sorry for the rant. It does sound like a very relevant remedy and I appreciate you sharing it. I’ve been having more dreams with men in them over the past six months or so. Saturn in Scorpio, perhaps? Anyway, working it out with my anima.

        • you take them internally and you can also bathe in them. They’re homeopathic style – you’re consuming the frequency of the plant’s flower. Ingesting the matrix. if you google dr edward bach or the bach centre in england their site tells you the history of them. They work if you get the right one for the emo that ails you. you don’t need to apologise for ranting. I had no idea who miley cyrus was a week ago, now I would happily join her fan club. Cultural ruptures are like my version of the reason people go to demolition derbies or monster trucks. What I want to know is has there been more vitriol about this than there was about Justin Timberlake ripping off JJ’s top? Is it less offensive to the masses when men are the ones in charge?

          • Ah ha – I’ve tried walnut and wild violet Bach remedies. I will pick up the one you suggested this weekend. Thanks for pointing out the power of witnessing. Its so easy to slip into bad habits. Feeling frazzeled.

            I don’t know how JT compared to Miley. I decided to like her page on FB and was overcome by the vitriol there. It was like a virtual crucifixion. Ugh. And the idea that she’s somehow not a performer is just crazy! She came out of a robot bear space ship thing. She was fit and never dropped her mask and poked a lot of buttons, crossed a lot of lines and than performed to “blurred lines.” I think she gets it. I’d love to see someone do a proper analysis of her performance. She’s def pro-butt, lol! But its like people’s psyches got fried and even liberals – its like all they can do is pass around antiquated shit like “10 things I want to tell teenage girls” with gems like don’t dress like a slut, or smoke, or tan. Pfft. Ranting again, lol!

          • Is it less offensive when men are the antagonizers? The masses are just more desensitized to such, I think.

            I saw the pic of the Smith family aghast at Cyrus’s on-stage expressions, & I just thought, Why on Earth did you bring your minor children to an MTV production?? It’s not Nickelodeon, it’s MTV, and MTV hasn’t been appropriate for kids since… EVER. If Miley twerks on Nickelodeon or Disney channel, then I have issue with the network producers; if your kids see adult-themed stuff on MTV, that’s on parents. MTV is not for kids: never was, never will be.

            As for Miley herself, I think she’s giving the industry the finger & of that I approve. The industry is fuqed up. I don’t care for her music or her dance, but I do like her spirit. It will be interesting to see how she’s channeling that energy 10 years from now, or when she’s having her Saturn return…

              • Do we know where her natal Lillith is?

                *tapping pencil*

                It’s 9:00am. Do you know where your Lillith is?


                • hehehe

                  mine’s conjunct my ascendant on the 12th house side

                  There’s a whole world of dark themes in early disney – the vitriol has reminded me of those.

                  re gaga vs miley I have little awareness of gagas oeuvre but to me she seems a lot more constructed than miley whereas miley appears to be deconstructing which is surely her perogative although it is clearly divisive and raises a whole world of questions in a variety of different realms.

            • You guys, I don’t pity her in the least. I think that Cyrus is trying to express to all that she’s hip to the industry, she’s not their cutie pie dollbaby bitch, & her individuality will make her famous– not their stereotyped stylings & fetishes. Look at the teddybears, & the doll in the video: those are tokens of childhood. And she’s turning them on their heads.

              Cyrus is a sharp crayon. And she’s been in the biz long enough to know this backlash would come. She anticipated it, planned on it, & forged ahead. It’s pretty fuqin righteous.

              The road to authenticity isn’t always paved with approval. And if your aim is to be authentic, approval is not a priority.

        • “I got all emotional over the abuse hurled at Miley Cyrus. Seriously. Lilith.”

          Sounds like you are a compassionate, empathic person. Which is a good thing.
          People went too far in their criticisms.
          I feel odd when people call a twenty year old girl “talentless whore” especially coming from adults.
          I wonder if she is having a hard Saturn transit?
          I feel for her.

          • That bothered me the most of all – grown-ups acting as if calling an almost-teen performer a whore is the way to protect their children and claim their values. Witch hunt.

            • Mylie Cyrus – Sagg, Sagg Rising, currently having a PLUTO VENUS transit and that performance was her Mars Return – in the 8th…Lilith in Pisces. I think she’s great.
              People seem to pick and choose what raunchy performances they get the shits with. I think that she took her extensions out and looks more niche/modern/edge/gay now has a bit to do with their sudden shock. If she looked more classic playboy deferential, they would prob not care.

                • I was going to expound some theories re pussy riot (love a good theory) but I keep realising that I am rambling, so I will ramble unstead using key words / word association until I hit a full stop:
                  pussy riot, other female groups, rebellion, lightning rod, institutions, entrenched authority, Russia (I know at least one reader – B Gem – is a keen student of Russian politix), rebellion in general, groups of women threatening, divide and conquer, but what’s actually changed, can we please start a Media Fund to develop our own empire with our own agenda even if it takes 10 years of all MM readers donating 10c / 10p a week we can still do this, yes yes I know the face of media is changing but look who’s still in charge, whoops here’s me going Cap moon on you all, and rambling, ok so are there other examples can we extend the “concept” of pussy riot to other countries? Who else is in this situation else where? Has anyone written a reseach paper about this? Are there 19th century equivalents in the suffragettes movement? Am I taking that too far? the end.

                  • I like the key words 😀 but re the media thing with ‘our own agenda’ I don’t see how that changes anything. It just reflects the same shit back at whoever is ‘the other’ I have never understood that approach to change. animal farm.

                  • i just realised that you might not have meant a gender based empire with our own agenda – what did you mean? Did I misunderstand?

                • Sounds interesting, but I’d like to read a thoughtful analysis of Miley’s performance and associated astro. If Uranus/hair/Pussy Riot fit, cool.

                  I’m so frustrated that no one sees the genuine revolt and artistry to her performance. Is it because she used phallic symbols (the tongue, the giant finger)? Because she licked a giant burlesque dancer’s butt and Disney princesses aren’t supposed to like or know about butts. Only nasty dirty things like/know about that. Only she isn’t a Disney princess. But she is. It blows my mind. Really…that’s not even considering the bear back pack, or the sports theme. Its like, race/class makes everyone just go “ew, bad taste” …no analysis.

                  Fuqing Cyndi Lauper says Miley is trash and Gaga’s ugly undies were for art. FFS. Miley clearly works her ass off. Girl is muscle, strong, skin looks great. I’d love to see her do something with Die Antword or Bjork because she is Plutoic, at least for now.

                  • But you have to admit that whole “Stinkin’ Radiohead” fiasco just because Radiohead snubbed her really did make her seem like a brat.

                  • 12hv, the thoughtful analysis you crave is before you: behold!

                    Artists know that one woman’s art is another’s trash. Opinions are irrelevant to the work to be done.

                    In just a matter of a few minutes, Cyrus managed to eclipse Brittany Spears & every other Disney child bride, as well as all other next gen mainstreamwomen like Gaga & Swift– by just magnifying the reality of pop culture. She blew it up, because she’s “got something to say about it, & it goes a little something like this:”


            • So true 12th & co. first thing I did was look up her chart and think Saggi gal! Don’t get all personal about it, she’s just growing up. We all make foot in mouth, tongue out of mouth mistakes, Saggi’s sometimes more than others. Poor girl. I hope this tasteless attack on her ends promptly.

              • Mystic did a post when Miley cut her hair that mentioned pluto and it seemed to anticipate this. People forget that her generation grew UP with stripper dance.
                we brush off young people who are being abused, this so called first world has an abysmal track record in taking child sexual abuse seriously – Rolf and co have only NOW come to the attention of the authorities?!
                BUT Miley stripper dancing is seen as some sort of a big problem? SOmething is wrong here, any excuse to judge, any excuse to ignore actual injustice and even cruelty. #OverIt.
                We let violent criminals out on parole to rape and kill again but fear that a young performer dancing during (remember?) the MTV awards is somehow a threat to decency, safety, female moral standards whatever.
                Get rapists and worse off our streets and tell Cyndi Lauper to back to her crayons and the 80s.
                #Hyprocrisy. #LoveMiley

                • The racial arguments slay me. Commenting here because it got too small above. What’s the argument? We should have separate award ceremonies to make sure blacks and whites get equal attention? Separate bars to make sure we only get motorboated by our own kind? Its NOT OK to say a woman looks like an elephant because of her race. I don’t care if it is the the well-educated defenders of racism saying it, ffs. Its NOT OK. And we don’t all have to have asses like Halle Berry.

                  • yes you’re right – my feeling is that what that woman is experiencing is objectification but she is reading it as a race thing. having breasts makes you a target – no matter what colour you are. I’m not saying it’s right. But it happens.

                  • ! just read the jezebel link. I didn’t grow up in the US so I’m not inculturated but since when is grinding a race thing? This is when my intelectual feminism alarm bell rings, and I opt out. It’s like a snake eating its tail.

  5. Inspirational!! Lilith is conjunct my ascendant, Mercury, Venus and Juno and with Pluto recharging…look out world!

  6. A round of applause for this work, MM.

    Ive a tight Sun-Merc-Uranus-Lilith in Sagg in the 5th, so I read all the descriptions for the planetary placements as well as sign and house. I feel *all* of them so strongly to my core. No wonder I must have seemed so lost and strange growing up because I had to process SO. Much. I still do.

    I feel like Lilith is the one that truly understands me. This book was a godsend. Thank you.

  7. Oooh! La la!!!!! So loving this Mystic!
    Lilith in Pisces first house. This just gave me that bit more permission to rock the magical. Chiron + Neptune heading towards it. Transiting Lilith about to toddle over my moon so staying haute and seaside for inspo! Thanks mystic! Xxx

  8. Mystic– I loved reading this! Quick question. You just touch on conjunctions. Do you put any value into squares, sextiles, trines or oppositions for both natal and synastry interpretations? Or do you consider them negligible.

    If I use koch houses, then I have 5th house Leo Sun conjunct Lilith. BUT, I also have a tight square to Neptune, a tight semisquare to Venus, a tight semi-sextile to Pluto, a loose conjunction (7 degrees) to Leo Mars, and a wide trine to my Moon. I’m not what I’d consider an artist, and I’ve never “lived for art” or considered myself a diva, but I love promoting/publicizing artists, and work in entertainment.

    I strongly believe in championing women’s rights, and consider myself to be a feminist.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  9. Uber-juicy. My Natal Lillith is only conjunct Mercury and Neptune, so I only have 4 to read (plus Transiting through my 11th House at the mo)…. Very, very interesting. Certainly explains my Number 1 soul-value being “Freedom” and my second one being “Creativity” heh heh. I’ve managed #2 but not #1. I’m working on making #2 PAY for #1….

    I used to live in an all-female share house called “The Daughters of Lillith”…. Interesting times. That was the last share house I ever lived in. After that I realised I was happier in a tiny flat by myself than sharing, even if I got a huge room with an open fire in a federation mansion in a share house.

    And that poem by Ursual le Guin (my favourite fantasy author) –

    “May your mouth contain the shapes of strange words.
    May you smell food cooking you have not eaten.
    May the spring of a foreign river be your navel.
    May your soul be at home where there are no houses”

    Damn right !! I am *actually* learning Italian 😀

    I believe in sympathetic magic, so I believe that if I learn Italian and get a passport, the Universe will finally pack me off to Portofino 😀 😀

    • Your last para. This is one of my guiding philosophies. Like the term ‘sympathetic magic’ .. I have been calling it the ‘cone of probability’ – by shifting the factors at play in our lives, we open new doors / doors we hadn’t thought into existence / see opportunities that were not for the taking until that point. So, here’s to Italy! Buona fortuna 😉 Xox

  10. So I’m a Lillith in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in the 12th House aka a succubus vampire witch.
    I giggled when I read the description for my natal Sabian symbol and interpreted it for Lillith’s presence.
    Then looked at the interpretation for my progressed placement at 15 Scorpio because just the other day I went and bought a book on Wicca. I’d been putting off learning more about the Craft telling myself I just wasn’t ready to dedicate that amount of time or fuqs to it yet; then the other night it just seemed like a compulsion – I just HAD to know more about it.

  11. Have a friend that used to teach B&D, stage name of Lillith, a Kataka She has retried to be a Councellor-Talk Therpay. Just asked her to send her dob IF she has it as she is quite ancient (and a natural red-head) and to suggest she resurrect her.

    Can you imagine a Sagg as a Lillith persona. Doesn’t that make you scream with laughter?

    I like Lillith with 2 L’s.

  12. Wonder where Cattiva’s Lillith is placed as she is a natural
    prototype with Lillith written all over her fine defined physique in invisible ink.
    So many men to spank, so little time to spank them all 🙂
    Please come to Oz and do Tony Abbott aka the Mad Monk.
    He so needs a strong woman to tell him what’s what.
    But please don’t allow him to laugh, it will put you off.
    All here agree???

  13. It is totally brilliant. Also reading it for my 13 y o power daughter who already knows her place in the world. Thanks Mystic xx

  14. This will make excellent reading end to end but so far I’ve just naturally had a peek at my own. Beautifully presented and put together Mystic. Thoughtful, provocative and informative. I am really liking the background too, it appeals to my earth elements or reminds me of decadent chocolate. x

  15. I made a mental note to myself today “must download Bitchcraft” in the heat of a relationship counselling session, when our psychologist asked me if I was ‘Ok’ as the demon for the time-being…this is how it is when your partner & yourself have their suns opposite each others Liliths…

  16. And I thought I knew everything about myself. Exploration of Lilith has been the unanswered or should I say given me the answers to my behaviour especially after turning 40 something. Lilith in Aries in the 8th conjunct Saturn. Yeah!! Thanks Mystic xx

  17. Sheer uber-femme brilliance 🙂

    Lilith in Kataka: is not scared to be alone, ever – no, she is not, she loves it 🙂

    Lilith in 2nd: Lady Chatterley’s Lover? and here I was blaming my Gary/Theodora conjunction, lol!

    Awesome skills Mystic x

  18. Off topic- is this text book Mars in Leo?

    It sounds real, is real, feels real and it is exhilarating as my weekly aqua rising MM reports says:

    “The New Moon in your Phoenix sector this week means that pre-Thurs, any old-aggro comes up. Stay sane:’

    Fuq yeah perfecto MM .It’s the bullseye, the swish. But it was my epic epif last night that set it off like fireworks at NYE.

    I am proud to say out loud roaring like a true lioness sharing with my team MM.


    No I didn’t assassinate him-although that’s an idea… but too messy
    I have 5 strategies which I will put together as a CD box set with a set of steak Knives and perform hari kari on that part of my brain that he lurks about within.
    It’s a W I P of course but worth it for my sanity,

    Strategy 1. Have a recovering LZ buddy you can ring or text instead of the fuqwit (FW) (new name for him you likey?)
    2. Journal him away
    3. Open my heart to the universe
    4. Forgive him for being a FW
    5. Forgive myself with love

    • That’s a really good 5-step strategy LG. Sorry to hear that the man is no more (so to speak). Another thing I have found that has helped me (as a recovering LZ) is to go totally cosmic on the situation, as in ‘I am here in human form to experience as much as possible of what it means to be a human, with emotions and a physical body, living with others in this world / dimension’ .. you know. So that way it seemed easier to say to myself ” ok, tick. so *this* is what it’s like to experience heartache and loss” and really kind of be present regardless. I mean maybe that approach is too detached at times, but it’s an option. xx

      • Thx fellow recovering LZ ders and like. Def growth

        je nais pa regrets.

        And it was such a loving breakup. I asked him over today for closure . it was very dignifed for both of us – he having very similar astro to me Leo/aqua/kataka.

        I’m amazed how welll I handled it and he was amazing too.

        Onwards and upwards

  19. Thanks Mystic..

    This reply could be a little long.. I bought your book on Lilith earlier today as I have always wanted to know more about her since I have natal Lilith in Capricorn, conjunct my Capricorn Moon, in my 9th house.. close to my Aquarian MC.. both also almost exactly trine my 2nd house last degree Taurus Sun.. And, both also likewise almost exactly square my Aries Ascendant, (widely square Mercury in Taurus, rising) both Moon/Asc also in the last degree of the signs… I was familiar with the story of Lilith.. but I liked your book giving a bit more specific info on Lilith Moon, & Lilith in Cap etc.. But the Moon-Lilith stuff resonated most strongly within me.. Although Capricorn is a wide archetype, like all the signs I guess.. ie. not just about mastering the “business world” etc.. It’s deeper than that for me.. much deeper….. It’s more I needed to “get away” from the whole imprisonment of the Whole Patriarchal “Business” world etc.. Liz Greene talks about Capricorn relating to the idea of the Bodhisattva.. ie. Leaving the family real estate business, to g wandering, then getting into astrology & the tarot etc.. Also becoming a pizza delivery driver, after using up all my funds not working & travelling around the world! Yes, my 9th house Moon-Lilith. While Steven Forrest talks about Capricorn as the sign of the Wizard.. While of course it also relates to Saturn & the Hermit card.. Yes, plenty of solitude as you mention…. Yes of course the Whole chart acts as a totally unique formula, never to be repeated.. So it’s always difficult to generalise. And of course not only do I have an Aquarian MC, it’s also ruled by Uranus, closely aligned with Mars & Pluto in Virgo, 5th house.. also almost exactly squaring Jupiter-Venus & the Gemini NN, in my 2nd, & Sag SN,.. And, all forming a ‘mutable grand cross’ with natal Saturn-Ceres-Chiron in Pisces, 11th house.. So as a “Child of the 60s’,” I am deeply affected by that whole era, like many others of this generation, I am inspired& awed by the brave Souls fighting for racial equality & against the Vietnam War etc et al.. And, also with Juno & Pallas in Aquarius both also in my 10th house!!! I also had a psychic reading years ago saying that I am basically here to serve the feminine, with my guide’ coming up as a warrior queen named Orion.. It was one of those psychic Spirit guide drawings. She had fiery red & orange hair, I still have the picture somewhere.. Speaking of relationships, with Moon-Lilith.. I was in a relationship/ married for about 2 years in 1995, but our son died at 4 months, & that turned my whole life upside down. End of marriage soon after.. but I have enjoyed being on my own almost ever since, with the one half hearted attempt at a “relationship” around 2000, but my heart wasn’t in it, since I really do value my freedom too much.. Plenty of fantasies etc.. well don’t we all sometimes. But I am really most happy being with my Self & studying, life vie astro, oracles & symbols etc et al.. This is my “play” & precious time to commune with the Whole Universe, with all my astro & “weird stuff” tools like, the Tarot, the I-Ching & the Sabian Symbols etc. Also watching one of the countless episodes of Star Trek.. even using the episodes I choose to watch as some kind of “Oracle” relating to something going on within me at the time, also noting the chart & Sabian Symbols for the Sun’s degrees of each episode I choose to watch, also relating to that time in my life somehow too. And, learning about ancient knowledge & wisdom of the people of this world.. Like listening to master mythologist & modern shaman Michael Meade, at talking about the ideas of the world of myth & stories that lie behind the whole of life.. And, going back to the old idea of Fate & Destiny as the Two Agreements of the Soul.. And, also reading lots of radical mystic poetry by Rumi & Hafez etc…. I have collected such a huge library of astro books, alchemy etc.. along with DVD workshops & talks by Liz Greene on the power of ‘Astrology, Myths & Fairy Tales’ etc…

    And, then there is my writing my blog on Sept 25, 2007, at with Lilith in Libra retrograde, conjunct Mercury in Libra along with my natal Libra Descendant, both trine Mars in Gemini, in my 2nd/3rd cusp.. both also square & inconjunct my natal Cap Moon-Lilith, 9th house….

    I also noted your reference to Katherine Hepburn, with Lilith in Capricorn, like me.. She reminds me of the brilliant Kate Mulgrew, as Captain Janeway in the first & only female captain, in Star Trek, Voyager.. She has Lilith exactly conjunct Juno in Scorpio, both closely opposing her Taurus Sun, conjunct my natal Mercury, while . They are both Taurus Sun’s & even sound alike. She is my favourite Star Trek captain, next to Patrick Stewart, as Jean Luc, a Cancer Sun, who also has Lilith in Pisces, conjunct my Saturn-Ceres-Chiron, all also closely trine his Cancer Sun. And, interestingly, the Moon being in its sign of rulership in Cancer, & exalted in the sign of Taurus….

    • Ok, I just realised that my Matrix software uses one of the other Liliths. It seems the one you prefer to use, the Mean Black Moon Lilith is the one that comes up in Solar Fire. My natal Lilith is at 29degCap using Matrix, but 24degCap with Solar Fire, still conjunct my Cap Moon, in my 9th house.. But this changes Kate Mulgrew’s Lilith to 5degSag.. exactly sextile Chiron in Aqu.. Patrick Stewart’s Lilith changes to 3degAri.. closely trine Pluto-Mercury-Mars in Leo…

      And, aslo when I bought this book ealier today at 1.55pm.. I also turned to note, as I so often habitually do, the Sabian Symbols for the Ascendant at the exact moment I completed this order.. beginning at *17degCap.. A REPRESSED WOMAN FINDS PSYCHOLOGICAL RELEASE IN NUDISM.. The escape from bondage to Social inhibitions & a reliance upon the wisdom of the body.. In this second stage symbol we see how our Society has been able to repress & distort the natural activity of the human body & its sensitivity to the elements. Thus a contrast is established between healthy youth at play & the neurotic subservience to a Socio-religious tradition. The symbol is a call for RELEASE FROM INHIBITIONS..

      While also moving towards the next degree, at *18degCap.. THE UNION JACK FLIES FROM A BRITISH WARSHIP.. The protection afforded to individuals & groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.. This is the third symbol in the fifty-eighth five-fold sequence. It brings to us a realisation of the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its value & its dangers….

  20. Yees. I just purchased it haven’t read all of it yet, but for years I’ve been looking for in depth writings on Lilith. I wanted to know what it meant if your Lilith is conjunct your Mars.

    I’m not sure if Lilith is conjunct my Moon it has an 8th degree separation but doesn’t list it as conjunct. What do you guys think?

    But it’s so spot on Lilith in Capricorn, first house, conjunct Mars. I’m a vegetarian, believe in animal rights.

  21. Yikes! Ordered it, downloaded it and suddenly realized I have no idea how to figure out where my Lilith is.

    1. Do we go off of natal or progressed chart or both?
    2. Where can I find where my Lilith is?
    I’ve gone to Astrodienst but wasn’t able to make that work previously.

    Thanks to anyone that can guide this confused Bull down the path of Lilith!

    • i forgot what number it is (you can check MM’s previous posts on Lillith) but you go to Astrodients extended selection chart, at the bottom, and type in the Lillith planet number, reset the chart, and voila! You can find out where it is…

      • actually re-reading MM’s post she says there is an ephemeris in the e-book so you can just look it up there by yr birthdate

        • Thank you! I was so excited about the Lilith book I just dove into it. Wasn’t until much later I realized Mystic did give us the tools to find where Lilith is in our chart.

  22. This e-book is wonderful. For months I have been scouring the interwebs in search of Lilith info. Now I can stop my hunting and pecking.

    I have Lilith in Cancer and everything you have written in this book is spot on. Lately I have had a tough time in my home via the people I live with. Feeling out of place in my sanctuary. Instinctively I have been taking daily retreats into the forest to commune with tree and bird spirits.

    After checking the transit of Lilith it turns out she is passing through Cancer and my 1st house. It all makes sense now. Lately I have been feeling less connected to the humans around me. Not feeling social. I’ve been having creative visions and terrible vivid nightmares. The nightmares have been helping me see what it is in my life that is not working and what I need to let go of. Also having a bit of an identity crisis. Reevaluating my life ect.

    Besides all that I have a question for anyone out there. My Jupiter is close to Lilith, but I am not sure if it is close enough to be considered a conjunction. How close does Jupiter have to be to affect Lilith?

    Thank you

  23. OMG! I’ve just discovered that I’ve got Lilith in Taurus, conjunct my Moon in the 8th House! I’ve just canceled joining the nunnery lol!

  24. Thank you MM!! Very excited to read it. I need to look more at Leo Lillith. I didn’t know about Lillith til I got on your site. It answers a lot of my questions, including my Chiron and north Node. xoxo

  25. wow Mystic, thank you..I have Lilith in the wonder I am this way!!!
    and they say astrology doesn’t work!
    You have taken astrology to a MYSTIC level!
    I loveyou so much, your words are like honey cakes drizzled with reality..

  26. Thanks for the ebook Mystic! loved it! I’m totally a Lilith in Scorpio in da 12th for sure.

    There didn’t seem to be a lot of information on men though.

      • LOL. Most of the men i like seem immune to my charm alas!

        I own quite a few of those things (Venus in Virgo demands it) but no one to show them off to. 🙁

        • Do you get a lot of unwanted attention though? I do. It ruffles me the wrong way, too. Men seem to assume lust is reciprocal? If they are filled with lust by you, surely it was you that put it there on purpose, no? The unwanted suitors therefore just won’t take no for an answer (surely, I’m playing hard-to-get, all women do that, right? *eye roll*), and the men I do care about hold me responsible for the heads I turn.
          Seductive beauty is its own curse as well as blessing.

  27. Love the daily astro !

    I am building my empire, pebble by pebble.

    Genuine connections ? Would love to. They’re the only ones I can er,
    connect to these days.

    Perfecting my backhand ? Wanted to do that since I was thirteen.

    Too bad about Michael Douglas and CZJ.
    He did say he wanted to ‘father her children’ and he did.
    What a manifester. (did I spell that right ?)

    This Leo just got a really good haircut, really good.
    Partly because my stylist is primo, aces, and partly because I was really able to articulate what I wanted.

    Go mars in leo. Go.

    • Also just has hair trim and she used a GHB? GHD?Those wands that make your hair sleek and straight as a ruler, not the party drug. Now want immediately if not sooner. Only one more week before my big comeback which coincidentally was the word MM used in the Daily astro today!

  28. Really enjoying Bitchcraft! It is funny how many astrologers include or mention Lilith without there being much on her in any books. Nice to have a proper reference at last and so evocative at that.

    My Lilith is in Aqua in the 8th House – it really does seem like a ‘fuq you!.. no I mean really.. I will fuq you. No fuq off’ kind of placement. I don’t know that it applies in my NN in the 7th relationships one on one, but more in my friendships, which is I guess the Aqua side coming out.

    Have fun navel astro gazing people!! It’s a goody. 🙂

  29. Andromeda, another Lillith in Aqua here but in the 1st house of survival. So it looks like i have worked it all my life unbeknownst to me til now.
    House of career? Well i do work mainly with men, not by any particular choice, just how it has panned out.

  30. Transiting Lilith is right on my Ascendant! I guess I will be even more of a b!tch than usual, then! Ha ha!

    I hope this transit helps me be more assertive. I’ve got a whole lot of stuff I need to break through..

  31. Oh I just have to comment here about mars! I know you’re talking about lilith, but the mars in leo deserves some comments surely!

    I feel a raging lion within, in my house of work, I feel Leo in this placement is about justice and courage… Unfortunately its coincided w pre menstrual irritation!! So my ovaries feel like mars too! I am looking forward to the kataka moon on the weekend and think I might do lots of yummy rest and self care to soothe my frayed edges!

      • Yes totally mm, it was rad, but my mood hit a roar, now I sprained a thigh tonight working out and I’m all like injured lioness, feeling incredibly sorry for myself… Mega self care weekend planned now ! Did I mention I had sugar today, that did not help, irritated lioness!

  32. I love the book too! Just wondering, any hot tips for reviving/ramping up your Lillith? Shrines, sacrifice? Mine needs some firing 🙂

  33. MM – so excited, I just downloaded Bitchcraft.

    Lilith is conjunct my North Node by like, 1 degree… would there be any point in reading Lilith conjunct the Moon for that?

    – it’s Virgo in the 10th House, by the way.

      • Ok – thanks. No worries. I can see that yang, there… read about the Moon, and identified, but maybe just because of South Node in the 4th House.

        Will check out Mars… I *think* I’m going to like it… 😉

        Thank you!

  34. Lilith in Cap conjunct my Asc. My progressed Sun in Cap conjuncts Lilith transiting my 7th house. Hmmm, that might explain a few things. I think I’m a bit too much for the Katakan. His Mars in Kataka too weak for me.

    • Really? My guy has mars in Pisces – pretty passive placement in theory… But he loves BJJitsu, wrestling is kinda watery as a sport in my mind.
      But his Mars is trine to my Venus in Cancer. I think his Ox astro is very relevant to his nature.
      What is Kataka’s year sign? Is your Venus in Miley? I mean Saggi? What does weakness mean? Morally, physically, energy levels?
      What’s in Cap in his chart of aspects yr asc/Lilith who’s clearly very present!?

      • Yes, really. Not physically or energetically but morally and emotionally. Doesn’t fire up enough about anything. Not passionate enough. Haven’t even seen him get angry. Perhaps it’s due to his calm collected Toro rising. And with Jupiter in Libra in his 6th he’s a bit lazy and too focused on sensual delights. And to that his Toro rising and I feel that as long as he’s getting sex then he’s happy and that’s enough. I need someone more inspiring. My Venus is Libra in 9th – I need the romance and intellectual stimulation and he’s depriving me of that. He actually admitted he’s been stingy with the compliments ’cause he thinks I’ll get a big head and leave. That’s what all the other girls did. 🙄 He also said that when he’s been romantic in the past the girls stop putting out! And that’s part of the problem, I feel like some “other” girl or “any” girl. I mentioned before he has LZ astro (Neptune sq Venus). I have natal Sun 10th house – strong identity and I’m not ANY girl!!! Fuq you! Grrr (had to throw that in there. Lol )
        We had a fight on Mon. That Uranian/Pluto vibe sent me bats crazy. It was smack bang on my Venus.
        Think we’re catching up tonight to sort things out but nothing definite ’cause I’m getting the sooky crab silent treatment which my Saggo moon finds annoying. Saggo moon also wants to know what he “thinks” not what he “knows” (he has packed 3rd house + MC Aqua – he knows everything)

        He’s a Dog in Chinese astro. 1970.
        His Eros is Cap 9°. So Pluto right on it now. My Cap Asc is 3°. At least there’s no problems in the bedroom 🙂

        • Hey doll, had a cancellation at work otherwise would not be here but will get back and read your post…I’ve been wonderin’ about you luv…x

            • All I know (and I could have read your post and responded by now lol) is that I want two boyfriends…

              But still, I could take or leave the sex…

              Toro love doctor co-worker asked yesterday…”do you miss sex with the Aqua?” Said “I’m not burning for him”…

              Oh we have our moments but they pass… 🙂

              Ask me that next time he stands at my door again and I feel the pull lol

              • Nice to see you Sweetpea! 😀

                Two boyfriends eh?
                I don’t even want ONE at the moment. I’m having a Saturn transit. All i can think of is making plans for my future and fulfilling a big dream (natal Sun in 10th).

                Too much going on in my life at the moment. Crazy busy! I’ve lost a little weight as a result. 🙁 Not happy about it. I weigh as much as a sparrow!

                I guess that last comment belongs on the other post about Saturn being thin.

        • i like how you describe sun in the 10th. i have that placement as well and you are right… im not just any girl!

        • Yes, I do get a feel for what you mean now.. I know a Toro Sun Dog. Appears passive, but can hit roof, kind of like an Ox I guess..

          Well, I can totally understand not wanting to be treated like just another one in the girl army! I expect that can go in the baggage department making relationships as we get older. He sounds nervous to be authentically himself.
          Well, I can relate to overt emotional response being in lack! But then now the idea of regarding my partner as a person who provides romance is so not there. Maybe that will change. Or maybe family life has obliterated my sense of ‘not just any girl’ – I feel like every woman, every mother and that can be good and bad.

          • “nervous to be authentically himself” well that makes sense. He has Saturn in Toro in 1st house and Venus square Saturn.

            I didn’t mean I expect a partner to provide romance forever (that would be unsustainable) but definitely at the early stages so it creates a bond or connection. I’m sure you had that with your Gem man back when you first met. And romance can just be thoughtful gestures and showing some appreciation.

            • Fuqin fone! soz, don’t mean you re him as a ‘romance provider’. I am really tired at the mo’ no time to self & feeling quite under-romanced generally. Actually pregnancy came 3 months after ‘re-meeting’ gem guy.. He says I would of left as my expectations were so high & it was fate taking a hand.

              Anyway, yr guy will need to dig deep & quickly, you are a woman, he sounds like he needs to man up & know himself in the face of the unknown! That’s where moral integrity are found – staring into the abyss 😯 & seeing it staring back 😯 😯 .

        • my problem with his logic is:

          it’s invalidating of you as your own person – that’s right, you are not any girl and why would he expect you to be what he already thinks you are? or what he’s experienced in the past? Is he manifesting mediocrity or bust?

          and also exceedingly negative, like withholding will bring him something good?

          Me no comprendo.

          i don’t think Toro Rising need be passive though, maybe in comb with other things, but not the other things I have 😉

          • these cliched assumptions/expectations of how women are, especially when what that is is difficult or whatever, omg, withholding ( I wish I could make the eye rolling emoticon here) would make me (and I’d guess Lillith) Grrr too!

          • “mediocrity or bust” – that’s gold! I know!!!… why bother?. 🙄

            You bring up some very valid points. Hence my frustration. Me no comprendo either 😕

            I think he’s emotionally stunted. Goes from one relationship to the next without processing, with the hope that things will naturally work out with the next one???. He’s got Saturn transiting his 7th. I think I might be the catalyst he needs. I’m not putting up with any if it!! – Uranus/Pluto in 8th and Uranus squaring my Saggo moon- no way man!! 😀

            Don’t know how his previous partners stayed for a year!

  35. Thank you Mystic.
    So many layers to this Ebook and to Lilith herself.
    Mean Black Moon Lilith in Gemini 4th house and conjunct Jupiter (it’s 11 degrees but I am counting it as conjunct). Asteroid Lilith in Aqua with my AC.

  36. So my Lillith is in 7th house (ruled by libra) in leo, my daughter’s is in virgo in her 5th house (ruled by leo), and my love is in libra 11th house (ruled by aquarius). so karmic.

  37. Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be
    okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new

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