Astro-Decor: An Aries Designer Bedroom

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Woah – Aries, where art thou?

This is the bedroom of the Aries fash designer Thom Browne (the extra ‘h’ in there is excellent for number 8 gravitas f.y.i.) and yet it does not seem so Aries.

Okay, so my bedroom ain’t being featured in Architectural Digest but i do think this could do with some oomph as in RED, the hue of Mars.  This seems a bit Calvinist or something.

And what’s with the bed? Is it a Pluto in Capricorn/Zap Zone statement as in no time for anything much other than the The Work?

This is like the bedroom of an extremely stylish and monied MONK.

Is this the fresh vibe? Thoughts?

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51 thoughts on “Astro-Decor: An Aries Designer Bedroom

  1. a twin bed? Puhleese. I’m all for sleeping alone (just sleeping) but who can sleep without stretching out and piling pillows around themselves like a cocoon?

    An Aries friend of mine rarely used her own bed as she was always in someone elses! Maybe that is the secret here.

  2. This ain’t a bedroom, its a bored room…surely there is nothing so horizontal as sleep happening in here? I think Thom’s dreams might be dry-cleaned, perma-pressed & packed away in a vacuum sealed bag…

  3. Yes, this isn’t an Aries bedroom…except if the ribbon across the bed was awarded for some stud-like activity (looks a bit like a ribbon the prize bulls are earning currently at the Ekka in Briz Vegas).

    • Ha! I was wondering about the ribbon as well. Also: What is with the dual reading lamps? Surely one light would be enough..

      Hospital room chic comes to mind.

      • Well he certainly does love a lamp or five (and we are only looking at half of the room!) Really a bare light-bulb hanging from the centre of the ceiling wouldn’t look of out of place. Oh I forgot, he’s a designer…..

  4. This looks like a hospital bedroom, an expensive one but still …a hospital is what comes to mind here. My Aries Venus does not like much! hmmmm

  5. HATE it – if anything it has more of a virgo vibe IMO.
    I don’t know why but it really gives me the creeps and makes my skin crawl.
    Oh wait, you said ‘monied monk’ – that explains everything…

  6. this is an aries who means business! No messing about or lolling in the grey single bed. Up and at em at 5am for the day and calling underlings at 6.30 making sure they have done the final edits for the 8am videoconference call to Copenhagen. Daresay there’s some climbing/cycling/boxing gear nearly stashed on a rack nearby. Or in a private locker at a local personal training gym.

  7. Where’s the red, sparkles and leopard print? Plus it’s far too neat. It doesn’t appeal to this ramzilla at all.

  8. Move the bed to where the tall boy is and you have functional light i.e the window. It feels high end hobo boarding house chic.
    Casting my mind back to past Aries lovers a king single bed because space was needed for other props. The North American possibly Canadian Aries had a get up that was like a camping hammock for two.
    Thanks for this post MM. I really needed a comedy boost today.

  9. Q) Charles Bukowski: “How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 8:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so? ”

    A) Be Aries?

    • Maybe that is the passive aggressive Pluto in Cap vibe talking.. ‘cos obviously this a self-enforced serfdom.

      This is very Brave New World/1984 though.
      If I am to have this room I hope it comes complete with a computer embedded in the wall and a camera that watches me 24/7.

      • For sure there is a Virgo stellium in there – but perhaps an Aries Sun bossing the rest of the self about. It’s the only explanation for self imposed serfdom!!!

  10. My Aries ex would love this room – it is very much like the rooms he has and has had. Clean lines, designer, cool tones to ease his fevered mind, a smaller bed so he doesn’t feel lonely. Missing: black out curtains and an a/c for temperature control.

  11. I dated one Aries in college. I went to his family’s home over the break and saw his high school bedroom, it was basically like a bedroom out of a J. Crew magazine or something. Plaid sheets, forest green walls, and accomplishments everywhere. Also, very boyishly tidy. I feel like this is what his room would like now.
    The Aries men I’ve met have been extremely manly, but I’ll take Taurus manly any day. There’s something about the Taurus masculinity where there’s this sexy feminine side that only enhances their manliness, I don’t know I can’t explain it

  12. No women allowed!! This is major Aries structured at singledom. This Aries is tough on th outside and an even tougher inner – mayb went to boarding school?? I’m Aries and this is definitively not my taste….

  13. he has issues, doesn’t he now!
    Most aries I know, besides my father who comes close to this, well, most of them are slobs..
    Sure they clean up and take care of business, but they leave their trail of destruction which never seems to go away..a pile of clothes here, paperwork in a pile there..
    maybe Aries men are more like that guy whom you speak of or my dad..
    It makes me everything just for looking at?
    I cannot even eat an apple in my Aries dad’s car!
    He freaks out..

  14. I am an Aries, on the cusp of toro. The only thing Aries about this to me is that I desire multi functionality, only so I can breeze though mundane tasks… But I def require much more sensuality… And as we have all agreed, where is the red??? Where are the objects d’art???

  15. Oh no not nice. I am aries in the first well the whole of aries some pisces and a bit of taurus but this is nothing more than a prison cell for me. That bed just makes me feel ill. My bed is a super king, huge, plush pillows, great duvet, all soft and light, draped in the highest quality silk cottons and you just want to stay there forever. Every guy who stops over falls in love with my bed. it is such a welcoming place. This guy is a no no for me.

  16. this is not actually the bedroom of an aries designer imo it is the bedroom set up his compulsive obsessive capricorn publicist who said “leave this to me” and don’t you dare say a word to architectural digest without my say so or i walk, you hear me?”

    the real airies bedroom has a round vibrating bed with speakers and nylon

    • Quadrupled? Quatred? Fourth’d?
      I FEEL the social anxiety/amibition gone uber self-repressive and sociopathic here. Of course, there IS the truly beautiful wood in tall boy…but here it looks like a vertical coffin – of Daddy, if not the self. It certaintly can’t make up for the lack of soul/fire/heart/individuality exhibited in the rest of the room.

  17. i’m guessing virgo personal planet like moon or mars, and maybe the fire in his chart subdued? Im thinking perhaps earth in his chart?

  18. Hmm I like the simplicity and the white but it’s too masculine and harsh for me, and I do not like the bed. (How can he sleep there?) But I have four planets in Virgo and so the monk-like vibe feels very nice to me, haha.

  19. Looks extreme Mars to me. Virgo are more controlled chaos. This is just controlled, like he doesn’t ever want to get too comfortable so he’s always poised to suffer for the next win. Very war-like.

    • Plus, I don’t think this is Virgo AT ALL. This is Virgo:

      Virgo’s are famous for being control freaks, but they need chaos around to control. This Aries room is just – NO chaos. ick

  20. Um. no.

    You would expect a king sized bed with a couple of supermodels permanently posing in it while he roars his daily sales pitch into the humungous antique mirror.

    (Leo rising)

    Also you can see a red laser dot following him around the room from a sniper from the apartment across, a business rival or that female special ops agent from russia but originally the Ukraine whom he,
    “made feel something once in the heart place and other places, eh, eh.”

  21. My Dad is an Pisces/Aries cuspa (March 20) and this what his room would look like if it was all up to him. It causes him much anxiety to leave things lying around. He used to close the kitchen on me at 9 am on weekends, and could not be used again till lunch. Everything has to pack away.

  22. This Aries must have Cap Moon…Male tho, not me, the same but female…Venus in Toro..

    Do understand the sash military style…Love Tears For Fears “Break it Down”….

    When double Leo Mother was alive I did have a twin bed..Knew I wasn’t fit for a relationship…not that the bed choice was conscious…just a matter of room at that point…but none of the furniture I live in now is mine…Trans Uranus conjunct Sun trine Uranus you see..I keep trying to see if I care and just don’t…I do care however what kind of consciousness and understanding I leave behind however…

    • And well, Venus in Toro would never have that asthetic (however you spell the fuq lol) in the first place…Just if she were masking it with the Cap Moon you see..

  23. Aries people seem kind of minimalistic at times (or relatively frequently), but this does not look like the room of one at all except maybe the floor. I’ve known several Aries who hated carpeting. This look is definitely way more Capricorn. When I lived with my grandmother, a Cap, people often asked if I lived in a hotel because everything was so orderly. Also I know a Pisces with moon in Cap and the only pic I ever saw of his living space looked relatively similar as far as decor somewhat and colouring.

    • For sure…I mean to place the sash on a daily basis? This designer Aries is full of doo unless he/she anal…I mean I situate the pillows and the throw when I wake up but don’t even sleep IN the bed and I do it diagonal…with my head at the bottom of one corner…I ain’t committen to nothin’ lol

      This pix reminds me of the rigid NDNA..(Next door neighbor Aqua)..with Saturn conjunct Moon in Cap 1st house…but then I can’t knock some of his shiZz too much

        • haha, didn’t qualify the youtube video beforehand and it does seem violent but I don’t really care quite frankly and if ya give me any grief I gonna kick yo ass…

          xo (of course I wouldn’t..)

          ~Blue-yellow-pink umbrella~ Save it for a rainy day…

          Or a hot one here in the desert. Did you know we keep umbrellas in the car in case of emerge?

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