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Kit Harrington shirtless

This post is –

(a) An erudite look at asteroid 203 – Pompeja a.k.a. Pompeii and its possible esoteric significance in your chart?

(b) Gratuitous – an excuse to post a picture of Kit Harrington* shirtless?

(c) Both the above?

(c) is clearly the correct answer here. There is a Pompeii movie out in Feb 2014 and Harrington plays a gladiator-slave trying to save the woman he loves. Pompeii still hurts, every time we see those poor sad figures but it clearly has all the makings of an epic disaster movie a la Titanic.ย  I don’t think i could bear it.ย  Even if kit does get his kit off, lol.

F.Y.I. Harrington has Venus, Moon, Pluto in Scorp, Mars in Pisces and the Sun on Neptune in Capricorn. People, he has the soul of a poet.

Astrologically, asteroid 203 Pompeja/Pompeii is currently at 23 Libra. You find where it is in YOUR chart – if you want to send yourself whacko hunting down obscure asteroids – via the Extended Chart Selection on Astrodienst – you just enter in 203 to the box at the bottom and voila, it shows up in your chart.

What does it mean? NO IDEA. But it would be very interesting to see if anyone as this asteroid near their South Node (a.k.a. point of past lives) and feels a connection with the place. Have any of you been there and if so was it haunting?

Mars fresco Pompeii

The Mars of Pompeii.

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89 thoughts on “Asteroid Pompeii

  1. lol. I got obsessed with Pompeii last year and read Pompeii: The Life of a Roman Town by Prof. Mary Beard, it is excellent btw. I have Pompeja at 9 degrees in 4th house of Kataka.

  2. Pompeii’s not doing anything exciting in my chart; it’s just kind of hanging out by itself in Sagittarius at the end of my fifth house.

    Went to Pompeii when I was fifteen and found it to be incredibly beautiful and sad. Haunting, definitely, but in a detached, academic way. It was very strange to stand in the houses, it kind of gives you a feeling in the pit of your stomach to be looking at part of someone’s daily life in the context that you are. I remember the most jarring part, though, was the plaster casts of the petrified bodies. We saw those near the end of our tour and it made me feel really upset and sick.

  3. Thank you MM – love erudite AND gratuitous! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just checked my Pompeja though and slightly worried – it is 19 degrees Pisces in 10th house – conjunct Medium Coeli at 14 degrees Pisces…. (And with Sun at 2 degrees Pisces and Venus at 8 degrees Pisces in 9th house – what does it all mean?! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ) Perhaps ignorance is bliss…

  4. Oh I don’t think it is doing anything exciting in my chart either unless we care about squares to Jupiter from something that doesn’t turn me on …

    … but, sorry gotta say it …

    … I’d do exciting turn ons with Kit here. If he keeps the Gladiator outfit.

  5. cancer – trine south node, venus, mc in scorp

    yeah i don’t have anything re: past lives though the pictures struck me when I saw them as a little kid, just like they do everyone else

    but i really love pink floyd live in pompeii (!). it’s like a magical flight, man. david gilmour *sigh*. that dude makes me all dizzy.

  6. My Pompeii is conjunct the Sun of my LSL (last significant lover) a Plutonic-Uranian Infidelity….and his Pompeii is exact conjunct my Pluto. As a fling it certainly did erupt, so to speak, and is now dead and buried.

    I have Pompeii in the 9th house, I wonder if generally that placement would contribute to an interest in excavation, history, uncovering lost worlds, etc. You know how some of us here have that Detroit Complex? Can anyone else with it comment on where their Pompeja is?

    Lastly, that man is so hot ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    *races off to check if his Venus/Moon or Pluto are sitting on her Sun*

    • Libra 9th House: 11 Pluto, 20 Pompeja and 26 True Node.
      As a teen I roamed the streets at night with other literary hounds. Hanging out in graveyards drinking, smoking and doing spoken word performances.

      • graveyards, yeah, they fit the model ๐Ÿ™‚

        Is that the commenter formerly known as S?

        Yes, that man’s Moon and Pluto conjunct my Sun (although Moon placement is not certain – time of birth unknown).

        • Yes it is I Modine.
          Wouldn’t allow my to use my solo S anymore. So I employed password logic and tossed n a numeric at the end.

          What happened with Astro twin? Is it thumbs down?

          • hmmm, has gone all quiet….will wait and see. He’s got a distinct whiff of Gary about him. Then again I have that Gary/Theodora conjunction so I’m not ruling it out altogether i just don’t want it to use up a lot of my energy. We might find a groove that works for us both, so to speak. Will encourage this new less contact mode by complying with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Sorry to hear this CS. I’d rather white noise than radio silent. Did he wear budgie smugglers?

    • Detroit complex! Ha!! Was going to say guilty but there’s no guilt involved -tis a source of pride. But an empty 9th house- all pompeiian energy in the 5th. However, hypothesis does make sense.

    • Detroit: It’s a phoenix thang. Holla at ygirl ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I don’t know where this asteroid is in my natal chart. Haven’t gotten to it yet. So far it just makes me think of fire, and then this pops into my head:

      I said to myself, “Is that all there is to a fire?”

      Is this that all there is?

      Is that all there is?
      If that’s all there is, my friends,
      Then let’s keep dancing.
      Let’s break out the booze
      And have a ball.
      If that’s all

        • Funny the two references- my dad is from Detroit and my mom from Ann Arbor and she is convinced that the catalyst for Detroit burning in ’68 was the Doors ‘Light My Fire’ on the radio nonstop that summer. Heard that story my entire life. Ha! Ok enough with the wine-fueled posting… Sorry… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

          • Small world! Your mom may very well be onto something… ๐Ÿ™‚ Are your parents in N Cali now, like you? During my Detroit tenure, I witnessed a few Ann Arbor friends make the migration to Humboldt Co & surrounding areas: seemed like a natural progression.

            Detroit will rise from the ashes once again! It has a phoenix spirit, still has a pulse. This latest catastrophe, the bancruptcy, coincided with Saturn’s move into Scorpio (& the Zap Zone), so I feel this is another transition, not the end. So Scorpio.

            • nope, they moved all the way to ohio! rust belt all the way, baby. and have a strong, strong anti-cali bias- it’s very curious, actually. two of my uncles live in the state though, and it’s true, i meet more michigan emigres than from any other place of origin. the progressive migration makes a lot of sense, to go from ideology to living the dream.

              totally agree with you about the detroit phoenix vibe! so deep and dark and grimy. a post-apocalyptic video game. plus patti smith! and oh your description of the music scene made me want to move back there so badly. betcha not too long for the phoenix to rise, saturn poster-child style…

              • Ohio LOL. Ohio has a very earthy vibe to me… Capricorn maybe. Saturn. Pluto in Cap? Hmm… Birthplace of NORML. Chrissy Hynde owns & operates a vegan restaurant in Akron, Dave Chappelle lives on a farm in Yellow Springs. Mothman lives in Athens, and then there’s the Menonites (sp?).

                It’s interesting the symbiotic relationship Ohio has with Detroit, how much Ohio depends on Detroit’s phoenixing. The Cap-Scorpio/Saturn-Pluto reception thing. Ohio really vibes Earth to me.

                • oh yes, capricorn for sure. it’s funny, while there i remarked how grounded i felt, but that it was like a trapped in your room punishment grounded. here in cali i feel very much that i’m standing on a thin crust on the edge of the world on planet earth; in ohio is solidity. feels like thick psychic mud to me.
                  i made a conscious decision a few months ago to love cap energy, and this last visit was the first time i’ve felt at home there. coincidence? maybe. so much low cap behavior of the populace though. status consciousness up the wazoo. control and tradition. tons of proletariat power turned on itself.

                  but the mennonites and the amish are cute! and wow, i’ll have to check out chrissy h’s restaurant the next time i visit!

                  • A friend went a few years ago & saw Chrissy there, eating her greens! She got her autog.& said Chrissy was very Down To Earth ;). I’d love to go to Chappelle’s farm. And Serpent Mound!

              • It’s the Great Lakes World Tour! Haha Where shall we stop next? Wisconsin?IIllinois? Don’t get me started on Chicago… Indiana: that’s some weird shiz, definitely Uranian.

                • Hey Scorp Inc read an article recently about The Great Lakes and how microbeads have been found there. Microbeads being those found in exfoliating products. They are the cosmetic equivalent of the disposable nappy. We have need to be concerned about Fukushima but our own daily habits take the back page of the newspaper.

      • I have #203 @ 25d Pisces/1st house. It’s aspecting my Mars @ 9d Scorp in a manner I do not recognize: a line of black dots. ?

  7. Pompei is in my sixth house in Capricorn along with my moon-conjunct-neptune. Just adding more earth to my earth-heavy chart!

  8. No natal, but current transiting Pompeii is basically conjunct my South Node, which is at 21 Libra, interestingly……and it’s in my 4th house. No volcanoes around here, but as far as natural disasters, could easily have an earthquake at any moment here in SF, so who knows….our house has been shifting around a lot lately, doors not shutting right, etc.

    Natal Pompeii is at 10 Scorp in the 5th. Exact square my Sun in Aqua, trine my moon in Pisces, and trine my Asc. in Kataka.
    My natural disaster theme in this lifetime is earthquakes, survived two big ones, one as a kid in LA, and then the ’89 quake in Santa Cruz/Bay Area.
    I’m also trained in disaster relief in my public health job.

    But about that South node thing…..there’s a whole book on the astro of the Titanic, and how people could have a past life tie to it, and in the Titanic chart the South node is right on my natal South node at 21 degrees Libra. Even before I knew about this book, I felt a connection to the Titanic story and not in a good way. It always really disturbed and haunted me and I never saw the film until a couple years ago and then that really freaked me out. I have a nervousness around the ocean and boats, I know that sounds silly or trite or could be attributed to anything, but it’s real, and I never trusted the idea of going on a cruise. Just a lot of unease there.. Anyway…. when I learned of the book years later it sort of filled in a possible reason for me.
    I don’t always know what to do with past life information. I feel overwhelmed by my current life, so sometimes it’s too much information to add, but sometimes it helps, too, gives context, only in that it ‘feels’ right, but sometimes it just feels like we’re making up a story.. we’re all in search of meaning, though, so I suppose it can give that sometimes. I don’t know, I really squirm away from past stuff, though, don’t like to be held back or defined by the past….maybe that’s my Aqua sun speaking.

    • I have a Merc/Jupe conjunction at 21 Libra FC. Would you interpret that as a connection? I was fascinated by the titanic as a kid (but maybe everyone is?)

    • What of fixed star scheat? How is that for Titanic water fatalities? I actually have the South Node around the same degree as you, but with dreaded irony I have mars chiron conjunct scheat opposite pluto uranus… I literally survived drowning when I was a child, thanks to an alert passer by, needless to say there was longterm aversion to water, though at end of last Piscean uranus cycle I swam a km a week, as natal scorpio neptune is trine to all this…

      Do you know of the Titanic computer game from a decade or so ago? More like a reminiscent visual mystery. It has a strange sort of cult following which is odd in that it has had its demise also…

      • Wow, aquasunbird, I also have Mars/Chiron (conjunct in Pisces), opposite Pluto/Uranus (conjunct in Virgo). I’ve got the Neptune trine in Scorp, too, mark of Gen X, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I love to swim, but more so in pools. I have lived right next to the Pacific Ocean (in California) most of my life, but have always had a ‘healthy respect’ (read: fear). It curbed my surfing aspirations, though I tried…

        So sorry to hear you experienced the trauma of a near-drowning, must have been terrifying. Sounds like you’ve gone through some healing with it all through swimming. Kudos!

        I don’t know about the computer game, though that’s not my ‘world’ so I don’t know about any computer games, really.

        • Thanks, yes your right, suppose we are generation x, wondered where I was with all that, its just what people know only, what they experience. I have survived flames, drownings, a car accident and other murky situations…My Pluto Uranus is 1st, the chiron mars scheat is 7th…

          Similarly we grew up near the sea, periodically moving but always returning for family property dealings, and sadly this actually this has become a development site my family will sell, as there are no houses left in the area…yes I swim mostly in pools too…

          My daughter’s natal uranus is on scheat as well, plus my chiron mars conjunction. She has saturn in virgo in opposition to all that, so too my pluto uranus conjunction…So her piscean uranus trines my scorpio neptune.

          Amazing the hereditary aspects of family astrology…

          As for the South node 2nd, it trines my sun in the 6th…As does my Aries North node in the 8th. Thanks for illuminating the Titianic matters for the Libran degrees…

    • The titanic post was eye-opening. I have NN at 22 libra and both an utter revulsion with the titanic story (refuse to read about it, see pics, or watch the film) and a deep irrational fear of water. Oh, and memories of drowning multiple times. Yikes.

  9. Not sure about my Pompeii, but I wonder if there is an asteroid Fukashima. The reactor damaged in the 2011 tsunami is again leaking radioactive waste like a siv into the Pacific ocean. The Japanese are in denial and the full consequences of this are yet to fully unfold. I’m thinking another escalation could be the star of the zap zone in November. Nuclear power must be turned off as a source of energy as we move forward on this planet . Simians and uranium is a dangerous mix.

    • Exactly – as i have been banging on about in the Horoscopes, August is the prequel to November.

      The Fukashima fiasco and the horror unfolding in Syria do not auger at all well for November.

      It is not a good time for our so-called leaders to be kicking the can down the road with this stuff.

      I don’t know enough about nuclear power to comment but i do know building the plants on a fault line is a dumb idea. Genocide is clearly evil. Remember the condemnation when we failed to act after Saddam gassed civilians in Kurdistan? And now here we go again.

      • the situation in Syria is breaking my heart.

        There are people in PNG “downstream” from Fukashima who live on fish and have never heard of it.

        Our govt would send refugees there.

        “Such is Life” say our utes.

      • fukushima. I just can’t get my head around the company’s obfuscation of rather important info. hmm. Maybe i’ll make it my next research assignment: Corporate absolution of responsibility and share price fluctuations in the face of mortal risk.

        • Yeah, did you know they just put out a press release saying something to the effect of ‘if you smile you won’t be affected by radiation. We tested it on dogs, it works. If you mope and are unhappy, your leaving yourself open to radiation poisoning.’

          Seriously. Japanese Tv broadcast this. Fish in California have tested high for radiation as a result if Fukishim, what is actually happening in Japan?

  10. Grand fire trine at last – all I have needed was Pompei in Aries to complete my Sun Leo, Sagg Neptune trine.

    Pompeii in Aries seems about the explosive side of the story? It’s a city that says, “C’mon then Vesuvias, do yr worst bro”.

    Kit so whingy but so beyootiful. He really does seem poetic and like he knows not much. Young person.

    Pompeii currently EXACT on my natal Uranus. A flourishing mental metropolis or metaphorical city-state to get a surprise in my world tonight?

  11. Pompeii exactly conjunct my sun in 12th house Taurus. (also conjunct Persephone) … hmm no idea. Did alwasy have an intense intrerest in art history and archaeology, but that could be a Taurus thing I suppose.

  12. Mine is conjunct Uranus in the fourth house…. hmmmm. I haven’t lived near a volcano but have been accused of being one.

  13. Pompeii is conjunct my Mercury natally. I don’t think it does anything. I guess symbolically it’d be the cultured part of myself that was hit with an unpreventable crisis? Communication can be hard for me as I am easily misunderstood.

    And yay Kit Harrington!

  14. Pompeii is conjunct my sun, neptune, venus and midheaven in Sagittarius in the 10th house….I have always loved any type of Gladiator movie and always joked that I was a gladiator slave in my last career (mountain bike racing, aka beating your body up for a living and to impress the crowds…) and I fantasize about heroic men, um hello Neptune! Right now in my 8th house….

  15. Pompeii has just crossed my ascendant at 21 Libra, in my natal chart it is conjunct my Moon in Scorpio 11degrees.
    I have been to Pompeii twice and thought it was amazing – the fresco’s and tile work in some of the homes were awesome. As for ‘haunting’ not so sure, the vibe was incredibly still not eerie.

  16. Way cool, 11 mins off exact cjn Neptune in my natal, and tr Pompeii only a minute from cjn there! My given name is of ancient Roman origin so perhaps some previous life….

  17. Hm, 5th libra conjunct my NN. About to have a Pompeii return! There’s a giant wildfire just south of me that’s been doubling in size every night for the last week and the air is yellow, smoky, and full of ash – very surreal. Seems apt. Not sure that I like the idea of volcanic disaster destiny, but maybe I’ll just stare at the first pic and everything will be ok…

  18. Yes Pompeii….. I visiting this fascinating city.. or should we say “time capsule” of human life.. as it was almost 2000 years ago, on Sept 21, 2006, the day before a Total Solar Eclipse, the day I also climbed to the top of Mt Vesuvius that also buried this city preserving it all for future generations in a kind of unique fated sacrifice, for the whole “modern” world to revisit, think, feel & experience life as it was for these people of this ancient city.. And what one discovers is that they all shared many of the same struggles, hopes & dreams of people today.. And, so by visiting this ancient city & getting to know some of the intimate details of the daily life & concerns of its citizens what we are experiencing is a remarkable opportunity to re-connect with our deep shared humanity that has always existed like an unbreakable human chaine through the mists of time.. And I highly recommend the BBC recreation titled Pompei, the Last Day, it is deeply moving & poignant account of ordinary people who died on that fateful day back on August 24, 79AD, aided by the detailed historical account of the events of that those two fateful days by Pliny the Younger, who famous uncle died trying to save a friend who lived nearby. And, all this occuring with the Leo Sun, seperating from an opposition to Pluto(r) in Aquarius!!! And, my natal asteriod Pompe 203 is at 26deg23, closely aligned with my 11th house Saturn, Ceres & Chiron in Pisces.. While I also looked up asteroid Pompeja at to see that it was almost exactly aligned with the Libra Nth Node, on that fateful day, at 6deg37.. And, there are all those poignant plaster casts of people as thet were right at the moment of death.. While I also wrote a blog on all this at!/2011/04/destruction-of-pompeii-in-79ad.html..

    And, in this blog I also noted the symbol for the transiting Sun’s degree at on the day after the first eruption when the second eruption had almost completly buried the city.. moving from 28-29 degrees of Leo, to 29-30 degrees. So I note this symbol at *30degLeo..

    AN UNSEALED LETTER.. The realisation by the individual that all thoughts & all messages are inevitably to be shared with all people.. The fact that the letter is “unsealed” does not imply a trust that other people will not read its contents, but rather the idea that the contents are for all people to read. The letter contains a public message.. Nothing can remain permanently sealed.. it is made clear to us, & particularly to the proud Leo type, that all that takes form within the mind of mankind, belongs to all people.. Communication & sharing must always prevail over the will to glorify oneself by claiming sole possession of ideas & information.. SHARING…

    NB: Sabian symbols from Dane Rudhyar’s ‘An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation & Its 360 Symbolic Phases’…

    • Oh yes, also transiting Jupiter in Gemini back on that fateful day on August 24 79AD, was at 3deg55, in my 2nd house.. closely aligned between my natal Taurus Sun, at 29deg31, & my natal Jupiter in Gemini, at 6deg26, & my natal Venus, at 9deg39, both forming a close trine with my natal Aquarian MC, at 3deg42.. While the asteroid Pompeja 203, along with the Libra Nth Node back on that fateful day, both also forming an almost exact trine to my natal Jupiter in Gemini… And, also back on the day of the first major eruption that began the whole process, the Moon was in Sagittarius, passing directly over my natal Sagittarian Sth Node….. So there I was on April 5, 2011 publishing my life/astro blog about all this & the great legacy to all humanity, that came out of this city & many of its citizen being buried in time…. And, when I published this blog asteroid Pompeja 203 was at 24degAri, in my 12th house.. opposing my *Sol-Arc Uranus in Libra, at 24deg34, in my 6th house.. both forming an almost exact ‘T-square’ with my *Sol-Arc Venus in Cancer, at 23deg31, along with the Pompeii Aug 24, 79AD Venus in Cancer, at 24deg48….

  19. I was there when I was 13. I found a gum tree to call on my homesickness for Australia on the top of my Vesuvius, and I also found ancient temple only cordaned of by rope…really not barackade enough to keep out a young colonial girl. So I stile a few moments alone in the shade of Aphrodite’s temple.
    On the back wall was a simple charcoal depiction of a fish, which, my Piscean father explained to me, was the secret sign that the early Christians used to mark their meeting places. It was a ‘by the old Gods and the New’ moment. The villa’s of the rich where of course fab, and the charred ash shapes of former citizens pulled the heart as I wondered who these now famous anonymous people of the past where, but it was the peace in that little Temple which I treasure…along with the Italian lack of security which let me dream there a little.

    • My natal Pompeii just a little ahead of Neptune..could explain the dreaming I found there.
      For the transit for my trip there
      Pluto on one side of my MC with Pompeii at a tight angle mirroring Pluto on the other side. I have never forgotten the profound impact it made on me. Even wrote a short novella-fiction about it upon my return…sadly since lost in some English teachers drawer!

    • Sounds like a real moment, lovely to have time in such a place alone… Aphrodite dreams.

  20. Meow. Kit.
    Pompeii smack on natal Uranus which in my chart is Sun/Uran/Pluto Virgo 9. Pluto is volcanoes. Pink Floyd in Pompeii I love, also Pompeii DT Doctor Who episode a fave to be sure. Have been asked about living on the ring of fire repeatedly over the years, each time, I just can’t say yes. No way. My Mars line is there, I hear the earth hum, just no.
    Karma is on Uranus too, odd. I will ask my dreams for answers…

  21. Pompeii at 20 degrees scorpio conjunct IC. Yes, have always been at home with ancient history, classics, achaeology.

  22. 23 Libra is Spica, my lucky Art Star conjunct my IC. Not sure what Pompeii means there, but happy to have it.
    Have been to Pompeii. Haunting.

  23. Was at Pompeii just last October, haunting and eerie are the artifacts piled in a warehouse, including plaster casts of some of the victims; a pregnant woman, another who tried to hide and lies contorted. They are piled along with urns, furniture, statuary. The remnants of a society and a people. Walking through the city, I was aghast at the size of this place. In my mind, it was village size for some reason, but you could easily spend several days there. It does feel, as another reader posted, that you are taking a look through someone’s windows, peeping Toms, walking through this ruined and ancient city. More haunting, and frankly horrifying, is a visit to Herculaneum, just a short ride from Pompeii. The people in this fishing village were actually decimated by the lava flow, not the ash, so their city and the people burned as the flow covered the landscape. Herculaneum is still being excavated but there are some amazing relics; pieces of wood and rope, a wooden boat, murals and tile work.

    I don’t know where Pompeii is in my chart, or if there is a Herculaneum asteroid, but anything named for these places must be very powerful.

  24. I have read this post four or five times but forgotten each time to look up the asteroid. He heh.

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