Are You High, Gluten Intolerant And/Or Waiting For Venus…?

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Love Goddess Venus is about to be in Libra – the sign she is most at ease in.Β  You could argue that Taurus is likewise ruled by Venus but spoilsport Saturn has been at that party since late 2012. Venus exalted in Pisces? YES but Neptune/Chiron can add complicating karmic factors. Frankly, the forthcoming transit of Venus (Fri/Sat until mid-Sept) is the most civilized mating/dating astro for ages. Perfect for if you’re wanting to elegantly morph a stale status-quo, no dramas and all the objectivity required to rise above soggy old schizz. Of course it could also be over-decadent, crazy seductions that just distract you from the key trip of actualizing the Zap Zone to recession-proof your life. More in the Scopes, Daily Mystic email etc. I’m hot on this at the moment.


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87 thoughts on “Are You High, Gluten Intolerant And/Or Waiting For Venus…?

  1. As it will be over-decadent and crazy seductions are there … So its not good … πŸ˜›

  2. It can’t be high as I never take drugs, rarely alcohol and have to be pushed to down a paracetamol. It isn’t gluten because I have been so well behaved since my dark moon binge. So that leaves Venus. I almost dare not tell the truth for fear of being sneered at as a LZ of the highest order. I’m deep in the venus heart lands. Stuff happened on Monday and I have clicked into life. I can write again, in fact diary pages are no longer big enough and I am running into tomorrow. My heart feels as though it is there once more and I have this intense burn, which can’t be thrush because I’ve not been near him for months.

    • “I have this intense burn, which can’t be thrush because I’ve not been near him for months.”

      BAHAHAHAHAHA …. thanks for that first belly laugh of the day!

  3. I have Venus in Libra in the 5th house, so I’m looking forward to her sojourn in the land of balance, taste and good manners for the next few weeks.

    • Venus in Libra also hits my 5th house, but natally that’s where Uranus also resides so I’m not holding my breath for any balance, taste and good manners! LOL

    • Same here, especially after dating a very crude Aries for the past 2 months!! Bring me some fine dining, candles, and good manners!! Oh, right… being wooed would be most welcomed, too!!

    • I have Venus in Libra in the 5th too! and you know what? i can see the transit coming into view….men are springing up everywhere and I have a date with a hot triathlete on Saturday – timing perfect!

      • My Venus is in the 9th. Venus in the Jupiter house just expands all the refined qualities of Venus Libra. Been thinking lately how some things that guys think is “sexy” verges into sleaze territory for me and it’s a major turn off for me.
        I’ll be learning / doing a training course for the duration of Venus in Libra.

        Ooh ahhh… a date with a “hot triathlete” πŸ˜›
        Do you know his sign? Aries? Saggo?

          • Kataka with Cap moon is interesting. Hope you have better luck. After 3 mths I’ve decided I’m not crazy about Crab men. Never was really – clashes with my Cap rising!
            This is my first relationship with one. Maybe it’s his Venus & moon in Leo. (Not a fan of Leo energy either) & his weak Mars in Cancer.
            Taurus rising – been plenty of sex but *shrugs* dunno… I need more. My venus in Libra is feeling neglected πŸ™

            Good luck with yours πŸ™‚

            • hmmm. sorry to hear that Scorpy. Are you playing it out to an end do you think?

              I don’t know about this guy, he constantly pre-empts my disinterest or departure – and we haven’t even had a date yet! Do Katakans have abandonment issues? i know my Katakan bear did. Other than that this one’s lovely, a good communicator, respectful and so hot I can’t believe the prospect has arisen! I was checking him out at the pool last summer and never imagined I would get a crack but just learned he lives in the neighbourhood and is divorced. Maybe there’s something wrong – he’s 36, looks like an Adonis and available? and wants to hook up with me?. um, ok! lol. I don’t know about longevity but as I said to S. I’m going to enjoy taking him out for a spin around the block πŸ™‚

              good to see you here. I hope overall this relationship has had value for you xx

                • Hey CS I too have Venus and Mars in Taurus that’s a given babe. You had to repeat the for a spin comment just for the record (sounding so like a dude).

                  • lol, I just couldn’t think of a better way to explain my intentions….that’s where I’m at with relationships! better than LZing I spose πŸ™‚

                    • His Astro is like mine this is spooky. You have a great time. You made me laugh saying it twice tho.

                    • A male me that’s gunna give me nightmares. Going on this logic I’ve got to find the dude version of you CS. Fair is fair no. Wonder what this lifegaurd’s Astro is, that’s the one my Aqua friend dreamt about. I did see a human version of the Paddle Pop Lion on Wednesday, he was very handsome.

            • Don’t know what to do Calypso. I’ve had this awful dreadful feeling in the pit of my gut for weeks now and it won’t go away!

              Do Katakans have abandonment issues? OMG!!! I think you’re onto something. My Katakan constantly jokes about “the other man”. For instance, I once asked him if he has 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar in his tea and he said “TWO… it’s the other guy that has one”. And another time I asked about his ex girlfriends and why / how it ended and he said two went overseas and never came back and then added “is that what YOU’RE going to do? 😯 He even confessed recently that he hasn’t been paying me compliments because he thinks I’ll get a big head and leave!!! I don’t know who he’s been dating but I don’t need a man to build my confidence! It doesn’t mean i don’t want to hear words of appreciation. I don’t anyone to fix me or complete me either. Just want to share my life with someone who’s my equal.

              He’s really sweet, caring, attentive etc but he’s a bit of a love zombie (natal Neptune square Venus). On the 3rd date he asked me what I was doing on NYE! I thought we we going to date and hang out but he wanted a relationship straight away.

              I dunno… relationships aren’t my forte. I’m better at being alone (Cap rising self sufficiency). My last “serious” relationship was 14 years ago!

              I’m afraid Katakan isn’t seeing me for who I am but who he wants me to be!!! and feel like he’d be happy with anyone. I want to be with someone who sees me warts and all but still thinks i totally rock!!!! Otherwise I may was well be on my own. I’m not afraid to be alone. I have music, my art and I can still have crushes to keep my heart alive πŸ™‚ I’d much prefer that than all this emo!!!

              I wanna be the girl that the lead singer from Foreigner is waiting for πŸ˜†

              • a bit of an over share but hey, moon in Saggo is conjunct my natal Saggo moon πŸ™‚

                And of course the relationship has had value. Don’t they all – it’s always a learning curve.

                At least the cobwebs have well and truly been cleared. I can go another 3 years now. Hopefully I won’t have to. πŸ™‚

              • i love a good pop lyric buddy and I’m right there with you on that one Scorpbot. love that song πŸ™‚

                I understand everything you say and where to start with it? maybe just to end: we could at least settle for something that doesn’t bring us that awful dreadful feeling xx

                • that feeling of dread is the WORST!! Arghh. πŸ˜•

                  No more water signs for me! Jupiter is transiting my 7th. Get out already!

                  I’m putting in an order for a Cap man please!!! Never dated one of those. πŸ™‚

                  • Hey Scorpy, I’m cap asc, w/ venus in libra, (in the 9th) and right now jupiter is on my 7th house cusp- so we have some parallels. πŸ™‚

                    • Just wanted to add that the element of “seeing me as they’d like me to be” has been an issue for me in the past as well too..(venus in libra) although alternately, I wont feel seen *at all* (I always seem to fall for these guys and not the other types-who put me on a pedestal) and thus end of feeling “neglected.” Hoping some good stuff comes my way w/ the ingress of jupiter…”luck” in love has not much been part of my path thus far…

                  • hey LB πŸ™‚ that’s very interesting!! What’s your Sun sign? Do you have anything aspecting your Venus? I have Venus square Cap Asc, trine Aqua Psyche and bi-quintile Jupiter in Taurus (no idea what a bi-quintile means).

                    My natal Neptune conjuncts my Sun. I’ve had guys say I was their dream girl, fantasy woman, a good catch etc, but then they just go back to their boring girlfriends. So frustrating!

                    Good luck with the love. Jupiter doesn’t leave the 7th house until July 2014. Maybe he leaves a little present at the end πŸ™‚
                    I’ve come to see Jupiter differently though. I don’t feel much of the “luck’ aspect. More of an “expansion” of whatever Jupiter touches.

                    • I hear that about jupiter, I think this transit will be pretty telling for me, actually, in relation to its effect. The day it hit my 7th cusp, (this week) I “blew up” at my bf…I knew I was having a hard time w/ seeing an issue proportionally, tried to get clear on it before talking to him, yet the the emotional compression was big, and came bursting out anyway. I had forgotten that, at this point, jupiter had come into aspect w/ the infamous “pluto/uranus square”…I think it was prob pluto, (and the fact that jupiter was thus opposing, (w/ pluto) my cap asc, plus squaring my libra sun! So yes, I have a natal sun/asc square, my moon is in pisces.

                    • And to answer your other Q: PLUTO is conjunct my venus. Good observation on your part. It tends to make my relationships, (u guessed it,) rather “intense”. They are pretty much never “easy” and I end up w/ guys I clearly have “karmic” dynamics w/, but usually pretty challenging stuff. It tends to create a strong glue, but has also gotten me stuck for way too long, even after the issues are proving insurmountable. Its usually the “casual” short-term men who have put me on a pedestal/obsessed about me, and like I said earlier, w/ those, I tend to just not really feel it for them. Has made for an interesting relational history, but I have gotten pretty clear on the patterns by now, (finally,) which is helpful.

  4. I have been stale and border line moldy for 3 years now. Just got done with saturn opposing my venus, and now it’s in my ascendent and opposing my sun. I’m screwed no matter where venus lands!

    • You know Saturn is actually an awesome rewarder so long as you do your chores first! πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks Prowlncrab! I guess this time without a partner or date for that matter has taught me how to rely on myself for happiness. It just gets a bit lonely from time to time. 3 years just seems a bit much. But, Im still hopeful.

  5. Had a dream last night that my daughter and I were camping in some stadium and an old (?) man was reading a note written on the bottom of my foot. I told him “yeah, its a good one” and then went about getting ready to move. He seemed irritated by that. I have no time for love scenarios right now. And yet – the boys are approaching. I just don’t want to hear ANYthing about what someone believes, which means I need to date a genius or a complete, utter idiot, lol.

    • genius or idiot? Sounds exciting! You sound like me.


      Except these days I am more preferring the geniuses more.

      • I prefer the idiots these days. Geniuses have tend to have bad tempers. I want an idiot, but one that can cook and repair things. The AC repair man is kind of cute and was extended texting me today. But I worry he may be middle-of-the-road smart, the kind of guy who “knows” what he wants. I have no dating skills anyway. Pft.

  6. Oh that onery Venus Claws again! Be nice Venus Claws!!

    Does anyone know the astrological markings of catastrophes like fires? Would that be Uranus or Mars? I just survived a fire that cosumed the house next door, but jumped over mine to get the house on the other side of me yesterday. I feel terrible for my neighbours but I am grateful nothing happened to my house except smelling smoky.

    • More important is what YOU got goin’on, EEL: whatever it is, it made the fire jump your house!

      Be tempting to shout: “In your face, Pluto. In your face, Uranus! In your face Mars or Saturn or wtf! (and then quietly place a love/thanks note to Cedric in the jar).

      What a terrible fright that must have been, though. Glad you are ok x

  7. Venus in Libra in the 7th over here, always enjoy this little sojourn through my home zone.

  8. Waiting for Venus! She is in my 9th and I have been wandering around with a confused look on my face for ages. Hopefully some grounding and some understanding are in store for me.

  9. Well I am actually gluten sensitive … perhaps not full blown intolerant. But sensitive. Since removing it from my diet recently, the health benefits and weight loss have been more than a little astounding. I’m definitely a Paleo chick – high protein, moderate fat and low carbs mainly from fruit and vege.

    Venus schmeenus – I’m busy doing oblique crunches, squats and pushups. Determined to get into one of those retro 50s bikinis this summer!!!! Venus is transiting my 5th house, which is where Pluto and Uranus reside – so I’ve got buckleys of anything sane, well mannered or balanced occuring over the next few weeks. I’ve accepted that my relationship reality always ends up being psycho, no matter how sane I attempt to be. Over it!!!

    • Gosh me too. I’m feeling that last part really hard. No matter how much of a clean sweep I try to make my love life, the only way to have a “safe/stable/sane” love life is to not have one at all. And that is a lonely road. Seriously I think human beings begin to get sick and start dying in small ways when they are deprived of meaningful human touch/hugs/sex/love after awhile. I’ve had no male touch for almost 3 years now, not even a hug. I was just thinking about that the other day.

      There is no relationship I can have that doesn’t require some drama, problems, emo, and whatever. That’s just how Neptune square Venus rolls. It’s like going up to a bomb and saying….please don’t explode…when that is exactly what you were designed to do. And if we are all made perfect just the way we are. I just wonder what the useful purpose of a human love bomb is?

      I’ve sort of accepted that and I’m just going with it. It makes me sad to realize that, but it’s just true. So all this Love Zombie alert stuff is wasted on people like me. It’s only good for people who are temporarily transiting a LZ phase.

      • I’m pretty sure there’s a way to transmute it into something positive that also gives us a bit of peace and contentment …. just hasn’t been revealed to me yet how exactly one goes about achieving that!! …. must ask Cedric πŸ˜‰

        • oh yes totally, monks and clerics of old used to do it allthe time. You can transmute sexual love energies into creative works of art or music or whatever. but monks live cloistered and aren’t subjected tothe same rules of society which makes it different.

      • go get a massage EEL! but also, you’re not stuck with your shitty square, you just need to figure out how to work/overcome it x

        • EEL – I don’t have the same square as you. But the same length of time without any form of love. That last relationship feels very alien to me, so far off the track of where love should take you. Others have spoken of being wooed, I ask what is that? Not something I’ve ever experience. More than once my name was spelt wrong on cards. How can someone be trusted with your heart, if they don’t care to spell your name right? I still believe that love makes the impossible possible. If you don’t go out of a limb you’ll never get the fruit.
          Talk to the biggest fear(s) you have about love and a successful relationship. Identify it and then say “for love to live, fear (name it) must go.” Also wearing rose quartz close to your heart chakra or under your pillow will help get to the fear and love origins.

          • Thanks S. i do wear rose quartz often, it is a stone for Libras.

            The problem with being loveless for so long is that it changes your objectivity and brain function. When i was younger i would just look for one night stands or filler boyfriends to fill this lonely time. That stuff is meaningless to me now.

            A psychic monk told my mom that my turbulent love life would begin to settle down after 40 and part of my success would hinge on stronger interaction with the internet and making new strong friends that way. I’m beginning to interpret his statement that i will be by myself and therefore in the sanest relationship possible. At least i don’t have to worry about being stabbed by boyfriends or having my car vandalized because he feels “jealous”, or having to bail someone out of jail. There are plus sides.

            • Yeah got over the empty bed syndrome, which follows one night stands many years ago. Rose quartz Libran, well thank you for the intel. I once gave a women who had was recently widowed my rosΓ© quartz braclet. I thought she needed love more than I did. I guess that’s why I believe I am by myself because someone out there needs that love more than I do. Totally agree with you about the brain waves, even been looking into activities and exercises to strength those weaker areas. You’ve got a cool name your bound to be a net sensation.

              • I do think rose quartz does have to be ritually cleansed every once in a while in warm water or warm sea salt water. .

        • a massage is a great idea! i think ill do that.

          if someone fig out how to overcome a square let me know. I think it just has to play out, and whoever you are stuck with happens to love you despite it all. I suspect the answer is straightforward.

          • Hi EEL, I’m chiming in late here – I have Neptune sq Venus.. a friend once described me as ‘the queen of trying to make it work’. In relationships I see the potential and in the past have loved the potential with no regard for the actual. Lots of hard lessons have taught me to work my Cap moon/Saturn influence to get the grounding right. The square tells me what’s possible but I work it in relation to the earth influence of what is. Does that help? Not that I am in a relationship right now lol
            I have what I think is called a T square which is Venus sq Neptune sq Jupiter so it’s all amplified. Ouch. I think Elizabeth Taylor (also a Pisces) has the same thing but she had Burton et al far more glamorous than my cohorts πŸ™‚

  10. Do no know what this gluten intolerance is. Is it from too much sitting so the digestive system get squashed?
    It was not around until the late 90’s, so computers may cause it?
    On the other hand Venus intolerance has been around for aeons creating many allergies.

    Aries boy kitten was de-sexed yesterday and had his navel hernia stitched up along with his balls. WILL THIS CALM HIM DOWN?
    2 vets in attendance on collection with instructions for post op care.
    Younger man Vet went whoops & muffled a laugh when i said ‘keep an Aries quiet’, older man Vet didn’t understand and sold me some expensive pheromone blocker πŸ™‚ Maybe he DID understand.

    • AS stoic as my face is, pulled into a downward draw (why, I’m not sure) I’m actually laughing hysterically inside at this expensive pheromone blocker purchase. So much is said in the space between words! Hopefully Aries kitten settles for you. I think sometimes it has to do with the biological makeup. EG – Grey Russian Blues are notorious skitz-outters in the evening.

    • I have allergic reaction to gluten, came on in my 20s. seems to worsen with more sedentary habits but it still affects me to some extent when I am more active. Apparently more modern wheat varieties and unnecessary gluten/wheat products in processed food is also a factor.

      • It’s also genetic and either misdiagnosed or called something else in the past. Definitely more prevalent because of the selective breeding of wheat varieties. GM in food started around your 20s pi, maybe there’s something to the timing.

  11. Venus transiting my 8th – so intensity is the go
    Bring it on. Am surrounding myself in Silver Foxes this weekend at a Byron bay area event so wish me luck.
    with this astro what should be my flirting strategy? help anybody?

  12. Some of the above, but what I really need is a benevolent Leo/Virgo type to be my image and confidence coach on an emergency 24/7 basis until I get better at being the focus of attention and Official Photograph moments :/ I hate being in photos, mainly because I am so bad at it. Actually talking to a camera, doing something, better. But plastering on a megawatt smile and knowing how to look officially good all the time still !! Escapes me and it makes my venus in aries act up, and saturn in leo feel like it’s doing its shitty self esteem-crushing work just fine thank you very much. *exasperated expression at self in mirror*

  13. Speaking of Venus exalted in Pisces with complicating factors, what sort of complications do you get with a Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces?

    • Charity begins at home?
      Founder of major charity organisation?
      That’s a lot of concentrated 4th house (kataka) energy.
      Family counsellor?
      Attract / attracted to yummy, good-spirited, kind types?
      Home as site of profitable enterprise?

      • Gosh, that’s very insightful, Pi. Very charitable at home, likes kind types, makes profit from home, endless stream of visitors and clients through the front door…. and far too nice to the Kataka X!

        I forgot to add that the Moon’s node is there too, all four co-junct in Pisces in the 4th. And a Kataka moon too.

        No wonder my Aqua sun feels weighed down. God knows what it is doing to his. I have nothing in Kataka or the 4th house. Perhaps he should have stayed with Mrs Kataka πŸ™‚

          • Partner’s. But you are right, all in the 4th house. I thought it was an interesting aspect of his chart…. very intense placements and i was curious to know how they might manifest.

            Your summary is really spot on. Thank you πŸ™‚

  14. I’m high. Well, drunk. Not at the moment, but give me time. I may well be gluten intolerant, I am living on gourmet pizza and shiraz and codeine. Mostly I am fuqwit intolerant.

  15. I feel like my love life has been so bad for the past few years. Iam Taurus with pices as my rising sign. Will it ever get better or am I doomed in my love life ….

    • Go to and get your free natal/birth chart to find out which house Venus is in for you. You’ll need your exact birth time place. This should help you find out what part of your life she will be invigorating starting this weekend! If you have any questions feel free to reply here. πŸ™‚

  16. Looking forward to Venus coming into my FIRST to coincide with my house move. With Uranus on my DC – it will be a welcome soother!

    • Hey welcome to my life. My natal uranus is sitting on my DC bang smack conjunct Pluto at 16 degrees. In virgo of all places. And I am moving house on monday too!