When Saturn Is Your Hair Stylist

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Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo

Saturn on her Scorpio Ascendant and voila – Ms Kidman is back to being a redhead again. Could it have been a whole Saturn cycle (28 years) since she was last so blatantly auburn?

Note also that though this the “Jimmy Choo/Tamara Mellon” woman she is portraying her – predatory, financially independent, don’t get between her and the shoe/bag fetish – it is also as if Nicole is debuting a more Saturnine persona – less vapid, arty and egg-browed, more ‘don’t fuq with me, I ain’t no ingeue.’

Thoughts?  And who else with Scorpio rising/strong Scorp is considering suitably drastic transformational statements with image?

Image: Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo by Mikael Jansson

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116 thoughts on “When Saturn Is Your Hair Stylist

  1. Well the mane is large and flowing and I have been dabbling with auburn this last year of saturn up my ass- strange because i thought red hair was a fire sign thing and black hair more of a pluto thing. hmmm.

    saturn on my pluto, sun, merc conjunction…right now!!! scorp rising, saturn in scorp

  2. Amazingly enough, I saw one strand of hair in the shower just this morning that made me contemplate a serious 6 inch chop of my mid-back length hair. It just looked weak and thin about halfway down the shaft and I immediately felt, “No, I will not have that! Length Be Damned!” After further investigation it was a complete anomaly but the urge is still floating around. Chop Chop!!

  3. Love Nicole and ALL she does, it’s a patriot thing.
    Think she did say she wouldn’t be doing the botox again becoz her kinda couldn’t read her face.
    Tried in 15 years ago for eye lines and didn’t like it. Didn’t make any difference to age effect, just lowered the lines horizontally, put them in the wrong place when i smiled, weird.
    Didn’t Lucinda Williams write a song about loving the lines around your eyes, maybe it was Lucy Kaplanski, dunno, but there was a SONG about them!
    Grew my hair long on 2nd Saturn return-a girl needs a bit of help around that time 🙂

  4. About smile-weather lines around the eyes: met a blonde 26 year old surfie bloke (when i was 22) who had deep lines around his eyes that fascinated me, then found out he was Jewsish and had spent 3 years in a Middle Eastern prison for smuggling hashish hidden in carpets. Now wouldn’t THAT give you wrinkles!

  5. That Blade Runner style was originally called the Jean Patou style in the late 60’s. Trivia from someone who was there AND remembers.

    • Hey thanks for that trivia Pegasus! I was thinking Milla Jovavich as Leeloo in The Fifth Element but, yes, Blade Runner!

      I got that haircut yesterday because I have been contracted to implement a social media plan in a very dinosaur organisation and Kidman’s haircut just screamed modern, I’m not afraid of change. I think the haircut might un-nerve the dinosaurs a little when they see it on Monday.

      Thanks Mystic for the initial inspiration!

  6. I’m glad you posted this MM, I saw this and thought, OH she looks great, a million times better.