When Saturn Is Your Hair Stylist

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Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo

Saturn on her Scorpio Ascendant and voila – Ms Kidman is back to being a redhead again. Could it have been a whole Saturn cycle (28 years) since she was last so blatantly auburn?

Note also that though this the “Jimmy Choo/Tamara Mellon” woman she is portraying her – predatory, financially independent, don’t get between her and the shoe/bag fetish – it is also as if Nicole is debuting a more Saturnine persona – less vapid, arty and egg-browed, more ‘don’t fuq with me, I ain’t no ingeue.’

Thoughts?Β  And who else with Scorpio rising/strong Scorp is considering suitably drastic transformational statements with image?

Image: Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo by Mikael Jansson

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116 thoughts on “When Saturn Is Your Hair Stylist

  1. That Blade Runner style was originally called the Jean Patou style in the late 60’s. Trivia from someone who was there AND remembers.

    • Hey thanks for that trivia Pegasus! I was thinking Milla Jovavich as Leeloo in The Fifth Element but, yes, Blade Runner!

      I got that haircut yesterday because I have been contracted to implement a social media plan in a very dinosaur organisation and Kidman’s haircut just screamed modern, I’m not afraid of change. I think the haircut might un-nerve the dinosaurs a little when they see it on Monday.

      Thanks Mystic for the initial inspiration!

  2. About smile-weather lines around the eyes: met a blonde 26 year old surfie bloke (when i was 22) who had deep lines around his eyes that fascinated me, then found out he was Jewsish and had spent 3 years in a Middle Eastern prison for smuggling hashish hidden in carpets. Now wouldn’t THAT give you wrinkles!

  3. Love Nicole and ALL she does, it’s a patriot thing.
    Think she did say she wouldn’t be doing the botox again becoz her kinda couldn’t read her face.
    Tried in 15 years ago for eye lines and didn’t like it. Didn’t make any difference to age effect, just lowered the lines horizontally, put them in the wrong place when i smiled, weird.
    Didn’t Lucinda Williams write a song about loving the lines around your eyes, maybe it was Lucy Kaplanski, dunno, but there was a SONG about them!
    Grew my hair long on 2nd Saturn return-a girl needs a bit of help around that time πŸ™‚

  4. Amazingly enough, I saw one strand of hair in the shower just this morning that made me contemplate a serious 6 inch chop of my mid-back length hair. It just looked weak and thin about halfway down the shaft and I immediately felt, “No, I will not have that! Length Be Damned!” After further investigation it was a complete anomaly but the urge is still floating around. Chop Chop!!

  5. Well the mane is large and flowing and I have been dabbling with auburn this last year of saturn up my ass- strange because i thought red hair was a fire sign thing and black hair more of a pluto thing. hmmm.

    saturn on my pluto, sun, merc conjunction…right now!!! scorp rising, saturn in scorp

  6. I’ve got Saturn exactly conjunct my natal sun. I’m considering a drastic hair change, possibly to “Louis Vuitton brown”. Serious brunette, anyone?

    • Saturn on my Sun as well… am going for the loose, simple, Sofia-Coppola-in-Paris hair, but the nagging question is whether to stop dyeing it and let the gray painfully grow in. I guess that’s a Saturn question indeed. I just want to survive the transit without major dental work or other 6th-house drama. Onward, Saturn!

      • it’s been sitting bang on my Sun for a week too! and I also have the Sofia Coppola natural wave AND I’ve been playing around with the idea of stop dying for a while….guess SAturn just wants my hair to be HEALTHY! 😯

  7. Normally a natural auburn, with a layered style, but have recently shaved head due to chemo! Most drastic change EVER. Gem/Scorp Rising.

  8. natal saturn conjunct my natal sun……I have very long straight auburn hair. I will not dye it, even though I have begun to get a few grays. I do not get hairstyles or perms.

  9. What about names in the zodiac? How capricorn is the name Baldwin? Bald + win! haha. That would be a funny trend on twitter if there was a more unified community of knowledgable astro people like… here. Hehe

  10. I have just chopped myself a auburn bob- mine is more punk- shaved at the back- futuristic air-hostess style. But like Nicole, I seem to be putting aside airy fairy fashion for “take no bullshit” kindof style. Saturn opp. my sun right now- but it’s manifesting in more serious ways than hairdo’s! Had a few x-rays for neck pain, expecting a few trips to the physio, and was diagnosed with early onset arthritis. At 30! Given my family history, I am not surprised, but am having a deep Saturnian think about chronic pain….not gray hairs!

    • Ouch…well, more than ouch. Sorry to hear that, Shannon. Saturn does speak through one’s very bones, doesn’t he? I hope you can find good therapies and advice at this age. It reminds me of the Capricorn’s exhortations to me to take joint supplements every night, which i wouldn’t have otherwise. Hopefully Saturn will send you a super good healer as well.

    • Raw tomatoes good, cooked bad for arthritis.
      See your local nutrition trained natiropath & get tests done.
      Good luck!

  11. I thought To Die For was a great film.
    I’ll always remember how Sunday Rose her daughter’s name was blitzed by the media into Sunday Roast (BFF Naomi Watts Aussie Lamb commercial and her refusing date with Tom Cruise for lamb roast).
    Then connections kick in and cue 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon for Nicole Kidman: Was in Paperboy with Edrick Browne who was in Super with The Fine Swine King: Kevin Bacon (source: Oracle of Bacon).

  12. I don’t know…early Scorp rising, but I’m not really wanting to change my dress sense. I kind of want to color my hair with rainbow colors (google “rainbow ombre hair”) on the bottom half of my hair because I rarely ever get my roots touched up and why pretend that’s going to happen. But I don’t know of anyone here that does that kind of hair styling, and I’m really not great at getting my hair done on a regular basis and am not sure how much maintenance that will take between bleaching and how long it takes the colors to fade. So I don’t know.

  13. Sun at 5’20 Scorpio… Saturn is kicking my butt structurally. Re wardrobe, I went through my entire closet this morning in search of a simple black tank top and realized that 75% of my wardrobe is over and done and needs to be ushered out. Unfortunately this Saturn transit is also in my sixth house, so I’m feeling broke and old and stuck. The sparkly clothes seem especially out of place. I have about six different black lace tops and dresses — markers for past lives — and am trying to think of how to repurpose them in some fabulous way.

  14. Scorpio here. I was all jazzed to redden my hair until yesterday, when I noticed a second gray strand had come in. Now I want to leave it as is, coz I’m hoping a dramatic Susan Sontag–Storm X-Men–Caitlin Moran streak will manifest.

  15. I’m in my saturn return and Leo’s my rising sign, so my hair is basically all I can think about. Nic’s haircut is even one I’ve been contemplating. Yikes.

  16. Saturn transiting my first has prompted as I mentioned in my last post preparation for and actioning of one of the best transformations to date! Its all a bit austere, but that seems to be the de riguer of the times. Less is more and all of that, lets just say I’ve been well prepped for this behavior. So Jupiter on my sun, and if I ate rice it was like eating doughnuts, pasta _ vanilla slice, and fruit well that’s just like mainlining the pure white stuff – sugar! So lets just say I’ve been counting on Saturn to do its work! Now as for hair, I cannot comment, but if the whole body complies it could be a complete chchchange! I’d love to go short again, though I love long hair I’m feeling a bit old for it and Def not demure enough.

  17. Nic gets real….sorta. I don’t know what it is about her but something about her always makes me feel a bit perplexed and MY face gets tight. Maybe it’s the hermaphrodite thing. You know they say classic beauty is a compromise between the masc & the femme. Who said that? maybe Mystic, and maybe recently. Anyway, do we think the bad shirt dress is actually a trench? I like this better than the vapid fey Nic but I agree with Lucy, the ring is wrong.

    Saturn is 1 degree off my Sun and today he suggested I might buy a pair of black tailored pants. Saturn wants to see me in a uniform 😯

  18. I’m deep into the Saturn journey at the moment with Saturn opposing my Moon and getting ready to conjunct my Sun for much of next year.

    I’m not considering a drastic makeover, but I have become very aware of where I need to step up my look, especially at work. And how doing that sends the message that I’m willing to move into a role of more responsibility at my job. Because of my finances, I can’t go out and purchase a new wardrobe, but I’m trying to be conscious of how I want to express myself each time I purchase clothes, jewelry, etc.

    I’m also losing weight and am exercising more and eating healthier than I have in a long time. One of the benefits of Saturn transiting the Sixth House.

    I know I’ll look back on this Saturn phase in future and be grateful for it. And in fact I do see the positive changes as they’re happening. But it’s all about the hard work, hard choices, standing up for oneself, following through, attending to all the details. It’ll be nice to not have that be such a pressure after Saturn moves on from Scorpio.

  19. Boyf is a Scorpio rising. After five years of packing on the weight, he’s suddenly obsessed with working out, going to gym, getting in shape. Less about buying new clothes/image in a material sense, more “my abs hurt” and “I need to see my hairdresser”.

    ‘drastic transformational statements with image’ ahoy.

    Why is astrology always so freaking spot on?

  20. I like the image and the styling. It’s a fresh Kidman look. I didn’t know she had a scorp asc, That makes sense.

  21. Read a very interesting biography of AW, her father was a famous Journo, Charles , nicknamed Nuclear Wintour, as he was extremely hard nosed, icy. Her bestie at school remembers Anna would give her exquisite dresses always a size too small…all about power plays in every situation…knows how to work the male bosses
    Interesting person to read about but ultimately I despise all corporate fashionsta types who actively promote the wearing of expensive furs… don’t care in the least that animals were tortured so long as they get the advertising pages. Make their money literally off the back, blood and pain of other helpless creatures and glamorise it. There is a really funny PETA photo where Anna Wintour grimacing sans sunglasses, looks totally hideous with a fur shrug on and the caption about who looked looked better in the fur originally..

  22. I love her hair in this pic. Am collecting pics for potential style makeover! (Leo rising. And yes my hair is unaccountably even more fabulous since Venus got into Leo.) πŸ™‚

      • Yes. Total transformation πŸ™‚ And see comments on previous thread re hoping my grand earth trine will assist other aspects of my transformation lol πŸ™‚

        • i did! grand earth trine and a piscean – good combo with a bit of leo firey flash at the front end πŸ™‚

  23. @ quintile
    This probs not true, but it was running around the medical community for so long I might as well mention it. Apparently our Nic was born hermaphrodite & took hormones & had surgery.
    It might explain Tom Cruises interest!?
    Certainly she couldn’t have kids which solidified the rumour.
    Make of it what you will! Doesn’t change she is a limited actress tho.

  24. Scorpio asc, Leo sun, and my thoughts about my hair earlier today now make sense. I have white streaks in two places along my hairline where horns could be, yet the rest is dishwater blond with grey. I don’t like hair color upkeep, so I’m still pondering this. Definitely feeling middle-aged, but not necessarily in a bad way.

    • Not to be squiffy Cosmic, but those kiddy winks didn’t come come out of that body! My body will never be the same after mine so her maiden’s figure is less impressive to me if that’s what you were inferring. πŸ˜‰

  25. I went to my hairdressers early during the year anda Tauren hairdresser bleached my hair white and cut it like Mollie Cyrus so amazing I felt like a million dollars. He was the most amazing hairdresser i have ever had. He went to Melbourne to open up new salons. Really miss him.

  26. In 2000 I cut my long hair. Had it cropped off and bleached icy blonde. Kept it that way until I went mad in 2010 when I had a nine month deep red moment. As I let that fade I enjoyed my Nicole shades and loved the warm glow it gave me. Since 2012 I decided to grow it back to mid back length. Obviously this isn’t an overnight project but its well on the way. I’d had 12 years of the corporate bitch thing and was wanting to relax and just be natural. It’s about a softer me emerging again. It’s also my Jupiter return!!!!

  27. No BMX bandit styling here…wtf wig me not is that anyways? I prefer her Dead Calm red.
    Dress is safari style wrong with those accessories. White oversized man shirt would have sold the look. Morning after story.
    The big problemo is the light source on her lady triangle. Her left foot look off because of wicked snatch light bouncing of the albino poncho on the ground. Ain’t no one got a halo down there sista.

  28. I dunno about that look. It reminds me of Pris from the movie Blade Runner. That isn’t actually a bad look, IF you’re 22 year old Daryl Hannah, playing a punky young, acrobatic android that can crush Harrison Ford’s head between her powerful thighs. But I don’t think this look works for Kiddo.

    • YES! I thought it was just me, first glance at the pic and I thought, “ooh they’re doing a remake..” Sadly not. Would’ve been justifiable if they were.

      Am not fancying this look on her, it’s a bit too dragg-ish.

      • Never saw Blade Runner – so on first glance, my first thought was Ann-Margret in one of her femme fatale roles: the make-up and expression.
        Having looked up that pic of Pris, I am still thinking Ann-Margret. Perhaps that simply shows my age!

      • Not an age thing at all, since now you pointed it out I totes see it.

        I’m not too high on wigs.. understandably there are some weaves worth paying mass $$ for and I’m happy for the flexibility to change one’s look. Once, a long time ago, I was the cough.. school secretary (imagine that, snappy ruler in hand) of an exclusive Orthodox Jewish girls school in LA, much admired by the girls for my shoes and fashion.

        Mainly as everyone else was wearing extremely conservative clothing and REALLY awful wigs so the bar wasn’t set that high. I wasn’t exactly informed on the faith or its technicalities so I started to think, My Gawd, I’m never eating Jewish food again as how many peeps here have cancer! To my mind, a deadly disease would be the only valid reason one stalks about with a stringy mop on one’s head.

        So I mentioned this to one of the more modern French ladies I worked with and she absolutely died laughing explaining how wigs were a way of complying with the “cover thy hair” edict. Obviously I was pleased, as a bad hair day beats cancer any time. Though I did feel a bit of an idiot.

        • A few months back, I read an article about how there was a hot black market in human hair used for wigs, especially in LA where wigs are made for movie productions. In California, wig makers have been robbed for their entire stock of human hair, and one wigmaker was killed during a hair robbery.

  29. This is definitely saturn in her 1st (that picture). i love it. Hot, owning it! I’m aging… yeah, it’s so clear to the world when someone can’t handle their aging…. unfortunately, the person aging don’t see that the rest of us can see she can’t handle it. Anyways, work with whatever is aging and make it beautiful, because it is, and it’s Mother Nature. Gratefulness and appreciation aside from one’s vanity — HUGE . To actually believe that you can reverse aging without checking your attitude — aah BIG MISTAKE. I’m in LA. Oh boy, do I see major plastic surgery and the rudest bunch of F#$%#$%#$% people — Who don’t appreciate that they got a chance to live. OMG. SAD F#$%#$^KG LOT. As if the world owed them anything. Oh, SO SAD. Don’t be one of them. It ‘s so much more fun to be part of the majority. XOXO

    • I learned a very interesting thing about Botox last year from one of my teachers whose main gig is teaching acupuncturists how to stimulate the muscles in the face to lift naturally (well, naturally but with needles). Part of how people understand others is that when listening to them, and watching them, they make micro expressions in their own face that mirror the other. It’s part of empathy, part of communicating. People with Botox are limited as both the listener and the talker because the micro expressions are required to help the brain understand what is happening. So someone with B isn’t giving the signals out the way that nature intended or aren’t mirroring others the way nature intended. B is being linked with with dimentia now, which isn’t surprising given it’s origin, but then again everything is linked with everything? I don’t judge anyone for their choices but I sure as hell want to make sure people understand the full implications of changing their face! It changes how you can related with others. This level fascinates me. Maybe Botox is a perfect homeopathic to create full immunity to SARS or avian flu or mercury toxicity or something? Life is getting pretty darn weird! I vote for gratefulness and appreciation! (Hi Serenity!)

      • along the same lines (no pun intended) there is research being conducted on botoxed mothers, whose limited facial expressions may well limit the scope of empathy their children develop. children learn empathy by mirroring and riffing on the expressions (facial and verbal) of carers, and that way feel/understand themselves as part of an intersubjective matrix (social formation). worse, the implications are huge for babies being bought up by carers with no time for play, junkies with mis- matched expressions, etc etc

  30. I forget that Tamara Mellon is a Cancer. I always read her as a Scorpio.

    Nicole looks awesome with red hair. I wonder if this is a Saturn thing of a Uranus (Aries) thing.

  31. Such a pretty lady, and talented.

    Mystic you spelled ingenue incorrectly, and I’m only pointing it out because I care. Spelling for me is an ongoing rite of passage.
    And I love your blog.

    I love the photo, it’s kind of angular & harsh & in yo face.


    • Am sure would just be a typo not spelling mistake – Mystic has merc in Aries, she was probably in a rush! And merc retro and all…

      • Not a criticism just a real quirk of mine.

        I was in a chocolate shop last week and an older woman, about eighties came in blasting the shop owner because of spelling on one of the temp promo signs. Poor lady, she didn’t even buy any chocolate.

  32. Not much of a fan of this look – the wig looks really busted IMO, but totally in support of Nic returning to her red roots.

  33. Not a fan, but I really like her like this!
    She should have been a red head in all the sympathetic roles.
    Blonde doesn’t suit her curly hair at all imo, always looked brassy.
    Curly red hair is gorgeous, but this is pretty good too.

  34. Going for the deeper and darker of the spectrum – this also applies to my locks.
    Saturn, I love to hate you.
    On second thought, I LOATH you entirely…

  35. If you mean business, you need to look business. And it’s not all about the clothes/hair: it needs to start on the inside. Confidence is palpable.

  36. That’s so hilarious. I just started transitioing from just straight purple hair to sort of ombre lavender to darker purple in areas I have more gray hair to blend better when the roots show. White hair against dark purple looks too obvious but hides well against a silver-lavender.

  37. I got my hair done yesterday by the amazing new Leo stylist who I am convinced has Virgo merc/venus since the majority of the conversation revolved around her past history working in salons where upstart junior stylists “borrowed” her equipment and *shock horror* – either did not put it back, or did not clean it after use. It’s akin to stealing a Virgo’s stapler … or their pen!!!!!!!!!!!! Or a Gemini’s mobile phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just not done.

    Anyway she did a fabulous job on my hair. πŸ˜€

  38. Haa Haa! Saturn on my Scorp Asc = I have gone crazy over wigs and have bought a platinum blonde bob, long , wavy brunette, and just bleached my hair blonde pixie. The wigs are suiting my Gemini Sun and wondering HOW am I just discovering wigdom after 37 years..

    • That all sounds totally fierce! I had a bleached pixie cut a few years ago; I did it when I was coming out of a full on bout of depression (timed as Pluto was wrapping up its transit in my Sun sign/5th house) – it was so liberating, fun, eye-catching and -despite the regular haircuts to maintain – really easy to look after.

      I’ve battled with really underwhelming hair over the last two or three years – I’m growing it into a short bob, but I’d love a flash of hair-spiration!

  39. I don’t actually like the shoes at all (if I was having a Saturn power-bitch moment and wanted to project the image I’d wear something a little less flow-y as the top/dress and some fierce gold and white ankle cuff heels) but love the deep red color of the matching bag/nails/shoes.

    I am having Saturn opposite ascendant and moon at the moment and while the urge to power-shop in order to project a more Saturn image is tempting, I’m embracing my current wardrobe slump until I actually EARN/step into that image. Besides, everything looks good on you if you’re fit right? So off to the gym, I guess.

  40. Ha, that’s nuts. I’ve got both of those things (Scorp asc and heavy scorp) and I am getting my hair colored tomorrow (a shade darker and redder is what I told my friend today, hardly drastic for most but quite unusual for me!), and am orienting this low key week (as per your instruction, MM) to upgrades. For example, teeth whitening, which I always thought was pretty vain, is looking like the perfect, logical and required thing! Upgrading the inside (finding the corners of my meditation practice, for ex) feels less important. It’s more like there’s something to prepare for…???

  41. I am scorp rising and am about ready to cull my entire wardrobe!! Tired of most of it and also thinking of getting my hair back to its natural curlyness. does saturn on the ascendant always cause this much angst!?

  42. yeah i agree abt the gross tan shirt
    and i also reckon mercury retrograde
    photo’s and things come out wrong
    she was in a film called paperboys
    god you can see her scorp rising clearly
    esp in the jail/stimulated sex scene

  43. the triangle of shoes, bag, hands I am all about but I simply cannot reconcile that tan shirt dress / red bob bangs combo.

      • does anyone else who is aesthetically trained or naturally gifted in the area of photographic composition also feel uncomfortable about the many triangles present in that pic?

        Or is it an esoteric thing… A PORTENT…? There is a kidman/urban menage a trois about to hit the headlines?

          • what is it that you like about it? I get it technically, gestalt theory in action etc. but there’s something about the top triangle that I find really off-putting. maybe it’s the vertical window frame and the line of the couch… i can’t put my finger on it but something about it really irks me.

            • I find it satisfying, complete and harmonious without being totally boring – has some drama in the angles and the juxtaposition of colours.

              • interesting. thanks for answering. For some reason I initially only saw the lower triangle and then when I realised there was more a weird visual in-out push-pull thing started happening with the upper and lower triangle. Like there was some kind of slightly off-kilter tension between them. It’s really unnerving, the juxtaposition of red and tan doesn’t help. So for me it’s as if there are two separate images there arguing. Compounded by the fact that I’m not ‘feeling’ Nic.

            • My problem is her right leg our left. She has her legs open but closed?
              Followthe leg to the hip. Something wrongthere.

              • yeah, you’re right, that is a bit off-putting. It’s like there’s something just not quite right going on there. It’s like an accident, I can’t work out whether to stare or look away. But my realisation that I’m not feeling Nic is probably the thing closest to the truth of my irking.

              • !!!!!! jesus if you stare at that for long enough it actually looks as though they’ve photoshopped a leg from another photo in there – the leg on our right looks as if it comes from another shot – it’s not touching the ground and there’s something going on with differing light sources.

                • … that leg/knee triangle situation is
                  def NQR, how can her left elbow be not resting on her left knee, with left foot not touching the ground? Nic’s left side isn’t earthed-lets get esoteric about that lol

                  • She’s really tall with narrow hips, I think it might be just her figure. I heard that she was hermaphrodite. At least she has Aphrodite in that term.

              • Yep. The legs are very strange, esp. if your eye travels upward. Her skin is shiny like a computer game character and her 2 thighs converge in a weird way–it feels fake somehow, or maybe the angle is just off enough that it creates that effect.

        • Aesthetically, I am a follower of photography’s ‘rule of thirds’.
          The composition is pleasing to my eye – I also love the pyramid power going on in this shot.

          • I just worked it out. It’s a text book photo. Technically it’s all present and ‘correct’ but I’m not ‘feeling’ it.

            I gots ta feel it to ‘believe’ it.

    • It looks like a wig. πŸ™ she’s got a huge “bump” at the back of her head like xenomorph.

      • Lol yes im not the typical gay soz i dunno about this stuff but i do know my people be hookin yall up..

        And dont worry i do NOT look like a hobo with autum notes, wear holes in jeans, and flip flops in wintertime.. People say i remind them of T.I. Or that other euro r&b singer cant remember his name now but hes mixed too.

      • Yes, a wig indeed. Many women in the entertainment industry wear wigs; it’s just that this one is a truly awful, awful specimen ……….

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