Weeks That Run With The Wolves

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Mars Opposite Pluto, Venus opposite Neptune, Saturn Trine Lilith – it’s a week of reckoning, a week of wolves and strong inner potency if you’re not exhausted from stale dreams.

The Weekly Horoscopes (from July 27) are up, with all this in there AND Bitchcraft – my book of Lilith is coming along nicely, thank you very much! My dreams are totally WHACKO but what do you expect, right?

Metropolis Lilith

Images: Eugene Grasset

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70 thoughts on “Weeks That Run With The Wolves

  1. My natal planets are getting lots of visitation from the planets.
    Not handling it well. sensitive moody, sleep patterns messed up. Frustrated, confused. Had bloody spotting and feel like pms…..but my flow was just last week. weird.

    sun on natal moon, neptune on natal descendant, venus just passed my natal venus and ascendant, mercury on my natal sun, jupiter and mars on my natal juno,
    saturn opposing my natal mars….men ugh.

  2. So I had a very unexpected blast from the past yesterday – I was catching up with a new friend and we worked out that we were seeing the same person (at different times in our lives) and it was one of the worst experiences for both of us. I got an update on him AND a much clearer picture of him (as a psychopathic bullshit artist not just a tormented lost soul like I believed for a long time) when I wasn’t even asking. It just fell into my lap (or on my head?) and maybe that’s what was needed to get closure and turn the page for good.
    Interesting and intense astro.

  3. So the EX resumed communication again after requesting a clean break. I predicted it and could feel that for a few days he’s been toying with the idea. Smart phones and social networking sites is making this breakup difficult for me. Self-control!!!

    The timing suggests he was waiting for me to ask him if he received the unsent parcel/present. Oh dear! What a mess I’m in. Half of me wishes he would open the subject himself so I can explain why I didn’t send it. The other half wishes id just sent it so I wouldn’t regret it this much!

    Dear virgo sun, please quit analysing everything! Dear libra asc, please get over yourself – drop the need to be nice all the time and to everyone!

  4. Have my Lilith in Cancer, which transiting Lilith is about to conjunct around the same time Saturn will trine it. Holy holy can feel a very primal force about to erupt – yes I am woman hear me ROAR! My astro orientated friend told me the other day I was looking very Lilith with my black wild hair under a red beanie and matching black and red ensemble, including red shoes. Bitch me up girlfriend, this girl has some screaming to do.

    • Just as an afterthought, I am thinking too, that Lilith is all about the bitchcraft, in a very positive, liberating and empowering kind of way. I am wearing my red beanie as I post this btw 😉

  5. Perfect pix above on how i feel this morning…fuqued off!!
    Wrote ‘ i am too accepting’ in diary. Turn the other cheek too often instead
    of calling peeps out on their WTF-ness.
    New kitty is sick, vomiting, diarrhoea. Cost a mint on first visit to vet because of bad condition, worms, fleas, vaccs and so underweight..Second vaccinations due Monday & micro chipping then if his balls have dropped (looks like they are internal =expensive & more traumatic operation), so from not getting a pet from a reputable place or RSPCA, i pay the price. No persian in him as advertised and the pace he came from stank therefore he is considered a ‘rescue’. My last pets were rescued from being snake food and needed antibiotics daily fro micoplasma respiratory disease and steroids for the 20 months they lived. Foe what is costing, could have got a true persian from a registered breeder who guarantees their animals.
    My rattie boys cost $15 for both and $2000 in vet meds & visits. These animals are accidentally bred by irresponsible owners.
    Can i bite them? Rip their bloody arms off and stick them down the toilet.
    (ONly Oz fans of Aunty Jack will understand that expression of aggression).
    What is that Latin phrase for ‘buyer beware’?
    Goddess grant me patience QUICKLY 🙂

    • Lillith in Aquarius. Pissed off with most of humanity?
      Perhaps watching 4 hours of The Story of Mankind’ on DVD
      is contributing to my mood.
      No wonder there is a Herstory. In 4 hours ONE woman is featured and she was an Angolian Amazon Queen waging war on the Portugese for taking her peeps slaves for sugar labour, 4million Africans taken just to America.
      Do you know the dollar sign came from 2 columns on the Spanish throne symbol and S for silver. Yes the new world was totally raped, everything was about war & pillage.
      The voice-over was by Barbra Streisand’s hubby.
      Don’t watch it if mens’ deeds freak you out.

    • pegs you do actually have rights re this purchase and if you so desire can check out business and consumer affairs or whatever they call it in your state. The fact you’re dealing with a defenseless creature and there’s no way the poor little thing should go back to where it came from changes it all from being a purely mercantile exchange though right? Those people shouldn’t be allowed to breed animals – or own them.

      • My dog was sick when I bought him and I paid a lot. The idea of returning him made me sick. I didn’t even try to get reimbursed for vet bills. I just loved him and didn’t trust or want to deal with people who treated him badly. Pets make no sense. They are a bad investment financially, always. They take a lot of time and restrict you from long travel. But they’re priceless. I can’t imagine living without them.

        • I’ve never thought about pets in terms of ‘investment’ before! Just responding to pegs’ words of complaint about vet costs and not purchasing from licensed breeders which are consumer as opposed to animal issues.

          • I didn’t mean to imply anyone thought of them as investments but me. My pet food bills are high and it occurred to me its an unnecessary expense – I have a friend who makes the no-pet-point and she does have a point. Why do some people have pets? No logical reason. I just – as I guess you both do too – can’t imagine life without them. No accusations. Just commiserating with the joy/hassle of pets.

            • no offense / implications taken 12HV – your friend is right keeping pets is not rational but there were rational answers to some of the initial comments so my separating of the emo from the fiscal was a curve ball for any pets owner/lover. There was a lot going on in that comment – layers, I tend to sift when there’s layers of meaning, it helps me to see things from all angles. Remove a layer, see another… loving the onion

              I just realised though that pets being a 6th house issue and you having saturn transiting your 10th means the grand water trine is possibly effecting the zone of your chart that governs pets Pegs. Do you have any planets in your 6th?

            • Planets in the 6th? At the moment a cluster fuq of them 6 including 2 asteroids Lillith and Pallas.
              Am surely tuning in to the astro like never before.
              Live alone no children all family dead-ed, hence animal companions.

      • Hi there, of course i will keep him & wear the costs BUT shall text the asshole who sold him to me and say a few words.
        Herniated navel as well that may need separate op.
        Marvellous vet, pricey compared to some.
        Personally have aversion with any Gov departments, guess that’s my 12th house Venus?

        • Certainly people who profit of the misery of animals should be held accountable. Of course, you will do right by those in your care, didn’t for a sec doubt that. sorry its so frustrating and expensive. I’ve been lucky with my pets. 12th house Venus anti-gov agency? Perhaps. Hadn’t thought to blame Venus for my attitude, but it works 🙂

        • not sure what astro would make you averse to the people who are there to protect your rights as a consumer but if it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. I’ve had reimbursement of thousands of dollars because of their work on my behalf. I pay taxes and I figure if the mechanism is there to protect me I’ve already paid for it in advance. I suspect it’s more a saturn thing rather than a venus thing though. 6th House is pets and domestic animals.

          • Hon, was just sounding off becoz of stress of helpless kitten.
            The astro of my past dislikes government anything and lawyers 🙂

  6. A good week to get on an airplane and try round #2 with the crab. With famed sociopathic detachment this time. Let’s do this.

  7. I just finished binge-watching season one of Orphan Black. Talk about your Pluto-Uranus square and everything else all mixed in. I’m ready for anything. Send in the clones! (And will have to look up astro of the amazing lead actress Tatiana Maslany.)

  8. In my dream last night, I had an appointment with this fat lady who worked at a court house and was giving me the run around. She told me I had to wait in line for some of the other clients who were in the building, but I knew she was brushing me off. I was there all day so, instead of leaving and coming back, I decided to sleep right there on the couch in the waiting room. I refused to leave until I met with her because I knew she didn’t want to help me and it pissed me off that she wasn’t allowed to say as much. I slept on the couch all night and into the morning until she came back in for her shift the next day. She was visibly shocked to see me there and annoyed by my persistence. I had this stubborn need for her to, at the very least, tell the truth and admit she didn’t want to help me…

    • I love your dream! I too just woke from a dream, where everyone thought I was terminally ill and had a goodbye party (of a very draining and maudlin nature) and then they went to show my my funeral which they had organised for me and I tdecided not to go through with it because I was obviously still alive. I went and looked at and rearranged my things (in preparation for after I’d gone) which were all very shiny I must say, and then saw myself in the mirror with just a bit of funny looking skin on the side of my face and someone said ‘Why dont you just lay down and let go of life’ and I said ‘ I WILL NOT!’. Why would I? I realised that the whole terminally ill notion was all the bullsh** opinions, and I knew in my core that I wouold just rest and be well, these opinions were definitely not mine, and off I went for a wonderful picnic with a group of friends that kept growing until we were suddenly having a lovely time in the beer garden of a pub! Hurray! Everyone loves a dream party! It pays to be really stubborn in your dreams and not let these people boss us around is my conclusion, Xavier Bean!

  9. I feel totally drained. So drained I am hoping its the flu. I’m a Mars-Pluto person with Jupiter in the 6th house and rarely have I ever felt so drained, its like I can’t go on. WTF?!?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re bottoming out from all the change you’ve been initiating as of late, 12HV. A temporary lull in response to all that actualizing action. It’s been full on for a while now, yeah? Take respite & catch your breath whenever you can! Meanwhile, xo

      • Thanks, yeah, it has been non stop. I relented and called in help. I can’t do it all in the time I want it done. I want to be set-up in a new place for the next eclipse. Anyway, I wa releived to discover my neighbor has a flu so I am not dying or being attacked by qi vamps, lol. Feeling better today. Yesterday was looow

  10. From the weekly scopes, for Leo:

    “why ever seek the approval of peeps who are incapable of appreciating you? Your new motto: ‘It’s not me – it’s you.’”

    Yeah. Love this. So true. Chocolate. Chocolate. 🙂 🙂 !

  11. I find the picture above very empowering. Seems to me these girls are using the wolves as a pack and almost look as though the huntsman has become the hunted? So they seem in charge and powerful. Maybe that is just because I currently have mars pluto both transit and mars natal too.

  12. Have just read the weeklies and holy hell, I am so feeling this vibe. Am sitting down this weekend and writing myself an all new manifesto. The schizz stops here. I’ve been turning myself inside out and destroying my health and the relationships that actually matter to me in some wholly misguided effort to be everything to everyone and pouring all my energy, giving my power away to ungrateful drama loving bitches and causes that I couldn’t give a fuq about. I’ve been subverting my own values and skills, and for what?! Nothing. And I’ve been doing it for years. I don’t know what kind of martyr complex I talked my self into or what the fuq happened to my self esteem and core level confidence but….
    I’m done. This stops now.

    • “Some women want to give all and be all. … When women recognize the impossibility of such an attitude they usually fall into the other extreme and start perceiving themselves as nothing”
      — renata salecl

      I am fell from #1 to #2, and working hard to be #3: Wild Woman! (from WWRWTW)

      • Thanks, Rache. I have had that book on my bedside table for literally two years now. Perhaps it’s time I actually read it. The Universe certainly seems to be pointing me in that direction.

  13. I was channeling some MAJOR Lilith potency (and madness) on Tuesday night (she figures prominently in some major aspects in my natal chart) and what that drew out led directly to the big aha moment I had last night. But I know the energy I have/can channel now from all of that is not entirely stable. Just gotta keep urging myself forward and not let myself get derailed by unhealthy fixations or let things I’ve recently taken control of take control back from me!

  14. The top image w.t.fs me as well but she looks like she is freaking out at the bugle on the ground?

    i googled my head off trying to find more info on the image but kinda had to get on with some other stuff in the end…

    Art historians?

    But i see wolves/women as kind of valkeryie like? It’s intense but they’re not wicked – you know the Clarissa Pinkola Estes vision of
    wolves, right?

    • Oooh… what does Pinkola estes say about wolves again? i cant remember….

      I just printed out a picture of a wolf howling this week…

      Ive had (had being the operative word, hopefully no more) some very weird odd make me feel yuck dreams last week…. after a long period of very good dreaming… very weird as it coincided in a period of the best sleep in years… due to no sugar I do believe.

    • I see the 3 women as “humanus” of the wolves. The women’s expressions could be interpretted as extremely nervous watchfullness, ferocity, and intent listening and can give us an insight into the hair-trigger fight and flight character of wolves who, working as a pack relly on each others senses to heighten the sensibilities of the whole pack.
      Normally we see only the archetipical wolf shape ie.-pointy ears, sharp teeth etc but here the artist converys something of the emotions felt by wolves through the expressions on the faces of the women.

    • I see it as night flight, the dreaming women carried by the wolves of their subconscious because it’s time to depart this neck of the woods. Their eyes are like that because they can’t believe how quickly it’s all come about. Looking at the bugle means they recognise that even the one who made the ‘call to move’ has dropped everything and has gone too! All the army has upped sticks!

      By the way Mystic, ever since I received your Neptunian Dream Diary in the post, I have remembered dreams every morning. Once I even woke overnight to write an extra one down at 12:30am! I’ve never remembered so much.

      • Yes, that’s what I see, women dreaming, or is it the wolves dreaming. If a woman can dream of being a wolf, then the wolf can dream of being a woman.

      • “All the army has upped sticks!” Love this perspective, Buckle: very intense interp of the climax around the bend. Now I’m on the edge of my seat! lol

    • don’t they blow the bugle before hunts? maybe they are being chased? the witches certainly look frightened.

        • Imho it is because we cant discern the look of horror/terror on a wolf’s face when it realizes that the hunter iis nigh (as symbolized by the horn) the artist has put ithose emotions on the face of a human who hovers above the ground to distinguish it from the human hunters.
          Gem, Sag Asc, Aries Moon

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