Wake Up & Smell The Awesome – Mercury Is Direct!

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Mercury is Direct peoples!

So it’s been rad washing/soaking/airing our dirty linen and all – how long and how loud was that spin cycle? – but now it’s time to come out of the laundromat and back into normality, all shiny & fresh.

The emo depths of that Mercury Retro was something to behold was it not? Particularly the Dark Moon week that was the first seven days of July with Saturn going Direct. Situations and feeling patterns occurred then that were like a microcosm of much bigger issues.

Nothing much may have been going on on the outside but inside it was OFF the psychological richter scale.

If you know your chart, check out where you have the sign of Cancer/Kataka on the cusp as that’s where all the action was and still is…until August 6. But less intensely so. But remember that as uber-Jupiter – the GURU PLANET  – is here & exalted for the next whole year, the changes begun or situations realized this last three weeks have within them the sparks of GREATNESS. It feels right to capitalize a  LOT when discussing Jupiter lol.

Eg; for me it is the 6th House and I’ve finally gone properly gluten free, something i have been on/off with for a while now. It may sound trite but in fact it IS huge.  Like crossing into another dimension. 

If you think about it, altering what you eat, the very substance that builds your bod/brain/psyche (or fuqs it up) is the most profound of transformations you can pull off. And you’re only ever one meal away from beginning the process.  F.y.i this doctor and also this one have the most now, best and intense info on gluten, diet etc i.m.o.

So how are you and what did you learn from all that dirty linen processing?

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126 thoughts on “Wake Up & Smell The Awesome – Mercury Is Direct!

  1. A friend of mine has had one IPAD stolen, bought another one which completely stopped working after one week of use, then had a laptop destroyed by water damage all over the last two weeks. I along with multiple people in the same field have had issues meeting deadlines/ turning in paperwork on time. Today I dropped and destroyed a 4 month old laptop and missed a deadline because of multiple recurrent cellphone errors which ended up costing me thousands of dollars. Is this mercury related??

  2. I don’t do gluten either. Haven’t eaten it for 3 years. I’m a coeliac.
    Doesn’t mean I don’t eat carbs though. Helloo potatoes, g-f bread, pancakes etc.

    It just means a whole lot of label-scrutinizing and waiter-quizzing. You quickly get to know which restaurants do good g-free.

    • Same here, re carbs. Got to have my carbs! I think some people assume that paleo = no carbs, and that’s not the case. Carbs are necessary for all manner of things, & come from sources other than grains. Eg, yams, potatoes, squashes: all starches, all good & paleo compliant. Carbs are derived from (good) fats, too.

      One thing I’m not is a dietician, & this article re “safe starches” says it all so much better:


  3. Had weird dreams about vomiting up worms and parasites. If that ain’t a cleansing, I don’t know what is…

  4. My forth house starts in cancer with moon mars conj. My fifth also starts in cancer with sun jup conj. Hmmmm no wonder I am packing up my house to move over 300 miles post big emotional bust up with unsuspecting aqua 0 degree sun, leo rising. He’s eventually going to surface and I’ll be long gone!!!!!

  5. Thank you for the links Mystic

    you know I thought that the original zapping dates were pretty full on but I’ve only just realized that uranus is going to retro on my MC again whilst cap in pluto goes exact square (it’s one degree off right now) with saturn marching through my 5th house. Mad times man

  6. Mercury, Venus and Pallas all being hit at once in the 3rd house… emotionally cleansing my whole approach to love both internally – self worth – and externally – with another… FUQ it’s been big!!!! Now i need it to be good 🙂

  7. Merc Rx was in my first house… (it was conj the guy I have been dating DSC)… last week was a rollarcoaster, I completely had a huge break down on him and was extremely emotional. I don’t understand why I was having the breakdown though since I only have Pluto in late Cardinal… he should of been having the huge breakdown (he has Uranus, ASC, Merc and Mars that was getting triggered in early cardinal). At least all the skeletons are out of the closet. I’m going to give him time to recharge after my breakdown… from this point on we are either finished or we are going to become closer because of what happened.

  8. I’ve learned how much not living the truth of who I am has hurt me, that living my life to please others, to be the person other people think I should be, hurts everyone.

      • So why do it? What do you get out of it? Nothing but grief. That grief serves only one purpose, to bring on more grief. Yes, not worth it. Plus you’re unique. Why do you even compare yourself to someone else? I’m thinking there’s parts of you you don’t like. Maybe if someone is a positive role model, then I can understand how that could motivate you.

  9. Wow for this blog!!! The oracle said for me to act like my moon, which is moon in cancer at 5 degrees, and then I read this blog, which tells me to do the same thing. I also have mars 22 in cancer and my descendant is 15 cancer. I opened pandora’s box for the last time and that’s it. I have resolved the crap! As of 2 weeks ago, big big changes, first time for 16 years. Completely cut down the wine, so I’m so much more clearheaded. Been drinking alkaline water — why people don’t know about this. Blows my mind. My arthritis pain is gone. My hair is thicker. My skin looks great. And I have a lot of energy. All of this in the last 3 weeks. Been working out a lot. No more love zombie business. Since I’ve done all this, I’m so much happier and I don’t miss him. Although I still feel bad that he has that engagement ring that he’s still paying for. I’m hoping that in the future we can get married, but in the meantime, I’m not pining away and sending him needy texts. I still stay in touch with the love of my life virgo. He can’t be feeling good about our breakup after 4 years. We were engaged after all. Gawd, I still love him. Timing sucks. So the oracle also said — children are involved. Yes, I can’t split myself between him and my daughter. Just can’t. He doesn’t have kids, so he has no clue the dedication I have to my only child. She always comes first. I say — I get up each morning and do my best. I actually am now. I tell myself that every morning. I am doing my best and ever so grateful for everything I have. Yes, the appreciation is off the charts because I am living with no pain, I can sleep, I can walk, bike and live a normal life. Pain changes you, you can’t do things, it changes your mood. What a miracle. I make so much noise about it because I’m so grateful. yada yada yada….. 🙂 <3

  10. All that Kataka action is on my 6th house too but all below the DC could be the reason i’m in deep hibernation?
    The weekend had me toss procrastination and go through some of the 23 diaries from ’04-’13. CRINGE, so much horrid stuff happening and just today read where the happiness factor is seriously below par when in mid fifties, best at 23 and 60 then drops at 75.
    What would be the astro in those years for all?

    For me so angst ridden, reading them was embarrassing as it was when i was LZ-ed out over Butch, had 3 psychic vampires around me, fell off the wagon after 20 years with poppy juice, whilst continually writing ‘gotta get out of this mess’. Lot’s of physical pain with torn scapula, carpel tunnel and fuqued elbows and back from thousands of hours of massage. Jeez was in a really dark space and knew it. That man nearly destroyed me due to my fascination of being dominated and controlled when it was always me being the controller. A man who took all his cues from porn.

    There were cut out Mystic Medusas from the weekend australian when it was glossy paper astro, blue tacked on the pages before i subscribed.
    Only 18 more books to go. It seems being a subscriber and having MM’s blog was a blessing that pulled me out of the dark night of the soul.
    It can be hard facing yourself and feel a bit raw from doing so.
    The Bette davis quotes found were funny: I will work as long as i have legs and a make-up box’ and ‘ageing is not for sissies’ 🙂

  11. Mystic thanks for the information and sharing of your experiences .
    This is the answer the Gluten free way to many health issues . Thank you!
    On my way to greater health

  12. Cancer 10th house

    Processing so much over the last few weeks. After the breakup I feel a little bit like I’m a newborn baby animal learning to stand on its legs for the first time. Shaky and wobbly. But it’s got to be done.
    During the relationship I was bending over backwards to please someone. Making stupid mistakes of my own. And now…strangely I still want him. One month has passed and I’m at a stage where I can accept logically I was sitting in something toxic but my heart is still with him.

    I had sent a gift with my friend travelling abroad to give to him. 10 days post-breakup i asked him not to give it and chuck it in the bin. I had handmade a pocketbook with a list of things i love about him….a long-distance countdown calender until our Big day….with a message from me for each month. A love letter. And a timeline of our special moments. Sounds soppy and childish but it was beautifully made….(even if i say it myself lol) it was small enough for him to carry around with him. I wanted him to still get the present even post-breakup….but his words during the last convo haunted me. And if i sent it it would be to prove him wrong. I AM romantic in my own way. Later i regretted it and emailed my friend. I was two days late 🙁
    I love giving presents…so I’m gutted I made that decision.

    my virgo sun won’t let me let go off this 🙁

    Ahh growing pains!

  13. Cancer on the 8th/9th House Cusp and Jupiter transiting my 9th House.
    Could use some positive news and a good change.

  14. Is the retro weirdness continuing? I had a (happily, as far as I know) married Cap man over last night. Professional friend from the job that sacked me. There was this moment where we were sitting outside and – in some version of space-time – he kissed me. It didn’t happen. It was as if in another layer that is and was the moment he’d do it but he didn’t. I can’t explain. I never had that happen before. So, I felt freaked but I realized nothing at all happened. He didn’t hit on me at all. He did ask me if I was dating but said let him know if that question was too personal. Soo weird. I think I need to stay away from him.

    • Mercurys in shadow zone, things dont clear up in total until a planet stops going over the area hes already transgressed from traveling backwards. Once hes outta that point its smooth sailing all systems go since feels fresh new and complete.

      • The oracle confuses me. Besides, I don’t really want to start oracle-ing the married colleague, you know? Next thing, I’ll think I’m into him even if I’m not just because he’s not available, lol. It was werid. Very John-Cusack-movie-like. I’m glad it passed with nothing happening. Its like I totally forget anyone could have a crush on me than something like that happens and I feel dumb.

  15. My merc retro was pretty non eventful since it in my 12th, except a for a woman on citibike taking me back to my childhood to see what it feels like to fall off your bike agian. She was so kind and touristy to stop in the middle of the bike lane with her boyfriend to see if they were gonna tour that ugly piece of shit war ship carrier thingy on the West Side Hwy… I was not going that fast but out handle bars clipped and that forced my bike tire to the left.

    I always wondered what Id do if I did fall off it. It was all matrix like. I dont know how I knew to roll. Im just glad my nuts were not involved, I just flew over the top and rolled, they kindly helped me up and I had just a brusied palm and hip area for a few days. Its amazing how your body knows how to protect its self without u planning it. There goes my mars in Virgo.

    I blame the banks…. lol

    I do notice everyone walking around sooky goo goo.. One guy asking me to be with him a cancer cap ASC and moon making no sense what so ever. One minute saying his career is protected by economy then saying hes broke. He keeps asking ok this is the last time im gonna give you a chance to get to know me. Like i havent said this to him I dont wanna be with anyone all times before. He has BML in Leo Conjunct mars also.
    doesnt know how full of himself he is. Not gonna cater to his supposed “why me my friends liked you so much” Why cant I find anyone to be with dramas. I will probably cut him off as I dont take to ultimatiums too kindly.

    • glad you didn’t get injured biking. I know people can get broken clavicles and those are hard to heal.

      I saw those shiny Citibikes on my trip. I heard they are pricy and you are better off leasing old “returned” models from bicycle shops for long term use.

      • Yea citibike bank from hell is to blame… Lol
        Yea im so greatful nothing happend..

        But i yoga and gym n shit so really helps
        To be flexable and used to im used to shocking my bones with heavy weights..

        So how was ur trip? What else did you do?

        • Twas good! Thanks for asking. I randomly got asked to be a movie extra for an indie film. lol. I ate a lobster roll from Red Hook which is supposed to be best in that area. I thought many parts of Red Hook was scarier than the Bronx. Everbody warned me about the Bronx being scary but many areas are not that bad. I saw a lot of art installations. I met a lot of men, but no one I wanted to talk to for more than 15 min except for this one Aqua. lol.

          • Sounds like u had a well deserved blast.. Indie film very cool…. Ive never seen much of Red hook. Most of my friends live in washington Hieghts, Brooklyn Hieghts, the Bronx, around me, and in an and around Sunset park..

            Yea, theres parts of the bronx that are ok.. It does feel a little off kilter for a woman tho. I had to stay there by chance during the hurricane which was good seeing lower manhattan lost power and I almost stayed with friends around my place but ended up in washington hieghts, then couch surfing with friends I have that live in the bronx, till my building got unflooded. So that was my first time really “living there a few months” I dont know but the ground seemed to ooze struggle and pain. Its where most of the people who make NYC run live, the real underpaid slaves to be blunt. so makes for some dicey condtions no less.

            But im so glad u had a good time…
            maybe ill catch u next time around, I think ill have at least 30 minutes.. 🙂

            • Totes agree. I’ve seen the border towns in Mexico. 🙁 But yes the backbone of NYC lives in the Bronx but also a lot of the other places like Rockaways. I just “turn invisible” to be able to walk around unnoticed.

              I’m so glad you made it through Sandy. 🙁 I can’t believe things are still messed up, like the subways.

              I was hoping to catch you but things went sideways time wise with so much happening packed into the last 2 days unexpectedly. Tis the joy of travelling during Mercury Rx.

              • Its ok I totally get the Retrograde thing… one day Ill post a link to some pics so you can see I dont look nearly as crazy as I sound..

                I was mercury retrograding to some old posts on here and seen your post on Aquas lookin like bums lol. I have a leo ascendant that should be enuff of a clue to my dress style. I wouldnt greet you in cut out jeans and sandals with my shirt off….

                O & I just finished riding my bike to a Leo friends place and the WTC tower is finally 100 percent complete, on the outside at least. I was thinking that thing is an exact snapshot of my life here being the event happend 3 months after I arrived.

                I always thought I would not be here by the time they finished it. Time is so wierd. still feels like yesterday. for sure not 11 years ago.

  16. I so relate DT, thanks for that link to the book. I too, have so often in the past drawn 8 swords. And being a mutable, (and Pisces rising) very open to going with the flow, but have found that can be distracting from a focus that needs to be, to get stuff done and make it all happen, as you say! That foggy kind of merging feeling is nice, but can be unproductive if not channelled right.
    I’m right with you, and wanting to make the most of some pretty good astro around my creativity/career/output.
    All the best with it!

  17. Well I’m not going to gibber on too much, but I’ve been pulling the Two of Swords and the Eight of Swords every bloody reading I have done in the last month. The decision I don’t want to make and the card of self-imposed difficulties…..

    I have realised that there are four areas of my life in which I am not happy; and that while I want to go with the flow of the Universe, as it were; that there is a mean between doing nothing in a Buddhist sort of way and thrashing like a worm on a hook trying to MAKE STUFF HAPPEN. Yes, the Universe can come in and change things in a heartbeat, but I need to actively work on these areas myself, if only to show the Universe my intentions.

    I’ve been working on what I want to happen and what I can do to make it happen; how realistic my goals are; and if I am prepared to make the effort necessary to commit to them and see them through. I have a wonderful book called : “Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals” http://www.amazon.com/Succeed-How-Reach-Goals-ebook/dp/B00475AYJG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1374409809&sr=8-1&keywords=succeed, which goes into all of the science-y stuff about the best way to set goals for your personality type and the type of goal (long term, short term etc etc). I am working my way through it, clarifying and defining these four areas and exactly what and how I am going to put into place. As it were.

    I thinks its interesting that in both cards, the woman is wearing a blindfold. Its time for me to take mine off and face up to what I have to do in order to get some of the things I want !

  18. Huh…no wonder that Mercury Retrograde was super intense. Kataka is my ascendent so all the action was in my first house. And as a Virgo, ruled by my Mercury in Virgo, I think Mercury Retrograde hits me hard. I have been anxious and stuck lately.

    I’ve definitely been thinking about my identity, as I’ve recently decided to pursue graphic design after being a teacher. It’s a totally different identity for me and I’m coming to grips with it. It’s scary.

    Like you Medusa, I’ve been changing my diet. I’ve been eating more and more vegetarian food and want to convert to being a vegetarian completely. I’d love to go gluten free like you! I’ll just try to eat less bread products for now.

    I’ve also been very spiritual and getting in touch with the divine and meditating much more. I’d like my spirituality to be a larger part of my identity.

    In addition this Retrograde had me dwelling in the past a lot. I’m currently living with my parents in my childhood room. There is so much emotional build-up in here! I have been getting rid of old things like crazy to help improve the energy and get me focused on the present. My room currently has too much furniture so I want to get rid of one or two of them and leave my room feeling spacious. I think that will help with my anxiety as well.

    So like I said, that Retrograde was busy for me! I’m so glad it’s over and it’s time to move forward.

  19. it was by far the best mercury retro in terms of so much progress and everything is wonderfully put right now. onwards..

  20. Mercury retro happened in 2nd house when using Placidus, 1st with equal. Jupiter still in 1st either way.

    Yes, I did learn something very important related to the themes of these houses.

  21. Timely post, as usual. I’m between work gigs, and spent my first week off feeling totally sick and rundown. And I had all these plans around upping my fitness, getting up early, etc. Instead, I’ve been sleeping 10 hours/night, sniffly all the time, having bizarre and vivid dreams (possibly psychic too), having random communiques from people from my past, and DEFINITELY processing a lot of old emo crap having to do with self-esteem, work, career issues. Yikes…Mercury Rx hard CORE! Have realized again I need to cut out gluten 100%…was doing like MM and cheating now and then. Gluten haze has added to my feeling crappy all this week, with the mental fog and fatigue making whatever virus I contracted even worse.
    I have both Venus & Mars in Kataka, 5th house. What does this mean for me?

  22. I’m on the no sugar thing which also means no gluten or anything much at all, on a weightloss mission, and I’m not stopping till I kick some goals, freedom w Jupes off my sun cusp…. Now jupes ous in my 9th w mc and south node, but for me its all about travel and study and choosing exactly what I want…

  23. I posted on this very idea some weeks back during the merc retro – that finding the right diet for your bod is like discovering the most awesome clean energy fuel that unleashes your potential for awesome. It’s like the backbone of awesome. I’m sure Saturn would be pleased.

    I also got told in no uncertain terms to quit fuqing about and concentrate on my art already …..

    • so true, I have saturn in Virgo, which only reared its lower intestine blocking potential one time from eating too many starches. Since then I have learned my lesson well. a smoothie a day for bfast. always been regular and never take but a few minutes to let go and let nature…But boy now I know why old people fear being that way. with medical astrology forewarned is.. well u guys know the rest….

  24. Venus@0degrees..Kataka…….and..5th…house…cusp…with…mars…in…there….this…weird…loss…of…the…blank…space…bar…just…happened…as…I…was..spilling…my…romantic…guts…out…on…a….skype…call…today…to…a…new…heart..interest…on…the…other…side…of..the…world…—————Does….it…mean…I…need…some…space???lol….

      • Cool writing, at lest im getting some space between my moon and Saturn now and thats awesome. Widen away big guy.. & dont forget to Play nice with Ur-a-nus down the hall.

  25. Kataka is in my 6th as well. I’ve been caffeine and voodoo juice free for over a year and half. Have been trying to eat only clean foods but man do I love carbs. lovelove. Been thinking all day about perhaps eliminating meat. Deli meat doesn’t count right?

    • I love carbs too.. I tried DJing drinking voodoo or hoochie juce just 1 beer or wine- And its like my hearing feeling and perception of music is stuck on wet cotton ball. So I cannot maybe only a few sips is my speed. i am a Neptune Singleton after all.

  26. Cancer on the 4th house cusp. Definitely been going through the ringer like others here but can’t recall much to do with home/father/real estate. All that’s good…. deep emotional patterns, partner, career, health and study are another story, however 🙂

    • 4th house is also things handed down – can be physical things but also patterns in relating from formative years and is not necessarily specific to the father, can also be the mother depending on the roles each took or chose. May also turn up hereditary things. So much more than home / father / real estate.

      • Thanks Anon. I was wondering if there was more to it and the patterns relating to formative years makes sense. 🙂

        • … its emerging too that health problems are from formative years or hereditary. I am feeling those have turned a corner in recent weeks 🙂

          • excellent, glad things are improving for you. So easy to do the ‘cliff notes’ version of the astro and miss the nuances of the houses and transits x

              • alan oken is worth a look and his books are on kindle if you want an instant fix – he has a book on houses is that’s what you’re after. Celeste Teal’s writing is accessible and I’ve also found melanie reinhart and noel tyl’s style interesting/useful.

  27. Definitely felt like someone pressed the fuqin ‘Heavy Duty Wash’ button on my machine:
    A sit and soak out of those stubborn stains on my soul before an extra long cleansing cycle required – churning and churning in some feeble attempt to unsoil the sullied. Then the big spin out to drain those muddy waters away.
    Oh but wait, we are nowhere near done yet….next comes another devastating flood just to make sure you thoroughly rinse away any of the remaining residue, and then another even longer, harder, more forceful spinner to endure.

    So how do I feel?
    Like I’ve been put through the fuqin wringer, they forgot to add the fabric softener and I’ve been hung out to dry.

    • yeah. i went in the bleach bucket to soak o’night then left outside and forgotten about for what feels like 8 weeks . think am just dealing with the rinse now.x

    • Ooh, while we’re whanging on this analogy – I have been purchasing household cleaners solely on smell.

      I now have dishwasher blobs, laundry powder and washing up liquid which make my house smell like my grandmother’s houses in England…..

      So I have put my house in a spin cycle which has spun the clock back 30 years. Its rather lovely. I sure it means *something* – but what ?!?

    • Zai you have just expressed how i felt reading old diaries (and delighted in ripping them to sheds).
      Will be shiny clean when i get to 2013. Perfect weather to
      use up the wood in the shed for a fire to burn them.
      Scar tissue? Perhaps but it will be put to use positively.
      A journey thro’ the past to have a bright future, lovey.
      Rewash and don’t forget to add the ‘Comfort’ 🙂

      • Thanks Pegs. And yes I agree.
        I can be rather over dramatic at times, it’s a Scorpio thang. I went out and treated myself to some quality scented candles and they have proved most therapeutic. Whole house smells like freshly washed flannelette sheets that were hung on the line in a summers breeze – comforting indeed.

  28. Cut down on caffeine, aired a lot of angst. Don’t feel so awesome.
    Physically more alert but this just makes me aware of just how sad I am.
    The cancer bf has retreated into a soundproof shell. Looks vacant. Like he’s suddenly been overwhelmed.
    I just want to fix whatever it is, but can’t

  29. Kataka in the one two three four “Fifth!”

    I sure have covered a lot of ground over these last few weeks… (Was just thinking earlier that I’ve covered a lot since Feb- Saturn rx- and then, since Oct- Saturn into Scorp.) Topsy turvey whirlwind rollercoaster merry go round.

    30 mins after Merc went direct I was back on the grid with food in my fridge (thanks to a generous neighbor who lent me his generator for the day). That pesky toilet upstairs that got plugged again? Plunged. Hayfield of a yard from 3 weeks of rain? Clipped. Questions? Answered.

    I am so stoked for the adventure ahead! But I’m kinda pooped presently. Going to lie down for a bit. It’s been some kind of month…

    Btw, I’ve been grain/gluten, dairy & sugar free for a little over two months now, & no way will I ever go back to that shiz! It’s completely amazing.

  30. 10th house …. i’ve been putting off getting a Facebook again. this time i’ll be using it for haute networking purposes, as opposed to the previous version being a chronicle of my drunken adventures in comparing myself to others. Would now be a good time to get it again? I really dislike Facebook but i want to make the most of Jupiter blessing my career.

  31. Cancer 10/11th house. I realized I can’t make a situation that doesn’t work for me work. Must change situations, not bonsai myself. Duh – but this is MASSIVE for me. End of June is when I quit my 2 month old job to take a new one for less money and more freedom. Stressful at the time. So not regretting that decision. The place that fired me for being a Virgo (believe it was Merc retro then – in Feb?) sacked 6 more people this week. One was just over for beers. Today I saw a house I want to put an offer on. I’ve had my eye on it all retrograde and its still on the market. Perhaps by the time Merc gets into new territory I’ll be able to make an offer. Its GO, GO, GO time!

      • Thanks! The one I am interested in is by no means my dream house. But it is a house. And much cheaper than the one I am living in now. Apparently, it is for sale because of divorce, so there’s some anger left in the house. I’ll have to clean it up and reno, but with Pluto in my 4th, buying a rehab feels right.

          • Peeps with Sun in the 4th house are natural sniffers of good home buys. They could be realtors.

            I bought my home while neptune was transiting my 4th house and what that means is being ever vigilant for water damage to your house by leaky pipes or natural flooding. sucks.

            • I’ve found the same thing with Pluto transiting my 4th – underground pipes breaking, anything hidden beginning to stink, that sort of thing.

              • I would think pluto would create a literal shit storm.. lol I should know as one of my favorite things was studying the workings of underground pluming in all sorts of cities.

                so true that Scorpio (moons) (find security) in investigating things people usually find mentally disturbing.

  32. Hmm.. Cancer on my 12th house cusp, so whatever is happening, I can’t see it.

    Mercury is direct, so can I buy some tech crap now? I won’t be able to do anything before Monday so I suppose it is safe.

    • me too, cancer on my 12th….i too wonder what the hell has been happening… a part for the need to be alone….doing what? still don’t know…it seems my psyche has been through a major processing period…and i’m a bit tired as well…

        • Lol me and you so have the same Mercury Placement. I like the same echoy hauntingly beautiful etherial music…

          Psyche by massive attack,
          Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid Remix

          • mine was in the 12 too so this song is ver appropriate, and by chance it matches Mystics blog colors lol…

          • The Bristolians are just..pure bliss…..thanks!! me mercury in pisces/8th. you too? 🙂 and also Acqua with Leo rising 🙂

            • Mine is in the 7th almost the 8th. But its very true as im always big on “my partner getting me mentally”. Which rarely ever happens lol. Guess its not supposed to tho with my NorthNode Leo in the First House,,, means being/becoming the leader.

              mathmaticaly then I guess that means me getting others before they ever get me. WAAAA 🙁

              • wow! i can understand! we 7th house ppl sun..and with Leo/Acqua dynamics….well….at least we’re nice lol! or, try to be. seriously, i can relate :)….i have the same issues! …

                  • yep, Acqua sun, Leo rising! also, my nn is in the 5th…
                    well, it’s hard…sometimes i too feel like i’m not able to express myself without the presence of ‘the other’. just like you need the presence of ppl you love, you care, to really be yourself. it’s a strange 7th house ‘acqua’ thing i have been observing thrououtmy entire life! at times it’s lovely, other ones you just think oh my gosh…! seventh hs peeps are all about re-acting( more than acting themself out)…

        • Responding to ya here since were running outta room… Yes we are re active people lol. I heard that leo ascendants are the most opposed ascendants. We need it to develop the will. Interesting that you have NN in the 5th and south node in the 11.. its Leo NNode too.

          My south node is in Aquarius in the 7th and I know I cant hang out with them or date for too long before things go bezerk. We are alot a like. My moon probably makes me a little more rough and tumble than you though. lord knows the universe love to ruff me up….sheesh…:)

          • hahaha lol…”My south node is in Aquarius in the 7th and I know i cant hang out with them or date for too long before things go bezerk” !!! that too is me! 🙂 i get really really bored & pissed off if someone try to fix me into anything i don’t want..oh hell, we’re such difficult partners…lol. the perfect relationship must be that of another planet, with, maybe someone from another galaxy!!) i mean, how do you match ego vibe/freedom/need to belong/time for doing the acqua bats? it’s nearly impossible for a standard man!! lol
            ps, i didn’t get where your moon is ..?

  33. Cancer cusp is on 7th/8th house. That’s usually regarded as partnership related houses. No partners so i guess nothing going on.

    I realized I’m still holding on to certain mindsets from the last era: like fuqtard Scorp instilling in me that gifts are an evil trap. You know what? Not my real thoughts. I spent my time purging, sterilizing, and vaccinating against such stupidity. I’m reclaiming my old self, the one that isn’t afraid to give. So what if Aqua dude never acknowledges my health-related gift? It will hurt my ego but for a short moment in time, and I’ll move on to someone more worthy of me. But if it deepens my friendship then it was worth it.

    • Not just partnerships in the romantic sense. 7th and 8th hjouses so much more than that. Eg 7th house of how we relate to others, who we make formal agreements with, contracts, I call it the ‘house of other people’. 8th house I read once as the real house of business – transactions, the quite intimate nitty gritty/back and forth of cutting a deal, and yes the ‘exchange’ of gifts – giving *and * receiving. Remembering that it is opposite the 2nd house of value(s).

      • Oh good point. My NN is in the 2nd house while my south node is in the 8th house. I figure with all this Cancer action is why i fele so crappy and reminded of shitty things.

        • hmm. maybe Cancer is also the sign that reflects to us our myriad sensitivities and vulnerable points, and how we handle our emotions about these things (and more). What virgo is to details and gemini is to connectivity, cancer is to feelings (you know, as an approximation). From my personal experiences, all this time dwelling in the sign and energy of cancer has been a big fat Sit The F Down And Deal With Your Self. Because I thought I had finished with this already *woohoo, see ya later, problems* but I wasn’t. I’m still not and life is nevah problem free, it’s how we navigate in spite of them. So, EQ .. maybe the Cancer stuff is not so much about resolving our feelings but about seeing them more clearly, validation, giving them room to exist, so we can get around our lives in a more whole-hearted, healthy way.

          • lol when reading the Cancer cusp placement. It was so correct about liking to have a bed that is not large and is crib like. Its very true. I never get lonley but I like the feeling of the wall next to me. I dont like those beds that are in the middle of the room or too large.

            soz I def feel vunerable in a large bed in the middle of a room. All my beds were by the wall as a kid. Who says a leo ascendant needs to grow up? Hardly anyone.

          • So true, Pi — accepting ourselves and setting boundaries. Allow others who respect and validate us for who we are, not changing for anyone. Cancer nurtures, unconditionally, emotionally. If one can’t deal and respect that, their energy will just create havoc on the cancer energy of nurturance. In general, why waste time with people who look to poke holes in your integrity, especially your emotional integrity.

  34. Halleluja!
    Guru is parked on my 1st/2nd house cusp. Lost 4 kgs.
    But staggering under the weight of the grain free, dairy free, caffeine free, gaps diet weight..it’s onerous. (Goes back to the chopping bench).

    • hey i am not doing caffiene free but how good is the gluten free/dairy free vibe?! If you need extra motivation, it is all there on those links i put up. Scary stuff

      • It IS amazing, but I have to say after being vegetarian and epileptic, the thing I notice the most is.. the animal fats!
        My restless leg syndrome and general jerkiness is goooone. I feel so much safer driving my kids around.

        The candida yeast thing is horrifying, it forms like like spider webs throughout the organs.. I am really happy to be doing Gaps for this reason. Will check out the links!


        • Happy to note btw, that he has an curing autism section with a nice case study – I need to hear that right now!

            • Have been gluten free for the last 4 years, and certainly feeling much better. But am eyeing off GAPS diet too.

              FYI Andromeda and Mystic – there is a great blog by Gluten Free Goddess. And of course she is also on facebook. She really knows her stuff and comes up with fantastic failsafe recipes. Not only that she is kick ass funny. There are lots of recipes that are a vegan and dairy free. she is the best I’ve seen in my 4 years of searching online for GF advice

              • Love GF Goddess!

                Eating dairy, grains, refined sugars & miscellaneous additives was for me akin to dumping low-grade oil in a high performance vehicle. Had me operating on 2 cylinders, like a go-cart. On clean meats, fresh fruit & veg, nuts & berries, I’m barreling down the highway on all eight, baby. Switching gears between stealth, monster truck, & hybrid modes at will; shifting by visualizing the clutch– no need for actually pushing it.

                Saturn return as my witness, if you want to take the reigns you must stop eating like a cow. We are surrounded by naturally occurring substances that were intended for our optimization! All one needs do is reach out & take it!

      • it doesnt sound trite food is so connected to everything else in life…. I actually love when you share whats personal no matter how big or “small”. Whats one persons transit may not be another’s yet- if ever. But surely big for you.

        • Thank you Serenity! I am up to Stage 4 now, which means juicing, pumpkin bread & roasts – woohoo! However little man is not.. and I haven’t had the heart to eat like that in front of him but I think I need to start juicing/bread-ing for mood.. you are right.

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