Triple Toro Tries Out The Integratron Cosmic Sound Bath

Integraton Notel California

So the gorgeous Jo Stewart, aka Triple Toro in the Comments and writer of the terrifying but genius Being Taurus At Sea has just been Cosmic Sound Bathing. This is cross posted from her fab blog Notel California. The combo of sacred geomancy, ley lines, Californian Boho and Sound Therapy is just genius. F.Y.I. If you wanna stay at home & do this, experiment with Tibetan Singing Bowls & the bells. Also, who wants to set up an Integraton in other places? Clearly, they should be everywhere.


What do Anthony Bourdain, Queens of the Stone Age charisma-king Josh Homme, Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold and myself have in common? We’ve all journeyed to the Mojave desert ‘town’ of Landers, California to receive a cosmic sound bath at the Integratron.

To get there you must drive on what has to be one of the creepiest highways ever. I’ve driven through Breaking Bad territory in New Mexico and the hunting grounds of notorious serial killer Ivan Milat in Australia but the road to Landers is way up there on the creep factor. Not sure if it was the white, wooden crosses dotting the dusty, rock strewn landscape, the occasional home-made memorial to people such as ‘Uncle Bob’ sitting at various intersections, the yards full of rusty car carcasses, the trailers spray painted with slogans like ‘GOD IS NUMBER ONE’ or the presence of a disheveled, lone hitchhiker trying his luck in 40 degree heat (sorry dude – no dice, I’ve got a date with the Integratron), but that highway is straight out of ‘The Hills have Eyes’.

Reportedly a “fusion of art, science and magic”, the Integraton was built by a man called George Van Tassel, (note from Mystic – he was Pisces) who apart from being an engineer and author, can also add ‘visionary’ and ‘interplanetary contactee’ to his impressive resume.

According to the Integratron website, this construction is “…an acoustically perfect tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert” and is “based on the design of Moses’ Tabernacle, the writings of Nikola Tesla and telepathic directions from extraterrestrials” – now there’s a killer combo of inspirations! Van Tassel himself thought of it as a “time machine, rejuvenation machine and an anti-gravity device”. Based on this description alone, this thing would sell millions on late night infomercials.

Sadly, Van Tassel passed away in 1978, but the place is still used by everyone from musicians, to astronomers and yoga teachers. The people that now own it run an incredibly good show. Greeted at the front gate by a friendly dude in a golf cart, you pay your $25 for a public sound bath session and wait in the outdoors chill out area known as Hammock Village.

When it’s time to enter the Integratron, there is no sense of wonder or amazement at the inside of the structure itself. It looks just like many yoga rooms I’ve been in before, with people lying on yoga mats, with cushions and blankets – some self consciously unsure how to set up, others seasoned pros already primed for the sound bath experience. As I lie down next to a young, bearded, white-robed cliche, the owner explains that he is about the play the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and we will “definitely enter the third dimension, possibly the fifth too”. Whoa! With a claim like that, I am expecting big things.

I’ve never had a sound bath before, but the premise is that sound is form of nutrition for the nervous system, and with the Integratron housed on a geomagnetic vortex, the healing powers of sound are magnified here. As he starts to get the singing bowls going, the sounds are nothing short of incredible. These are the most acoustically perfect, deep, strong sounds my ear drums have ever encountered. The sounds wave throughout the Integratron and can be felt throughout the whole body. The sound bath continues for the next 30 minutes, where I go on a journey through the desert, meeting with all types of people: people I’ve met before, people from my past, people from my future, people from my childhood, people I’ve never met before. I’m just walking in the desert being greeted by new folk and reunited with people that have long departed this world. And the kicker is they are all overjoyed to see me. It’s like a cosmic homecoming.

I’m not sure what experiences other people had, I’m not sure if this desert journey with a cast of thousands was a figment of my imagination, I’m not sure what the hell happened in there, but it felt pretty damn amazing. Afterwards, I did feel rejuvenated, but I guess lying down for 30 minutes in the shade on a hot, summer’s day will do that. What a 30 minute nap won’t do though is give your restless soul a sense of contentment and a feeling of connection to others, to everyone in the Integratron that day, to the people in the immediate area and branching out further to the rest of the world.  I can’t explain it but I felt closer to everyone on the planet after the sound bath.

Afterwards you have time to ‘play’ in the Integratron. You can suss out the neat acoustic tricks it’s known for (you can stand on one side and whisper to a friend standing on the other side, and they can hear you as if you are standing right next to them. Mind. Blown). Or you can hang out in Hammock Village, or sit around and watch the thermometer go for a record. Either way, peace is pretty much guaranteed – wish I could say that about the rest of the world.

Integraton founder

Thoughts???  I can see a tour coming on – planetary jumpsuits, the Whiskey A Go-Go and Cosmic Sound Bathing.  Via U.F.O. obviously. No inflight announcements – just binaural beats and Joshua Tree Essence.  Mainstream culture is infuriatingly non-Uranian.

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80 thoughts on “Triple Toro Tries Out The Integratron Cosmic Sound Bath

  1. Holy Toledo I am famous on Mystic’s page!! Thanks for the mention Mysto, you are very supportive of my writing and hare brained schemes/adventures – this, I am very thankful for x

    • .. not hair-brained at all!!

      & I Iove your listings of airbnb stays!!

      Airbnb – such an awesome way to travel. We’ve just come back from a couple of months traveling through Portugal, Spain, Malta & France – using nearly all airbnb accommodation. I chose the oldest medieval quarters in five capitals. Alfama in Lisbon, Riberia in Porto, Granada (under the Alhambra) in Spain; etc .. & soaked up the ancient magic of each culture. Mmmmm!

      But Malta unlocked something for me!
      .. & that’s why your trip to the Integratron totally resonates (pardon the pun!). Malta’s neo-lithic temples are also positioned on strategic, powerful electro-magnetic points, to attract, hold & transmit/transmute energy. But the Maltese temple in particular that was constructed to give ‘sound baths’ – was built underground. It’s referred to as the ‘Hypogeum’. The workmanship is UNBELIEVABLE considering that it predates Stonehenge & the Pyramids by 1000 or so years. The acoustics are literally jaw-dropping. Hewed into solid rock, there is no other underground site like it anywhere in the world.

      They used sound technology to access higher consciousness & to help balance their energies; & were trained in using sound to heal.

      If anyone is planning a trip to this temple make sure you book ahead! The waiting list is long. You’d need to book online a couple of months before-hand. They only allow 20 people through a day.
      Amazing stuff!

      • Awwwwhhh!!

        Just had another look at some of your AirBnb stays!

        I’ve only been back for a month – your blog is playing with my moon in Saggo – bigtime!!

          • yeh!! Totally layered in history – all the way back to the ancients! A pivotal, strategic place commandeered by numerous empires, absorbed many influences, but still managed to hold its own.

            But on a spiritual level, so much knowledge is being unearthed. Before the Mediterranean was flooded, it was Atlantis’ sacred mountaintop, where they studied the celestial bodies, electromagnetic forces, & the science of sonics. The ‘Tarxien’ (pro-nounced tar-sshhen) temple held ceremonies called ‘the acoustic ritual’. The particular architectural structure of the temple produced polyphonic vibrations (like the crystal bowl sound/vibrations) aiming to drop initiates into a deep trance.

            One of these days I’ll aim for a Summer Solstice Full moon party .. on the island of the triple goddess; & then do some serious healing meditations at the temples.

      • I looooove Granada. Cried at the Alhambra. So jealous, Spain. Never heard of the Hypogeum, now it’s officially on my bucket list!

        • Yep! Granada has the best vibe!!
          I think the fact that it is a university town adds to it! But it just feels really ‘up’.
          Great food. Very stylish people without being smarmy.

          I remember getting directions from a world weary American couple while in Seville, & then passing them again walking the cobblestone streets in the medieval quarters of Granada. With big smiles we swapped knowing looks acknowledging the awesomeness of the afternoon, & then subtely high-fived each other (which I never normally do) .. but we had all been re-invigorated!!

          .. & that’s without even stepping foot into the Alhambra with it’s mystical, mathematical, mesmerising interiors!

          Ahhhh Granada!

  2. Wish we had sound bath chambers in Melbourne!!!

    The next best thing .. Mystics binural beats!!!!!

  3. Toromojorising – you are the real deal! (unlike the many poseurs on this blog). Love what you do and the class in which you do it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Yeah???
        What’s with that!!

        The reason that I’m hooked to this blog is partly due to the authenticity of the contributers. It’s such a brilliant culture that has been fostered here – what an insult to call it ‘posing’ .. you can’t confuse great expressions of individual spirit with ‘posing’!

        What are you suppressing ‘Anonymous’???

        • .. good time to name thyself ?

          Rather than ‘posing as Anon’ for the rest of your days.

          (This month’s astro will totally support you in this)

      • I take back the plural. I refer to one person in particular, who shall remain nameless, who irks me beyond belief with their overwhelming vanity and I was just so delighted with Toromojorising’s down to earth toro authenticity, I stupidly made my comment.

        Didn’t mean to insult Mystic or the many truly wonderful people here, who have silently gifted me so much with their wise words.

        Please accept my apology.

        • It’s me isn’t it?

          I have been a poseur since forever, well since i was 14 and realised the power of posing. At the mall, on the side lines of footie matches, poetry readings, cat walks even – i am a professional poseur, it is hard to leave behind something that shaped you and bought you your independence.

          you’re not “the” anon are you? The one who came up with “pseudo intellectual astro bitches” and “fuqed up clueless whores”??

          • I don’t reckon it’s you .. You’re a Leo – you’re supposed to ‘strike a pose’

            *cue soundtrack* *lights*
            “You’re on”

            • And you can spot a real Leo when they say, not question, but say in asking form, “Is it me?/It’s me isn’t it?”

              They know it is. 🙂

          • thanks for the “I’M SPARTICUS” action Leo Socialite but I’m sure Anon was referring to moi..
            Leo rising

            Tho I was unjustly captured by that hot Saturnian/Venusian Queen in the ‘Strikeforce Saturn’ post ..
            and sent off to mine ‘EGONITE’ !!!!

            welllll….I escaped and I’m all better now thanks…

            (hoping the effects of that stuff wears off soon tho…this is boring)

        • this comment makes me irky. i understand your message, and you have every right to display it, yet I disagree with you completely.

          we all have our reasons for writing what we do. it may be super self centered or supportively altruistic, yet there is an enormous amount of liberty given to post whatever you want. that’s one reasonwhy we post??

          Even if it is completely vain or innapropriate, I believe the deliver IS authentic, so who are we to complain on the quality or narcissism present. If it gets under the skin, ignore or scream in a pillow. not everyone gets along or understands each other. hell, my own musings get pretty perfunctory and childish sometimes, but i still reply in truth, no pretension.

          I would agree with you if said postings are untruthful to garner some personal attention whoreishness or incite a certain response so the OP can feel better. fake empathy is even worse, but generally i’ve found everyone gives the benefit of the doubt, as do I, and that is why I come around here.

          also in my opinion, if you pay the membership, you post whatever the fuck you want 🙂 so, if it’s tension, yu want, or that it is too kumbayaa in here, can we have some drama or mock fights? like toro vs leo.

      • Was going to reply wtf to that but decided not to give
        it a reply in case i was one she/he/it was referring to.
        The ‘real deal’ is what works for you, what get results.

        • Definitely not you Pegasus. I see you as a Tribal Elder round here. I enjoy your input. You don’t cultivate an image and wield it like a sledgehammer 😉

          I’m sure I shall be copping a lot of abuse now *sigh* The folly of commenting here. Won’t make that mistake again.

          • Sweetie, sometimes we do re-act instead of re-spond. It’s something to be aware of. Life can be a long learning process about the difference between the two.
            Be good or be careful 🙂

          • It’s not a folly to comment, it’s a folly to hide behind the name of “Anonymous” and snipe at one or another person who comments here. Just because whoever this person is annoys you doesn’t mean they annoy everyone else. Pi

  4. Ha, Mr Van Tassel has such a cheeky smile. Like he knows your going to love it.
    I’m in.
    Thanks so much Toro, your adventures from freezing Antarctic beauty to arid desert heat are inspiring. You really can take me there. I’m so looking forward to your next adventure.
    My Venus in Taurus needs to hear these stories. x

    • Thanks davidl. I am have some seriously fun stuff brewing (yurt in Malibu organic orchard, Anzac-themed pyramid home in rural Cali etc) so keep an eye on the blog. And yes, I would have loved to have seen Mr Van Tassel’s smile in person. His story (long and full of conspiracy) is worth reading.

      • Are you headed to Northern Cali at any point in your experiment? Mt. Shasta and the coast north of San Francisco are both weird/awesome nooks that have a lot of blogworthy places to explore!

        • Am driving up there now! But not sure how far I’ll get because I have a date with Nashville, Memphis, and beyond. Thanks for the tip off though.

  5. Road trip time! Holy shit, I’ve never even heard of this place and I’ve done my share of California nomad-ing. I am so excited right now…

    You inspire me to actively counterbalance my Toro stuckness. I used to be a nomad…but lately I’ve been getting trapped by my own figure eight racetrack of Trying To Be Serious/Adult. Who says I gotta live like everyone else, huh? Huh? 😀

    • Get thee to the Integratron! Taureans are known for their love of music, and this place really spoke to me. I am a serious adult but still have time for these endeavours.

      • you make the bulls proud, thank you for cataloging your journeys. I’m learning by example, the next mega journey I take, I will do a blog.

        This sound bath stuff is going to rock my 8th house moon and neptune. I might explode from the audiophilia

    • no no no….just because you are an adult (or trying to be one) does not mean you have to ride on the figure 8 racetrack! Being an adult is (to me) about how we deal with conflict, face adversity, love, share, not hog the chocolate, whatever. god, adulthood looks boring. there’s no poetry in balance. (actually that’s not quite true.) Well anyway, let me know what it’s like when you get there…I am lost down a side road atm.

      • side roads are fun right?? even a circle track or figure eight track (great analogy btw) has a pit lane. take some time off, it’ll still be there.

        okay pi, i think you should go on a “vertical” adventure 😉

      • It says so on the cover of my Chrysalis CD.
        Played it Tahiti Island one night and the cicadas
        came out in force to the sounds emitted.
        Sound Healing was used in ancient Egypt =WSP word sound power. Sound vibrates and moves energy. That’s why the Tibetan monks do all that OMmming, Vibrates in the skull bones and creates orgasmic feelings. It’s the way of celibate sex 🙂
        You may notice if a person is saying/telling you something that perhaps they should not, their voice cracks, like their throat dries up a bit.
        All chakras have their own particular sound similar to the A E I O U that is taught in elocutions.
        Good sounds abound when the mouth is round.
        Just doing mmmmmmm lightens you up.

    • Hahaha! Never heard that but I had a banana/hemp milk smoothie afterwards (so California)

      • See, it activated your intuition :-)!
        A book i had (’93) was Music Physician for the Times to Come’ looks like they are here and now.
        Waiting for hospitals to paint the individual rooms for colour healing, THAT might take another 20 years!

  6. It seems like the aural equivalent of diving into the cool water of a pool or lake.

    My Sun-Neptune conjunction swoons at the thought of doing this.

    • Get there (if you can). It’s quite the experience and so much fun getting there. The people that run and own it are genuinely great.

  7. Omg. i am a double toro also in the outback/desert at the moment and you are my toro inspiration! Yes, we can be adventurous, despite the stereotype.

    • Yeah the stereotype is not true for most I found? Although, I am known to enjoy a good rut every now and then. I found – I need to keep the ball rolling otherwise stagnation is tempting.

  8. I use to tone ….on people for healing, on myself, to connect with spirits and other diminsions.
    I loved it but fell out of the practice.

    Now I walk along the shore listening to the waves.

    • I think that walking along the shore is one of the greatest, most powerful meditations one can do.

      • I’ve taken to binaural beats while I walk along the beach. Get the volume right and the symphony of the sea just adds another dimension.

  9. Thanks for this Toro!!!! I’m there! Aside from the creepiness out of a david lynch movie (where that one film was actually filmed, in the Mojave, sorry name esapes me right now), I’m gonna have to find a companion, I’m already scared thinking of driving through that again. I’ve driven alone at night through Death Valley back to LA. Scarey as hell. I’m so fascinated by all of this and RM Dingdong’s travels! I will look it up and head north then east.

    • I guarantee you’ll find Serenity on the island of Gozo.
      Part of Malta, & just a short ferry ride away.

      Best seafood, bluest water .. eva!

      (I feel like a destination pusher!)

      • Yes, they filmed that right on that creepy highway on the way to death valley. My bf at the time built the set. I was driving his puppy to him at the hotel. Then drove home in the dark! There are no lights out there. I warn you, never drive out there and get stuck close to dark. You don’t see anything in front of you. I want to see this. I know sound properties, in the right environ, is curative and miraculous. Another dimension of beings have already tapped into it. We don’t have the technology on our ancient planet. Like you said, RammMD, they came and went. Ramm MD, listenig to your stories, I wanna to go to Malta and all those places. Our greatest monuments of ancient civilization are ruined. I would have loved to see the libraries of Constantinople and the gardens of babylon. The closest I’ll get to any ancient mystical power are these places you guys speak of.

    • the desolate parts of highway 191 north from interstate 40 in arizona is spooky as all hell. there have been all kinds of wierd super natural lore surrounding it, which may or may not be the result of it’s prior name – route 666.

      That and driving through the Bad lands at night through the “scenic route” in south dakota have been the unnerving-ist drives. It’s like asking to get abducted from aliens

      • Gren. Oh lordie yes I have driven in that part of Arizona and it was so spooky. Especially since there was a meteor shower happening at the same time. You just pray that your car doesn’t crap out!

  10. New-Agie discoveries do attract some of the wierded out fringe dwellers that give some of these incredible states of higher consciousness a bad name with the very peoples that could benefit and be amazed like medicos par example and politicians in particular.
    In fact they are being re-discovered. It makes me want to read the classics again of Plato, Socrates, Aesclepes (sp?) etc.
    Even the old bloodletting is receiving a valid comeback into the healing arenas. Think the industrial age bamboozled mankind and now we have technological overload and the ley of the land has been lost, so to speak.
    First there was Sound, then there was Light, are they not the very building blocks of the universe?

  11. And here i am in Adelaide named after Colonel Light and called the City of Light.
    In the 80’s i saw a poster that said ‘Would the last person leaving please turn out the lights’. (Being the reason time away to elsewhere was imperative to my wellbeing.)
    Still waiting for someone to turn them on. A famous author said Adders was the perfect setting for a Steven King book, YET on a map of planetary Sekhina, a dove like map transposed over the earth, Adelaide is the only strong point on the southern hemisphere from memory!

  12. Omg… I love York’s blog, its rad… What a cool adventure… Yes I totally saw the horror movie in my head with the desert accommodation, it reminds me of a movie from the 90s us arthouse w Tim Penn I can’t remember the name, but Yeh freaky!

    I love sound baths and toning… So deeply healing… What a wacky place though… I like the hammock village…

    I love airbnb I had the lushest stay at a beautiful house near noosa that ended up being a yoga retreat… Gosh I need to do more of that!

    • Yes I’ve find some amazing places on Airbnb, When I return to Australia I will use it more often for weekends away. That Noosa place sounds perfect.

  13. Well that just trips me out! What a small community we are! Gefion here, gong mistress and KRY-certified Kundalini yoga teacher. If you’re anywhere in the Cali area, and want to experience an unbelievable sound immersion for yourself, we’ll be at the Integratron THIS SATURDAY for an overnight gong immersion celebrating the recent Summer solstice.

    I can’t even being to describe the environment in this spectacular local, but I’ll try… a dozen or more gongs surround the circular room, joined by crystal and brass singing bowls, and drums. Guests bring yoga mats, sleeping bags and pillows, and stake out their spot. Another gong is placed in the middle of the room, just under the circular opening to the stars.

    As yoga winds down and dusk descends, this incredible sound starts–like nothing you’ve ever heard. It truly is the sound of the Universe, and, in fact, if you go to NASA’s website you can listen to clips so eerily similar that you’ll wonder if these magical spheres of metal weren’t gifted to us from another time and space altogether. The vibration from the gongs is so strong you can feel it as if it is an internal massage. It’s a life-altering and mind-expanding experience.

    Approximately a dozen of the best gong players in the world will continue to play all night and into the morning, in two hour shifts, through daybreak, when the adventure concludes with meditation and morning yoga–followed by pumpkin pancakes for those who wish to stay and socialize.

    The event is organized the the world-renown gong Master and teacher Sotantar, who can be reached for questions for more info at:

    If this wonderful article has whetted your appetite for adventure, please join us! Erin “Gefion” Kociela, Cap, Cap, Aquarius

    Here’s a few pics from our Fall ’12 concert:

    • Oh well, I am sorry I am going to miss this gong-fest! Sounds incredible!! Anyone in the local area, I implore you to check this out!

  14. TMR – This sounds like a dream! I love it. You write so well and I love your punchy style.
    I would love a set of crystal bowls, I was told there are some that vibrate layers of our energy field and can’t actually be heard by the human ear.

    Went on retreat for Wesak a while back and we spend an hour meditating to a wonderful lady who does crystal bowls up in Byron.

    Thanks for introducing me to this man and his work too. And thanks for the cool cross-post MM, you are so generous with your blog.


    • Thanks Andromeda! I agree, Mystic has been more than generous to me. It’s a joy to share the fun with others.

  15. It’s quite possibly one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in my life. TMR, I love how you were able to capture the feeling of … well, what the sound waves “felt” like in words. I’ve never been able to describe it. 😉

    I felt like these deep wounds I wasn’t even aware of were healed … Literally heard, “You are Healed, You are Whole, It’s OK …” (among other things) vibrating through my body during the bath.

    There is some serious mojo (hah!) in the land around Joshua Tree.

    • Agreed. There is something special there. I need to find a way to have a daily sound bath experience. Need to live closer to the Integratron!

  16. Went this past Thanksgiving with my non-believer boyfriend. One highlight was talking to the staff for a solid 30 minutes about Swede, the meth dealer next door and other extraterrestrials further afield.

    My boyfriend and I had vastly different but equally amazing experiences. I literally felt myself dissolve into the earth as I released some of the deep pain of losing the most important person in my life the month before.

    I talked everyone’s ear off about it for the next 6 or 7 weeks. Truly magical.

    I will be back.