Sun Conjunct Pluto In Scorpio People Are Brave

Alex Minsky

Former Marine turned disability advocate and model Alex Minsky is a fantastic example of the Sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. He lost his right leg in a horrific accident while serving in Afghanistan and was honorably discharged after several months in a coma. Upon his return to civilian life, he developed a drinking problem & then one day decided to no longer “run away from his demons.” He became an avid gym-goer, got into savagely good shape, and became an underwear model.

He’s an internet sensation, obviously & he kindly agreed to answer some astro-type questions from me.

Mystic: You are a Scorpio which is already a sign of fierce courage, linked with transformation. But with you, it is more than that. Your Scorpio Sun is conjunct Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio and (in mythology) the God of the Underworld. People with Sun-Pluto in Scorpio often undergo intense and unusual experiences, almost like a legendary journey into darkness to face demons. It is a life-death-rebirth vibe, a mythological epic transformation trip – you embody this. Do you relate at all to the Phoenix metaphor? The Phoenix is one of the “higher” symbols of Scorpio and Pluto on your Sun makes you like a super Scorpio.        

Alex: Yes. If I understand this correctly, I have to face my demons daily — one day at a time.

Sun Conjunct Pluto in Scorpio Moment: “I have to face my demons daily.”

Mystic: You dived into the booze a bit after your ordeal return from Afghanistan but are now totally sober. Can you tell us a bit more about that “moment of clarity”* when you realized you had to let go of alcohol?

Alex: My moment of clarity was when I realized I had the choice not to take the easy way and run to the bottle.

Mystic: Your body looks fantastic, and i gather you were “discovered” at the gym shortly after going sober. It seems sort of like a cosmic reward for walking away from one pleasure/distraction lol. You straighten out, and you get the fashion industry/fans, etc. Did the body art come first and then the fashion? Or vice versa? And has any of your ink got any magical/religious significance?

Alex: I have always been into fitness, so I guess the body came first and the rest just fell into place because I was doing the right thing.  I have a couple of God vs. the Devil tattoos, which to me signifies my daily struggle to face my demons.

Alex Minsky Is A Total Mars Person

Mystic: You’ve got Mars in Aries at Zero Degrees – this is said to be the bravest Mars there is. AND you’re a Scorpio, which is Mars affiliated. You’re a Marine, but even apart from that, are you considered to have an exceptional fighting spirit? And did anything occur in March 2011? That is when Uranus, the planet of sudden enlightenment and genius, was ON your Mars for the first time in 84 years?                   

Alex: In March of 2011, I was drinking my life away and drowning myself with the bottle.

Mystic: You’ve got Saturn-Uranus in Sagittarius – the seeker/teacher – and Neptune opposite Chiron. It means there is a strong spiritual destiny at work in your life; you will make a massive difference in the lives of others. I know you do some work with the Wounded Warrior  Project – can you tell us some more about that cause and your role in it?   

Alex: Wounded Warrior and the Semper Fi Fund were a huge help to my family and myself when I was injured. Any chance that I can work for or represent them becomes a priority because I know that they are still out there helping injured service members.

Mystic: Finally, something shallow, Scorpio is often said to be sex-mad – you’re now an underwear model lol. Are you incessantly hit on?   

Alex: Yup totally 🙂

Alex Minsky 2


Top Image: Eric Schwabel   Bottom Image: Tom Cullis

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Is this guy born the same day as I am? I mean you are literally describing my chart. What is his date of birth?


Oh I checked, yup, few days before me… Weird.


I THINK HE MAY BE THE PERFECT MAN….A man who can beat those demons, be a hero, then fall to the wounds only to rise again to be a hero once more….and with a body like that and the art appreciation. YES YES YES!

I believe I would like to Marry again now….


Oh, and I have been crapping on for ages about how I reckon people with amputations, deformities, and disabilities should be models too. As a pro make up artist I really want to work towards that somehow….not sure how…but I want to..

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

This is a genius interview, and a very inspiring guy.

When it comes to awesome, inspiring amputees, I reckon you should do an astro interview with Amina Munster.

12th house virgo

I would love an Astro Interview on Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller I can’t find anything about her astro online but suspect some strong Mercury.


The body, the scorp intensity, the tatts. Swoon


Hands behind back is classic body language for hiding something!


I’m intrigued by his “don’t laugh” tattoo- is that what it says? above his package? I do find that rather funny and sexy and it makes me want to take a peek- but I suspect that it is really deep down Scorpio insecurity! His answers remind me of the grunts I get when asking my Scorpio man about his feelings and transformations! lol.


Wow, he’s really living his chart, isn’t he? Even when looking at the pic in preview I knew he was a Scorp. Personally, I find the short answers a total turn-off – to me it seems disrespectful to agree to an interview and then have barely anything to say, but obviously he’s more body/emotion than word-oriented. But then I’m a Gemini who needs words, & lots of them, for any potential interest or attraction to succeed.


Hiding something, lots of things…


Is that a scar under his left pec in the first pic? A bullet wound maybe? HOT AS…. Please sir, can I have some more? *slides off chair….*


Love is lust that lasts.


Oooh that’s sweet and oh so true. It just keeps building in my opinion. What a profound chart he has. And carved out such a perfect place now in life. Doesn’t need to say much. Would I ???
Ha! maybe just the once.


humungous gap in market for decent erotica photog/art for the female gaze. imo. deliberately omitting ‘gay gaze’ in this because there is way more of that now than art constructed for/by women’s viewing plezshahh (plus is more hornbag than is at least my idea of erotica, but hey whatevs gets us thru the night)


that last sentence as it made NO sense. but no time to rewrite! agh


He’s got such a Scorp body. All the Scorp guys I know have short stocky bodies


you’re right – he looks so much like an scorpion! ah, in a good way…

catfish moon

ummm…my ex hubby was soooooo skinny.

catfish moon

Ummm….GULP….the bottom photo……


Yeah … ummm totally gulp! :mrgreen:

Did I mention the Virgo housemate wandered around in his undies the other day? …………… he’s ex-navy. Waaay gulp. I had to avert my eyes. Often!



HAHAHAHAHA Poor prowln …i can see it all now…

what new housemate wanders around in their underwear and *doesn’t* intend to titillate or at least know the effect it will have on other housemates whom one has already had lust-infused conversations about furniture arrangements and bathmats? HUH? he knows what he’s doing. cheeky ex-navy articulate house-trained virgo..


if it were me I’d make him work for my attention. but then again I am a jerk with venus in aries (hence trade / military types make me a little bit weak-kneed) and a capricorn moon.


he’s got thighs that could crack walnuts 😯

… it’s ok coz I’ve been prancing about in mini skirts and boob-hugging sweaters. :mrgreen:

I can’t wait until summer! …..


me obviously

The Leo Socialite

Buy a mouse and then have it in the bathroom when you’re showering. Scream “eeek” and then when he runs in to save you and you are in lingerie, tousled, perfumed and sleek you fall into his arms.
but don’t let him hurt the mouse


ohgod men’s thighs
I have a THING for sportif thighs
maybe it’s my dsc in sagg

by the time summer comes, you two will just be on a “no clothes” policy i am sure 😀


bahahah thanks for my first proper rofl for the day Pi! 😉

…. and one can only hope that would be the case

catfish moon

No really????? NOt fair, or oh so fair. Good luck honey. I love me some great thighs on a man.

I love my man’s thighs, after super skinny and then too thick(not fat) I find his in between just right(yes I am talking about thighs). HE says I am the first to say I love them.


I mean, I almost don’t understand the last photo. Whose body looks that delicious?! It’s obscene!


dammit. how do you guys embed stuff?

if you fall... dive

So his Venus is definitely not in an Air sign. Or Sagittarius.

Probably a bit of talker when he was drunk, though. The few Scorps I’ve met/known have been that way when talking about themselves: Sober, never going to happen. Drunk, never shut up.


Yup totally. 😉


Gem Asc astounded by brevity! But yes, he is cast in a special way.
Very beautiful man. Love to see a haute Scorpio in action. Bless him, may his demons dissolve & his tattoos reflect his phoenix abilities!

12th house virgo

I want him to show me that which I should not laugh at.

aqua leo scorpmn

I want him to show me what makes him braver than some Iraqi child in a crib with a facial deformity, lying amongst rags facing a soiled cracked wall and a future of depleted uranium air to breath and soil to play in.

I know many of scorpio who did it for the look the prestige for the competion so i call BS on this guy. Hes off to NIKE next… He’s becoming the darling of the Enlistment world.

Brave is really not joining at this point….

12th house virgo

So lives are being saved because I haven’t seen his penis? That’s some consolation.

I get it – you hate war. I don’t get why your rant was in response to me.

aqua leo scorpmn

was just pinging off what you said. Mercury in Pisces could be called the ping off placement. Does it pertaint to you? or everyone? or you and everyone. Or One Or no one at all- Mercurial Pisceans don’t even tell themselves.

Is there intuition correct and there mundane tasks like banking and paper work wrong? The world may never know..

aqua leo scorpmn

Or this may be what your talking about.. I have Pluto libra at 24.43 of libra and a Aqua sun at 18.23 im a pluto trine sun guy. Hes Pluto conjunct sun. from a website.. What if a Sun-Pluto person makes a less-than-optimal response? The basic Plutonian contract is simple to say: you go to the dark or the dark comes to you. Never does that idea signify that one must become “evil,” only that one must face honestly the less comfortable aspects of human existence. A Sun-Pluto individual who attempts to achieve a sort of idiot-happy, Toyota-commercial “normalcy” in… Read more »

aqua leo scorpmn

As above, so below. The astrological Sun is both the “gravitational center” of your psyche — your identity — and also the symbol of your basic vitality. Astrologically these two ideas are inseparable. Vitality and identity cannot exist without each other. There is something inside you to which you must be true if you are going to look forward to getting out of bed in the morning. That’s the Sun. It symbolizes the path of authenticity and psychological truth in one’s life — and anyone whose biography diverges too far from the spirit of his or her Sun shows symptoms… Read more »

Electric Eel Libran

very eloquent discourse on sun-pluto conj and sun-pluto trine! I’m sun-pluto conjunct.

I’m happy that this guy has transformed his lemons to lemonade. Go him! but I’m also like meh…any attraction to his physical self is just diluted by his non-intellectuality. yuck. plus ex-military makes him extra yuck to me. (and I come from a military family.)

aqua leo scorpmn

Hey EEL I would think yours is in a sign that hosts a friendlier exchange between the two? Either way age matters. and you looked into making sure your contacts didnt get out of hand. You took the occult way.

Who knows maybe with mystics astro interview can start him on the path to astrological self realization. With that comes great self acceptance.

12th house virgo

Fair en

12th house virgo

Fair enough. I’d still like to see a naked pic of him.

aqua leo scorpmn

in my search I found a GIF of him doing a naked downward dog type of push up.. 🙂

doesnt do anything for me but I know usually women find normal porn pretty boring. GIF away.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

so mercury in pisces explains my love of tangents? TIL

aqua leo scoprmn

Im just going to leave everyone here with a quote from Malcom X…

If you are not careful, The media will have you hating those who are oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

I can attest to the Sun-Pluto thing — my friend the multi-Scorp (Sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Pluto) went into heart failure at 28 just after Saturn went into Scorpio. He had been taking a bunch of stimulants and just living an insanely unhealthy lifestyle, but apparently it was viral cardiomopathy (?). Doctors are baffled as he was scheduled for a transplant but his heart function went up from 15%/almost dying/coma/renal failure to almost back to normal in just half a year. He is a genius writer and just a brilliant dude and so I hope he is able to turn… Read more »

Moved on

My daughter has Pluto sun Venus conjunct in the 8th house. Ever since she was a baby I’ve felt she won’t be around for long. Discovering this astro pattern the Other night has given me the shivers. She’s a sag

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Thank you for writing this! I have an 8th house stellium and every time I research it all it says is that I am going to die and/or kill someone. Oldschool astrologers weren’t too creative/interpretive with the 8th house it seems.

Moved on

Thank you Mystic. I’ve always hoped it just means she’ll grow up too fast. But I have had a dream each about my other two being absolutely devastated by a loss. They’ve not yet reached the age in my dreams, but will in about 3 or 4 years.

cosmic fleece

”Don’t Laugh” tattooed above the pubis area..

Wow .. as in … quality not quantity ? Or at the sheer size and volume?

One wonders …

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

I know! I’m like is this some kind of psychological trick? 😀 ’cause it’s kind of working.

cosmic fleece

Oh Rache, i love you man ! Xx

Who would have had the audacity to laugh in the first place ? Unless there is only one ummmm pendulum ? But laughing at a Scorps bits….big no no…there was a hilarious comment / insight here recently from a Scorps lady, on the Michael what’s his face, Catherine Zeta Jones husband post…Said Scorps Lady wrote “if anyone ever said anything, ever, about my vag in public, I’d kill him……with my vag..

It was priceless !

cosmic fleece

Apologies, it was the word vagina, notbpvag used. Packed more Pluto punch !


Lol! Love it


LOL! One hopes its not the size (noooooooooo…)

Aqua leo scorpmn

V Cool interview.. As far as seeing him as brave. I dont think joining a war is brave. I think its misguided especially since its so easy to look around and see what our country has become. Everyone making money off fake wars. ALOT of people get rich. And I dont think this guy just did it cuzz he really wanted to help. and if thats the case I got no sympathy… I wouldnt be suprised if all this attenion and glamorizing his sturggle, is being used by the Military Industrial Complex to enlist other scorpios and Arian point masians… Read more »


I am so grooving on his chart . . . delicious angles 🙂 🙂


Wow. Nice 🙂 great lunchbox….


hmmnn that’s what I was thinking…


Me too! Does that make me shallow and wrong, or honest and observant?


You can feel his intensity in the interview. Not giving too much away. March 2011 is not that long ago for a complete Phoenix…


yep wing feather tips would still be a bit ashy imo

aqua leo scorpmn

I hope I wasnt too intense, its hard not to be intense with my moon but…

Can you maybe do the Triple Leo Intern Next? 🙂

freedom ala air

Inspiring in more ways than one!


A man of many words lol


brevity is the soul of discretion ! how scorp.


Very inspiring.


that’s what I was thinking. I could learn something from this.. maybe.

lets his body do the talking.


Forget the royal baby the action is over here

Scorp Sun/Rising



LMAO!!! 🙂



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