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The Lion King Full Moon

Generosity strikes! And I am not even a noble Leo! But the Sun has been in Leo for, i don’t know, DAYS and i have barely even mentioned the creatures.

So do check out the Leo bit of the Categories Menu to browse Leo – my faves are Better Living Tips From NapLEOn In Love With A Womanizing Leo Playwright.

Also, Conan the Leo aka Jason Momoa 

And Diana “the eye has to travel” Vreeland.

Leos are everywhere, shining their light, flicking their golden manes around and modelling ‘the show must go on’ attitude to us all.

So, in the comments, nominate your fave Leo to win one of the following prizes.  The Leo can be famous, infamous or not that known but he/she SHOULD be because they’re so damned fuq off fabulous. YOU tell the story. Why is your Leo so amazing? Can Leo nominate themselves? Why not…Prizes will be awarded to the most erudite, touching, amusing and Leonic commenters.

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* One Phoenix Transits Mp3 Consult – 30 mins of me raving on re your most powerful* astro-passages of 2013/2014. These are nearly booked out for the year so win this and you’re sweet. *Saturn, Pluto, Uranus – all the schizz.

* Five of the fantastic Jupiter Re-Zap Power Nap Binaural Beats Mp3s that I commissioned off the genius Jandy Rainbow – this sounds like spaced out trippy New Age music but it can take you from zero to hero real fast. And it’s got genuine transmissions from Jupiter & Uranus woven into the predominantly Alpha & Theta brainwave enhancements.

Thirteen Prizes – go for it. I want to see Hubris. I want to feel the blast of full Leonic Awesome radiating out at me from the computer. you have 48 hours before i roar back in to judge this thing. Stay hot.

Aslan in the Snow

Top Image: The Lion King

Bottom Image: Aslan – Narnia

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174 thoughts on “Nominate Your Fave Leo To Win-Win-Win!

  1. So many amazing choices. I nominate my personal Leo role model Bugs Bunny. Thanks to Mystic to clueing me into this.

  2. How long has this entry been up and no one has yet nominated The Leo Socialite, ahem??

    I would tell you how wonderful she is, but she does it so eloquently and humorously better than I can, TLS, are you out there?

    Please take the stage and nominate yourself, Beautiful!

        • Was going to nominate the Leo’s here when luva a Leo came up, TLS, Andromeda & Leo Groover as there no Leo’s in my life, ‘cept here and Myst’s Leo followers are very special, kind and noble and i am amazed t their strength.

  3. Wait, I have another. Romy Ashby, we share a birthday but she is way cooler. Author of The Cutmouth lady, the engine behind Goodie and Housedeer magazines with full length interviews of Debbie Harry, Vali Myers and Edgar Oliver and more, a chronicler of a period of New York City with cheaper rents and you were tripping over artists, an animal lover and inveterate city walker.

  4. I am just bursting at this opportunity to kvell about my dear friend, Christi, Leo Queen Extraordinaire. With a stellium of Sun, Moon and Venus in Leo, she rocks this sign like no one I have ever known. Her aura is a perpetual golden spotlight that causes heads to turn wherever she goes and yet, she always makes me feel like the center of the universe when I am with her. There is no one better to knock me out of any self-diminished love zombie mess. She quickly and lovingly brings me right back to remembering my own divinity and right to be treated with dignity and respect in any relationship. For example, always intent on spreading the love, she arranged for me to meet a friend of her husband’s who she thought would be a great match for me. She introduced us and stayed with us as we chatted over tea. She maintained her characteristic dignity and composure as he proceeded to communicate his disinterest in me by showing us dozens of pictures on his phone of a scantily clad woman he just spent several weeks on an exotic island in Italy with. It was only later that I learned that she was far more upset and teed off by his behavior than it ever occurred to me to be (having experienced far worse effrontery on first meetings). Her “off with his head!” anger at his disrespect and insistence that I deserve so much better was just one of many instances when her protective and loving Leo-energy restored my sense of dignity and reminded me of that inner Queen that Christi always brings me back to connection with. Finally, she has BY FAR the best marriage of anyone I know. She and her beloved Aries husband are even developing a program together to teach and coach others about manifesting and sustaining True Love. My heart always expands in her presence and leaves me that much more loving with others as a result. How I love my favorite Leo!!

    • Send an email with “triple Leo intern-5” in the subject field!


  5. Jackie O! It was her birthday yesterday. Regal as hell. Queen of Jungle America. Not royalty in the stodgy Capricorn way, in the endearing Leo way.

    Jung is actually probably the best person ever, he should totally win, and there is a pun there if you say he is King of the Jungle, and puns are important. But, I don’t feel that he is clearly identifiable as a Leo. I guess that’s because he was doing Leo so well, doing so much work on deconstructing Leo, I mean ego.

  6. There has been one big Leo in my life and damn he was stubborn as fuq. The most arrogant and self indulgent person imaginable. He had too much pride to ever admit being wrong and he used to twist the truth in his favor. He was the one with the best memory, best listening skills, best social skills, best bloody everything (at least he believed that). He manipulated (and still does) every single person around him and unfortunately I fell under his spell too. I admired his strength at first but slowly it started killing me inside. All criminals get caught when they get greedy and his ego got caught in itself too. Eventually his dominance increased to the level where I had to run away as soon and as far as possible. He caused (and still does) pain and misery to everyone who loved him because he is so stupidly lovable no matter what. He might not be the shiniest Leo on Earth but I think I deserve a gift for putting up with him for too long.

  7. My fave Leo is a lovely gentleman I had a failed affair with…

    A botanist…terribly insecure about his receding hairline…all it took was a few lines of poetry or song to send him into rapt adoration….terribly emotional and LOVED nothing more than a good unrequited love-affair he could get all bittersweet over. The man did not like to be chased to say the least! Adorable fellow. Prone to likening relationships to those between characters from period novels. Drama king.

    Specialised in studies of the orchid. Had a great appreciation for feminine beauty.

    Whenever I saw him he would comment on my hair before anything else! (I always seemed to run into him after getting my hair done and it looked fabulous…is good hair a leo magnet perhaps?)

    • Hahah what a well placed blow! This rings true.
      Send an email with “triple Leo intern-12” in the subject field.

      “it’s not receding it’s just a widows peak” said the Leo.

  8. Mucha! Alphonse, my super-massive creative mojo Leo artist inspiration. The guy who started and epitomized the Art Nouveau movement. Oh, and the hair in his nouveau models is so Leo – flowing and dramatic. Mucha himself decorated everything with his goddess gals. He vaulted to stardom after producing a lithographed poster of Libra diva Sarah Bernhardt, and she adored it so much she became a muse-patron for a six year contract. There was nothing Mucha didn’t design – posters, paintings, advertisements, book illustrations, jewelry, buildings, furniture. Oh, and used his money to fund nationalistic movements and worked to help Czechoslovakia win its independence.

    True expression of haute Leo and haute 5th house.

    • Oooh! Good one AquaMeg! Love A.M. and had no idea he was a Leo, but makes sense now that you mention him.

  9. Andy Warhol! Born August 6th, 1928.

    A quiet, awkward child, Andy (named after his parents’ first son who died before Andy was born) never had a boyfriend and was rumoured to be a virgin YET he harnessed his Leo power to take over New York and the Modern Art scene, complete with a collection of over 40 platinum wigs. A lion with many manes, tres chic!

  10. My sister Harmony is the most fabulous Leo!
    She has survived breast cancer then this year went on to raise $10,000 in the Mothers Day Classic for breast cancer research. This made her the 3rd biggest fundraiser in NSW.
    She has inspired us all to adopt healthy patterns including exercise, meditation and eating organically and with her philosophy of ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’.

    • Powerful Harmony!

      Send me am email when you can with “Triple Leo intern-13”
      in the subject field.

      Love and respect to your wonderful sister.

  11. A toast to a Leo. I am going to say it!! Madonna!! The queen of pop. With many arrows to her bow. Her perpetual makeovers, always with a marvellous manicured mane. She is bold not beautiful…that therein is where lies the magnetism that is Leo. She never stops, has always something going in the pot and quite the philanthropist. People dislike her because she is bold and unforgiving …. so Leo. Having 13 bucks in her pocket and then moved to New York is quite inspiring..look how far that cub has come. She embraces taboo and flies with it. For me she is the Lioness of all Leos.

  12. Yo guys – the Triple Leo Intern has begged to be allowed to judge this so i told him yes and he is going to do it later today – so if you have not yet got your entry up, please do it soon xx

    • She is so great: “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful”. That describes Leo’s to the hilt.

    • Ah, yes, the grande dame of leos. I think I liked her since I was 7yro. I always loved her quotes. Wish I had taken them more seriously, would have kept me out of a heap of trouble, lol

  13. David Duchovny – not for being sex obsessed, but for his character Mulder in X-files. So far ahead of its time in terms of a mainstream TV show (I don’t watch TV, I download it) or could it be that we just haven’t had any decent Alien or Conspiracy theories since?

    Aside from Mulder, My soon to be 2 year old son has to be my absolute favourite Leo. His most recent arms flailing, leg twisting, falling to prostrations on the floor while chanting “I Cazy!” (I’m Crazy) makes me feel that I’m doing ok as a first time parent.
    Leos are possibly my most favourite people!
    Maybe this has something to do with Leo cusping my 7th&8th houses.

  14. As a Leo myself, I’ve always got other Leos on my radar, and of all the wonderful leonine types out there, I’d have to nominate Antonio Banderas! Not only did he give life/voice to Puss in Boots in the Shrek films, but he has a beautiful kittenish face, feline grace and true Leo loyalty to his much-maligned (also Leo) wife Melanie Griffiths. In typical Leo style, he’s really creative – not only as an actor but musically. He can be loveable, smoochy or tough, and knows how to turn on the charm – all qualities of a haute Leo IMO! And to conclude: some words of wisdom from the man himself…”There is nothing in the world that cannot be cured by love. That is the most thing.” Ahhhh…

  15. Honor Blackman…..Pussy Galore in Goldfinger also played Cathy Gale in Avengers in leather catsuit. Still incredible at 87! Feline, amazing gravelly voice, very politically active in UK ( A Leo wanting UK to be Republic !) supported Alternative vote referendum. Prefers being single, adopted 2 children….a really Haute-Leo. Also publicly criticized Sean Connery for being a tax exile, ‘ I’m very disappointed in him. I don’t think his principles are very high’. Top Leo… also check her hairdo in Jason of the Argonauts.

    Other nomination is for Robert Redford not only wonderful actor but has contributed so much to film making and helping new directors.

  16. This is probably a bit late for the judging but I would have to nominate my late father, who was Sun conjunct Venus in Leo.
    Born into a very working class family, with a blacksmith father (who played violin), Dad was a true renaissance man and a true romantic, who met my Scorp mum on the school bus and made short work of other contenders for her hand.

    An engineer, who pulled apart a radio to see how it worked at age 5, later worked on pilotless planes (and adored Hedy Lamarr for her brains as much as her beauty) he had that not-so-lauded-but-very-common Leo ability to fix or restore ANYTHING broken – boats, washing machines, cars, hearts, whatever. There was, in fact very little that he could not do.

    He wrote beautiful poems (some of which he used to woo my mother), and published a book of them. He was too lazy to learn to read music, but didn’t need to really – he could play anything on the piano by ear – usually on the black keys. Blessed with a truly fabulous bass-baritone voice, he loved showing it off when our very large extended family got together. A master woodturner and craftsmen, he made all our furniture (and a harp and a violin!) and became President of the Woodcraft Guild after he retired, during which time he also delighted in making one-off devices to help the disabled. He traced both his and my mum’s family genealogy and wrote a book on it, to leave as a legacy for the present and future generations.

    Family was everything to Dad, and in spite of his air of authority and nobility (an aura so profound that it meant that discipline was never necessary in our family) he was, like most Leo’s, a total softy, especially if his wife or any of his three daughters cried.

    At 70, he looked about 50, thanks to an incredibly active life and all but a few grey hairs. Soon after, he then endured a dreadful terminal illness (motor neurone, for which there is no cure) with incredible courage and humour. As he was being cremated, he instructed that his coffin should be made of chip board or the like, because he couldn’t bear to see fine wood go to waste. Watching him during this period gave me a lesson in true nobility that I will never forget.

    And when I ran the eulogy I had written for him past him in his dying days (to be sure he’d be happy with it) for once, he made no correction. “You’ve been much too kind,” he said, with a tear in his eye. Like all truly talented Leo’s, whose ego is well-deserved, his innate nobility nevertheless had ensured that he had mastered the art of humility by the end of his days….

    • so beatiful Fi. brought a tear as we share a very similar paternal heritage
      engineer tick
      wood craftsman – he made a guitar and our furniture tick
      musician tick
      mine was a shy aries/taurean who put up with his wayward leo daughter – I don’t know how – he had no patience.
      Noble in passing tick – his living will ensured that.
      Thank you for sharing

    • Please send me an email with “triple Leo intern-after hours”

      • thanks honey xx
        Not an easy relationship by any means, given the too-insane-to-be-coincidence synastry full of exact conjunctions and oppositions between him, mum and me, and their own relationship problems while I was growing up.
        Still, ferocious loyalty a common denominator in us all, and the synastry totally explains to me why I chose to be born to them….

  17. I’d like to nominate one of the more subtle Leo’s I’ve known; a quaint little lady named Isa. In the relatively short time I’ve known her I’ve found her to be anything from a cute and cuddly house cat to the most ferocious lioness, and despite her tiny stature one cannot miss the light and energy she radiates as if she were the Sun itself.

    Despite thinking that she’s not Leonic, I’d have to disagree: she’s a whole package of rad tastefulness and fabulosity. Always stunning no matter how she’s dressed, her tasteful tattoos and barely ruffled hair give off an unique elegance the likes of which most Leo’s are too self-obsessed to give themselves a permit for. I also admire her qualities as a loving and devoted mother of one of the most hilarious and firey young girls I’ve ever met; gifting her the namesake of histories most electric and eccentric scientist, Tesla.

    She’s a mercurially talented writer; articulate and easily one of the most intelligent among I’ve known, and an advanced and spiritual individual whom I am grateful to count amongst the few people I can share my astrological passion with; her perspectives greatly helping me advance my understandings of my inner and outer worlds. I respect that she’s completely unafraid to dive deeply into herself and see where she’s hurting most, and transmute herself healthily. Her social awareness is admirable and noble, and revealing of a selflessness which you’d never expect of the stereotypical Leo.

    Isa is generously kind and sweet of heart, being sure to see people for who they are. She saw the light inside me when I was in one of my darkest times, and for this I feel eternally grateful. Despite my then-fears she touched my heart unlike any other, gifting me the perspectives and knowledge with which I was able to confidently continue my own inner and outer paths. In ways unknown she’s inspired me, and I trust will always do so. I appreciate that I can say anything to her and not be judged or looked down upon, even if I may fear otherwise. She’s always been completely straight with me, completely honest and open, requiring little in the way of encouragement to do so.

    I hope that when she reads this she does so with her distinctly curled smile, and that she recognises in the depths of my soul that I’ll always cherish the time that I spent with her and her heart, and the insights I received into her complex and fascinating mind. She totally deserves recognition for her awesomeness, and I’m sure even if she isn’t the most self-righteous Leo out there she’ll feel at least slightly chuffed and empowered by the fact that some hypersensitively modest earth & watery hybrid just dug it out of himself to talk up the most quintessential Leo he knows.

  18. Hey! Please email with “triple Leo intern-4” in the subject field.

  19. Winners are as follows (in no particular order)

    FI-no.3 TWO year Mega Mystic sub
    Lux Interior
    12th house Virgo
    Anna-Winner free Phoenix consult.
    Prosepine- no.2 TWO years Mega Mystic sub
    Julia Inglis
    Valentina Murray
    The Crazy Crone

    • Congratulations to the winners.

      Can’t say I wasn’t hoping for the grand prize! But there were many great contenders.

      • Congrats from me too, so may wondrous Leos
        past & present.
        What can one expect with the Lion as a symbol, huh?
        ‘They shall roar and like young lions be heard throughout the nation’.
        That’s from the bible i think.

        • It’s true- they are a pure and mighty force in the world. There’s a reason the Sun rules Leo.

  20. I would like to nominate my mother. She is a tiny Japanese woman and consummate Leo in every way imaginable – passionate, regal, perfect hair. As a child in rural Japan she was an A student and champion skiier and then worked as a fashion model in her late teens and early 20s. In college she met my father (an American sailor) and defied her family’s wishes by eloping with him to Hawaii. She studied English and wrote her thesis on William Faulkner, and to this day she speaks English with the precision of a professor.

    When I was a small child I loved watching her set her hair in hot rollers – she had a flawless 50s pin-up hair look in her late 20s and 30s and always wore perfect red lipstick. She has wide-set eyes and thick gorgeous hair. She wears huge hats and sunglasses to protect her fair Asian skin, and her nose is actually somewhat Anglo – straight and precise, very regal.

    She is also the consummate Asian “tiger mom” – let’s say Lion Mom. She had me playing piano and going to ballet and painting lessons throughout my entire upbringing starting at age 5, and she’d battle with any teacher or parent who she thought was treating any of her 3 cubs unfairly. She is somewhat mellowed in her older years but the aggressive feline energy remains – you can see it in her flashing narrowed eyes.

    • Japanese -Hawaiin blend women are some of the most beautiful i have seen, guess that’s you!

  21. According to Liz Greene, in her book The Astrology of Fate, Arrogance, Pride, and the Need to be Center Stage is what the Leo is tasked with removing in their lifetime (all these traits are remnants of excess in their opposite Aquarius sign). Karma seeks balance. Leo is self mastery; the lone vehicle instead of a desperate need to be accepted by the group (hence, the loyalty traits). It is unconditional love, regardless of what others think, that creates “leadership qualities” in the more evolved Leos. They stand their own ground. Here’s a direct quote from Liz Greene: “Leo, ruled by the sun and therefore connected with the mystery of individuality and the fated path of individual maturation, is not really about creating something that other people can applaud. More profoundly, it is about the development of a unique individual essence in search of its own source. The lion is associated with concupiscence and pride. It is a fighting animal and suggests health, but also destructive, aggressive impulses. But the lion can be tamed and respond to human care – lions were kept as pets by Egyptian and Persian royalty – and were confronting something much closer to consciousness; the lordly passions of the heart. The lions stage is a process with which there is an alchemical work to be performed. The lion is not permitted to remain in his bestial form, but must give way to something other. It seems a disturbing aspect of pattern that Leo is often treated with circumspection proper to the jungle, or methods of the animal trainers use of whip and goad. This is a painful process for Leo, whose childlike heart is deeply injured by the reactions of his fellows to his excesses. He meant for the best but somehow others weren’t appreciative and often became angry instead. If Leo himself does not sense the importance of the process than life tends to teach him rather forcibly that a lion cannot roam loose among men without some retaliation.”

    • I love this…thanks for posting it. Must get this book – everything I’ve read from Liz Greene is so full of profound insight.

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