Nominate Your Fave Leo To Win-Win-Win!

The Lion King Full Moon

Generosity strikes! And I am not even a noble Leo! But the Sun has been in Leo for, i don’t know, DAYS and i have barely even mentioned the creatures.

So do check out the Leo bit of the Categories Menu to browse Leo – my faves are Better Living Tips From NapLEOn In Love With A Womanizing Leo Playwright.

Also, Conan the Leo aka Jason Momoa 

And Diana “the eye has to travel” Vreeland.

Leos are everywhere, shining their light, flicking their golden manes around and modelling ‘the show must go on’ attitude to us all.

So, in the comments, nominate your fave Leo to win one of the following prizes.  The Leo can be famous, infamous or not that known but he/she SHOULD be because they’re so damned fuq off fabulous. YOU tell the story. Why is your Leo so amazing? Can Leo nominate themselves? Why not…Prizes will be awarded to the most erudite, touching, amusing and Leonic commenters.

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* One Phoenix Transits Mp3 Consult – 30 mins of me raving on re your most powerful* astro-passages of 2013/2014. These are nearly booked out for the year so win this and you’re sweet. *Saturn, Pluto, Uranus – all the schizz.

* Five of the fantastic Jupiter Re-Zap Power Nap Binaural Beats Mp3s that I commissioned off the genius Jandy Rainbow – this sounds like spaced out trippy New Age music but it can take you from zero to hero real fast. And it’s got genuine transmissions from Jupiter & Uranus woven into the predominantly Alpha & Theta brainwave enhancements.

Thirteen Prizes – go for it. I want to see Hubris. I want to feel the blast of full Leonic Awesome radiating out at me from the computer. you have 48 hours before i roar back in to judge this thing. Stay hot.

Aslan in the Snow

Top Image: The Lion King

Bottom Image: Aslan – Narnia

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Xavier Bean

According to Liz Greene, in her book The Astrology of Fate, Arrogance, Pride, and the Need to be Center Stage is what the Leo is tasked with removing in their lifetime (all these traits are remnants of excess in their opposite Aquarius sign). Karma seeks balance. Leo is self mastery; the lone vehicle instead of a desperate need to be accepted by the group (hence, the loyalty traits). It is unconditional love, regardless of what others think, that creates “leadership qualities” in the more evolved Leos. They stand their own ground. Here’s a direct quote from Liz Greene: “Leo, ruled… Read more »


I love this…thanks for posting it. Must get this book – everything I’ve read from Liz Greene is so full of profound insight.


I would like to nominate my mother. She is a tiny Japanese woman and consummate Leo in every way imaginable – passionate, regal, perfect hair. As a child in rural Japan she was an A student and champion skiier and then worked as a fashion model in her late teens and early 20s. In college she met my father (an American sailor) and defied her family’s wishes by eloping with him to Hawaii. She studied English and wrote her thesis on William Faulkner, and to this day she speaks English with the precision of a professor. When I was a… Read more »


Japanese -Hawaiin blend women are some of the most beautiful i have seen, guess that’s you!

Triple Leo intern

Winners are as follows (in no particular order)

FI-no.3 TWO year Mega Mystic sub
Lux Interior
12th house Virgo
Anna-Winner free Phoenix consult.
Prosepine- no.2 TWO years Mega Mystic sub
Julia Inglis
Valentina Murray
The Crazy Crone


Congratulations to the winners.

Can’t say I wasn’t hoping for the grand prize! But there were many great contenders.


Congrats from me too, so may wondrous Leos
past & present.
What can one expect with the Lion as a symbol, huh?
‘They shall roar and like young lions be heard throughout the nation’.
That’s from the bible i think.


Forget the ‘and’ in the quote. A senior moment (so often 🙂


It’s true- they are a pure and mighty force in the world. There’s a reason the Sun rules Leo.

Triple Leo intern

Hey! Please email with “triple Leo intern-4” in the subject field.

Oran Mor

I’d like to nominate one of the more subtle Leo’s I’ve known; a quaint little lady named Isa. In the relatively short time I’ve known her I’ve found her to be anything from a cute and cuddly house cat to the most ferocious lioness, and despite her tiny stature one cannot miss the light and energy she radiates as if she were the Sun itself. Despite thinking that she’s not Leonic, I’d have to disagree: she’s a whole package of rad tastefulness and fabulosity. Always stunning no matter how she’s dressed, her tasteful tattoos and barely ruffled hair give off… Read more »


This is probably a bit late for the judging but I would have to nominate my late father, who was Sun conjunct Venus in Leo. Born into a very working class family, with a blacksmith father (who played violin), Dad was a true renaissance man and a true romantic, who met my Scorp mum on the school bus and made short work of other contenders for her hand. An engineer, who pulled apart a radio to see how it worked at age 5, later worked on pilotless planes (and adored Hedy Lamarr for her brains as much as her beauty)… Read more »


so beatiful Fi. brought a tear as we share a very similar paternal heritage
engineer tick
wood craftsman – he made a guitar and our furniture tick
musician tick
mine was a shy aries/taurean who put up with his wayward leo daughter – I don’t know how – he had no patience.
Noble in passing tick – his living will ensured that.
Thank you for sharing


Thanks…somehow I will always trust a man who reveres wood xx


I can appreciate that – lovely evocation of your Da Fi x

Triple Leo intern

Please send me an email with “triple Leo intern-after hours”


Now there’s a MAN, Fi. His genes live on in YOU. x


thanks honey xx
Not an easy relationship by any means, given the too-insane-to-be-coincidence synastry full of exact conjunctions and oppositions between him, mum and me, and their own relationship problems while I was growing up.
Still, ferocious loyalty a common denominator in us all, and the synastry totally explains to me why I chose to be born to them….

12th house virgo



Honor Blackman…..Pussy Galore in Goldfinger also played Cathy Gale in Avengers in leather catsuit. Still incredible at 87! Feline, amazing gravelly voice, very politically active in UK ( A Leo wanting UK to be Republic !) supported Alternative vote referendum. Prefers being single, adopted 2 children….a really Haute-Leo. Also publicly criticized Sean Connery for being a tax exile, ‘ I’m very disappointed in him. I don’t think his principles are very high’. Top Leo… also check her hairdo in Jason of the Argonauts. Other nomination is for Robert Redford not only wonderful actor but has contributed so much to film… Read more »


As a Leo myself, I’ve always got other Leos on my radar, and of all the wonderful leonine types out there, I’d have to nominate Antonio Banderas! Not only did he give life/voice to Puss in Boots in the Shrek films, but he has a beautiful kittenish face, feline grace and true Leo loyalty to his much-maligned (also Leo) wife Melanie Griffiths. In typical Leo style, he’s really creative – not only as an actor but musically. He can be loveable, smoochy or tough, and knows how to turn on the charm – all qualities of a haute Leo IMO!… Read more »


David Duchovny – not for being sex obsessed, but for his character Mulder in X-files. So far ahead of its time in terms of a mainstream TV show (I don’t watch TV, I download it) or could it be that we just haven’t had any decent Alien or Conspiracy theories since? Aside from Mulder, My soon to be 2 year old son has to be my absolute favourite Leo. His most recent arms flailing, leg twisting, falling to prostrations on the floor while chanting “I Cazy!” (I’m Crazy) makes me feel that I’m doing ok as a first time parent.… Read more »


Julia Child
Are you kidding?
She’s Julia Child!!!





Leo Toaster

A toast to a Leo. I am going to say it!! Madonna!! The queen of pop. With many arrows to her bow. Her perpetual makeovers, always with a marvellous manicured mane. She is bold not beautiful…that therein is where lies the magnetism that is Leo. She never stops, has always something going in the pot and quite the philanthropist. People dislike her because she is bold and unforgiving …. so Leo. Having 13 bucks in her pocket and then moved to New York is quite inspiring..look how far that cub has come. She embraces taboo and flies with it. For… Read more »

Cassady Southern

My sister Harmony is the most fabulous Leo!
She has survived breast cancer then this year went on to raise $10,000 in the Mothers Day Classic for breast cancer research. This made her the 3rd biggest fundraiser in NSW.
She has inspired us all to adopt healthy patterns including exercise, meditation and eating organically and with her philosophy of ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’.

Triple Leo intern

Powerful Harmony!

Send me am email when you can with “Triple Leo intern-13”
in the subject field.

Love and respect to your wonderful sister.

Randi Minerva

Andy Warhol! Born August 6th, 1928.

A quiet, awkward child, Andy (named after his parents’ first son who died before Andy was born) never had a boyfriend and was rumoured to be a virgin YET he harnessed his Leo power to take over New York and the Modern Art scene, complete with a collection of over 40 platinum wigs. A lion with many manes, tres chic!


Mucha! Alphonse, my super-massive creative mojo Leo artist inspiration. The guy who started and epitomized the Art Nouveau movement. Oh, and the hair in his nouveau models is so Leo – flowing and dramatic. Mucha himself decorated everything with his goddess gals. He vaulted to stardom after producing a lithographed poster of Libra diva Sarah Bernhardt, and she adored it so much she became a muse-patron for a six year contract. There was nothing Mucha didn’t design – posters, paintings, advertisements, book illustrations, jewelry, buildings, furniture. Oh, and used his money to fund nationalistic movements and worked to help Czechoslovakia… Read more »

Madame Scarecrow

Oooh! Good one AquaMeg! Love A.M. and had no idea he was a Leo, but makes sense now that you mention him.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

My fave Leo is a lovely gentleman I had a failed affair with… A botanist…terribly insecure about his receding hairline…all it took was a few lines of poetry or song to send him into rapt adoration….terribly emotional and LOVED nothing more than a good unrequited love-affair he could get all bittersweet over. The man did not like to be chased to say the least! Adorable fellow. Prone to likening relationships to those between characters from period novels. Drama king. Specialised in studies of the orchid. Had a great appreciation for feminine beauty. Whenever I saw him he would comment on… Read more »

Triple Leo intern

Hahah what a well placed blow! This rings true.
Send an email with “triple Leo intern-12” in the subject field.

“it’s not receding it’s just a widows peak” said the Leo.


There has been one big Leo in my life and damn he was stubborn as fuq. The most arrogant and self indulgent person imaginable. He had too much pride to ever admit being wrong and he used to twist the truth in his favor. He was the one with the best memory, best listening skills, best social skills, best bloody everything (at least he believed that). He manipulated (and still does) every single person around him and unfortunately I fell under his spell too. I admired his strength at first but slowly it started killing me inside. All criminals get… Read more »


Jackie O! It was her birthday yesterday. Regal as hell. Queen of Jungle America. Not royalty in the stodgy Capricorn way, in the endearing Leo way.

Jung is actually probably the best person ever, he should totally win, and there is a pun there if you say he is King of the Jungle, and puns are important. But, I don’t feel that he is clearly identifiable as a Leo. I guess that’s because he was doing Leo so well, doing so much work on deconstructing Leo, I mean ego.


Jackie LeO


I am just bursting at this opportunity to kvell about my dear friend, Christi, Leo Queen Extraordinaire. With a stellium of Sun, Moon and Venus in Leo, she rocks this sign like no one I have ever known. Her aura is a perpetual golden spotlight that causes heads to turn wherever she goes and yet, she always makes me feel like the center of the universe when I am with her. There is no one better to knock me out of any self-diminished love zombie mess. She quickly and lovingly brings me right back to remembering my own divinity and… Read more »

Triple Leo intern

Send an email with “triple Leo intern-5” in the subject field!



Wait, I have another. Romy Ashby, we share a birthday but she is way cooler. Author of The Cutmouth lady, the engine behind Goodie and Housedeer magazines with full length interviews of Debbie Harry, Vali Myers and Edgar Oliver and more, a chronicler of a period of New York City with cheaper rents and you were tripping over artists, an animal lover and inveterate city walker.


How long has this entry been up and no one has yet nominated The Leo Socialite, ahem??

I would tell you how wonderful she is, but she does it so eloquently and humorously better than I can, TLS, are you out there?

Please take the stage and nominate yourself, Beautiful!


I would love to read her nominating herself, she is such a comedienne!


yes yes yes love her razor wit


Was going to nominate the Leo’s here when luva a Leo came up, TLS, Andromeda & Leo Groover as there no Leo’s in my life, ‘cept here and Myst’s Leo followers are very special, kind and noble and i am amazed t their strength.


So many amazing choices. I nominate my personal Leo role model Bugs Bunny. Thanks to Mystic to clueing me into this.

Madame Scarecrow

For me, it’s the once and future Peter O’Toole: Great hair, depreciating charm, magnetic presence, and generally radiating leonine awesome. Compelling and complex whether he was personifying good or evil, generous enough to spoof himself in My Favorite Year, the only actor I can think of who could deliver Anton Ego’s final speech without a trace of irony, and still stunningly graceful at 81. Happy Birthday P O’T August 2, and thanks for the lifetime of great movie moments!

12th house virgo

I have to nominate my ex-husband as my favorite Leo. Sure, he got kind of territorial post-divorce, and his Mars-Uranus opposition gives him a temper, but his Leonic nature wins. He never fought over our cub, he obsesses over getting himself – and our child – proper shoes, and he won’t eat anything without sharing – in fact, he would give his food away and go without before eatting when others had none. He makes sure others laugh, even when he’s not feeling happy himself, and he forgives others foibles. I have no desire to reunite with said -Leo, but… Read more »


that brought a tear to my eye. My ex is a goat, a real utter rotten goat. I could go on but I am not going to expend too much energy. Not only left when his daughter was born with the parting line ‘you’re not my responsibility’ but has now done the self same thing to the woman he left me for! Oh and off with a n other. That is not my gripe but the fact that he leaves her and his son with no means of support either and then goes so far as to have his new… Read more »

12th house virgo

Thanks! Too bad your ex is such a jerk. My Libran brother is the same way. And clearly my ex and I had problems, but he is an engaged father. I know the divorce hit his pride, but he never took that out on our daughter. I like celebrating good dads 🙂


That’s just it. Celebrate the life you had. And the kids you have. Move on by all means but do make sure that all is done with love and compassion. I’ve sat now with the girl who was my replacement. It was hard 17 years ago but now I’m just concerned for her. I cried when I heard of his behaviour again. The fact that he had learned nothing. That he would now put a son through what he’s put a daughter through ? But equally I know of many men who are fabulous men in all that means. Strong… Read more »

12th house virgo

I understand the painful disappointment. My Libran brother and 4 children by 3 mothers gave me that too. I just don’t talk to him anymore. I have no respect for him. I imagine that’s an important pattern for you to see – that his behavior wasn’t personal, it wasn’t about you or your son, but totally about him.


Oh completely. I always saw it was his journey, his stuff. And like you I just have left him to it. Disappointment yup, that is about the shape of it.
Hey Congrats on your win. It was a lovely ode to the leo. x

Triple Leo intern

Thank you for pointing out the gentler, more endearing aspects of a good Leo.

Send me an email with “triple leo intern-11” in the subject field.


I nominate the one Leo in my life, my tenacious wild haired wild spirited son, who somehow rules every where and every one he encounters. He isn’t famous yet, but I am sure one day he may be. Whilst in high school he was in the gifted and talented for art. He came home one day aged 15 and said he didn’t want to be an artist as he decided he didn’t want to be rich. He left home to become homeless and plant vegetables in round-a-bouts in order to connect with and feed homeless people. (He has a different… Read more »


I vote for Elizabeth’s miracle wild child who embodies golden, noble Leo qualities.

Triple Leo intern


Send me an email with “triple leo intern-6” in the subject field.

Feel free to tell me how your son is doing now!


He, is of course, going to have a birthday soon, his 27th. Qualified as a chef, worked for a few years then went overseas to come home and look after me after I had major surgery three years ago. (He isn’t my first choice to have as a career – bit like boot camp healing.) Then decided a career change was in order and is now study biology and physics. He has chickens that he has trained to come when he whistles and follow him around the garden, just as if he was the king rooster and an amazing vegie… Read more »


Everyone has a bit of Leo in them especially those parts that transcend the fact that when you were a child, someone may have told you that you were a lamb but really you are a lion.


Well, I feel obliged to nominate my leonic husband, mostly because he’s a wonderfully laid back Leo but also because today is his birthday! And yes, we are living large to celebrate: we already enjoyed a full day of traipsing about town to all his favorite spots a week early, spent the last few days planning a lunch out with friends and family and negotiating a deviation from our normal gluten-free diet to enjoy some of his favorite food. And in typical Leo fashion he has spent the last ten minutes trying to read this comment over my shoulder. “What… Read more »

Scorporation, Inc.

Leo Rising FREDA KAHLO (Kataka Sun, Taurus Moon). I don’t need to tell her story, do I? I don’t think so. Her ferocity of spirit is legendary, so chronic leonic. And in total agreement with DP above, Leo son CARL JUNG: my guru & muse! If there was a Church of Carl Jung, I would belong; I’ve considered attending the institutes, but that shiz is too rich for my blood (when I can use the library for free). I made a collage in hommage to Jung a few years back that I’d love to share with all of you, will… Read more »

Scorporation, Inc.

Pardon my typo.

This should work, for the collage:

(For the record, I’m not satisfied with the quality of the photo, but I don’t really have time to deal with it presently. Ugh whatevs.)


Love it!

Scorporation, Inc.

Hey thank you for checking it out & for the feedback, DP! xx


Kahlo, yeah!

fire lilly

Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a wise woman all golden and grand..she was known as the Leo from far and wide , and was esteemed for her regal and royal pride..she had long wild hair all soft and fair and whom ever she met would trap and snare..she was a queen all dripping in lace, but if you were to disgrace she would roar in your face more harsher and cruler than the meanest mace..she was a woman of power all style and grace but do her wrong and she will ruin your case…but… Read more »


I am nominating my mother Joan – Leo supreme. As the 1st female editor of Northwestern University she had the curfew for women’s dorms thrown out. The paper went to press at 1am and the women had a midnight curfew. With her position she had the biased men/women’s dorm curfew abolished providing opportunities for leadership and freedom to all of the women coming after. Her editorials were radical, feministic and liberal. She globetrotted extraoridinarily. This was the late 60’s early 70’s and she and my father captured a rare moment in time. They rode a motorcycle from Europe around the… Read more »


I’m a sap & am going to nominate my daughter. She just turned 1. My husband is also a Leo, btw. Anyways, I noticed some Leo traits right away. She’s incredibly alert & observant even if it appears she’s preoccupied. She’s very dramatic also. A yawn is an event!
We have a home with 4 cats as well! And I’m a Gemini 🙂


The one and only fabulous Dame Helen Mirren – July 26, 1945, in London – she of the rockin’ red bikini at 60, the brazen refusal to slink away from the limelight because of a few (gorgeous) silver hairs, the looks both withering and seductive, the healthy and lustful appetite for life, the sage advice to get out of your own way (“don’t be up your own bum” was, I think, the exact phrasing) and her recent advice to an imaginary daughter: just don’t take shite from men. Blaze on forever, Dame Helen!


The Leo (asc) in me finds it hard not to nominate myself, lol! For famous Leo women, I’ve got to give it to Kate Bush. Big hair? Check! She was also the first woman to have a UK number 1 single with a self-penned song — AT AGE 19!– talk about shining her Leo light and making a big impression! Everything she does musically and with the accompanying videos is all about making a BIG bold statement! And if you watch her movements, you can see she’s suuuuuch a cat! For men, it’s Robert Redford. Talk about Leo magnetism! I… Read more »


I’m nominating my Mum. I don’t know how to insert photos to comments but if you could see her hair you’d understand. It’s like her hair is pushing itself out of her head ready to live. out. loud. She is proud as all hell and occasionally gets herself into trouble when she forgets that the world doesn’t revolve around her but she has a heart of gold and will do anything for anyone. After many years of glamourous work in the world of functions coordination she realised that her bubbly out-there nature can be better used to improve people’s lives.… Read more »


That’s beautiful Nic . I have a Leo Mum too her hair always gleaming & her brush always in her handbag even when she didn’t have enough money for cosmetics. If anyone unfairly treated anyone one of her seven cubs she would roar and take on anyone. Even my abusive father would take off. She went through a lot bless her.


Lets just call him Bill, he’s got 2 of the flashiest trucks in town. Too many lights are adorning them are barely enough in his opinion you know, so everyone in the town 500kms away knows he’ll be a passing through in a few hours. All his graphics on his rigs are beautifully designed by him. “Only subject I was ever good at….besides chasing girls”. Once when chatting with him walking along the rail platform….pointing going….mine, mine, mine, mine…though technically not but he does haul them. He’s the funniest, wittiest & outspoken on the UHF. He’s legendary for stirring up… Read more »


My friend Nazreen. Once a thug tried to steal her wallet in a bar. She knocked back her scotch, slammed down her handbag( with hairdryer inside) knocked him out using her black belt while still wearing killer heels, picked up her purse, flicked her hair and walked away before her boyfriend vould even reach her. i take leonic inspiration from her to this day.


It has to be Jackie Kennedy. She did her hole life with awesome written all over her perfectly coiffed Leo stature. Widowed twice and still able to get on and get a job as an editor to keep on going, she was fashion icon, first lady, picture perfect mother (big, protective paws around those beautiful children), mannered, educated, social goddess who kept company with artists and writers, not classically beautiful but timelessly elegant, which made her fabulously attractive. She was resilient and kept on going despite sitting next to her husband that fateful day, dressed in that famous pink Chanel… Read more »


Yes she is stoic, very elegant, composed, hard driven and admirable and yet ruthless…Married Onassis too…Which nearly drove (or did?) Maria Callas to her own end…


Ha! Mine too. 😉


Well I would choose for a Leo contender Yves Saint Laurent, oddly he is reluctant yet unmistakably leo…Aura, style, eminent superior quality, grace with dare, audacity with refinement and modernity and I did not know anything of him when I was a child swimming at Balmoral beach (with the spooky shark net in the mid 70s), while my mother attended Ashtons Art School in the Rocks, and Balmain was full of artists, but around then I decided my paper dolls were to have an elegant wardrobe of gowns, separates of this time, sophisticated yet opulent. I was mesmerised by his… Read more »


And I like him even more for his decline, reclusive fragile nature juxtaposed with his grand genius…that influenced generations…So very private, refined and yet very prominent in a way he could not totally control despite his mastery.


Ooh, good call!


JENNIFER LAWRENCE an amazing 22 year old actress whose stellar performances include Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and Tiffany Maxwell in Silver Lining Playbook


I nominate the uber-Leo Bill Clinton because he embodies the whole range of Leo from Low to Haute and he wouldn’t really be Clinton if these qualities weren’t all tangled up together. So you’ve got the narcissism of the Lewinsky affair, the compulsive need to be liked, loving to taunt his opponents. But you’ve also got someone who can communicate hope and through his sheer leonine charisma has engaged people in many important projects around the globe. I love his speech from the Democratic National Convention last year for his ability to connect with people so easily and effortlessly, playing… Read more »


Good choice, and now that you mention it- President Obama is a Leo — if Clinton is super-warm Leo, Obama is the cool but charismatic one (aloof Aquarius moon I think, yes?)


My mum.Lioness who emotionally survived an abusive father,at 19 graduated from art school with top marks,within weeks birthed me in September,despite family pressure to have a termination,4 months later (still only 19) began teaching high school art to students only three years younger than her,created an amazing family home,back to art school for honours in ceramics,birthed two more beautiful girls,one diagnosed after many years of grief as bi-polar,.back to being a brilliant and inspiring art teacher,supported my father through physical,psychological breakdown,and in retirement is now a remarkable glass artist,super loving grandmother,and next week facing a biopsy for a tumour in… Read more »


What an awesome tribute. Love & strength for next week xx


yes she sounds truly amazing 🙂

Triple Leo intern

Wouldn’t want to belittle such a story by writing “winner” in caps. Nevertheless you have won.
Please email me with “triple Leo intern-number uno”

Thank you everyone i had a great and at times rather sad time reading your comments.




I nominate an incredible Leo who deserves all the recognition he can get. He embodies being a Leo more than any person I have ever known. He is a muso, a beautiful muso. He even has one eye that is very cat like with a long iris. He sings of love and intimacy with the most sincere and erotic divine way, he captures women and men alike with his sensual ways. He buys the very best shoes, clothes, food, wine, chocolates that he can afford at any given time. I only know that they come in spurts on a muso… Read more »


My best friend, I’m not going to say his name as its not very common, anyway story as to the nomination. I was at the tail end of a seven year heroin addiction, he was always there for me but, he confided in me and told me the man I thought was his father during the time we had been great friends was, in fact his step father, his biological father had died of a heroine overdose when he was a baby, It shook me up and made me realize I had to act, I was hurting myself and those… Read more »


Great friends often have great timing. That’s very touching. And congratulations on turning it all around with such love in your heart for others.


Thank you so much, he basically told me we couldn’t be friends (after years) if i was going to continue down the self destructive path I’d laid out for myself, shook me into action and I was very touched that he could share something he had not shared with almost anyone. Did I win something? Wow. I’m humbled.

Triple Leo intern

Congrats my friend. Send me an email when you can with “triple leo intern-9” i the subject field.


Hi Triple Leo Intern,
Um, I was alerted by a great friend on Facebook I’d win something???
What is the email address to contact you? Wow, thus Jupiter in Kataka really is happening if I’m winning something. It means a lot to me as I spilled my Katakian beans on a very personal issue. Winning with typos in my post is a great honor haha.


I’m going to say Isabel Allende. I couldn’t remember if she was a Leo, but her name popped into my head and there it was, birthdate Aug 2 1942. Why? Because I wanted some affirmative action, ok sure she has a pile of Kudos already but I am sure a Mystic Medusa Fave Leo Award would be the cherry on top. I haven’t read a singe one of her books but I know that when I get around to it, her writing will change me somehow. As far as wiki-style facts go, one thing that caught my attention was her… Read more »


my Leo ex wrote a song called Isabel Allende and the House of the Spirits – start with that book! and The Stories of Eva Luna are nice x


house of the spirits is the one i am most familiar with… a good idea 🙂


I nominate my Leo twin daughters turning 9 this year. The competition is fierce between them academically, at dancing, piano, tennis, the list goes on. But then they are both so loving towards each other and look out for one another. There is no fiercer roar than from the younger of the two and the older twin is like she has been on this planet a million times before, she let’s her sister do all the roaring while she sits back and waits. They communicate with their friends their own age or with adults without any hesitation and can talk… Read more »

molly bloom

Madonna and Mick Jagger of course!!! super super Leos! i love the way they STILL shine their “Rays of Leo Light” despite age…

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