New Season High Chic Planetary Jumpsuits…With Magnets

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Marina Abramovics jumpsuits-for-Net-a-Porter

As it turns out, (Marina) Abramovic had been mulling the idea for a couple of decades: Her “jumpsuit of the century” is actually a set of seven jumpsuits in various colors, inspired by the planets. (Mars is blue; Mercury, red; Venus, white; etc.) She strategically incorporated magnets into the wares for their energetic properties.


Net A Porters True Originals – Style.


YES. As posted here, Marina Abramovic is fiercely Saggo, totally Uranian – we should all have these as a kind of uniform, wearing our ruling planet jumpsuit.

Actually, it was Lexicorn who alerted me to this fab fashion event – this could be the perfect pulling attire to wear to the Whiskey A Go-Go and check out the in-your-pants appeal of Grand Trines. (Lexicorn’s challenge is in the comments)


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30 thoughts on “New Season High Chic Planetary Jumpsuits…With Magnets

  1. I love the jump suits. If everyone had to wear them, hair and accessory choices would stand out so much more.

  2. Are you crazy????

    I would never ever wear one of these. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Venus in virgo conjunct my ascendant(from the 12th) hates it. Peeing involves way too much undressing.

    Moon in leo….roaring in disgust while gagging.

    • wouldn’t see me dead in one of those either!!
      Saggo moon would feel suffocated!! 😯

      Venus in LIbra – not pretty enough.

    • I know! I have moon in libra. These are totally not my style. Would never wear one of these. Maybe if it was made of snuggy material and I was just lazing around on the couch with my cats… But still highly unlikely.

  3. ABBAsolutely these are day wear onesies.
    Totally impractical for “splashing ya boots.”
    Fun colours, planetary theme and batwings love it. But you can hold the magnets, I might like my food but I am no “fridge to go go”.

  4. ok, maybe ok to wear the yellow jumpsuit for the Stryper (Christian metal) show! lol! I can’t believe they are still around.

  5. No pants suits would NOT be appropriate for The Whisky-a-go-go (rock/metal club) unless there’s a special retro 80’s or dance party event. It’s a leather and denim hard rock club. Right next to the Rainbow Tavern, a Lemmy of Motorhead hangout.
    I’d be shocked to see neon jumpsuits there! 🙂

  6. Some further googling has revealed, apparently the seven suits represent the days of the week (this is High Art utilitarian wear after all) and their celestial namesakes, so we only have Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn to choose from… Perhaps Scorps, Pisces and Aquas will need to turn to their original rulers for inspiration…?

  7. LOL!
    OK. I’ll take whichever jumpsuit features magnets in the crotch!

    And hey, I quite like the different take on the usual planet-colour combinations. To me there is something quite blue about Mars and white about Venus – especially if we think in terms of their Yang / Yin connections… I love red for Mercury, a Mercurial mood does feel somewhat red, sassy and striking to me… But regardless, the world does need more jumpsuits!!

  8. Planetary colours for me are a synasthesia issue, Mars red/umber for sure!
    Mercury yellow, Venus rose, Saturn Navy Blue, Jupiter yellow-green, Uranus blue-green, Pluto purple, NN white, SN black!
    Nice jumpsuits. I would never wear one but they are great for toddlers who like puddles.

    • I hope everyone reads the bit about going to the loo – imagine dipping those sleeves in the toilet. There’s a very good reason some fashions should be left at the back of the closet. And, yes, I’m old enough to remember when these were ‘the latest’ the first go round.

  9. Mars blue?!? Mars would have to be RED surely (OPI Die Another Day red). Mercury yellow, Venus magenta to rose pink, Jupiter indigo/purple, Saturn burnt umber, Uranus silver/white, Neptune cerelean or azure BLUE, Pluto jet lack -OPI Live and Let Die Private Jet Black and Chiron turquoise or midnight blue.

    • That would be Pluto Jet Black… actually Saturn could be black too – I have Saturn conj my Asc and where a lot of black. Since Neptune is transiting there I’ve strangely started wearing a lot more colours though.

  10. This is bringing back random memories of the opening ceremony of the Brisbane Commonwealth games, ill fitting jumpsuits, pretty sure mine was white… A plastic placard went out of control in the high winds and the girl next to mr copped it fair on the forehead. There was blood, sweat and unfortunate uniforms that day

    • Oh you’re so right Double Happiness! I was in blue – and who could you forget those dreadful white, incredibly uncomfortable pseudo Volleys?! Blue terry towelling – ick!

      I would have preferred this 21st century jumpsuit with batwings!

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