Magical Consciousness & The Sun In Leo

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Sun Leo Surreal Art

Magical consciousness is a particular way of seeing and interacting with the real world. I experience it was what I can only describe as a “head-click”, a feeling of absolute certainty accompanying a perceptual shift which gives real world transactions the numinous, uncanny feeling of dreams. Magical consciousness is a way of experiencing and participating with the local environment in a heightened, significant manner, similar to the effects of some drug trips, Salvador Dali’s “Paranoiac/critical” method, near death experiences, etc. Many apparently precognitive and telepathic latencies become more active during periods of magical consciousness. This is the state in which tea leaves are read, curses are cast, goals are scores,poems are written.



As a first exercise in magical consciousness spend five minutes looking at everything around you as if ALL OF IT was trying to tell you something very important. How did that light bulb come tobe here exactly? Why does the murder victim in the newspaper have the same unusual surnameas your father-in-law? Why did the phone ring, just at that moment and what were you thinking when it did? What’s that water stain on the wall of the building opposite? How does it make you feel? Five minutes of focus during which everything is significant, everything is luminous and heavy with meaning, like the objects seen in dreams. Go.


Next, relax, go for a walk and interpret everything you see on the way as a message from the Infinite to you. Watch for patterns in the flight of birds. Make oracular sentences from the letters on car number plates. Look at the way buildings move against the skyline. Pay attention to noises on the streets, graffiti sigils, voices cut into rapid, almost subliminal commands and pleas.Listen between the lines. Walk as far and for as long as you feel comfortable in this open state. The more aimless, the more you walk for pleasure of pure experience, the further into magical consciousness you will be immersed. Magical consciousness r resembles states of light meditation,  hypnagogic pre sleep activity or alpha brain wave activity.


From the awesome Pop Magic by the uber-Aquarius Grant Morrison.

I would have thought Theta brainwaves more magic but anyway, speaking of Magical Consciousness, I’d just like to remind us all that the Sun ADORES being in Leo.

Leaving aside jests about stage-hogs & hair obsession for the moment, the Sun in Leo operates brilliantly and in general, it is a good time for anyone to get some healthy ego & self-belief happening. You know?

Looking your best need not be an arduous duty – you could see it more as an extension of your Divine Will.

Image: Clarisse Rocha Ribeiro

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65 thoughts on “Magical Consciousness & The Sun In Leo

      • it’s not something i’ve been able to turn off, unfortunately. i just always want everything to mean *something* and it gets exhausting after a while.

          • it is a nice name. well, i have nice associations with it. i knew a gorgeous soul called Lee once, a Cancerian. I always wanted to get to know him better. Sadly he is no longer with us (in body).

        • Lee is my sister’s name, same spelling, lovely Leo with either a Gem or cancer ascendant.

      • This is the natural experience of Mercury in Pisces.

        + have Moon trine Mercury 2orb = more synesthesia…
        +Neptune Sextile Sun 3 orb
        +Neptune sextile pluto 0 orb.
        +Neptune square saturn 2 orb
        +Neptune square Venus 3orb
        + Neptune Singleton in Saggi…

        at this point, I think im crazier than a pisces. 🙂
        no wonder im a DJ…

  1. Got loud and clear;

    “This is what you have, because this is what you’re prepared to settle for”


    • This is true, but if you say this to someone when they are at odds with themselves, unhappy or crying, they would take this as cruel for sure. Unless they’ve already done some soul searching in their life and then it would resonate for sure.

      A healer told me once when I asked why I experienced a certain loss of energy that I had to work on to re-build, I wasn’t quite sure at that point where the sickness came from.

      He said, “It’s because of all of the limits you put on yourself.” Wha_?

      It’s like taking the curses “off” yourself

      The sun in Leo always feels good. 🙂

  2. That sounded grimmer than I meant it to….. My lounge room is a mess and I HATE THIS CARPET !!!

      • yeah do it. Carpet rage . I know i DT. t i hated my old carpet and thent he cat weeeeed on iand then I spillt red wine all over it so it had to go. i even ripped it my self with my bare hands and it felt good. mind you l lived with concrete floors for the next 6 weeks until i could get new flooring but IT WAS WORTH IT.
        BURN IT I SAY

    • And thank the Sun Goddess for Leo-ess! The Return to the Light (Southern Hemisphere) is August 2. Time to pull up the sox, put on the tights & spikes.
      An amazing psychic talked to me about Lilly Pads many moons ago. You put your finest moments on lilly pads all around you and grok them.
      Visualisation is the key of course.
      The above magical consciousness is about TIME and how we perceive it. Does it really speed up and slow down? It does seem a little LSD-ish.
      The pre-historic cave drawing have the very same symbols across continents, scientists say they all must have imbibed the same psychotropics.

      • Also, that psychotropics tend to produce the same sorts of optical effects – spirals, dots, wavy lines…..

        For a second there I thought you were talking about Lily Pads nursing pads 😀 Bit disorientating there…. but a gorgeous visualisation – thankyou – I’ll be using it.

  3. I live in Carlandia and find it hard to *really* live like this at the moment…but being in this state is the only time I feel truly alive. When I am traveling in places where I do not speak the language fluently I slip into it, especially when I am doing a lot of wandering…reality becomes soft and malleable and delicious.

    Going to ponder how I can bring this mindset into my life here and now before I go to sleep tonight.

    [also: I LOVE August; always have good luck and new beginnings this time of year.]

    • Yeah I agree! This way of moving through a day in this state is easier to slip into when you’re a visitor somewhere.

      A couple of years ago, about a year after my Dad had passed away, I moved up to Brisbane to live for twelve months. My brother had called me to come up & try to recouperate a bit. So for a couple of weeks I was in this visceral, dreamy headspace, where my only plan was to leave the house by 8am, & catch a bus .. to anywhere! The ‘random’ (!?) chats that I had with the people that I met on my way to different points in the city where unbelievable!! Like each person was delivering me a special message from my Dad. The best one came from one of the original ‘Rats of Tobruk’ on his way to take part in a commemorative ceremony, where – in mid conversation about the military ceremony, he put his hand on mine mournfully & said “your Dad’s with you”. That afternoon I ended up in the State Library, walking for ten minutes calmly through the stacks of books, until for some reason I stopped .. & picked one book from the shelf. That book changed the course of my life. It was the French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot’s book ‘The Fractal Geometry of Nature’. He saw fractals in the clustering of galaxies, the branching of blood vessels, & river basins, etc. .. & also found them in human pursuits, such as music, painting, architecture, and stock market prices. Mandelbrot believed that fractals, far from being unnatural, were in many ways more intuitive and natural than the artificially smooth objects of traditional Euclidean geometry:

      in his introduction to The Fractal Geometry of Nature he wrote: “Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.”
      Chris Anderson, curator of TED conferences, described Mandelbrot as “an icon who changed how we see the world”. The President of France at the time of Mandelbrot’s death, Nicolas Sarkozy, said Mandelbrot had “a powerful, original mind that never shied away from innovating and shattering preconceived notions”. Sarkozy also added, “His work, developed entirely outside mainstream research, led to modern information theory.” Mandelbrot’s obituary in The Economist points out his fame as “celebrity beyond the academy” and lauds him as the “father of fractal geometry.”

      I still come back to the photocopied version of the book every now & again, & the memories of that magical afternoon flood back.

      Yeah, I love magical thinking .. it brings you back to life!

  4. Fuq yeah Grant Morrison!! That man is HAWT. Body, mind, spirit, and especially madman giggle. His disinfo speech was one of the prime movers of my magickal consciousness journey. As he’d say, this shit works!!

    Liking the Leo vibe. Vanity is going to make me go run off the 1st house Jupiter trans puffy explosion, and my hair today is good. Yup.

    • I know, right?! I was a bit worried when i posted it, for that reason. But the actual text linked to is fairly clear re that.

    • You can also just be stoned.
      ‘Jeff, Who LIves At Home’ with Jason Segal was about a magical consciousness stoner with a heart.

    • yeah there is some danger in romanticizing magical thinking, for some people do get lost in it, and lose their way

  5. I am sprouting Leo vibes like jungle vines. Had s BIg ego boost last night at work. I overheard the 2 nurses I was working with talking about me. they did not know I was in the staff room. Anyway they said really nice things and said they would tell the boss to get me back.

    Hey for Leo that is gold!

  6. S’ bout time! I need a change of scenery. My venus return is soon..very soon. hopefully it will be good…5 deg of virgo.

    i had a shit dream the other night. Snakes are usually my friends in dreams and in real life. but not in the recent dream. it was trying to bite me and shit. i was hitting it with a stick and kept missing it or sort of whacking it, maki it madder and it was trying to escape because it realized i wasn’t going to sit around. i was hunting this ahole snake down in my dream…woke up in a cold sweat. What happened to friendly dream snakes? 🙁

    • It can mean refusing to face the thing you fear? Sexuality, sin & good/evil dynamics.

      • im a scorp moon. none of those things are things i fear.

        hmmm. i have no clue like usual.

        • oh wait i do fear dying before i find a mate who understands me and loves me. i fear being a burden on others. i fear becoming stupid or having poor health.

  7. I remember reading about omens read by passing flights of birds as a girl and I never looked at a flock of galahs the same again! Magical thinking is useful. I like to think the world around me is my brain, a big hologram of my inner world.
    But not at the mo, far too busy.

    • Recently turned 5 year old Kataka boy with Sun in the 8th/Pluto in the 1st just gave me a painting.
      It was rust red flower with a grey spot.

      He said it was a dying flower with a 100 year old dead bee inside.

      I really can’t interpret that one..

      • Old soul this boy, that’s quite profound his understanding of death.
        Bees are highly symbolic. It’s his body, he’s interpreting his body.

        • That’s great Pegs! He’s an Ancient one alright. Later he said that he didn’t want to die, so I asked him what he thought would happen. He said, “Well, it’s like a flower. When it dies, the seed goes in the ground & it’s alive again. We just alive again and again. All the time!!”. 😯
          I swear we have never discussed mortality & that metaphor.

  8. It’s only recently that I have understood this is my modus operandi on a daily basis. And yes I was beginning to wonder about my sanity but yesterday it was hammered home that my insider knowledge gleaning was to be believed. If I know something is coming, is going to happen, I’ve seen or felt its arrival then it’s going to happen. I have known since April I’d move 300 miles and totally relocate, say goodbye to my last 7/8 years. Tuesday there was a real hiccup in the process and wed morning I spent utterly on my knees, not because it all seemed gone and my dreams of moving where shattered but that my knowing had been wrong?!?! I had to question my own belief in myself. My scrying and cloud reading if you like, although its not like that. By yesterday late afternoon it was all on again, stronger than before. I’m moving, I know where I’m going, I know the flat I will live in, even though I’ve not seen it yet. Just because I know. And I know I know. Yeah I think I’m right I’m being worried about my mental state! Well I would be but I also know I’ve done this all my life and now I recognise what it feels like and how it manifests. Bizarre. But somehow wonderful.

  9. Big area of interest to me, and particularly the difference between expanded awareness or and psychosis… Must go now but will think about what to discuss.

    • Ooh I find psychosis & these questions fascinating. I lean toward the perspective that “psychosis” is a medical term for clinical diagnostic & treatment purposes. So much of what necessitates a bona fide mental illness diagnosis comes down to a question of functionality & one’s perceived locus of control: does this state of mind hinder this person’s ability to function (ie, take care of oneself & tend to basic needs, etc), & is she controlled by it? There are loads of grey area, then, in what can be clinically justified as Normal; less wiggle room in what can be tagged as a true Illness. My personal belief is that mental illness is entirely over-diagnosed for a few different reasons, chief among them being a contemporary disconnect from that which is true & timeless, like intuition, the collective unconscious, the cosmic markers of opportunities for expansion, etc.

      To say “magical consciousness vs psychosis” then is to compare apples to oranges, as the first describes a way of perceiving your world in its totality, & the second describes an inability to function for medical purposes. Maybe the same coin, but different sides. Like expansiveness vs linear, or chaos vs order.

      When I think magical consciousness, I think empowering & enlightening. Psychosis: inhibiting. It’s all relative, me thinks.

      • and and Scorp… it is completely individual design and capacity. It’s only now I see that artists see the world in a whacked out way different space and reality to me. Their vibration, their physical body on this plane see it in a way I never could. Those who write or sculp or create equally so. It is simply for me a matter of perception within our own reality. Folk will never, can never perceive my world. Some folk won’t have the knowing, some won’t get the thinking, some the expression etc. All vast arrays of normal in my opinion. Humble as it may be for one human being amongst quite a number.

        • My beloved former GP would say about mental health assessment/diagnosis “the more labels you get the more normal you’ll become.” With this in mind her GP father’s saying was “the mind is the final frontier of medicine.”
          My psychosis affected all my senses and was over a few weeks, dipping in and out of that state. Walking the line between consciousness and hitching a ride with your subconscious while looking through a kaleidoscope and wondering “is my mind drugging me?”

          • S, would you like a session with Ghata? I would like to gift you one and she is happy if you are and would just like to hear from you directly in order to proceed. Let me know how you feel or just send her an email!

  10. I get this but you can only do it properly if you are really strong and clear in yourself.

    And you can’t care too much or be all desperate.

  11. taking time to look, i mean really look at how things operate and function around you, its a marveling experience. finding the magic in it all, even more so. its easy to lose sight of your place on the ball. Or to never know, lets be real lots of sheep wander around aimlessly sucking up energy. Create positive energy people. thanks MM for the insight.

    • thank YOU & yes – fuq yeah! I remember, as a child, half awake in the back seat of a car driving through the country, gazing out at the trees and grokking that they were conscious, sentient beings.

  12. Read a little bit of Proust to get on this wavelength. He was so intensely observant of his surroundings, and after reading a few pages of him, you start to slow down and appreciate each object and color and tone around you. Proust vision is hard to sustain, but it gives such a richness to life.

  13. Wow. I totally immersed myself in the experiment and am left with a huge smile shining outward. What a nice transition for this evening post assignment submission. I really have a great life.

    Love the sun being in Leo (shining brightly in my 12th house) and I love this magical, can do, empowering yet in touch feeling.

    Thank you.

  14. I fell into this feeling by accident when I reconnected with Sag soul mate. The posters on the metro, the crossword puzzle, everything was talking to me. And my clothing against my body felt like the touch of The Lover and I consumed Sufi lit. It was scary – you know, the psychosis thing for starters. Mars at zero Libra – love makes me brave. Interesting to consider trying to work my way back into that state. Its overwhelming. I get so much information on people, I have to work to realize it doesn’t mean anything – it doesn’t mean I am their friend or lover or that I can predict the future – it just means we are all connected always. If someone comes into focus, it says as much about my vibe as it does theirs. Probably more. Anyway — I do have a point. This feeling is available to anyone anytime, true. And it is like MDMA/ecstacy. I tried the drug once. The difference is the drug cuts you off from your core energy. You could be doing heinous crap and still feel great on the drug. The drug kind of hollows you out. Its sad. In real life, its much more powerful than that. And psychosis is thinking you are the master of all that connection, or meaning, or know something. I learned that the hard way.

  15. This is also why I hate Santa Claus: there is real magic in the world and we (social collective) work really, really hard to tune it out.

    • santa claus is what happens when you exploit and try to commoditize someone’s spiritual/drug trip. Some things u see tripping are for ur eyes only.

      • ha ha! So true – esp that last line. I am still working on finding the balance with it. I get so much info sometimes, I can get manic. My metaphysician said “ignore the information” which is SO true and SO hard for my Mercury.

    • I get really awkward when parents talk about Santa Claus. x__x lol

      • I explained to her is a Coke commercial, but its hard because her Dad’s side supports the lie.

        • I used to think I was all against it, but after a conversation with a very rational but empathetic single dad the other day I saw his reasoning behind it, thought about how weird it must be to have all your peers believe it and you don’t.

          I think I just get awkward with the “breaking the news” part. Ya know? Which for me, personally, is enough reason to avoid reinforcing that it’s real in the first place. But everyone’s gotta do what’s right for them. 🙂

          • It is hard and more complicated than you may suspect with the peers and all. But I don’t want her to think magic is a lie or a conspiracy because its not. So…she has to walk that line. Good thing she’s a jovial Aries with a strong 11th house!

  16. magical consciousness sounds like the childhood state and maybe the natural state but we are cultured and institutionalised out of it?

  17. Yep, this is how I live everyday. Except over time I have learned to turn it off and to ground myself so I can be practical and focussed on more mundane things. Otherwise, my whole existence is like the exercises!:) It’s fun, but at a cost sometimes. Still…I wouldn’t completely wish it away. I do like magic in the world.

    And, yes, I agree with whoever compared it to psychosis. If a person didn’t know how to control it or couldn’t control it even if they tried, then I think it would feel less fun–like a ferris wheel you were unable to get off. Still good to have amusement parks, though.