Love Zombies In Exile

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Louis Vuitton

They did not realize that wealth would not inoculate them from the Love Zombie virus.   In fact, they were SO transfixed by the drama of it all (waiting for texts, consulting psychics to find out what “he” was thinking, the e-stalking – the N.S.A. has nothing on these chicks) that they failed to even notice their maid was an alien.

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25 thoughts on “Love Zombies In Exile

  1. I was watching an interview the other day with two ex-military men who had an encounter with a UFO near Sedona, AZ in 1980. They said that the beings aboard the craft told them telepathically that they were not aliens, but time-traveling humans from the future. Humans from the future, visiting now to collect info for an “evolution of humanity” retrospective; they use those 5-6 super-magnetic spots on earth to blat back & forth between their present time & ours.

    Such delicious food for thought, I had seconds.

    Reminded me of Lucy Lawless on SNL doing Stevie Nicks with her Fajita Roundup TexMex restaurant in “Sedona Arizona…” Is that on youtube? Gold. I hope the future humans have seen it.

    • I hope the future humans have a sense of humor–

      Because how human (as we know human to be) will those from the future be? When you consider the Singularity & its evolution, this melding of human & machine, well,

      More human than human, or less? Hmm…

      Nom nom nom

  2. Their stylish clutches masked miniature Oracle devices inside, which they convulsively spun around and around.

  3. Are we sucking are own chi, by researching/ supporting astrology?

    : ) compulsively following our own starscape? … Fate… Next day/date appropriate..

    ” find your sun/ soul mate… Simply enter your birth date and find local singles in your area now!”

    I’m just sayin… : ) and no I’m not going to change. I look good in black.

  4. But seriously – the Maid has NO REFLECTION and look how weirdly she is standing. I mean, shouldn’t maids be DOING SOMEtHING? Not just staring in mirror at crazy eerie light.

    If this were a movie set, you could be sure she was about to turn around and do something sinister.

  5. I’ve doing just that too CJ. Just smilin at nice lookn /acheivable guys gives me a boost. Not shooting above my weight keeping it mellow- espesh post yoga class flirting. It’s amazing what you see when your LZ goggles are off.

  6. Almost fell off the wagon, too, I can always count on this blog for an appropriate slap in the face.

    It’s been so long since I LZ’ed I forgot what it was like and started doing it again!

    Next thing you know I’m all bummed out because my e-stalkery revealed something unsavory…and then… “WTF AM I DOING?” thank you, I’m better now!!!

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