Love & Beauty Advice From Venus In Leo

beautiful lion

If a prospective partner is not high-status or respectful enough of one’s genius/natural-born innate nobility etc, it is perfectly acceptable to sublimate sexual urges into fashion, cosmetics and/or one’s general grooming. Preferable even. After all, the only drama and chaos around should be that caused by people falling inconveniently in love with one. Think also: ultra-Leo Coco Chanel,Β  “Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity.” And stating the obvious positives about yourself, a la J-Lo, is not boasting. Nobody fuqs with your personal maintenance routine. It’s a meditative ritual. Dating wise, Leos were the original Rules girls (and boys). Smells rich, regal, golden aura, kind to one’s inferiors and a sensational set of standards.
Jennifer Lopez W Magazine

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55 thoughts on “Love & Beauty Advice From Venus In Leo

  1. To whoever put together the photoshop, make up, wigs etc for this photo – I tip my hat. She looks twenty years younger than she is (I’m thinking the dark “hair”). The styling is blechhhhh…. but I bet she was one happy Leo when she saw that cover.

    • In a side note ( not a gripe to your comment but more of a social observation-)
      She looks good for her age but not 20 years younger. I think it’s a shame that women want to, and then think that they actually are.
      Maybe the toy boy helps the illusion.
      But the thigh high boots and 80’s high hip cut undies as outies she’s been sporting lately… Stripper wear as validation ? The simplistic lyrics of her newest songs…
      I could write an essay.

      She looks good for her age. But if she embraced that rather than trying to be 20 again, I might see her as an icon rather than another victim of celebrity self delusion.

    • Really???? I think she looks older, but trying to look younger than she is. ugh. I just don’t like this.

  2. would leo really put up with a not-up-to-scratch partner via stringent grooming? or is this a Venus in Leo thing.

    • think it means you don’t mess around whining about them you just gorgify

    • I’ve posted in the past about my tendency to fall in something with Leo risings and oddly they all have the regal graces and demand a huge respect with their presence alone but not one of them was a mirror or even comb loving man. But saying that I was married to the most untidy and disorganised Virgo I can ever have imagined! Granted he was a dentist though. Pure Virgo.

      • Librans are mirror loving men, my Libran just can’t help himself and often changes clothes 2 to 3 times a day πŸ™‚ I don’t find it off putting, kind of quirky cute, just makes me smile, he so does his astro – Toro rising (loves his stuff, food, sex, steady etc; Virgo Moon (and stellium inc NN) – you should see his bathroom – we live together but have separate bathrooms – his is classic Libra – scents/lotions etc all perfectly laid out and he cleans it every day! Plus I never have to empty the garbage – he always beats me to it. His Leo Mars might just add to his “care factor” about his look.

    • Yes, I am very cross with her right now. And I don’t want to see her. Especially next to this lovely clean lion. I think she is the reason for his worried expression.

  3. β€œHard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity.” what a beautiful leo statement close to my heart. My brush with a hard headed merger has opened up my truth channel it seems direct from the universe. You cannot shut me up. A meeting with the CEO today for a handover ( I have wisely resigned) meant I could speak my truth and ask for a contract all at the same time. Why not? cheeky ? yes. care factor zip.

    PS. I find the lion far more attractive then Jo Lo.

      • Me too LG, LOVE that Lion. I don’t mind JLo but I disagree with above comments on this pic making her look younger (‘cept for the airbrushed flawless skin) – I think she looks the worst I’ve seen her look here tragic hair, tired eyes, just all wrong.

  4. Oh good, the subject is back to beautiful ME Or rather, us.

    Not loving this J-Lo image here – her quote is empowered but her expression, outfit and that bed looks like a jaded brothel madam. Is not the “in bed with meme” very 80s?

    Venus in Leo, yes c’est moi, there is a lot more fulfilment in shopping than most sex.

    • I can never remember sex after its done so am condemned to repeat it.. Oh well. πŸ™‚

    • yes, the Saturn in Scorpio/Venus in Libra combination is really working well together. I have quite a bit new pretty pretty and no risk at all of contracting an STD. Yay.

      in other news….I never thought I was one of those Toros who freaked when people moved their stuff but today someone took my French resin spoon out of the communal workplace drying rack (I swear i only left it there for 5 minutes tops) and I can think of nothing since but how to retrieve it. Honestly, I haven’t been so fixed on something forever but people, it has a cute little bee on it, it’s a fuqing regal piece of tableware!

      • You just quoted the Black Queen and her come on to the Angel in Barbarella ‘hello my pretty pretty’, what a flash back πŸ™‚ love it!

  5. My Venus is in Libra in the Fifth House (of Leo). I love the Venus in Leo approach to beauty and presence. Need to cultivate more of that particular haute vibe.

  6. Ohhhh i get the J-Lo as Low Leo reference now – i wasn’t sure why she was low all of a sudden. But you referring to the entertaining of the dictator of Turkmenistan? She works hard for the money, no? Angelina at the U.N. she is not BUT there is a certain brash ‘still Jenny from the block” about her that sort of works. But Thingistan, whacko dictators, “in bed with” – seriously? Perhaps fresh management could be an option.

    • I think she’s a Low Leo because her leonine Venusian qualities are extremely empty. Its one thing to love luxury..but to just incessantly just spend all your time sprucing yourself up opposed to sublimating that into making huge creative leaps with that placement – is fairly disappointing.

      At least Madonna reinvents herself and is constantly trying to ‘impress’ the world with something different. To be a Leo Venus you can’t just look pretty. You have to constantly one up everyone as a creative, business savvy ass glamazon.

      Its an all in one or nothing at all. That’s why I agree that she’s low. I’m bored by her. I have Venus in Leo and I can see where just relying on sephora and px90 to be culturally relevant can get you….

      • I like your comment re her leonine Venusian qualities being extremely empty. But i feel Madonna is exactly the same. Totally bored with her too. Her shock tactics and desperation to stay in the limelight is really sad

    • Exactly MM. She even did her own rendition of “Happy Birthday, Mr President.”
      I’d like to suggest some Pointer Sister tracks she should have sung: “Twist My Arm”, “Goldmine”, “Power of Persuasion” and “Mercury Rising.”

      • Pointer Sis version of ‘Fire’ is piping hot in the phrasing and delivery.
        Jen Lo is boring nowadays,prefer her as actor on big screen.
        Madge and her are trying too hard by being over-exposed and just exposing.

        • J-Lo and Cloontang in “Out of Sight” just smokin. She needs to get back to that sort of character. Not the cheesy rom-com-a-wrong that floods the cinematic screens.

  7. lion > j.lo

    damn that lion is the most beautiful thing i’ve seen all day.

    i just want to rub cheeks oosh oosh little lion you are sho coot yesh you are boodiful

    • it is so gorgeous. my daughter saw it and said: “lions do not want to hurt you, no no, they JUST want to love you. It’s you who wants to SMASH them into the GROUND” smacking her little fist into her tiny hand. Not meaning me, but people in general. I think she took the old spiders are more scared of you than you are of them adage and ran with it…she knows that animals > humans.

  8. Omg, that whole statement just makes me want to hurl. Why would you bother with someone like that ? Sublimate away.

    • you mean j-lo? or attempting to use an appearance fetish as cover for lack of relationship satisfaction. if it’s the latter, I agree – I mean looking hot isn’t going to change the fact that one is dating the wrong person for one. gtfo imo!

      • The latter. J-lo is and has been an attractive sexy wooman but the pomposity is such a turn off.

  9. I do not have Venus in Leo, but I am Leo Sun and Leo Rising. This year I have taken a significant pay cut to finalize my uni degree but I have not changed my beauty maintenance regime. Haircuts, beautician and brow shaper all stay on my payroll. I would have to be pretty desperate to give them up. Even when uni commitments are insane, I do not miss an appointment. Maintenance is important.

    And can I defend J-Lo? I see her as a lovely personification of the Leo qualities of being strong, but also romantic, loving men and wanting to be an assertive, successful woman in a relationship.

  10. Yeah, I am TIRED of people taking my Uranian tolerance/open-mindedness and mistaking it for having no boundaries. I may be a freak in the sheets but I’m a geek in the streets, yo; too damn BUSY working on my Russell’s paradox piece for an anthology or obsessively learning semantic web programming to spare any brain cells worrying about whether you’re into me or not. *eyeroll* Done dating extroverts.

    Time for beauty overhaul/therapy. This is a great idea.

  11. Musing on my Venus in Leo, in the 12th…. I am not a princess in fact I say come the revolution put em all up against the wall (some other pretty heavy natal stuff, mirrors the zap zone yay) but I have always maintained the wax and call in professionals for the tricky jobs, do have naturally blonde hair but now also need professionals to step in to keep it ” power hair” blonde

    My multiple Virgo insists on high quality, had on my cashmere cardi (gift) deep dark red batwing with silk scarf (another gift, have been a lucky girl) I may live in a tiny flat with original 60’s kitchen complete with torn Lino but I look a million bucks!

  12. Re beauty, have been given a script for ‘Re-trieve’ as wanted to polish up the visage. It’s a Retin-A replacement cream. After one use (10mins on then wash off until you can tolerate overnight usage) my skin feels ultra smooth.
    One 20th the cost of dermabrasion/chem peel! Happiness for the purse.
    Will let you know how it goes after one month. Downside is have to use sunscreen during the day on face, perhaps a good foundation will suffice in the winter sun instead a the ingredients in that stuff are suss in my books.
    I know a paradox, but i own it.