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Deported from Saudi Arabia for being “too handsome” has hyped the career and profile of Libran Poet/Actor/Model Omar Borkan Al Gala big time.  It’s SO Libra.

Religious police deemed Al Gala and his two friends “too handsome” and removed them from a culture festival before deporting them on the grounds that they could unduly stir up the ladies. And gents too, no doubt, but nobody was saying that.

Omar Borkan Al Gala Dubai

From his Facebook, the slightly Hallmark  “The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.”

But then the completely brilliant:  “They can say whatever , I’ll do whatever.  No pain is forever –  you should know this.”  

Very Libra Guy. This is EPIC – it’s like Zoolander Meets Rumi. So absolutely NOW.  

Omar Borkan Al Gala Dubai-06

“…To be alone with your falcon in the middle of no where gives you the time to have a peace of mind…”  Omar Borkan Al Gala


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91 thoughts on “Libra Man Problems

  1. He’s so incredibly beautiful, I don’t think I could sully him in my usual take-no-prisoners sex style.


    • However, if *he* opened that door in a myriad of ways… I could Napoleon all over that. 😉

    • hahahahah is it the venus in aries? I scare Libran or (venus-libran) men too. I am OK with that.

      • Venus in Libra doesn’t know what to do with Venus in Aries, and often times doesn’t believe that the Aries parts actually happened, because “nobody ever says/does that.” Um, they do. VL seduces by getting you two alone and looking so sweetly into your eyes. VA seduces by showing off in some manner. If VL lets VA show off (and appreciates!), then VA mellows out and is more apt to be the pretty attentive person VL wants/needs.

        I’ve noticed a recent influx of Leo moons I end up attracting. Also a lot of Virgo and Scorpio suns. Because I’m doomed to die alone, apparently. 😛

        • oh, that’s what I was going to say! yes. I do want to meet someone one day who does match a Venus Libran’s preferences. just out of curiousity, you know. I mean there are plenty here now surely. I just can’t imagine it would be any fun? Like, is a relationship with a Venus libran all about cupcakes, and writing blogs about quirky flower arrangements, softly spoken conversations on the sofa about relationships while sharing a mohair rug, posting picture of pretty cardigans on Pinterest, and glamping at a music festival? someone tell me I’m wrong. I know I’m wrong. I just have to start somewhere.

          • (my experience of being offensive to venus libra types is limited to men, btw. What I just wrote is what I feel like I am supposed to do when involved with a man who has that venus)

          • For VL, my astro’s a bit weird, as I’ve Mars in Gemini. So I offend them, but then explain my reasoning, which Venus in Libra loves – a logical thought process.

            Like recently romantically confronting someone while on a first date with them.. Who, me? Except it ended up with us discussing socio-cultural gender norms in relationships and how we hoped to combat them in our own lives.

            With his eros in sagg and his psyche in aqua, it helped him forgive me pretty quick. AND? Some drunk man accosted me. I kind of backhanded him on the street. (Venus in Aries TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. Or showing off. 🙂 )

            Him: Virgo sun, Leo moon, Libra Venus, Sagg mars

            • “romantically confronting someone while on a first date with them” HAHA I do this all the time. I *could* smile politely and gloss over what I think might have been a comment veiling a sexist or uninformed attitude (‘stop the boats’)… OR I COULD POLITELY INTERROGATE THEM UNTIL THEY SEE THE ERROR OF THEIR WAYS so help me god. Mars in Aqua. I mean, if we can’t agree on or at least openly debate sex, politics and religion in a friendly fashion, then I might as well find this out early on right?

              a sagg-aqua mix would be good to untangle a potential disagreement. he probably loved that you backhanded someone for getting all up in your goodies.

          • All you have to do for a man with Venus in Libra is be beautiful, by which I mean be confident and luxuriant in your appeal, let him know the subtle show is for him. If he doesn’t pounce move on, it’s his fault not yours. He probably does want substance and isn’t afraid of action, it’s just nicer if it doesn’t come with angry vibes.

            I have Venus, Mars, Sun, Pluto and Uranus in Libra and I used to think my lady needed to know the difference between the Security Council and the General Assembly. Life proved me wrong but at least for me it’s not about cardigans on pininterest.

            I know there’s a few here who’ve had bad experiences with Libra men, but even with that stellium I consistently score ENTJ & don’t feel that wishywashy, I like deciding and acting.

            Watching the Dustan Hoffman vid doing the rounds gave me uncomfortable food for thought. Dating ATM and meeting nice interesting women but just not feeling the urge with any. No point for me to ‘put the canoe in the water’ if there’s not enough appeal but mild angst about whether consuming too many billboards has left me brainwashed. Keeping the faith that eventually someone nice will arrive.

            Anyway, don’t tar with the one brush I say.

      • i also have venus in aries and would not hesitate to sully him in the least if he wanted to be sullied. perhaps it is my age that comes with the knowledge to enjoy the pleasures of life and never miss an opportunity to make love. He is absolutely gorgeous and he can sure take residence in my home and country if his own doesn’t want him.

  2. OMG thank YOU. I don’t trust Libra men as far as i could throw them then again i don’t actually have to “throw” them do i.

    I actually mis read this as saying his last name was “Al Gaga” but prob says all you need know about my state of mind.

    thanks for reviving my teenage “Sheikh” fantasies.

  3. As someone who has spent a lot of time in this part of the world, BRING IT ON!! He’s wonderful! That falcon quote really is the best thing since Zoolander! And he’s not even trying! At last, a pin-up for the heavily-robed….

      • I’m laughing so much it hurts.. Thank you, Ms for the accurate synopsis and Mystic for lightening up my day with a hilarious libra post.
        Can I ask for some more, please?

    • Seriously. “To be alone with your falcon…”?

      (this truly made me laugh out loud)

      He IS gorgeous, that’s for sure.

      But I love: Zoolander meets Rumi. Perfect:)

  4. “Too handsome” ?? No… Not impressed at all. — Also, if he refrained from applying kajal on his eyes and trimming his facial hair with the aid of a ruler, he would increase his chances of being allowed to attend “cultural events”. – Metrosexual in Saudi Arabia is very outré.

  5. Hahaha… Look at me I’m on a horse, I hold my falcon… It’s like old spice man only with a head scarf.

    Love it

  6. I was punched in the ribs by my Libran guy for being “too beautiful” after we had a magical exotic party night on a beach with camels and fairylights. We were both shocked at this drunken stupidity. Now I’m going out with a new Libran (on and off for 3 years) and he’s completely closed in his shell. Pfft!! Librans. I’m surrounded by them. Must be my Libran rising? I’m starting to think falcons are more exciting….

  7. Heh heh I love you guys! You are soooo hilarious! Made my day after wanker ex just sms’d to say that J Lo has offered yo take him out to cheer him up tonight….. Because he tried to hassle me to get back with him yesterday- promising he is only on methadone. I wish him the best but noooooo going back- no siree.

    Ex is rather hot- blonde blue eyed rugged falcon man. So reading your responses cracked me up! Thanks y’all xxx

    • Seriously w.t.f is the world coming to when you cannot even trust a Libran man???
      Okay so he was “dancing inappropriately” – a bit less of a story.
      Somewhere on here is the story of a Libran Roman Emperor who had coins made with his image and the Capricorn symbol because, say the historians, he wanted people to think he was Capricorn. Ie; more of a leader, more stoic etc.

    • Yeah, of course it was all BS. But you gotta give it to him he played it well…. he knows how to werk it gurrrllll.

    • Why am I not surprised his story was bogus. It’s been my experience that Libra Men are liars. And not very good ones at that, may I add. But then again, I’m a multi-conjuct Scorp; nothing gets by our kind. Lol.

      • hey, I totally agree with that my friend. All the charming Libra men I’ve known have been just that – charming… but to me, that charm is plastic and easy to see right through. However I’m also a Pluto Scorp, 8th House Moon and triple conjunct Virgo. This is why I had to Google Mr. Omar and see what kind of lies he be tellin’ lol

        • lol, me too. In spite of Venus on Asc, my scorpy bits (including Venus) just ain’t into pretty libran bs and the googling just confirmed what my instincts – and the quotes above – told me straight away: Rumi? 0%. Zoolander? 100%. But yes, too sexy a great PR strategy. Perhaps he has a Leo moon.

      • I am a libran female and both my long term relationships have been with Libran men. They are charming, they are self assured, but it is all external. They are also pretty self focused and not so much self aware in my experience. Not in a rush to meet another Libran man that is for sure.

    • I don’t think he is into women…

      I wonder how he was dancing and with whom

      • I know, I actually lol’d. I would watch a Bruno style documentary on this dude. He’s gotta re-create the infamous dancing inappropriately moment though.

  8. Wanna know something hilarious? His beautiful image adorned the Facbeook event page for a poetry reading. I saved the picture cos I thought he was unbelievably hot, not knowing who he was or what claim he had to be a poet. It didn’t surprise me one bit to read this story, yet the follow-up is hilarious! Seems that Libra man’s hotness must always be accompanied by vanity… But let’s just say I could spend A LOT of time with my falcon, or his, in the middle of nowhere 😉

  9. not a pleasant reminder of my frightening ex (Libra ),as well as my best friend’s digusting ex (Libra)….Should have read their natal charts BEFORE believing their smooth, seductive words …..

  10. lol! i had guessed this guy to be Libra or Taurus. Lol! Awesome! Falcons are such Libran pets too. I used to work with raptors and id say the smaller ones are very Air sign. Eagles more scorpio!

  11. Uranian Scorp has Mars-Uranus-Venus in tight conjunction in Libra. Saw him on the Discovery channel the other day. LOL! Its so apt for him. He’s incredibly beautiful and a Scorp. He carries it like a thug. Makes me laugh.

  12. Personally I wouldnt take this guy home off Grinder, But I have mars conjunct jupiter so the sooky goo goo look is not for me… he looks like he got kicked out for being gay…

    Im really happy people cant tell im am. So much less drama. I do Thank the universe for meh Leo ascendant.. And my Virgoian research capabilities that keep me from consuming vast amounts of estrogen producing chemicals. Saturn in Virgo IS the sign of seeing through scams.

    Many men gay and straight are turning more and more fems/ passive by the day since they believe the Governement is not out to make a woman out of you. No wonder I keep getting so much attention from the gay community. My look and personality is rare, most gays are just concerned with the usual women stuff watch TV and are just as passive…

    • an odd thing ive noticed is that quite a few gay guys smell like they produce a lot lot extra tstosterone than straight guys. thats what i base my gaydar on and its normally right.

      • Maybe its diff in OZ but I know here, there is attack on what it means to be a man. This is why people in Brazil rioted over a 50 cent raise in fairs and we get our fares raised all the time along with many other things and no one does anything, flouride is killing the male aspect over here and the BPAs in all gatorade and poland spring water bottles at the gym I see, what a clever plan…. Hope it does not catch on.

        But I think Gays just seem more testosterone-y because they blurt out sex obsinaties just like men?

  13. LOL, so he’s a Libra? So fitting, but I am curious as to what the rest of his chart looks like. He’s soooo delicious, I remember wishing they had deported him to my room when this story first broke out.

  14. I have 5 planets in libra so I’m obviously not biased but if you don’t think this man is inspiringly beautiful and an artist at life you are wrong! How can robes and head scarves be so seductive? This man is amazing.

  15. To me, it’s sad when men (women, whoever) who clearly don’t need to try so hard… try so hard. Have always found that really off-putting and I’m a libra. I think it screams lack of confidence. “…trimming facial hair with a ruler…” as LaLuz said above… omg so gross (think of what you could do with all that time! my venus/saturn in scorp? mars/jupiter in cap?) . A libra guy I really liked back when shaved his whole body and was really into his eyebrows… I had to call the whole thing off (there were plenty of other reasons, incl: I wasn’t convinced he was not sexually confused and the blue devil affliction). As kind of a rugged female I attract these kind of dudes also, which is extremely bemusing. Like, “what? me? are you okay?” (aqua rising?) Where have all the grizzly beard men gone? Oh, I can see them filing into the gay bar across the street.

  16. But he isn’t even attractive. THIS is what he looks like without his clothing and head dress (

    He is LITERALLY one of those people that only looks good aesthetically if you compliment their face and their body with certain clothing. Otherwise they’re average. My Venus and Mars in Leo does not approve. Some middle eastern men are gorgeous – yes. But he’s just………fuggo to me.

    When he wears that head dress, it brings out his eyes and it gives the illusion that he’s ‘dark, mysterious and sexy’ its basically a psycho-fashion-ological mind fuck. Its an optical illusion. Its BS.

    Someone take his ass back. I don’t want him. Then again, I prefer men that look like twinks. Its my libran-gemini aspectual sensibility (8th house gemini, hyper gemini and lib in vedic astrology).

    I prefer men that look like this –

    Please and thank you and good night.

    • He’s not my type -people have different tastes (obviously!). I think you would find however that there are lots of people who would find him mysterious, dark and handsome in that picture you have linked – ESPECIALLY since he isn’t wearing too many clothes 😉

    • what is a twink?! is that best illustrated by the boy-man type creature? this is fascinating (i mean this in a gemini way not a sarcastic way) – my DSC and venus are in fire signs and I pretty much go for the opposite of this guy (for example,he would be wearing *french* undies in Paris hahaha x)

      • Yeah I would say he is a twink….
        According to the highly reputable (LOL!) Wikipedia a twink (derived from Twinkie) is “a young or young-looking man with a slender, ectomorph build, little or no body hair, and no facial hair.”

        • I remember reading somewhere that when women are on the pill they are attracted to more feminine type guys. Can’t remember why. But interesting that you might be attracted to a different kind of guy depending on what hormones are coursing through your body.

          • @Starlore – I’m not on the pill and I kno w of people who’ve been attracted to more androgynous and feminine men who aren’t on it either and their sensibility didn’t change or increase when they got ON the pill.

            I don’t really believe in studies like that. I think that articles like that are sexist because it stems from the belief that a woman has to be hormonally heightened or imbalanced in order to “stray away” from her assumed ‘natural’ state of liking a traditionally physically masculine, muscular man.

            What you’re sexually attracted to depends on you and your natal chart can help serve as a guide to help you see that. Not everyone is the same.

            You’re just you and that is that. Hormones ain’t got nothin’ to do with it 🙂

            • From experience and discussion way back in uni days – it’s true that the conceptive pill/injection changes the way your pheromones smell and how you react to male pheromones. Biologically it reduces the best choice for reproductive success. We are after all, just part of the animal kingdom.

            • I never believe in studies either 🙂 Don’t know why that particular thought crossed my mind, it wasn’t directed at you per se. Just thinking out loud really. It is interesting though to idly contemplate why one is attracted one thing rather than another. Something which I will certainly never get to the bottom of! Tis all a mystery!

    • i think he is beautiful, but they are defo fetishising the robes…time for the West to indulge in a new form of orientalism? or a re-newed one, anyway.

    • Gaydar is going off.. 😉 he looks so George Michael in that link!! I still do love George Michael though.

      Not a fan of a boy-man type (second link).

  17. Fell in love with a Libra man when I was a teenager. He said then we could not do anything about it. Libra v Libra. If he turned up today I would take him in. Most beautiful male speciman ever. Like a Roman god.
    MM – waiting for the equivalent post about Libra women. Maybe that will explain why I scare men!

      • well, *a lot* of saudi men. it’s a thing. like an australian blokeman type having shares in a racehorse or a Bathurst racing car, except more prestigious / refined / normal.

        • lol, pi! “more normal” 😀

          but hang on, do you mean it would be totes more normal to have a small bird of prey on your arm than to have shares in a Bathurst racing car? or do you mean it’s more the norm, more common?

          • oh right! haha. I think I meant more common / widespread. Like, if you were in saudi arabia – at least from the little I know – it might be more likely that you’d meet someone who has a prized pet falcon than meeting someone in oz who .. race car etc. I could be making all this up, not sure.

            • fair enough but i found the other explanation funnier 😉

              must be my brain….i’m going to survey some saudi men now…

  18. Last picture reminds me of an amazing clip I saw where a Saudi man who trains movie horses for Hollywood calls his falcon to fly onto his Arabian he is doing liberty with! Badass!

    He’s pretty. I’m a sucker for Indian and Persian guys, dark features. Never been with a blonde. But I think he’s just..too pretty. I can smell the histrionics from here (as evidenced by the contortion of the story, which is hilarious).

  19. I think, Linda Goodman wrote that there was something feminine about libran men and something masculine about libran women (even though they would be considered conventionally pretty). I find this to be true.

  20. Poor Libra men. I feel I have to come to their defense, or at least give hope that they’re not all vain liars who can’t make decisions haha My fella is Libra Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars and is the least egotistical man I’ve ever met, he barely glances at mirrors and has no idea when other women flirt with him (I have to point it out, and often he doesn’t believe me). Though, he does bake rather a lot and have a good eye for interior decorating haha . I’m Libran, too, and I agree with AirOnFire, on the surface we look like we play out the traditional masculine/feminine roles but in reality it’s the other way around. In my experience, Libran men are soft, gentle and very cuddly, though they can be masters at passive aggressive behaviour when they’re out of balance. That’s when this Libran heads out for some serious socialising!

    • Thank you, onlyafterdark (love the username btw!) for defending libras!
      “Vain indecisive liar” stereotype (that generally is applied to but not limited to libran men) is getting old!

      • Libras are typically really vain and superficial. But you have high and low octave Libras –

        > High octave libras are really balanced and diplomatic. They like nice things and have learned how to reserve a piece of themselves so they don’t fall into the trap of being people pleasers. At their best, they’re very warm and friendly and make excellent business mavericks and conversationalists. Make fantastic consultants. They are the perfect wingmen and wingwomen. They’re the best cheerleaders (male and female) and ‘idea guys’ who are very quirky, interesting, and inventive. They can make the most loyal of friends and they bubble with a natural charm and humor to them that makes them amazing to be around. It makes you want to just *eat* them.

        > Low octave libras at their worst make people into objects and use their ability to make friendships easily into using people like chess pieces. They also stuff their personalities with vanity and that vanity is reflected through heavy materialism or they only think of ‘themselves’ and their thought processes first under the veil of just ‘being honest.’ They become crowd pleasers to the point where they’ll do just about anything for attention. Then at their worst they’re also extremely emotionally unstable to where they just _ can’t _ take if someone disapproves of them or dislikes them in the slightest.

        Essentially libras are very superficial even if they claim depth. They hate suffering, dislike pain and confrontation (conflict that affects them on a personal level opposed to playing devil’s advocate) and have closensess and when people want to be around them to where they’re in their personal space. I can write a whole fucking dissertation on libras because a good part of me IS libra and my HUSBAND IS A LIBRA. Lol!

        There’s nothing wrong with being superficial. It just means that you prefer to be objective and float on top of the surface.

        • I would agree with that and I am a Libra female with a Libra Ex. We both have our high and low aspects at times.