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Sun square Saturn, Mars opposite Pluto, Venus opposite Neptune, Jupiter building up to stimulate the Zap Zone.

It’s volatile out there. Like we’re wafting about beautiful meadows in the sunlight (heightened consciousness, the Grand Water Trine) but the long grass hides electric fences we could trip into.

Massive mabarosi* moments, super-strength clarity and a whole lot of power-tripping. You don’t have to go on the trip but don’t surrender your autonomy either.

This astro forces you to think through what you’re actually most passionate about and do that. To keep your nobility, grace and personal space. Let it slide and you could be in a lower-Scorpionic/Leo hubris-infested mess of Grudge Flashpoint real fast.

* Mabarosi refers to the illumination of a landscape that occurs when it is lit up by a lightning flash at night. Eerie, smells of sulphur but you see schizz you would not normally be able to see. That’s the nowness. Half mellow goo-goo and ultra Yin. Half electric Yang.

FYI: re the comments, it’s your space to hang in guys & i love the connections & info you share in there. But if there is any sort of an upsurge in hostility, toxic comments, threats etc, they will have to be moderated which means that comments will take a lot longer to appear and i will have a lot less time to spend on writing.

It’s a pain but a handful people have made this necessary with many a site. Difference of opinions – fine. Incoherent ranting and threats – not acceptable. This is like a club and like any club, the person who created the space has the right to stop some people from entering, if they are in such a state that they might threaten the enjoyment of the other patrons. Obviously threatening to wreck the joint results in a black-listing.

There probably is a political rant to be had but it doesn’t need conspiracy theory.

Corporations doing what corporations do (profit) and apparently unrestrained/regulated by an ineffectual government, the Zap Zone,  Pluto in Capricorn transforming geo political structures AND the Pluto in Leo generation (baby boomers) having some pet delusions/their leadership challenged by Saturn in Scorpio. The system is broken and clapped out business models are becoming increasingly obvious. The era of endless debt fuelled growth and consumption as some sort of an obligatory religion is over.   Zero Hedge & Macrobusiness cover the situation really well.

But hey, how are y’all doing with the volatile flashpoint astro?  Note also that conclusions you may have come to but then rejected (too inconvenient, didn’t tie in with your sentimental agenda etc) last November or in late April/early May are now back, in your face and this time around not even remotely hard to grok.

Keep Scorp – Haute Scorp that is.

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146 thoughts on “Keep Scorp

  1. Auspicious astro day for the restart of the israeli-palestinian peace talks in Washington DC. Quite a day to start that up again.

  2. Feeling more alive than ever before.
    Good times with friends. Life is damn good now.
    Watched horses run wild this weekend.

  3. My special needs daughter has a new teacher. Since the day we met on 8 July we have had at least one clash a week. Because the last one was so bad, today I was very precise in saying “Ok, the way I am hearing what you are saying is…..”and she completely changed her answer. I am trying to decide whether to let it slide or ask for a meeting with a 3rd party present. She screams trouble to me and I’ve never backed out of an argument but there is something about het that makes me very wary. Let it go or go for it?

  4. Transformation…Scorp energy, right? I feel and am experiencing a lot of transformation right now.

    I am transforming my home. I have been refurbishing the 16 stairs that lead into my apartment. Good stuff, improving entry way feng shui!
    I have sanded, spackled, washed and now painted the stairs and they look fabulous! I have done it all myself and with no power tools, all by hand, and the whole thing only cost me about $40, because I had some leftover materials as well as I am resourceful! …another Scorpio trait?

    Anyway, Saturn in Scorp is transiting my 5th house and this was a creative, artistic project as well as quite practical. I feel like it is healing and soothing and finalizing my Saturn transit my 4th house time-period, which was ROUGH, to say the least! I fought for this house!!

    I have Pluto opposing Mars, natally, so I know what that feels like on a daily basis….
    *****I also want to take this space to thank ’12th House Virgo’ for your kind words about this aspect of mine in another thread! You are awesome and you helped me a lot, and validated to me how much energy and power this is to handle and how sometimes no one else can help because they don’t have enough power, themselves, to match me. This was a huge revelation for me, so thanks for sharing with me your insight!!!! 🙂

    Anyway…………..this staircase project has also been very PHYSICAL, requiring a lot of physical effort, which helps me to mediate that natal Mars/Pluto opposition as well as the current transiting Mars/Pluto opposition.
    I’ve got to keep moving right now because I have had some bouts of depression lately and being physically active seems to be the only way through it all right now. More power to me, right?! Ha ha..

    Another insight I’ve had lately is that alcohol is my kryptonite. Just can’t handle it. It undoes me completely. I have two drinks and feel completely loaded, can’t think, can’t see, feel insanely depressed, practically suicidal the next day. I guess I’m allergic, like many of my heritage.. Mostly I leave it alone, but I realize I can’t even have a social drink with a friend or biz cocktail hour… even when I limit it to one or two drinks, it messes me up bad. It’s just so present at any social gathering around here. It’s hard to have to be so careful about it. It’s like having a dairy intolerance or something (which I also have), where you have to be on the look out all the time….just annoying, but there are worse things in life… mother is actually alcoholic, and I’ll never be because I can’t get past one or two drinks, and those come few and far between….I guess her condition haunts me in a way, I find it depressing. She is sober now, 15 years, but she wasn’t when we were growing up, so that is how I remember her…

    Also, what about this ‘Star of David’ configuration that is supposed to happen on Monday? I think it’s a grand earth trine with Pluto/Venus/Moon and a grand water trine with Saturn/Neptune/Mars, Jupiter, Merc.
    That’s a lot going on! Pretty darn cool!!!!!

    And as MM pointed out, there is nothing in Air signs right now. Good. I’m tired of THINKING! I am just DOING and FEELING right now.
    Feels good….I am Aqua Sun and Aqua Mercury and I get burned out on my twittery mind….shut it off for awhile, I say!

    One more thing: God, I love this site! MM and everyone here have helped me so much in the last year of being a member. It’s been serendipitous reading, every time. You are all amazing!! 🙂

    • God same. 4th house saturn was just like hell. I think I actually preferred my saturn returns. lol.

      Huge shifts going on for a lot of us right now

      keep the faith x

      • Hey Ms., would you mind sharing a bit of info about what Saturn through the 4th was like? That’s where it is for me now- approaching my moon- and although I feel like I’m being put through the proverbial wringer, I can’t actually pinpoint what effect Saturn in this house is having.

        No prob if you’d rather not relive it though!

    • Saturn opposite my natal mars…..upset with kids’ dad.
      neptune on my descendant….boyfriend and I are drinking less. Told him to quit smoking.
      venus just passed my ascendant and natal venus….wearing hats now. weird.
      sun on my natal moon….moody and sensitive
      mars and jupier on my natal juno(and boyfriends natal south node)….will we have a baby?

  5. Finally going to perform the tunes I have spent my whole life practicing. Talk about working out what you’re passionate about….Gotta stay haute, no hubris allowed…

    And as for problem commenters—reign it in guys! We don’t want to lose this awesome place just for a few rants! Get a ranting blog and link it to your profile if you must rant!!!

  6. Mystic, I rarely comment on this blog but you are so right about this Astro forcing you to find what you’re most passionate about and heading towards that. I want to thank you for the daily dose of info and inspiration you dish out in the daily Mystic emails because this blog has been helping me maintain a Warrior-like mentality when I’ve needed it the most.

    In terms of transits, transit Saturn is currently natal conjunct my Natal Pluto, opposing my Natal Mars (yeah, I have an ick Mars Pluto opposition). Transit Pluto is conjunct my natal Neptune, Neptune conjunct my natal Mercury, Chiron is conjunct my Sun and Uranus is sitting pretty on my natal Moon. To say my life has changed since November 2012 is an understatement.

    November 2012, my then partner broke up with me so I threw myself into work. Decided to quit the 9-5 to pursue my passion in film and I’ve somehow managed to work myself up the ladder with directing all my energy to my job. People have been complimentary on my determination and drive and whilst its not been an easy journey and there have been a lot of late nights and tears, it’s all been worth it. I’ve always been a caretaker and this is the first period in my life where I have been selfish and put myself and my ambitions in the driving seat.

    I’ve no doubt that the Zap Zone is going to test me further and there are other areas of my life I need to direct some energy to (chez-Little Fish and my rather interesting choice in lovers for starters) but professionally, I’m so thankful for where I am at the minute.

  7. I’ve just planned a holiday. sabbatical leave. I’m leasing my space and going. Weird thing is my life is closing behind me as fast as I planned this. In 7 days my house is disbanding my boy lost his job and might move country so it sparked big chats about our future and how we think we should not be LT but stay friends, my work has descended into nothing I want to take on and is cutting hours. Its crazy. Could leave be tattoo’ed any darker in the air? fuck. My heart is playing catch up

  8. I’m still listening to Alicia Keys “Go On”, “Superwoman”…Got my hair and toes done and spent nearly my whole paycheck on moi this weekend….

    All cool in my world.

    • Opposing Never Sounds Good does it. In Opposition…sounds ominous. Mars all red and angry, Pluto, cold and calculating.
      Better to stay in bed and read.

  9. Not to lecture, being mindful of Mystic’s warning, but for those who are talking about being depressed: from my own experience, I found it extremely helpful to stop using the word depression. Being “depressed” for me was a vast murky bog that there seemed no way out of, but it never felt like the right diagnosis. However, it’s a label that’s become endemic in our culture, especially for women, and in my opinion it’s rarely the core issue; it limits us and profits Big Pharma. I no longer say “I’m depressed” when I’m feeling sad, angry, frustated, helpless, or any other feeling that is entirely legitimate – I identify the feeling beneath the gray cloud of lethargy, and then I can isolate the problem and take some steps.

    It’s not always that simple, of course, but I’ve found it very helpful in terms of my own self-worth to just reject the label. I also do not allow others to call me depressed when I’m tired or melancholy or need introvert time alone or am stuck in old trauma-related behavior. And fyi, I was 50 before I began to figure this out. And I did take antidepressants for years, under pressure from others, that never worked.

    I recently learned that Eric Maisel, an artist’s coach/author, has a book called Rethinking Depression that also takes this approach of rejecting the “depressed” label – some of you might find it helpful.

    And yes, I’m a Scorpio, with a Scorpio stellium and Saturn right on my Sun as we speak, a Cap moon and a lifetime of Pluto transits, so I’ve got plenty to work with in this regard!

    Blue skies, everyone – sorry to go on so long but there are so many lovely bright spirits here who are struggling, and sometimes a change of language can help a bit.

    • I agree with the label warning. We don’t generally label ourselves as “happy” or “excited” although we certainly all experience those things.

    • I kind of agree…I think that underneath depression there are usually a lot of complicated things that doctors don’t have the time/care to untangle, so we get labeled and drugged as “depressed”.

      I only started to really improve when I realized that I am not depressed; my OCD and anxiety were unmanageable and it had led to making some bad decisions. Once I started to focus on getting help for the underlying things and focused on what I want there was hope again.

    • Thank you for the warning. I am not used to these unending days of feeling isolated, feeling numb. It is as if the world is going cozy and your nose is pressed to the cold window, you are peering inside.

      The word “depression” is like a language you can’t understand.

      I tend to label this mind state as “depressed” until I identify the triggering emotion, event, reaction. I am still working on it, filled a notebook just today. A thread will appear, sooner or later.

    • that’s interesting. i sort of arrive at it from the opposite – I assume i am feeling all these feelings, states of mind, etc (sad / isolated / just a bit tired / melancholy whatever, that like unwelcome guests just stay and stay and stay, and then after about 6 months of this and wondering why this utter sense of powerlessness to change anything and inertia just won’t fuqing fuq off forever I think, shit, is this what depression looks like?? ughh sigh…

    • A journalist i know wrote :depression is upmarket boredom. It does apply for a few peoples passed my way
      and it applies to me personally as a Sagg, it’s my duty to be breezy and only get blue from not being fully occupied.
      Depressed is what i feel if my shoes are too tight, my foot is depressed, squeezed, indented.
      Squeezed is apt as diagnosed clinical depression can suck the life out of you.
      Agree it is an antiquated word that has a negative charge to it but it is a malady that can be cured i’m sure.

      The French have an expression for it which translates as ‘i have a cockroach’. Jai du cafard. I like it 🙂
      The other is ‘ i am walking outside of my shoes’. Love that.

      • Just a footnote. I experienced the horrid effects of depression from my mother, the Scorp extrordinaire, seeing how if affected her. One is affected, the nearest,closest person is effected.
        She would say ‘i’m so tired i could cry’ so fatique certainly creates it.

  10. “consumption as some sort of an obligatory religion is over”

    I love this!

    I learned so much from the Pluto-generations post. I saw this video the other day and its SOOO Pluto-in-Scorpio. I love it.

  11. November is Thanksgiving in the USA which is my favorite holiday. I’m the youngest of 8 and the table was always full and it was one time of year we seemed almost glad to be together. I haven’t been to a proper Thanksgiving since Pluto plowed my IC (26 Sag). Last November, I built a large oak table in my dining room by myself. It doesn’t sound like much, but it was a movement. I wasn’t depressed for a change. I actually had the best Thanksgiving I’ve had in years, lonely as I ever was.

    April/May is when I started a new job and realized it wasn’t what they had sold me and voiced my complaints instead of trying to make the situation work for me, which has been my past pattern.

    I wish my astro markers were sexier 🙂 Last November, I thought “next year I won’t be alone on my birthday. Next year, I will have people at my table. Next year, I’ll have somebody to kiss.” But…instead, those things are no longer goals or aspirations. If it happens, so be it. I have no clue how it works. My responsibility to myself isn’t to judge or predict but to create space and healthy borders for my own, small acts of creation.

  12. I am humbled and truly honored by the wishes, suggestions I received today. I am not out, but I know I can do it.

    Thank you all who took time to write, and read our messages and thank you Mystic for making all this possible.

    • Quaddie, being with Myst here has pulled me through
      the dark night of the soul and a few baptisms by fire.
      As we are many women i’m sure the majority have experienced some sort of depression clinical or temporary, some sort of blues, anxiety, mild or debilitating.
      It takes courage to bare your feelings, and that’s excatly what we are made of…feelings, and that’s what makes us great.
      Give heart honey and you get heart back.

  13. Nightmare Academy, where the cafeteria is stocked with cheese & cereal, & all the professors have fangs. Offering evening classes to fit into your busy schedule. Arrange a campus tour today!

  14. omg….just realized NOW why i receiveid a text yesterday night from an old old ex whom i’ve been love-zombied out for many years…i seriously explained him last year (last time we met) that i wouldn’t want to meet, see, hear from him in any form from that moment to ever again in life. he agreed. then yesterday night i was enjoying a night out with my new friend and voilà……text: “hi, how are you?” WTF!!!???!!??? #venusoppositeneptune s***? of course i didn’t reply back.

      • oh, yes ! could well be so! but i’m finally ready to put all that *!!ç*?^! behind and start anew. i feel no fear, no longing anymore…! thanks Pi for remembering that to me. 😉 xx

  15. Oh dear. I completely missed the brouhaha! I’m kinda glad. I come here to find my smile.
    Work stress home stress, mirroring the dark emo symptoms.
    Hoping all this corporation stuff results in change. Mine seems to be stagnating.
    I refer to the 80’s pop diva for reference,” I need a hero!”

  16. well, every time these Zappy warnings come up, I seem to find myself housebound anyway, maybe one of the hard Zap angles in my chart kind of activates pluto on my IC, which in turn goes into “secret depths” invisible mode..? that’s the only way I can reason this out.

    Having said that – my connections w outside world (via email, social media, mobile) take the form of hustle, pitching, tripping over my own daydreams, wondering what people think of me, realising that a sedentary lifestyle and lack of proper work is actually rendering me more thick, and wondering whether I am meant to narrow down my options or with all of these equally baited lines in the water, if the universe does that for me.

  17. Ok.. let me summarize what I have been dealing with..

    (1) very outspoken lately. I mean when I post an opinion about a topic, not here, the reaction is very strong. But I stay true to my opinion. I have very strong feelings about things lately and for some reason I feel the need to say them. My worries: that my family is upset with my spotlight attention on my opinions. I honestly don’t care. This is the first time EVER in my life that I have spoken out about topics and it feels good at the time but I evaluate and then think “Oh no, let me delete that”… but I don’t. I don’t know. This outspoken nature appeared after the elections in November, I have friends that support me so I am glad I have a collection of people that understand my opinions.

    (2) Since June 17 my exercise program came to a halt. I was not feeling well. Because doctor’s can’t really help you I chose to figure it out on my own. I felt dehydrated and decide to take some electrolytes. My blood tests show some signs of dehydration but my potassium levels seem to be reasonable. Well, after starting the electrolyte mix 3 days later I broke out in hives. Went to the doctor, she couldn’t help me (I wanted some blood tests done) so I stopped and the hives went away. I think the electrolytes threw my potassium levels too high. I am feeling SO much better since Tuesday of this week.

    (3) I am going a singles group today to go activities. I am finding it hard to find friends so I am going to try this avenue. Let’s see what happens.

    (4) Work is still on a go. Feeling a little better with my empowerment. Traveling for a week this week and then getting prepped to go to Asia in September,

    (5) Romance: nada! Which is typical and ok!

    Sun (10th – Career) square Saturn (1st – personality traits), I guess this relates to my #4. Sun in the 10th (inner self, core of a person) My boss is very strong and tries to intimidate me treating me like I am less than her (her core of a person). I stand up to her. I have taken a turn with how I will deal with her. (Saturn in the 1st)

    Mars (9th – beliefs) opposite Pluto (3rd – learning), Relating this to my #4 also. Mars activates the drive in a person and Pluto describes how we deal with power (my boss)

    Venus (11th – friends / groups) opposite Neptune(5th creative expression), I related this to my #3.

    Jupiter (9th) building up to stimulate the Zap Zone: Justice of something.. not sure about this one.

    Well, that was a good exercise for me. Not sure how accurate it is but let’s see!


    • SO, yes the Zap Zone is full on with me. Same scenario since 2009 = work and romance. A very testing, challenging, and awakening phase as to “how will I handle this”.

  18. yes it is weird astro and schizz is definitely emerging. I’m thinking the Grand Water Trine can support healing anything the the Mars/Pluto sitch throws up, however I don’t really have my head around the significance of Venus/Neptune. Is it clarity? I’m cool with that. Oh, and Sun into Leo? I am enjoying a fab styling/grooming moment 😀

  19. The timing is exquisite.

    Mum, poster girl for the Easter 2013 stroke survivors class had emergency surgery yesterday after severe pain earlier in the week. The upshot: advanced stage of cancer.

    April 2013 was transiting Jupiter conjunct my natal Gem sun in the 4th house. The ‘gift’ of this period was a new sense of home as a psychological space rather than just a physical place, although the physical place matters.

    New biz is in blast-off mode.

    Grand water trine was all over my natal venus (5th) and natal saturn (1st). At the moment, Mars is trining Pluto (which is also being trined by transitting Pluto) and sextiling my natal Sun.

  20. My scorpy thoughts are that people like the lady I met today who brings frsh fruit for the past month every day to my patient ( who has no family and dementia) is what keeps the spirit of the world alive and vibrant. what an angel.

  21. Yes I’m all for making this Venus opp Neptune a raised glass to Mystic’s divinely charged awesome! Mystic Mabarosi! I don’t post often but am most definitely one of the many who find great nurture, sustenance & clarity in reflecting on the profound wealth of astrofab this community shares.

    • Yes, totally agree, love this open and expressive place that is supportive, fun and keeps me learning about myself and my connection to everyone and everything

    • Hear hear!
      I have days that are great or terrible, I check Mystic’s astro weather and the forum to realise I am not alone in whatever I am feeling and it helps me through the moment.

      And as a Leo having a birthday, I can testify to the restorative power of flowers and champers. A few vampires and dinosaurs were getting me down so my lovely intuitive Pisces friend had some orchids and an open piccolo on the table ready when I arrived. The love in that gesture instantly transformed me! 🙂

  22. I loooove Misty’s affirmation there! It IS your blog.
    No one can help enjoying yr work as much as they do, but it gives no one licence to act like an entitled prat once they have gotten comfy.
    Unless Blog Mamma is happy – NO one is happy!!

    • agreed. your blog, your rules.

      as a participant i feel that while i am an opinionated girl and may over-comment ’round these parts keeping the peace and finding understanding in such an awesome community is far more important than any fleeting point i may want to make!

      also loving loving loving this astro in some ways; i may not be feeling glamorous but i feel independent and strong, sure of my direction. better than aimless and vapid.

  23. ps; mystic i love you and the weekend dailies are amaze-balls. please do not dwell on someone who does not appreciate your work and this unique space. anybody who messes with this site (aka my sanity) is bitch meat.

    • If I didn’t believe that Mystic’s blog is a net to catch me,I would have never come out with my depression.

      Sometimes it is heavens above, sometimes it is about us, mortals.

      Thank you Mystic.

  24. This is me and so my suggestions will be shallow by nature but i think you doing the right thing by facing up to this feeling. That is half the battle one. You are only as sick as your secrets.

    If i were you, i would get the cats some catnip, so cute, go to the hairdresser and then for a big healthy walk.

    • You are a treasure, Leo Socialite. I took the kittens out of their rooms half an hour ago.

      I have forgotten that kittens are the perfect dust mops.

      I think I better drop my mind, instead clean the house. I may be depressed but at least the house will be clean (says my Cap Moon I suppose)

    • If you think you’re nothing but shallow, you seriously under estimate yourself. That said – Leos are GREAT cures for depression. Q – if you can find a haute Leo to spend the day with, it works wonders!

      • What I mean – in case it doesn’t translate – is I have found a lot of your comments rather profound. The glare of the shiny Leo Sun is not a small thing.

  25. Well, got into an argument with a librarian, 8O.

    My m.i.l. tried to return some books thought lost.
    So they were going to charge her 100 in late fines as a thank you.
    I said that wasn’t an incentive to returning lost books. Next time I wouldn’t.
    The librarian said, “Well that’s not very honest, is it?!”.
    I asked her if perhaps she was exceeding the boundaries of her role giving me moral judgements.
    She replied, “Well! I was going to try to help her, but now…”.
    “Wow! Seriously. YOU hand out lessons in morality? I disagree with you and she has to pay? That’s outrageous!”.
    But you know, I still love that librarian unconditionally.., just don’t fuq with me y’know?? 🙂 lol, oh Mars you cheeky red planet, whattya doing to me?

    • Do you remember The Libran Librarian? She would never have done/said that. Getting a bit nostalgic now, it could be the delicious Adelaide Hills sad blanc with my cousins name on it as manufacturer. Got a buzz saying ‘buying my cuz’s wine’. Shall turn up at the vineyard now for freebies 🙂

      If libraries are the closest thing to a well ordered universe,it’s out of kilter. For the last 2-3 years i have noticed the grab for the dollar is everywhere in everything, to the point of having to even check the change given back anywhere.
      Evolution or devolution? Valuation or devaluation. You know more about that than i do Andromeda 🙂

      • Ooh, have a glass for me!
        It’s my birthday tomorrow, can’t help wanting to break my so far untainted 6 week grain/dairy/sugar/caffeine/alcohol free dietary program… God a milky coffee & toast would be amazing..

        Yes, the lady was attempting to embody the library, it was silly – be yourself!!
        You are wonderfully yr best self Pegasus of the Sky!

    • Had a Librarian do this to me. Put on my best “Actually I manage a Library” voice and explained that MY Staff were encouranged to be cheerful and thankful when a book was returned late.

      On a technical note, most Libraries top out their fines at a fixed $15 or so per book; and then if you have lost it completely, you have to pay for the replacement cost, but not the fines.

      Not that *I* know *anything* about late book fines. No Siree. (I had to pay Curtin University $67 in Library fines before they’d Graduate me as a Librarian….. LOLZ !!)

      • Even the library where I live is ‘aspirational’ ..blurhg.

        But omg, I love the cut! It rocks! Even friends who hate that style loved it. Awesome birthday gift to self. 🙂
        Thank you guys!!!!

  26. Many of my generation seem to be losing the plot, hope it’s not dementia but have noticed a memory loss in a few. Hard to relate to because mine is elephant like (or whale). Too much space juice or they are not keeping up
    with the information age.
    Here with Myst is a safe space with so many beautiful souls with compassion, intelligence, heartfelt-ness, simpatico and many other graces including sharp wit.
    It is an alternative society and i feel linked with many of you because it so outside mainstream in attitudes and views. EVERYONE’S read Dan Brown and Jamie Redfern by now, so preaching to the converted is soapboxie and the Eskimos already know. (regarding last volatile blurbs).

    Only 3 more diaries to go and looking forward to them after the almighty cringe of having been a LZ. A young lady last night over dinner, a Venusian ruled Cowgirl told me ‘we are never given anything we can’t handle’. I so smiled and didn’t say ‘you can’t teach your Grandma to suck eggs’ and was so proud that at 25 she already knows that. Blessed be the youths.
    True node natal is in Taurus 5th house, it’s taken 50 years to have that activate and bring me joy.
    Thus spake Pegasus. Mutability incarnate.
    I drew that eye, just a doodle with an HB pencil, no Da Vinci channelling…i wish 🙂

    • you know, i never understood that grandma/suck eggs maxim. which is wierd as i am not usually the kind of person to ‘not get’ something. but this one has always escaped me…can you (or someone) explain?

      • Hi Pi. Back in the old days (love that expression) to empty an egg, a pinhole was pricked in the top & bottom of the egg and the egg contents sucked through the pin holes.
        It is a lost art….
        hence the expression ‘you can’t teach your grandma to suck eggs’.

  27. Hi Q, I don’t share any of your placements but I suggest: dance around your lounge room to loud, upbeat music; spend some time outside in nature; get yourself to a comedy show or hire a funny DVD. Hope your mood lifts soon.

  28. OK. Where to start?

    Hosting two adorable kittens for a friend, my feline diva is depressed.

    And I am depressed.

    I feel that my life is nothing but a ruin. Usually my Neptune/Jupiter conjunction is adept at lifting me out of depression in two-three days. This one has been going on for a week, each day darker than the previous one.

    I am trying to identify the trigger but as is the case with depression, the most paralyzing part is to feel without an action plan, without a choice and that all roads have been closed.

    I tried writing down my gratitude, rationality and logic to deconstruct my feelings, I tried reading and writing Buddhist texts, nothing seems to work. That writing is not working has been the hardest. This was my usual way out.

    So, two kittens are playing and my feline diva and I are sitting under a storm cloud.

    I wonder if anyone with similar placements share my feelings — Gem Sun/Pisces rising/Cap Moon. Current transits are Saturn in natal 8th house, Uranus from 1st house squares Pluto in 10th house.

    • You just go through it and make sure that you eat well and treat yourself worthy of a princess because it IS temporary, change is something that you can rely on.
      Congratulate yourself that you know what’s happening as so many don’t or are denial.
      Nothing wrong with some pathway producing meds for 9 months to break any pattens. Easier to change your mind than to change your abode/job whatever.
      Prozac for a few months seriously assisted me a few years ago when i was in deep merde. A vacation of the mind shall we say to get to your vocation.
      And you have one it’s just not clear at mo, is all.
      Grace and Gumption to you. You were one of the original Myst bloggers that enticed me to become un-shy & join.

      • Yours is a beautiful soul, never let it go into hiding.

        I think depression has its roots in not having anything to look forward to. Isolation follows it.

        I will let myself come apart for several more days in the privacy of home. If I can’t write it out by then, it means I need outside help.

        • Saturn in the 8th which I have natally, is prone to depression I reckon, the reality checker in the house of occult sex death and transformation… I find if I investigate what it is I really want then take action towards it w Saturn sensibilities then transformation can be phenomenal! But the depression can be a mind and heart bog… Im amazed after 10yrs of refusing antidepressants, thinking I could heal myself naturally, and did in many ways, meds, and very little of them, have been incredibly useful in mood management, meaning I can get on w living my life… You only need to talk to your gp : )

    • Yes! Me too Quadrupled! I am Pisces sun, Gem rising, Cap moon, 8th hse Saturn. Feels like working so hard but also seeing more easily through BS and that gets me down. Are you tired? Can you indulge yourself? My brother gifted me a mani/pedi for my March birthday and I felt extra crappy when I finally went but it gave me a boost to do more things to make me feel better.
      I love your comments here. xjx

      • That is odd. I am feeling tired, too, I can sleep for hours, but sleeping that long dulls my feelings. I am trying to stick to routines. And I think you should comment more 🙂

        • Hey thanks Q-rupled, that is very cool encouragement. Even tho am feeling low am coming out of 6 years of exhaustion, anxiety and fear. Have kept working at finding ways to face the days and this site has given great impetus to understanding and healing AND getting braver like feeling determined to contribute honestly in all parts of my life. So the little inspiration to feel brave enough to comment is part of that getting better, : ) going to see a movie now xxx

    • Just remember things change. I have been feeling lousy as well but i do beleive nothing stays the same forever. Just be patient truly. Look after yourself and dont over think things too much. Life will sort itself out. Be kind to yourself and honestly exercise is very good for you in all aspects of your life. So take care and remember we all go through these terrible patches but there is light at the end of the tunnel!????????

      • If I haven’t surrendered yet, that is precisely for this reason – things change, ride this one. It is just taking too long, it has been around for a long time – I kept having sad dreams that I couldn’t remember later, and I am tired.

        A couple of days ago, I tried to meditate, it ended with me sitting with my knees to my chest, my head in between my knees.

        • Do you do any sort of exercise? I beleive that it helps with depression and makes you feel better! Also Yoga is fantastic just decided to do a Bikram class this morning. So hard but great for my body and mind!

        • Hi Q,
          Cap moon here and a friend to felines too.
          A major depression traveller and Dodgeball is my go to movie to make me laugh. Have a soak in the bathtub and order your fav meal to be delivered. Binaural Beats have helped I use MM’s and J.S Epperson. I also use turmeric (in a hot lemon and manuka honey drink) and lecithin (sprinkled on breakfast). This too shall pass. If you can identify what you depression feels like – does it have a colour, shape or location within your body? If your can chart it’s existence within you, the process of integration is easier. You find it’s location in you, because this trigger is not known to you.
          Therapy that I can recommend that has helped me: Inner Wisdom Therapy and Mindfulness. We are a work in progress, the load varies from time to time.
          Take care

          • physically locating the feelings. that’s some good inward-journeying to make.. thank S, i will try that too xx

          • I am afraid of locating the feelings – the last time I did that, I ended up with three cold sores popping on my mouth. It seems that I can locate them, releasing them is something I haven’t mastered yet.

            Thanks for turmeric tip, it seems that I will need external help..

            • Q – I hear you about the fear of the last time experience. Go to the location part and when you are there “say thank you for being where you are (give the location a name if you want). It is ok for you to leave now.” It’s simple and it may take a few days for deeper processing but it works. Because all that feeling wants is permission to be acknowledged. I use this technique for anxiety too. Sometimes asking why is this here? Is not the resolution but part of the loop. Being willing to change your therapy approach and your writing is a huge part of that.
              Sometimes I feel the pain and grief of the life I don’t have (the don’t file lets fly on me) and I can’t see the forest for the trees. The don’t file is usually made up of the pressure cooker of other’s expectations.

            • Dear Quadrupled,

              That picture of two kittens playing near you while you sit under a cloud says a lot.

              Please make sure you get the help you need for what may be depression (may stem from a physical thing undiagnosed). But seek proper help:) We can’t always do it alone.
              Take care.

    • I don’t share any of your astro placements but this week have also been feeling an ineffable sadness. I was a bit frightening the way it descended seemingly from nowhere and therefore hard to categorise/understand/process. For me I think it was about the self being untethered. I lost my sense of self management. I needed grounding. So my advice to add to the wonderful tips already offered is to let yourself go to ground – ending a meditation in foetal position can be good for you although it doesn’t feel great at the time. Lie in some grass, hug some trees, burn some sandalwood or a cheaper earthy option if you can get some and try some grounding meditations – do you have some that you use? I do one where you visualise roots growing deep into the earth from your root chakra.

      Good luck, I enjoy your posts too and even this one though born of sadness has had it’s gifts xx

      • Hello Calypso. I have good news to share with you. I’ll be moving in a month, with a friend who is an art therapist and her daughter. Also been referred to a healer who works with my social worker/psychologist. I want to thank you because it was you that mentioned finding a healing and I really appreciate your kindness and sensitivity. Hearts and hugs to you CS

        • oh, that sounds magic S, I’m so happy for you! 😀

          I hope it all works out well for you – please keep us updated xx

          • My friend is an Aqua sun and she had a premonition dream about me. I meet a man…(I am in shock that this is even possible). She has never been wrong about her dreams either.

      • sorry – I wasn’t expressing myself well. manage was the wrong word. i meant something more like HOLD. I’d lost my ability to hold myself which gave the lost untethered feeling. Thats scar cos it gives you the sense there’s nothing you can do for yourself. I don’t know if that’s relevant to you Quad.

      • I don’t meat and this week.. a craving for meat… A couple of nights ago, I read J Kornfield’s “Bringing Home Dharma” book. He mentioned someone who needed to be grounded to earth so even though they don’t meat, they fed the guy burgers.

        I think I will stick to grounding meditations.

    • hello Q, reading your first comment up there I wanted to ask (you don’t need to answer here if you don’t care to) – why do you feel that your life is nothing but a ruin?

      we share pisces and gem but in reverse, but the main thing in common might be a cap moon.

      if I knew you I would come over and we could both flop on the ground in silence and together stare at the little playing kittens and at least share the energy. at least, that’s the sort of company i need right now. I don’t fuqing want to leave the house, i don’t want to go out for a drink, i don’t want to have to put on a social face for meeting for a coffee, but i kind of force myself to because some part of me thinks it will keep me sane, but I’ve just realised that it’s like taking panadol for a broken finger, it’s a perfectly good remedy but it’s the wrong remedy, or at least it won’t do all the work.

      so what does that all mean? I don’t know. I keep hiding out from the world for now, until whatever wintery season that is in my mind, passes.

      based on my life experience so far, as I am not prone to depression in general, these states tend to come about (astrologically at least) during moon, saturn or neptune transits, I think. Also times of personal upheaval, of course, and that’s OK.

      feeling like the options are all closed off, is a sad feeling. what’s been helping me here is seeking out small stories here and there where people have managed to make change, progress in their lives, in spite of their circumstances. I mean the most basic of things, not like steve-jobs-esque meteoric success which is hard to comprehend. Rather, tales from Women in sub-saharan Africa who rebuilt their village, or a schoolkid who campaigns for something or other, or anything where you can track the smallest steps they took to crawl out of a hole. You don’t have to make yourself do that like *right naow* but just so your brain registers somewhere that it’s possible, that you do have options.

      are any planets also transiting into a new house in your chart? e.g. pluto, saturn?

      i hope this doesn’t fall into the ‘naff, annoying advice’ category , take it easy, do what comforts you.. x

      • No, no, not the least Pi. You are onto something — I was thinking about my writing —

        I thought that depression must be Pluto, getting out of it must be Saturn. And one voice that kept coming back and back to my mind is “you are grieving, that is why”.

        I went back to my chart. I have Pluto square Chiron and Uranus conjunct Chiron transit at the moment.

        I still need to dig deeper.

        • maybe with chiron in the mix, and your inner voice talking about grieving, this is also a healing process that is taking place over a longer time. X

    • oh my god. I totally forgot. 80s music, namely Hair Metal. where logic fails, music often wins. may I offer a playlist which will probably APPALL you or at least make you laugh in aghast horror at my extreme bad taste … and maybe indulge in some lounge room air-guitar antics
      Van Halen: Panama
      Motley Crue: Kickstart my heart
      Def Leppard: Animal
      Whitesnake: In the still of the night
      Bon Jovi: Livin’ on a prayer

      *runs away*

      • You say Panama Pi and I am hearing Panama City lyrics.
        Upper Middle Bogan is a new TV show starting soon in Australia. Thinking Pi your well on your way to nailing the playlist for a UMB. Gosh I can hear W saying “Where are you hiding the UMBs?”

        • now it is not scientifically proven that this music can cure depression, but for minor mood ailments and gathering the motivation to go out jogging while punching the air every 20 paces, preferably while wearing a sweatband, gold epaulettes and leopard print leggings, it’s just the thing.
          I don’t know Panama City tho. youtube isn’t netting me much.

          • No way Pi, I won’t be singing those lyrics. Totally agree you’ve got to colour block the sound. May I suggest leg warmers to your ensemble.

    • Hi Q – I don’t have your placements (Leo Sun, Taurus Moon, Aquarius rising)., but I do share some of your difficulties. I call it riding the roller coaster. Rest, eat well, exercise, be very gentle with yourself. And talk to someone you can trust. And, it’s OK to take meds – it gives you the space to dig deep and work out what is going on. Hard to do that when your emotions are off the Richter scale. You can do this, and hang in there.

      • I am somewhere between abandonment and grieving. All voices in my head sound so irrational at the moment — I try to detach and yet, a whisper comes back “so what do you trust then?”

        It is all in our minds, with detachment I can see that. If I survive this, my respect for survivors of depression will only deepen.

        • That exact feeling of uncertainty is the loneliest hardest thing to feel.. so hard. Love to you Quad. I did find a kind of ‘certainty’ that helped me through, a vibration of love snaking through the universe, I hope you find it too!

    • I don’t share your astro, but I do share your struggle with depression. I don’t have any answers for it. But I have noticed (as pegs mentioned) its something you just go through. It helps to notice all my moods – the days I am suddenly happy, the days I am suddenly excited, etc – to see that feelings come and go without anything in my life changing. I am sure your life is not a ruin. You may wake up tomorrow overwhelmed with joy for exactly all you are and have right now. Judging and deconstructing depression never worked for me. Eating healthy, getting some exercise, waiting it out…and reaching out. Take care of yourself.

    • Q-

      You’ve gotten some really good advice here! While I don’t share you’re placements, I have dealt with depression/anxiety issues. I’ve done a lot of what everyone here has suggested and it works. The only suggestion that I can add–pick your favorite happy song, then chase the kittens and your cat diva for the full song. No wimping out here, the full song. Then do a marathon of your fave TV show on Netflix or whatever strikes your fancy.

      Pluto transits are hard, but you’ll work through them over a long period of time. There’s no need to do all the Chiron healing work in just a few days. And with Uranus involved, well, that kind of inspirational, out-of-the-blue insight usually comes when the subconscious I allowed to relax.

      So, stick with the plan you didn’t realize you had. Take a few days, if it doesn’t get better, get out of the house. Sending positive thoughts your way.


      • I am stepping into the mix with depression late but I hope this might be considered. Have you ever tried the martial arts? Learning self defense eventually gets you to place where you transform your thought patterns. The meditation, martial art learning and exercise all bound together has a tremendous affect on your psyche. Not to mention if you get the option to hit some bags.. it is the best feeling to let that emotion out on a bag. I was in the martial arts for 10 years and it changed my entire life.

        Just saying… Good Luck! xo!!

    • Hello fellow Gemini. Have you ever tried Deeksha? There are centres that give this beautiful energy all through Australia. It’s a really lovely spiritual practice called Oneness. I have found it greatly beneficial for depression and in general. You learn how to be a blessing giver (a Sevak) and you can bless everything, yourself, your kittens, family, friends, houses, food, the list goes on. It allows you to awaken to something much bigger than the sum of what we are. I think that it is very Saturn in Scorpio, where the realm of the spirit is there in many deep layers that we are being asked, nay demanded of, to penetrate. Look for the deeper well. Keep at it and all the best to you.

    • Flower Essences–Bach or other brands..
      I spray Rescue Remedy on my hands rub them together and pet the animals. This works everytime

    • Bach’s Rescue Remedy sprayed on my palms rubbed together and them rubbed onto the depressed cats fur works for me everytime..ususally have to use it when a “new” cat comes into the environment.

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