Jupiter, Lilith & Sexy, Rut-Busting You

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What IS this vibe???

Happy you asked – think Jupiter on Lilith for a sexy, fresh, can-do, fuq the rules vibe, Uranus sending out batty rays of genius inspiration, the Grand Water Trine Guardian Angelic Guru magic and the Moon in Scorpio.

It’s not normal. It’s not business as usual. And if you have to do a duty fuq or even a duty show & tell, explaining your life to a Muggle, you might implode.

So the Daily Horoscopes for Weds are up – all over this schizz, obviously – and you can share your Grand Rebel & Innovate schemes here. Or even the little ones. We all need a little bit of R & I. Right?

Lilith Batwoman


Image: Brian Holderman

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159 thoughts on “Jupiter, Lilith & Sexy, Rut-Busting You

  1. Kind of off topic, I don’t know what part of my chart to blame – but I keep getting jobs in government. 9th house SN? NN in Sag? Sure, its location, but its more than that – its like I must peek behind the curtain to the powers that be (or powers that not be). I am going to learn a lot about the legislative branch in this new gig. Glad I’ve already lost my .gov idealism so I won’t be too shocked by what I learn. πŸ™‚

    Grand water trine – nothing major shifted. This has all been in the works. But my plans are happening. Actually, its like they’ve already happened. I’m just enjoying the current.

    I’ve been noticing a lot of single men lately. No one in particular. Just men exercising in the park by the house I have my eye on, men in the new work neighborhood, men…available men. They exist and so do I.

  2. Deffo feeling this vibe!
    Rebel and Innovate! I love it!

    I have finally come to terms with the fact that my love life is not normal, or serious and that’s the way I like it! Guilt freeeeee sisters! Finally!

  3. This energy is intense. I’m having serious spiritual activity right now, and a very different personal vibe right now, heh, seems like a very old prediction I made is actually starting.
    I have lilith conjunct jupiter natally, perhaps this and the trine is the reason for the recent Oomph

    • a madonna-a-thon is good for the soul in the right moments πŸ™‚ I have a whole theory on lilith I won’t bang on about here but I very much see her as part of the whole female divine rather than a separate force as certain religions would have us believe, hence I feel more like her than external admiration. The whole fall of eve/blame body vixen/separation of the physical in divinity is such a vile bit of bollucks that suffocates real power, I’ll reign in my rant there or I’ll be pissed off for the rest of the day. x

  4. Grand water trine has sped things up. My goals and dreams that I think about but never act upon are suddenly being acted upon and the steps and information that I need to take and know in order to move towards my goals, are clearly laid bare. Too easy. But then again, I have Water signs in the most powerful places. Pisces in my house of transformation; Scorpio in my 3rd/IC; Jupiter in Cancer in my 11th/12th of dreams in inspirations and networks. My skin is really clear and soft lately, also – double win!

  5. Hmmm R&I schemes considered this week
    * rainbow braided hair for future ” don’t even use the word normal in my presence!” vibe
    *writing the stories of 51 different jobs, xx ( figure witheld for privacy) different lovers and 75 different residential addresses and 15 attempts at tertiary study in 22 yrs … and not giving a shit whether I could afford bread and water while writing it.
    *A love affair across the world ,or at least a-muse making , with a view to co-writing something erotic and femmpowering..

    Is any of this sustainable??? I know I must do Saturn to reap but my Saturn is on my Gemini 4th house Sun so they do this tandem travelling minstrel shit, and it seems as long as I am DOING it, there is the discipline.. hmmm … am enjoying this vibe… would NOT like to be in an office job or any stereotypical jerks at work scenarios right now lest I found some gunpowder..

    • and as well :
      * instead of giving in to the Muggles who say NO to my genius project, invite a debate on the matter.. not simply to win or roll heads, but to put the BS to bed forever!! And then join forces with the less-muggled muggles.. Would this be de-muggling? Cool, I can now put that in my plan as de-muggling.

  6. I am Freaking OUUUUUUUTTTTT….I feeel Nutz……ANgry Rebellious MOOOD……

    1st post: YOu Have FIery Bliss…I give up and Give in…Give me my Fiery Blissfullness back…I had it once at age 15….Now only Bikrams Yoga gives me a High…I cannot do drugs…You forbade it…I can only do you…Fiery Bliss…

    2nd post: Pins and Needles
    by *ThisMetalWolverine, 56 minutes, 12s ago
    Journals / Personal
    HAve you ever had a body part fall asleep…or do you get pain in parts of your body…

    I offer this bold thought to YOU…

    It is Sex…that was on while you were having it….then you turned it off..

    (( watch tv/play video game…do the laundry..what ever))

    My arm falls asleep when i lay on it…….

    I got mad….I started laying on it on purpose to see how much pain I could take…..

    I layed on it for an hour and man the pin and needles was like I was laying on a ANgry Magnet………

    so I fell asleep..

    Next night did the same…Went as long as I could taking the pain……

    did every night for a week….

    The energy changed…Now when I lay on it:

    It feels Creamy…………

    If feels good…..I dont have to lay on it anymore…..I can just feel it… and it feels light and Creamy….

    No more Pins and Needles……..

    I dare you to try it…..

    Whats trapped in your body is Sex……….you turn it off…..everyone turns it off….when you try to turn it back on it HURTZ LIKE A (*&^&%^)

    But when you turn it back on and Feed it every night….It feels good……

    I see your face look at me…….Probably Angry…..and like yeah right……

    DO it and Shut the F Up……I dare YOU .

    Your going to be shocked as SHIZZZZZZZ…

    Why cant I shut the FFFFFFF UP………

    I am Having ruff tonight…….

    10/26/1971…9:59 am

  7. feel annoyed and not cheerful at all. Aqua Ex from 15 y.o. just contacted me through Linkedin. wtf? fuck this going backwards shizz.

    still emo from a few days ago. feel like i just fuq up everything even when the universe lines up everything so that it’s shooting fish in a barrel. I still manage to shoot my own foot.

    • Welcome to planet Earth! Shooting self in foot is so now. Also past & future probably. Must be a Libran thing.
      I so prefer not connecting with friends on LinkedIn, best for work only, don’t like when ‘friends’ connect that way myself.
      Especially exes!

      • lol! Oh goodie I’m branching out and being more Zen.

        It’s like he’s a smart guy why the fuck is he using a biz and job site to shoot the shit about juicing? gah. Unclear on the concept!

    • if aqua ex is the sort to have the same email address for 15 yrs, sometimes linked in just asks if they want to “invite contacts” to linked in. I did that but then realised that I had squillions of people I had emailed only once or a long time earlier who I really hadn’t intended to contact. It could be just that.

      • nope. he wrote me an actual letter telling me about his new juice and vitamin schizz plan. He’s a good guy but i was busy feeling emo and self-absorbed. πŸ™

  8. i’m enjoying every minute of this excellent independent vibe. i feel, for lack of a better word, right. it’s gorgeous and mellow and empowered and so needed! which is good, since i fly home next week into the dragon’s lair of drama + my swoony and anxiously waiting crab’s arms. yeah, this works.

  9. Been reading Mr. Money Mustache who turned me on to New Escapists. I know I am lucky to have a job, but I have to be disciplined about my end-game. I’m not living to work. But I can’t push a train on my own either.

    So for rut-busting measures, I put on a hot-pink tank with stir-ups 80s aerobics outfit complete with sweatbands, and posed with the power-washer. My daughter snapped some iphone photos of me. Did a another with a ladder and drill and painters jean shorts. She asked “why’s this funny” and for a sec I wasn’t sure it was. But I LOVE fashion protests. Can’t articulate them. Went to Home Depot like that my daughter wore a bathrobe stuffed with candy. And the response to the photos online was laughter and even love. Like teary, lovey, acceptance, appreciation response. Who knew? Easy to forget I have the option to be simple, safe, and shocking. I always get a laugh when fashion is shocking – no high-brow shit, but in the daily. Girl at the grocery told me I looked like I should be in a video. And we laughed A LOT.

    I have to remember I’m not a wage slave. My daughter wrote me a note on how to make friends at work. (exhale)

    • Its absurd that going out in 80s aerobic gear is shocking. Everyday should be like gay-pride parade with people wearing their wildest imaginations on the daily. I’m sure in other regions, its more that way…I’d like to think so. I can only do me.

    • LOL How to make friends! That’s cute.

      So true: you are not a wage slave. Not a slave to anything. Not to jackass coworkers/supervisors, money or benefits. Or trends. Or men. Or cigs. You are *free*.

      So go on, start earning that paycheck tomorrow, & fuq em if their jerks. Just get in there & get what you came for: the means to fund your fab life!

      • Thanks! I have to see it that way, maybe meditate on it. I feel like sewing a “wage slave” badge on my shirt and wearing it my first day, lol! But, you’re right, I’m not a slave (repeat to self until it sticks).

    • oh baby, hit those fashion protests HARD. That’s good work. There’s nothing like a cheeky intervention in someone else’s visual environment I say. I like a sidekick or I cop a “Yes, and…?” attitude, a sly wink here and there.

      Also careful with what sounds a bit like bitterness re the work thing (it might not be, but i thought there might be ab inkling in your words).. be at peace and as present as you can when you are there, respect for the energy of fellow workers and the “you never know” factor among the higher-ups. I say this because I had a bit of a bad attitude towards my last official dayjob and I think it may have been noticed by a few. not sure, but a question nevertheless

      • A little fashion protest goes a long way. It’s amazing how confining unspoken social norms are and how easily they can be broken. As for the job – I feel like I can relax here! The COO is leaving an I get his office. I haven’t had my own office in years! And I’m out of consulting! So much less pressure! I feel like I am doing it — finally simplifying my life. (Exhale)

        I’ve really been picking at my scabs. I have better things to do now. (Big smile)

        • cool… that’s good that the pressures of your former role are absent.. I totally understand what that feels like. After a while that taste of stress will be a distant memory / long forgotten πŸ™‚ xxx pi

  10. A peculiar day. Out of nowhere I received a month’s worth of child support payments after five years of nothing (my son is seven years old). A drop in a dry bucket, but a drop is a drop. Not holding my breath that more drops will follow, or that a shoe will be next. Just taking the check to the bank: school shopping is right around the corner…

    I’m not sure if this is a 5th house/Kataka (ie, parenting) happening, or an 8th house/Scorpio (ie, shared resources) one? Since money is involved, guess I’m leaning toward the 8th. At any rate, thank you grand water trine.

    And speaking of school, this is it: today is the day I am to commit (or not) to enrolling my son in virtual school (not technically homeschooling, although he will be attending class at home). Even though Merc is rx, this transition is one I initiated (& did all the admin work on) months ago; today is simply, “Click this button to make it official!” My palms are sweaty. The elders in my life, whose experience & wisdom I appreciate & respect, do not support this decision: they are certain my son will suffer in social development areas, as well as conflict resolution; also, they wonder how I can possibly keep up with being my family’s sole provider *and* educator. I must admit that I myself am not totally clear on the latter concern…

    Here is the thing with my elders, though: they are all that I am not. They are conservative, fixed earthy types who don’t generally buck the status quo; I am all water and fluidity, and constantly on the lookout for a new & better way to tackle life. They are smart, successful people who genuinely want the best for me & my son, and in these ways we are one in the same. Same goals in mind, but different opinions on how to get it done.

    To not have their support is a little nerve-racking then, because like I said, they are smart people whose experience I respect & I know they’re coming from a good place. At the same time, I value my own judgment. It would help if I had a clearer idea about exactly how I will be both provider & educator: just having faith that I can make it all work somehow doesn’t feel like enough right now (for the 1st time ever). New territory.

    In my younger days (& before I was a parent), risk-taking was a real thrill! I had some great hits and a few big misses, but the adventure was the point regardless of the outcome. Guess I’ve become a bit more conservative myself over these last seven years, as I’m not the only one anymore who has to live with my hits & misses, you know?

    I want my son to know that there is always more than one way to get something done, to think creatively & act constructively, & to stay faithfull in his abilities & in the magic available everywhere. And the best way to teach kids is by example. So I’m off now to click that button & make it official, sweaty palms & all.

    To new adventures, salud!

    • “I want my son to know that there is always more than one way to get something done, to think creatively & act constructively, & to stay faithfull in his abilities & in the magic available everywhere. And the best way to teach kids is by example.”

      This is why I am homeschooling and this is why I am bootstrapping myself into a life as an Artist !! Its a shitload of hard work, and honestly ? If I put the kids in school, I would be able to fasttrack my career as an Artist. But I can’t do that to them, knowing that what they will learn from being homeschooled will help them to be far more resiliant, creative and confident.

      Beverley Paine has homeschooled 4 children and her website http://homeschoolaustralia.com/ is a absolute gem of a resource. Even if you’re doing more Distance Education, her calm, wise and experienced voice is like having someone hold your hand πŸ˜€

      The Home Education Association http://www.hea.edu.au/ also has lists of State organisations and meet-ups so that your child can socialise !! Ours do JuJitsu and soccer as well as the occasional collective – there’s a big one down in Baldivis and another in Vic Park and they are wonderful resources, as you get to meet other people with similar values who have gone through the same issues.

      I think you’re doing an amazing and important thing !

      • Dom Triffid, thank you, bless you, you are a godsend. Sincerely. For being an inspiring example of living your vision & teaching others to do the same, for shining your light through this forest, Thank You!

      • I saved these links DT, thanks for sharing.
        Still not sure what the future holds for my Little Cap, but I know that mainstream school may not be part of that.

      • I know, right? He’s a real piece of work, my ex-husband/son’s father. My son– any kid– deserves so much better in a father figure. But whatever: these last five years have shown me that We Don’t Need Him, & that’s gold. πŸ˜‰

        • i hear ya sister. They’re so predictable in their substandardness I’m convinced there’s a book going around and that particular way of being a fuqtard is on page 1.

  11. question. if the Oracle responds “SCHEDULE SOME SORT OF EXCELLENT RETREAT/GETAWAY FOR THE NEXT MERCURY RETROGRADE PHASE.” and it’s mercury retro NOW, does that suggest that i get away asap? or just sort it for next time.

      • you even included the dates and degrees..utter legend… thank you… that’s across my 5th house cusp and Uranus… and with any luck uni break starts in that time too so I really *can* get away.

    • CAN you get away tout suite? if so, i’d go for it. you very much seem in need of some r&r lately. hugs!!

      • thank you hdq…! you’re right…a proper change of scenery would do me a world of good. i’d like to, but I have some 4th house commitments this retro. think a planned getaway for next time might be the thing.. pi x

  12. Had a big week of travelling planned. Visiting lots of long ago friends a long way away. Saturday night I stood up and my ankle gave way. Nowhere for me to go except hospital ED. Laying low on the lounge all week. There must be a reason…

  13. I start my new job tomorrow. Its been a rough year on the job front mainly because I can’t tolerate anyone telling me what and how to do, lol. I blame Uranus transits for that. Plus Jupiter in my 10th, Saturn in my 2nd, Neptune in my 6th is making me demand authenticity in what I do with my time. Keeping my Aries baby home from summer camp with me today. She made me breakfast for “super mothers day” – I think I guilted her good for not cleaning yesterday, lol. Was thinking of going to float in the river, but its so HOT and the mosquitos are awful. Perhaps a few errands and lots of cuddling. I hope I can stick to the new job until I get a downsized home and lifestyle in place. The guy who recruited me is leaving the company – tired of commuting coast to coast. Who knows what I’ll be stepping into in the morning. Pffftt…

    • I’ve got the same setup hitting the same houses + Uranus exact opp my ruler Merc. Neptune in the 6th does seem weird. I only know we’re not sposed to succumb to hypochondria; otherwise, I’ve been thinking of acting.

  14. I’m having a sun-filled time. New creative qi home I’m moving into, new job I’m starting with new coworkers, new challenges, new money, new dreams being woven in all the right ways. I’m enjoying my Jupiters Returns.

  15. Hmmmm. Got a candle to do a spell to invite a little magic into my life.

    Then we had a blackout, so cooked dinner by light of said candle instead.

    Can’t decide if this is kitchen witchery or just damn annoying. Something magical about a candlelit dinner though…..

    • maybe the candle decided that you just needed some good old homestyles magic unplugged candlelight first. xx

      I just remembered a little thing I used to do – carve runes or a small spell (i guess) into a candle, maybe of a certain colour. Anoint with selected oils if relevant and then let it burn right down. maybe align with a particular lunar phase, depending. I had some interesting experiences with this. Thank you for the reminder Ms Triffid xx

      • Yah I always use runes in my candle magic. Got to be a little careful though – got my leg broken once, asking for a serious change in my life. That was a doozy of a spell, and yes, it did change my life, and yes, I got what I asked for. Turned out that what I asked for wasn’t what I wanted or needed. *sigh*

        Going to be a bit more careful with this one !!! I am much more inclined, given my current reading and approach ie: do nothing (quotes below) to simply invite magic in and be ready for an opening….

        The search for enlightenment is a distraction from the truth that we are already enlightened. Anything you do to get enlightened is a denial of the fact that you already have – and are – what you seek. Whole beings do not seek outside themselves for completion. The notion that we must become perfect is an illusion. All that needs to be healed is the belief that we are broken. Perfection is not attained; it is realised…In truth, we do not become whole; we simply recognise that we have always been whole.
        Alan Cohen

        and especially:

        A plant is not thinking: Tomorrow I will put a new leaf to the north and then next week when it rains I will grow a meter taller. Its existence is just unfolding out of itself spontaneously, naturally, unplanned. Similarly, your true life unfolds in the same way but you are unaware of it because you allow your mind to imagine fanciful ways of being and then pursue your projections. Like this, you began thinking and strategising your existence rather than simply experiencing your natural being.
        We cannot breathe tomorrow’s breath today. Therefore, knowing this, leave your existence to existence and start enjoying your cosmic play. Best of all, don’t try to be anything at all. This is a secret few recognise.”
        ~ Mooji

        • Fuq yeah, DT! You’re blowing my mind this evening in a way that is so right on. The stuff about angels versus runners. I never thought to use a runner before. I don’t trust the spiritual classes, lol. Not sure that makes sense. But I asked my angels for help with the house and the response was like “sheesh, yes, we’re here, will you shut-up about it already?” LOL! Funny, silly being I am. One point they asked what I wanted, and I said to keep my house. Now I now: its best to want nothing and just be grateful.

          But I’m a little too excited tonight to leave it at that. πŸ™‚

          • Eric Pearl has a wonderfully funny way of putting it in “The Reconnection” – he’s talking about protection rituals before giving healings….

            “What are you doing when you start calling in the presence of God and/or the archangels before each session you give ? You’re telling yourself that you don’t really think that God is with you always, and He and the angels must have gone out for coffee and left you on your own…..”

            He recommends a daily prayer of Thanks, first thing in the morning πŸ˜€

            I understand your distrust of the Spiritual classes – I still think that there is a veil between the worlds for a reason and that we are here to make our own way; but reading Sonia Choquette, initially, and then others have made me realise that we don’t have to do it all by ourselves – that there are both people (Guides, Runners and Teachers) and Beings (Angels, who have never been incarnate) who are here specifically to help us and guide us.

            Don’t get me wrong – I’m unlikely to ever become a full trance medium :D, but its kind of comforting to know I have a Spiritual Team on my side…..

            • Thanks for this. I’ve been over-consulting, doubting, distrusting. It’s hard to let go of the rails, but I’m doing it slowly. πŸ™‚

  16. sorry guys, but when is merc no longer retro. got devo news today but dont want to comm act till merc is in le favour.

  17. rut busting round finance and other routine things – which is great and very end-of-saturn-in-my-8th…but damned if I’m going to go all LZ over some interesting dude who twice contacted me on the dating site, then when I sent a photo, went all quiet – too stressy and anxious-making for me! and I’m quite pretty, imho hehe and he wrote because he liked my text (I don’t have a photo up) – test or opportunity? me thinks “test’ atm

  18. building on some grand plans. seting them free to float and absorb them. not forcing anyhting just sowing seeds. staying chilled now i am free from 9-5 work and on my own and feel solid with my feet firmly grounded oin my experince and skils.
    angels ae due to land any moment

    • LG , “now i am free from 9-5 work and on my own and feel solid with my feet firmly grounded oin my experince and skils.” these words are always music to my ears… πŸ™‚

  19. So into slamming the door shut on the toro/gem! Writing in my journal “stay the fuq away”.. with a little brow beating for myself! What a loser I was being involved with him. I now look back at who I was and see such an ugly girl! gag!! It was a great phase for me but he is so damaged and will always try to hurt others. So, glad I never got sucked into his drama. Just took what he taught me and the light has shown through! Thank You toro/gem. Keep stepping.. into shizz!! But sorry, I honestly feel bad for him. He is still an injured bird! As I always ask God to do “please help him heal his heart”. Very sad! Whoever he finds I feel sorry for!

    However, I had one of those real life sexual dreams about him. Immediately wrote in the journal to stay the fuq away! LOL!!

    • Yes. It will pass. One morning you’ll wake up, and realize you hadn’t thought of him in 3 years. I swear it happens.

      • Live dildos are there for playing with your pussy not fuqing with your mind. Forgive him and then Shout. NEXT ! It really can be done.

        • Hey don’t get me wrong, there are days that are like the bottom of the biscuit barrel, pretty crumby but I forgive myself for feeling like it and wait for the next high swing. Found that I have to love, can’t not love but have learned to let it go so as not to blow all my fuses and end up in catatonic state. Sort of learned to enjoy the mind fuq because in the end you get a satori. If this makes sense?

          • I’ve an old faithful lover who suggests he’s sub. What a load of tosh. He’s a demanding fantasist is what he is. It’s taken me/us 7 years so far to begin to scratch that surface. When will they ever learn surrender. It is so simple after all. I refuse to get into the whole BDSM thing, as it simply isn’t me. If you’ve come to the conclusion your goddess does not operate that way now then you go find how she really wants to move on. You are one incredible individual with such authenticity. Keep that and blossom. We need women in the world who can live as goddess. Hmmmm ever thought about politics?? We could start a party!!! Gods know the world needs it.

    • Sadly, I feel the same way about the Sag Cap moon. I say sadly, because I had the most intense experience of love in my life with/because/for him? I don’t even know now. But I did have a dream somewhat recently as you did of being intimate and I woke up as you did thinking “that dumbass better not contact me!” LOL! Part of the healing, I guess. Enjoy!

      • They are all lessons in my experience. But 12th House.. I did good. no? You have been walking with me through this process for a while. I can’t believe I got here! Feeling a little angry with myself for letting me get to that point of “hoping” he would be consistent at some point.

        I remain with my intentions that “I have no interest in dating anyone”.. nope! Not now anyway.


    • How many peeps told you the same thing Ellie, each and every time he was mentioned. We saw the tree through the forest, others can see what you can’t.
      Why would god heal his heart on your say so, and it also keeps you him connected to you.

      • Pegs.. I know! I knew I would get the hit from some “peeps” here. But I had to go through this! It’s like me learning a new job.. I can’t be told how to do it.. I have to do it myself with questions to follow. It was a painful process (2009 – 2012 Saturn transit). SO, I went through a fantastic phase with the toro/gem that made me realize that I deserve better. I am amazing and I love my life. When that guy who wants to treat me better shows up I hope I am ready. At least I got here!

  20. Yes. Thank u Mystic. Lilith-jupes I can do. Dailies are good – chatting to some new acquaintances last night and surprising zingy vibe from a confident Aqua. But the group dynamic was nice – effortless free-range chitchat between pretty much complete strangers, from politics to astrology to outdoorsy things, with a perfect male-female balance. Lol how mercury is that?

  21. Sun returns today. Been offered two lovely black guys for the afternoon. What’s not to like. Happy birthday to me…

  22. I am Happy!
    My grand water trine, scorp moon etc are all vibing on this astro.

    The only thing I am concerned about is losing my most useful sacred too – my triple a grade crystal quartz ball.

    Did a session and left it out in the sun. Little Cappy was last seen in the yard for 5 mins and it is so GONE. πŸ™ Fuq! I use it every session.

      • Good to hear Andy! Me too! πŸ™‚ Happy and loving this vibe. Was fighting the tide around Dark Moon. Going with the flow now.

        I’m sure you’ll find your crystal. Maybe it rolled under a bush? Or little Cappy has hidden it somewhere

      • Argh! Two friends helped me search the yard today but no joy on the crystal front. Blimmin’ ‘eck, apart from feeling like I lost a little friend, it was super exxy.
        Why world? I am too freaked out to dowse for it!
        I hope that li’l Cap didn’t go bowl it down the brick pathway..

        Yeah, that Dark Moon sucked!! It was like the first 1/2 of the year rolled into a week & half of scum sipping crap. πŸ™‚ Glad you are on a roll again hon.

        • Or you’ll find it come summer when it sets fire to the cat πŸ˜€

          Have you tried asking your Runners ? I have a bad case of gremlins and my Runners are always super helpful….

            • Its a Sonia Choquette thing – well – she spells it out in her book “Ask Your Guides”, anyway. Runners are spirits who are here to assist us in this life – helpers, if you like. You can ask them to help find lost car keys, a parking spaces, a new home….

              Of course you can ask your Teachers or Angels for these things as well, but its not really what they’re here for – like asking a kindly maestro to play nursery tunes to soothe your child. Of course they’d do it, but its not really why they’re here and its not a very good use of their talents πŸ˜€

              Parking spaces, lost objects, home issues – its what Runners do.

              Spiritual growth, soul pathways, difficult moral issues – Angels, Guides and Teachers πŸ˜€

              Its a fabulous book BTW – I really like Sonia Choquette – one of the more down to earth of the spiritual gurus out there.

              • DT – Oh that is interesting to hear where the term ‘runners’ came from. I’ve heard it before but didn’t realise that it came from someone in particular. And interesting that my understanding of them is exactly as what you have explained. πŸ™‚ They basically clear the way for you with the more practical things. ie. if you are going somewhere on a night where there might be lots of people around you can ask them to run ahead of you and smooth out the trip.
                Must say though that I totally forget about them most of the time. So a good reminder!

                • I love it to, I was taught to say a prayer to St Anthony but I prefer to ask my Gran who’s still hanging around πŸ˜‰

              • I like Sonia Choquette’s writing very much! Was gifted one of her books & it is one I have kept & re-read.

                Was told by an old teacher that there are untold numbers of unemployed angels, that we should give them a job.

                So now I always say,
                “Transport Angels full of grace;
                Find my car a parking space.”

                A nun I know used to say this with ‘Hail Mary’ but I found that disrespectful, so I changed it. πŸ™‚ Mary’s got unconditional love to do, parking can wait.

                I like my spiritual friends, but so often I get told to get up off my etheric backside & do the work myself that I I mainly do that! Guess it is a form of exercise?!

        • Andy first thing i was told about crystals and loss thereof, was that they are with you until you need them not. It has perhaps given you everything it was meant to and gone to ground to rejuvenate :-).
          Let it go, if we are to believe they have minds of their own….

          • I am feeling like it is meant to be lost at the moment, to the point I haven’t remote hunted for it.

            It doesn’t matter. In fact my feeling lately had been that there was another friend meant to come my way.

            Someone said to me once, “Nature likes to claim back her own” esp meaning I think, her crystal babes. A friend described being on the beach of Byron and seeing a woman desperately flailing her arms and dashing around the surf.
            Apparently she had decided it was time her watermelon-sized crystal ball collection had a sea bathe.

            My friend said she tried to help her but the sea and sand sucked those babies back into her womb, lol. πŸ˜€

    • ooh, hope u find yr beautiful crystal ball Andro, Don’t worry, it will come back to you when the time is right xx

  23. Hmmmm I’m not quite sure unfortunately. You no the saying… Never sH 23t in your own backyard. where are you in your cycle hon? sharing = increased intimacy which is generally what we are all searching for. Screwing the crew means most likely one of you will move or … Of course end up madly in love. Sorry to be a downer but I find hearth and friends are worth way more than a good fuq : )
    Goodluck! Whatever you decide. I’m on your side : )

  24. yep, a “sexy, fresh, can-do, fuq the rules vibe” about sums it up….no duty fuqs (lol!) on my horizon. can say no more. Oh, bouncing out of bed and into a jog? that much can be revealed πŸ˜‰ have fun everyone! xx

    • I am totally feeling Uranus πŸ˜‰ which is stationing direct opp my natal Venus. Just went bra shopping and the new underwear is NOT sensible.

      I think I also feel that Juped up BML vibe. The fitter was sparky and so good at her job she made me taller. Towards the end of our time together she confided that her husband calls her a fat pig. I said you stop buying yourself a new bra every week and put that money aside for your new future – one day you’re gunna realise you don’t need to be there. She couldn’t see it just yet but she is like a seed about to burst open and I just sent her a little drop of magic water.

      • that’s sad. to believe that you have to accept that level of name calling, anywhere let alone in your most intimate full time relationshit. I mean, relationship.

        • I know. and the only reason I could think of that she might stay is for family & economic reasons – although her kids would be grown now, leaving mostly only economic reasons.

          I’m wondering if Pluto in Cap opp Jupe/lilith in Cancer is about to blow that sort of shit out of the (Grand) water (trine)? Are we heading into such a thing or am I making the transits align too neatly to suit my theory? lol

        • thanks 12hv, it’s super validating to hear such things from women I admire and respect πŸ™‚

          Now, I was thinking of you because I JUST realised something I should have figured out loooong ago and not sure why I didn’t see it but my natal Lilith opposes my Mars Cap. Suddenly seems relevant. Think it would just juice Lilith up, right? and was wondering if you think your Moon opp works like that?

  25. Honestly if I don’t get a leg over the Virgo housemate pronto I’m gonna explode in a shower of unrequited eostrogen!!!!!!!


    Bloody Virgo’s and their sexy ways … all clean and subtly scented and properly shaved and well dressed. Fuqers!

    Oracle said “X is besotted with you” when I asked if he was thinking about me. Is Oracle always right? …. bit cautious ya know after the whole DropCap fiasco …

    … and I’ve Saturned out to the max – accounts? done. house? cleaned within an inch of its life. work? mostly done. diet? sorted. cigarettes? cut back. coffee? cut back? exercise? ummm … well we can’t be perfect!

    • Sex?.. Zilch ….get awn with it , what have you got to loose ? …
      only the best damned housemate you could have wished for …nah, go for it.

        • Hellooo .. Didn’t I say go for it ! Surely there is a stack of virgo, single, overly pedantic young men to choose another housemate, a sexy one doesnt come along that often Sheesh..Go for Gold luv x

          • I agree!!! Know of two roommates-turned-soulmates couples personally, one married one engaged.

            Who’s name is the lease under? lol

            • i’m watching your pluto in the 8th intently. neurotic/obsessional – ha, i get that! and i’m betting there is no middle ground on which to be subtle and nonchalant. there is no try. do or do not, and may the doing be completely off-the-charts transformational!! but there’s nothing wrong with letting the tension build and build and build until you both can’t take it anymore….

    • Go for it Prowlin! Cook up your signature dish, set an informal but stylish table, have a bottle of wine prepped (just one: you are doing Saturn after all) and see what happens.

        • I agree. You might have to make the first move, since Virgos are so into propriety and good manners (not to be confused with their desire for sex at ALL). The room mate, even if very attracted to you, would think of “what was right” and “what would Ms/Mr. Manners do”. I would just say that on one hand you could make a move, and on the other hand you would want to leave the room mate some wiggle room. Good luck! You deserve someone wonderful.

    • I do have to say that it *is* possible to feel someone out (fnar fnar) without actually turning up at their bedroom door in black lace and a hopeful smile.

      Speaking as a Virgo rising, it does seem as if sexy Virgo housemate is making an effort…..

      Can you find an excuse to kiss him ? I mean in a subtle way…. I first kissed my now husband of 15 years and a Virgo after he had just vacuumed the living room in his shared house. He came outside to the verandah to have a little whinge about how crap his love life was and I kissed him on the cheek and told him that women were fools and that any woman should be happy to have a man who vacuums….

      …Turns out that a man who vacuums likes to have a vacuumed floor and I *don’t* do housework….. But that’s another story….

      ….Find an excuse to give him a kiss on the cheek and see how he reacts. That’s what I’d do.

      Good luck !

    • “House cleaned within an inch of its life” LOL!

      I like the kiss on the cheek idea. Something non-threatening but sweet. Also, it may be a 12th house thing, but I suspect Virgos like having their neurosis recognized and validated meaning if you can notice his little preferences and acknowledge them through action. I cannot be more specific without knowing the particulars of his OCD-ness. And don’t worry about DropCap. Nice to know that worry over one man can quickly be replaced by worry over another, yeah? Good luck!

      • Drive the virgo crazy. I’d do it up to the 10s and let him come sniffing. Give him a peep show. Ha. You are at home.

    • lol … subtle? moi? …. I do have a saggo moon ya know. Subtle just isn’t in my repertoire! lol

      … have decided to leave the poor fellow alone. I mean, the state I’m in right now I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate being all mussed up by a deluge of oestrogen driven horniness. And besides, being a Virgo, he probably needs time to analyse the situation to the enth degree, examining every detail, flaw, possible angle and thing that could go wrong before collapsing into a state of exhausted irritability. Who am I to interfere with a Virgo’s mentat-like thought processes? …. I’ll just wait til he’s worn himself out with overanalysis and then jump his bones already!


      Ok. I promise to shuttup about my bloody imaginary love life now.

      • I know you said you were done with this subject but I feel inclined to contribute to convo that I once lived with a multi Virgo super-good-looking eccentric clean freak much chased by every eligible gal in town… to no avail. Virgos can really hold out for what they want. My point is that he had to live with me and know that we could co-hab happily before he would let ME make the move. Once I did he performed with perfect candor. As if all our cleanliness and organization were lil acts of a love language. We were tgthr for years and shortly after he initial seduction I kinda regretted it and felt like I was stuck w this decision. So I have no doubt you could have him but do you want to keep him cuz he won’t let go?

        • See, this is what you’re doing wrong – *You’re* wooing.
          No, the Virgo is wooing you.

          (Actually, the Virgo is checking out your personal hygiene, spelling and housekeeping skills, before wooing you)

    • Well I’m glad my shenanigans are helpful to others who have a keen eye for the Virgos! πŸ˜‰

      But I’ve taken my anti Love Zombie serum and have now settled back into a position of letting the thing be what it wants to be and enjoying the experience for what it is rather than what I’d like to impose on it.

      I’ve found this is more than enough because he is afterall a pleasure to have around and one of the nicest guys I think I’ve ever met. The other day for example he noticed I was making a coffee, and being near the fridge, got the milk out for me and put it back after I’d finished!!!! Like huh? … so sweet, so thoughtful. I’m a lucky crab to be living with such a nice person. πŸ˜€

      • Yeah, he likes you. If he was still in the “Testing” phase he would have left the milk out to see if YOU were going to put it away…..

        • LOL! Or – worst case – he doesn’t trust you to handle the milk properly on your own and wants to make sure its in and out of the fridge toute suite!

          • LOl, but I agree with 12hv below Prowlin, your hands off approach, be your cool self and let him figure it out himself, will be the winning strategy πŸ™‚

      • YES! That kind of specificity is SOOO Virgo. One – good on you for noticing and appreciating his ability to notice and appreciate details about you. Its perhaps as affectionate as our kind kind be. Two – if there is any way at some point you can reciprocate on that level of mundane nothingness (that is secretly everythingness). . . WOW. Hotness. LOL! But, take your time. I like what you said about not imposing on the situation. Flighty Fish is right – once you have a Virgo (or rather, a Virgo feels they have you) they don’t let go easily.

        • Mundane nothingness is soooo HOT. All those barely perceptable gestures, nuances … it’s like the house is filled with little secret love notes:

          “I moved my stuff over and put your carrots in the crisper because they will a. last longer and b. it’s only fair.” really means my god I think you are awesome and I’d go your carrots anyday.


  26. Feeling MOTIVATED for once. Depression gone. Things to prove.
    Something shifted in my perception. I’m…not afraid anymore. Calmer. Nothing is worth being intimidated over; being intimidated never helps anything. There’s nothing to be afraid of once you’ve already been to hell/edge-of-psychosis and back. It’s a party out here!

    • go girl – that’s good news! so true, if we remember some of the really hard times we have been through….does help πŸ™‚

    • hey Rache, I sort of know what you mean. I mean we are in pretty different personal situations from what I gather, but I understand the feeling that the clouds are lifting a bit.
      I hope whoever / whatever you were feeling intimidated by has resumed a non-threatening stance.

      in my case I am certainly not about to overwhelm the small glowing embers with a half-tonne of hardwood [read: clean entire house, restart restrained eating plan, implement fitness regimen, all on same day] to attempt to get the fire going, right now it needs a little puff of breeze and some dry fluffy kindling [read: clean one surface, apply for one job, make one phone call], to get it going, but hey there’s a glow.

      • Yes! Exactly! That is how I got my mind and life under control again. Step by step. I used to do all this overhauls based off extreme harsh judgement of myself (“body must change NOW, NOONE will hire/love/LIKE me unless __”), run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off checking off boxes with no joy. Lately when I go for a run I go because I enjoy it!

        One thing at a time. No judgements. No punishment for messing up. Very much relate to the kindling and breath metaphor…it’s the only way out! Or as my friend says…a drop of blue ink in a bowl of water each day will eventually turn the bowl blue if you do it consistently. πŸ™‚ Glad to hear you are feeling positive too!

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