Grand Trines Can Get You Laid?

Symptoms Of Withdrawal

Okay so i don’t usually read Kennedy memoirs and even less so Addict memoirs and Symptoms of Withdrawal is both but fy.i. it is fantastic, hilariously written & insightful. The author grew up in this glamorous pisshead world where his father was a Rat Pack Hollywood idol of a certain era and his mother the sister of Jack Kennedy, who was to become president. Having been raised for a life of “world-saving” CKL instead descends into a Hunter S Thompson style epic drugs & booze mania from which he eventually emerges clean and a recovery activist/advocate.

How he pulled off his transformation is an incredible story – super Phoenix – and the anecdotes are insane; such as when he became a teenage confidante to Elizabeth Taylor during her umpteenth divorce and introduced her (unwittingly) to the “world of dating marginal men.”

CKL is an Aries but he doesn’t mention that – however he does mention Grand Trines and his belief that they help you get sex. I nearly choked on my nettle tea reading that. Yes i am at a retreat still. Nettle tea is my beverage of choice this week. Anywhere here is the passage about Grand Trines – he is talking about his druggie era a long time ago. But still.

The Whisky A Go-Go was a few blocks from my father’s house on Cory Avenue and I used to hang out there getting high, listening to the great bands of the seventies and trying to get girls to come home with me. Most nights all I got was good music and drunk enough to throw up in the parking lot but tonight was different. This was one of those nights where everything seemed to be going my way. One of those nights when ease and grace combine to make anything possible. This can happen when all you have in mind are the more base pleasures in life. It’s a waste of universal beneficence, but when it occurs the drugs are good and free and every girl in the joint is checking you out.

For those of us with two grand trines in our astrological charts, anything is possible – even twins. Bill Clinton has two grand trines in his chart and look what the universe gave him, Paula Jones notwithstanding. From the moment i walked into the Whiskey, they were on me. First with their eyes – then with more specific intent. We drank, danced and snorted, the three of us, inseparable until the obvious movement to a place more private could not wait a moment longer…


Yes, yes it reads like a Penthouse Forum letter from the olden days but hey the tryst turns out disastrously lol AND what about the Grand Trines reference? I wanted to read more of this thoughts on astrology but so far, nada. So he has no astro insights into how being a headstrong, narcissistic young Aries male in a family chock-a-block of Alpha men might have helped to shape his destiny but he pontificates on Grand Trines? This mystifies me.

So a trine is an aspect between two planets of 120 degrees and it is considered an easy, gracious and flowing aspects. The two planets (or Sun, Moon, whatever) are in harmony and usually of the same element. A Grand Trine is just three of these and they look like a big triangle on the birth chart.

So, for example, Mars in Capricorn trine Pluto in Virgo trine Venus in Taurus is a Grand Trine – right? And you presumably would be effortlessly having menage a trois with twins all the time. Leaving aside the question of whether or not this actually that desirable (CKL is a baby boomer Aries who came of age in the Hugh Hefner era) are Grand Trines really all that?

I don’t actually have any Grand Trines unless i throw in really obscure astro points (cheating) but can those of you blessed with Grand Trines please share your, um, success in these areas? Any other thoughts?

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147 thoughts on “Grand Trines Can Get You Laid?

  1. Well, I’ve got two.


    Haven’t helped me get laid one damned bit.

    Of course, that may be because I am totally oblivious to any signals from women

    • I’ve got two grand fire trines,
      both about to be sauced up by uranus:
      1. jupiter in leo in the 8th > moon in sag in the 12th > sun in aries in the 4th
      2. jupiter > moon > mercury in aries conjunct north node in the 4th
      .. & Uranus is currently doing a number on my venus in aries on my 4th house hotspot. Opportunities to be very bad keep presenting themselves, but I’ve managed to keep myself noice!

      Hmmm .. I think my focus is about to change, ‘dramatically’! It’s about time I gave my Catholic upbringing the finger – bigtime!!

      • Also a grand earth trine with mars in taurus in the 5th, hooked up to Pluto & pointing to my Cap ascendant.
        I’ll have to slip the Cap ascendant a fifty dollar note to close her eyes or just go home early – there’s ‘work’ to be done!!

  2. Sounds like a transit to me. Where’s Pluto transiting in your chart? Making any aspects? Did you check out the synastry between you and your Dad? He could be a Pluto transit for life. Does sound Plutoic/8th-house-ish.

    Beats are good. Thinking < Feeling in current astro. Let come up what comes up, and beat it into submission later, lol

      • Sorry to say but I don’t think these father daughter things ever leave us alone…Except I do have a daughter now late in my life, post 40, after two terminations, and that is interesting…I really have to try not to be too sad about my father, as wrong as he can be, my daughter risks being wistful, burdened too. Anger is barely OK, I find independent creativity is the only true remedy…

  3. Grand water trine here – Chiron/Vesta conj in Pisces (1st) trine Moon in Kataka (5th) trine Neptune/Juno/Athena in Scorp (9th). Health sector/healing self a big theme in my life both work and personally. I also have an added kite with sextiles from Neptune/Juno/Athena and Moon to my Uranus/Mercury/Pluto conj in the 7th. Relationships are transforming for me and my partners. As for getting laid I have Venus and Mars conj NN – say no more πŸ˜‰

    Interesting that my current relationship composite chart has a Grand Fire Trine in same formation (1st/5th/9th) with kite pointing to DC/Uranus/Merc conj in 7th house. We are both individually low on fire element (my Sun conj his Mars in Leo) and the Grand Trine planets involved are Aries Asc/Vesta/Chiron conj trine Moon in Leo trine Saturn in Saggo. Relationship has been a wild (passionate) ride and very much a healing journey for both of us.

  4. I’ve got four fire grand trines – Leo Moon and Jupiter in Aries with Sun/Merc/Saturn/Uranus in Sagg.

    Not ridiculously laid-filled as far as I can tell? Don’t get me wrong – getting laid happens! – but not like I walk into a room and click my fingers like the passage suggests.

    Then again – I probably wouldn’t want it to. Venus in Capricorn likes restraint πŸ˜‰

    • I’ve got a grand air trine – Sun (Aqua), Mars (Gem) and Pluto (Libra) – and I certainly haven’t noticed any Bill Clintonesque getting laid action happening in my life either. I’ll claim it’s my ‘restrained’ Venus in Cap too!

      • Wow I have just the same, aqua sun, Pluto libra, mars in gem AND cap in venus! My love life rocks but am in a v happy marriage so that helps!

        • Don’t get me wrong – I’m happily married too and I’m certainly not complaining about the current state of affairs. I was just reflecting back on my single years where I was: a) a bit of a late starter, and b) not beating potential suitors off with a stick! Based on that, I couldn’t see any real relationship between my grand air trine and above the odds chances of getting laid.

    • I did, great episode. Bill Bailey is excellent too, brilliantly vague, batty. The daughter father dynamic described is I think the Electra complex? I do appreciate Freud, and prefer Reich, Gestalt as pioneers…Janine Bourke wrote a wonderful book on Freud and his antiquities collection, carefully taken out of europe fleeing fascists, most of these figurines are of matriachal/ Egyptian female goddesses….The museum is still in London I think, it is a vast and a rather amazing collection.

  5. Oh how i WISH this nugget of potential Astro wisdom / phenomena were true…!!! Maybe there’s still a chance for me to prove it.

    I’m a shed load of Grand Earth trines, but they all need Chiron to complete them… Is Chiron allowed, or still considered too obscure?

    All within a 5 degree orb I’m…
    Jupiter – Mercury – Chiron
    Moon – Sun – Chiron
    Mars – Sun – Chiron
    Jupiter – Sun – Chiron

    And although I haven’t been the luckiest in love, I must admit, there’s been phases over time where I can seriously turn heads. And no I’ve never done twins, but I did once, ALMOST, have two brothers on the go…

    • Totally unexpected. Particularly that he knows other people’s charts too. Did he research the astro of getting laid? lol! Sound like he had astro consults.

      • yes it does doesn’t it! I was so happy when i read that paragraph. nearly went on a kennedy/clinton astro bender but decided to stay off that as am at retreat, stilling my mind.

        • Perhaps the Go-Go twins provided the astro insight to explain their dalliance w/ CKL as they “whisked” him off to their double pleasure…seems to me that the twins may be blessed w/ a grand trine or two.

    • Maybe one of his conquests was into astro and did a chart interp for him and that’s what stood out for him??

    • With that Water and the Air Grand Trine, and Gem Moon, do we expect clarity and self assessment? He has Jupiter kn Kataka, Saturn in Scorpio- and Mercury in Pisces-maybe he’ll do a Zen retreat Leonard Cohen style and reappear in ten years more magnetic than ever…

    • Can I also just add, since reading of his escapade above, I have got the theme song from Dirty Dancing on a loop in my head, but instead they’re singing…
      “I had the Trine of my life…”

    • yeah, maybe he read a thing once about trines – or a hot lover was going on about them – and so was all “yeah it’s all about the trines.. i mean come on TWO WOMEN (I assume)” but then the aries thing was always there so he didn’t translate that around a peak(?) sexual experience?

    • Sounds like someone in a bar (aka barstrologer) told him he had a grand trine then took him home and banged his lights out, so it’s just become part of his story that he tells himself. Probably has no idea what it even means.

    • Don’t forget the Kennedys are Catholics – no better grounding for a leap into the metaphysical worlds once you leave the straight and narrow…..

  6. 2 grand trines: one earth- moon in virgo (6), mars in taurus (2), venus in capricorn (10); one air- sun conjunct jupiter in aquarius (11), saturn in gemini (3), uranus in libra (7). No obvious sexcapades. Frankly I think the earth trine makes me too lazy and the air too analytic to go chasing sex. Though it does seem to find me well enough and I’ll try anything at least once πŸ™‚

  7. Chiron in Aqua- Gem Mars- Venus Libra- a stretch. I do get checked out- younger days I indulged. No interest now- Saturn in Scop on Jupiter and Neptune- taming delusions and excess!! HAH! Keeping this karma squeaky clean. Got Pluto on MC so- not ending up like Richard Nixon- low Pluto!!

  8. I have a water grand trine – Saturn/MC/chiron all conjunct in Pisces,(9th/10th) Sun in Cancer, 12th, Neptune in Scorpio, 5th. Don’t know about getting laid, but it does make you go round and round in emotional circles getting more and more confused! Need a good Cappy/Aquarius to help sort it all out.

    • Very similar here. Saturn Chiron ascendant Pisces 1st
      Neptune Scorpio 8th
      Jupiter sun cancer 5th

      Can’t walk into a room without being invited to bed. Not kidding. I think I’m a walking talking come on. Without trying.

      • I love my power. It’s animal and raw and men just fall over themselves. It’s our vibration. It’s auric. I simply can’t help it. But I was thirty before an astrologer hit me around the head and said for gods’ sake wake up and smell the musk will you. I’d always been this thing and then the penny drops. Oh my not everyone was touched at their request very early on. I’ve a lover who remembers his first encounter with the girl next door aged 5. He offered her chocolate to see her knickers. He was hooked, so was I about that age too. It’s just continued. Casual sex it’s just another great workout with added hormone Rush. But love…oh love. Oh no not love. Simply do that by nature too. Damn damn. It’s too sticky sore painful beautiful and altogether compulsory in my life. What a wild mixture am I. Daft thing is I love being me. I’d not give any of me up for the world.

        • Had a guy pick me up in a bar in town. Literally I walked in and as I rounded the corner he’d grabbed me round my waist hoisted me off the floor and said you’re not getting passed me. He later confessed as a young man he wouldn’t watch the girls come in instead he’d watch the men. He used to note a change in their behaviour when a fabulous woman walked in. He was almost a parasitic man working off their energy. He admitted it was years since he’d felt that buzz in a room but that night I’d walked in and his hair stood on end as he felt the guys in the room change. He couldn’t see me but as I walked the corner he’d watched the eyes then grabbed me like a moray eel. He got his night and a few more. He was sweet and huge fun.

          • This blog site has me now with a list of films and books that’s going to take me years to consume. You’ve added more than your fair share just tonight.

        • I feel like such a stupid c*nt reading what its like for people who have sex. A good workout, but uh oh love. I don’t want to have sex unless I am in love with someone, even if the love is hopeless, foolish, dangerous and impractical. Its not a moral judgment at all either. Its the energy of love that I want to play with. The rest – ugh – Venus in Virgo, I’m too picky. People are scared of love. I don’t know…does that get worse as you age? We’re people always this scared of love? I love because its scary and somewhat rare. And it can’t be faked. Anyway. I realized the reason why I want to have sex with the people I want to have sex with is the same reason they stay away from me. Duh. Obv I have no trines.

          • You also love because it practical.. πŸ™‚

            No, people are not all scared of love, get someone with venus in libra or another mars in libra. With mars and pluto id think yes you do like a little fear with your love, that is probably an understatement.

            • Ha, ha! Yes – you called it – I enjoy being terrifyingly in love, lol. And my ex partner has Mars in Libra. My ex husband Mars in Aries. Not sure how that happened. Must have been his Venus in Virgo conjunct my Sun. And Sun conjunct my Moon. He and I had great synastry, horrible sex.

              • I can only explain myself as being highly picky too but… The difference here is that I don’t require an emotional involvement at all. For me it happens because I want the rush, the buzz, the power surge, the control or the submission. What ever mood or where ever he takes me. I’ve done love at first site too. They are wild crazy ridiculous love affairs and the most intense. Another thing to add is I’m happy with one night things even 20 minute things in some instances but Its me who is happiest to walk away after with them still wanting. A lot of what should be one nighters though simply last for a year or more. I’ve got one now who started out as a fun afternoon and its now seven years. I simply have been gifted with an ability to enjoy many, it’s taken a while to understand it myself and its not for everyone that’s for sure and don’t think for an instant I’d not love to be deeply involved in love and settled but that’s just not arrived yet so I let it go until it offers itself up.

                • 12th house. You’re not stupid c*** or otherwise you’re just someone who needs that emotional involvement. A bond at that level before it all takes off. There’s no wrong in that. We are all wired so differently.

                • I appreciate that. But I am a stupid c*** . At least, my c*** is currently useless being as my life is sexless. πŸ˜‰ I admire people like you who can enjoy and be enjoyed.

      • Wow, Emg, that is very similar. How does that pan out in your life? What do you do? I work with families with kids with special needs in early intervention. With your Cancer Sun/Jupiter in 5th I’d suspect you’d be a great play therapist or in the theatre? Or maybe just a really good laugh to be around πŸ™‚

      • Cattiva this sounds very familiar. I’ve always had the sexual predator instinct- and the ones who have it too can smell it on me, instantly. I love it.

        Grand Fire Trine (Aries Sun/Sag Mars/Leo Asc) and Moon in Scorpio.

  9. Grand trine in air b/w Venus, Mars, and asc here. I do get attention from very hard-to -get men but unfortunately in my youth I was a bit plebeian imo even with Venus in aqua and mars in gem! Admittedly I get everything I want…..eventually but now in late thirties my appetite is there but darn Saturn in scorp is being stingy, at least that’s my story.

    • can i play in your sandbox, er in your cloud

      i’ve got nada in the birth chart, but have a couple trines in the progressed. two air with one forming a kite?. pluto and moon share two main pivots, and venus closes one while merc closes the other. neptune, my only water placement forms the kite point. im tired so it sounds like prepping for sleep to me…dream land, or rather i may turn translucent soon.

      so do progressions counteth?

  10. Grand Earth Trine here, Toro Moon Rising/Virgo pluto/Cap Mars. Sex has been is…..important but complex in my life (maybe that’s the Scorp Sun talkin πŸ˜‰ ). No twins but there were nights where someone would just see you dancing and then fall in your lap, I spose.

    Question: what if you have a trine but 2 planets are 29 degrees in one element and the third is at 1 degree of another? I guess it’s still a lucky dynamic but without the elemental coherence?

  11. I’m not buying this theory. One of my previous room mates has a tight Grand Air Trine and it didn’t help her get laid. She’s got an even longer dry spell than I have at almost 8 or 9 yrs now.

    I have zero grand trines.

    • Omg. 8-9 years. I was moaning the other day it had been 10 days since I was last sexed up. I’ll slip quietly off to see one of my guys today and not moan ever again.

        • Me either i have none, and lets just say- gays aint known for being virgins. So my mars in virgo is picky, but something always catches my eye + I have a leo ascendant, who doesnt love lions? Except for the jealous.

          • That’s something I’ve not added yet seeing as I’m in a spilling beans mode. Of my guys currently ongoing everyone is a Leo rising ! Not just that but best girlfriends leo or rising. Daughter leo rising, last mad mad deep love affair leo rising. Even my longer term plaything has a Leo rising son! Therefore my sun sits squarely in all their 12th houses. Usually my moon mars and Jupiter too.

  12. I have two, one in Fire (saturn-Neptune-MC) and one in air (Mars-Asc-NN). They are all less than 5 degrees. I don’t know if fire and air gets you laid. Men don’t generally scream and run away when they see me. On the other hand, I don’t go on the prowl every weekend. but maybe I should. It’s been quiet these last couple of years and I hafta liven things up.

    • whenever something is pinging through the last degrees of Virgo, that completes an earth trine too as I have moon trine Jupiter-Lilith. It’s like the stars lining up over stonehenge, or wherever – ‘now is the time for Earth’

    • I think what enables me to pick up, if anything, if i have the mettle for it, is being a chatty blonde with all the necessary physical endowments and a slightly rude sense of humour. hehe

      • Ha πŸ™‚ , me too Pi. I have a water trine Moon-Jupiter-Mercury (if it counts Juno-Moon-Mercury too),
        but I am thinking the sassy mouth & generic looks (venus 1st house) probably account for past success. Juno is the wifey type, plus NN in 7th, so I am thinking monogamy was always on the cards.

  13. I have a significant grand trine in my progressed chart at present, and the two watery grand trines forming in the heavens right now are heavily affecting the right bits of my chart for it.. But…none of this sort of thing going on whatsoever.

    • What do you mean “Grand Water Trine gets you to a nunnery?”
      I have that trine and I’m thinking your interp means there’s possibly too much emotion that comes with it all, so becoming celibate is just easier?? Lol
      Cus I feel like that sometimes….

  14. Three. Air: sun-nn-mc – still pondering on the brilliant career. Fire: Saturn-Neptune-Eris (no she is decidedly NOT a minor point :p ). And the best: Earth: Eros-psyche-Venus/m/c/m. In the good houses even- 4/8/12. I should be a sexpot extraordinaire! But I’m not…
    Though in fairness when I DO decide to hook up with someone it’s pretty damn easy…

  15. I have a grand water trine- Merc in Scorp 3rd house, Jupiter in Pisces 8th house & Saturn in Cancer in the 12th. Can’t say this got me laid(or just plain promiscuous) any more than having a stellium of planets in Libra- Sun, Mars, Venus, Pluto & Uranus.. Certainly feel like it made me more psychic though….

  16. I have a planet in each house so I have loose grand trines everywhere.
    Maybe the most interesting is
    Saturn in cap
    Pluto in Virgo
    Venus in taurus
    Is that a grand earth trine ?
    Sun Aries
    Uranus Leo
    Jupiter sag
    Is that a grand fire trine ?

  17. Girlfriend visited recently nursing a crush on a real player. Mars on aries point! in twelfth, jupiter in taurus, seventh and pluto (4th) in grand trine, but the kicker is a sun-venus conjunction in first opposite jupiter in seventh stiffening the kite. Charming, intelligent and frequently shagged. So there’s one for the pro grand trine team.

    My grand earth trine is very comfortable snoozing for now thanks. (Although Pluto is continuing to transit …)

      • Davidl please I’m after peace. You seem like a lovely man and I wish no-one harm.
        I do not understand your reaction to me and think its a shame you have pidgeon holed me.
        Let’s just enjoy this blog please and perhaps : )…we could learn and laugh together.

        • ? I like your comments Ainslie, if I remember correctly we started off a bit push and shove but sorted it out ? Your comment made me smile after reading some of the more grandiose ones above. It’s like I could see your smile when you wrote it . I was just saying hi ?

          • Good. Done. Big hug.
            This earth trine thingy needs all her energy to focus on getting laid in Belgrade : )

  18. I have a Grand Air Trine. For me its a place where things come easily and I don’t have to try too hard.

    But I wouldn’t rest on your laurels if you have one.

    I may find communication one of my strengths, but if you have to work at it if you want to be great in that area.

    • What degree is the big triangle on each point?
      They should be at least 5 degrees, maybe 8 degrees apart to qualify as a grand trine I think.
      Eg. 12 deg Scorp, 15 deg Cancer, 20 deg Pisces or whatevs.

  19. I know a guy (Pisces) with two grand trines – both in air:

    -Pluto/Libra + Mars/Gemini + Venus/Aquarius

    -Uranus/Libra + Saturn/Gemini + Jupiter,MercRx/Aquarius

    He can’t get a date to save his life. Runs a cheap bar and plays in a couple mediocre bands. Maybe all that Air is messing with his sun and leo moon expression?

  20. According to astrodienst I have the following trines

    -Jupiter Neptune Mercury
    -Sun Saturn Pluto
    -Mercury Saturn
    -Venus Neptune Jupiter
    -Uranus Ascendant Mars

    While I had a few admires (back in the day) my Gemini sun, Sag rising and Venus in Cancer have made me very independant emotionally and generally unimpressed by the admiration of others,( with the erxception of a few) and certainly not prone to drugging out/exchanging body fluids with strangers.

  21. I have an air grand trine of course… there could actually be four of them… Sun Jupiter Uranus is the trifecta….

    Im not convinced of any “grand” gestures this has done me, like I have not been a Phd at Oxford, I have not (as yet) published (I was thinking about it today), I have not even mastered the language or any language, though I love words, I have wordgasms. My astro friend reckons it is why I am so competent academically… well Ive only done an undergraduate (which Im very grateful for the opportunity for)… but I guess there is always potential for erudite agendas…

    • Oh and it probably did help me get laid for a while… I totally related to the way this kennedy explained the whole magnetism thing… but ive lost for the last decade… damn it!

  22. I have:
    Mars in Capricorn
    Pluto in Virgo
    Saturn in Taurus

    …but the angles are not trined. In fact Mars squares Pluto. No large lazy blue triangle for me.

    Thus, discussion of my pull-power is of no astro research use at all.

      • Yes, Mille has had me trapped in her magical tractor beam for years. I think she is probably the type of woman who catch prey without pulling them in. Like a star with all its floating satellites. Then you have another type of woman who catch and devour.

  23. I dont know if Matt Johnson is the oracle.

    I do know that all the organised religions have got it wrong.

    But he will do, Matt, better than all that i have heard and read….

    I have read a lot

    • I recognized him as a prophet from the first time I played his infected album in 1986/7 ? . It still resonates with me to my core.
      I’m not sure if he has any answers or solutions to the issues and truth he exposed so clearly. Maybe there aren’t any ?

    • Maybe not David.
      Still, I think that was one of THE albums of that decade too.
      Used to play it over and over.
      An effective antidote to the Pet Shop Boys…. who I found hard to avoid at the time..same genre but they used to jar every fibre in my body.

      I dont have any grand trines, until I add a 9th house Varuna bang at the top of the chart .
      Earth..Which I gather would be appropriate for something like this.
      She’s flanked by a couple of muses in Toro and trines down to 1st house Pluto/ Uranus :Virgo / 0 libra Athena… then the other trine across to a Cap Venus.

      Varuna is interesting…very ‘new knowledge’ I think.

      Nothing much to do with getting laid tho I reckon.

      Anyway, that Athena and gang is opposite my Mars @0 Aries(tight with Chiron )… ??
      AND then to carry on with this Varuna biz she is smack bang at the top of this Grand Square thingo with my rising/Regulus/Jupe on one side, Sun /Merc opposite.. and Barnacle Bill himself in 3rd house Scorp at the bottom.

      Sounds grand?? dunno…a bit complicated more like it.
      Makes nice patterns on my chart thats for sure.

      The ‘grand’ side of these trines is mainly about them all being in the same element…. so are these hardcore squares of equal relevance?

      • Love Matt Johnson Infected album…Definitely a time passed…Music is a great reminder of bliss and pain…Great lyrics, was an intense life, so sublime now in domestic partnership…Children give me much joy, and that has wiped most of the blackness out from the past.

      • πŸ™‚ His music is still fresh as..

        Tho I’m a complete nong…I was actually thinking of his FIRST album…”This is the day….’ and wotnot.
        beautiful work..
        .had that classic 80s cover art too.

        • I listened to Infected all yesterday…
          What’s a man got left to fight for when he’s bought his freedom.

        • What a time this is, I just rediscovered a Madness / The Specials, played to my daughter recently (which I saw more than 25 years ago) then The Cult are touring Melbourne, saw them live in a building now demolished (The Venue St Kilda), now mostly out of sorts with all this stuff, just an era of many…Never saw Matt Johnson live, but always wanted too but the songs I remember like a soundtrack to a previous life…Happy but do miss the revelry…

          • From what a gather he’s still busy doing good stuff πŸ™‚

            Just back on the trines subject… I
            I was looking at a copy of a chart that had all the muses on it (thanks for that list M:what a great bunch of scamps….they seem to be peppered around significant parts of my chart which is fab )…
            but that chart omitted the Galactic centre which I usually like to check out…
            By nature having to be a fire trine , its pretty tight with my Leo rising cluster and then up to both my north node and Urani at 19.49 Aries.

            guess that explains my interest in stars and astrology despite growing up with a father who makes Richard Dawkins look like a Raelian…

            oh and was thinking about those grand squares (if they are indeed called that)…
            I guess they should by form include all 4 elements..which is grand in some way itself.
            good to have an Earth Varuna bang opposite Neptune in a water sign ?.. I suppose anyways.

            And that is a great lyric David…reminds me of that great Bill Hicks line where he said:
            ” Quit putting a goddamn dollar sign on every fuckking thing on this planet”
            His incisiveness was not unlike Matt Johnsons . πŸ™‚

          • Aww..the Venue…was my intro to StKilda too AquaSunbird :)…
            Hoodoo gurus …lost my guides but somehow found the car on Ackland st.
            They found me next to it like a lost unconscious pup.
            Dont think my 7 YO would like the Hoodoos much. LOVES Lanie Lane tho…the frocks..

  24. I always thought the “ultimate” grand trine would be one between


    Seems like that person would have a nice life.

    • I have one
      Sun 23 Pisces
      Moon 20 Cancer
      Asc 22 Scorpio w Pluto rising

      It’s made for a grand and interesting life so far. A lot of suffering a lot of pain but a lot of joy and wonderment, transcendent bliss. I’ve seen heaven, hell, and surreal, ethereal kinds of places outside of that.

  25. I have a grand earth trine including a moon-Lilith exact conj in Cap, a Pluto-Uranus exact conj in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus and the trine is within 2 degrees.
    I’ve just come out of a largely sexless marriage. Can a grand trine help me get laid? I fuquing well hope so!

    • I have a theory that people with a strong Lilith-moon aspect end up in sexless relationships since it keep them in control on some subliminal level. I have lilth opposite moon to the exact degree and also had a sexless marriage as we’ve covered before.

    • I got that too Chrysalis.

      Pluto 15Β° conj Uranus 13Β° Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus 21Β°.

      Is that a proper trine?

      Anyway, never had any probs getting laid. Thanks to Venus in Libra and Saggo moon, Mars in Virgo in 8th!! πŸ™‚ Well, that was my 20’s, 30’s & mid 40’s. Then i became a bit of a recluse – Pluto transiting 12th house and conjunt Asc.
      Doing okay again. All this Kataka energy has been lovely. πŸ™‚

      Hope you get lucky again soon!!

      • That’s a trine alright, Scorpbot! Or close enough anyways.
        Ooh Mars in Virgo in 8th! Interesting πŸ™‚
        Glad you are enjoying all the lovely Cancerian vibe! x

  26. Got a grand trine and a ‘mystic rectangle’ in my chart, which I’m very proud of, but probably the best aspects in my chart re. getting laid are venus conjunct my midheaven, sextile my mars in cancer. Sooky goo-goo, but darn professional about it.

    • PS – That’s a fire trine:
      asc in leo
      moon in aries
      saturn/ uranus (conjunct) in sagg in 5th house

  27. Grand trine in Water and a Mystic Rectangle in Water/Earth. I dont know how much of a success it is, but up until recently I was a himbo- At 23 I have slept with over 250 people(stopped counting about 2 years ago at 220, and have definitely grown the list since then!). Im not bragging, im actually pretty reticent to talk about it. Never thought that my Grand Trine was helping there, but I can pick up on cues really well, and know when its on (and more importantly, when its not!). Of course, that means I have over 250 failed relationships/hookups/what-have-you, so don’t get too jealous; 85% of those have ended disastrously. Luckily now im in an amazing relationship, and its great. I wont say that I dont still notice someone giving me a look or sending signals, nor will I stop flirting shamelessly with everything that moves (Gemini Sun in the 5th!) but thats as far as it goes.

  28. I have a pretty stunning exact grand fire trine- Sun 27 Aries conjunct Mars at 24 Aries, trine Vesta and Isis at 25/26 Leo, trine Neptune conjunct the Galactic Center at 24 Sag. And although I am of truly average attractiveness, nearly all my boyfriends have been deemed “out of my league” by frenemies. I have amazing sex with gorgeous men.

  29. Chiming in late yet again!… it’s that damn Saturn, still fluffing around. Not helping those of us with Cap rising ; )


    I have two Grand Trines, one in Air (Nth Node, MC, Saturn) & the other one in Fire (Sth Node, Jupiter, Chiron)…
    & together they form a wonderful Star of David (Grand Sextile?) type of thingo!

    Very pleasing to the symmetry-loving Libra that I am!

    In my experience, it definitely ordains a magical type of ‘pulling power’!
    Although, I’ve never quite understood it , because I’ve always thought myself one of the most ‘un-cool’ people in Multiverse!… But the amount of times I’ve found myself in bed &/or relationship with the sexiest, hottest, most sought after of men… Well I’ve lost count… But it surprises me more than anyone!

    The thing that has most frustrated me about these Grand Trines, is that one takes them for granted.

    So, Sure they ordain special powers, but when it’s so easy to be complacent or even worse, clueless, as to the importance of these gifts/talents/skills etc, & how to use them… then what good are they really?… & what good can one do with them?

    I feel the trick to Trines, Grand or not, is firstly RECOGNISING the gifts/talents/skills etc, because we often don’t realize how gifted we are in these areas… And secondly, finding the best expression for them… So that all that easy flowing energy, isn’t just pissed up the wall, or perhaps worse, wasted revelling in the incredible magical pulling power that happens spontaneously in places like Whisky-A-Go-Go… As Fuqing impressive as they are in retrospect ; )

  30. Yes have a grand trine: Saturn in Cancer, Rising is Pisces with Venus (and Mercury) in Scorpio. Is that right? And yes, sex is pivotal in life and yes, much of it…. But I just thought that was my scorp side playing out πŸ™‚

  31. I have a gemini sun, libra moon, and aquarius ascendant…

    my sex life is outrageous. and i am pretty blessed in my skills.

    i dont know how else this affects me, except that my life has been pretty easygoing

  32. What is quite strange actually is that I have 3 planets in cancer (sun, moon and mercury), but I have never been the moody emotional type. I have also read that the elements in grand trine dominates your personality more, should there be a grand trine.
    Not so long ago I just found out that I have a grand air trine.
    Gemini in venus trine libra in pluto
    Venus trines midheaven in aquarius
    Pluto also trines aquarius midheaven
    I haven’t really felt “cancerian” before, home is the place I go to have a bath and sleep. My relationship with my mom is……friendly, I’m not clingy nor moody nor obsessive.
    Can anybody relate?

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