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Abstract Surreal Art 2013

I wowed out at this piece by the genius artist Ira Carter & emailed him to ask for his statement on it:

I made this piece as a statement of disappointment, but also, hopefully, a
call to arms. I grew up in a time when many placed their hope in the coming
Age of Aquarius. Now, not only do I not have a jet pack or flying car, but
the world seems mired in an endless stream of war, terrorism, mass murder,
and insanity, rather than the promised new age of enlightenment. I am sad
and disappointed, but also hopeful that we as a species can dream bigger
dreams and access our spiritual core that reaffirms that we are made in
God’s image, not that of something evil.

Carter is, he says, “a typical Leo. Big, loud, insistent that the focus be on him.”

So occasionally I get emails asking “when is the Age of Aquarius?” Honestly, it’s not part of my consciousness. I think in terms of the grand Pluto, Neptune & Uranus cycles. Saturn too. You can set your life watch by seven year cycles (Saturn & Uranus) & when Pluto or Neptune  rock up to an important point in your chart, you know it.

Even astrologers who do abide by the “astrological ages” theory disagree as to when it starts/started. See the Wiki for more.

Other than the baby boomer/Pluto in Leo peeps musical concept, what does the Age of Aqua mean to you? A manipulative Bad Guru type once told me that the Age of Pisces (a.k.a. of Jesus Christ) was ending and that the Age of Aquarius would be when the “reincarnate Atlanteans took power.” Something like that. I think his slimy aura is the reason i never looked into it all too much. There is always end of days/golden new era beginning soon mythology swirling about.

What do you think??


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26 thoughts on “Age Of Aquarius

  1. So interesting the kismet Mystic ! I recently purchased a fab new deck (seriously vampy and scorpy – I love), first public draw were cards: Lamb (Uranus/Aries) + Cauldron (Pluto/Cap).

    Quick lunchtime post, but upon further afternoon reflection, what came to mind was (lamb of God, resurrection, etc…) and the move from Aries (sacrifices, bloodshed, aggression, war) into Pisces (Jesus, fish, feet washing, peace, love, miracle healing, martyrs).

    I agree with Davidl, eons best viewed in retrospect…
    Any guru claiming they have the absolute truth is bs. everyone’s experience/path is unique. peace x

  2. There are cycles going on all the time, but I am not sure I resonate with the Age of Aquarius/Pisces stuff.

    Probably the earth has had a couple of major civilisations grow and tumble.

    300 years of shedding coming up is what came through in a healing session I did with an advanced soul. Not all bad, somewhat necessary. Then a new age comes. Who knows. I am not so clear on how useful this kind of info is unless it is a way of embracing our personal purpose in difficult times.

    I totally think we are still in the embrace of the dark ages with their mass genocides, druid slaughter and their witch trials. People just starting to relearn their connection to nature, plants & herbs, and animals.

    I heard the reincarnate naughty Atlanteans were all living as dolphins as a karmic punishment for their crimes against humanity. 🙂

    But I had a teacher whose first past life regression he experienced being an Atlantean on trial. In the session he was wearing a helmet and apparently he had marks on his face where the helmet pressed into his forehead – they stayed for a few hours afterwards.

  3. I don’t understand people who put all of their faith in living ‘in the future’ or via the Aquarian Age when they can just start living TODAY.

    Maybe people think that the AoA is full of suffering or a serious let down because that’s the sort of future they’re accepting for themselves.

    There is no Golden Age where an ‘Age’ is responsible for your progress or your happiness. If you want to create a revolution, it starts with you.

    • Gem, I agree. It’s just that I was young and impressionable when the dawning of the Age of Aquarius was being trumpeted about, and this was my way to express a personal disappointment about how the world, at one point seemingly so full of promise, has turned out. It also is an attempt to accept some personal responsibility for that outcome, and to try and be a positive force in bringing about a POV that embraces life in a culture that seems to be about militarism and mass murder.

  4. I read Chiron is back there..(in Aquarius) & it feels familiar ’69..
    I fuqin hate Lloyd Webber /Rice anything BTW

  5. I went to a psychic who said one of my companions was an Atlantian but from the future. Weird. As for ages, all ages are now.

  6. Every time I see that kid’s face, I see disembodied legs scattered in the street. If it were my collage, I would have a bunch of legs sticking out of his mouth, as if he were eating them. Or as if they were pouring out of him, like he’s vomiting limbs. Is that repulsive? Yeah.

    Carter’s whimsical phrase set in bold red text clinches this piece for me, a reference to the passing of time with an ominous overtone. On the periphery but shouting in your ear.

    • I like your take on it…almost like Goya’s Saturn consuming his own children. I’d love to see your version.

      • Ok, you’re on! I’ll hit you with the link when it’s up, scorpiorising 😉

        Goya’s Saturn… so true, & so timely. I must revisit it. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Scorporation, I love what you thought of to take the idea further. I love the Goya of Kronos eating his children, but I also have incorporated Susan Sontag’s concept (from back in the day) of the banality of evil. I think the vacantness of his look is every bit as grisly as arms and legs flying everywhere, but I appreciate your taking the idea and running with it.

  7. For me it is the background frequency that is changing. We are all infiltrated by the neutrino ocean and it is obviously different every second but there are cycles and pulses and ages of certain frequency/vibration or mixture thereof. Complex huh. But the age is changing and I never thought that Aqua would just hit on Saturday but rather we would see the shift gradually throughout our lifetime and on beyond us. I sure feel different and I sure as hell am seeing things that weren’t there yesterday. To me being a 66 baby this sort of feels like a growth of what was seeded then, so there is a cycle and I know for sure that my life has it’s own peaks and troughs regardless of what I do to try and big up the highs and avoid the lows. So Aqua is a coming of understanding for humanity. It’ll no doubt be bloody, as it revs up before it settles. The human is well known to have many and varied opinions that he will fight for but let’s work toward being authentic and honest. For me that is the enlightenment just there. How many of us truly know and love ourselves?

  8. The astro for the next week in in a grand trine shaped in an exact triangle-triangle of the star of david

    Let me remind you the star of david in 3D is an 8 sided star or a MerKaBa

    A shape shaped like all shapes and denoting compete and utter creation

    I am feeling gooooOOOOooOOOOoooD

  9. Is Rolling Stone out yet? The cover will be a collector’s item.
    Understand perfectly what the artist said, we sang the song from Hair to bring it on, the Aquarian age and big hair 🙂
    My philosophy is’If you think you are in hell-you are. If you think you are in heaven- you are’. Then the Zen ‘how long is a long time?Compared to what’? What is distance and time to one is different for another.
    It’s what you focus on. Where does you mind’s eye rest, on beauty or squalor.
    Natural cycles, destroy-renew-destroy-renew. Life eats itself or feeds on itself. A squillion moving bacteria in our bodies busy as and a squillion stars in the sky doing what stars do.. May as well look at it astrologically.

    Something pushed my button yesterday and another thing today,have been woken up too soon from grokking the last few years. Am pissed off, almost at at overkill in response to what has annoyed me, so many illogical people around who don’t make sense. Feel like i have been nesting an egg that could hatch and a new powerful me emerging, yet know timing is everything if direct action is to be taken to annoy the annoyers back. Push back is my new mantra.
    It seems not to matter to have legal rights as the person that is supposed to implement them, care not or get lost in paperwork, so they are more time consuming and foolish than the creators of initial problem.
    Of the catch call of send Money Guns and Lawyers, i can understand why
    some drop the lawyer part 🙂

    I love it in Dune when the Bene Geserit use THE VOICE and make those spoken to quiver and listen.
    Goddess, please don’t let my inner street girl out of the bag, she has a mouth like a rock musician or sailor when seriously provoked.

    Are the Atlanteans being resurrected :-)? Can they eat Pluto?
    I am born again, my astro chart wouldn’t dare have Pluto transforming me
    for over 20 years. fuq. All that Pluto-Saturn in the Leo 8th. Scary Mary.

  10. I think one of the main issues here is the ego of individual humans. We all want to see the fulfillment of predictions and world progress in our own lifetimes .
    If you accept the ‘ages’ concept you also have to accept that as each 2000 year age begins its fulfillment is many human lifetimes away. The Pisces age for example is a good case in point. About 350 years after the death of Jesus, Christianity broke away from Judaism and developed into a more global phenomena. It took about 600 years before the current accepted christian ideology was anything like the one we see today. Was the cycle fulfilled at all over the last 2000 years ? Let’s just say some of it, maybe ?
    If the age of Aquarius began recently it will probably be the job of those living 2000 years in the future to decide whether it’s meaning was fulfilled.
    We can’t .
    What we can do though is start to behave in a way that will assist those in the future to at least come close to the ideals we wish for ourselves today.

    • I think that’s a totally acceptable way to see it. Personally very thingy about “end of days” stuff, it’s been around forever. Well since religious (yes including new age anything which I count as religion Ihe etymological sense of the word.. ) Ideas existed. I think that mkes sense. Oh well 🙂

        • O Pi. You made me laugh out loud in recognition. I totally get the need to work a particular word into your conversation just because it is. so. damn. cool.

          P.S. The Snowmen were always my fave Calvin strips. O, Bill Watterson, Why’d ya have to go all J.D. Salinger and disappear?! sigh.

  11. I see the specter of failure haunting the Age of Aquarius, and its immense promise. And self-imposed paralysis after a great fall. I believe this is ultimately a loss of imagination and the overwhelming grief of that loss that the age of Aquarius has never figured out how to recover from, just self-destruct.

    Does an age have a chart? Where would its Mars be? I sometimes feel hopelessly consumed by 9th house, Aquarian, Neptunian imagination and disappointments, despite countering aspects. Am I just responding to my astro age? Do I just need some sleep at 3:30 in the morning? So many questions….

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