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Appropriately for the Dark Moon, i am super-zonked on sugar withdrawal.  The very first time i tried the Jupiter Re Zap Power Nap Binaural Beats Mp3, i was thinking i’d come out all zooshed up with fresh ideas – as that was like the brief i gave the composer – but all i got was the weirdly strong feeling that i could no longer tolerate sugar in any form. And i have not had it since.

I know, i know. The Sugar As Satan meme has been around for a while now. See Fat Chance by Robert Lustig for a classic of the genre. (Summary: once upon a time we thought sugar was just an empty calorie, now it has been irredeemably proven to be the head villain in nearly all the major hideous schizz diseases that can befall humanity.)  So i come out of the BB Power Nap sugar intolerant to the max, have not touched it since but the withdrawal is VILE.  Guess that just proves what crap it is. F.Y.I. sugar also apparently has bones in it. And these people say astrology is medieval. Lol.

But worth it, big-time i.m.o. So what are YOU giving up/releasing in this Moon Of Letting Go?

Also: Mercury is squaring Uranus. Brace for sudden O.M.G. realizations & Pattern Recognition.


The Nine Muses of antiquity (some say Sappho was the tenth) lend themselves to so many different concepts; Bemuse, Amuse, Museum.


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Image: Kathleen Lolley – The Magic Of Solitude – Kathleen is a subscriber & a genius…

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136 thoughts on “Your Dark Moon Muse

  1. Argh… Sugar withdrawal is hard but worth it. My best tactic is to ease off slowly by using substitutes like dried fruit (sultanas), honey, and fresh fruit – still have sugar but the less toxic kind. At least you get off the “ups” and “downs” roundabout.

      • Hmmm, just read an interesting article about eating disorders. Apparently the most common trigger for eating disorders in teenage girls is the fear instilled in them to not eat sugar or carbs ..
        It commonly happens when a parent or school councilling class start talking about how these things are ‘poison’.
        This fear triggers a response to feel unwell and bloated after eating and the need to purge or basically not eat.
        Once the teenager has reached a certain level of malnutrition from this fear the brain goes fully into disorder mode. Apparently this trigger also has genetic markers that can make it even easier to slip into an eating disorder.

        All things in moderation is an important mantra with pubescent youth.

        All the old bags of course should stop eating crap immediately 😉

        • I’m thinking and preparing to have a break from sugar, this includes carbs, yes. But I’m an old bag now, with many saddle bags on the side…. But thank you David for pointing out the suffering caused by diet obsessed culture on our young women and men….

        • It’s true. I read about all the evils of food at 13 and stopped eating except water because everything scared the crap outta me.
          I lost lost weight rapidly and fainted and was taken to the hospital.
          My disorder was caught quickly but it’s unhealthy to obsess I agree everything in moderation and if it makes you ill then stop.

        • davidl,
          that happened to me in a big bad horrible way. i ended up looking like a deflated piece of jerky afterwards. an aggressive deflated piece of jerky.
          coined a term for paleo-types and carbphobes… protein ragers

        • Glad you said it. I’m 38 and I feel guilty when I read stuff like this post.

          • I think serious eating disorders are far more complex than that…teenagers, indeed all of us, are inundated with all sorts of messages, constantly…

            • Have to agree with that. In usually goes far deeper than issues around food/calorie restriction – they’re more of a symptom than a cause imo.

            • Thats not what the stats say. It is the major trigger, and now due to’tea hings’ against obesity it’s getting worse.

  2. Woah, Mystic, that is amazing re the sudden loss of desire for sugar. I had the exact same thign happen last October, after a particularly hideous episode in my personal life, which basically was the tipping point for my Zap Zone transformation.

    I am now amazingly intolerant of sugar, even when I do crave it (maybe once a month, maybe) I cannot eat very much at all, nor tolerate much alcohol either. Most strange, but in a good way. I am healthier, my moods are more balanced and resilient, and my immune system is so much stronger. And my life is just getting more and more awesome, although that’s from feeling better not from removing sugar per se.

    Ride out the withdrawal pain if you can, you’ll feel incredibly better for it. I promise.

    (and in the interests of full disclosure: I am not any kind of food or health nazi, nor am i ever evangelical about anything. Live and let live is my usual MO!)

  3. Fuq Mystic, I have been meaning to get back to you on this via email but I’ll say it here – when I cut all sugar from my diet a few years ago, the withdrawal pangs were exactly the same as nicotine withdrawal pangs… It didn’t click at first, I just thought I was having bizarre intense cravings for nicotine after not smoking for about six years, then I found myself fighting a trip to the store to buy shit lollies and it clicked that it was fuqing sugar withdrawals. I ended up eating lots of apples to get my sugar fix while I weaned myself off. Ethical Nutrients brand of Chromium helps too (haven’t found another brand in Australia that kicks in in the recommended dose). May the force be with you! X

    • oh my god yes of course, chromium supplements! Chromium picolinate. When I was training mega hard a few years ago, INTENSE sugar cravings, not infrequently, like eat a chocolate bar and a bag of jelly snakes in one go – kind of sugar cravings. This was just ridiculous, so I went online to find out what was going on. a few sites talked about dietary chromium affected by eating a lot of refined sugar (and refined carbohydrates? can’t remember) and intense exercise. anyway , one health food store and following the directions later, cravings didn’t come back. (I also eased off the supplement if I wasn’t experiencing the symptoms.) I suppose a sports nutritionist or whoever could elaborate on that. maybe it helps with metabolising the crap..

      • Yes, if you get the right brand (some of them are shit and you need about 3x the recommended dosage for anything to happen) they are fuqing magic. I was the same, training 3 hours a day, 6 days a week and I could polish off a family size block of chocolate and a pack of jelly snakes (mmmmm jelly snakes…) in one go and still want moar! Two weeks on the chromium and one piece of chocolate was so fuqing sickly sweet I couldn’t eat more without being violently ill. (It applies for people not working out intensely too, I’ve been a sugar junkie since childhood, it just got worse with excess training… our soil is deficient in chromium, so a lot of people are deficient in it.). Like you, I stop taking it when symptoms subside…

  4. Sugar is hard. I did a yeast detox (no vinegar no sugar no statchy foods) and while I am used to a restictive diet due to food allergiesand intolerances, truly being off sugar means (for Americans – NO Heinz Ketchup even) reading labels and not consuming so even some regular condiments. It was HARD.

    I did it tho cuz I can actually get sick from too much refined sugar and thought it might help. My body actually revolts at too muc refined sugar. I get bad brain fog and feel achy, tired sick then spend and hour on the couch semi-conscious and twitching almost as if it affects my nervous system. I have learned how to not get to much but am unable to give it up completely. I have been into the raw sugar which does not affect me so. And I adore my raw local honey. Way to go on those of you who make it!

    I have heard arguments on both sides of the raw sugar. Anyone have thoughts on raw sugar and raw honey?

    • I remember being the only kid in my neighbourhood that had raw sugar. My Mum would say “You don’t want to put bleach in your body”. I was raised on carob….the dirty hippy pretend chocolate kind.

    • I recently went on a tour of a sugar factory and raw sugar is actually the white sugar with the molasses put back in.

      • Thank you for your information.
        Now that sounds so much more logical then “JFur logic”. This is from the same women that would force feed carrot sticks to neighbourhood children.

      • I’ve heard its not so”healthy” as the advertising leads us to believe. I hope red wine really is good for you like “they” say” 🙂

  5. In other news… I’m giving up giving away my time and skills for free (unless I chose to offer them of course). I’m so fuqing fed the fuq up with friends or people I meet assuming that because I can do x,y, or z, that I actually want to spend my spare time doing x, y, or z for them – for free.

    • Oh yeah, I relate. It really stretches friendships when they think you’re at their disposal. I’m sure they don’t mean any disrespect but it’s just so damn disrespectful and presumptuous!

      • That’s what makes it so hard, they don’t mean any disrespect but if you want your boundaries respected you’re the one that ends up looking like an arsehole for saying ‘no’. (Not to mention all the stress of feeling put upon and having to say ‘no’ nicely).

        • Yeah, I’m still seething over this one! My neighbour dropped in four hours after we had landed from our 8-week trip travelling through Europe (It’s a 24 hr flight home!) After half an hour of chatting about stuff, he gets onto the topic of his new business – & how he needs new business cards, website & more!! & how soon can I get onto it? … WTF!!!

          • Rude! I’d like to know how these people end up with such an overinflated sense of entitlement… (because fuq knows, I could probably use some of it myself).

    • oh i have to do regular versions of this. totally worth it. love saying no now, depends what it is of course because I love to do things but some people are piss takers. esp if its a workie thing,

  6. I give it up and then get back on it, but at least my consumption has dropped significantly from what it was. No more devouring family sized blocks of choc in 5mins.

    I know sugar is “satan” but I’ve found that allowing myself to eat quality chocolate when I fancy it. I no longer binge or crave crazily. If I suddenly make it a taboo, then I will get back on it with greater gusto when I do cave.

    Plus eating lots of low-GI carbs really helps (me).

    I’m sick of diet Nazis who advocate the same eating plan for all. Everyone has different metabolisms, needs and lives and what works for one person may not work for another.

  7. I went over to deliver my website to my Gemini friend. She was happy. She said she just had her horoscope cast by a local woman who I know and has been doing readings for probably 40 years or more. She said “a bunch of opportunities are coming my way.” I said oh yeah, that’s the Gemini stellium, you’re getting opportunities right now. I pulled up and showed her. Then I ran it backwards until the stellium was in Taurus, like last month. So I told her, watch me play this forward day by day from May to June. Last month that stellium was pushing me forward. Now it’s pushing you forward, just as I’m transferring this work to you. It’s all timed right, to happen now, and for you to finish some details so you can release it before the Mercury retrograde, and aren’t you lucky that Merc Rx will be in Cancer instead of Gemini!. She is all set.

    Now me, however, I’m very unhappy. I spent all day on the computer trying to wrap this job up, as my upstairs neighbor was going nuts. The little kid jumped and stomped on the floor, right above my head, and today he did something I never heard before, he shrieked like a siren, EEOOEEOO for 20 minutes. I am sure the kid is not deliberately trying to annoy ME, he’s obviously trying to annoy his mom. But this kid causes a disturbance every single day, usually for most of the day. I would move away if I could afford it.

    • Noise cancelling headphones + zap zone binaural beats!

      • I second that. Bose noise cancellation headphones keep me sane. They’re fuqing expensive though (tried cheaper brands and they sucked). Worthwhile investment if noise annoys to the point of dysfunction though.

          • Yes. (I had the other model that sit on top of the ears to start with but they weren’t as good at blocking shit out, and my ears would get all red and sore if I had them on for too long, the QC 15 are heaps better.)

        • I appreciate the suggestions. I have mentioned my other ear problems before, so I am investigating this carefully. My understanding is that my particular sound sensitivity makes it impossible to use earplugs or noise canceling headphones, isolation from ambient sounds just trains your nerves to be even more sensitive. I’m going to a doctor next week who specializes in sound sensitivity.
          I admit I am more sensitive to sound disturbances than other people, but the upstairs neighbors aren’t just a marginal annoyance that most people could ignore. Anyone who heard them would wonder WTF was going on up there, it’s outrageous.

          • It sounds like a kid being a kid to me. I know friends who had 3 kids and their neighbors wanted to lynch them for the noise and they really did try to keep it down. I am sure it is loud and annoying. Good luck finding something to block out the sound. I would live in a building again but I know with a kid in tow its going to annoy the crap out of someone.

            • Pump the Binaural Beats through the floor to the little one. Could you perhaps knock on their door and ask “Is everything ok, I just had to come and see if your child was ok”. Pause dramatic concerned neighbour. “I was wondering if I should call the police or child safety (insert relevant authority here)”

          • Thank you for this helpful information. For me it’s appliances that make buzzing noises (no one else can hear them but me) or a house alarm that’s offline and beeping due to a power outage. I am wondering if it goes back to an early childhood sound trauma. The clown that invented the iPhone 5 earphones, needs a punch in the nose. It’s like your ears are being stretched to accommodate watermelons.

          • Charles, it sounds like you have something similar to me as far as your hearing goes. (I have a sensory processing disorder and hyperacusis).

            I agree that the noise cancellation things can train your nerves to be more sensitive. I noticed this was true when I was using them 8+ hours a day to block out demented Chihuahua barking, (tough after a few months without this, my ears adjusted back to their regular annoyance level) but if I’m just using them for an hour or two a day – as I’m doing at the moment, I don’t notice extra sensitivity when I’m not using them – it’s really no different than listening to some good music through headphones. (The noise cancellation thing on its own isn’t that good on any model or brand I’ve tried so I always have music going with the nc – even then I can still hear a lot of stuff going on around me, so they don’t cut out all ranges of sound)

            I was recommended to do a program based on the work of Dr Alfred Tomatis called The Listening Program (it retrains the ear/ brain connection), but it was going to cost me more than a few thousand dollars which I didn’t have at the time. Someone recently gave me a copy of the entire program on disks for free, but I’m still unpacking from my move and don’t know which box they are in so haven’t tried it yet.

            Anyhow, good luck with the doctor next week (most people and doctors are so unaware about such conditions, even audiologists have no fuqing sympathy for anyone except the hard of hearing), it’s good to have someone who knows what the fuq they’re doing when it comes to this issue.

            • Yeah I have heard of Dr. Tomatis but I can’t afford it. Maybe this clinic has some sort of affordable program. And I can afford free, but that’s about it.
              And you’re right, I am astonished at how little sympathy this condition gets from doctors, even the ones who are supposed to know better. I switched to a new Otolaryngologist and the moment I described my problem, he refused to examine me and just walked out of the room.

  8. I’ve just completely changed/ decluttered my work area. Uranus smack bang in the middle of my 6th squaring my MC has been good for that. The Feng Sui is probably fuqed but I needed to be up against the window so the sunlight falls on me. Feel better already.

    Also decluttering and letting go of things that hurt to let go of – eg, putting my late beloved little birdy’s old cage out in the garage rather than having it sit beside my desk, packing up the gazillions and gazillions of photos I had of him and other past loves/ habits/ friends stuck up around the place (on cork boards, on monitor, stuck to wall) and just leaving a few key framed images about the place in amongst my paintings…

    Facing some weird emotional stuff too. Out of nowhere type yearnings, like to have met my maternal grandmother who died from ovarian cancer when my mum was 17. I actually keep crying whenever I think of her – what she must’ve been like, how we could’ve bonded over animal rights issues, how she could’ve been ‘family’ when the rest of my family is so cold. Very odd. And sad.

    Coincidentally, my script editor keeps telling me to go deeper with my female protagonist in my rom-com script, as in deeper into myself to draw on my own family experiences to make her horrid family more realistic. THAT’S somewhere i don’t want to go but my brain is now automatically going there, remembering weird things, mainly yearnings for love and hugs and being a sad kid.

    I’m trying to cut back on sugar after a particularly awful two weeks of dark chocolate mayhem stuck in a dark PMS cycle. Walking, gardening with my duck, drinking so much water, listening to late 90s music and loving it. But I can’t shake this all-pervading sense of yearning for something I can’t put my finger on. Very dark moon in my 7th. Maybe I’m yearning for love? My independent bachelorette self is craving a partner in crime?

    • This might sound pretty out there but you’re probably more bonded to your grandmother than you realise. Weirdly enough I had similar feelings about my paternal grandma, who was run over by a police car when my dad was 17. Her and I are so similar in nature that it has been speculated on more than one occasion by several family members that I was her reincarnated, but I’m not. I had a psychic reading with a medium when I was in my late teens and my beloved grandma who I’d never met rocked up in spirit to the reading. Amongst other things (shit I didn’t know about her but was verified later to be true), she said she had been looking over me since birth because my parents were so fecking useless, and that she was always there to help me as far as she could – I just had to ask… I didn’t think I had medium abilities so I just forgot about it and got on with life until the shit hit the fan and I had no where else to turn, so I tried calling on her for help… The next thing she’s talking to me and I was having to look up words she was using in the dictionary. I told her I felt like a nutcase talking to her and could she please give me a sign that I wasn’t going nuts… Next day at work, my evil boss calls me into the office and asked if I’d given the alarm company his home number, I told him quite honestly that I had done no such thing. Turns out the alarms at work had gone off at exactly the time I had asked my grandma for a sign, and they had called the evil boss and woken him up, instead of me or the other manager when they shouldn’t have even had his home number. From that day on, I’ve been having regular contact with my grandma (and other random dead peeps). There is far more to the story (including me nearly being bumped off for knowing too much, but my grandma saved my arse by telling me exactly where to look for information I could use to stall them until I could escape the country safely), but that’s the nutshell version. Truth is stranger than fiction…

      I suspect something similar with you re your grandma being your guardian angel and she is probably trying to make contact… sorry if that sounds nutso. x

      • holy shit saturnalien, your life story gets more and more interesting!

        also EQ girl, if i am feeling yearning-ish, sometimes a movie in the right ‘flavour’ really seems to meet some psych need I have. usually it’s some kind of romance flick. I would never ever list “romance” as a preferred film genre, but maybe that kind of film activates the relevant mirror neurons or something.

      • Wow and Wow…. 2 great posts here!
        What amazing stories.
        On a similar note, put out feelers for a structural editor today… Sick of the pole shift.
        Moved writing desk around for better yin-yang feng shui (according to tai chi master uncle).
        Laying low, feeling weird.

      • Wow! Saturnalien, I’d be so freaked out if a message came through so clearly, I’d probably resort to whimpering in a corner. Then again, if they’re making sense and saving your life, that’s kind of incredible. How lucky that you are so receptive to her messages.

        Maybe I should get a photo of my grandma off mum and have it near me. One of these days, I must talk to my aunt (mum’s older sister who lives in another city) because I think she might give me more info about her mum than my very vague mother. Never felt any bond with my Dad’s side of the family apart from my great aunt who was a life-long bachelorette and had the most amazing old spinning wheel and upright piano with candelabras built into it.

        Yes, Pi, a good romance could do me good. It might also make me remember what I hate about being in relationships and I’d rejoice in being solo 😉 Actually, BBC’s Pride and Prej would be a lovely watch right about now…

        • lol oh god anything BUT pride and prejudice for me 😀 … but enjoy…

        • I’d definitely get the photo and talk to the aunt, you never know what interesting stuff might transpire! Half my life fell into place when I found out info about my grandma. Weirdly enough, another parallel, I had no photo of my grandmother and had to ask my aunt for one (it took her about 25 years to provide it but that’s another story…).

          I’m the opposite way around, I feel no bond at all with my mums side except for my black sheep uncle, who can’t stand any of them either!

          • oh saturnalien, i’m not really touchy feely in general but i mentally blew you a little kiss reading that 🙂

            • Ha Mille, I’m not really touchy feely either (except with people I’m very close to) but kiss accepted from your lovely self! 😀

  9. My dark moon muse is the moon. I’m waiting for practically everything to move into the sign of Cancer. Venus is about to be conjunct my Jupiter, any day now (*drums fingertips lightly upon table*). I have dug deep and built a solid foundation of a dozen or more good quality options and now there are opportunities – both short term and long terms – emerging. I’ve carefully planned out my goals and strategies and made some great decisions. I’ve even taken a few days by myself working on my next big project.

  10. right with you Mystic about sugar is satan! I have had an addiction to sugar since a child. It has been worse since illness, no energy, needing sugar high. Started with coffee’s my god when you have a break from them then have one you know what toxic means. Low energy so was ashamedly going to the supermarket and eating chocolate like everyday! Put on two dress sizes…I have chronic candida which takes over your body like a virus and controls your mind, you have to feed it. I so get karma now and why i have 6 planets in virgo because i want to just fucken die if this sugar bullshit goes on. It is evil it runs down your immune system. I need hypnosis to get of the crap forever. I was lucky once i found a leo doctor that bulk billed for hypnosis. He dissolved a problem of mine by saying if i do this thing i will be sick so it stopped.
    I am thinking some kind of tatoo to remind myself that i am sick of feeling like shit! A positive tatoo gotta get virgo get healthy right NOW.

    • A suggestion: something that helped me a lot was EFT. If you don’t know what it is YouTube it. There are short sessions for cravings and anything else that ails, physical, emotional et al. And there are several for cravings. Peruse and find a guide you like and go from there. It made me completely unable to touch the stuff.

  11. To help with sugar cravings/withdrawals: essential fish oil or 1/2 tsp of extra virgin coconut oil, also organic apple cider with sediment

    • ps. sugar IS satan …. nasty addictive stuff that fuqs with the brain, emotional balance, the lymphatic system, the liver, the arteries and puts on weight. There is no such thing as essential carbohydrate – that’s just been a bloody good marketing ploy to sell more breakfast cereal.

      • I just have to mention for the hundreth time how much I adore Kathleen Lolley’s artwork. 🙂

        I ♥ Lolleyland

  12. Sugar, sugar, sugar..oh your siren song calls so sick and sweetly. Don’t necessarily have a thing for sweets per se, but when a craving for chocolate hits it’s major.

    I theorize that there is a proportional relationship between my sugar cravings to the amount of sex I’m getting, likely as not being a lard ass is truly motivating for avoiding sweets.

    Have I told people here my middle name is Candy? Followed by my mother’s last name which literally translates from Spanish as Apple. I really have no idea how I didn’t become a stripper. With the essential lollipop prop of course.

  13. Mystic, it’s really hard and then really scary to see how evil isn’t it. I did an amazingly evil slog of this a couple of years ago but I have a iittle now and then but yes it’s evil and it screws with my body big time, esp more so now the diabetic fam traits are kicking in harder. Some people are less sensitive I know but urgh its nasty for me and withdrawls are terrible

    I am giving up bad habits 🙂 I have a small list, some of it is to increase my productivity

  14. I seem to be giving up giving a fuq when I have a qi vampire trying to suck the life out of me. It’s so refreshing to walk away without feeling drained or like I have to take ownership of this person’s crap.

  15. Being near nicotine just makes me so very sick. Giving up my current accommodation, moving in a few weeks. Major artistic plan is brewing.

  16. Have been dietarily excellent until the past 3 days, when white-bread and junk food bingeing have obliterated my otherwise balanced eating regime. PMS kilojoule cravings just take over my brain. It’s ridiculous. I’m ranging around the house like a madwoman looking for high-kJ density foods. Would this be a result of having had the flu for the past 4 days? Am going to look into it asap.

    • Yeah I think so. Body sends out signals for sweet when the levels drop low. Being sick, we need some degree of natural blood sugar for energy etc. cold pressed fruit/veggie juice helps when crook.
      Read somewhere once that cravings for sweet were related to protein levels, and that a handful of almonds would help.
      Found nudie apple juice helped in quenching the need for sweet. I know it’s still sugar, but it’s not white bread, or that block of whittakers I could easily smash.

      • hmm, decent fruit juice and nuts. at least there would also be some nutritional value in the binge… why do i forget this useful stuff. it’s like my inner 3 YO takes over and has a tantrum in my mind.

        also had an insight into the strange timing of this not just pms… it’s psych-related.. will share sometime x

  17. well I don’t know wtf is up with me but this morning on my daily walk (usu with a Leo who likes a dignified stroll pace but was sick) I RAN. This is weird because I don’t run. I have big boobs (Toro & Moon Rising, Mystic picked it, I’m sure Saturnalien knows it). Anyway, I loved it – the world seemed heaps smaller (I was crossing it fast, spending some time higher off the ground than usual) which of course made me feel bigger! That was something.

    Anyway, I had a weird non-efficient adminny day and now I’m cooking myself some luxurious earthy meal with onions and mushrooms and having a glass of good Coonawarra cabernet all by myself after 5 months off the booze. Dark Moon in Taurus meal 🙂

    Cheers, y’all xx

    • Toasting you with my Taylor’s Cab Merlot! (I’m not a huge drinker but I love a glass of red or a G&T just for the taste of it every now and then… Coonawarra is one of my faves!). Cheers x

        • Got a passive smoking induced headache, so can only tolerate water.
          Enjoy your choice of drop ladies.

          • 🙁 no good S. I share your distaste for the smoke. It stinks. Hope your ache of head passes soon x

          • That sucks S. Even as a hardcore nicotine addict, I would always smoke outside and as far away from people as possible because its so fuqing stinky and disgusting to breath in secondhand smoke. Sinus headaches are horrible. 🙁

            • lol, sorry dear Satcat – no offence to you or an other suckers intended, it’s just that I’m, well, I’d be heading up to being a 1 year non-smoker this month 🙂

              This wine is really nice…..hope I don’t wake up in a smalltown sauna!

              • Darling, no offence taken! I’ve been a non-smoker since about 2004 (apart from falling off the wagon with half a packet when my dad was diagnosed with cancer but quickly stopped again – I even sent his last two unsmoked packs to the crematorium with him so he’d have some ciggies with him in the afterlife rather than smoke them myself.)

                • ah, just as well 🙂

                  now look, this is sort of off topic but also tied into everything. Now watching French film in which Earth sign librarian chases air/fire sign magician about Paris to return a scarf. She admonishes a reader for smoking in the library (whilst reading her workmates tarot) but then tells him he can smoke if he does it discreetly. sweet! 🙂

                  • I hope a second approach with ‘beginners mind’ nails it for you as it did for me! Good luck! x

            • Thank you. Just glad I didn’t feel drawn to ask for one. I have an emergency stash tho. But prefer not to smoke because my body can’t stand it. Also a Type A Blood thing too.

    • You ran, good for you. I will only consider running when my girls are in a sports bra. I’ve been trying to get one online for weeks.

      • oh yes! then I went and tried on some sports bras and bought a lot of other awesome stuff – there is truly some shift for me today, first time shopping for myself for loveliness this year. Anyway, came home without the bra, will do some research. Have you seen one by a brand called Sweden? maybe?

        • Freya. My girls have been underwired by her wiles for years.
          New shoes, bag, sunglasses, robe and lingerie – thank you sales gods. Gave the leopard print poncho a wide berth, might have been $35 but woof.

    • Yum. Cheers Calypso! ;-). About to make a nice cup of tea and have some Lindt dark chocolate.

  18. Interesting.. I am a Type 1 diabetic after 35 years of training with this condition and lately I have not craved sugar. Mind you.. I will eat sugar whenever I want. I have a jar of dark chocolate M’s at my desk and I have been digging into them in the afternoon the last couple of days to keep my sugar levels up. When I get home I go workout and I can’t go when my sugar levels are within a certain range.. I have to spike it! I also notice that when I don’t periodically eat sugar it throws off my digestive system. I remember being 12 at the time of my diagnosis and the doctor’s towing over me saying “DON’T EAT SUGAR.. YOU WILL DIE”… I looked at them, left my appointment and went home and ate Cadbury eggs. (My Dad use to work for the company). I am up in age now and it might catch up to me but doctor’s really don’t know how to manage this condition. I have been very lucky by the grace of God and me being physically active. <3

  19. I’ve given up my driver and remodeled my work-day schedule.

    Re driver, actually, I gave him the flick and traded him for a new improved happy model. A double dose of the BB Power Nap and I was suddenly enlightened as to how miserable he was making me. He was a grumpy Russian qi-vampire and had to go. Good riddance! Now I have an awesome chipper Uigur guy and the weight has been lifted.

    Re work schedule, I have known for ages that I work best in the mornings till lunch and then from late afternoon into early evening. Useless in the afternoon – only good for watching Made in Chelsea and surfing the net. For some reason for the last 18 months, I have been fighting that and filling my mornings with other crap. Made the change, now afternoons are for gym, language lessons, friends and errands and I feel amazing!

    Maybe sugar should be next!

      • Sometimes awesome, sometimes a pain in the a**! Comes with not being allowed to drive where I am at the moment… Sadly not as glamorati as it might sound 🙂 but I can pretend!

  20. this is probably one for the Neptune Dream Diary but i woke up from a heavy dream about geopolitics [probably assisted by my researching various aspects of it before i went to bed at 3am.]

    anyway the strangest part was that I was being romanced in a rather bombastic way by Vladimir Putin, very high-energy / can’t keep-up, like you’re having a night on the town with a friend who is determined to get high AND wasted and start some shit with any and all takers, but they’re charismatic and you don’t quite realise that they’re probably very bad news and you will come to harm. So I was thus was heading into ‘out of my depth’ territory. at one point I shouted at him, “get rid of your fuqing guns!” and he shrugged as though saying, ‘ok like i give a shit, i’ll do this for the lady’ and he reached into his pockets and flung handguns out onto the ground, there were a LOT. various, some said “Made in USA” … lol. He learnt that my father wasn’t alive and so he tried to offer my mother money, as a charitable familial gesture.
    anyway. odd.

    • What an amazing dream! I love how you had Putin round your little finger. One of my girlfriends dreams of being romanced by Putin in that way – she will be v.jealous 🙂

      • yeah. especially wierd as I was reading about the middle east and Antarctica, and not even touching on Russia! what gives, brain.

  21. On a different scope for me.. what am I releasing? I think I am trying to release my tight rope attachment to my job. [sigh].. it shouldn’t be my life but it has been my life for so long. Yes, keeping me from enjoying other things. We have major storms coming thru and I drive over a major bridge to get to work. Myself and theCFO. My boss called me last night to say “don’t come in if there are warnings”.. so that is what I did. I decided not to go in. Well everyone is at work. I have always driven through major snow storms without hesitation and problems. For me it’s a Virgo thing. There is nothing happening right now weather wise so I am feeling guilty. I spoke to my boss who keeps on telling me you have to get this done and don’t forget you have to get that done and then today she says it’s not important. I told her I wished I had my laptop and she just laughed at me. Don’t worry about it… I will take care it! [sigh].. then don’t come down hard on me on things that haven’t been done. WTHeck… I think she is a Gemini. “wishy-washy?”..

    Sorry folks.. this pisses me off! What am I missing here.

    Virgo Sun, Libra Rising, Leo Moon! xo!

    • Just asked the Oracle about career and I need to compliment my boss! Ok!

    • it;s still snowing where you are?! are you near the rockies? we had some heavy rain. man i miss the mountains.

      feel better, i hyperventilated today…working on a project from home…so glad i wasn’t in work today.

  22. The sugar barons of the world needn’t despair just yet… while many of you good peeps are giving it a wide berth I have redressed the balance through the void Taurus moon. Pain au chocolat, raisin bread, then plain old chocolat au chocolat. I’ll feel the pain tomorrow for sure. My snarly rationalisation: at least I’m not drunk. (Multi-Pisces having a major Neptune transit)

    • I don’t want – in the slightest way- to give up pain au chocolat. Or anything chocolat, really. I hear the evils and reading about it makes me feel guilty. But fuq, Neptune is transiting my 6th. I’m lucky I’m not drunk right now, lol.

      • I do not plan to give up high quality dark organic chocolate. It’s a life-long love affair. 😉

        • Try magnesium! I used to be a chocolate addict eating bars of that black bakers chocolates because I craved it so much. After 1 month of daily magnesium, I still like chocolate, but the cravings have stopped. It’s not an effort to pass up chocolate either. I actually try to eat other things now. It’s weird.

          • yes, magnesium supplements/food help crazy cravings.
            I don’t go nuts just eat it once a week in small amounts.

            • I always keep a block of high quality dark organic chocolate in the house. I don’t crave it, but I like to have a square or two every now and then. (It’s too rich to go nuts on anyway!)

  23. Sugar is not your enemy. Fuqwits are the enemy. Diabetic mother meant we had no sugar for decades. It’s easy to avoid. Don’t eat processed foods, don’t add it to meals. Simple. The real poison is wheat. And bullies.

  24. I do wish this would happen to me! I eat lots of sugar. The miracle is that I’ve managed to stay physically normal and not get fat.

    Of course it is a matter or priorities. If it was my number one priority to give up sugar (chocolate, mostly), I guess I could. But I read a while ago that our self-control is limited. I actually need my self-control for my work. I’m self-employed and I need to get through the day, get everything done… sweets are important for my motivation. If I deprive myself of them, I find it much harder to concentrate. I crave something sweet and by the end of the day I’m in unbearable bad mood.

    • I think when a lot of people get older the effects of sugar take hold but youre kinda immune when you’re young. Sometime when I was in my late 20’s I became clinically obese for no good reason. I experimented with cutting out sugar and carbs and some fried food and lost 60 lbs (25 kg). Now I have the health and weight I had when I was younger with no problems at all. My body gave up on dealing with the bad stuff I think.

      • That’s impressive. I suffer from rheumatism, i.e. an inflammation in the back which might be related to the sugar intake, too. I should follow your lead. 🙂

  25. I gave up sugar 3 yrs ago and my pms and hideous breakouts disappeared. Didn’t do much for my energy levels in general but was a good boon hormone-wise.

    Here’s a little aversion therpy trick for ANYTHING u want to quit

    Its gross but that’s the beauty of it hha! Ready? Ok:

    Drop a duece, a big stinky one, but don’t flush it. Let it sit there. Now go get ur ciggie/chocolate/lollies/cheese/whatevs u need to quit, and take it to the loo. Now, stare intently at ur nasty poo, inhale the aroma, take it in lol, and consume ur vice at the same time!

    Tahdah! Lol

    • you had me at inhale in the aroma. thank you for that visual. im glad my coffee is cutting the gag reflex. i’ll keep that in mind next time i troll the pantry for a reeses cup 🙂

  26. Question…. has anyone else put the binaural beat on repeat while sleeping at night? I’ve had some crazy intense and lucid dreams, but that could be that I’m also on a sugar slash substance withdrawal. But I’m seriously in love with the beat. So freakin rad.

  27. MM am not presently time rich enabled to trawl all comments above

    Sans sugar equates to sans fermented grape – non?


  28. Mystic, you might want to try Gymnema Sylvestre, an herb used in India to help with sugar cravings. Watch out though, it lowers your blood sugar when you use it, so make sure you have a healthy snack handy.

  29. Its true. Once you think of food as something that can make you hungry (think sugar and foods that deconstruct into sugar in your system like “carbs”), you’ll get thin. It’s so nice to not feel famished all the time, too, and hating yourself for it. Work with saturn instead of fighting it or going low saturn, like horrible restriction/lack of self control craziness, I guess.

  30. can never give up the sweets. my hummingbird runs on the cane juice. it’s been a life long battle to eliminate but to no avail. luckily i’m so damn active that it doesn’t usually have a chance to imp my girlish figure. wierd though half of the year i don’t have the sweet tooth as bad, so i ramp up the fruit ingestion. like my recent fetish with papayas oh my. last year, it was mangos, i had mangoes and avocadoes served with everything. i really like how the papaya acts like a natural probiotic with all it’s anti-inflammatory bowel powers. plus it cuts your meal portions in half as it’s a substantially fleshy fruit.

    anyways, i’ve been drinking diet sodas here and there, plus always got a packet of chicklets or eclipse gum on hand to cut the craving for sugar. but i recently heard that aspartame is really bacteria poop?! is that factual or did i just get beguiled and grossed out out.

  31. Thank you……
    Need to eliminate sugar completely, go paleo again actually, quit drinking.
    don’t eat much sugar, some in tea or coffee and dark chocolate occasionally. But the Rum and wine….ugh.

    self made yes. Alone. always.

  32. okay well after that teeth cleaning maybe i’ll download those beats and embark on that sugar-free lifestyle after all

    ow :/

  33. Still working on moving on from my ultra charming, alcoholic Cancer husband. I had just decided last night that I HAVE to get out of the habit of checking his cell phone account to see if he is using it (aka not drinking) and his email account (to see if he is paying his bills instead of drinking). Our divorce judgement will be final soon – the hard part is emotionally letting go and not being his caretaker anymore.