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Ira Carter Art From The Future

Monthly Horoscopes for July are up — ancestor spirits, hauntings, Freudian schizz, status anxiety, magical realism, soul mating, dark moods and sudden entrepreneurial/vocational Awesome — it’s all there.

Also, i’m away for a few days & then I’m busy finishing Bitchcraft so obviously the Horoscopes, Daily Mystic emails all continue BUT less blogging than usual AND I may take slightly longer to respond to your emails than is normal.

GUYS this picture gets more profound the more you gaze at it – there even 12 magic starsย  in the sky, symbolic of the 12 magic constellations of the classic zodiac. There is Lilith, as in a winged Lady there is a Full Moon and look at the people in the boat, the Steam Punk U.F.O. etcย 

It is surrealist genius – i adore ALL the art i post and i save the best for the scopes generally but this pic speaks to me in a really surreal way, you too?

Image: Ira Carter – Art From The Future

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94 thoughts on “You Make Sense To You

  1. this picture, the horoscopes, that 2nd to last daily mystic – MY LIFE DESCRIBED – reassuring but also scary.

    HATE this whatever it is cancer dark thing blah blah blah energy. my scorpio b.f just texted to say she was on apres ski date with a banker, he passed out after half an hour of pompous boasting and saying she (my gorgeous friend) was older than the “girls i usually go for.”

    dude is ten years older than her and is a toad compared to her. Gay ladies reading this, is being sapphic that answer or is the same shit only more talking?

    • ugh i hate that. i have a gorgeous Lady Crab friend in her 30’s and she’s dating this guy who made the fucking..but she’s older than what I normally go for. The ugly Scorp should be thanking his lucky stars! Plus he tries to convince her they shouldn’t use condoms. Aside from the preg aspect i don’t believe he is faithful to her. It’s made me dislike him from the get go, but whatever makes her happy! not my lfe!

    • good lord. Lucky he passed out after half an hour. Did he run out of hot air? Was she meant to feed coins into a meter to keep him going…he is a banker after all..? Perhaps she could have responded that he was not as attractive as the men she usually goes for…

    • Also I think the answer is not nec being sapphic, but avoiding all finance types and going straight for the season residents – lift assistants, ski shop types. Much more handy and fun, fitter, sure less money but if money only gets you into the toad farm, then, you know. Then again I am unfamiliar with dating moneyed types. Is it fun? I mean, usually?

      • How about only soul-matey types like that story in “Women Who Run With the Wolves” where she gets something from a suitor she doesn’t get from others.

        There’s a certain je ne sais quoi, x factor thing.

      • It’s fun for a little bit as long as your heart is in it. I wouldn’t fake it to be with someone I did not like. If you haven’t tried it, it’s worth a shot just to say you tried it. You get to eat at places you have never eaten before and travel to places you have never been to before. But it all has a price and a lot of these money types are still “little boys” on the inside.

      • After 35, if you want to have fun & be appreciated, I do believe that dating women (and/or younger men) is the way to go.

          • Maybe it’s an American thing but Milennial guys are way more communicative, more equitable, not at all afraid to be nurturing and seem to be less neurotic than my fellow Gen Xers. No latchkey or leftover he-man baggage. And they love the confidence and low-maintenance of older women. I say.. yes.

    • TLS – so sorry for the over-posting replies, but it just occurred to me that maybe he was a bit nervous around your (‘older’, wiser) gorgeous Scorp friend so he built a wall of she wouldn’t see the tiny little man pushing buttons and pulling (ahem) knobs behind the plush curtain.

      • no no no do not apologize, this speaks to me now – because if he was relaxed around her, no way would have he have blow harded for ever. I love your take on this Pi but now what?

        I am constantly approached by young men of the style you describe and i am SO GRATEFUL – you know i was born into sin and i was the subject of sin at an early age and then i embodied sin by very method of amassing a fortune and all that so having been a young person exploited by the very old for their sexual gratification, i hesitate to ever say “yes” to an offer from a younger gardener or ski instructor, even though their interest may be visible.


        but where are the attractive cool men in their 40s and 50s who are not married, bitter, wanting girls in their 20s or what my friend calls Delta – ie; on drugs forever and wanting a woman to bankroll their habit.

        • TLS, I know I’m repeating myself here but younger men (over 30, pref over 35) are the best imho. I’m in my 40’s and post marriage have had several relationships with younger guys. I’ve experienced those dh’s your friend had to suffer through, and want to scrub myself just thinking about them. Been with my Libra man for @ 14 months now and couldn’t be happier.

          • I should add, part of it has been a wild ride (not easy) but only due to his bipolar – being undermedicated. I’m not sure it’s an age thing although most 45+ men I know post marriage break up go a bit off with the younger bimbo femme thing (is it the prolific porn era, what they feel they missed out on while married to stepford wives???) Not sure, but they’re never satisfied for long. Go for someone unsullied and ready for adventure; and it helps to have great astro compatibility xx.

          • As for all this “sin” gunk – classic time to let go of that mindset. You are Leo/Libra/Pisces ffs – you are awesome – time to leave the guilt/schizz/past behind.

            • Sin what sin ? I never got this sin thing and I questioned right from the start as a kid. And as an example today I was eyed up at my child’s school end of year function by a 17 year old. He was utterly open to contact and me at 47. Not that I did anything other than catch him looking over 6 times then returning wicked smiles. Would I ? Yes. And without any other thought than let’s enjoy what ever happens. That’s my moto with each fun thing that happens. It’s different with my frying pan men. Those who literally hit you round the head on first glance. Starry eyed. Even then it’s tonight then let it happen as it will. As to d**k heads, I just like to play games with their minds. Then walk away with a wave.

        • “where are the attractive cool men”…
          i’ve thought about this. Well not men in their 50s, but whatever, but i think it’s just a matter of thinking about what your average interesting man might do, like, be into, get up to in his spare time. I came up with a few things: fine art auctions, golf courses, wine tastings, / craft beer things, rock climbing (seriously long-term hunky types who look after themselves) and adventure sports… there are a few more but that’s the idea. The outdoors part would keep everyone sane and healthy outlet for energy, no time for bitterness too busy living, etc. that’s my theory so far anyway. x

          • also i know i am totally categorising “interesting man” but this is just how i see it. someone who is into mountain top meditation and martial arts – ANOTHER ONE see – might keep an eye out for nice fellas elsewhere..

          • Attractive cool men post 40 are not to be met in bars and clubs.

            Attractive, cool men in the their 40s are over all that dross and are more likely to be living their life passions and/or expanding their career or skill set which is probably rocketing forward as by now they are at their career peak.

            I agree with Pi – better to forget about finding a bloke and focus on living your own dream. Never know, you may just bump into a fellow soulmate along the way!

            • Wanted: Master Mariner educated in the liberal arts, English speaking, Horseman, ‘animal person’, Not a Gemini, 45-60. Has never used the internet . . . immune to popular culture, has wings, wisdom, Phoenix-model, respected his mother, strong Cancerian father (am I getting warmer?), Is away a lot. VD free, vasectomized.. Has three Real friends of both genders. Has had his heart broken.

              Hah! Fuck it. It sounds exhausting. Who could be bothered when there’s just so much dross.

              Forget about finding a bloke. Co’s that’s what you’ll get. Poor sorry bastards. These manifestation exercises have worked a treat in the past . . . . I just need to be more specific . . .

              • sounds good, although as i’ve said before, I think it’s better if they don’t speak English ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • pi, if i knew you, i’d take you pebble wrestling in a heartbeat. it’s a great to scare yourself silly but also works your brain muscle and makes your core scream. i’ve been obsessively doing it for 12 years. its great for diffusing all kinds of ennui/anomie sludge. plus most of the peeps are well rounded fascinating uranian. they only way to find them is to go where they go. i urge you to check it out, start at a climbing gym ๐Ÿ™‚

            • pebble wrestling!! lol. I have never heard that term before ๐Ÿ˜€ I love heights. thanks Gren. Only my (rugged, handsome) male friends climb, I know surprisingly few women who do. I would climb more – have several opportunities but it takes money and more gear.. then again, snorkelling and surfing in wintertime takes more willpower and..oh i don’t know!

              • there are more women in the sport than men these days. gym is very minimal gear, shoes (which you can rent), harness (rent), rope (provided), hunky lads (in your entrourage :). now the daily passes can be unsavory high, but if you get hooked the costs go way down just like a trad membership for a boring elliptical workout. make sure your boys have good knowledge, proficient with the gear, use safe setup, protection. its fun until someone gets dropped.

            • ‘well rounded fascinating uranian’ YES. do you know abot that totally fabulous younf American guy, he freeclimbs the MOST demanding walls imaginable, featured in an extreme sports doco him

              • yes, done some free soloing myself, but nothing even remotely close to the difficulty + scale that alex has accomplished. he’s a fascinating specimen, and a great guy. met him a number of times. he’s such a down home alien, soft spoken, in the moment. has a wide open smile. he genuinely loves being on the edge, untethered, free. and having no amygdala helps… but i’ve known of many soloist and it always ends up the same sooner or later. but all of these types are so focused on own development and never do it for the publicity.

                • I fell in love with him on the screen when his story came up. SO placid (and gorgeous!) yet utterly fearless. you’ve met him…that’s wonderful ๐Ÿ˜€

        • also I think it’s very evolved of you to be conscious of / sensitive to exploitation of the gilded youth types (I keep going on about ‘types’, ?!) – but maybe because of that awareness, any involvement would therefore have a different dynamic?

    • TLS – his Viagra wore off

      did she say he was a ‘banker’ or was that ‘wander’ ??

      age difference shouldn’t matter no matter which way it sings

      xox ๐Ÿ˜‰ xox

    • Goodness, he sounds like an absolute windbag. And why does his comment about his usual fare being younger actually sound like a customer service complaint??? WTF does he want – a form?

      So fuq off and get someone younger then. My answer to this for you TLS is to go younger. There may be life stage issues at some point but at least you’ll be around someone who you won’t want to murder with a fork out of sheer boredom, and who actually revels in whatever you have to impart aside from orgasms. Also, the endurance in bed is an absolute plus.

      Almost all the men I’ve dated have been younger save for three of them. My ex-husband was also younger. Not saying it doesn’t has its drawbacks, but I really have a hard time making the case for older men of the bankers’ ilk. Even the ones I actually liked who did have their heart broken (haven’t we all?) were exceptionally bitter and it was a litany of “I’m never doing x-y-z” to get through before you could actually connect with them.

  2. Spooky post title…similar to an email i just shot off to a confidant:

    “do you know what it was like to have been a person who was so obsessed with the DSM to the point where every day i woke up asking what is wrong with me…and was disappointed that there was no clear-cut answerโ€ฆ

    how do I fix it.
    how do I fix it.
    how do I fix it.
    make me ok.
    [just as much a prayer as any other.]

    remedy: give up all original thought. why is What Is Wrong With Me wrong with me? thatโ€™s not whatโ€™s wrong. iโ€™m alone is wrong. fighting so hard to not be alone and failing, and getting more incoherent, olderโ€ฆ

    …and so lately as a last ditch effort i think more in pictures than ever before and go to sleep in tears asking what matters, at least for me.

    day by day, decision by decision, i conclude that people, futures, and ideals no longer hold up. sometimes i think if i could locate a parallel post somewhere in space i could invert and twist my line of thought around it and my existence might be different, chirality-cally stable, valid.”

    but yeah. i make sense to me. i have to be my own parallel. we all do. that’s Awesome-as-ideal — nothing external.

    • Thank you for sharing Rache.
      So eloquent and right on it. To be blessed with a confidant too. I can only manage one sentence to sum up my space in this mind: Over analysed and under lived.

  3. Mm…have a great weekend… If you see this before you go, can you recall when/which blog u were being erudite about sugar or anti sugar… I have been a searching and could not find? Xxx

      • Thank you soooo much… I really appreciate it, I’m on the bandwagon!

      • This article is great! Starting today I’m hopping on the sugar-free train, and I’m going to follow the process/tips outlined here.

        I am definitely going to have to allow myself to grieve the ‘loss’ of sugar from my life – it’s a massive emotional crutch for me.

        • Me too…and I found a bag of peanut mm’s in my bag.. Put them in the laundry, buried one outside!!! Elemental earth beings save me frOm chocolate’s evil scourge!!!!!

          • Sending moral support and solidarity across the world wide web! ๐Ÿ™‚

            I got stuck into the legumes and had a big plate of dahl for lunch – filling, satisfying and bloody warming on a cool Melbourne winter’s day!

  4. Isn’t the headline an aqua defensive thought ? Like when you get that look from people because what you said to them sounded reasonable to you but to them you’ve just answered ” how are you?” With a cartwheel and an ode delivered in Swahili …

  5. Yes, I do make sense to me.. others, sometimes not so much.
    Like the Smart Meter Guy who came to check the new meter.
    He found I had lined the entire box in tin foil and had a huge stick of Black Tourmaline resting on it.
    “I made a Faraday Cage!”, I chimed.
    His face..

  6. We have been advised by our astrological council to keep tight-lipped over the weekend, so I will publically comment at this time in as cryptic and/or convoluted a manner as I can manage:

    Something wicked this way blows. Not from the bottom of the pond, but from above… Death From Above 1979! Not the year of the tiger, not my year. What year is it now? Motherboards fried one by one by one…

    Thank you. No further comments.

    • I had a conversation with my brother about the Singularity when on vacation. This reminds me of that. Anyway, I got a vision of the consequence of cloud computing. Its bleak. Not claiming to speak Scorp, but I want solar power and a vegetable garden. I’m year of the tiger too and its year of the water snake.

        • For the record, I don’t fear the singularity. The species has no idea how to work with emotion. Maybe we’ll evolve to use that power. But we are creating dependencies that cannot be maintained without sacrifice.

          • Its a choice: do you want real experience or virtual? That’s why I want a damned vegetable garden. Its something real and necessary.

            Its amazing how in user interface design you can see the social evolution in just a few generations. When the internet started, it was all like “will people know how to use a back button or type an address?” and now, these behaviors are more inbred in all generations. The species adjusted really rapidly to info tech. Icons now – like the save disk – are from a previous generation but are still used without question as recognized symbols of an action that never previously existed. We’re creating a new conceptual language in terms of navigation and space. Generally, we don’t question the meanings of our systems as users. We just want them to work. And I don’t think that means computers will ever be more human than us. More likely, it means we could lose all the currency in the world through a data hack. I think that’s funny. It reminds me of what wealth is. And it may mean we no longer know how to do things by hand, but each individual has a choice to make about that.

            • i don’t think we can reproduce the human brain and all of it’s neural connections and pathways. no way, it’s too complex. we may be out do it in storage, or calculations per seconds, but not replicate consciousness. i was half joking with the stepford wife having an existence crisis. i don’t believe androids dream of electric sheep. i do think that we will get to the point where interfaces will be neural or thought activated, created but for a specific task. i can conceptualize my spreadsheet in my head and the algos will make it happen in 3d space. look at the banking vamp squid hft’s, 3d printing, the mercedes that will brake for you in adverse situation.
              A.I. wont ever be human, but we can replicate it on a mechnical basis to take over all of our physical tasks. i don’t think we would let it command autonomous decision making or choice. or would we? but thats what the singularity is.

              • Do you know what a tulpa is? I think androids will be dreaming of electric sheep.. or enough so that we will be discomforted by it.

        • Far. Out. I’ve never heard of this singularity biz before, swear to god. I can see why my comment would evoke such musings. This shiz is incredibly inviting. I’m tucking my napkin into my collar and grabbing a fork: dinner is served.

    • have we? shit, and here I have been sneezing my box off and not checked after epic discussing pollen trigger angst attached to long trip rope.

      Well done you though x
      Ive been scopry at work if that counts.. ๐Ÿ™

      • But that was just a rouse, right? Your cover story. Nudge nudge, wink wink. xx, Ms.

        • (But seriously, good juju healing vibes to you Ms re allergic reactions, because that shiz is no joke. I think the lose lips sink ships stuff really only applies to real life, as there is still technically a distinction between real life & the interwebs. For now.)

          Be gentle with you. x

          • yes, thank goddess for you lot cod i’m certainly not exposing my underbelly to anyone who can actually identify me ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • gentle as fuck today ๐Ÿ˜€

            and thank you. I’m actually really alright otherwise. learning to be gentle is difficult with my astro but I’m getting there ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. The new Virgo housemate makes me lol … he has a jurassic macbook pro and shudders at the thought of online banking, takes forever to decide on something (methinks Toro rising), but spent half a day in Ikea deciding which new cutlery set to buy. Then on purchase, brought home, unwrapped and washed each individual item in hot soapy water. He chose them because they were the “right weight” and the “right shape of one’s mouth” …. hahahahaha. God I love earth signs.

    Ummm anyway back to me. So I’m heading into epic Crabacious astro with Jupiter and all conjunct my sun and venus … but it hasn’t played out yet so I’m just dutifully using the dark retro moon to tidy/sort/fix shit. Am contemplating painting my nails dark berry – that’s about as exciting as it gets around here at the mo’ ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. catching up on everyone’s posts as I play with videos in a new software – dark moon and I am tired and in despo need of a declutter (where to begin?!?) but the key things atm seem to be Jupiter in cancer (in my 5th) and yesss – this week saw me babysitting friends’ little boys, dreaming of a baby girl, saying farewell to my latest art installation, and excited about this new software which enables you to create online stories with no code! So I’m going to follow Kimmy’s advice in the weeklies and nurture this to the hilt ๐Ÿ™‚ On the hard side, 2 besties let me down in the last couple of weeks and that is doubtless the wretched slow departure of saturn in my 8H *groans*

  9. Just on target for mars making a tsquare tonight, while I blissfully went ahead with self transformation goals,a friend decided to provoke a little fighty fight on fb… He got quite viscious verbally after taking offense at my words and it snowballed from there…

    Can I say and what do I do about these people I live who have not evolved with loving kindness… Space maybe just space…

    On track w no sugar starting tomoz… Have been in prep week this week… And interestingly had some fruit today to finish it before no sugar or fructose starts tomoz and felt so bloated from paw paw… So weird… This is gonna be a rad journey fo sure

  10. I just realised that I think I have to stop seeing love or a committed relationship as an oppressive state where my dreams will remain on ice for the term of that relationship. Can anyone more grown up than me offer any advice on this? I am serious. Thanks.

    • Fuq if I know. I turn away from my own power in situations. I know I do it, but I keep on with it. Sucks. I think these things come off in layers. Like the oppressive state businesses. How’d that idea get started? What else do you feel is an oppressive state in your life? I also think a lot of that is just a case of meeting the right person. So don’t be hard on yourself about it.

    • that might be a bit of the piscean talking there – wanting to meld completely with another? maybe focus on how good, mature relationships allow for people to do their own thing, to grow and to do these things alone and together. hence I reckon the general idea about being friends first (sure, there are as many love stories as there are possible sets of two people) especially if one is vulnerable to the piscean latency of ‘must be my soul mate s/he gave me a nice smile’.

      • gawd yes you are right Q, I am secretly smitten if there is something special in the smile. “could it be…?” lol then cap moon goes medieval on the glimmer of hope and optimism.

      • and yes while I am a rampaging individualist, the boundaries can go very blurry when involved with someone. the more in love, the worse it gets. but it seems selfish to struggle and push someone away when you love them, just to maintain identity. And then again when they don’t care to wholly understand that separate identity of mine in the first place, then .. ah anyway , i’ll save the rest for my diary.

    • Generalising about relationships is only useful insofar as realising these thoughts are just that, thoughts. Specifically, YOUR thoughts.

      That being said you will manifest your secret thoughts about life, so following the thread of those thoughts re relationships to their original source moment in time/space may release the issue.

      It’s nice to work with someone else on these topics, they can be slippery for the mind to hold on to, but simply having the intent to become aware of/release the belief is great too. Sounds like you are part of the way there!

    • Not more grown-up than you, Pi. All of us are in a constant state of flux, naffness, and growing. A good relationship is where you can talk through your dreams with the other one, and they can talk to you. You don’t have to subjugate yourself. Your responsibility, if that’s the right word, is to find and be your own authentic self and to as be kind and fair to others along the way as you can be, with a good expletive-laden gossip to a best friend to offload along the way. It’s like the relationship has its own identity and you can enter into that to either find your way or be challenged to do it, usually both. x But you need to keep yourself separate or you will be eaten up.

  11. Wow, what an insane full-to-dark moon and Mercury Rx in Cancer period this has been. I have had TWO women come at me in work situations, with the most pass-agg, fucked-up, and hostile vibes over either a pure work sitch that they took personally or that they are trying to backpedal/re-write the truth on. Jeeeeeez… my direct Aqua rising way, I am just perplexed beyond belief at all the sneaking around and dishonesty.
    In a consulting gig right now and have been workign with this nutty professor frazzled Piscean who can’t handle the chaos in her personal life and is now faced with full-on chaos in our dysfunctionally disorganized work envirnoment. I became a consultant to NOT have to deal with politics, but this chick decided to make me her dumping ground and confides in me (I’m talking 2 hour phone conversations & such) all this shit about how awful her boss is and how unhappy she is. She also let me know that she is workign with recruiters to find a new job STAT and has not been coming into the office lately (or coming in late) to go on interviews. She’s been here less than 2 months, mind you…less time than I’ve been there.
    Cue a minor work argument we had, and suddenly it’s Armageddon. This batshit crazy chick is actually giving me the silent treatment at work (lol), trying to badmouth me to the guy who hired both of us, and is suddenly trying to recruit my replacement like mad. Mind you, my contract is up in 10 days and I have communicated that I have zero desire to work there full-time. But still…this nutter is acting like I killed her job or something. I’m doing my best to stay calm and rational knowing how stressed/nuts she is. Sucks tho when someone aims so much misdirected hostility at you.
    I’ve tried to have meetings with her since then (including our weekly 1:1 but she cancels cuz she’s a pussy). Love people who lash out at you then can’t deal with actual confrontation. My main deal now is deciding whether I’m going to continue to ignore her antics while knowing all the while she’s badmouthing me and mgt doesn’t know she’s on her way out herself. I’ve been pursuing other great job opps and know I’ll get something soon, but atm, nothing is guaranteed. I have savings in the bank, but wanted to keep that for other important things, not living expenses. Conundrum.
    What this chick is really mad about is the fact that I’m leaving and therefore she will have to take on my work load, which she has been micro-managing anyway while complaining to me about being micro-managed by HER boss. LOL. And I believe, also jealous, cuz she knows I’ll be out of there soon and don’t need the job like she does (she has 2 newborns she seems to view as more of a burden than anything else).

    Curious though….how would YOU guys handle this situation were you in my place?

    • I thought consulting would be less politics, but its really double – the politics in the company you work for or the politics behind having the work, and the actually place you work. Its a headache. As for psycho ignoring-you lady, she sounds quite common. I’ve seen consultants take on people’s jobs completely (as assigned) and the direct hire gets more bitchy the more that happens even though they make it happen because they know they are useless. All they have is the ability to fuq with your job as a job now. Commiserating, not advice. As for advice – you only have 10 days left, yes? Fuq em.

    • I agree with 12HV, fuq em – this woman sounds like she’s beyond any kind of rational confrontation, and with 10 days to go, I’d just try to put up with it as best you can. It sounds like an absolutely draining experience – best advice I think I can suggest is to not take it personally (and it sounds like you’re cool, calm and collected about the whole situation). These are her issues being projected onto you – she’s trying to justify her misery by trying to make you miserable.

      I really feel for you – what pass-agg crap! Workplaces are such festering grounds for peoples issues and dysfunctions; I’ve been having a LOT of pass-agg bullsh*t in my workplace over the last week as well so I can relate! xx

      • Thanks guys, for the commiseration! It’s ok about not giving advice, I think I’ve finally got it sorted. I’m going to see if she’ll be willing to talk it out tomorrow, but if not, I’m not going to push it. I will just chill, do the bare minimum to make my $50/hour (woot!), and not do her work for her as she’s been trying to make happen. What sux is she seems to be trying to damage my reputation. But whatever….8 days left, she can’t ultimately affect my life.
        She’s one of these martyr types who complain about how much work they have to do (implying they work harder than everyone else), then take over YOUR work, only to complain that you’re not doing enough. Ha! Actually quite laughable.
        Anyway, good wishes to everyone dealing with similar shizz. Stay awesome.

        • She may not realise she’s causing you such trouble. Do the “Jupiter in Cancer” exalted thing – take care and be caring and you’ll be looked after! Good luck xo

    • Me too! I forgot about this, actually, Venus is on my 1st house now which makes for a scratching the surface and discovering more purpose like a buried treasure chest!

    • Yes, yes, yes! O bring on the bling and the parties! It’s hitting my venus/merc leo in the first house and it’s great!

  12. I am very happy being me and learning who I am. I have spent a lot of time in the tension of revealing self and then pulling back. I feel safe revealing my self through a mask, which perhaps explains the type of work I do. I am learning to comfortably reveal myself, taking the mask away (gradually), live in the moment, be less conscious, and keep going. Great post!

  13. What are the women saying? So we have the ship sailing through a sea of clouds in a full moon, (fruition, madness, realisation), while the sky looks like the ocean. Four women, two men, (6, number of stability/domesticity or 3+3 master number of a master healer). Three women in butterfly headgear signifying Psyche (soul) emerging. The one steering the ship has commandeered the darker aspects of soul. So where’s her consort, Cupid? OK, there in the foreground, the couple with tin hats on, but the man has had a woman’s head stuck on him backwards. – Ship of Fools?/some weird comment about love/cupid and psyche, everything upside down and topsy turvy. (Especially in light of ‘lesbian’ couple with foil hats on). Be interesting to look at the bio of this artist. Also, is meant to look like 2 different pictures cut and pasted together, jarringly. I’d say the artist is struggling a bit with her sexuality and/or the notion that the emerging soul can save love, or the other way around. Just an opinion, what do others think? What IS the woman saying?