What Is Missing Here?

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Hilary CLinton Twitter Profile

Interesting how she puts “wife” first – even after that torrid Leo on Leo coupling (cigars, Walt Whitman poetry books, no sex, blue dresses with dna spoofed on them) that was the Bill & Monica thing.  I would put “Scorpio” first. Because she’s all that – a multiple Scorpio and with Saturn blasting smoothly toward her Venus and a cathartic Solar Eclipse ON that Venus in Nov.  This could be a dating ad in the making. She would only need to strike out the ‘wife’ bit and put in something about being as comfortable at Davos as she is in a poncho on the beach to make it work, right?

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73 thoughts on “What Is Missing Here?

    • Yes indeedy. That’s a chess move. I would guess there is some criticism coming at her of the doormat variety and she is flipping the bird. Or maybe slick Willy is needing a bit of emotional reassurance in his old age. I was born on the same day as her and have a Venus/Pluto conjunct as well. It always scared the schizz out of me!

      • totally agree, she is too smart a cookie. If she’s putting “wife” first, there’s a damn good reason for it. I’m sure in her HEAD it is far from being her number one role in life.

        If you fall for the sugar sweet wife-mom line, you’re about as stupid as…. !

        I’m amazed she’s stuck with Bill — but you never know – on many levels it might just work…. and they did get together pretty young.

        I do very much respect the woman,,,, but do I buy this line? not for one second.

    • If she is to make Pres, she’ll have to pander hard to the ‘minivan majority’… wife fits.

      • DK – I think you are right, she would bow to public approval because it is the means to power but I still think she would pick and choose her moments to identify as a wife. With double entendre as above. I would say there is more than one agenda playing here.

  1. 😯

    I thought exactly the same thing, why wife?! Of all things!! Anyway, I drew some comfort from the fact that she followed Chelsea before Bill.

    Hillary 2016!

  2. Subliminal poncho references are wearing down my will … I’m going to end up buying one I know it

    • I tell you what, we are trendsetting internationally. Mighty Boosher Noel Fielding’s FB status update today:

      “It’s impossible to be unhappy while wearing a poncho!”

      Come on….you know you want to 😉

      Could NF be a subscriber?

        • I do see a possible market in creating the Faraday Cage Poncho. Mainly for spies etc.

          If I can get an electrical charge to be wilfully directed to the outer edge of the poncho, then it will cease to be a Faraday Cage Poncho and become the Poncho I have always wanted, we will have an X-Men Poncho!!!!!!

          Capable of superpower that.., wait, whathe, the CIA are at my door, they say they want to talk.

          • hang ON. didn’t Playschool have something like that? I remember a teepee-shaped cage thing. Or was that Batman? Or have I uncovered a repressed memory? help.

          • The CIA left when they realised I am no scientist. Actually I hypnotised them & they left.
            So I can definitely help you with yr repressed memories! 🙂

  3. Possible dating profile “Want to be my intern”
    Comedy sure has suffered since the Clinton years but then came W.

  4. I don’t think ‘hair icon’ & ‘pantsuit aficionado’ would work in the same sentence as ‘poncho advocate’.

  5. “Pantsuit aficionado” sounds like Michael “Dirty Sanchez” Douglas strikes again.

  6. “Wife” is pure marketing to get votes – they (her team – it’s not just her) feel women will relate better (along with the mother bit next) & men won’t feel threatened…

  7. Out walking to post office today, I was walking behind an older lady wearing a burnt orange poncho… with fringes… hand knitted and I’m sure, vintage. I swear!

    • i’m just giddy on this new mental image of a land where all the non-ponchoed women are wearing catsuits with or without batwings. i’m not sure that i’ve ever even seen a catsuit in person and they are just casually available, everyone prancing around? FANTASTIC.

    • You possibly have a Poncho related disorder I was reading about. Was it a thick knit ?

    • Ha ha, I’m now wearing my magenta crocheted poncho cape with fringing and bead details…

  8. Last I heard of Hilary she was gravely ill with a brain tumour. Is she well now ?

  9. I’ve heard that Scorps like to have their revenge, no matter how long it takes. Perhaps her ultimate revenge on Bill is that she plans to be a better President than him….

  10. Former Secretary of State kinda tops, ‘wife’ & mother I would have thought. It annoys me people . . . ok women, who define themselves primarily by these relatively pedestrian ‘roles’ especially if you’ve been the effing Secretary of State.

    • Agree. Being a wife is hardly a big achievement!! Funny how men rarely brag about being husbands…

    • yes, but is anyone else buying this “wife/mother” line AT ALL ??? it reeks of “some sneaky reason why I put that first”

      no chance in hell she sees wife/mother as her #1 role in life

  11. Love Hills and all she has done and hope she becomes Pres but let’s face it she’s still most famous for being the wife of (Leo) Bill Clinton!!! I’m sure that relationship has been thoroughly cost/benefit analyzed strategized etc.

  12. Definitely agree that it’s political, but she could also just relish being a wife. For some, marriage means a partnership through thick and thin (including cheating with interns). They have definitely been partners, and if she hadn’t been his First Lady, I’m not sure she’d be able to be in the running for President …

    I’m pro-woman, pro-feminist, pro-alternative lifestyle, but gosh … why the vehement reactions to someone putting “wife” as the first thing on their Twitter profile?

    • Maybe ‘cos it’s been a while since a man wrote on his business card:

      “Husband, father, accountant, moustache icon,
      swimsuit aficionado, cat owner,
      walnut ass-cracker etc.”. ?

      • Well maybe men bloody should ! Maybe when a really bloody powerful woman is able to say “My role as a wife and mother is also bloody important to me” then men may feel that they are able to say that too.

        I honestly think the last frontier in Feminism (you know, apart from equal pay and equal opportunity and freedom from rape culture) is that of actually VALUING women’s work as a society. Being a wife and mother is IMPORTANT. Dammit.

        …froth froth… foam foam…

        *chews lump out of soapbox and stomps off to check on kids and dinner*

        • Haha! No, I get that, I do Dom Triff. It would be a better world if men did put personal roles first. I guess it seems cynical when a female polly does it? Comment worthy either way at least.

        • Well said. How about the new wave slogan “the personal is political” maybe she’s using terms so they mean what she wants them to mean…she’s thoroughly comfortable with both her public and private roles.

      • If you check Twitter (which I do often, as it’s part of the industry I work in) you will see lots of men who list Husband and Father as the first thing in their profile descriptions.

        I agree that it’s definitely a calculated choice, though.

    • I also sense some pass-agg getting back at Bill…. on some level. (Scorpio – Leo, not a particularly easy pairing).

  13. Well the “hair icon” thing is definitely taking the piss…

    But yeah, the American voting system thingy ( I *really* don’t understand it, and I’ve studied Constitutional Law on two continents) is a very conservative beast. It strikes me that that “Wife” is reminding people that hubby was Pres and the “Wife and Mother” appeals to the conservatives.

    …Or she could be taking the piss about that as well….

    She’s a very clever, very strong-minded lady. Love this:

    “You may not agree with a woman, but to criticize her appearance — as opposed to her ideas or actions — isn’t doing anyone any favors, least of all you. Insulting a woman’s looks when they have nothing to do with the issue at hand implies a lack of comprehension on your part, an inability to engage in high-level thinking. You may think she’s ugly, but everyone else thinks you’re an idiot.”

  14. Yeah, if she’s wearing the shades she should def put Scorpio first!

    Hey, did I ever tell you that the last pair of shades I bought was at the dollar store…look just like D&G…(without the tacky branding…)

    It’s how you wear them darling… 😉

    • Scorp bot, hope you are having fun with your Kataka…Remember I was married to one for 16 yrs? They are quite sweet, sane, etc…At least mine was…a bit manic with worries and such but that could be Virgo Moon too for sure…

  15. I’ve had nightmares about pantsuits since I saw a photo of Ms Clinton in an orange one.

  16. Could it be HC knows those who matter (kindred Scorps) will see through “wifey” ploy for what it is as obfuscation for those not in the know..?