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modern art girl in falcon helmet Full Moon

Break out the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice, Space Dust, Shamanic Mojo Aura Spray and/or my genius Re Zap Power Nap Binaural Beats – this week is major.  Not major in a hideous Eclipse/Zap Zone way (though thanks anyway late April and May) but more like Venus-Uranus-Pluto (hands up if you would like some catharsis in a romantic scenario that feels stuck) the pure Awesome that is YOU if you manage to grok off the Saturn-Neptune trine & you know, Chiron turning Retro for when you want unbidden psychological insights about your childhood and apparently unresolved old romances.  The Weekly Horoscopes are up already but the more in depth Dailies for Tues are also now up and you can get them right here. Or if you are not yet a member of the site, here. Read, boggle and scheme.


Image:  Jason Levesque

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18 thoughts on “Voodoo Astro

  1. The picture for the daily for Tuesday is the cover of the comic book I modeled for way back when. 😀 Irony/synchronicity: I just shot off a resume to the company HQ that the photographer/illustrator and I shot the photos at afterhours.

  2. with my life looking like *this*? I don’t think so. lol. I can’t even allow the possibility of luring beautiful 19 year olds back to my pad given current circs… *slumps dejectedly* soon pi, soon,

  3. so an excellent week for a solar return, then? hahahahahahahahhhhhhhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Ahhh.. I heard that this week is all about the planets shaking up our love life. I immediately go to “it’s not good”… This w/e was not a great one so I hope I can get thru this week. Yikes!!

  5. I had two dreams in the past week that my daughter and I find a new house. I’m excited about opportunities to further declutter my life. Pluto is in my 4th and Uranus in my 7th and my dreams indicate that the two are tied, like as soon as I find my new home the romance sorts itself out. Not sure if its true or not, but it feels like the pace is picking up on my phoenixing.

    As for work? Meh. We’ll see how this week goes. Next week I’m on vacation with my girl and my family. She’s going to meet my brother and sisters for the first time. She’s 8 and she’s nervous about it – poor sweet thing. I told her they’re the one’s who should be nervous because they better be nice to her if they want to stick around.

  6. Got both hands in the air n wavin em like I just don’t care! Cuz I don’t hahaha

  7. Oh my….break out the blue hoochie juice.
    OK….driving all the way to town to get my spiced rum. Had a rough morning.

  8. Sooo Venus is coming conjunct my natal Venus in 10th house, opposite Pluto conjunct my natal Neptune in the 4th, square Uranus exact conjunct my natal Mars in 7th. Oh and Jupiter crossed my Midheaven yesterday. Major is an understatement…

  9. Finally ponied up for the beatz. I’m broke, but I’m calling it an investment 😀