The Astrological Secret Of Channing Tatum’s Success

Vanity Fair Channing Tatum

Yes, yes i have banged on about Channing Tatum’s astro before.  But i have discovered something else about him.  The secret of his Awesome. Is it his spunky “everyman” Chiron-Sun in Taurus conjunction?  The “actors mojo” that is his Mars in LEO on the North NODE?

They’re good but NO the dude has Asteroid Gary in SCORPIO and i think he has it RISING?  The V.F article is not fully online but it’s great when it talks about how, when his stripping past was exposed via a gritty little You Tube upload, he decided to totally own it, Mercury in Aries style.

Next minute Steven Soderbergh – a canny Capricorn – is attached to the project and voila Magic Mike.

Could – say – double Virgo Cameron Diaz have done a similar stunt if something similar from her background were exposed?  Possibly not but check out this fab sexy goo-goo guilting Virgo-Crab Rising gaze from The Counselor.

Cameron Diaz TheCounselor

PS: Asteroid Gary is currently in VIRGO. We all want to be the sharpest tools in the shed all of a sudden.

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20 thoughts on “The Astrological Secret Of Channing Tatum’s Success

  1. I think it’s the Aries/Scorpio combo in his chart. He makes a GREAT soldier- I sat through all of Dear John because he was in it (biggest waste of time evr) and the only good bits were when he was at war. Katee Sackhoff is similar: she’s an Aries sun Scorp moon, made a fantastic soldier in Battlestar Galactica, now she’s a policewoman in Longmire.They look good holding guns.

  2. Love Channing Tatum! Ever since first saw him in Step Up (the 1st film not the dreary, bad sequels) – yes I have daughters but secretly I love these sorts of movies. & man he can dance! For someone with no formal training he’s awesome. Loved Magic Mike too – though what’s not to love there 😉
    My daughter showed me something hilarious last night too – so on cue again Mystic – check out Channing all over my Tatum on YouTube with Jamie Foxx – taken from Jimmy Fallon show – very funny & I love that he can take the piss out of himself – can’t think of too many who could pull this off without seeming too full of themselves…

  3. Jenna DeWan’s Venus is in Scorpio and her mars is in cappie. Her moon is in late libra, opposing his sun in early taurus. Channing’s Venus is in Gem and his mars is in late leo, his moon is in virgo with other sexy clean buffed virgo planets. There must be conjunctions with their ascendant and descendants and ruling planet stuff. I’m sure she doesn’t challenge him, and gives in to him. I’d give in to him all the time if we were married. He’s 4-26 and I’m 4-20. We would clash. These very masculine guys like very feminine women, the kind that spews estrogen at them. My estrogen ran away, got kicked out by testosterones. I’m at that age where you got the balancing act down, because it doesn’t really matter like it used to — I have my daughter — my procreation urge has stopped. With years of duking it out with studs, rolling my eyes at wimps, and lots of sexual drama and action — time to retire. Mommyhood suits me fine. And Channing, hot, but I don’t think about him, alone, in bed, at night, when I can’t sleep. But he is handsome, seems very loyal and sweet, and looks like he would be a great father. But that’s because he’s totally in love with his wife, and she’s purrfect for him. They’re both understated and with lots of sexual charisma.

    • ….And the stripping thing — that’s cool. I think it’s better to disclose than someone to find out. I have more respect for someone who honors than lie about themselves. I’m suspicious of righteous indignant a**holes with more illegal skeletons in their closets.

  4. Questions:

    how good is cameron’s eye makeup? Is heavy liner back and is it possible to do it i.r.l after mid-30s without looking like troll? J’adore Cameron.

    Anonymous i agree completely. i HAVE had extremely embarrassing things bought up and with pictures. those were my instincts as well. Very liberating if you can pull it off at the time.

    where can i see channing’s original stripping vids on u tube? I feel like i need to improve my astrological knowledge.

    • Chrissie Hynde is still rockin’ the black eye post 60…sun in virgo…moon in scorp. Ain’t No Trollie Here!

    • eyeliner after 30, I’ve given this a lot of thought. yes definitely possible but moments must be chosen properly, and depends on general colouring, etc… I think Cameron’s look works because, well, that’s a film shoot and she is a 6 foot tall long-term California goddess or something. I tend to shy away from straight black as I look like a goon, but softer colours good and applied in a way that flatters. My Favourite Saggitarius met me recently wearing a wonderful smudge of iridescent lilac on the centre of her lower lash line, big blue eyes, no other makeup, she looked great (she also has Venus-merc in Scorp so she totally owns the dark Scorp rocker vibe, in a Saggi way)… so yes it can be done. I think some women just make it their thing…Age irrelevant. x

  5. I think if such things come up they simply *must* be met with ownership – and a raised ‘so what’ eyebrow, as though the asker is the wowser for even bothering to bring it up.

    • I think the idea is to challenge the idea that it is “worse” if one is a woman… to NEVER engage the idea of shame or the attempt of others to impose it. Answer questions with a question, turn the idea back on the person asking. Question their own motivations for asking or wanting to know. Titillation, character assassination, or curiosity, either way best to expose their thinking before proceeding. I think this applies to many things.

  6. Success astro! Good for him. Guess he gotta have something going for him, cause he sure got hit by every branch, as he fell out of the ugly tree

    • Funny, but noo! He’s ok. I mean. That BODY.
      And he seems sweet.
      What is it with Toro stars, I find them tricky, but now I have teensy interest (about all I have time for) in Robert Pattinson too, lol.
      Perhaps as they are set in Neptunian frame-work of movies and I have Toro ruling my 12th?

  7. he is not my type physically, but (i feel) there’s something really likeable about him. some actors just have ‘it’.

    i LOVED 21 Jump Street with him and Jonah Hill.

    • he’s got a super yang looking face. All of his features are concentrated at the center of his face. im not a fan either.

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