Poncho Envy

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Paris Hilton Pamela Anderson

So, a Cancerian (Pamela Anderson) is confronted by an Aquarius (Paris Hilton) wearing a technicolor dream poncho. Don’t think she hasn’t noticed. Don’t think she doesn’t want it all for herself. Cancerians can get the worst Thing Lust, especially over items of clothing or furniture that they subconsciously imagine will enhance the childhood they never actually had, because it was imaginary.

Natalie Portman White Swan

Top Image; Chris GordonΒ 
Bottom Image: Black Swan

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62 thoughts on “Poncho Envy

  1. An Aquarian wouldn’t be seen dead (or alive) in a poncho. That’s got sleeves.

      • OK, I’ll concede “vibes” poncho and I’d wear it. I envisage Pammy in more a chunky Aztec knit, real poncho.

        • Soz, but Aqua Sis with Toro Rising & Gem Moon would wear that in a heartbeat.

        • Yes, it’s like that ancient Mexican tale called The Kings New Poncho,
          Apparently an aqua child jumps up at the parade and screams “that’s not a poncho !! It has sleeves”
          The kings tailors quickly leave town on a couple of stolen mules and are never seen again. The child is accused of practicing Voodoo and beheaded by the King who was totally pissed off.
          He never wore the garment again.
          It is now considered unlucky in Mexico to scream abuse at national leaders or to be an aqua.

    • I once played with a VERY male drummer who wore a red knit poncho for an entire tour like it was a second skin(rocked it in the grand canyon/every club/long drives). I suspect he was wrestling with inner macho’dom via wimpy poncho. Macho won tho.

  2. cool but i think it’s technically a big cardigan not a poncho. but hey it’s the spirit of the thing.

    just seen the close-up detail on white/black swan ballet dress, so beautiful. Must look up costume designer.

    • also i get the ‘rewrite childhood’ thing – feel like i am doing it myself sometimes – might as well eh πŸ™‚

    • Rodarte made NP’s tutus. There were some controversies around it at the time. The main one being that the movie did not receive a nomination for costume at the academy awards.

      • Tutus have me doing a Kataka childhood thing remembering me in a tutu chartreuse ffs doing an arabesque and having to hold the pose forever so when it was finally snapped, my left leg had drooped below my waist. What a waste! It was, wait for it ,STRETCH satin. Russian tutu’s were longer or wider, floated more but hey they WERE for the Russians.
        French & English were kinda saucier. How i wanted to be Tamara or Pavolva.
        Rodarte, huh, but weird movie almost a come to life Red Shoes, the cobbler sure had it in for her!

      • I know. NP wins award for her terrible ballet and No Rodarte for great costuming?

        • I think the ladies at Rodarte were not members of the right guild to be nominated for an award. Hollywood is highly unionised I think.

  3. I know a Cancer rising with ridiculous thing lust and childhood re-writing.

    Personally I suffer from trying to re-write my teens. Venus in kataka? Pisces rising? Whatevs.

  4. Have pre-empted my Kataka sis’s reaction to my parent’s possessions on their demise but promising myself to let her have it all as she has horrible thing envy.
    She also maintains to this day that she wishes none of the rest of us siblings were ever born. *rolls eyes*

    She tries to ‘enhance’ the childhood she never had by pretending she is an only child & interacting with my parents/ avoiding her siblings.
    I am ok with that now!
    Her Leo Moon/Asc doesn’t like competing with my Leo Sun & I never know what the hell the competition is about in the first place.

    So apt MM!

      • ditto my cap sister with cancer rising who literally sucked my mother dry – to her death!

        • My older sis, virgo w/ Leo moon, took the ring I bought my mother, after she passed.
          She must’ve know she was wrong in doing so for she never bothered to speak to me again. Stupid/silly me, Taurus sun & moon w/ Gem asc begged for her attention for years but she was always viceously jealous of me.I finally gave up just recently. I will never crawl to her again.

          • BTW I dont care to relive OR review ANY of my f’d up life. I made it though and am finally free and want to keep it that way.

          • My sister is exactly on the cusp of Virgo/Leo Rising with Leo Moon.
            Poss pattern? Selfishness noted.

            • I dunno, I think the problem is sisters! but mine with Leo Sun/Aries Moon covets every thing I have & do and my Gem Aunt is the one who will contest the will.

  5. Read Poncho and think of Pancho Gonzales and Pancho Villa, lie they look ok on Mexican Men or Peruvian women in those little black bowler hats perched over their plaits. South of the Border only any further and they will be confiscated due to rumoured addictiveness
    Is Paris doing for Ponchos what Stevie did for Capes, what Pamela did for white bandage dresses.

  6. I’m heavily Cancerian and I kind of hate that cardigan.

    Now, the shirt underneath, that looks interesting… And I love Paris’ manicure.

  7. PONCHO people. It is my humble opinion that the BEST poncho you will ever have will be a blanket that you cut a hole in the middle of and wear forever wrapped over your form…walking through your life relaxed and happy as if you were in a vertical bed…. try it!

    • While I like this idea.. I’d much rather wear one of your magical ponchos!! πŸ˜€

      A friend just sent me a link for a woman who creates ‘found’ object wands. Like she has a wand with crystals she sent the lady, plus the lady wandered till she came across an echidna quill and spoke to the Spirit about the wand this friend needed.

      Would you ever do a bespoke, spirit guided, shamanic pashmina or poncho?

      • To be sure. They all feel that way, because the process is such a journey to the underworld/overworld, but “praying” just happens to me when I get into the making of them. I have also made things from fabric (khadi fabric, the cotton woven in India by Gandhi’s followers mostly) that I have taken places and soaked in special waters (the blue room, cave for women near the location of the birth of the hula dance). I have sewn green crystals found on a beach into the hems of some pants for a former lover. But I can’t say that a spirit has said “you must make this for this person” with such a force that I have done it. I can’t believe I am writing this down!! Time to let the freak (aka who I really am) fly, I guess. A friend of mine is a tracker (among other things, one of them being a scorpio!). He taught a woman who makes shamanic rattles for others how to track and now she goes out and finds tracks of the animal she is invoking in the rattle. She takes some of the dirt where the animal once put its warm paw and puts it in the rattle for them. All this talk about frequency…. this stuff is all just frequency. Entrainment. Loving it! Thanks for asking. Do the blanket thing! It’s so good! Cheers! PS who is that sheep in your photo? xx, WOOL LOVER!

        • This is a Shetland Pony wearing a woolly poncho-ish (ok it’s got sleeves) item!

          Well when you start doing Healing Ponchos or Shamanic Power Nap Ponchos or whatevs, I will be first in line, lol!
          I do work with crystals in a shamanic context, so I loooove that you created that item for your ex. Totally magic.
          (You can sound program clear quartz crystals too!)
          I could read about how you sourced all these fabrics and found your pieces all day! Coffee table book! Yes, let your freak out, there are probs enough freaks who get you being authentically you! Don’t let us miss out on your unique vision out of Scorpionic shyness at least.
          Thank you so much for responding to all the questions. I will save your link and check when your loom gets out of storage and your spirit guidance weaves its magic in this direction I will be waiting! I would love a poncho to facilitate spirit journeys in. Not that I need a poncho or pashmina dangling with crystals, I just love that the intent woven into your work.. Subtle, beautiful!

          • Venus, Mercury (in the 2nd), Saturn in Cancer – so powerful ‘thing lust’ too.
            Thus enjoying working with ‘objects’ and words not just energy. πŸ˜‰

            • Ah yes, that is beautiful! And your wool in sheeps clothing avatar is memorable!!

              Thank you. I love doing all of the intention work with fibres. They can be programmed too? Yes! Everything has a memory.

              I am really effected by the term you put out- scorpio shyness- while it seems that we have been talking about this, how when pointed at, we go silent, and perhaps it’s shyness or back hair up or watch and wait, but shyness is an apt term, I think. I’m thinking now that I’ve often thought that it’s poor self esteem when I’m “afraid” to put myself out there, but it might just be the mechanics of a scorpio. Is it possible that I’ve been conditioned to not really express myself too boldly or in a truly defined way because the intensity of it has burned others and the “caring” that missfine spoke of is SO BIG that I am (and we are?) always kind of waiting to see who we’re going to (inadvertently) destroy next? But we dont’ really want to destroy so much? I don’t have poor self esteem, I don’t think, but I do have absurd shyness (when needing to introduce myself in groups, I often leave so I don’t have to go through the embarassment and blushing and difficulty). This could be scorpio in some clearly NOT HAUTE state but it could just be my own conditioning. I’m often ashamed of my own enthusiasm because it’s so not cool to be enthusiastic these days. That seems to me to be one of the defining bits about the hipster culture. No genuine enthusiasm!! I erased my Facebook profile two weeks ago and the relief is extraordinary! The wonderfulness at having all of the privacy offered here (I did put my old website up but ya’ll are in another country!) makes me just SING with honestly and revealing! Again, perhaps just me or perhaps scorpio… thanks again. one other thing: I don’t wear all of the stuff I make! It’s time. Cheers xxoo

              • My Moon is in Scorpio – (6th House) apparently a detrimental place!
                I am Gem Rising, so I come across all confident, chatty then am prone to the BLUSH.
                It’s awful! And confusing to people! I am really confident in other ways so they don’t know whether to feel sorry for me or be overwhelmed! πŸ˜€
                Am really enthusiastic and I love that in others, along with curiosity. I love when people are passionate about something beside their shoes & FB profile.
                Totes agree on the FB thing, I pretty much use it just to keep up to date on others or info.
                Fibre optics of ponchos.. woollen communication devices, lol!

  8. Poncho cardigan whatever but sunglasses inside? Desperate attention seeking….. Is the sarong the sub-tropical version of a poncho?

      • I remember the first muumuu’s and how they covered a multitude of sins but were a blessing for grandmas.
        My Nana thought they were mana from heaven and promptly made herself 3 on her Singer, flowered of course, polished cotton. Circa ’62.
        Muumuu’s are not.

  9. Dearest MM, will this poncho obsession die down soon? I don’t know if I missed an important post on the subject, or whether you are taking the p*ss, but damn! Ponchos were terrible the first time around. How these fads get recycled is beyond me.

  10. “Cancerians can get the worst Thing Lust, especially over items of clothing or furniture that they subconsciously imagine will enhance the childhood they never actually had, because it was imaginary.”

    You have summed up one of my Mom’s worst characteristics. She things things will make her happy … and it’s always because “she didn’t have anything really” when she was growing up.


    • It’s probably one of my worst too, but it’s also one of the few crappy qualities that if repressed, one is almost forced into doing the exact opposite. Generosity is the only cure! And that ain’t so bad. πŸ™‚

  11. Hate the poncho, but will vouch for straight up Kataka stuff-lust, Mystic. They both look like they fell out of an Alloy or Delia*s catalogue. Aka my mailbox in 1998.