Pluto In Privacy

Steven Meisel model phone box

Don’t let Saturn in Scorp + Pluto in Cap + the Zap Zone make you paranoid peeps…But…I was just reading this genius piece about the Edward Snowden/NSA schizz by the Chinese dissident artist Virgo and astro-fiend Ai Weiwei

Then i read an amazing Zero Hedge article about metadata and big companies selling out our deets & all this whilst eating home made maqui berry, cacao, spirulina, carrot and coconut Zap balls. The Nowness.

BUT hey i just want to take this opportunity to remind you lot that i don’t share your emails, birth deets, anything with others. Nothing. I don’t run any ads on here so i don’t have to do surveys fishing for personal info either. Your metadata is safe with me & the Multiple Leo intern.

And how hot, sensual and productively diva-ish is this Leo Moon? Think also the spaced out Shamanic Magic that is the Grand Water Trine & the general Awesome that is the Sun & Jupiter heading for an auspicious rendezvous.

Will Smith with the memory wiper

Image: Steven Meisel

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Virgo Ellie

Ahhhh… My car won’t start. I have to travel on Monday.. Hopefully my money supply will last! Yikes!


Thanks Mystic for banning ads! I read your site almost every day and GREATLY appreciate it!!


All this on my Venus return.. which locally occurred with Venus in the 11th house, Sun & Mars and Jupiter in 10th.

Soft Graffiti

Thanks for the reminder not to get paranoid! Def needed it after veering into that territory. In the last 24 hours, I found my bike dismantled but not a piece stolen (all of the screws and bolts were left neatly beside it like some kind of passive-aggro warning, but of what?), was evacuated from a subway train thanks to a still undefined ‘police action’ concerning a ‘suspicious package,’ and came across multiple snarky posts from radical, usually awesome friends asking why people weren’t this outraged when the Patriot Act was passed. The latter is making me think even those fighting… Read more »


wtf with the bike?!?!?!

i would be para after that too. i was going to say “rattled” but it sounds like a pun.

Soft Graffiti

Thanks Milleunanotte. I spoke with another tenant in my building and found there is a history of residents fuqing with people’s bikes if they don’t like where they are locked up. My bike was near the entrance & out of the way, but I guess it was visually offensive. At least they didn’t slash my tires or throw the bike down the basement stairs like some others experienced. Ah New York, where a friendly note just isn’t enough.


Weirdest flu, I think I am fine then find the ground nearly rising to meet me
Watery trine stuff very accessible while ill.

A girlfriend asked me if I could intuit if she should go to Glastonbury.
I said I am seeing lines radiating out of web and she was on one.
She laughed & said, “Those are the ley lines of Glastonbury Tor”.
I checked a map & was amazed to see exactly the image I described her.


I think you brought it upon yourself Andromeda

With the Poncho Pony Sweater avatar. You were bound to catch a cold in that…Maybe post a pony in a poncho on some sunny island your cold could go away in two shakes of a pony tail.





Scorp Inc.

Oh– I did have something relevant to post here & I just remembered what it was: Anyone familiar with the Stuebenville, Ohio, rape case? Young woman severely intoxicated at a party, sexually assaulted by young men there, then carted to other parties by these young men to be sexually assaulted by other young men at these other parties– and much of it was recorded on cell phones & posted on youtube? And the local authorities looked the other way because the perps were high school football players who confessed to their coaches but their coaches told them to shut up–… Read more »


Holy. Crap.

Scorp Inc.


Scorp Inc.

Fab! Thanks for the link, Andromeda x


you have got to fucking be kidding me. This was covered in a Sydney weekend newspaper liftout a couple of months ago, at the point where the perpetrators had been ACQUITTED (or nearly) and the case was being appealed. I nearly threw up. And now this. what the fuck. who are these pricks. when justice fails, this is where vigilante squads would be really quite useful.

Scorp Inc.

I’m so with you, Pi. In these kind of situations, Anon has been like a real-life Batman et al. Sorry (united) states of affairs in the 21st century when a masked entity needs to grab justice by the balls to ensure some sort of civilty and decency, but, here we are. Lostutter is a gd hero. If he rode a silver horse or wore a red poncho, it would be perfect.


tried to sign petition but couldn’t give a zip code??


I put 90210. 😀
Will it still work?


yes. the lines are becoming very very clear…


I had a dream that people were being encouraged to wear a glowing patch on their chest that had all their banking/info deets so that if you stepped on the uber modern light train, sensors would pick up yr presence & charge you. It was a totalitarian state where if you chose not to wear yr info you lived outside system. No job, transport, no way to engage with society or visit yr family. In the dream I was trying to decide my future, as I did not want to walk patched, but life in the outside was cold, hard… Read more »


I love camping, I feel bad for people who have been abused by bad camp leaders, then are shudderd to think its always gotta be a bad experience. For me I have a king size organic rubber Tree mattress thats 5 inches thick. You still feel the firmness of the ground beaneath you but barely and some resistance is good for the bones. Sleeping on clouds was never intended and is what causes alot of osteoperosis probelms. The bedding industry is a racket really. The way the japanese do it is best. THe mattress is great but without all the… Read more »


Your lengthy comment on camping is not the point of my post. I repeat, fuq camping.


Good thing it wasnt to teach just you, mercury in pisces here, when we ping off others were speaking universally and in broad directive.

But I can see why your experience sucked, with an attitude like that, its no wonder the elements seem to collude in symphony to give u a shittay experience.

Respect nature it will respect you.


“speaking universally and in broad directive”.

“with an attitude like that, its no wonder the elements seem to collude in symphony to give u a shittay experience”.

You seem fine with getting pretty personal despite your Mercury in Pisces.

Is it alright we don’t mention more camping please?


The Anon blog gods have spoken…


What’s a bad experience got to do with it?
I’ve never been camping and have no intention of doing so.
Venus in Libra


Thankyou exactly.


whoa. tech-dystopia-dreaming.

“I’ve got nothing to hide, shuuure I’ll wear the patch *lalalala*

yes, this is where the arguments against total invasion of personal life stand quite well imo.

do you often visit alternative(?) futures in your dreams?



The slow, patient death of our freedom as a species by a seemingly impersonal government is a horror if you sit & speed up the logical conclusions of todays actions.
Death done quickly – cigarettes etc. business is (sometimes) made responsible for.
Death done slowly – mobile phone dna damage, toxins, GMO products etc. is rewarded.
Really all it requires is a bit of logic to see the future.

Actually I don’t like the idea of reading the future on a personal or collective level, unless it is obviously helpful.

Never understood Nostradums.


This whole Ed Snowden issue reminds me of the time I was propositioned by a lawyer to access federal records. I was asked by a former police officer now lawyer, to access a person’s address from the database. I said to him “That would be a breach of my employment conditions, I can’t do that.” He didn’t want to use a private investigator as he said it would be so simple for me to to. This now lawyer had been a police officer working on my case, which involved stalking and violations of the Telecommunications Act. It’s why I dislike… Read more »


Hey nice morals S… Good thing this is not in NYC… plus I live on my Jupiter line, Lotta good things happend to me. But the Ley Line WTC sacrafices and the world gambling casino down the street kinda blows the whole jupiter thing to astrobits. If this is what its like living on a jupiter line, i shudder to think of the other ones. no wonder I never felt like going west… East was so much more gripping interesting and vibrant. I have mars conjunct jupiter so. I can say i def rarely been bored. Def a requirement for… Read more »

Scorp Inc.

I was taken aback by the moon in Virgo talk in the dailies: I’ve been so maddingly exploiting the Leo moon (my 6th is Leo) that I lost sight of the eventul shift. Just got out of surgery, and will be able to squeeze in one more doctor appointment (for a different issue) before the moon leaves our astral lioness. Thin & rich? Maybe lean(er) & mean(er)! Have to tend to the body first: the rest will follow. My scorpionic 8th is my beginning, ending, and everything inbetween. By birth, Uranus-Mercury, Mars, Venus-Sun; Pluto-Moon & Persephone one house prior in… Read more »


All the best for a speedy recovery 🙂 Quintile

Scorp Inc.

Thank you, sweet Quintile. x


May Moon in Nurse Virgo be healing too xx

Scorp Inc.

Thank you, mille. x


Wowzers for the Grand Water Trine. Some deep healing going on.

Hearts popping open.


Nice isn’t it 😀 are you a water sign?


Is that what it is? It’s amazing.

And my little ol’ ego thought i was just doing the work 😀



It’s magic!


This evening spent 2 hours watching a skype presso by J. Assange @ISEA 2013 – totally convincing and included lots of irrefutable detail about US (and Aussie) activities – I’m far from paranoid but this is all totes above board!


either way, it’s an excellent name

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Dude, I have so many feelings for that girl. Her life is a lot like mine was three years ago and Mr. Snowden reminds me a lot of my ex (hyperintelligent, grandiose computer genius dropout-turned-success).

I relate pretty hard to the story too: aimless, slightly-derpy-but-hawt pole dancing chick falls for smart-but-slightly-geeky dude with vague career title and moves across the country to be with him. Mysterious Nerd plans future with Girl but then peaces out on security and comfort because IDEALS.

Oh, Lindsay.
Pull up a chair and here, have some tissues. The WomenWhoLoveINTJs Anonymous meeting starts in 5.


yes! Snowden is in Catch 22.

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you”
? Joseph Heller, Catch-22


Strangely enough the character Snowden dies and causes a catalyst for Yossarian to change (zap zone action).
The book is excellent. I’d re-read it, so bizarre and fitting!

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Also, she mentioned her birthday on her twitter and she’s a multi-Aqua with Mars and Venus in Aries. 😀


“Snowden –  The young gunner whose death over Avignon shattered Yossarian’s courage and caused him to experience the shock of war. Snowden died in Yossarian’s arms with his entrails splattered all over Yossarian’s uniform, a trauma that is gradually revealed over the course of the novel”.


Thanks for the zerohedge link.
Yeah it’s pretty incredible that a private employee had/has access to all this data. I’m sure there are all sorts of opportunities to sell it to someone else, if not now, then at some other point. Just think of all the private contractors out there who can look up anyones credit details, spending habits, etc etc. Perfect for entrapment.

But yes, also trying not to take it all too seriously. There are so many other things to get engaged with. Right now seriously considering taking a course in how to communicate with real lions. Meeeooww.


Thanks for keeping our metadata safe Mystic!! Not that I was worried. You’ve mentioned it before.

I don’t know about the productivity. Lol. Not getting much done, but definitely feeling the spaced out Shamanic Magic Grand Water Trine. It’s DIVINE!!
“Sun & Jupiter heading for an auspicious rendezvous” sounds tops!! 🙂


I’ve never trusted anyone enough online but for some reason i knew i could trust Mystic.


Thank Christ there’s a reason. I even USED the word paranoid about myself this evening in conversation with a friend. All I’ve been able to think is LO SCORP! LO SCORP! I’ve been overdoing it with the Sabian Symbols. Whoops. I think Saturn just went retro over my sun too. The eclipse was blissful compared to today!


Anti-paranoid: believing nothing is connected to anything else.
Paranoid:believing EvERYTHING is connected to everything else.

(written on a wall somewhere someplace)


I’ve had a couple of Chinese students who have been in trouble of various kinds and have confided in me as teacher when they’ve felt there is no one else to turn to. When I have suggested they go to the (confidential) Uni Medical Service to get some help (time off; or a proper assessment about any meds or referrals to other confidential services if need be), I’ve had to work really hard to reassure them that records kept by the Uni health centre will NOT go on their student files or be available to anyone – not Uni admin,… Read more »


Yes! The Moon! The mane on the Leo who my HAIRDRESSER calls Fabio was looking particularly specfuqingtacular today.

Zap balls – I like the sound of them 😉

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Love this!!!


Leo moon for me is also always Saturn-Moon. this could be why I have not left the house for three days and am instead at home in Student mode, devouring chocolate bullets and attempting to focus on Academia.


Chocolate licorice bullets? 😀
I was so addicted to those at one stage. LOVE licorice!


it’s out of control. i have to write 2000 words tonight and the words just aren’t arriving in my head. i hate my life right now. pi x


you can do it Pi! what about a circuit breaker….is it possible to take a brisk walk?


Pi, can you start with bullet points for each paragraph then flesh it out one sentence at a time? Helps me. I have 3 essays in 3 weeks so very sympathetic re inspiration. 🙂


yep. i think i just have to start writing to let the words comeout . most of my research is done and the ideas / argument framed up loosely. my lecturer is very astute and I don’t want to submit a piece of crap but i might have to aargh

ps – MYSTIC – thanks re binaurals, will def try . i now am playing the sample at regular intervals (until i have >$0.00 in my bank account lol)


that makes me sound way further along than i actually am.


Carrot in the zap balls. Omg. Yes yes yes.

Such vibrant energy in the air!! I’ve been ohmahgawwding all day and feeling divaliscious. And even smiling!

I wish I could be shocked by the articles. Ai waiwai’s is poignant…


Jupiter’s got u sheiled. 🙂 My mars in Virgo spilled a awesome smoothie half full chock full o nutrients. And My big maple syrup jug was bad, wasted 3 organic waffles. +Half of my Arugala salad. & neptune has my Dj music sounding like im playing in a hall of echoes. Saturn on my moon, I remember when mystic was talking about hers. Didnt know id be this intense. Now that the neptune saturn Trine has waned and saturn is donning closer to meh moon Im zonking out like I have narcolepsy or sumthin.. Supposed to go on a Trip… Read more »


i’m not sure that it’s good zen but that’s an apt description of saturn-moon. steady state depression. staring at a blank white wall in the asylum. which is cool at times but it just wears you out. i think we have opposite moons. 3 degrees?

which is all the more reason to celebrate a zippity doo dah uranian day. oh it was so yesterday though…


Yep 3 degrees here…. where do you live if you dont mind bloggin it.


Northern kalifornia


sumtimes thought of living there but that was before I knew I “accidently” picked my jupiter line before knowing astrocartography. I have no lines over there tho. Its close to my faceless bodyless word “father” he lives in LA but I never seen a pic so. Anything that reminds me of being close to him. I like NYC no sign of family anywhere near. No school to remind me of the past.. Even tho is a tough place to live. Its def cheered me up… and i get a nice selection of gays to choose from where as straights get… Read more »


Drunk in the afternoon. Whoops.

Not quite haute. But fun!!!


Ha! Had a few myself this arvo because today felt like the ‘lightest’ day in months. I’m sure we’ll be back in the swampy non stop hard underworld slog soon enough.
Had some really gorgeous communiques today thank you Venus.


Enormous gratitude that I never have to see outside ads here. Bliss.


Ditto that.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Seriously. There are so many gorgeous images/art here that it would be such a shame and I am so thankful that keeping the sanctuary/aesthetic vibe of the site is a priority!




Cause you’re awesome!

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